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Adultery Wife loves both of us

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I was shocked watching sonali in front of me. Sonali hugged me tightly and cried too much.
Me- what happened
Sonali- Kill me. I am not not a good wife. Not a good woman. I am very bad .
Me- who told you
Sonali- arpita told us everything.
Me- ohoo . Ok you may go now.
Sonali- please forgive me Raghab. I never go to Mohit.
Me- ohoo exactly. But you love mohit . Right. You hate me. You told me i am your culprit . Now get lost.

Mohit- hey Raghab please listen. Sorry man.
Me- took your wife . Enjoy. I want Arpita right now.

Sonali cried a lot. But i went to my room. Mohit closed the door. Arpita did not come in front of me. Sonali cried too much. Mohit also told me to forgive.

Then i shouted to both of them.

Me- i allowed you Sonali. I allow you to love other man . I was not a cuck. But I love that feeling for you. I accept that fantacy to give you what you want. Then what you gave me in return. You left me. You bitch. Sluts are more loyal but not you. And you mohit. You bastard. You snatched my wife from me. I allow you to sleep with her. I allow you for secret marriage . But you made plan for snatching her from me. You already took her. That shameless girl married you. Yiu both did not think a little about me. I sacrificed everything for both of you. But you made me a joke in front of society. My relatives and friends make fun of me. I left everyone. Now i became a heartless man.

Sonali- please forgive me please.
Mohit- Raghab i am sorry for everything. You save me from mad. You gave me new life. You sacrificed everything. You can make me dog. I will serve you for ever. Please forgive us. I never became happy even after getting her. Please come with us please.

I drink one more bottle. I bame unconscious. In hangover i am in mood now. My cock grows bigger. I go near Sonali. I lift her and take her to bedroom. After somethime sonali started moaning . I kiss and fuck sonali too much. Mohit is watching us near door. I look at him i call him . My sonali was fully nude. She starts kissing me while i fuck her juicy pussy. Same time mohit put cock in her back. Sonali looks behind and kiss mohit . Now she turn hug mohit . Mohit fucks my sonali pussy too hard. I looks both of them. I smiled and put my cock in my wife ass. Now my wife got more pleasure. Both cock drilling action make her satisfy. Now all day and night me and Mohit fuck sonali. Everywhere everytime. Sonally loves both of us. We filled her pussy same time. Both holes we filled. Now my wife became milf . After one year she gave birth to a beautiful daughter. We dont know who is the father . But we both love her. Now my wife gives huge milk. Our daughter can not drink all. So we both suck Sonali nipples. We never stop sex. Now sonali has done birth control operation. We never use protection. We fuck her too hard 2-3 times a day. We are addicted to daily sex. We perform neat and clean sex . We were aware of the hygiene sex. Our daughter call me father. Because Mohit divorced sonali and sonali again marry me. Now we have a happy family. After our daughter sleeps or goes to school we do hard sex. My wife sonali is now too addicted to sex. She needs c0ck in both holes. Not a single hole blank. She loves both of us.

Happy Ending......
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Congrats on completing the story.... waiting for a new thread
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