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Adultery Wife loves both of us

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🔞 Its a adult imaginary story. Dont apply aur relate to real life. Its just a fantacy story. I am not good in english but i am trying my best.

Many times i love to write short adultary story on wife/ gf but here audiance not like this much. So i try in english section.

Short story.....


I live with my wife at Odisha state. Here i am a govt employe . I married with my 5 year love after getting job. Here we settled happily. My name is Raghab 28years old and my wife Sonali 24 years old.

My wife is well educated. She decided to live with me as housewife. She looks so beautiful. With slim and sexy figure she looks like sex bomb. She is a modern mentality horney girl. Her figure is 34-28-36 well maintained. She wears modern sexy clothes.

Sonali loves sex so much other than expensive gifts. When i asked what do you want she just replied sex sex and sex. I break her virginity and we do sex almost everyday. We have very good understanding and we love each other so much.

Before getting job i always talk with her and chat with her . So we are so much addicted with this bonding. Today we shifted to my job area. Here we rent a well settled house and lived happily.

Me- baby now we got married and here noone is disturbing us.

Sonali- ummmha baby lets have sex .

Me- i am too much tired.

Then sonali stand infront of me and removed her saree and throw on me. She looks so sexy . I got hard watching her. Then she started sexy dance with remove one by one clothes. She removed her blouse and throw to my face. Then she removed her petticoat and throw to me. I got mad watching my love with two peice.


My wife looks like a shameless strip dancer . Then sonali teasing ne showing her one boob nip slip. It made me with full mood.


My wife then show me another nip slip in horney way.


Then he open bra and threw to me. My wife sexy soft boobs now hanging in air. If a oldman sees my wife like this noe then his cock will be alive and erected . My wife is a seduction queen. Ahh her boobs make me fully mood.


Sonali then removed her panty and show her horneiness by expression. Then she threw her used panty on my mouth.

images-31 images-32

I can watch my wife with fully sluttyness. Then i could not control and removed all my clothes and go near her. My 7 inch cock fully erected to drill my wife pussy.

My wife sat on sofa and call me like a pornstar. She loves to watch porn in free times. So these skills came from porn videos.


I cam to sonali and staryed kissing her. She hold my cock and as soon as we last pur kiss she bend to suck my cock. She is now pro in cock sucking . This is the only cock she takes to her mouth everyday.


Now i spread her leg and licking her pussy.


My wife became so much horney. Then i put my cock in my sexy horney wife pussy and push into it. My wife pussy sallow my cock. Now i fuck my sexy wife with full speed. She shouted with moaning and i drill my wife with full josh.

My wife enjoyed sex too much. Now i bend her and fuck her in doggy style. I tried different position and fucked my horney wife with full speed.

At last i had to cum . So i removed my cock and push into my wife mouth and fill my wife stomach with my fresh juice.

I fucked so well. But i can notice my wife needs more sex. My wife now addicts to sex and she desires more sex.

I notice now everytime. I can feel that our regular same type sex make her little boring. But i enjoy it so well. I know its her fault to desire more and more sex. Then she entered into bathroom and i preety sure she will mustrbate again to fulfill her desires. Well i trust my wife and so i never ask her about it.

The day passed. I feel my wife became boring day by day. She wanted our reguar talk and chat but i can not gave much time as i am busy at my work.

Where i worked i have a senior officer a madam who is 10 years more mature than me. Her name is Arpita. She had very big boobs . Her boob size is 38. She behaves well to everyone. I feel she impressed with me as i am a good looking guy and i worked sincerely. For safety reason i have put spy cam in house. I wanted to tell my wife but everytime i forgot. Later i think how will be she reacted if i told her that i am watching her always. So i sectetly check my whole room even bathroom also and then i again started work. Because only we two live here . So i put cam everywhere.



My wife always calls and texts me . I am fully busy with works. Now my wife got fully frusted. Then one day she texts me she will go to market.

I read it and then busy in work. When i becamr free. I call my wife . She did not respond it. I got tensed and i opened spy cam and check every cam. My wife was not in kitchen, not bathroom, not bedroom. When i open dining room , i got shock and leave my phone. I saw someone hig my wife . I can not think much. I started my bike and reached home. I opened the door in anger. I saw one man hug my wife deeply. My wife saw me and got shocked.

I was full in anger . I pushed my wife from him and slapped that man with full nonstop. My wife stopped me.

I shouted -who is he and why he hugged you?

My wife said - please Raghab listen fully.

I know my wife well. So i digest my anger and sat on sofa. That man cried sittion down. My wife went near him and said- sorry . Its misunderstanding.

I am full in anger. My wife came and said- why yoh slapped him whithout knowing truth.

me- what! its my fault.

sonali- its misunderstanding.

Listen fully first.

( Sonali words.....)

When i went to market. I feel boring. Because you are busy in office. I had habit to chat and call with you. Here i am fully alone. So i decided to go for some walk. While i walking i saw near bridge a man was crying and saw the water above the bridge.

I knew he had planned to finish his life. So i ran away so fast and luckily i saved him. He is fully broken. Because in a car accident he lost his lovely wife and his little daughter. So i took him to my home. He needs some support so he asked me to hug. I know he is fully broken. So i allow him. In mean time yoi reached and slapped that helpless man.

( Now my words...)

i realised its a big misunderstanding.

That man- please leave me. I want to die. I can not live without my wife and daughter. They are my world. Now i can not live without them.

I went near her and hug him tightly. I can feel he is a nice guy. He is fully broken. He needs help. I sat him on sofs and told- sorry bro. I can feel your tragedy.

that man- no you can not. Because you have everything. So you can not realise what is going through me.

Me- yes , you said right. Noone can not live. But you can start a new life. We are always with you. You can live with us and we may start new friendship.

Thatman still in sad feel. I went to my wife. Indirectly i doubt on her character. That lady who loves me loyaly from 5 years . She had many good proposals. But she only loves me and obey my everyword. I respect her decission.

I went near her and she cried looking another way. I sat down and said- i never doubt on you. Because you are my only one and true love. In this situation i only slap him not you because i trust on you. As a man i can not tolerate this sight.

My wife looked at me and she kissed me little bit. Then we realise another man also sitting here . We stop and my wife went to prepared some food. I took him to my bathroom and gave her my clothes to wear.

He is as fit as like me and also same height. The nain difference is he is little dark and i am fair. He felt little relax . And then we had some food together. He feels relax.

Then i asked- who are you? Introduce to us.

That man- well i am Mohit. I am a businessman. I got everything in my life. I gain property, royality but i lost the most valuable persons in my life. My beautiful wife and my little princes. We married 5 years ago and loved each other from 3 years. Everything was fine .

But before 10 days in a car accident i lost whole my family.

Then he started crying. My wife hold his hand and said its ok. Then he eat some food and said to my wife- thanks for saving my life and gave me a new life. Actually your face reminds my wife face.

Me- thats why its God wish . So that my brave sweet wife can save your life. Don't feel alone. We are along with you Mohit.

Then at first i went to Mohit house. Sorry its a royal palace. I can see luxury items in his house.

Me- hey buddy you lookd like millanior.

Mohit- yah not that much. Just little sabings and my passion.
I entred his house. In front i can see his family photo. He got cried and sat down watching photo. I can feel her feelings. I notice really his wife face little match my wife. Not exactly just her figure, body coloure , little face cutting. I said - really dude , you said right. Your wife face match little with my wife.

When i looked back. I saw he got senseless. Immidiately , i called ambulance. No room servant i found at her home. I can see a blank cheque with his sign put on table. I collect it not for my greedy , only just for his help in medical emergency.

I took him with ambulance . Then i found lock in side. So i locked main door and gate and then suddenly left behind ambulance.

I reached hospital. Then i calledy wife and told everything. Doctor ready for his treatment.

Then doctor came and search me .

Doctor- you took him to the hospital.

me- yes. Anyghing serious.

Doctor- He is Mr Mohit. Businessman.

Me- yes he told me today.

Doctor- he got mentally stressed. Now his brain memory cells not functining well. If he got more pathetic stress then he may lost his life.

Me- today he went for suicide. But my wife saved her life.

Doctor- may be he knows her well otherwise he will die definitely.

Me- may be.... Because he said that his wife face match with my wife .

Doctor- thats why he cancelked his death. He temporarily thought that She is his wife. So he cancelled suicidee thought . Otherwise he will no more.

Now his memory cells damage more. May be he got more stress of lossing. If you want to see him alive then treat him as a good man.

Me- i can not understand.

Doctor- how can i say you mr.

Me- you can say clearly.

Doctor- he us now a mental patience. If your wife acts like his wife when he lost control then he may releif and her brain cells will restore rapidly. Its may taken 4-5 weeks. Nothing more. He will act normally but sometimes may ne 2-3 times with short period he will think your wife as his wife. I know its very tough and risky. But its a life threat. If you and your wife together handle it for some days may be he will got new life.

Now he had no major issue. But dhe need mental treatment not physical treatment.



My story theme may little match with some other story of films or sex story. But i write it with my thought and my style and my twist. No copy paste but some scene in the story may match. Thats why i mention. I was heavy story writer from behining. Its my intrest. So i write these type story. Hope you all like it
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nice.....want to know how Arpita will come into the story.

waiting for next update
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