Romance Usski Gali Mein Jaana Chorr Diya (Exclusively For XForum) COMPLETED

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Dimaagh ka garam, Dil ka naram
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arre , maa beti ki yahin soch thi toh pehle hi bata deni chahiye thi naa... yun chuhe billi ka khel kyun Khelti rahi abhinav ke sath..

Hmmm... so dil todne ke sath sath abhinav ko jasus bhi banake chali gayi... clue yeh chhod ke gayi ki "woh baat"abhinav khud hi pata lagaye... Kamal hai :D
Is mehboob par saq hain.. pata nahi kyun.. lekin hain...
Khair let's see what happens next
Brilliant update casi sir....... Great going.. :applause: :applause:
Sorry for late counter reply. Tehe dil se dhanyavaad Naina ji

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