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Story 42 (2) : The Wife

Author : vaishali_k

Contd. from 'The Wife Ch - 1'.

"I was waiting for you Bikash." Anushka said as she lay on her bed watching her husband change in front of the wardrobe next to the bed.

"I know. But I couldn't cut short the meeting. Am just a small part of the company. Not the company itself."

"Almost all the flat owners were there. You need to socialize a bit as well."

"Its all pomp-n-show. You know how much that irritates me."

"Yeah, I know. I know it all well. But-"

Anushka had to cut short her words since Bikash was already inside the bathroom for a shower.

"Today I met Mr. Gupta in the elevator." Anushka raised her voice a bit but still wasn't sure if Bikash had heard her. The noise of the water hitting the bathroom floor stopped. Now she knew he must have.

"Who?" Bikash's voice was full of intent.

"Mr. Gupta. Manish Gupta. The one who lives two floors below us."

"That scoundrel! Why did you talk to him?" Bikash was now in the room again; semi naked, with water drops glistening on his shoulder.

"I didn't. He did."

"What was the context?"

"Nothing. The fan was out of order in the elevator so he said nobody takes care of it and I said yes. That's it."

"Were you alone with him in the elevator?"

"Of course not. There were two more women."

"Hmm. Stay away from that swine."

"Why do you call him a swine?"

"Because he is one! Have you forgotten how he reacted with the parking thing." Bikash went inside the bathroom.

Anushka didn't forget how unnecessary Manish's anger was on that day. Nor did she forget what actually happened in the elevator hours ago.

It was seven in the evening when Anushka entered the elevator with her vegetable bag. She was wiping her face with a handkerchief while waiting for the elevator's door to close. Precisely then, as the door was about to close, Manish Gupta stepped in. He was talking to someone on his mobile phone.

As the elevator closed with only Anushka and Manish inside, the former missed a breath for reason unknown to her. From the corner of her eyes she looked at Manish. He seemed to be engrossed in his talk but something told her he was actually looking at her. Simi's words, 'you two will look good together', flooded her mind. Even without looking at him straight she knew he should have a strong physique. But why was she thinking about it? The answer made her swallow a lump.

As she forced her mind to focus instead on the sweat on her forehead and neck the elevator suddenly stopped. There was an instant darkness inside.

"What happened?" An almost blind Anushka blurted.

"Power cut perhaps." It was Manish. He switched on the flashlight of his mobile phone. And pressed the alarm button of the elevator. It didn't work.

"Damn, we have to stay like this till we get help."

"We can call the security."

"I don't have his number."

"I have Mrs. Kapur's number. She stays on the first floor. She might help us."

"Then dial her."

Anushka fidgeted for some time with her bag since her phone was inside. Manish stepped closer to show her the light from his phone. The way he maneuvered the light on her bag and at times on her arms brought back Simi's words once again to her. 'You two will look good together.' Anushka swallowed another lump while grabbing her phone. She took it out and dialed Mrs. Kapur. A minute later the security opened the elevator door.

"Sir, the generator is facing some problem."

Hearing the guard's words Manish jumped down from the elevator since it was stuck at an awkward height from the ground. He turned to Anushka who had no other option but to jump out as well.

"Don't worry am here."

Damn, Anushka thought. She would have to jump carefully lest she jumps on him. That would be embarrassing. Anushka braced herself first handing over the vegetable bag to the security guard, then her purse and finally she stood on the edge of the elevator. Manish was awaiting her jump with stretched hands as if sure to lap her up like a baby. Anushka took a deep breath and jumped. She fell on Manish but they didn't fall down. Manish supported her well. He is strong, was her first thought.

The ordeal was finally over, Anushka thought lying on her bed now. She intentionally wasn't thinking about the touch, the way he grabbed her. She was disconnected from her thoughts when Bikash threw his towel on the bed. He was done with his shower.

"We can have a home party for some of the people with whom we like."

A happy Anushka said aloud, "That's a good idea."

The party went smooth with the guest list being decided by Bikash himself. Manish was conveniently left out but to Anushka's satisfaction Jatin was there. While having dessert Simi finally got hold of Anushka alone.

"So, did you talk to Jatin?" Simi wiped her mouth with a tissue paper, done with the dessert.

"About what?" Anushka said putting the last piece of chocolate brownie in her mouth.

"Just like that. You said you liked him."

"I think I have a crush on him."

"My, my! Someone's talking. Details, pronto!"

"Nothing really happened. I just talked to him today itself. I like his smile. Its cute!"

"Aww, okay. And what happened to Manish?"

"Oh, forget him. Bikash boils up with the mere mention of him. More so when he learned he talked to me."

"Manish talked to you, when?"

The next minute Anushka narrated Simi the elevator incident.

"What were you wearing?"

"A short kurti and a legging."

"Aha, a figure hugging legging! Did he feel you?"

"No, no. It was a matter of few seconds."

This time Anushka couldn't stop her mind to revisit the elevator incident once again. Simi was right. It was a figure hugging leggings that she was wearing that day. And the thing with leggings was it outlined the flesh provocatively. She knew Manish hands, after she jumped off the elevator, first touched her waist, then back and at last her butt before she could support herself. All of it happened quickly. Did he squeeze her butt? Perhaps. Intentionally or not she would never know.

"Can I be honest?" Simi asked bringing Anushka back to the party.


"The more I see and talk to you the more I have a feeling there's a sexual volcano waiting to erupt from inside you. Just that you are afraid."

"Afraid of what?" The truth in Simi's statement caught Anushka by surprise.

"You tell me?"

"You are probably right."


"You ARE right, okay! I so wanted an independent life. I wanted to enjoy my way doesn't matter if the society tagged me I as a whore. Till I am able to answer my conscience I thought I'll be good. But life isn't what one wishes it to be. It traps everyone. It has trapped me."

"Rubbish! Look at me."

"Your case is different. Your husband is not like mine."

"Even if he was your kind do you think I would have given a damn? Just because am married to a person doesn't mean he owns me. I have my own desires and needs. Until and unless am fulfilling the basic duties of a wife, my husband should be happy."

"I don't know. Its not easy. Women like me walk on a thin rope across an abyss all their life. They aren't allowed to see and enjoy the pleasures of life lest they fall from the rope. And once they fall our society snatches the residual life from her as well."

"Hmm. Okay, lets get to it objectively. If Bikash had no problem with whatever you did and the society for one day allows all kinds of sexual experimentation whom will you fuck? Jatin or Manish?"

Anushka seemed a little taken aback by the question. Or perhaps by the thought that she would have to answer it.

"Am giving only two options because you like one and the other I think will look good with you." Simi added.

Anushka turned her face. She could see Jatin chatting with her husband in the hall room. He was cute and charming and she indeed had a crush on him but Anushka knew with Jatin it would be more of a sensual experience. Not that she would mind that but....

"Manish." She blurted out.

"O la la!" Simi retorted.

"As you said its objective. Don't read anything into it."

"But I think your choice of Manish is more to do with your desire to get back to your husband. By fucking the man he hates the most it would be a good revenge."

"Oh, shut up! Its nothing like that. I would never do that to Bikash. You asked me something, I answered. End of the story. And we aren't going to fuck anyway, any day."

"Don't you want to know Manish better than you do just like you knew a bit of Jatin tonight?" There was mischief in Simi's voice.

"That's not possible darling."

"Do you or do you not?"

"May be."

"Alright. Let me arrange a 'nice-to-meet-you" party at my place next week. I'll call Manish there but not Jatin."

"Bikash will never come. If he does, seeing Manish he might create a scene."

"Who is calling your husband. Only you be there. Game?"

For a moment Anushka didn't say anything. Then she looked at Simi and smiled with a twinkle in her eyes that was reminiscence of her debonair college days.

Anushka was wearing a black chiffon sari with a matching red bordered blouse with only a thin strap across her back. Her supple skin looked lust-inspiring. And she like a meat who had been sculpted upon by the most erotic minded sculptor.

Manish was already there when she joined the party. Simi wasted no time to introduce them and then intentionally left them alone at a corner to chat.

"Don't mind but you are the wife of Mr. Bikash Mukherjee, isn't?"


"In that case do let him now I am sorry."


"Didn't he tell you. About the parking issue."

"Yeah. He did."

"Am sure he thinks evil of me. Its only natural."

"No, not really." Anushka wondered why was she talking in a restrained manner like a lamb in front of a lion.

"That's good. He looked like a gentleman to me. Anyway, what do you do?"

"I am a housewife."

"Housewife? That's weird. No offense though. To each one his own. But you look too intelligent to be a housewife."

"Was that a compliment or a taunt?" With this Anushka relaxed a little.

"I can't dare to taunt a beautiful woman like you!"

"Thanks!" She was nervous again.

"Why are your hands empty? Let me bring you a drink."

"Soft only."

"Why, do you have a thing against hard anything?"

For a moment Manish and Anushka had their eyes on each other. Was that a pun? Was she supposed to smile or be mum?

"Only with drinks." She decided to smile.

"I am glad. Give me a second."

As Anushka took a seat near the high rise balcony she saw Simi attending to the other guests in the room inside. Next she saw Manish coming her way.

"Soft for the lady, hard for me." He said and gave her a cola. He settled down beside her.

After a gap of few sips she asked, "What do you do?"

"I am the regional marketing head of a FMCG company. What does your husband do?"

"He works in a software firm as a senior engineer. What about your wife? A housewife like me?" She was yet to see his wife.

"No. I am a divorcee. Since the last three years."

"Oh, am sorry to know that."

"Why? Isn't good to separate than drag something in which neither is interested in?"

"Don't you mind being alone?"

"I am never alone Anushka."

For the first time Manish took her name and it sounded sexy.

"See, now am with you. God has a kind heart. He provides me with the most interesting and beautiful company." He smiled naughtily. Anushka reciprocated with another smile as if she was loving the way the conversation was shaping up.

"So what do you do all day?"

"Nothing much. Read a bit, watch television and so on."

"Great. If I have a holiday I will drop in. Hope your husband won't mind."

Anushka was tongue tied at that. Bikash could have killed at the sight of him.

"Not really." She found herself say. Simi dropped in.

"I see the two of you have gelled really well. Manish, won't you meet the others?"

"I generally avoid the rest when I am introduced to an interesting person at the start of a party."

Anushka thought she blushed. Simi gave her a naughty glance.

"At least have your dinner, you two." And she was gone.

Their chat continued over dinner.

"You said I was an interesting person. Was that a figure of speech?" Anushka asked once they were back to their seats by the balcony with their respective plates.

"Oh no. You are interesting."

"What is so interesting about a housewife?"

"Not about a housewife. About you. I like you."

Anushka paused and looked at him.

"I mean I like your personality. Please don't take me otherwise."

"Its okay. Thanks."

"Especially your eyes."

Anushka smiled. The way a sixteen year old does when she is proposed for the first time in her life.

When she looked up she found Manish staring at her.

"What happened?"

"Nothing. Your husband is lucky to have you."

"Why do you say so?"

"You have everything that I or for that matter any man would like."

"Aha, and what are those things?"

"The looks, the nature, the figure."

The third word made Anushka hold her breath for a moment. Now she knew he must have noticed her figure and God knows what all he must have imagined. A desire brewed inside her to know what Manish thought of her figure. Did he mentally strip her? No! No! No! She prayed but couldn't afford to publicize her inner squirm.

"What do you like in men?" He asked.

"I am married. Not supposed to answer that."

"Why don't you tell me what attracted you to your husband?"

Anushka wished she had answered for men in general. That would have been easier.

"His warmth and..."

"I meant physically."

Anushka thought for a while. And told what she thought should be Manish's best part, "His chest."

"Funny, women say that to me."

So her imagination was right!

"Women? Is that a lucky man I am talking to?"

"How does it matter? The desired ones always belong to someone else."

What was that? A hint? Anushka changed the subject a little.

"What do you like in a woman?"

"Eyes and butt." Manish smiled. He had already said he liked her eyes. Anushka wondered with the second part if he was referring to the grab he made for her butt during their elevator encounter. But she would never know.

As Anushka stripped her sari, petticoat, blouse and in the end her undergarments, she realized her panty had a stain in the middle. She swallowed a lump. It looked like a fresh secretion. Looking at herself in the mirror she knew it must have happened when she was talking with Manish in the party.

"Anushka, am hungry. Be quick."

Bikash howled from outside and went away. Keeping the wet panty on the washing machine beside, she wondered what would her husband's reaction be if he knew her wife got wet talking to another man. Someone he despised. It only took a banter with Manish and that too in front of all to make her wet. Arousal is a weird kid!

A sudden sexual urge gripped her. For a moment she touched her well trimmed pussy with the nervous tip of her fingers. She wanted to push them in. But that would not be enough, she knew. She desired to be taken by a man instead and not her fingers. A man with a nice chest perhaps. Her mind was throwing all sorts of perverse images in front of her. Like she was surrounded by several naked men who were jerking seeing her wet pussy. Like she was rubbing her ass on every man's face one by one. Like she was giving Manish a blow job. The last image made her heart pound. How would be his dick? Her heart asked. Strong, straight and thick. She guessed. Better than Bikash's? She avoided the answer to that. How would she look naked with him? She imagined Manish standing right behind her, naked. She realized Simi was right after all. They would look good naked. The tip of her middle finger had just entered her pussy. She closed her eyes to allow herself drown in a boiling sexual lava. But there was another reminder from Bikash following which she got a grip on herself, took a quick shower and moved out. Reality was such a spoiler.

Anushka was taking a shower. She was back to her mundane household chores. Though she thought about the party quite a lot in the last one week but with the addition of a new day it was slowly becoming distant. Almost unreal.

As she closed the shower, Anushka heard the calling bell ring but she didn't worry because the maid, Sarla, was there to answer. In the silence that followed she thought it must have been a sales man. Done with the shower, she dried herself, wrapped a towel, which went till her shapely upper thighs, around her ripe bosom and moved out of the bathroom.

There was a taut silence which made her call out to Sarla. There was no response. Piqued, she tip toed to the drawing room only to see Manish sitting on the sofa. As he stood up, he was clearly not ready to see Anushka in such a condition. She turned in a flash and scampered into the bed room. And only when she went there with her breaths escalating every second she realized she had dropped her towel in the drawing room itself. Perhaps one of its threads had intertwined with one of the shells in the hall room shell-curtain. But the damage was done, she was sure.

She heard the main door lock itself with a slight thud. Anushka instantly started crying. Manish, she was somehow sure, had seen her naked from neck to feet. Back naked! Butt naked! Stark naked. Naked!

After an eternity, she slowly got into her gown and went to the drawing room. The towel was on the sofa now which meant he must have picked it up from the floor for the maid was certainly not there in the flat. Then she remembered she had asked her to fetch some sugar from the market. Damn, she must have gone out when he came in!

Anushka didn't know what to do. She had to talk to someone. How on earth could she let this happen? But it was an accident after all. Anushka picked up her mobile phone and dialed Simi. She was crying harder now.

"Simi, he saw me."

"What do you mean? Who? What happened?"

"Manish saw me...butt naked."

"What the fuck!"

The entire weekend following the 'wardrobe malfunction' drained Anushka of tears. Apart from serving the necessary food to Bikash, who seemed all the more distanced from her because of a sudden upsurge in his official work, she kept sobbing.

It was the same while taking a shower, in the kitchen and also while lying on the bed at night. She craved for a magic trick that would turn it all into a fantasy like the ones she immersed herself till recently but never after the torrid incident. The worse part was she could not share it with anyone. What would she tell Bikash? "Mr. Gupta saw your wife butt-naked?" Damn! Bikash anyway went crazy hearing Manish's name and now this! She even dreaded to move out of her flat fearing an encounter with Manish. What if he thought she did it intentionally to seduce him? People draw all sorts of conclusions. She was simply not ready to face him. Not till she knew how to dig a hole in the earth and bury oneself there at will. Simi turned out to be her only option and confidante.

After Anushka told her, over phone, what all had happened Simi tried her best to console her but Anushka didn't calm down. Several messages followed. Then she visited her during the day.

"What is the problem with you?"

"Problem? Someone has seen me butt-naked!"


"So? Nothing!"

"I have had a talk with Manish. He said he didn't see anything except your towel on the floor."

"Liar. And why did you have to ask him about this?"

"Stop behaving like a teenager. He didn't cheat you on your virginity. Moreover what's his fault if you walk around your flat semi-naked."

The moment it escaped Simi's mouth she knew it came out rather rudely. Anushka felt further embarrassed. Simi immediately apologized.

"But what do you want to do about it really? File a case or something!" Simi asked. Her concern was genuine. "You can't simply lock yourself in your flat all life."

"I will not move out till I forget it or come to terms with it with time."

"Forget it? Come to terms with it? Trust me, the next moment you see Manish be it tomorrow or days and months later it will all come back to you. And the same old depression shall follow."

"So what should I do?"

"Talk to him."

"I can't talk to Bikash about it."

"Talk to Manish I meant."

"Are you mad? What will I talk to him about?"

"About what happened."

"Do I look like I'll be able to do so?"

"You want me to arrange a meeting with Manish at my place? A party or something where you two can be at ease."

"No. No more parties please. And I don't think I'll ever at ease with him again."


"I don't know."

They intentionally kept quiet as the maid brought in two cups of coffee for them. As she left for the kitchen Anushka asked, "What would you have done if you were in my place?"

Simi sipped her coffee thoughtfully and said, "Honestly, I would have gone to him. And would have told him it was an accident and not to think anything otherwise. Also, not to bring up the subject ever."

"What if he brought it up again?"

"I would slap him hard for it deals with a woman's decency."

Finally something made sense. But would she be able to do what Simi told her?

"You think I should do the same?"

"All I know is you got to do something because this house arrest thing won't last long. Since he lives in the same society nor will the avoidance work for long."

Anushka didn't speak after that but kept thinking about it all through the evening and night. The next morning when Bikash left for office she called up Simi asking for Manish's number. Simi happily gave it to her and wished her luck. It was afternoon when Anushka summoned all her guts to punch the number on her cell and dial it.

"Hello?" She was sure it was Manish. But there was a tumultuous noise in the background.


"Yes, who is this?"

'This is Anushka."

There was a momentary silence on the other side. Anushka didn't know whether to repeat her name but realized the background noise was decreasing rapidly as if Manish was changing location.


"Yes, Anushka Mukherjee from..."

"Of course I know only one Anushka. What a pleasant surprise! Is this your number?"

"Yes this is mine."

"Okay I will save it."

Anushka wasn't sure if she wanted him to save her number. At least she won't save his.

"Okay." She found herself saying.

"So, what's up with you? Sorry I scampered out that day without meeting you."

So it was there. The consolation was she didn't have to bring up the subject herself.

"I called up to say whatever happened that day, was an accident and I don't want you to bring it up ever again."

"Can you shut up for a moment."


"No, not you. A guy is screaming on his mobile. Am actually in a meeting. Can I please call you later?"

"Yeah, sure." Anushka didn't know what else to say. As she kept her phone beside her she wondered when would Manish call. She hoped he did so before Bikash came home. She chose to wait.

Manish's sms came at eleven thirty at night. Bikash was beating his fingers hard on his laptop sitting by the dinning table while she was watching television. She picked up her mobile to check the message. It read: Is it too late? Can we talk?

She nervously glanced at Bikash who was too busy to return her look. How would he react if he knew the one man he loathed was messaging his wife at this hour? She messaged him back: Bikash is at home. We can't talk.

She was about to send it when she realized why is she making it all sound like some kind of unscrupulous activity. She erased the message and retyped: We can talk via messages.

And send it to Manish. A second later his reply came:

Okay with me. What were you talking about in the afternoon. I didn't get you.

Anushka was confused whether Manish was feigning his innocence or if he indeed was innocent.

She replied: About the towel dropping thing.

She read the message three time before sending it. Her heart had started to beat harder now. She had deliberately silenced her mobile lest Bikash heard the constant beeping. She kept staring at the mobile phone awaiting a response from Manish. It came in the next instant: Should I be honest with you?

Anushka's heart sank. The message only meant he had seen her butt-naked contrary to what he confessed to Simi.

She nervously typed: I would appreciate your honesty only.

Her mobile beeped the next instant: Promise?


I am guilty.

That means you...

I indeed saw your bare back. I am sorry.

Anushka simply didn't know what to write next. Or should she at all. She deleted all the previous messages and sat still. Never will she be able to face Manish again. Fantasies were one thing. And she was pretty bold in her fantasies but reality is something else all together, she now realized.

What happened? It was Manish again.

She deleted the message. A minute later she saw his name on her cell. He was calling her. She didn't pick up. The call happened again. The same response. And again. After three full rings no further sms or call came. Anushka didn't sleep that night nor was she thinking anything. Somebody had made her so hollow that nothing occurred to her anymore. She only lay like a corpse all night beside her husband.

A week later she finally stepped out of her house to buy some cosmetics from the market. She was alert about not being sighted by Manish. Nothing happened. On Sunday she accompanied Bikash to the supermarket to buy all the monthly items. By the time they drove back to their apartment it was eight in the evening.

"You go ahead, I'll park the car and come." Bikash told Anushka. She obliged.

As she carried few bags and waited for the elevator to open she admired herself in the full length mirror on the wall opposite the elevator. Each floor of every building in the society had a full length mirror for design purpose. Though she had been avoiding mirrors intentionally of late but looking at her reflection after a long time she felt happy. She was wearing a maroon kurti and a black legging. All her curves were deliciously defined. As the elevator door opened she was appalled to see Manish in it. He was surprised too. Though he was coming down and ideally should have moved out at the ground floor but seeing Anushka he didn't move. Then he came out. She moved in. He moved in too. Anushka immediately placed one foot in-between the elevator door so that door doesn't close.

"I am really sorry Anushka."

"This is not the time Manish. I am with Bikash. He will be here any moment. You please go." Anushka was genuinely worried but them talking like this in the open.

"First your promise you are not angry with me and we can continue to be friends?"

"I will make no such promises. You leave now Manish." Anushka's heart was in her mouth. If Bikash saw them anything could happen next. "Bikash will be here. Leave. please."

"Okay I'll leave but you promise you will come to my flat or I will visit your flat and we will talk about it. Please!"

"Manish, what are you doing? I can't talk."

"Promise me. Just promise me and I will leave."

"Okay, I promise. now leave."

A frantic looking Manish was about to thank her when Bikash appeared. He looked first at Anushka and then at Manish who by then had popped out his mobile phone and was perusing it as if nothing had happened between Anushka and him. Bikash entered the elevator shooting a disgust look at Manish. He didn't care. Anushka could feel her heart beat loudly. She only hoped it wasn't loud enough for Bikash to hear. Manish got down at his floor without creating any scene. The moment Bikash and Anushka stepped onto their floor she received a message from Manish: Tomorrow afternoon my place or your place?

It was only at night Anushka replied after thinking a lot about the matter: Your's.

She was sure to end the matter the next day.

Manish opened the door right after the first bell itself.

"I swear if you had not come today I would have visited you in the evening. Welcome!" He said with a smile. Anushka didn't respond. She looked around in the corridor that comprised of four flats a floor. There was nobody. Someone could have easily seen her through their peephole from behind the main door of their respective flats and she wouldn't know. But then this was something she had to do. Moreover, it wasn't midnight that she was visiting Manish. The latter closed the door the moment Anuhska entered.

As she sat on the sprawling sofa in the drawing room she looked around. It didn't look like a flat without the touch of a woman. Everything was clean and well kept. She noticed the windows were shut closed and the curtains were drawn tight.

"Want some water?"

"No, its okay."

Manish sat opposite to her in the one-sitter sofa.

"I am sorry Anushka." He said.

"I understand you are sorry but after today you have to promise me we won't talk about the incident and you won't ever do what you did at the elevator yesterday. Promise?"

"What did I do in the elevator?"

"Manish, let's not make it bad. You know what I am talking about. I felt harassed."

"Apologies again. But you were resonsible for it."


"Yes. If you had not avoided me I wouldn't have been so frustrated and depserate."

"I guess you know why I avoided you. You have to understand I am a married woman."

Manish looked straight at her as if he was reading her. His mobile phone rang. He picked it up, told the caller not to disturb him and cut the line all the while looking at Anushka. Feeling strange she averted her eyes.

"You say you are married, but what do you have to say about this?" Manish handed his mobile phone to her. As she took it with a clueless look on her face she saw he had opened his saved message inbox for her. There was a conversation in the form of sms saved in it between Simi and Manish. Anushka read on as Manish sat quietly staring at her visage.

The messages read:

Are you kdding me? Did Anushka really say that?

Oh yes! She did. She said she would not mind doing it with you.

You mean Anushka Mukherjee right? The wife of Bikash Mukherjee?

Yes, yes, yes.

What else did she tell you?

Anushka didn't read the rest though she knew it was a long conversation. Simi had told him about their own private discussion. She started to sweat though the air conditioner was on.

"Its not how it sounds like. Simi kept on pushing me."

Manish smiled and said, "All I know is you too had amorous thoughts regarding me. Isn't that true?"

"That's true but-"

"Then why all this moralistic fuss Anushka?"

"What do you mean?"

"You have amorous thoughts regarding me and so do I. From the moment I saw you in the elevator the first time around."

"Manish, don't repeat what you just said and I shall pretend you never said it."

"I want to make love to you Anushka."

His eyes had that hunger that only a lover can have. It scared Anushka. She stood up and moved towards the main door. It was better for her to leave before it led to something which even she wouldn't be able to stop. But before she could reach the door Manish held her hands and pulled her towards him. She fought and fidgeted.

"Leave me Manish! Now!"

He left her. She looked at him as if she didn't expect him to obey her.

"Look Anushka, I am not a bad man. And I understand you are married. But you also got to understand we both want to make love to the other."

Anushka only wished if she was a good liar then she would have said no on his face. She kept mum.

"Can't we keep it our own little secret? I am tired of jerking thinking about you."

Somebody was using the words to her face for the first time. Funnily enough it aroused her. She kept quiet for a moment.

"I need to think about it Manish."

"Its not your career that you need to think about it. Its a moment that you need to live or forget."

"But Manish..."

"Look Anushka" Manish's tone had suddenly turned too grim, "If you don't do what I request you to then I will have to report to your husband about the entire issue."

"You are blackmailing me damn it!"

"No. I am only saying there is no other option anymore. Don't tell me you wanted one either." Neither of them moved for a moment.

'Come, sit down first." Manish said. She let go of his hand and then followed him. They sat down this time beside each other.

"When will Bikash be home?"

"By seven-seven thirty."

"That gives us" he checked his watch, "Four hours."

"For what?"

"Don't be a kid now."

He was setting up time and she had not even said yes to his fuck proposal. Yet she was helping him in a way to set it all up. Guess, its better not to think anything, she wondered.

"Its happening fast Manish."

"It needs to happen fast Anushka."

"What about Bikash? I can't cheat him point blank!"

"In a way he is responsible for this as well. Tell me if he had satisfied you or given you the time you require would you have fantasized about other men? I think he deserves to be cheated. Its not the ancient times anymore where a woman would have to sacrifice everything for the sake of a husband. Now she has the right to obey her sexuality. To oblige it."

There was a long silence.

"We are only losing time Anushka." Manish reminded her.

"Alright. But it will happen my way." For a second she couldn't believe she actually said it. For the first time she felt how much she too wanted this to happen. Just she wasn't as brave enough as Manish probably because of her marital status. But wasn't Manish right? Isn't Bikash as much a culprit in this as she was?

A smile of satisfaction and gratitude touched Manish's face. "Done. I promise nothing will happen that you don't want. In fact nothing is happening that you never wanted."

"Can I use the bedroom?"

"Sure. Its all yours. I am all yours."

Anushka tried to smile and ambled towards the bedroom and closed the door behind. It was a cozy room and just like the drawing room the windows here too were shut from all sides. Good for her. Sitting on the bed she wondered if this is how people commit adultery. In the afternoon. While visiting someone's place for something else. And end up in the bed. She looked at the bed. Simi's words buzzed her mind. Anushka for once accepted the fact Manish and she would definitely look good naked on the queen size bed. The question now was: how good.

Just to calm his nerves Manish had poured himself some Whiskey from his small bar at the corner of the drawing room. He looked at his watch again. Twenty minutes had passed and no communication had happened between Anushka and him. Finishing his drink he thought of knocking on the door when it opened. There was an instant rush of blood on his penis. It hardened up.

"You can come in." He heard Anushka say. He slowly sauntered toward the bedroom and finally entered it.

At one corner Anushka was standing with a bedsheet wrapped around her. She had loosened her hair. Manish noticed the blue kurti she was wearing, along with the white legging, a black bra and a black panty was on the floor next to the bed. The fact that Anushka was stark naked inside the bedsheet-wrap made his penis throb. She was already looking at him.

"You are looking so beautiful Anushka. So damn desirable."

"Talking will only make it difficult Manish." She said and let go of the bedsheet. Simultaneously she closed her eyes tight. Manish couldn't believe his eyes. He adjusted his penis a bit and stared at the ethereally sculpted piece of meat. Anushka was covering her breasts with her left hand across her bosom and with the right she was hiding her pussy. Manish noticed her palm was just about hiding the pussy. Though he could tell she had it trimmed.

"Won't you remove your hands?" Manish said his throat dry.

Anushka opened her eyes and nodded. "I am feeling shy." A woman like Anushka standing naked while covering her privates with her hands was the sexiest and the most erotic image Manish had ever seen anywhere. She only turned and stood against the wall veiling her front. Her back was right there in front of Manish. This time it wasn't for a trice but for eternity.

From the shapely shoulder to the curvaceous back to her succulent butt, Manish's eyes were adoring the divine creation that Anushka was. An example of how well distributed fat should be. He stripped himself naked in no time and went and stood behind Anushka. His presence and his soft breaths gave her goosebumps. He took the air conditioner's remote from the bed table nearby and switched it off.

"Why did you switch off the AC?" Anushka asked slowly comign to terms with her rapid breathing.

"I want to sweat it out with you."

Manish grabbed Anushka's butt. They were full. There were round. And they were erect. The moment he grabbed them the butt muscles tightened itself. Then slowly the tension was released. Manish kept caressing her butt all over as if he was making sure it was all real. Anushka was quiet and had her eyes closed facing the wall. Minutes later she started perspiring. A drop of sweat dropped down from her nape to her back and was about to reach her butt when Manish's tongue stopped it. Sticking his tongue out he not only wiped the sweat drop off but also started puppy-licking her entire butt.

If Anushka's mind was a burner, Manish's lick were matchsticks with its head burning vehemently. She wanted him to go on and on and so was he. Finally he stopped and parted her butt cheeks with his hands. Anushka missed a beat. Manish stared at her anus.

"Whatever it is do it fast. I can't take it slow." She said.

He spat on her chocolate-brown puckered hole. It was a weird feeling of lust and disgust. Lust because someone was interested in her dirt hole and disgust because someone had spat on her. She tried hard to conceal her reaction. Manish only rubbed his saliva all over her anus moistening it with his finger. Then he suddenly bit her butt cheek hard. A shriek escaped Anushka as she brought her hand back and held his head. For the first time an image of Manish eating her butt while she was standing naked facing the wall formed in her mind. She felt wet like never before. Manish licked her down to her feet. Then licked up on the other leg till her butt again. He stood up and holding her shoulders turned her. Since she was already looking down the first thing she noticed was his raging penis: big, bad and throbbing. She was determined not to make any comparisons with Bikash's. She owed him this much. She freed herself from him and scampered to the bed. Never before she had been this naked with a man. Manish came to her and stood with his penis facing her. She held it in her hands. Then made a grasp and started feeling it up and down. It soon turned into a massage as if it was her way to admire it.

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Story 43 : Indian Wife wants a Baby

Author : YamiKuriboh

Written on : 7th November, 2017

Sanjay was surprised as he opened the door. Standing on the front step, in his affluent neighbourhood, was a thickly set black man several inches taller than him and as wide as the door.

A shock of white teeth broke the otherwise dark visage: "Hi, it's Leroy"

"Hello," said Sanjay weakly, still not at ease at the contrast between him and the black man. He quickly shuffled back inviting Leroy into his house, shutting the door behind them.

"My wife is upstairs getting ready so please take a seat," Sanjay said motioning towards the sofas. He then popped into the kitchen to get them some beers and then put on the TV which was showing a Friday night lower league football match.

"You ok?" said Leroy trying to break the quiet atmosphere.

"Haha, yes just a bit nervous I think. This is all very unusual for us," said Sanjay. "I was born here you see, you can probably tell from my accent. My wife, Kavita, she was born in India so she can be shy."

"Right," said Leroy nonchalantly.

"We don't really tend to socialise with nig..I mean black people so it's a bit odd having you in the house. I think that's my wife was really surprised when she came here at just how many black people there were in London. She has seen plenty of white people in india - tourists etc and on TV - but she had never seen any blacks," Sanjay explained.

"Yeah, well I've not been with an indian before either," Leroy said sipping his beer with his bright white smile splitting his dark face.

Sanjay smiled but didn't reply and just drank his beer. He felt extremely awkward having another guy in his house who wasn't a family relation, never mind a black man. He was in two minds whether to cancel the whole thing but then all the months of discussions with his wife would be in vein.

Sanjay had been married to his wife for several years now and they were both approaching their late 30's. Sanjay knew that after 35 the chances of his wife getting pregnant had reduced drastically. The problem, however, when they had gone to the doctor's had been with him rather than her. The chances of him getting his wife pregnant, even with treatment, were slim. His wife was on fertility drugs but every month when they had a pregnancy test, it was always a disappointing negative.

The problem was indian culture - after marriage, children were expected. A childless marriage was unacceptable to indian elders. Sanjay and his wife had gone through years of frustration and unhappiness, years of snide comments from friends and relatives.

Their white friends had suggestion adoption which may be alright for them but Sanjay and Kavita couldn't do it. There were two problems. The first was caste - the caste system in indian culture was strict, you can only be born into caste. The second problem was that adoption involved a legal process which left a trace. If anyone found out their child was adopted they would be ostracised from the community. Adoption was thus not thinkable. That only really left one course of action left to them - a sperm donor.

The UK is a predominantly white country but Sanjay had ruled out a white donor as the child would be too light skinned given that Kavita too was fair. An indian donor would be ideal but the indian community is too small and they were worried that news of the donation would be leaked and the couple would become a laughing stock.

The only race that therefore worked for sperm donation were negroes. Sanjay knew that negroes and Indians rarely socialised with each other, even though they might live in close proximity. Negroes and Indians would socialise with whites but rarely with each other. The couple were therefore afforded with some discreteness through racial boundaries and tensions. The skin colour difference wasn't often that pronounced either.

The fact that Kavita was fair for an indian would mean that the child would pass for Sanjay's who was medium brown.

Sanjay and Leroy continued to sup their beers. Sanjay couldn't think of much to say to someone who was so different from him - in terms of looks, culture and wealth. Sanjay could tell by Leroy's clothes and the small car he drove that he was much poorer than him. The fact Leroy spoke with a heavy London accent also drove into Sanjay's mind that he wasn't very well educated.

Half time on the football match started and Sanjay took this as an opportunity to go and check on his wife who was now upstairs. He came down a few minutes later and beckoned for Leroy to come up. He led the man to his bedroom.

"Kavita will be out in a moment, I'll just go and check on her," said Sanjay as he beckoned Leroy into the bedroom.

"Cool," said Leroy as he moved to sit at the side of the bed which was in the middle of the room. A few moments later, Sanjay came back in.

"She'll be out in a moment," he said as he moved to sit at the dressing table.

There was a slight sound then as the door of the bedroom opened and in walked Sanjay's wife Kavita. She was wearing a white bathrobe to her knees. Sanjay gave her a slight smile as she walked in and she smiled back. He noticed that she was wearing her make up and pink lipstick.

Kavita was 5'6'' and very slim as Indian girls tended to be pre childbirth. Her skin was a very light brown colour - she was fair for an indian girl. Like most Indians, she had big brown eyes and dark black hair. Her hair was straight and parted at the middle to her shoulders. She had a slim frame with a short torso but long arms and legs. When Sanjay's marriage had been arranged with her he couldn't believe his luck he could get someone so slim and pretty.

Kavita made her way to her side of the bed. Facing both men, she then proceeded to undo the tie at the front of her robe and took it off before placing it on her table at the side of the bed. Underneath she was wearing a pink camisole top and pink panties.

Kavita sat at the side of the bed next to Leroy but was a distance away from him. Sanjay noticed how her pink camisole matched her pink lipstick and pink painted finger and toe nails - he couldn't help but think how cute his wife looked as she was so slim and petite; she looked fantastic in pink.

As Sanjay looked across the room, was struck by the physical difference between his wife and Leroy. Though Kavita was long limbed, Leroy was much taller being over 6 foot. Kavita was very slim with pale brown skin whereas Leroy was very wide, muscular and darker. Kavita had small pretty lips and a long indian nose whereas Leroy had a big fat negro nose and lips.

"Ok, shall we start," said Sanjay now standing up. He reached for a bag next to the dressing table and pulled out a beaker and a syringe that he had brought online earlier.

"If you could fill that up please," Sanjay said handing the beaker to Leroy and then gesturing to his wife with the syringe, "and then when it's full I will put it in with this so lie back on the bed biwi (wife)."

Leroy eyed the beaker in his hand and stood up whilst Kavita shuffled on the bed to sit by the headrest. When Leroy took off his hooded top and vest, Sanjay saw that underneath the baggy clothes Leroy was very wide and muscular. With his hair cut very short, Sanjay thought Leroy looked like Joe Frazier the boxer.

Leroy then placed the beaker on the bed and undid his belt and jeans buttons before pulling his jeans and white briefs downs to his ankles. This revealed his dark cock which hung down his body. It was thick and long though it wasn't yet hard. He only had a small mound of fuzzy pubic hair above his cock. Leroy reached down with his right hand and began to stroke his cock with long deliberate strokes.

"Oh, I thought you might want to use the bathroom," Sanjay said uncertainly. "Never mind, you can carry on now."

Leroy didn't turn to look at him but instead continued facing the bed and Kavita whilst he jerked his cock. Sanjay saw that his wife was sitting against the headrest. Her long brown legs were flat against the bed. As his wife was only in her pink panties, her legs looked incredibly long and sensuous. He saw his wife was looking at Leroy stroking his cock in front of her.

The only sound in the room was the gentle thump of Leroy beating his meat. Sanjay could see that the length of Leroy's cock had increased but it did not yet look to be fully hard. Leroy had his right hand wrapped around his cock and was stroking it up and down the shaft. Occasionally, Leroy would rub the black helmet of his cock with his two forefingers and thumb only.

"Are you close?" asked Sanjay who was getting impatient.

"Nah man," Leroy guffawed. "I ain't even fully hard yet. Ain't you got any porn or anything?"

"No we don't watch any fo that," said Sanjay trying to think what could speed up the process. He and his wife had always thought porn was disgusting. He had gone from being awkward at Leroy being in his house to annoyed that he had been there too long.

"Is there anything else that might work?" Sanjay asked.

Leroy continued to stroke his cock with his right hand but then lifted up his big left hand. He showed the back of his left hand to Sanjay and clenched his fingers slightly. "Do you mind if I?"

"Yes, umm...what?" Sanjay replied not quite comprehending what Leroy was referring to.

Leroy then shuffled slightly forwards and reached over with his left hand towards Kavita's top. He lifting it quickly exposing her small flat stomach followed by her perky breasts. Her breasts were small - a b cup at most - though her nipples were large and dark.

Leroy reached out and engulfed Kavita's right breast with his left hand and began roughly groping her. He squeezed her breasts together, cupped them in his hands and played with the dark nipples. Sanjay noticed how his wife's nipples seemed to grow longer and harder as Leroy massaged them between his fingers. His wife's face was not showing any expression but he could see that she was looking at Leroy's cock which had begun to get even harder and longer.

Sanjay then saw Leroy stop rubbing himself and take Kavita's left hand in his right. He moved her hand to hold his penis. He then began directing her hand to make a rubbing motion on his penis and pleaded "jack me, baby."

Kavita looked at Sanjay, unsure of what to do.

"If this will speed things up, it's ok," Sanjay said trying to keep his voice calm. He was unsure of how things were progressing. All he could think about was Leroy finishing as quickly as possible and leaving.

Letting go of Kavita's hand, Leroy again resumed his touch on her breasts. This time he was more aggressive in squeezing the breasts and playing with Kavita's nipple. Sanjay was surprised that his wife began stroking Leroy's penis with her hand, once Leroy had removed his from hers. His wife has never been a fan of giving him a handjob.

Sanjay noticed Leroy's cock begin to grow longer and harder as Kavita began to stroke it. She had difficulty in wrapping her hand around the thick black shaft to begin with but soon found a steady rhythm. Sanjay saw Kavita rubbing the foreskin of Leroy's black cock and seemed to be trying hard to make sure that she touched every inch of the penis with each of her strokes.

The room was quiet except for the squeezing sounds that Leroy was making as he played with Kavita's small breasts and the muffling sound of Kavita's hand jerking Leroy's cock. After a few moments, Sanjay watched as Leroy moved his left hand from Kavita's breasts and began feeling down her slim body. He then eased his long black fingers underneath his wife's pink panties. A new rubbing sound then emanated in the room.

"Are you ready yet?" Sanjay asked. This was getting too much. He was unhappy at how far Leroy was going in touching his wife but he was unsure if he should stop things as this was a great opportunity for his wife to get pregnant.

The sound of Kavita's hand jerking Leroy's cock began to slow after a while and Sanjay realised that his wife's arm must be getting tired. Leroy's penis had grown substantially and now stuck out like a large black baseball bat.

"Nah not yet, man," said Leroy to Sanjay and then turning to Kavita: "Want a suck?"

Kavita had stopped rubbing Leroy's cock and just held it in her hands. Her right hand was holding her left at the wrist, indicating that her wrists were getting tired.

"No, she's never done that," Sanjay said quickly getting extremely agitated at the suggestion that his wife give this negro a blowjob. "Are you ready to cum yet or what?"

"Hmm," Leroy said. "I'm hard now but a while off cumming like this. I need more."

"What do you mean?" Sanjay said. His patience was wearing thin at how long this donation session was taking. "You need more stimulation? This is taking far too long!"

"Yeah. Just let me get in there," Leroy said gesturing towards Kavita's body "and I shouldn't be too long."

Sanjay didn't know how to respond this. Leroy was asking to penetrate his wife. The negro was supposed to have ejaculated in the beaker in the bathroom and this should have all been over in ten minutes. Instead, he had sat by whilst the negro had felt up his wife's breasts and pussy and she had jerked his cock hard.

"No," said Sanjay with a quiet voice, his throat felt very dry. "You're supposed to use the beaker and then I use the syringe."

"The syringe won't work man," Leroy cut him off loudly. "It's [referring to his sperm] got to be shot right up there if it's gonna get at them eggs."

The stress and tension that Sanjay had been feeling made his logic muddled. What Leroy was saying seemed to have some truth to it but Sanjay found himself getting angry that a negro could be thinking clearly when he couldn't. His wife was desperate for a baby - no they were both desperate for a baby. He knew Leroy was clean as he had sent through his clinic results when they had arranged the meet. Would penetration really matter if it was a one off?

"Hurry up while I'm still hard, blud [a slang term used in the UK instead of 'mate']," Leroy said loudly

"Ok, ok," said Sanjay relenting "just please be quick."

Leroy did not reply but just reached over and began tugging at Kavita's pink panties. Sanjay noticed that there was a large wet patch on the bottom of his wife's panties as Leroy began pulling them down. His wife's neatly trimmed black pubic hair triangle slowly began to reveal itself followed by her pussy. Sanjay was surprised at how open and engorged his wife's pussy looked - he had never seen it like this before.

Leroy tossed the panties to the side of the bed and then shuffled over on to the bed, kicking off his jeans and briefs in the process, so he was between Kavita's legs. Kavita instinctively lifted her legs and bent her knees to give space, spreading her pussy as a result.

Gripping his penis at the base, Leroy began to push his long black cock towards Kavita's pussy, spreading the brown pussy lips. Sanjay saw Kavita's pussy open wide to accommodate the thick shaft and noticed his wife's expression go tight as Leroy pushed into her.

Once the head of his penis was in, Leroy began slowly pulling back and then pushing forward beginning to find a rhythm. Slowly more and more of Leroy's penis began to enter into Kavita. Leroy was holding on to Kavita's ankles, helping spread her pussy as he bucked his hips pushing his rod into her mound.

Sanjay noticed that his wife was looking down the bed towards Leroy and was slightly annoyed that from her vantage point she would see his 6 pack abs and large penis. He didn't mind that Leroy's penis was bigger than his, that was just mother nature after all, but he was unhappy about the physique difference. Despite going to the gym and playing sport (cricket) Sanjay still had a slight stomach and had thought 6 packs only existed on TV.

"Damn that's nice and wet," Leroy said as he continued to push. This somewhat disturbed Sanjay as his wife was normally quite dry when they had made love.

Leroy let go of Kavita's ankles and put his hands to either side of her head on the pillow. He then proceeded to shift his weight up the bed so he was more horizontal on top of her.

From his position, Sanjay could see Leroy's large body lying face down and almost flat on the bed with the long thin light brown arms and legs of his wife visible poking out from underneath him - Kavita's arms were touching Leroy's side and her legs were wrapped slightly around Leroy's so that her feet were against the back of his kneecaps.

The noise from the bed springs increased as Leroy increased his tempo and began driving his penis into Kavita. Sanjay was concerned that Leroy may be hurting her with his weight but his wife was not making any unusual sounds to force him to stop it. Sanjay could see Leroy's penis was really deep inside his wife and remembered Leroy's comments about needing to ejaculate from deep inside to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Leroy began to grunt slightly with every thrust that he made now really starting to pound down on the bed. Sanjay noticed how his legs and body were really pressing into his wife.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum," Leroy said as he pounded down particularly aggressively and then stopped still. For a few moments the bed was still and the only sound was the heavy breathing of Leroy.

Finally, Leroy began to move and ease backwards. There was a plopping sound as he moved on to his knees and his cock exited Kavita's pussy. Leroy shuffled up from the bed and Sanjay noticed that his wife's pussy was glistening. There was a wet patch on the bed underneath her bottom and a small trail of white liquid could be seen between her bushy black folds.

"Damn," said Leroy as he began to stand by the bed. His cock was glistening.

Sanjay stood up also and quickly passed Leroy his clothes. He then moved to his wife and pulled her camisole top down to cover her breasts, he also placed a sheet over his wife's lower half, covering her genitals.

"Stay like that for a moment and I'll let Leroy out," said Sanjay as he had read somewhere that the chance of conception was increased if the sperm was kept in the body after ejaculation.

Leroy was by now fully dressed and Sanjay led him downstairs towards the entrance of the house.

"If you need me again, drop me a text or somethin'," Leroy said as he made his way to the entrance

"Thanks, but I don't think that will be necessary," Sanjay said through gritted teeth as he showed Leroy out as quickly as he could.

He was trying hard not to lose his temper with the black man with disregard to their physique difference. As far as he was concerned, Sanjay had had a plan of using a syringe and the negro had disregarded it and managed to put his penis into his wife. Sanjay couldn't help thinking racist thoughts of black people being stupid and good for nothing in not following orders. He would get this black guy back one day he thought as he slammed his door on Leroy.
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Story 44 : Insemination To My Wife

Author : bigbananaguy

Written on : 24th September, 2017

My wife Sunita and I have been married for two years. As far as I know, Sunita has never strayed although she seems to constantly get hit on. Even at 26, her 5’4″, 120lb frame and long light brown hair attracts a lot of attention. Sunita has always been an icon to her younger sister, Amita. Sunita was always the one that got the better grades, popular friends, better jobs, etc. Sunita recognizes Amita’s envy of her and tries to help her whenever she possibly can. They have kept extremely close over the years.

Amita’s desire to try and compete with her sister led her to the biggest mistake of her life, and his name is Anil. Very shortly after Sunita announced our engagement, Amita latched on to Anil. Or, maybe it was, he latched onto her. I can’t stand Anil and neither can my wife and most of her family. He has never been able to hold down a job, drinks way too much constantly reeks of cigarettes, and acts like an ass most of the time.

One thing that Sunita has that Amita doesn’t and has always been a sore subject for Amita is children. Sunita and I have been blessed with one beautiful kid, while Amita has never been able to conceive. Over the years Amita has become more and more depressed about not having children. A couple of months ago, Sunita asked if we could give Amita some money so she and Anil could see an infertility specialist. I should have said no. Why didn’t I just say no? Sunita and I don’t have a lot of money. We had enough to get them tested, but not enough money to solve whatever their problem was. I wish I had said no, but I gave in to Sunita and said yes. I opened a door for Anil to leech off of me. Little did I know at that time what exactly that meant.

After spending most of what little available savings we have on infertility tests it came back that Anil was more than fertile, but Amita was not. Believe it or not, Anil actually took pride in the fact that “his boys could do the job.” That just made Amita’s state of mind worse. She seemed to cry constantly. Sunita seemed at a loss on what to do to console her.

One night, Sunita came to me with a question. She stuttered and stammered and then asked me what I thought about her acting as a surrogate for Amita. I was annoyed. “Who’s gonna pay for that?” I asked. Sunita reminded me that our health insurance covered pregnancy. “That’s not what I’m talking about,” I responded sternly. “Who’s going to pay the thousands of dollars it would cost for the artificial insemination?” I almost fainted at Sunita’s response.

“There wouldn’t be an artificial insemination. None of us can afford something like that. Amita wants Anil to impregnate me with a baby for them”, She said.

I was stunned. “You want to fuck ANIL?” I yelled.
“No, I don’t WANT to have sex with anyone. I just don’t know what to do with Amita. She asked me and I said I would ask you. Just forget I said anything.” Sunita replied.

I couldn’t forget though. I never seriously considered Sunita fucking another man. Now there were constant visions of my creepy brother-in-law’s cock spraying my wife’s womb with his seed. My daydreaming became more and more vivid and somehow became sexually stimulating. I found myself with a constant erection. While making love to Sunita, I found myself visualizing another man on top of her with his cock pounding away. As my sperm flowed into her body, my thoughts betrayed me with visions of Anil impregnating Sunita. Then, one day after a period of arousal while thinking about Sunita and Anil, she caught me at the wrong time by casually mentioning Amita’s depressed state. I know that bad things happen when you speak before you think. However, at that moment, I wasn’t thinking. My blood must have been pooled in my cock rather than my brain.

“If it would make things better, you can make a baby for Amita.”
Who in the hell said that? Did I just say that? What the fuck had come over me? I found myself hoping, in that flash of an instant, that Sunita would give me a way to back out. But, It didn’t happen. Sunita grabbed me, hugged me, and swore that it wouldn’t cause any problems between us.

Eventually, plans were made for the conception. In the week leading up to my wife’s infidelity, we made love every night. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one aroused at the thought of Sunita giving herself up to another man. Each night, her pussy was absolutely soaked. Each night as I licked up her sweet juices, I counted down the days until the most precious part of Sunita would be revealed to Anil.

Anil and Amita arrived at our house on that fateful Saturday night. Our kids were at Sunita’s mother’s house, so we had the house to ourselves. Sunita was quiet. Amita also was very quiet but didn’t seem unhappy about her husband getting ready to fuck my wife. Anil, on the other hand, was his usual ass of himself by making a rude comment after rude comment about the act that was about to take place. Naturally, he was ready to consummate the deed the minute he walked in the door. I couldn’t blame him for that. Sunita is much better looking that Amita, who is heavy set and plain. I suggested that maybe we all have a couple of stiff drinks to break the tension and that was readily agreed to by all.

Finally, after a half hour and a couple of drinks for everyone, Anil decided it was time. He stood up and held out his hand to Sunita. “Come on.” Was all he said. Sunita stood up and looked at me. I simply nodded once in approval. Anil didn’t seek any approval from Amita as Sunita placed her hand in his. I watched in disbelief as my wife slowly walked down the hall with her stud, hand in hand, and disappeared into our bedroom. The bedroom door banging shut sent a wave of repulsion into the deepest recesses of my gut. This was the feeling I should have had all along. How could I have stopped, though? After all, Amita was sitting across from me hoping that the filthy action about to take place would deliver her the baby she had dreamed about for years.

I hadn’t prepared myself for the waiting. I think I assumed it would be a two-minute ‘wham……. Bam……. thank you ma’am’ episode. Amita and I sat there quietly sipping our drinks and watching the time pass. It had been fifteen minutes. Wasn’t Anil done yet? Shouldn’t Sunita be coming out of our room full of his seed by now? It struck me that they could have used our guest room. Sunita shouldn’t be in our marital bed with Anil’s cock inside her. It was too late for those thoughts, though. As my mind delved deeper and deeper into imagining their intertwined bodies, I realized my cock was straining to escape my pants. The silence between Amita and I was deafening until those all too familiar sounds came from down the hall…..AHA…..AHA…..AHA……AHA. It was Sunita in the throes of an orgasm.

I looked at Amita. “Anil can go for a long time sometimes after he’s had a few drinks.” She smiled and said.

What the fuck, I thought? I never contemplated Sunita receiving enjoyment from this lewd partnership. Amita let me pump her husband full of alcohol, and now he was using my gratuity, and my bed, to pump my wife into an orgasm. Amita and I were treated to even more lovemaking sounds. Only, this time we could hear both of them moaning. Amita began to squirm in her seat. The mischievous sounds emanating from my bed must have been arousing her as well. A half hour had now passed and Sunita and Anil were still going at it. The frequency and volume of their mutual pleasure increased steadily. Finally, we heard Anil yell out. “Oh, Sunita here it cums. You’re about to be fucking pregnant!” Amita and I stared quietly at each other as behind closed doors her husband poured his virile sperm into my wife.

My cock begged for relief as we waited for them to come out. Minutes passed, but they didn’t appear. I watched intently for our bedroom door to open and my wife to appear, but instead, I was hit with the sound of Sunita’s voice. “Oh gawd, Anil.”
I looked at Amita.

“They must be doing it again.” She said seemingly indifferent.
I just shook my head in disbelief at what was happening in my own home.

This time, another hour passed as Amita and I quietly sat there waiting for the two lovers to disengage. My cock was aching. Several times I even thought about throwing Amita down on the floor and fucking her as we waited, but I was strangely drawn to listening to what was going on in the bedroom. Their lovemaking was much louder this time. I watched Amita squirm to the sounds of her husband’s moans of pleasure he was receiving from my wife’s silky vagina. I continuously re-adjusted the front of my pants as Sunita screamed out the effects of another man’s cock mercilessly coercing her body into waves of tremors. Once and for all both of them screamed out simultaneously and it was over.

After a few minutes, Anil appeared from our bedroom by himself. Carrying his clothes, he was half naked. He was wearing only his loose underpants. His flaccid cock, almost visible inside his loose underpants swung triumphantly from side to side in front of his ball sack. A simple thank you from him would have been nice after loaning him my wife’s body, but he simply ignored me. He put on his pants and spoke directly to Amita. “Come on sona. Maybe there’s a little left here for you too.” With that, she stood up and they walked out the door.

I slowly made the long walk down the hall to our bedroom. Awkwardly, I looked into the room unsure of what I might see. What came into focus was exactly what my mind had envisioned. The bed covers were bunched up at the foot of the bed. Sunita’s sari and blouse were strewn about the floor. She lay half-naked on her back. Her petticoat was rolled up to her waist. Her hair was a mess and she looked exhausted. Wet spots on the sheets provided visual evidence of their encounter. Within the dense musky smell that permeated the room, my nose could detect faint wisps of her scent.

It was that familiar scent that had always drawn me to her. I could never resist that scent. Once again it tugged at me. I got out of my clothes as quickly as I could and took me a place next to her. As I did so, Sunita stared at my erection.

I felt the heat radiating from her body that contrasted with the cold wet spots I now lay upon. I kissed Sunita. I could taste cigarettes in her mouth. I hadn’t thought before about Anil and Sunita actually kissing. My rock hard cock twitched with desire. I kissed my way down her neck to her breasts. All along the way, my senses were inundated by the powerful remains of the presence of another man. My heart was trying to pound its way out of my chest. I wanted to taste her sweet pussy nectar. I always eat her pussy when we make love. Sunita spread her legs. She wanted my face between her thighs. She seemed not to care that Anil had just been between those same soft thighs. I moved around and took my place. As I did so, a trail of Anil’s sperm appeared between her labia. It slowly flowed out of Sunita and pooled on the sheets. The pungent aroma of sperm stopped me dead in my tracks. I couldn’t eat her this way. I wasn’t prepared for this.

Instead, I moved up and placed my cock at her entrance and hurriedly pushed inside. I was immediately taken back by the unusual looseness from her vagina having already been penetrated. That, plus the intense heat and overwhelming wetness was too much to take. My body immediately convulsed. My cock began sending sperm into her body in an effort to compete with that of her mate. It didn’t matter that she was probably already pregnant with his baby. Over and over again I pushed my cock as far inside her as I possibly could to try and take back what was once the only mine. My brain, overwhelmed by the turmoil of the day, went blank. My cock began shrinking and was involuntarily squeezed out of Sunita by her vaginal muscles. I lay there nearly unconscious until Sunita’s voice brought me out of my fog.

“Honey, Anil wants to keep doing this every day until we are sure that I am pregnant.”

I should have said no. Why in the hell didn’t I just say no?

She had many more sessions with Anil, meanwhile, I got a chance to fuck Anitha.

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Story 45 : Breeding Problem Resolved By Family

Written on : Around 2016 or 2017

I want to share this true story in my life Which happened with me and I loved it. The whole episode is so clear and exciting to me today as it was six years back when all these started.

It was the third year of our marriage. My name is Sarina was married to Kuldev three years back. His younger brother Surdev got married after one year of our marriage to Nayna. Nayna was a nice girl but Kul always says I am the hotter. Anyway Nayna gave birth to a nice boy after a year of marriage -that’s when all started.

I was a good figure girl 5ft 6 with 34D breast and nice proportionate buttock. Also no fat on my tummy so could enjoy a lot of stare whenever going out in the shops or party. Kul also had a nice figure slightly taller and we had a nice sex life. Kul had no inhibitions so we used to fuck in many positions and in places like bus train even once he fingerfucked me to orgasm in taxi. By our third year of marriage we even started to have anal sex. Initially Kul wanted to try but after one two times I also got hooked up and at least once in a month I needed him to fuck me in my ass.

His brother Sur was two years younger then Kul but a bit heavy built not fat. He was a bit taller and very muscular as he used to do gym etc and worked in five hours away from Mumbai our place and lived there.

We have been trying for child since our marriage but somehow nothing happening means Kul never wore a condom so I always got the feeling of his lund skin touching my pussy inside and always got him cumming inside me. I liked the feel of him cumming inside my pussy. The cum juice hitting my pussy in pissss pissss throbbing way always makes me very happy. Only he used condom when he fucked me in the anus.

After Nayna gave birth to their sweet little son nilesh we suddenly became very serious to get a child soon. I told Kul to go to doctor for my checkup. We went to a clinic and they referred me to a somewhat famous but younger looking male doctor. He told me to remove my clothes then put my legs up spread wide on the gynea table then inserted some tool in to check inside my vagina. Also, he put his fingers inside and made lots of movement making me almost cumming. My juices started to make noise by his hand movement when he said all done and gave the verdict that I am fully healthy. That is when first time someone touched my pussy and put his finger inside other than Kul and I got very horny . I shared this at night to Kul and he also got hot and excited then he gave me a good chodon (fuck).

Now when we were thinking what might be the issue then Kul said that he will also check for his side. I did not agree said, “what can be the wrong Kul?” But he insisted and went for the check. After few days result came and it was very low sperm count. We could not believe it. When he cums it will be a lot sometimes cum used to overflow from my pussy and trickle down to my anus. I told him to go to another doctor and same result.

We then talked to the doctor and he proposed two solutions. One we continue trying and someday maybe it will be successful. Otherwise, someone else’s sperm will have to be injected in me artificially. Expensive but possible.

Now Kul and Me both opposed to someone else’s sperm injection. So we both decided we will keep trying.

Months passed then one day Kul and I again thought of my checkup with doctor and got very hot by thinking someone giving me a chodon which we got again so excited and had good sex. Kul was not too big about 6inch but was good for me. Sometime I needed a bit more but Kul used to do something like fingering or licking my pussy etc to get me orgasm. On that night after our sex we were talking when shamita didi Called and said “she is coming for a visit tomorrow". Shamita didi is Kul's elder sister but she was like their mother in age and in deeds as they all lost mother soon after Shamita didi got married so she had looked after them for whole life. She lived not far.

Shamita Didi knows about our problem as we informed everything to her. Next day she came morning after Kul went to office and said she wants to propose something if all of us agree. I said “didi nobody will disagree you ” and nobody in this family did. She said she knows the solution and its injection of sperm but not someone outside but someone our own. She said its Sur she is proposing to give the sperm. But she did not like the injection by doctor but to inject directly in my pundi (pussy). I never looked at Sur in this way so suddenly felt very shy and slightly became red with hot flush. I said didi what you saying is Sur fucks me and cums inside me, that’s impossible. Didi said no he simply needs to do it by hand before cumming needs to insert his Lund in me and inject his cum inside my Pundi. He does not need to even sleep with me in the same bed. Just inject the sperm and go. Need to do it at least three nights a month during my ovulation time. Just think like a treatment in hospital. There also someone will ejaculate in a bottle and that will be injected in you. Here Sur will do it for you all direct. Didi said “I will never tell you to have sex with Sur. also I will kill him if he does anything wrong.”

I said still what Kul will say even I agree and what Sur will say? She said leave all to me you just need to agree from your side. I said if all of you agree I have no problem because I am desperate for a child and since Sur already has one son so his sperm should be ok. Then she said many benefits of it like no disease and the child will look like family. Also the child we will know one of ours so will be loved etc. the whole day.

When Kul came home Didi took him to a room and after one hour they both came out and Didi smiled at me and left. Kul came to me and asked what I think. I said Kul I love you and your family most so if you all agree I have no problem but most important you have to agree fully and no bad feelings or I will never do it. He kept quiet.

Then at night when we went to sleep naked I saw his lund was very hard already so I asked what happened how did he got so excited? He said he will tell me if I don’t get angry. I said Na re baba tell. He said “since that doctor check up of her pundi which he liked and now he somehow got very excited when he heard Sur is going to insert his Lund in me and cum in my pundi.” He did not feel bad at all rather he is happy for the solution also got very hard by thinking of someone kind of putting Lund in my pundi even if it is not full chodon. After listening from his mouth like that I also got so horny that night that I got him fuck my pundi and my ass both one after another and had three orgasms.

After fucking my both hole and cumming in my ass he rolled off me and lay down looking at me. He said, “whatever you do promise me you will later tell me all details and we will then enjoy ourselves.” He said, “you will have to arrange all with Sur and he cannot discuss this with Sur neither Sur will know that he knows about this thing.” For Sur, it’s a secret among you Didi and him. Also, Nayna should never know. I thought that makes sense and Didi must have arranged all this way. Kul said he will arrange his business trip around those fertile time for three days so that Sur can come and stay without his presence. I agreed.

After a week Didi told me to call Sur and discuss all as she already told him what to do and he agreed. I called Sur one day in his office and told him to come and visit us next week when I know Kul will be out of this city for a day. So Sur came. He told Nayna that he had some business and will stay over at our house. This was common so Nayna never thought anything.

After we had dinner We were feeling very shy. For the first time, I looked at Sur in a different way. He was definitely big body and nice features than Kul. I felt little hot and could feel my pussy getting wet and nipples getting hard. He looked very worried. Then after tea and little chit chat I told him what he things of Didi’s recent proposal. He said does Kul know. I said ” No, not at all?” Then he said if Kul does not know and Kul is not around then it’s ok he can do it but does not know how as he does not want to do something where I will feel bad. Also he told me to promise to never tell Kul. I told him not to worry and it will be ok. Then I told him Kul will be away next week for three days and that is my fertile time- can he stay that three nights here? He agreed and then slept in our guest room and left in the morning.

Next day Kul came and I told him all and we again got very hot- had sex in both pussy and ass that night also.

Next week I shaved nicely my pussy and put on little make up etc to look nice for Sur. Sur came and he was giving me few glances I understood he is happy with my look. Then after dinner I asked him is he ready and he said yes he is. Then I told him I will go to bed lights off under the bedsheet. Then he should come and go under same bed sheet. Then he can do his thing by hand and when it’s ready he should come on top of me and put his thing in my thing to inject sperm. I could not say words like Lund and pundi as I was feeling very shy with him .

So I went to my room switched off lights removed my skirt and panty and went under bed. I had my tops on as I was shy to become full naked. After few min he came and same removed his pants and underwear and came under same sheet. I could feel he was moving his hand on his Lund and I was getting so wet and horny my pussy started leaking juice. I slowly also started touching my pussy lips and clits and was feeling good. But after long time when he did not come on me I asked what happened? He said he is not getting erection now due to worry may be. After sometime he stopped and said not working. I said not to worry go to sleep and will try in the morning before he goes to office if possible. I did not tell him to go to another bed. Then we went to sleep with keeping some distance.

Morning I woke up due to some movement and slightly opened my eyes and saw him again moving hand under bed but he has lifted his head halfway and looking at my pussy. Night time the sheet moved and exposed my pussy. I saw he has now lust in his eyes and looking very eagerly at my pussy. My pussy also started to get wet. I felt naughty and excited so I did not cover rather spread my legs slowly more for him to see. Then after few min he lay down and slowly pushed me telling Bhabi wake up I can now give the sperm.

I acted like just woke up and said ok Sur give me then keeping my pussy still exposed. So he came on top between my spread legs and pressed his Lund on the pussy hole and that time I saw his Lund. Oh my god his one was at least 8 inches long and more thick then Kuls one. He pressed it in and it went very tight and I could feel every bit of my pussy was stretched. Then he gave eight nine very fast Chodon in out of my pundi and started cumming by pressing his Lund in me up to my womb hard saying oooooooooh ooooooh aaaah and he was looking so happy. I felt his fluid hitting my womb like kirrrich kirrrich kirrrich and I also had a small orgasm same time when I felt all these but due to shyness I did not make any noise. He kept the Lund in my pussy for sometime still holding my legs spread -we both enjoying the feeling I guess.

Then he rolled off and lay down beside me.

We both covered by pulling over sheet as started again feeling shy. I asked him how did he managed to do it now? He said please don’t mind. I said no don’t worry. He said Bhabhi I woke up and saw your pussy. Nayna always have hair so when I saw your bald pussy I got very excited. He said Bhabi your pussy is very beautiful quite thick muscle and nice shape also he said your pundi hole is very tight. The dirty word pundi used by him felt very normal now. I thought because his one big so felt tight.

But He said after two years he got so tight pundi. Nayna before the child born was tight but after the child her pundi has become loose and even they have gone to doctor because of that but no cure. So he loved her tight new pundi feeling again.

After that We both that day got up went to our jobs. But I kept of thinking the feeling of his Lund going inside my pundi and the chodon he gave me. I wanted more like a full chodon. My pussy was pulsating and leaking by thinking that. In the afternoon Kul called and I told him all. When telling I could not control but started fingering slowly. Then Kul said oh Sari I am so hot I am masterbating tell me more oh so exciting I feel like give a good chodon to you. Then he said oh sari oh sari I am cumming and I also came fingering my pundi and told him. When we both calmed down he told me Sari do anything with Sur you like I don’t mind. I then started thinking of many naughty things with Sur.

Evening when Sur came he talked to Nayna and also Nayna talked to me said thanks for looking after Sur during his business. I just quietly laughed. So after dinner when the time came I again went to bed same naked at the bottom and Sur also came to bed with no pyjamas then started stroking his cock. But again taking long and he said not happening. Then I said me be we should help each other a bit to get excited. “Can I do this hand motion for you?” I asked. He said yes Bhabhi that may work if you don’t mind. I told him also you can touch my pundi and finger my hole to keep me wet. Then I took over his Lund. Oh what a feeling of his large and thick Lund in my hand. First time I touched a Lund other than Kul. The feeling was completely different. I could not fully grab it was so thick. I started to give handjob and he started to finger my slit slowly and grab my pundi ,massage my pundi. His large hand on my pussy felt sooooo goooood. Suddenly he came in my hand I could hear pissss pisssss pissss noise of cum releasing and hitting my hand. He said oh oh oh sorry bhabhi could not control oh sorry oh sorry I got so excited by feel of your hand. I am very sorry. After you married Kul I sometime had fantasy about you as you are so hot so over excitement may be the cause. I said don’t worry it’s fine and cleaned my hand.

Then after sometime I told him Sur I think we should do it properly to get the sperm proper and right place every time. He did not understand first was lying sideways looking at me. Then first time I kissed him on mouth and started eating his lips. He fully understood now. I then got up switched on the bed lamp and removed my top exposing my breast to him. He also removed his top. We both hugged each other passionately. It was so nice feeling his big body with me. This was like dream come true of may be because I was kind of wanted this. We kissed for some time and then I started to grab his big ass and he grabbed my ass strongly and kept on kissing. The he brought his hand to my boobs and started pressing took my nipple and started pinching. He said”your boobs are still so nice size and shape!”. I knew Nayna’s tits are small. His Lund was by then again hard and I grabbed it and got that feeling of big and thick Lund. Started to move my hand up down on his Lund. Also grabbed his big balls and massaged the sack. Then he could control no more and came on top of me.

I brought my leg up and spread my legs more. He looked at my pussy and spread the pussy lips with both hands to explore more then rubbed his Lund on my slit sometimes with dripping juice himself then slowly entered my pussy with care. Oooh soooo gooood soooo goooood I started making humming noise. My pussy was filled to the full and I was feeling like stretched my pussy walls. Then he started the chodon. Initially slowly then faster. His Lund was hitting my womb every time. This was a different feeling Kul could do it sometime but this Lund was just beyond my anytime fuck with Kul. His chodon was also hard thopp thopp thopp and he started sucking my nipples while continue his chodon also lots of noises like oooooh aaaah mere payare bhabhiiiii ooooooh. I could not hold my orgasm and came in full force with sound eeeeeeeeeh so good so good oooooommm. I was not feeling shy any more making noise. But he continued his thoppp thoppp sucking boobs then thopppp thopp sucking. I grabbed his big ass and started pulling him hard to me.

I was telling Oooh soooo gooood suuur sooo goood fuck me please fuck me hard fuck my pundi. Our whole cot was squeaking like it will break. His each thoppp was so pleasing I thought it should never stop. I started lifting my ass and meeting his thrust. My last cum juices was flowing out and getting squeezed between our Lund and pundi and was making some splash noise. So it was thopp splash thopp splash. My pundi was on fire now and my whole body started jerking. Then after about ten min in a bliss of happy dream he gave few very hard push almost going inside my womb he released the cum saying ooooooh aaaah oooooooh bhabhieeee I love you , I am cumming in your pundi, I am giving you sperm for you to have child, take it bhabhiii, take my sperm oooooooh. I also came second time with a oooooooooooh suuuur I love you too , yes yes give me your cum, give me your sperm aaaaaaah and grabbed him hard to my body kissed him on his mouth started eating his toungue . I kept on shaking even after a min and was pissing out my love juices with his cum like pissss pissss. My pundi was throbbing around his Lund. I really felt like I am pissing with every jerk of my body. I was in heaven. It was the best sex should I say more better than even the first night sex I had with Kul.

I was lifeless and completely lost in the bliss of my orgasm. Then both of us just slept like baby after he rolled over. We again had a blasting sex in the morning and I came another three times. My bedsheet needed change because of so much of his cum and my pussy juice fell on it. We both started to feel like we just got married. Could not keep our eyes and hands off each other. We both stayed naked whole time. He kept caressing my boobs pussy and ass whenever I am nearby. I also used to touch his Lund. We took shower together and even in shower he gave me a good fuck. In shower he also licked my pussy and I sucked his cock first time. He just did not want to go to office but had to go.

When I told all to Kul he just masturbated himself to oblivion. He said he could fuck me like mad if he was there.

Third night when he came and I opened the door for him he just grabbed me and I also hugged him. He started kissing me on my mouth in full and started to suck each other’s tongue. After don’t know how long he started to remove dresses fast and said bhabhi I need you now can’t wait. The whole day I was thinking of this moment. I said me too and both of us became naked. He immediately started to suck my nipples like a baby and I held his head tight to mi boobs. I also started playing with his Lund. It was hard and fully standing. He just put me on the nearby sofa other way and inserted his Lund in my pundi from behind. Again he fucked with so vigorously I thought sofa will break. Both of us came together with loud noise. After we calm down and had dinner we started again in bedroom and by the end of third day my pundi was feeling sore from his so much fucking.

And after three days when Kul came back he fucked me like a doll in every position. My pundi was so much fucked by now that I felt like a virgin being fucked by two men continuously. It became so sore that two days I could not have any sex next. Our sex life just became so hot and horny. Kul used to insist I tell him again and again the experience during fucking.

This routines continued even increased to five fertile days a month with Didis suggestion because nothing was happening. Me and Kul both were looking forward to sex with Sur. Me and Sur did every position sex and in every place at home in those five days a month we got. I even introduced him to anal sex and he was over the moon because Nayna never let him do it. So when first time he spread my butt chicks in doggy position and pushed his Lund in my asshole he said he was feeling so great he will never stop doing that. I of course felt a bit pain first time as his one was big but it felt good also. He became hooked to anal sex and used to do once or twice during those five days. He told me later that he even persuaded Nayna and introduced to anal sex because he could not stay away from it long. He now licks my pundi and I suck his lund in 69 many times to give each other pleasure. His favourite chodon is just when he is leaving he will take his Lund out through zipper and fuck my brains out doggy style on the floor just in front of door then cum inside my pundi and leave me oozing cum from my pussy dripping on the floor. He likes to take that sight in his mind before he leaves.

I loved the chodon by two brothers. They both kind of loved me in a different way so the chodon was kind of love making than just fuck. Although brothers but their chodon styles are different. Kul kisses little then moves to boob sucking but sur will do lot of kissing toungue sucking before moving to boobs. When Kul sucks boobs he will hold them press them and suck them but Sur will put his hand behind me on my ass then suck my nipple and caress my ass same time. Even pussy licking Kul will suck the pussy a lot but sur will do lot of licking. Hi likes licking my slit and clit more than sucking. Chodon style also not same. Most times Kul will finish fucking in one style but sur will start missionary then always finish by fucking me from behind. He says he likes to see the butt and butthole before cumming. Sur says he even does this with Nayna.

Even ass fucking Kul will give a fast fuck but sur will take it slow. His lund is too tight in my ass so it’s of course better he does it very slow. Sur will take long time cumming in my ass and also he will keep his Lund for sometime after cumming because he says he gets a nice feeling for sometime keeping his Lund in my ass after that. Kul makes small noises but Sur is like oooooooh aaaaah bhabhiiiii fuck fuck oooooh my bhabhiiiii -keeps on making all these noises loudly and with him I also used to make oooooh devarjiiiii ( brother in law), suuuuur chodo mereko ( me) , mereko thanda koro (cool down), Mera pundi Chir do (destroy) and it will be a noisy love making. So altogether I was enjoying my life by getting fucked by two lovely men.

After about six months I became pregnant. Although happy but disappointed that no excuse to fuck with Sur again. I will miss that thick long Lund and the experience. Even Kul got disappointed by thinking that. Then he said why don’t you tell Sur to see you when I am away time to time to continue the chodon with him. Just don’t tell Didi about it. He will be happy for sur to continue fuck me. He also now bought a dildo and fuck me in two holes thinking of two person fucking me which he used to get very horny. He also fitted one hidden camera and watches the fuck with sur and loves it. Kul also recently started whenever possible I should keep sur’s cum inside pussy and he will fuck that cum filled pussy. He says he loves the feeling of Sur’s cum touching his Lund when fucking. It was a nice arrangement. Sur gets excited to fuck me because he thinks he is making love to his sexy bhabhi in secret. Kul gets horny because of our fantasy about getting fucked by another person. On many occasions I even fucked sur when Kul was home. Because it’s normal for sur to come and stay even when Kul is in. So at night I will (for sur secretly but Kul of course knows) go to his room and get a quick fuck without any noise then come back to Kul and get fucked in that cum filled pussy. My pussy was not getting much rest now a days.

So now even after my child was born by Caesarian I continued time to time fucking with Sur whenever he is around this town. He still gives me a good chodon and makes me cum at least two or three times. Didi does not know we are still fucking. Kul still fucks me hard when I tell him all details about the fuck with Sur. Sur still does not know that Kul knows all about it. He thinks it’s our secret. Nayna still does not know anything. Nobody is surprised that baby looked a bit like Sur because he is family. And I am so happy getting fucked by two loving persons and getting so beautiful child. My only dream now when can I get them in bed together and get fucked properly in my both holes.

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Story 46 : Trapped on an Island with Mother

It was the early 1900's and sea travel was dangerous and reserved for the wealthiest individuals, business trade, or the very brave. Danger came in many forms, not the least of which was the unpredictable weather. Reporting of weather was crude or nonexistent and there was rarely any warning when tropical storms formed.

The Tern Schooner, Pacific Trader, had been thrashed for hours by the extreme waves brought on by a deadly typhoon. No one had predicted the storm before the ship left the port of San Francisco ten days earlier. So large and fierce was the storm that even if the captain had received a telegraph it would have been too late for the doomed ship, crew, and its three civilian passengers. The Pacific Trader was a thousand miles from the nearest deep water port, sailing on the wide open Pacific Ocean, headed for the Philippine Islands. While it was a fast vessel, it was no match for the huge and fast moving storm.

Anil, his wife, Sapna, and their son, Aryan, were preparing to undress for the night when they began to hear screams of terror from the main deck outside their cabin. Peering out into the black night Anil saw a flash of lightning which highlighted a giant wave thundering onto the deck. The brief moment of light enabled him to witness the crew struggling hopelessly to free lifeboats. Then another flash of light and another wave crashed across the deck. One moment the crew was there and the next the deck was a mass of turbulent water washing away the six poor souls.

Anil rushed his family onto the deck in a desperate attempt to find a life boat, but they had all been ripped from their moorings and torn to shreds by the angry sea. Seconds later Anil and his family were clinging to the railing for their lives. Salt water stung their skin as the hurricane force winds whipped the salty spray across the deck. Chairs, ship parts, deck equipment, and anything not tied down thrashed too and fro on the swaying deck. Loud crashes echoed from stem to stern of the doomed vessel.

Suddenly a giant lookout tower snapped and crashed just feet from the three desperate family members. Anil screamed for his wife to jump into the water. Sapna grabbed Aryan and they jumped over the side, plunging into the dark, churning water and quickly sinking under the thirty foot waves. Mother and son clung together as they somehow pulled themselves to the surface. Now they were above the swirling waves and saw Anil jump over the side and disappear into the murky water as they had done moments earlier.

After a few tense moments Anil surfaced and swam to them, helping Sapna and Aryan onto a large plank of wood torn from the rapidly submerging ship. Seconds later the ship moaned like a beached whale and then snapped into two pieces. A loud groan screeched above the screaming wind and thundering sea and suddenly most of the ship disappeared under the breaking waves.

The three survivors clung to each other for their lives as the storm tossed their makeshift raft without mercy. Hours passed as the three lay on their stomach gripping pieces of rope tied to the wood beneath them as the storm raged into the night. Near dawn the sea suddenly lost it's fury, the rain ceased, and wind abated. Somehow the family had survived the night.

When dawn finally arrived the sun was shining brightly and a gentle breeze belied what had happened hours before. On the surface lay what remained of the once proud Pacific Trader. Pieces of the ship, equipment, and personal remains of the crew floated on the now tranquil sea. Anil, Sapna, and Aryan were the only survivors.

Just before dawn, as the storm had begun to ease, the three had fallen into a deep sleep. Sapna was the first to awaken. When she opened her eyes she thought it had been a terrible dream, but the sound of waves lapping at the raft quickly reminded her that it was only too real. She shook Anil and he opened his eyes and briefly smiled before he too realized what he thought was a nightmare was in fact true.

The two stared out at the vast ocean and could see the debris of the ship they had been aboard just hours earlier. Despair overcame them as violently as the storm that had overcome the ship. With nothing but the tattered clothes on their backs they were doomed to die of thirst or be eaten by sharks.

A few minutes later Aryan awaken and sat up, rubbing his eyes. When he saw the fear on his mother and father's face he knew something was seriously wrong. "What happened?" he asked. Looking around he could see nothing but ocean. His eyes grew wide with fright and he said, "Are we going to die?"

Sapna reached to comfort him. "It will be okay. They will be searching for us. There are lots of ships in this area and we will be rescued soon."

Unfortunately the odds were against them ever being found. They were the only civilian passengers on the ship and, while the company would certainly search for them, there were thousands and thousands of square miles to search. The storm had pushed them hundreds of miles from their original route and now they were a thousand miles from the nearest inhabited land in an area known as a graveyard for wayward ships. Dozens of ships had been lost in this area over the decades and none had ever been found.

Anil cleared his throat so that Sapna would look over at him. She saw him nodding for her to look down. She almost gasped when she realized that her shirt had been torn to shreds and her breasts were totally exposed. She tried to pull her jacket closed but it was in tatters as well. She looked at Anil and he shrugged. Her face turned red and she covered her exposed breasts with her arms.

The three of them floated aimless on the wayward currents for several days, without food, water, or the ability to catch fish. Sapna, a modest woman, was mortified that she could not properly cover herself, not to mention the embarrassment of having to perform bodily function just feet away from not only her husband but also her son.

On the fifth morning, Anil shook Sapna to awaken her. "Look, look, is that land?" he asked excitedly, hoping it was not another mirage. They had begun to hallucinate from dehydration and believed they had seen land on numerous occasions.

"It looks like it," Sapna answered, "But we have been mistaken before."

"No, no, I think it really is land this time."

Sapna began to feel excitement building. She woke Aryan. "Look, Aryan, it's land."

The small dot appeared to be several miles away. Excitedly Anil pulled a piece of wood from their small raft and began to paddle frantically. When he grew tired, Aryan took over. As the land grew closer and closer they grew more excited. It took several long hours of fighting the outgoing tide and the treacherous currents before they eventually reached the island. Exhausted the three of them pulled themselves through the waist deep water and onto the beach before collapsing. They lay on their backs in the sand, gasping for breath, their hearts pounding, feeling exhausted but grateful to be alive.

"We made it," Sapna exclaimed when she had caught enough breath to speak.

"I wouldn't get too excited yet," Anil cautioned as he pulled himself to his feet. "We are a thousand miles from nowhere and it is unlikely that this is an inhabited island."

"But there should be food and water here, right?"

Always the practical one, Anil said, "I hope so. We need to find some fresh water quickly."

They were extremely thirsty and hungry and the sun had toasted every exposed body part, but other than a few bruises they were okay.

Anil said to Sapna, "You and Aryan get out of the sun and I will see what I can find."

Anil searched for only a few minutes before he found a fresh water spring not far from shore. He realized that this would be a good place for them to make a camp while he checked out the island and found them something to eat. The spring was surrounded by a stand of trees and would provide a modicum of protection from the elements. He hurried back to Sapna and Aryan to tell them the good news.

After they were settled Anil explored the island for hours, making his way to the highest point. There he could survey the entire island. It was small, maybe three miles in length and about as wide, and he could see from one end to the other. He could see birds flying and small animals scurrying around in the forest. Although small, the island appeared to have enough wildlife and vegetation for them to survive for some time. Then he saw something on the rocks near the northern most point of the island. It appeared to be debris of some kind. He tried not to get too excited as he made his way down the slope and to the shore. When he was close he realized with growing excitement that it was debris from the ship. In fact an entire section of the ship was perched precariously on the wave beaten rocks.

Amazingly he found a suitcase of clothes belonging to Sapna. It wasn't all of her clothes by any means and most of it was not appropriate for their environment, but it was far better than nothing. He also found various utensils for eating and cooking. They could use what was left of the ship to build a shelter. He knew he had to hurry and strip the remains of the ship before the tide carried the most valuable things away.

Over the next several days Anil found enough material to make a crude tree house in which they could live for the time being. He would have rather built something on the ground, but he didn't know if there were dangerous animals on the island and wasn't going to take a chance of being prey to a prowling cat. He used wood and other furnishings from the ship until it ran out. Then he constructed the rest with branches and vines from the island. Over time he added comforts to the house including a means to transport water from the pond up to the house with a lever system. Sapna used fabric from sails to create curtains to give them some privacy and a bit of protection from the elements.

The house was rustic but nice considering their environment and the lack of tools.

Anil's ability to build came naturally. Although he worked for an import/export company, his family had been carpenters and builders and he was an engineer by trade.

After several weeks they had established a routine of sorts. Anil and Aryan would gather fruit and editable plants as well as catch small fish with nets and crude spears. Sapna made their meager surroundings as pleasant as possible with the limited materials she had found on the ship. She was not a great cook, but she knew enough to put together fairly nutritional meals with fruits and plants provided by Anil. Fortunately the weather was great and vegetation seemed plentiful. The island was beautiful and if they had not been stranded it would have seemed like a South Seas island vacation.

While Sapna was happy to be alive and happy for the rustic and crude surroundings provided by Anil, she couldn't imagine living like this for months or even years. She had never been the outdoors type. Her family was well off and had been able to send her to the best private schools. She married young, and had given birth to Aryan when she was only eighteen. Anil was a good bit older then she was and had turned forty the year they were married. Because Anil worked for an import/export company, they had lived all over the world; some nice places, and some not so nice. At times she lived in places where she didn't speak a single word of the language. However, she was a dutiful wife and followed her husband wherever he went, never living in one place for more than a couple of years.

Nomad life had been hard on her, but she knew it was even harder on Aryan. They had the money to send him to the best private schools, or even a boarding school, but because they were rarely in one place for more than a year or two, she had taken him with them and had home schooled him. It was the best solution, she believed, under difficult circumstances. As a result Aryan went through his school years without ever experiencing the benefits of socialization that most kids received in public or even private schools. He never had a chance to date, pal around with friends, or even experience the life lessons learned from the mischief kids inevitably got into. More importantly he had missed the dating and courting process that schools facilitated and he had no opportunity to associate with kids his own age. It was something Sapna regretted now.

Anil spent his days forging for food and fishing. Sapna and Aryan were together much of the day and, while they were already closer than the typical mother and son, they grew even closer. Sapna had tried to avoid being over protective but worried that Aryan' lack of social interaction, due to home schooling, would be a major issue if they were rescued. Aryan, at eighteen, was more immature than his age would suggest.
She had seen Aryan begin to grow and mature while they were in San Francisco. Sapna was growing comfortable there and had hoped that it was their last move. But, unfortunately, the Asian branch of Anil's business had begun to suffer under poor management. Anil knew they needed to take swift action if it was to survive. Sapna hated moving again, and all the grief that came with it, but ultimately agreed that it was critical to the business. Aryan wasn't wild about moving either but he begrudgingly agreed, with the promise that they would send him back to live with relatives in the States if he didn't like it. So the family packed their possessions and hitched a ride on a company cargo ship bound for the Philippine Islands.

Sapna had considered staying in the States with Aryan until Anil returned, but her family were traditionalists and all of her life she was told that a wife obeyed her husband and did as he asked; it was for the good of the family. More importantly she worried about the impact of separating him from his father. While Anil worked long hours he was nonetheless a male role model for his son.

Over the past several years Sapna had become disillusioned with her marriage to Anil. The great difference in their ages had placed a strain on them from the very beginning. They were from very different generations, and while Anil had always treated her well, much of the time she felt isolated. Most of his friends and associates were older than she was and it was difficult for her to develop relationships. It was even more difficult for her to identify with Anil and his views of the world.

Her marriage was not exactly arranged but she never felt she had a choice. Her family's business was having financial difficulties and a union between her and Anil would bolster their prestige as well as their finances. Like a good daughter she obeyed her parents.

Anil was a good man and while she believed she loved him, she didn't really know what love was all about. She had never really experienced the kind of love she read about in classical novels and plays of the time; the kind where the damsel in distress was whisked away by a knight in shining armor. She knew that was mostly fantasy but wondered if something in between was possible.

Sapna was a very tall and attractive woman with a great shape. Her breasts were larger than many of her female friends and stood up proudly with little or no support. Her skin was creamy brown and she had dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Her Eurasian heritage gave her a sultry look and at an early age she fantasized about being a model in the booming garment industry in New York or San Francisco. Her marriage had put an end to that dream. Now she found herself marooned on a deserted island with little possessions beyond the clothes on her back.

While she was ecstatic that Anil had found a suitcase with clothes, none of them were meant for wilderness living. The most protective clothing was a pair of riding pants and boots that she took everywhere she traveled; one of her first loves was horses and horseback riding. Also in the suitcase were three pair of shorts, some pants, which she would have never worn in public, several blouses and tops, and a few pair of panties. There were no dresses or support undergarments, like a corset or bras, and while the lack of dresses was not a problem, the lack of support undergarments could be. Her nipples had always been very sensitive and now, without protection from the fabric of her tops, they seemed to be perpetually hard. She knew that she would have to be careful around Aryan.

Sapna had always been a highly sexual woman and at 36 was in her prime sexual peak. She worried that she was going to wear Anil out; now in his late 50's. He was not nearly as interested in sex as she was. Incredibly, in spite of their desperate situation, Sapna found that her desires had not dwindled. She was a woman in her prime and, contrary to how women were supposed to feel, she had a fire inside that seemed to have grown hotter in the past couples of years. She had made several attempts since they reached the island to entice Anil into sex but it hadn't worked out. Unfortunately they had little or no privacy and had not been intimate since leaving San Francisco weeks ago. If they could get some private time maybe the two of them could slip off and ... well, she didn't want to get carried away with thinking sexual thoughts; she had Aryan to think about and he wouldn't understand.

Sapna knew that Aryan, as a normal teenager, was very aware of her and had seen him studying her recently. Of course she wasn't surprised that he showed signs that he was aware of the female form; he was a normal teenager with raging hormones. In spite of her sexual desires she was a modest woman and did her best to avoid exposing herself unnecessarily. Unfortunately she had slipped several times and he had seen more than he should have. She was still embarrassed that he had seen her bare breasts while on the raft. Even in that difficult situation she could tell that he had been excited. What she couldn't admit, even to herself, was how his glances made her feel in her most private place.

When weeks turned into months and still there was no rescue, Sapna and Anil began to give up hope. They kept it to themselves and tried to put on a brave front for Aryan. They were always positive saying that they were sure that many searchers were looking for them and it would only be a matter of time before they were found. They were not sure that Aryan believed them as he was an intelligent boy and could certainly comprehend their desperate situation on his own.

Unfortunately as time went on it became more and more difficult for Sapna to keep a positive attitude. Her greatest concern was for Aryan. There was a pain and overwhelming sadness in her heart for him. It appeared that he might never experience all the things teenagers should experience: he would not go to college, learn a trade, or even find a girl to marry. Even worse, without doctors, hospitals, and medicine, his life could be cut short. It was almost too sad to think about.

In spite of her misgivings about being rescued, Sapna continued Aryan's formal education as best she could. She was not college educated, having married so young, and she did not have the skills to go much further with his education, but she believed she could still teach him the more genteel things in life; like how a gentleman treated ladies, social Sapnas, and of course manners. She prayed that he would actually need those skills one day.
Anil, oh the other hand, was convinced that she was wasting his time. He believed the boy needed to learn survival skills; the things that would keep him alive when he was no longer there to hunt, fish, and protect him. He knew that in this hostile environment even a minor mistake in judgment could be fatal. He also did not want his son to be a wimp, but, unfortunately, it certainly appeared that he was well on his way.

He saw him clinging to the skirt tails of his mother.

As a result Anil began to resent Sapna monopolizing so much of his time. Yet he gritted his teeth and accepted it begrudgingly because he knew coming between a mother and son could be counter-productive under the best circumstances, and family squabbles could divert their critical focus on survival.

Sapna, of course, could feel the tension with Anil. In spite of that she had insisted that she continue Aryan' education. After much discussion they agreed that she would have several hours of uninterrupted time each day with Aryan and then Anil could have him for the rest of the daylight hours.

Anil wasn't pleased, but took what he could get. Over time he taught Aryan to track and hunt as well as spot the types of plants and roots that were editable. Aryan had picked it up quickly, but Anil that he would rather be reading or reciting poetry to his mother.

Sapna made sure that she used the time she had with Aryan wisely and felt it was very important that they not be interrupted. She found a place off the beaten path; a beautiful lagoon with a water fall, where they could have uninterrupted time together. There she worked with him to insure that he maintained his math and reading skills. While they had no writing materials, they had found a number of books from the ship and she had Aryan read to her every day. She would give him math problems to solve mentally and have him recite the times table. She even gave him homework problems.

Beyond the education, she and Aryan came to love the personal time together. Aryan would often brush her long hair as she sat on the rocks overlooking the lagoon. They both enjoyed also him reading and reciting poetry. In addition they spent time talking about life and their feelings about everything from religion to politics. The only exception was sex. Anytime the subject came up Sapna would divert the conversation or gently end their session. She did not feel qualified to discuss sexual matters with a teenaged boy. Yet she knew that at some point it would have to come up. Her plan was to send him to his father. Unfortunately she knew that Anil would not answer his questions either. When the subject finally came up it caught her totally off guard.

Aryan was brushing her hair one afternoon at the lagoon when he said, "Mom, I saw you and Father last night."

"Saw us?" she asked.

"Yes. You and dad were in bed."

Sapna could feel her face flush and she trembled. She knew what he was talking about. She and Anil finally thought they had enough privacy to make love. Obviously it wasn't so private. "You should not be spying on us?" she said with more anger than she intended.

"I wasn't spying. I couldn't help see you two; my bed is just across the hut."

Sapna knew he was right. She and Anil had known it was a risk.

"Will I ever get the chance to do that with a girl?" he asked. "I mean, I have never been on a date, or even kissed a girl, and now it looks like it will never happen."

"Of course it will, because we will be rescued." Sapna felt a pain in her heart at perpetuating what she knew was a lie.

"Come on, Mom, it is not going to happen and you know it. Nobody is looking for us any longer. We are alone here, maybe forever." He paused for a few moments before he said in a quiet voice, "You have Dad, and I have nobody."

Sapna turned to him and put her arm around his shoulder. "I'm sorry, Aryan, it is hard on your father and me, but I know it is hardest on you. But we can't give up hope for our future."

"What future?" he spat. "We have no future. It's all Dads fault. I hate him." He threw the hairbrush down and turned away from his mother. She hugged his back as tears fell. He was silent for a while, obviously trying to control his emotions. He knew it wasn't her fault that they were there. It was his father's career that always came first. They never stayed anywhere long enough for him to have friends or put down roots and now he had gotten them into this fix.

Aryan softened his tone and said, "I'm sorry, Mom. I shouldn't blame you. I'm trying not to hate Dad either. But I am growing up and ... I have these all these emotions going through me. I feel like my life is slipping away."

"I know, Sweetheart, I know," Sapna said.

Aryan continued, "I just ... I have these feelings, you know, inside, and I don't know what to do about them. My body has changed and I have grown up physically but mentally I ... I think I am falling behind. I try to think about other things but most of the time it doesn't work. I sometimes think I am going mad. And then I saw and heard you and Dad. I know you were having sex, but I don't even know the first thing about it. I tried to ask Dad, but he just yelled at me, saying that I should keep my mind on survival and out of the gutter."

Sapna winced at his words. "I am not a very good person to ask about these things," she said weakly. "You know that your father has been my only partner and when I was growing up no one talked about those things, at least to a girl."

"Dad won't answer my questions and you won't, so who do I ask about it? Maybe I should talk to the birds or the fish."

Sapna sighed. She knew she had no choice. She would have to be the one to teach him. Still, although she knew a great deal more than he did, she didn't know that much about sex either. After several long minutes she said, "Okay. But you have to understand that I am no expert."

"You know a lot more than I do."

"I was eighteen when I married your father and I had never dated anyone else. Our families expected us to get married, because it was best for them and the two businesses. So, while it wasn't exactly an arranged marriage, it was not my choice either. In many ways I am like you. I didn't have my teenaged years. Your father and I only knew each other for a few months before we were married."

Then he asked a question that shocked her, and she wasn't prepared to answer. "Do you love him?"

She hesitated for several long moments before she said, "Yes, I ... I suppose so."

"You made love to him, so you must love him."

"Married people do that."


"Well, to procreate the species."

"What is 'procrate'?"

"The word is procreate, and it means making babies."


"Procreating is the way the species survives and most people want their family name to survive. It is inbred in all animals, including humans. Without procreation, families and society would end."

A smile came to Aryan' face. "You and Dad could make more babies and I would at least have brother and sisters."

Sapna didn't return his smile. "We tried to have more children for years and years, but unfortunately your father cannot make any more children. He is a lot older than I am and when men get older they lose their ability to make babies. We think it might have been when he got sick early in our marriage. He got the mumps."

"But I saw the two of you making love, so if you cannot make babies why do you do it?"

Sapna sighed. "Because it feels good, and people, men and women, have been endowed with sexual desire by our creator in order to insure that the species survives."

Aryan looked confused.

"Let me explain it this way. Sexual desire is a natural part of our lives. It is a motivating factor for all species. I am sure the feelings you are having are perfectly normal. Sexual feelings begin in the early teens or earlier. All animals, especially humans, have sexual desire inbred in them. We satisfy that desire by making love and that, in turn, creates babies."

Aryan nodded. "So is the primary reason for making love to make babies or for pleasure?"


Aryan was silent for a few moments and then he said, "This is going to sound really dumb but how do babies get made exactly? I mean I know a little about it, but not much. You've taught me everything, but we have never discussed sex."

Sapna could feel her face flushing hot. "I suppose I was waiting until you were older, or maybe hoping that you would learn it on your own. I'm sorry I didn't make it a part of your education." She paused for long moments to get her thoughts together. "Let me see if I can make this simple. When the man gets excited and his thing ... uh ... penis gets hard, he gets an erection, and then he puts it into the woman. That is called intercourse. He moves it back and forth and eventually he shoots the seed into the woman. The sperm, as it is called, travels up the woman's canal until it reaches an egg and they mate. Nine months later a baby is born." She paused, feeling proud that she had made it seem so simple. Then she said, "That is the condensed version."

"I know what an erection is," he said with a smile.

"I figured you did," Sapna said returning the smile.

"So sperm is that white stuff that comes out?" he said.

"Yes and no. The white stuff, as you call it, is actual called semen and is mostly protein. It is the liquid that your body produces to protect and carry the sperm. Sperm is the life giving force. From what I understand there are millions of them and each one carries what and who you are on to the next generation. The woman produces one egg per month and the millions of sperm battle to be the one that inseminates the egg, making the woman pregnant." Sapna paused and then said, "There is a lot more to it and it is complicated. Does any of this make sense?"

"Yes, I think so. So you and Dad have the desire to make love and you do it, but not always to make babies. And Dad can't make babies anyway."

"Yes. However, even if a man has lots of sperm a baby it not always made. You remember when we saw the baby sea turtles rushing to the water the other day?"


"Many of them do not survive the trip to the water and then many more are eaten by fish once they get to the water. Only the strongest survive and they in turn have been given the desire to mate with other sea turtles and the species lives on.

It is the same with sperm. They are all making the dash for the water, so to speak, but the difficulty of the trek and chemicals inside the woman prevent all but a very few from making it to the end. And then only one, or sometimes two, the strongest, are able to penetrate the woman's egg."

Aryan summarized what he thought his mother was saying. "So we were given the desire to mate and it is a natural part of our being. You and Dad make love because it feels good even if he cannot make you pregnant. It satisfies a desire."

"Yes, that is exactly right. It feels good and it is a way to show love." Incredibly this discussion had made Sapna's heart beat faster and her nipples had grown hard under her top. She was wearing a thin top, riding pants and boots. The shirt was too thin, allowing the soft flesh of her large breasts and pink nipples to be seen if the light was right. The pants were a little too tight on her butt and across her groin and she could now feel the seam rubbing between her legs.

"We love each other, Mother and we don't make love," he said with a cock of his head and a little smile.

Sapna's face glowed hot. "That is different. We are mother and son."

Aryan was silent for a long while before he said rather sadly, "Mother, if we stay on the island forever, I will never get a chance to make love."

Suddenly the tone of the discussion had changed. Sapna felt her heart breaking. His words were true and there was nothing she could say to make him feel better. "We will not stay here forever. We will be rescued," she said unconvincingly. Then she added as brightly as possible, "Now I think that is enough about the birds and bees for today."

"Birds and bees ... I thought we were talking about men and women making love," he said, a smile coming to his face.

Sapna returned his smile. "Don't get impertinent, young man," she said as she reached over and tickled him. Aryan fought playfully and tried to tickle her. In their laughter they tumbled across the ground with Sapna landing under Aryan. Suddenly he was on top of her with his hips between her thighs. Just as suddenly their laughter stopped. Somewhere during the conversation Aryan had gotten an erection. Sapna felt his hardness pressing to her strangely tingling private parts.

"Is this how you and Father do it?" Aryan asked breathlessly, pressing his erection to his mother's crotch.

"Aryan, get off of me this instant. This is inappropriate," she said. She pushed Aryan off and hurried off down the hill toward the camp without looking back.

Aryan wondered what he had done wrong. He couldn't understand why his mother had gotten so upset. He never wanted to hurt her and he wasn't trying to have sex with her. He was confused. When he got back to the hut he saw his mother preparing dinner. "Mother," he said with tears in his eyes, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you mad."

Sapna turned around ready to admonish him again when she saw her son's repentant tears and her heart melted. She pulled him to her for a tight hug. "I know. I know," she whispered as tears suddenly streamed down her cheeks. She held him tightly for a long time.

After a few moments Aryan said, "Can we still ... talk about ... uh ... things?"

Sapna pushed him to arm's length and looked into his eyes. "Yes, but you have to promise to behave yourself."

Aryan smiled through his tears. "I'll try," he said as he wiped his eyes.

Sapna returned his smile and hugged him to her heaving breasts again, suddenly wondering if she could "behave" herself.
Sapna began to have second thoughts about their meeting place. It was quite private and maybe just a little too remote. The trail leading to the rock was hidden and once they were there they could not be seen. With the exception of the top of the rocks above them, which was difficult to get to, they were totally hidden. Then Sapna wondered why she was so concerned. After all the was the adult and she could control the situation ... at least she hoped she could.

For several weeks the conversation stayed mostly about the basics of reading and writing. However, she knew that sex was always on Aryan's mind and she dreaded the continued conversation. But as expected, Aryan brought it up again.

"Mother, uh, I have a question," he said.

"Sure, you know you can ask me anything."

"Well, uh ... it is kind of personal."

Sapna felt her face flush and knew what was coming. "Uh ... go on."

"You know we talked about ... we uh ... we talked about sex and stuff," Aryan stuttered. "Sometimes I get an ... you know, an erection and I am not sure why. I mean it is not always when I am thinking about sex."

Sapna giggled. "That happens sometimes in the morning when you have to go to the bathroom. It happens to your father. That is healthy."

Aryan smiled. "Oh. Then lots of times I have these strange dreams at night and it gets hard. And then I ... I ... you know get all wet and stuff. Is something wrong with me? I mean it is like I am trying to make a baby without a woman."

Sapna had to smile again. "Nothing is wrong with you, Aryan. What is happening is perfectly natural," Sapna answered with a slight blush.

Aryan thought for a few moments and said, "Sometimes ... I ... uh ... touch myself, but I have been afraid to do it too much. I mean it feels good and the stuff comes out, but ... I ... don't want to do it too much because I'm afraid I might hurt myself. Can I do that too much?"

Sapna laughed out loud, putting her hand over her mouth, and immediately regretted it. "I'm sorry. It is not funny ... it is cute."

Aryan's face turned red with embarrassment.

Sapna moved to sit next to him and put her arm around his shoulder. "Don't worry, you can't hurt yourself. A boy playing with himself is perfectly natural."

"Really?" he said, his face brightening.

"Yes, really."

"Do you do it?" he asked.

That sent a shock through Sapna. She paused for several long moments wondering if this was too personal. Yet she knew that he didn't have anyone else to ask. She had to tell the truth. "Yes, sometimes."

"You don't have a penis like me, right?" He waited for Sapna to nod and then asked, "So how do you do it?"

Sapna wondered if he was only acting ignorant now. She couldn't be sure so she had to answer. "I have a vagina and has an opening where the penis goes."

"I know that," he said as if he had not just learned it. After a pause he said, "So how do you do it then, you know, pleasure yourself?"

Sapna felt her face glowing hotter. "Well ... uh ... the vagina is very sensitive and it feels good to rub it. There are lips that protect the opening and they swell with blood and become very sensitive to the touch. Then there is a special place at the top of the vagina and it has the same type of sensation as the head of the penis. In fact it is kind of like a little penis head. Instead of stroking it with my hand I rub it with my finger tips."

"But since you have Dad, why do you need to do it like I do?"

"Well, sometimes we need to do it on our own. Only we can know what is the most pleasurable to our own bodies. So while many women feel guilty about doing it to themselves, most do. Women, based on our sexually repressed society, are not supposed to enjoy sex."

"Why not?"

"I don't know. Our backward society says that it is wrong. Women can't even vote."

"So all women do it then?"

"Yes, all women masturbate ... that is the word for it ... masturbate ... if they are normal."

"Sometimes when I do it my thingie, uh penis, gets kind of raw. And sometimes it just kind of goes off too quickly."

Sapna's face was bright red, but she laughed and said, "That's because you need lubrication to keep down the friction. As far as doing it too quickly, you need patience and to take your time. It is all about pleasuring yourself while you are doing it and not just climaxing. The climax is great, but it is the end."

Aryan nodded.

"Unfortunately many men don't care how fast they climax. That means that many times, when they are done having intercourse, the woman is not satisfied." Sapna thought for a moment and then reached into her satchel and pulled out a coconut that was cut in half but wrapped back together with a vine. She handed it to him. "Here, take this. It has cream inside that I use to put on my body. If you put it on your hand and rub your penis it will make it more pleasureable."

He took the coconut and said, "What about going off ... you know getting off too fast?"

"'Getting off' as you call it, is climaxing and you have to practice in order to make it last longer. When you do it, take it slow, let it build up. When you feel too close, slow down or stop. With practice you can solve that problem."

Aryan smiled and said, "I can do that ... practice that is."

"I bet you can," Sapna returned, holding back her smile this time. "A man climaxing too fast is rude and selfish. So if you practice delaying your climax you will be able to last longer and one day when you meet that special woman you will be ready."

Aryan chose his words carefully. "Okay. But since I don't have a girlfriend or a wife, and may never have one, I am not sure that matters."

"It does matter," Sapna said, trying to keep a slight hysteria from her voice. "First of all the pleasure is better when you take your time, but beyond that, we have to keep up hope that we will get off this island one day. You need to be ready for that in all ways." Sapna felt frustration coming over her and knew she had to end the conversation. "Now run along and find your father."
The following day they were back at the lagoon. After reading several chapters Aryan paused. "Mom, I tried the cream you gave me."

"Good," Sapna said, not wanting to ask the next question, but knew Aryan was waiting for it. She said, "And did it help?"

"Well, yes and no.

It felt really good and I didn't get red, but it made me climax even quicker."

Sapna sighed.

"It is frustrating and I don't know what to do about it," Aryan said.

Suddenly there were crazy thoughts in Sapna's head. She tried to control her breathing as her heart started to race. The mother in her was screaming no, but her female in her was saying he needs help. The female won. She knew what she was about to do was against all the rules, and maybe she had gone mad, but these were desperate times and she knew that quite possibly they would never leave this island. With her head spinning with illicit excitement she reached into her satchel and pulled out her coconut cream. She opened it and said, "Take some of my cream on your hand."

With a curious look Aryan took the container and scooped out some of the creamy oil. He held it in his hand and looked at his mother quizzically.

She knew that his father was gathering oysters near the wreckage and would be there most of the day. She turned back to him and said, "I will turn around. You take it ... your penis out ... and I will tell you what to do."

"Really?" Aryan said with a wide grin. Hurrying in case she changed her mind, Aryan opened his pants and brought his already erect penis out quickly. He saw his mother glance at him for a second before she turned her head.

Sapna's face turned red when she realized he had seen her looking. She cleared her throat, and tried to calm her voice as she said, "Put the cream on ... on your ... your penis. Then begin to stroke it slowly, lightly."

"Mmmm," Aryan moaned as he felt the slick cream sliding up and down his penis. He started to stroke himself faster, which made a slapping sound.

"Not that fast. Do it slowly. You want to make it last. The buildup is very important to the overall pleasure." She smiled in spite of what she was doing when she heard his moan of frustration. "Think about your favorite fantasy."

"You," he said softly, almost imperceptibly.

Sapna heard it and shivered. She felt the heat gathering between her legs. It was insane, but she wanted to touch herself. Her hand secretly moved between her legs and her fingers pressed the seam of her riding britches between her pussy lips.

"I am getting close," Aryan said breathlessly.

"No, not yet, slow down and make it last. I will tell you when you can finish."

With another moan of frustration, Aryan slowed his hand movements.

"Stop stroking and use your fingers under the crown of the head and twist them slowly, with a gentle touch," Sapna directed. "That should feel very good."

Another moan escaped his lips.

As Sapna moved her fingers up and down the seam of her pants she said, "Stop for a moment or two." She heard another moan. A few moments later she said, "Now, start again, but slowly. Slowly." Sapna was light headed now. Maybe it was sun stroke that was making her crazy like this, but she felt she could climax right there, sitting in front of her son as he stroked his cock.

"Mother ... I'm getting close again."

"No," she said with a commanding voice. "Wait ... make it last."

This went on for about fifteen minutes until Sapna knew that neither she nor he could wait much longer.

"Okay, you can do it faster now," she said with a tremor in her voice. She heard him groan and then she clamped her legs together as her pussy began to pulse. The throbbing grew stronger with every moan escaping her son's lips. Then she heard a loud groan and knew that he was climaxing. She couldn't help sneaking a look at her son's spewing cock.

A gasp escaped her lips and suddenly a strong climax shook her. She squeezed her legs together tightly. It was an incredible climax, one like she had not felt in years. She shook and almost lost her balance. Somewhere in the back of her mind she heard Aryan still gasping and moaning.

When the waves of pleasure finally abated she turned around and saw her son sitting with his eyes closed in post climatic pleasure, his now flaccid penis was lying on his leg. There was juice on the thigh of his pants and a string of it was hanging from the slit. Then she saw that most of his juices had spattered on her boot.

As Sapna stared she had an incredible urge to touch herself again.

"That was really good," he said with a smile.

Sapna smiled in spite of the building shame at what she had allowed to happen. "Put yourself away," she said motioning toward his flaccid penis, her eyes lingering just a bit longer than they should have.

"Oh, sorry," Aryan said with his face turning red. After he was buttoned up he put his cutest smile on his face. He said, "Mother, can we do this again?"

Sapna sighed. Could they? Would they? She wasn't sure. She said, "We will see. But now you need to head down to the beach and help your father."

Aryan jumped up and started to leave. Then he paused and quickly bent over and kissed his mother on the lips. "Thank you, Mom. You know, for ... well for everything. You are the best mother on this island."

Sapna felt a tingle in her private place, but then she laughed and said, "Only the island?"

"This is our world, so it is the entire world for me." With that he turned and walked down the trail toward the beach looking back at his mother with a smile as he went.

Sapna sighed and leaned back on her hands with her face lifted to the bright sun. The tropical breeze fanned her still heated face and her hair swirled around her. Her nipples remained hard under her thin shirt. Unable to stop herself she moved her hands between her legs and began to rub her pussy again. When she climaxed this time, as much as she fought it, her thoughts were of her son.

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