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Romance Yeh bhi Muhabat hi hai (COMPLETED)


Dimaagh ka garam, Dil ka naram
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Update 1
Iss kahani ko Rakaa ne preview kiya tha exbii (Xossip) par. he was one of the best to give story previews. posting his preview here.

Preview from Rakaa:

"Wow". You know how it feels when you read a story more than once and it's still as touching as the first time reading?

That's about all I could muster at the end of the story (embarrassingly, between a flood of tears - after all, a guy isn't allowed to cry, right?) I must admit - my skepticism was extremely high upon first hearing about this story. That's this story!

It is so beautiful. All the things that love embodies is what this story is about. Laughter, tears joy, and pain. Love changes us. It makes us better. I queried myself as to the necessity of reading yet another "teenage love story". However, upon a friend's recommendation (Shah Bhai), I decided to give it a go, and realized that I had actually come close to making a terribly big mistake in my life had I not read it. This story is simply INCREDIBLE!

This story shows how Aisha kindness and love for Vijay helped him to be more than he thought he could be. Vijay's love for Aisha gave her peace with her life. Vijay and Aisha were perfect fits for their characters. It wasn't overdone at all. I am very pleased with their performances.

Yeh Bhi Mohabbat hai will be a story that will be part of my library for years to come. And is one that I have and will continue to revisit. Vijay does an excellent portrayal of his school and college image, and his desire to be popular and cool surely strike a chord in many of our hearts.

After all, during our precocious teenage years, there are arguably few things that are more important than being cool and universally liked by peers. One's self esteem is invariably tied with how others perceive us. And so that is how Vijay is, until he meets sweet Aisha, the local preacher's daughter. Aisha lends her character a huge amount of depth and surrounds her with an innocent, heartwarming aura, so much so that by the end of the story, she can do no wrong.

As you watch their relationship blossom throughout the story, your own feelings are inextricably linked and you find yourself cheering the couple on, marveling at their sweet times spent together and secretly envious of the intense love that they have discovered. For guys, I warn you - Aisha is so incredibly pure and unselfish that she will have your hearts fluttering by the end of the story.

As for Vijay, he will no doubt reside in many girls' dreams for months to come, and he demonstrates a type of love that transcends ordinary levels, completing Aisha's life in each and every way. He shows her a love that she has not experienced before, and she helps him to discover himself and fills him with a desire to achieve higher things in life. There is a lot of hidden depth, and even when Vijay fulfils Aisha's first and foremost desire (which I shall not reveal for those that have not read the story), he says it in such an unselfish way that it evokes true admiration of his love for her. By being together, they have both achieved things that were previously not possible.

By the end of the story, the viewer's faith in love and everything pure and good is restored to unshakeable heights. Love is truly the most powerful emotion known to mankind, and this heartwarming story reminds us that despite the challenges we face on a daily basis, there are things in life that make the experience truly worth it.

To be able to witness the kind of love that Aisha and Vijay shared is truly unforgettable, and as Vijay says during the story, "We had more happiness than most people experience in a lifetime." Yeh Bhi Mohabbat hai is a truly moving story that urges us to have faith in true love and to cherish all the wonderful things that we have in our lives.

This story isn't like other teen stories, it has a heart and it's ending will no doubt bring you to tears. I definitely recommend the story to anyone who loves love stories. I promise you won't be disappointed.


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