Adultery My Wife and Her Experience- (Rewriting the story)

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Chapter 4- Making of the Slut-1

Finishing her second beer, Sunita stood up feeling dizzy. This was first ever time she had tasted alcohol. She felt as if 2 Anita were seating in front of her. As happens with beer , you feel like pee also.

"I want to go to washroom, but I am too drunk" she said looking at Anita.

Anita smiled, and then looked back at her, "I know, come I will help you to the washroom", she then looked at the waiter who obliged to help Sunita stand.

"Will you be able to manage to go to cloak" Anita asked Sunita.

"No, I don't think so" she said holding on to the waiter.

"Can you help her till washroom, I will come behind" Anita said, the warmness of the young waiter created shivering on the body of Sunita. She could sense goosebumps. The waiter was young and handsome. He was strong too, and was holding her gently. The touch of a men which was missing in her life was making her excited. May be it was alcohol or lust, difficult to say initially. Her hands grab her hands tightly...

Somehow she managed to walk towards the washroom. The waiter left her at the door....

"Now only few more steps sweety" said Anita, as she took her towards the cloak.

"I will fall you come with me inside" said Sunita, who was drunk.

Anita initially felt hesitant, but then she realized she may hurt herself, she somehow managed to pull her towards the WC seat, and then closing the door, stood with her inside the washroom. Anita only unhook the thread of her pyjama and slowly removed her panties so as to help her pee. But she saw the jungle below...

"Oh my God- you don't wax or what?" Anita looked amazed.

"Who does wax here sis?" Sunita looked surprised by her question, "Oh idiot Ravi does not like hair in the body, including private parts, and your vagina is covered with jungle, you need thorough training" Anita said smiling, and then she took her panties up, she could feel the wetness in her panties. She looked surprised, Sunita looked to be very sensitive and lust women!

Then somehow Anita managed to take her to the car " Bhaiya drop her properly, she is little high" Anita said.

The driver faithfully took Sunita home, by then she was asleep in the car. This was how her first day with Anita got over.

Sunita did not even remembered who dropped her home, and what time she slept, but in the morning her head was swinging, and lips feeling thirsty....


Few days passed after this incident, and Ravi had to travel to Singapore for some work. Good thing about Ravi was that he was to keep Sunita updated. Though they still had no sex yet. Also, Ravi liked the way Sunita had not reacted to his sex shows in front of her. He had started to admire her little and Sunita just followed his directions never contesting. He liked people who did not question his decisions. Sunita was the one to get him lemon water and Coffee in the morning...

"Good morning" she would greet him warmly.

"Thanks" he would say, and then asked her how is she doing, how is her school extra and then he shared " I am going to Singapore for couple of days due to company work." and finishing his coffee he was back to normal..

As soon as Ravi left packing his bag, Sunita called Anita.

"He has gone out of country, can you come to my house. I felt too embarrassed that day. But I think he is feeling connected to me. Today was the first time he shared his schedule with me" Sunita said excitedly. She took off from school.

Anita came home, Sunita was still in her nighties.

"I felt here I will be okay to experiment better" she said hugging Anita. Anita had truly become close to her in last few days.

"Come today we will try some other drink, and I will teach you to smoke, we are home we can take risk" Said Anita.

"Smoke? but I hate smokers" she said.

"You don't have to smoke to stress buster, it is style. Trust me. It is said na- you should try everything in life one"

Slowly and steadily, Sunita started to understand difference between different kind of Malts, wines and what to drink when outside. She did not like smoking, but due to stress in her life she started to get little addicted. Anita started to take her to various pubs and discos, where she found young people dancing , drinking and smoking. Though she somehow felt this all was fake....

One month had passed, and Anita and Sunita continued to be closer. Sunita had find a new life and lash.

"Now your chapter 1 is over, now we need to move to 2nd chapter sweet-heart " Said Anita.

"Chapter 1 was smoking, drinking, pubs night life's, I see and what is chapter 2", Sunita said smilingly.

"Chapter 2 is makeover. You need to do a makeover. You dressing sense, your hairs, your everything is going to change. So now be ready for next step" Anita said, giving her the cigarette she was smoking. Sunita readily took it and took two puffs from it very elegantly.

"Bingo- you are a fast learner sweety" said looking at Sunita the way she smoked. Sunita had slowly started to transform herself. Initially she did not like drinking, but now she was enjoying it.

"So where to start?" Sunita asked.

Anita smiled, " I have booked an appointment for you, lets go" . The saloon was a posh saloon. Again Anita was a regular here. It was expensive, but was almost full.

"Sorry Mam, your regular has not come today, she reported sick, and we only have a Ramesh. Otherwise if you can wait. I tried calling you also, but your phone was not reachable" said the manager of saloon.

"Oh sucks, my other phone I left at home only" Anita realized her mistake, then she looked at Sunita, " They only have male therapist today, but you know they are professional. Perhaps male can give you a better make over, are you comfortable?" Anita asked Sunita.

Sunita had liked everything till now whatever she had thrown to her. "Sure" this courage had stamped from her confidence and trust on Anita.

Sunita did not realize what was in Anita's mind. The Guy came who wished her properly. Then she looked at Anita, "Mam has purchased VIP service, so please come with me." He smiled, Sunita looked at Anita, who followed her.

"don't worry I will be with you" Anita said.

The VIP room was a little bigger room more like a cabin. It had facility for sauna, massage, pedicure, jacuzzi and saloon. Sunita had visited a luxurious saloon for the first time.

"This is fantabulous" she said, and then looked at Anita, " it must be expensive"

"Well your husband can offer 10 saloons like this, so don't worry" she said, and the guy stood there.

"Mam you can wear this gown, and then get ready, I will be here in another minute"

Sunita looked at Anita confused, "Why I need to remove my clothes?"

Anita smiled, "How will you wax, body polish and pedicure?" ...

Sunita was in a shock- "You mean this guy will wax my body, are you nuts Anita?" , Anita again smiled " They are through professional believe me, I will b here with you"

"I will come other day, I cannot do it?" Said Sunita.

"You are wife of a rich industrialist. Behave one like it, and you had promised to follow what I will say. So trust me" Anita was firm, she was not expecting her to be like this. Finally after few minutes of argument, Sunita gave up.

She removed her clothes excluding her lingerie and wrapped up the gown. In the mean time guy came in, with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

"Are you ready mam?" he asked, and Sunita nervously nodded her head in affirmative.

"We will first do hair-cut, then your manicure and pedicure, then wax, then facial and body polish, today we have less therapist more crowd. So hope you will like my service mam" he said, wearing his gown and pouring wine in glasses....

Sunita slowly sat on the chair waiting for him to start shaping her hairs!

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Chapter 4 The Making of the Slut 2.

Anita sat down on a bed which was lying beside the chair.
The guy was thorough professional, he softly started to trim the hairs of Sunita, and then slowly started to put some shampow and color.

"trust me mam" he said , softly.

"Till the time bleach and color happens I will pedicure and manicure you" he said, and started to prepare his stuff for the same. Sunita was wearing a gown with her panties and bra below it, really liked the way he cut his hairs. He had shown him some styles on a comp, and then finally they decided on the best style which will suite her style. As he sat down, and put her legs on his thighs wrapped with towel, she felt shy. Her legs were not wax.

"Oh you never done waxing madam?" he looked little surprised, and then looked towards Anita.

"Yes she is doing a makeover buddy, just give your best service" she said looking at him. He slowly started to massage her feet, and then efficiently started to click her nails.

"Nails will be done by my colleague later" he said, as he finished the pedicure and manicure. Though Sunita was being touched by a stranger, but his behaviour made her very comfortable. She had started to interact with him, and that was making him even feel better... As the guy tried to do her pedicure she hide her panties from him, she felt little shy, but the wine was having her impact. Within few minutes she was completely normal. Her panties were also old fashioned panties....

"Now lets do wax" he said, "It seems you are doing wax for the first time mam, are you comfortable?" he asked gently. He was a through professional, and then looked at Anita. The panties and bra of Sunita were also old fashioned. She was wearing a normal white colour bra, and undies which looked of cotton. Her body was full of hairs.

Sunita who was now comfortable, but had not been naked earlier in front of the any one. And she was also doing waxing for the first time. How to show your private body to a male.

"I cannot be naked in front of male" she said, her middle class value came in.

Anita, then looked at him and said "Give me 10 minutes, or can you check if female therapist is there" As soon as he went out, Anita came towards Sunita, "I know you are hesitant, but he is professional. Also when you are in these kind of saloons, they don't care you are male or female. He is a good stylist, and he will do it perfectly. If you are shy, I will also get naked with you and don't worry Ravi does not give a damn right now about you. This is just our second step. Look at your lingerie, it is too outdated" Finally Sunita got convinced.

The guy entered with his waxing stripes and slowly started to remove hair from her body. "You should go for laser therapy madam" he said.

Anita laid naked besides Sunita to make her comfortable, "Send someone for massage " she said.

As the guy started to remove hair from parts of Sunita's body, her fairness grew even more. She looked more prettier. It took him some time to remove hairs from her body. Sunita was completely nude. As he touched her body, she felt goose-bumps. She was being touched by a man for the first time, her body was untouched though she had seen acts of sex and passion every single night. As he started to touch her vagina and search for hairs, she could not resist. Her vagina was wet like anything. Her juices were flowing out. The guy thought in his mind " slut" but he professional continued to do his job. His gloves had the wet vagina paste wrapped on it though!

"madam, may you can just was your vagina, it is too wet for me to wax" he said.

His words embarrassed Sunita, and Anita smiled, "She has become Horny because of you"

"Its normal mam , but wash it "he said. Sunita rushed to the bathroom to clean her vagina.

She came out now she felt little more relaxed but felt more shy. Then she sat down, and this time her vagina was waxed at a fast pace.., he was searching for minute details inside her vagina.

"turn around mam" he said, "let me do your crack now" and he put some wax on her ass and started to take off the hairs.

"bend like a dog" he said, and then spreading her ass hole, started to bring the hairs out... finally the ordeal was over. Sunita's whole body had been removed from hair.

"Now you are looking sexy mam" said the therapist and Anita who had just finished her shower looked at Sunita and said "wow you are really very sexy"

"Sweetheart she said touching her boobs, "oh comeon " smiled Sunita, she was feeling good after removing her hairs. She was feeling fresh and beautiful. Then she saw her nails, which were painted black in colour.

"Body Polish" asked the therapist.

"Not today, may be I will come again" she said, and removed her credit card to make the payment. The whole bill was around 1 lac rs...

"Too expensive" she said to Anita as she was wearing her clothes.

"Not for your husband", "Y you did not go for body polish" Anita asked.

"Arey yaar - I got too horny when he did my wax, I wont be able to control if he had touched me more, and remember I am married to my husband " she said.

Anita smiled, " now lets go for shopping"

She took her to the best lingerie shop " Ravi likes sexy lingeries. He like surprises. You wear old fashioned lingeries" she said .

Sunita looked at the show room excited and surprised....

her third chapter was beginning.....

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Chapter 4 The Making of Slut 3

Anita searched for few thongs, and then newly designed panties. Along side she purchased some lingerie and bras. The total cost of every thing came around 40000/ along side couple of pencil shaped heels. Sunita had never wore any heels in her life before.

"I don't wear heels" said Sunita, "arey madam, heels make women look sexier " and Anita then purchased some stuff for herself.

The Kinky stuff was too hot for Sunita. She was wondering that she has spent so much of money when she is going to wear it. The sexy lingerie one she had purchased for her first night, but Ravi had not even looked at her. She tried few of the items, and then walked on couple of heels, she struggled.

"You will get used to them once you practice, and inner wear will become comfortable as u wear" she said.

"It is not about what others feel, it is about how you feel, you have a good figure, you can even make some old man raise his dick!!" said Anita in her ears...

Fourth thing they shopped were dresses. Sunita's dresses were very simple.

"You need to change your dressing sense, and here is my friend -my sex partner- Raj" she kissed Raj, as they entered his studio.

"He will help you choose dress" Anita said and left her with Raj.

Raj chose some mini, skirts, gowns and Sarees with extra sexy blouses, "But how will I wear these dress in my school" she thought to herself. But when she tried those dresses, she really felt cool!

As she tried couple of midis, she felt as if they r too short, but then when she saw herself in the mirror she was completely changed.

"You look super beautiful, you should choose these dresses more", said Raj.

Sunita spent another 50000 on her dresses. She was doing this expensive stuff first time and she liked it.

Anita finally dropped her home, and Sunita hugged her tight.

"When are you giving me the next chapter?" she was wearing one the dresses purchased, and was herself feeling sexy...

Anita smiled, "tonight".....

The both ladies drank another glass of wine, and after taking shower, Sunita changed to one of sexy lingerie she had purchased.. She was excited....

"You are looking damn hot" Anita said grasping the glass of scotch. She was wearing a normal short and a sleeveless vest.

"Come let me show you" and she open her laptop, browse her through various articles on sex, and then showed her some porn. Then she looked at Sunita, "are you turn on"

Sunita could feel her panties wet, and then she slowly took her hands inside her vagina, "she was horny"

"Now remember your vagina can take Dick as big as 20 inches, they can even take 2 dicks at a time.. so dont be scared. " Sunita was still a virgin.

"God has given you a gift, your eyes, and you have such a wonderful round boobs, you just need to learn to seduce your husband" she said, and "remember follow his directions. He may ask you to do things which you may not be sure about, but trust me, he won't let you get hurt. You just surrender to him, your journey to pleasure will begin!" Anita shared with the conviction as if she had herself experienced everything in her life.

"Have you experienced it?" Sunita asked,

Anita took a sigh relief, and then looked towards her eyes" yes, but he does not like no. The day I said no, I was off his trust list"......

They both browsed a little more, and in the morning Anita left. She even suggested her to be little high next time Ravi comes. Giving her final instruction, she said "Just don't say no to anything, try it. Believe me"

Sunita could not but hug her best friend, and then kissed her lips in excitement.... Anita was taken a back but then she composed. Her disciple was now ready for her journey of love and passion.......

New journey was about to begun, Sunita had slowly but steadily transfering herself to a slut!!

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Chapter 5- The Experience 1....

"Oh are you horny?" said Anita, as she felt Sunita sweating watching the video. Her eyes were brimming with excitement, lust in her eyes was easy to figure out.

"Are you okay" Anita again asked, as she saw Sunita trying to feel the heat.

"Its okay, I will teach you everything" she said, "A man can get crazy, so can be a women, it is okay to feel horny. We are reading hot stories, we are watching hot videos. Ravi likes to dominate, but he also likes challenge. If you want to win him, you may have to explore your hidden lustiness", and then Anita slowly started to take her hands all over Sunita's panty. Anita was not a lesbian, and this was first time she was experiencing something like this. She was attracted to Sunita no doubt, she was younger and more sexier. Anita was little chubby, was mother of 10 year old son and had stretch marks on her tummy. On the contrary Sunita was hotter, was slim, her boobs were small, her vagina tight, which was just waxed in the morning.

She herself felt horny! But Sunita though was hot, but she did not want to loose her virginity. As Anita slowly started to move her hands above her hot panties, Sunita cried in joy.

"Ahhh" -"Your vagina is wet" , and Anita pasted her kiss on her lips. They both smooched each other, as if they want to eat each other, and then Sunita regained her consciousness.

"This is not good, this is not good, I am sorry" and she rushed back to her room. She felt guilty.

"Oh My God, what had happened to me? I am a crazy slut, this is not good" she said, and in anxiety, started to smoke the cigarette. She felt relaxed, her anxiety controlled, and then puff after puff after puff. Her head started to spin. Sunita felt like peeing, and as she removed her panties, she could feel the jell coming out of her vagina. She was hungry!

Anita who herself had kissed a women first time, she her self had not realized how her body became horny. She decided to give her some time off. She quietly sipped in her scotch, and sat inside the bathtub to cool her nerves. She had a small dildo, and using it she kind of cool her self. As she inserted the dildo inside her vagina, she could only think of Sunita and her body.... She felt energy inside her body...

Next morning, Sunita was back to her gown, and Anita was still asleep but naked in the guest room. Sheetal - the supervisor's wife had also come...

"Good morning, Anita ji" Sunita woke her up, with a lemon water and black coffee. She knew it as it was routine of Ravi.

"Sorry for yesterday night " said Anita, as she took the lemon water from her. Sunita was looking tired too.

"Its okay , thank you. I understood. I felt guilty, but now I realize that sex is not just lust, its our energy. I just want to loose my virginity to my husband." Sunita said..

Anita could not but hug her, and then gave her another kiss on her lips....

"Your boobs are very big Anita" said Sunita looking at them, "Does he likes big or small" Sunita said....

"Stop thinking about him, think about what you like darling. " and she left to get ready, "you can do browsing, remember Sex is energy! You need to get fucked soon" and Anita kissed her again....

Sunita was left all alone again. She responded to her kisses. Last few days with Anita, had made her more confident. She experimented by fingering her vagina, and even used the vibrator once. She felt good. Ravi had not yet come back from his tour. But this break helped her to transform herself for her husband. Anita did not visit her again, as her son had fallen sick. But she was always available to give her advise. She got hooked to stories at xforum, where she really understood the meaning of erotica. She walked to shopping centres wearing short clothes couple of time, just to gain that confidence. First day few boys had teased her, but then after a while she became more confident.

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Chapter 5 The Experience -2

Sunita also explored little more of videos. Also in school she started to wear little more heaty blouses. Initially she was hesitant, but then slowly she started to feel more confident. She started to tie her saree just below her navel exposing her navel many times when she was teaching.
Her transformation was sudden, but impactful. Everyone had started to gossip about her and everyone had started to like her new sexy outfit. Her Principal also warned her, but Sunita was a good teacher too. She was experimenting it as she had learnt about her body in a way. She had become the centre of attention of not only teachers, but trustees and students too. But in all this, she had also started to addict to smoking and drinking. She was still unhappy sexually, and had not gather courage to fuck. Her vagina was still untouched.

Sunita was smoking her 4th cigarette, wearing just a panty and sleeveless without bra. She was trying her new pair of heels. Her stress level had increased too. It was already 7 in the evening, and she was unable to sleep due to constant pressure. Sheetal had just left the house. Sunita hardly spoke with her. But she herself was astonished to see her change. "Money can change any one" she had thought in her mind.

She had not seen Ravi for more than a month now. Ravi was travelling and did came once but he had left before Sunita could meet him. Anita also was busy with her life. Sunita was feeling lonely. She went down to check if food was okay, and then opened the bar , taking a scotch out of it. Every day she would taste a new one. This was her routine. This was her way to fight her loneliness. But as she had poured her peg, and lighted up cigarette she heard someone unlocking the door. Ravi was there. He was with a cabin crew girl. Seems he had attracted a cabin crew of the flight he had boarded. She was still in the airline uniform with cap. She was holding his hands, and both of them were giggling.

"Welcome to my home" he said, and then both of them dropped their bags and started to kiss each other.

"Slowly darling, slowly" said the girl, " we have full night, let me get freshen up" she said, and then her eyes went towards a young sexy, lady seating on couch drinking and smoking....

Ravi also looked little astonished and then his eyes went towards transformed Sunita. Whatever opinion he had for her, evaporated in one go...

"You you- are u not Sunita?" he said, pushing the girl away from him. Sunita was in her panties, her nipples were clearling coming out of her shirt, she was wearing a high pencil heels, a glass of scotch was in her hands, and she was smoking like a model. She was looking much more beautiful then he had ever imagined her. He looked stunt.

"Yes" said Sunita, trying to hold on to her excitement. She was very happy to see her husband...

Ravi's eyes were completely fixed on Sunita, he was still on shock, and then he realized that girl was still in room.

"She is ,,she is my hot wife Sunita" said Ravi, " you mind if I talk to her? " Said Ravi. Ravi never hide from anyone that he was married. He never used anyone.

"Sure" said the girl, "Let me get freshen up, and then as if searching where to go, Ravi took her to his bedroom, kissing her said that he will come back.

Sunita was still seating on the couch. She knew that her arrow had gone into correct direction, she was nervous too. Because she was not sure how Ravi is going to react now. She was still virgin, untouched.......

The nigh had just begun!!
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Chapter 6: And... the Journey Begins-1

Ravi looked at Sunita with amusement. She was wearing a hot nighty with her boobs clearly visible. She was wearing a white color pencil heels, and drinking and smoking. Her face was glowing, and hair were nicely laid. She had done nails. Her perfectly waxed body was shining in the dim light. He was surprised and equally shocked looking at this new avatar. His eyes were looking at her with lust...

"You look very different today " He said, his eyes craving for his wives sexy body....

"I always look like this only thing is today you are observing me! " she said, trying to seduce him with his seductive voice, puffing the smoke out of her mouth. She was holding a glass of scotch with other hand. This was first time ever that her husband had looked at her with desire. She was feeling special. Anita's training was working....

Ravi wanted to go and fuck her, but then he heard the voice of Shalini- the cabin crew he had brought with her. Shalini was taller, little darker, looked more from Western part of India. She had come out wearing one of the Ravi's shirt. She was more sexy and trained too. She was wearing just a thong below the shirt, with her boobs jumping out of her shirt. She was more elegant too.

"Hey Ravi, where is the drink, I feel like getting drunk tonight. Then morning I need to go back home, my hubby and kids will be waiting for me!" She said. She was definitely impressed by the charm of Ravi, but most importantly she was impressed by his pocket..

"Sure" he said, and then brought out the same scotch Sunita was drinking, " I will serve her, you can go and freshen up" said Sunita, who touched him on his hands just slightly. He felt the goose bumps. He had never expected a behenji looking women to turn out to be so sexy.

"I.. I will get fresh and come back, in the mean time Sunita will take care of you. Be free to order whatever you like" he said, still in shock.

As he left, Shalini sat down on the couch. She was filling surprised that with such a sexy wife, why Ravi was wondering outside. Though she did not say anything to her. Sunita poured a peg for her with ice, and then sat down bang opposite her. They both did not speak anything, as she drank her scotch. There silence was broken by Ravi again.

"Shall we order something or it is cooked?" he asked Sunita.

"Yes, Sheetal had cooked some mutton, starters we can order if you want"

"Oh you are just having this small peg, have a bigger one, wait I only will make for both of you" Ravi said. He first poured a 90 peg with ice for Shalini and then poured another 90 for his wife. Sunita though had started to drink but she was still not a hard core drinker. But she could not refuse her husband. He looked in good mood.

Shalini on the other hand was a hard core drinker. She was married but she was a part time hooker too. Her husband earned good so she, but she was addicted to sex, and loved to experiment. She was in her late 30s. Had scratch mark at her tummy. She had two kids, and was just looking for fun. Though she had everything in her life, but that extra luxury came from these enjoyments. The whole idea that she got to fuck a man in front of his wife had excited her. Ravi and Sunita were both younger then her, but when she actually saw Sunita, she was completely different then what he had told her. Thats why she was still feeling little hesitant. Alcohol helped her to calm her nerves. Her husband was almost 10 years elder to her, and she had married him only for security. He was neither good nor exciting at bed. A normal businessman, who loved money. Though she loved him !

The three chatted for a while, and as alcohol was going , Sunita was becoming dizzier. Shalini as a woman could sense that Ravi was not much interested on her, his eyes were constantly on his wife.

"I think I am drunk now," said Sunita, "I love you Ravi ji, I can do anything for you" she said, as she emptied her glass.

Ravi who himself was sober looked at Sunita. He was as if like a tiger wanting to see how far his prey can go. He just smiled back at her. Then she looked at Shalini, who was still in control.

"What about you Shalini, are you drunk too?" he said....

"No No I am okay, but she is getting dizzier, why not let her sleep?" Shalini asked....

Ravi smiled, "No" , "I want to test her love for me, if its okay?"

Shalini looked again shocked, but then she had come only for sex!

"If you really love me, I want you to kiss Shalini" Said Ravi...

Sunita who was drunk, did not even wait, she was horny too. She threw her glass, and then jumped like a professional slut on the laps of Shalini, and started to kiss her like a professional porn star. She moaned in joy, and then said " Anything for you darling"... slowly Shalini responded to her kisses.

The dram of lust had just begun!
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Chapter 6... The Journey Begins 2

Shalini responded to her kiss, she was surprised by the enthusiasm and excitement of Sunita. Sunita wanted to proof her love for her husband. Slowly she felt a strong hand flowing around her body... This was the first time she had felt this sensation on her body as she was busy kissing Shalini... slowly the hands had gripped her breasts from behind. This was first time Sunita's boobs were being touched by someone. She felt the sensation as the hands started to press her breasts from behind....

"Ah " she moaned, the juices from her panties were flowing like river. They were coming down, and her thong was getting wetter, the flow of the vaginal juices was so much that the drops even fell on the lap of Shalini who was busy kissing her ...

"Bitch " she screamed as she threw Sunita away from her, " You are real slut man" she said trying to control her senses.... She wiped out the drop which had fallen on her shirt....

Sunita was taken a back by her reaction, and rushed to her room feeling shy. She had lost control momentarily.

She rushed trying to organize herself, and just closing her eyes rushed towards Bedroom... "I am a slut, I am a slut" she was crying and rushing as if she had done some kind of crime. Though she was drunk, but somehow she was able to gather her senses. She felt like a cheap whore who was craving for sex...

Ravi who was playing with her boobs till now, looked little surprised by her reaction. Shalini looked little upset though...

"Bitch" she looked at Ravi, " Her juices are following on my shirt, she is fuckin horny slut man" she said..

Ravi calmed her down, " We are having sex and fun, she got little anxious by your reaction. " Shalini had now calmed down little as she smoke couple of cigarette. It was not the drop of vagina, but it seemed that Shalini herself was trying a lesbian for the first time. She had never ever done a threesome. She felt little odd.

"My mood is pissed off, how come a damn bitch come and do it. You ... " and Shalini also walked towards the guest room. Her mood had pissed off. She felt horny when Sunita kissed her, which was making her more upset.

As she walked off the room trying to calm herself. She was still not sure why she had reacted this way...

Ravi looked at his watch, this was first time he had experienced something like this. But then he decided to walk towards Sunita's room, this was not due to lust but he really felt offended as his wife was insulted by a whore. But he and Sunita still had not reached the kind of relation which would have made him react..

Sunita was lying on her bed upside down. Her ankle -payal was shining on her freshly pedicured legs. Her nighty was till her thighs, and her thong was clearly visible. Sunita was scared to sleep alone, so she was used to sleep with lights on. In the dim light her body was shining even more. She was lying with her head down as she had come out of the incident. Her thoughts were -" what my husband would be thinking about her" , she was sobbing.

Ravi who was never a sentimental kind had felt for the first time in his life sentimental like this. He had never been in a serious relationship, and for him sex was need. But today he somehow felt little sad for Sunita. But he was also mesmerized by her boldness and new avatar. " Any day a virgin cunt is more tempting then a mature cunt " he thought inside so as to calm his ego, but then when he saw his untouched wife lying half naked on the bed, he could not resist. He slowly walked towards her, and then massaging her legs ask "Are you okay dear"

Sunita's could not believe her luck. Ravi had come to her room, talking to her and speaking with her. She tried to open her eyes to check if it was not a dream, and then trying to cover her body via bed sheet " I am okay, I am sorry, I am not a slut, it is just that I don't know. I am sorry " tears flew from her eyes. Tears of Guilt.

Ravi smiled " oh come on- I fuck one new lady every day in front of you, I dont feel guilt. But I saw something unusual about you. You are just like me. You are lusty, sexy, hot and adventerous just like me"

"No no, believe me I am virgin. But I love you" she said, trying to hold her tears. She did not understand a single word Ravi said. His presence in room made her satisfied.

Then Ravi became serious " I mean Sunita, I always wanted a partner who becomes my partner in crime. Sex for me is devotion, we are sexual beings, without sex we cannot survive. I like sex, and you like sex too. If we both can develop our relationship based on this understanding that , I am ready to give it a try. But you need to trust me. If you trust me I will take you to new heights of eroticism."

Sunita was silent. She still did not understand what he meant.

Sunita just nodded her head " I can climb any mountain for you" and Ravi pasted his lips on her lips.

The journey of husband and wife into the world of sex and erotism had just begun!

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Chapter 7- The Start - 1.

Ravi slowly started to caress her boobs. Her breasts were small, and nipples were pointed. Her body was smelling fresh of the expensive perfume. He started to kiss her, from top to bottom as if cherishing her body.. He slowly started to undress her. This was first time Sunita was naked in front of her husband. He saw her perfectly waxed body... and started to kiss her..

"You should go for laser next time, I like clean " he said, as he started to lick her vagina with his tongue. This was a fresh untouched pussy.. Ravi was feeling excited. Sunita was responding she was hungry for his D and love for last few months. Ravi was an excellent fucker no doubt. He started to caress her body like a professional lover. He had put his tongue on special investigation. He took is tongue to each and every part of Sunita's body even making her take a literal bath from his saliva...

"aaaah" moaned Sunita, she was feeling the hit. Then slowly he took out the packet of condom, and put it on his condom..

Sunita saw the condom for the first time, she had come from a conservative background, and hence was not sure her husband need protection..

"Do you really need to wear this?" Sunita asked him.

Ravi smiled, " One day I will, but not today" and he inserted his D inside her tight vagina, which did not go once. Then he put some saliva inside her vagina, and then slowly entered it inside it...

Though Ravi's D was little bigger than average, but it was still not so big. But it was little diagonal in shape...

"Dont worry your pussy can take even elephants!" Ravi said, and slowly inserted his D inside her tight pussy, she screamed in pain as the blood came out, but Ravi slowly continued to push it like a experience fucker.... He was not rash but softly continued to push. He had sensed that Sunita was scared and it was her first time.... but finally Sunita stopped him, she could barely face the pain..

"Its paining, it is paining" she said, as Ravi was moving his D in and out...

"It pains initially but then this pain becomes sweet" he said again inserting it....

Finally Sunita reached her orgasm.. She had finally had her virginity taken off that too by her husband, there was this sense of achievement, deep satisfaction and joy in her face. Though her vagina was paining..

"Go was it" Ravi said, as it happens after fucking her lose interest, but he was taking care of Sunita. Was he falling in love?

He felt some deep connection with her. He had fucked many, but he had fucked his wife for the first time!

He helped her clean the blood, and then gave her confidence that it is normal...

"Want to smoke?" Ravi asked, he had thrown the condom back to the dustbin.. Sunita had gone to the bathroom with the bedsheet, trying to wash her vagina. She felt a new speed.

"Make me a peg" she said from bathroom, it was already 3 in the morning.

"Sure", Ravi answered, that he heard footsteps to the room.

It was Shalini... Shalini realized that her behaviour is going to cut her money. She had come only for money. This time she was naked.

"I am sorry for my behaviour earlier, I dont know what happened to me" she said....

Ravi whose enthusiasm and excitement had already gone, smile back at her, "it is okay"

"No no, Let me make it up for you" said Shalini.

Ravi then smiled, he knew why she came back. Then he puffed the smoke from his mouth, "My wife is taking bath inside, if u can make her horny again, I will pay you double"

Shalini was not expecting this from him, but money makes us do things.

"How much you said?" she asked, "DOUBLE" Ravi said, "If you can make her horny again, I will GIVE YOU double" he said.

Ravi did not know why he had asked Shalini to do it. May be he wanted to test how far Sunita can go. He was himself not very sure. It was not a test of love, it was actually a test of lust!

He smiled, as Shalini nude stood in dilemma. She looked at Ravi once again as if checking if he was serious, but Ravi smiled wearing his boxers, and pouring another peg for himself.

"Your time start now!"


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