Adultery My Wife and Her Experience- (Rewriting the story)

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Chapter 10- The Honeymoon 1.

Sunita had now become more adventurous with him. Chatting, wearing skirts without underwear, joining Ravi whenever he would brought some girl. But till now her encounter were restricted more towards women. Once Ravi had teased her how the men was looking at her legs, but she kind of ignored it. Sunita loved enjoying sex with her husband rather than, exploring her sexuality. Ravi wanted to cut her crutches but he still felt she had not reached that level. Seeing her getting horny when she was dancing around with young men, and how her vagina had brought in juices was making him think many times. But yes, most important was how he felt. His eyes were just dreaming and thinking of the new occasion. He had been thinking about talking to Sunita, but then he felt it may be rushing. He wanted to observe her too. Sunita also got little busy, as her schools exams were going on and after that school was closed for summer vacation.

"Let us go to Bahamas " said Ravi, as he had called his dad. His dad had come to stay with them for few days, and he was happy to see the decision he took for marriage had a desired impact. Ravi also controlled his lust at that time. The trip was being sponsored by his dad only..

"I am so happy to see you guys" he said, " Now I can die in peace" said Ravi's dad.

Finally both of them left for Bahamas. Ravi had ensured that Sunita buy many bikinis, "Its a beach" he said. He was also visiting this island for the first time. He was excited, not because for his honeymoon, but for adventure. He had thought a lot. Due to his dad being home, and Sunita busy with her work, he was also not able to fuck her too. Which was making his more exciting. There was this child like spark on his face. He knew that this honeymoon will be kind a make or break for him in future. Sunita on the other hand was excited too, unaware that what was in her husbands brain. One thing she had understood from her husband, that there many traits don't match but the thing which match the most for both of them was their lust , sex and adventure. But she was still a middle class value oriented lady. Her boobs had started to take shape , due to drinking and sex may be. Her body was no longer slim, but may be average now. But still she was in good shape. One thing strict about Ravi was that he was avid drinker and smoker but was also fitness streak.

Sunita wore a nice one piece long skirt, she had been going for a laser treatment for her hairs. Her body was looking fresh. She wore a nice high heels red colour for the journey. Ravi was in his shorts and a short shirt. The journey was long, and by the time they landed it was already late in the night. There was also some storm indication due to which flights were further delayed. Both of them tired and check in in hotel also took some time. Due to the rainy season, hotel though was almost empty, but still there was some technical failure.

Next morning, both of them woke up late, and then left for the beach after having breakfast. Sunita had wore a nice black color bikini which was purchased by Ravi only. The resort had its own private beach, and though it was a bright sunny day but due to the typhoon beach was empty with may be couple of people only. Both of them were kissing each other on the beach that one local West Indian guy approached them

"Newly married sir, massage massage?" he said, though his language was mixed English but it was easy for him to understand. He was almost 6'5 ft in height, was topless and had nice abs. He must be in his mid 30s, as his beard had some greyish. He was strongly built and impressive. He was persistent though.

Ravi initially tried to ignore him, but then as they sat on the bench and were having their beer, he saw Sunita steering at the guy. It might be she liked his physique or it might also be due to the reason that she was travelling abroad for the first time...

"You like him?" Ravi teased, and Sunita felt shy.

"No no, it is just I have not seen such a tall men before " Sunita ensured now she is no longer looking towards him.

and both after some time left for the hotel room. As it happens when you are used to adventure, the two no longer excite each other and though both made love it was not much fulfilling.

"let me get some air" Ravi said, as Sunita was too tired to get up after her session. Though it was not fun but it was still fulfilling.

"I will take a nap, just wake me at the time of lunch" Sunita said, as they saw rain again falling down heavily.

Ravi quietly moved towards the beach, he wanted to meet the guy and plan something adventurous. He wanted to first check the place.

The men was seating just outside his hut. He recognised him immediately, and then took him to his so called spa. It had only two rooms, and no bed. It did have a small bar, and had couple of women too, which Ravi did not find attractive.

"No here man, it is too shady. " said Ravi.

"Can you find me a room or a villa which have all the facilities and yes privacy and safe" Ravi asked him.

He looked little surprised, he had seen some white couples and trying some adventure but he was seeing an Indian asking him about all this for the first time. He looked at him intently. Then he thought, and said "but sir it will be very expensive"

Ravi smiled and then said " Send me pics, I am here for few days. Ensure it should be most beautiful place, money no constraint" and he left for his hotel.

Sunita was awake, bored due to weather. She was only wearing panties....

"What the fuck" she said looking at the weather, and lighting up her cigarette, unaware that her husband is planning something for her!!

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Chapter 10 The Honeymoon 2

Ravi looked at his wife with different adoration..

"The reception was very hot"
Ravi said, as he saw his wife smoking near the window covering her assets with the bathroom gown...

"Where were you?" ask Sunita, these few months both had come very close, perhaps closer then they both had expected. Sunita had now started to even talk little dirty with her husband. Ravi was very broadminded guy, and he would ask her before he tried anything. He would always ask her opinion " are you ready for this?"

"I had just gone to check if I can arrange some surprise" said Ravi as he looked out of the window towards a fantabulous beach.

Sunita knowing Ravi, smiled at him offering him her cigarette " Receptionist?"

Ravi could not but smile at her words. He could not but kiss her. His greatest fear of marriage was to have a wife who would put so many restrictions on his life. But Sunita was always encouraging and supporting him. She had understood that her husband is addicted to sex, just not sex but he likes change. He was to share his experiences with her. And Sunita had observed him perfectly...

"Well - no, this time I am planning something different. Trust me!" he said, and then went inside the washroom to take shower. Whole day it continued to rain... both of them could not but watch few movies, and then in the evening went to a restro bar inside the hotel only.. Ravi flirted with couple of ladies, but his mind was not focused, and then he got a call...

"I will take this call " he said, and left out of the bar. Bar was empty.

The guy had sent him a picture of a luxury villa, which had a private beach. It had jacuzzi, swimming pool. It was well maintained, and also had ample privacy. The villa was situated inside a property only. So it was safe too, but had ample privacy. He negotiated the price with him and finally they agreed.... Ravi's face lit up, only thing was that was Sunita ready for it. He observed her from far she was seating alone, and her eyes were observing couple of guys who were dancing......

"Tomorrow we will shift to another place, but not checking out from there. I found a romantic place for both of us" he said... He showed the picture to Sunita.. It has a private beach, and privacy. What you say?" ....

She readily agreed... unaware.. what was in mind of his...

Next morning she packed her bag, that Ravi told her "Keep some bikinis and stuff " he said... " Who would let u wear clothes" he said..

Sunita was excited, she had wore bangles on her hands like a newly wed, filled her head line with sindoor, and then brought her Mangalsutra out. She wanted to show to whole world that she was married. She kept couple of sexy bikinis and nighties, and then wore a nice pink colour full skirt. She only wore panties below it as Ravi did not like shorts below it... She was abroad so she was also least bothered....

Ravi - did not want Sunita to know that the villa was inside a resort and protected place. If she known then probably she would have not got free.

"It is already late", he looked at his watch, " there is a nice restaraunt here, why not we eat something have couple of drinks and then go to villa. Anyways it mentions checkin at 2 pm " Ravi said, Sunita was excited about villa but then she finally agreed.

"You wait here" he said and order something, I will just keep luggage and come in... The restraunt was filled with mostly European crowd. She ordered a screwdriver for her, and took a seat nearby. She did not know much of the dishes, and saw her husband going... She never argued with him.

Ravi came back within minutes, and then joined her for food.

"Drink yaar- it is our honeymoon" Ravi insisted on his wife having couple of more drinks. Trusting her husband she drank, even tasted some tequila...

"I love you" Sunita said.. grasping another cup of tequila. Fortunately the weather was fine today, the stretches had some kind of mud, but still it was clean. Finishing their lunch, they walked towards the beach, but due to high tide it was not possible to go inside...

"Fuck" Ravi said, Sunita's head was swinging...

"Let us go to villa " he said, holding Sunita firmly...

Sunita just smiled and then said "Yeah my back is also hurting, yesterday night I just could not sleep properly"

Ravi as if was looking for it, " Why not go for massage"

Sunita had never ever taken a massage in her life ever. She had just made a general statement but looking at the excitement in his eyes she was shocked.

"what..but where"

Ravi smiled back, " let us first go to room and then we will check"... He took her from the backside of the villa, it was empty. Each house was located at some distance, as the resort was almost empty, there was no security guard too, though there were some CCTV cameras...

" Where are we going, hope we have not lost the way" Sunita said tired, her alcohol had evaporated due to the distance and hot sun.

The private beach was marked with some wire, and then finally they could reach the villa....

Sunita's tiredness evaporated seeing the villa, she looked here and there, and first thing she did was just remove her clothes, and fully naked jumped inside the water....

Ravi smiled.... and then asked her "hey shall I book a massager, let us take massage it looks a good place"

Sunita just nodded in yes. Sunita loved water... she drank couple of beers while swimming, the whole place was so exotic that she just could not say no to anything.... She was enjoying her swim naked.... unaware that her husband wanted to complete the her process of becoming a slit today....

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Chapter 11 The First Cuckhold- 1

Sunita seemed to enjoy the whole exotic experience. The jacuzzi was right next to their bed, and swimming pool was adjacent to their window. It was hot but it had so much of exoticness. She enjoyed her swim and booze. Ravi was watching her, he was still tense because he had not yet shared with her what was in her mind. Sunita had now grown into a perfect women...

" Ahhh , are you okay?" she looked at Ravi who was smoking seating on one of the chairs as if in deep thoughts.

Ravi smiled," yes yes " and then again went into his thought. This was very unlike Ravi someone who was so clear in his thoughts seating in deep meditation..

He took another peg of his scotch and then looked towards his sexy wife. Who was naked , with bangles and mangalsutra on her neck. He could not but imagine her getting laid by many men... His excitement came back, but convincing her would be difficult he had thought...

" Sunita, I have called for massage" he said ..

Sunita had never been to any spa or massage parlour earlier. She had seen small kids getting massage, specially her mother giving them. But to get herself would be an experience for her. She seemed excited by the idea.

"Sure" she said as she came out of pool, still naked, and lit another cigarette. She was developing a class day by day. Then she looked at her husband who was still in thoughts.

"What happened? why are you looking so tensed" she asked him, "Since yesterday you are looking very tense"

"no no not tense, but just anxious" he said.

Sunita looked back at him with a smile, " Did I do anything wrong? Did I say anything bad to you? " she said, worried like a typical Indian wife. Though she was transforming, but she continued to remain a middle class value oriented women.

"Well Actually", " I don't know how to say" , then Ravi took a deep breathe " See I had promised you that I will help you explore your sexuality to another level"

Sunita nodded her head in affirmation.

"I mean- I love you okay, but this one I am not too sure you are still ready?" Ravi said with little hesitancy.

Sunita kissed her husband back, "DID I EVER SAY NO TO ANYTHING YOU ASK- I TOLD YOU- I love you and will do anything for us"

Her words comforted him. And he finally said " I have booked a male therapist for you, & I am okay if you want to have sex with him". His words hurted Sunita, she looked at his shockingly.

"Do you think I am a cheap slut" she said to herself, she was still not courageous enough to express her thoughts.

"What . what are you saying" Sunita tried her best to calm herself, she was not sure how to react.

"This is call cuckhold- he said, " When husband likes to see his wife getting fucked like a whore and he is watching" , "Honestly I have seen you dance with those boys at the bar, and I have seen in your eyes. You want it, I want it. Nothing will change between us"

But Sunita was not comfortable. Though she was excited to do some flirting but this was way to extreme for her. She enjoyed having sex with him in company of another woman, but this was completely different thing which he was talking about. She grab another peg, and then looked at her husband.

"Okay you try but if you not find comfortable I will not force you, atleast try. But you will give a honest try" he said.

After lots of arguments and counter arguments finally she agreed...."But I cannot do in-front of you. I don't know what you may think about me" she said innocently.

He smiled " sure" and patted another kiss on her lips...

Sunita was nervous, she was not comfortable. She was cursing herself why she agreed to it. But then she knew that it wont change anything between her and Ravi.

She nervously smoked couple of more cigarettes walking from one end to another.. Ravi had decided to hide at a place from where he could see and ensure her safety also he did not want to make her conscious.

Finally the door bell rang. Sunita had now wore her innerwear and gown. She opened the door, and there was a giant. This was chosen by Ravi himself. Looking at him she started to shake..

"Maam" , " I am Andrew, I came for massage"...

He was tall, african-jamacian , and huge. He was topless too. Sunita looked like a small baby in front of her. He had made a perfect body.

Andrew was a professional massager, and he was famous too. He sensed the tension on face of Sunita.

"So mam where will you like to take the massage" he said, and then did a reccee of the whole house with her eyes, and then found a spot near the swimming pool, and laid his bed there with towel, and then stood still waiting for Sunita to come!

Sunita was still standing still, looking at the giant, nervous! Then she looked towards the room where her husband was hidden as if to look for his signal, but she could not find him. She was a naive. She nervously started to walk towards the massage bed...

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Chapter 2 Marriage and Suhaagrat

Asha had a tough time to convince Sunita to get married. Sunita knew that her family life is going to change in that one fucking decision. But was it worth it. Her elder sister was separated and was pregnant with second child, her younger sister was not to studious and her own mom was growing weaker and older day by day. After much deliberation she finally agreed but with condition that she will continue to work.

Goel a tough businessman , knew that to stay with a spoil brat like Ravi, Sunita wont. He had sensed that she was intelligent and well educated.

"Here is the contract", he showed to Asha and Sunita, "see It says that if you leave my son, then all privileges I have given you I will take back , you can read it, but you know I am a business man, I am taking your daughter but in return I want this security too"....

Sunita felt like a thing which is being sold. But he signed the papers without even going through them, she knew that her family in even 10 births won't be able to have the kind of life they are getting.

"here are the keys of your new house Asha, and here keys of new car, from now on Sunita is my daughter " and Goel left it.

The new house was a posh 3 BHK house. They had never imagined in their life they will live here. The house was in the name of Goel's company and he had ensured that all payments including electricity extra will be paid by him. He had also given them a driver. From a rented small apartment whole family had shifted to a posh house. Material world can change anyone's temptations!!

Sunita had no other option but to joyfully accept her reality.

Ravi on the other hand was least interested in getting married, "Dad you need to understand I kind of fucking hate it. Don't force me"

Goel was very clear, " Either you get married to her or I will put everything in the name of your sister, and here is you fucking contract, You cannot hit her, you cannot divorce her, your dad is fucking businessman, and after marriage both of you will be shifting to Mumbai and look after our business there"

Finally with much convincing Ravi agreed. He and Sunita did not even meet before marriage. Marriage was a small affair, Goel was not sure of reaction of both of them. Marriage was done in a court, and then small get together of only family members. This was first time that Sunita had ever done makeup in her life. She was natural beauty but still look like a typical behnji type as we share. The dress for her marriage was purchased by herself only.

Ravi was definitely handsome man. Sunita felt happy finding a handsome guy like him. She had thought first that he may have some physical defects but she was surprised to find a handsome man. She could not but smile, and thought in her mind " Oh he is very handsome". He was tall too.

Marriage got over, and Goel offered Sunita keys of house and other jewellery. Ravi's sister though did not really like Sunita. She felt her dad has done a mistake by getting him married to a middle class girl. But she did not revolt. But she did not really like the way her dad was offering trust on her. She had shown her disappointment though " Dad are you crazy, you are giving this market lady all our wealth", Goel shut her up. He knew Sunita was far more capable then his both kids!

Sunita was a virgin. She was very tensed about her first night, though her elder sister had tried to give her some tips. Her elder sister was completely opposite of Sunita (*we will build both Ravi's sis and Sunita's sis character later).

Ravi was carrying a bottle of scotch in his hands fully drunk when he entered the bedroom. He was not at all, interested in Sunita.

"BKL, I just married you for my dad, so don't try to interfere in my life, nor I will" he said , and slept next to Sunita only. He did not even touch her the first night. Tears flew from Sunita's eyes, she felt devasted. She quietly removed her clothes and jewellery, organized she was locked them in her locker, and then changing her self to a nice satin purple color gown slept on the couch. Her eyes had become too tired.....

This was her first wedding night!

Ravi rejected the next day offer for honeymoon. "Dad first I want go to Mumbai, and then we will plan from there" he said...

His father was impressed, "First night only bahu has made a impact " he thought.

Next day both Sunita and Ravi left for Mumbai. One of the reasons Ravi wanted to be out of Delhi was that he wanted to get his freedom back. Both did not speak. Sunita's face was down, and her Heena on hand was still shining. She was wondering over her decision. But she quietly also decided that that she will do her best to win over him!!

Flight had landed in Mumbai, and new struggle in the life of Sunita was to start!!.....
It's a different kind of story ,I personally like it :)


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Chapter 3 - Honeymoon-1

As soon as they landed in Mumbai, Ravi had already told Sunita,

"You go home, I will come later" and left taking a cab. He was courteous enough to let Sunita take the car. Driver was very talkative, he was working with them for long time. He showed her all the way to Mumbai before taking her to their posh home. It was a pent-house, with one large hall and kitchen at one floor, and 3 bed rooms at the second floor. It had an in-built swimming pool too. It did not have servants like their Delhi home though. The caretaker and his wife only were to take care of household work, and Ravi had strictly given them instruction of not to be at home after 7 pm. Both husband and wife welcome Sunita... Sunita get along with both of them immediately, understanding all the house logistics. Though she had got married to Ravi but till now she had not even got his mobile number to her. The servants had left by 7 PM.

Sunita after touring and putting her stuff in her cupboard, patiently waited for her husband & slept on the couch only. She woke up at around 2 AM, and worried that her husband had not come yet, she heard some moaning and giggling. She slowly walked towards the room from where voice was coming. As she walked her heartbeat increased, it was a big house and she was not used to be alone. She walked and as she peeped inside one of the bedroom, it was Ravi with 2 ladies from North-eastern part of India. It seems he had picked them in bar. The girls were naked and kissing each other, and Ravi was lying on the bed with glass of scotch and watching them as they were playing with each other. And finally he got up wrapping the condom on his D, he starts to fuck one of them, the other one started to kiss her, as Ravi started to fuck. All 3 of them naked!!

Seeing her husband fucking other woman, when she was untouched, made Sunita cry. She wanted to go inside and expose him, but her legs were trembling, she just could not go inside. She felt cheated, she felt as if her heart has been smashed to 1000 of pieces. She cried watching her husband pounding two ladies.... She slowly went back to her room, crying, breaking all her bangles. She went into deep mourning.......

Next day when she woke up, Ravi was still sleeping. The girls had left already. He was naked. The whole room was in mess, there was packet of condom thrown at the floor, and bottles of wine and scotch were hovering around. She also saw a powder kind of substance on the table. One broken glass was also lying with a vibrator kind of substance on the couch. She could smell this foul smell from the room. The panties of the one of the girl was lying just below the bed, alongside couple of used condoms.

Sunita cleaned the room, single handily as Ravi was slept. It was at 12 that supervisor's wife had come for cleaning. Ravi woke up exactly at 12, seeing his room clean he was shocked, he was furious. He walked out of the room naked only. His body was waxed, and he was to do Brazilian wax too. His body was glowing.

"Sangeeta, I have told you many times not to clean my room when I am sleeping" he said rushing down naked only. It seemed as if Sangeeta was used to see him naked.

"Sorry Ravi sir, but I did not clean it, it was done by madam I guess" She said , she was not at all shy or effected by seeing Ravi naked, it seemed that Ravi had tasted her vagina too!

Ravi then realized that he is married and his wife is at home. He felt little embarrassed though.

"Oh fuck I forgot about her, where is she ? " he asked grabbing the apples, and lemon water to get away his hangover, and then squeezed the ass of Sangeeta.

"She is in bedroom sir" she said and ignored it.

Sunita was lying on the bed, tired and disturbed from last night. She saw Ravi entering her room, and then he apologised "Sorry , I should have told you"

Sunita's eyes were red.

"See I never wanted to marry, but my dad did so much of drama that I had no choice. I will consider you as my wife socially, but honestly you are free to enjoy your life. I want to be free bird. I am sex addict and due to fucking marriage I did not get time", then he threw couple of credit card and debit card towards her, "Take them buy do whatever you want. Pin of each one is xxxx- my mother's bday. Beyond that you need anything just tell Sangeeta or her husband. Don't wait for me for dinner, don't ask me where I am going when I am coming" he said emotionless...

"I want to work if that is okay?" Sunita asked him. These are the first words she spoke to her husband.

"Yes yes you can " and he then left the room naked. Sunita looked at her perfectly fit body of her husband. Naturally she felt tempted. If he does not love me but I love him. I will win over him one day- she thought to herself.

"You are free to do whatever you want " he said, and left for shower.

Sunita dialled her ex principal who liked her. She immediately schedule her interview in one of the local schools. Sunita even got selected. Ravi had asked her not to share about her family and background, reason being that school then may ask for donations or may give her extra privileged. Also Dressing sense of Sunita continued to be middle class only. The school had made her little busy and she was able to find some freshness in her life.

A month had passed and then Ravi's father kept insisting on honey moon. Which Ravi kept delaying.

One day, when Sunita had come down to drink water, she found one of the lady who Ravi had introduced as his assitant's wife. She was good looking but very normal. She was naked when she was drinking water. Seeing that Sunita was home she felt shy.

"Sorry madam" she said trying to cover her boobs.

Sunita ignored her, and grabbing the water went back to her room. The lady name was Anita. Anita felt little bad for Sunita, as Ravi was pounding her. Sunita was getting ready for work that Anita met her.

"I am sorry madam, I was not aware that you are home, but you know our family needs this extra income, perhaps my husbands job is hanging because of me, please forgive me" Anita said.

Sunita just smiled and said " Its okay this is my destiny. You go"

Anita was going to change Sunita's life forever!!

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Chapter 3 The Honeymoon -3.

Anita was wearing a nice expensive saree. She had invited Sunita to a posh five star hotel. The fact was that Anita's husband income was not good enough to give her this luxury. Sunita though had all the resources but she was always middle class in her thinking of saving money. She had never visited a five star hotel earlier.

"Can I take the driver and car today?" she requested Ravi.

Ravi did not answer, but then nodded his head, "You can-you dont have to ask me, legally you are my wife" he said and then rushed to shower.

Sangeeta had rejoined the work after that incident, but she was not able to see eye to eye to her boss. She did not speak, but quietly went around her job.

Sunita on the other hand wore a normal salwar-suit. Driver had already formed a bond with Sunita, as their backgrounds were almost simple. Despite having car Sunita was to go to her school in an auto or radio cab.

Sunita reached the hotel before time, and confused, she looked here and there and saw Anita walking up, wearing expensive saree and jewellery. She was wearing high heels. Her watch was also an expensive brand and she removed her spects just as she entered the hotel..

"Sorry mam, hope I did not keep you waiting for long, this fucking traffic in Mumbai!" she said, "come".

She guided her to the restaurant, it was quite. Hardly any customer were here. It was quite place, and she seemed to be a regular over there as the waiters and manager recognise her.

"I thought we can meet here mam, this is a quiet place, and we can talk in detail. First let me order something, would you like to drink ?" she said.

"No No- I don't drink" said Sunita.

"Oh!" Anita smiled, "Okay no worries I will order a coffee for you" and she called the waiter, "Two coffees, we are here for long so I will order other stuff later" she said, waiter obliged.

Anita, then started to share Sunita about herself and then shared about how she first met Ravi, and how he appointed her his PA, and then they became very close. Perhaps he never forced himself on anyone. Then she looked at Sunita, "you tell me madam how did you make sir marry you. He is not an easy person to lock " and she laughed.

Sunita became sad, she tried her best to hide her tears, but then she could not.

"I am sorry" as she wiped her tears, and then God knows what happened, she shared with Anita everything. This was the first time she spoke openly about troubled married life, and shared every single bit of it. Tears flew her eyes as she started to share her ordeal. She felt comforted by Anita. She had sense a genuine concern in her eyes. After that incident she had also not seen Anita at home. Genuine and Sincere care we are able to feel when we speak to someone.

Anita herself felt sad on Sunita's story.

"I am sorry madam, but Ravi sir is not bad as he looks. You know best way to be loved by someone is to become their partner in crime. If you are ready, I will help you win him. I know what kind of women he likes, what he likes in sex, what is his priority, what kind of woman drives him crazy, and most important you need to follow my directions." Anita said.

Sunita looked little hesitant, then " but why you are helping me, what is your vested interest?"

Anita remained quiet, then she looked deep in her eyes, " Honestly there is no purpose, but I only want my husband not getting fired from work. If that assurance you can give me."

Sunita smiled back, "But Ravi does not even look at me, and you are asking me this favour. But honestly I don't have problem in giving you this assurance."

Anita smiled back, and then looked at waiter, "Get me two beers and chicken chillies"

Sunita, looked at Anita, and then Anita smiled "Your training has started from today. ", and offered her beer, " start with it, slowly I will train you on wine and scotch"

Sunita had her first alcohol of her life.

"Love makes you do impossible things"

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Chapter 11 The First Cuckhold 2.

Sunita nervously looked at the guy. He was topless and huge giant. He was fit like a hell. He laid the bed and like a professional got ready. He gauzed that Sunita was nervous.

"Shall I pour a drink for you mam, don't worry I am a through professional" he said then looked at the glass of scotch. He filled it with a small peg and put some ice, and offered her.

"Here mam it may calm you down" he said, he was seeing an Indian lady for massage for the first time. Generally they were all white and old ladies or single ladies, today he was seeing a fresh lady. He seemed excited.

"Lie down here" he said with a low voice and then slowly removed her gown. She was nervous and trembling. As he removed her gown she was wearing a black color bikini, which was chosen by her husband only.

She was almost naked as the bikini was very thin, and she was naked in front of her husband for the first time ever. She grab the drink at first go with her eyes nervously searching for her husband. It was not she was not attracted to the men but she felt a sense of deep tension mounting inside her heart.

She lied down at the bed, nervously shaking her legs, as he started to pour the oil on her legs.

"Your skin is very good, please relax madam" he said as he could feel the tension in her bodies. He was not aware that Ravi was watching them.

He was an excellent therapist no doubt, as he started to massage her and make her comfortable, within few minutes Sunita started to enjoy the massage....

He slowly unhooked her bra, without asking, and then slowly pulled her bikini panty little down to give her massage with full force. Sunita did not react. Her no reaction was a sign that she was okay with it. He gave more pressure at her back, and his hands were big enough to make her cover half of her back. He was gentle but funny, and his hands were doing magic, and then he heard his voice on her ears after 15-20 mins.

"Mam do you want " he said, playing slowly all over her back with oil.

Sunita was now turned on, she slowly asked "what"

The men smiled, "I mean do you like the massage" he said, and before she could react took of her underwear, she resisted little but that resistance was just for the sake of resistance. She felt as if he had 3 hands and they were massaging him..

"I mean are you okay "he said..

"Turn around " he said, and she trying to hold on to her bra turn around... and her eyes went towards almost a 10 inch big D, like in Porn movies. It was big dark and huge like a giant. She tried her best to take her eyes away from the D but she could not. Andrew was completely naked. The third hand which was touching her was the D... He snatched the bikini bra from her body. She was too stun to even utter any word.

"It it is so huge" she said trying to control her emotion and shock.

"So what...." he said , and then he started to massage her boobs... This time he was not soft he was rough, and then slowly brough his hands down towards her vagina.....

"You are damn horny" he said as he inserted his big fingers inside her vagina .. for SUnita it was like someone's D entering her vagina. He was an expert he knew exactly the points which would turn her own....

"oucccccccccccccch" she screamed in joy as he inserted deeper and deeper and deeper...

"Mar gayieeeeeeee ma" she shouted in pain of joy, and pulled her ass up spread her legs wide so that he could insert even more deeper.... within few seconds she reached her orgasmmmmmmmmmmm, and she moved her head towards the room, Ravi was masturbating with his hands playing with his D... he was enjoying seeing her getting screwed...

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Chapter 11 The First Cuckhold 3.

She was now fully horny. Andrew was an expert fucker, he had made her cum with just his fingers. He brought her up and gestured her to touch his D, which was giant. Sunita tried her best to grab her D, but it just could not go inside her mouth.. FInally she started to suck his D. But the more she sucked the more he pushed it inside her throat so as to make her vomit. His grip was very firm, and it was no point for her to struggle. She had now stopped looking towards her hiding husband. She had had enough.

Finally the guy took his D and inserted it inside her vagina, initially she felt like a crazy hell, as if someone had entered some big tree trunk inside her hole, his D did not even had penetrated her that she started to cry in joy of pain..

'ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch- I am dead " she screamed, but within few strokes his D adjusted inside her vagina, and then she only started to push her ass up and down so as to take that big D. she was so excited that she did not even bothered to cover it with a condom with her excitement. The Big D of Andrew pierced her vagina to the very core, she experienced the pain as she had when she had lost her virginity. She felt as if her vagina has been swollen due to immense pressure.

Finally as she reached her orgasm and got tired, Andrew increased his speed, he had not cum yet, finally just before he was on a verge of cumming, he removed his D from her mouth and threw all the cum deep inside her mouth.. She swallowed his cum. She swallowed anyone's cum for the first time...

She was so exhausted after getting fucked, that she just lied down with her head down on the massage bed. She was unable to fathom what exactly had happened to her. She tried to search for her husband, and then with shy eyes she looked towards him, and see could see him cleaning is D with tissue.

Andrew had pulled up the shorts, which he wore without any underwear, and was back to normal as if nothing had happened. He took the can of beer and just grabbed one to cool him down

"Are you okay" he said, looking at Sunita.

"I fucked an Indian lady for the first time" he said, still looking at Sunita. He somehow admired her, because he had not expected her to take such a big dick inside her vagina.

"I .. I am fine" she said, and then paid some money from her purse.

Andrew left, without bothering to do anything else... As soon as Andrew was out, Ravi came out from hiding...

"Did you enjoy it?" that was the first question. He had tried to do cuckhold with his gfs earlier but somehow they always refused. Even his Russian GF had not agreed to it. But Sunita was a sport. She not only participated but had fun also. She looked exhausted...

"Kiss me please " she said, without saying anything else. She was feeling guilty, and was not sure if her husband may think her like a slut.

"I am not a slut?, I love you" she said tears flowing from her eyes. The lust had taken over her, but now she was feeling the pinch. Ravi smiled back and kissed her back, this was the best kiss Sunita had ever received from her husband. She kissed him back overcoming with emotions.

"I want you to have fun, and our fun has just started" he said kissing her back, and then touching her vagina with his hands just to check if it is not damaged.

"I love you too" Ravi said, this was the first time very he had told her I love you.....

Sunita hugged him tight, as if she does not want to leave him forever. But that guilt still remained inside her. She was not sure what Ravi may throw to her. He was using her to ful fill his fantasies, which were giving her excitement but once you break the line, you don't know how far it can hurt anyone...

A deep silence had engulfed the whole place. No one saying anything as if , a peace before a major storm...

"Ravi was happy, there was not an iota of jealousy or regret in his face.

Sunita's journey of being exploring her sexuallity had taken a new turn...

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