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  1. rahul55896

    Life ke lodee lag gye😗🤪

    Hila hila ke thek gya 🤕🤕
  2. S

    Incest लुच्ची माँ और हरामी बेटे।

    हैलो दोस्तो मेरा नाम शिवानी हैं। और मैं एक राईटर हूँ, मैने कुछ बुक्स लिखी हैं जिस जो सेक्स से किसी भी तरहा से सम्बन्धित नहीं है। मैं अपनी बुक्स राईटिंग के लिए कुछ रिसर्च कर रही थी तो मुझे सेक्स स्टोरी के बारे मे पता चला। सुरू मे मुझे यह काफी अजीब लगा कि लोग एसा कुछ लिख रहे हैं और पढ़ रहे हैं।...
  3. C

    Need pervs around Bangalore

    Anyone from Bangalore ?(preference bachelor boy age 24) who is ready to spy on a girl , whenever she come out of hostel and try to be friend with her and make her do some adultry with you?
  4. Spade121

    Incest Choti Chachi ke sath true story of me.

    Hi guys, Ye meri ek lauti aisi life ki story hai jo maine kabhi kisi ko nahi batayi ya jara bhi share nahi ki. But ab is forum par batane ka man kia taki pta chale ki mai akela Aisa hu jise Bachman se hi itni sexual feelings thi ya ye aur bhi log feel karte hai.Please aap sabhi log batana...
  5. D

    Indian desi bhabhi with hot cleavage

  6. P

    Mother Netorare

    Can anyone please post links for mother netorare stories based on indian or pakistani mother?Synopsis - a pious mother is broken by son's bully or friend or group of bullies. she is trained to become a sex slave for a bully. i found many in western literature but none for desi erotica. son is...
  7. A

    Fantasy Husband switches body with wife in accident. (MTF, marriage)

    HI All,Posting my new story thread about an average husband switches body with wife. Eventually Husband body dies but his soul is moved into wife Body. Meaning he becomes wife.So it will be journey of this Girl ( who was boy once) as girl, then marriage, affairs.Regards Ashraf
  8. A

    Erotica सहेली का हलाला अपने शौहर से करवाया (Completed)

    मेरी कहानी "खाला की चुदाई के बाद आपा का हलाला" पढ़ी होगी, जिसमे मुझे अपने कजिन बहन सारा के साथ हमबिस्तर होकर उसके साथ सेक्स करने का मौका मिलाlएक प्रशंसिका "जन्नत बेगम" का भी मेल आयाl इनके साथ भी मुस्लिम समाज की परम्परा अनुसार उन्हें भी हलाला से गुजरना पड़ाl उन्होंने अनुरोध किया मैं उनकी ये कहानी...
  9. wifelovers732

    Romance Second Wedding of my Wife with her White Boss

    Part 1Hi All Today I’m gonna write about the story of me my wife and her lover (Illegal 2nd Husband). My name is Raj & my wife is Ruchi, we were of the same age i.e 33-year-old when this thing started happening in our life. The story is really interesting and extremely erotic and goes in the...
  10. M

    Romance My on-site adventure

    This is my experience with some extra masala added for story effect. Reproduced from my earlier works."America! Here I come!" I shouted and jumped in the air. I couldn't contain my excitement and the smile on my face was threatening to become permanent. After two years of slogging away at...
  11. P

    Adultery Cheating Wife : A Husband's Fantasy

    Hi everyone ! I'm new on this site. This is my first story, first thread and very first post ! Hoping to stay here. Your loving support and guidance will be much much appreciated. Though I have a planned storyline, readers are always welcome to give their valuable inputs and suggestions, making...
  12. Lodon Ka Raja


    WRITER CREDIT - DEEP THE RASCALcharacters-ashok family baap - kishan lal maa -pushpa devi beta - ashok 2nd beta- kewal...