Incest Transformation of Shy and Innocent Mom

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First Update :
My name is ratnamma aged about 48 years married & mother of 3 children 2 daughters both married 1 son who is the hero of this story still bachelor aged 24 now. 3 years back i am so innocent shy & traditional house wife all my life revolving around only my family & children even not thinking any thing other than this doing poojaas going to temples for the welfare of the family wearing only cotton sarees not exhibiting even a inch of my flesh! even in 27 years of marriage my hubby not able to make me full naked during those days sex is a unpleasurable obligation to me! but past 3 years i enjoying a lot verity of it now he see his so sexy & active wife in bed fully naked sucking his cock asking him to fuck her 38" big round ass!all these are happened just because of one person my hero my son! i will continue all that sexperiances pleasure of incest in every detail coming days posting regularly. remember only how u people respond to my attempt!
ha it is during my 2nd daughter's marriage my daughter's would be in law's are very posh & too modern especially her mother in law she wears very mod dresses sleeve less back less blouses see through sarees well below navel even tight "chudis" with lot of makeups even she do bob she is more than 3 years old than me ! but she seems 10 years younger than me. every young guy revolving around that queen bee more fully she enjoying it! i don't care about others but when my only son kaarthik is attracted by her so much he spent every second with her when ever opportunity permits. this made me very disturb i asked him to behave! but he doesn't listen i told this even to my hubby he laughed & told ratna! today's generation guys lot more attracted to older women our son is also no exception.
this answer of my hubby disturbed me a lot. my whole world is my son !
that night i am very disturbed my hubby asked me what happened ratna ? why u so tense
no nothing just little headache
shall i rub balm dear
no no its ok
i can't sleep shifting my body on bed very regularly again my hubby asked in his sleepy voice
ratna what happened ? shall i call doctor i think u r not well
yes, i answered ji kaarthik disturb me lot
ohh dear what he done ? any mischievous things!!
yes his mingling with pushpaa ( it is the name of my dughters ma in law)
ohhhhh dear u r still thinking it i already told u know nothing will happen don't get any jelousy he also like her son. he trying to convince me
but these men never understand maa's heart i almost wept
ratna don't be silly now what happened ?you r mother to him u brought him up he never neglect his maa dont worry dear
ratna i tell u one thing don't get angry
no tell me
you r younger than our sambhandhi & also beautyfull than her but not attractive like her
now i got little comfortless so what aap trying to say ?
ratna why don't u make yourself look attractive like her
chi! like that i never think even in my dream wearing those revealing clothes. those makeups ohhh godddd!
dear if u want your son back to you you have to attractive mom to him tha's all every thing going to settle he told with naughty smile & slept
for me no sleep how can i i thought what my hubby told those words still ringing in my ears finally i decide to change my self !!!! a very naughty smile flashed on my face i felt very easiness. now with a fresh mind sleep make it's way!!!
when i woken its already 8 ohhh my god what a sleep i came out of the bedroom my husband getting ready for the office
he smiled & say good morning i asked sorry for my late awakening ran in to kitchen to make breakfast but he said no ratna its already 8 u take some rest saying he went to office.
i went to my son kaarthik's room he also getting ready for going out he saw me
maa why are u got up late you never sleep so much are not feeling well ?dad told me not to disturb you
no beta i am well last night no sleep only in the morning i got little
ohh maa marriage nearing if you fell ill every thing will upset he said with little concern
no no i am well kaarthik where are you going? any urgent work
nothing urgent maa i have to disguse about my new project with rohit yes irrespective of any thing my son is a workaholic like his father i smiled with a appreciation
when you coming back beta
maa by noon i am here for lunch ok saying he looked him self in mirror & went out in hurry
come soon beta today i want to do some shopping you should accompiny me to mall i shout
ok ok maa bye saying he started his brand new toyota car
now my attention moves towards my bride to be daughter anjaali she is very lazy girl still sleeping in her room entered her room saw she is still dreaming making so cute smile ohhh anju baby please get up it's already 8.30 still sleeping
oh maaaa pleaseee little more time
no baby you are going to marry soon you should practice getting up early if you sleep like this in your in law's house what will they think
ohhhhhh maaaaaa saying she took cofee from my hand start drink still gaazingg
anju baby what is your programme to day i asked my daughter
ohhh mummy i want go for parlor there is a appointment for me ohh my god it's already 9 she horridly went in to bath room. she got hurriedly with in a 30 mints she got ready ! usually she taking more than a hour
i called her to dining table to have a break fast she came & sat ate her break fast in hurry i asked her shall i come to parlor ? she got surprise first time i am asking to visit a beauty parlor
mummy u want to come to parlor ? wowww but mummy it is very reputed one we have appointment i got ok i dont want to disappoint you she called the parlor enquire them weather they accommodate another client yes one of their client cancel the appointment in place of her they can. she took me to parlor it is a huge one for the first time i am visiting such place i got little nervous but my daughter there! i decided yesterday night itself to change my appearance just to look like a modern woman anju asked me what i want in parlor in teasing smile
anju please don't tease me you all tease me that i am old model so i decide to become new model just like your mom in law
ohh sorry mummy at last you in our circle thank you mom
she took me asked the reception for our appointment by saying the names
a very mod looking lady came she is so beautiful dark lipstick vibrant color nail polish sleeve less back less blouse see through saree below her navel bob hair round nose ring heeled slipper she look very fantastic she came & hug my daughter anju asked her who is me? i embarrassed anju said she is my mom ratna she got surprised my girl looks so mod i am her mother looking very dull & old anju told her that's why she brought me to parlor to change me from head to toe hearing this both laughed she introduced her self as rashmi & asking me to accompany her we went inside she called one girl asked her to do complete body massage. girl took me inside a room where a big massage table in the center of the room she asked me to undress i am little hesitated girl her name sheela nothing to worry ma'm everything ok i stripped my saree blouse but not my bra petticoat but she asked me disrobe that also with lot of shyness i removed bra my breasts freed from the cage i was so embarrassed actually my size is 36 d cup big in size they are really well shaped my aurola quite dark in color nipples also big it grows little because of coldness in the massage room still in hesitation to remove my petticoat girl with confidence building voice & smile maa'm nobody here only you & me dont be shy for very proper massage one has to naked so now i pulled the string petticoat fallen only old fashioned panty covering my respect !!!i removed it also now i am total naked before a girl it is so embarrassing situation i never felt so before ! she ask me to lay on table i followed her instructions
she poured a very pleasant smelling oil on my back started rubbing all over ohhhhhh what a lovely hand she got! gave me a smooth circular massage on my back slowly & stedelyyy she stated rubbing my ass cheeks with little extra care wowwwww what a nice feeling after rubbing almost 15 mints she asked me to turn around i tuned my breasts pussy exposed she took oil poured on my breast started massaging it gentlyyyy ohhh i felt little shy rubbed my nipples giving lot of upwards strokes to my breasts now slowly to my stomach navel she massaged soo nicelyyy than to my pussy i am not regular shaver !!! a lot of public hair on my pussy almost covering it from view she took a different oil & started massaging's it she rubbed my clits with extra care my pussy tightened little bit by the massage sheela giving ohhhhh i opened my self for her handy job ! she gave very good massage to my thighs legs fingers almost all parts of my body touched by her it took almost a hour !! my pussy juice dripping she smiled at me i too smiled at her maa'm do you feel relax
yesss i told in very low voice she brought a soft tissue rubbed all my body removed oil she took me to bath tub gave me bubble bath dried me with towel i am like a doll in her hand ! she gave me a robe to wear then took me to another room where along with another girl they done hot wax now my skin glowing like a flash i am fair in color so more shining & satin smooth skin ! sheela asked memaa'm do you want shave your hairs i said yess now i am very comfort with her. she applied some foam on my pussy gave smooth strokes a lot of foam formed then took a shaver shaved my pussy with very care all the pussy hair along with the foam removed she applied a lotion which is very fragrance rubbed little & gave me a mirror ! asked me to look . i hesitantly looked wowwwww what a glorious look a ivory color pussy with a little opening rose colored inner with a little huge clits almost smooth & red colored pussy lips by looking at it i rubbed my hand on it almost un knowinglyyy both girls smiled naughtylyyy ohhhhh what i am doing ? they shaved my under arms then wax it they gave me hot shower i almost forget where i am they put me in robe took me to dressing table a huge mirror in front of it they do eyebrow i never done it earlier now my eye brows just like tiny line a very sexyy looking for my eyes ohhhh they gave golden facial face pack even peel my face glowing like a moon so bright i my self not able to believe the woman showing in mirror who none oter than me!! looking almost 20 years younger all these to get back my kaarthik !!!!
sheela do even haircut to me making my long trinational hair in to little short looking more sexyyyy also dyed she applied foundation spot correcting creams on my face making me to feel like a bride kaajaal to eye maascara eye shadows cream blush on cheeks cherry red lipstick on my lips with gloss looking so juicyyyy she put matching cherry red nail polish on both hands as well as toes my nails looks so vibrant they changed me from trinational mature lady to very young looking modern sexyyy looking house wife !!! nobody believe i have a 3 grown up children ! i look so young sexyyy sheela gave me very sexy lace bra & panty almost matching my lipstick color i wore it look my self in mirror wowww not less than any modern heroine !! the bra only covered 1/2 portion of those huge milk tanks ! nipples almost visible than panty only covered my pussy lips it is so tiny the beautiful [butterfly like design holed by only thread my ass bumps almost naked panty only got thread in back ohh my god it disappeared in ass crack ! these things are imported ones now she opened a packet a beautiful red see through saree matching blouse peticoat were there. she tied petticoat 3 inch below my navel no ! no ! not so low i told maa'm please you look so good it is our duty to make you so our maa'm has instructed us saying she tied petticoat is thin my panty thighs almost visible i never even in my dream imagine that i am going to wear such things she took blouse in her hand ohh god it is not a blouse t is just like bra ! a tiny stings holding it sleeve less back less only 2 threads on back to hold i wore 1 they tied threads a perfect fitting my huge breasts almost visible throgh that blouse now comes the saree well it is very thin one very beautiful embroided she is a expert !! the girl tied that saree well below my navel !! now ready maa'm you are looking so grat i myself not believe you are so beautiful wow she told me i thanked her maa'm wait you are not going to wear those slippers now wear this she took out a high heel matching slippers i wore ohhhh my god my foot in those slippers looking so sexyyy we came out it is almost 2 my daughter & the owner of the parlor siad wowwwwww simultaneously mummy you look so beautiful i can't believe my eyes you look like my sis my daughter talking non stop i smiled at her she ran in to me kissed my cheeks ohh what is she doing !


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Sorry Dosto, Just Busy so could not write. But now two updates a week. Promise. Enjoy Second Update.
Second Update :-
my daughter anjali hugged me & kissed me in front of so many ladies they all looking me with lot admire even jealous in some eyes . all these made me to believe i am sexyy i gave huge tips to girls who made me look sooo gorgeious . we came to home i felt little nervous to get down from car but anjali support me a lot filled me with confidence i got down my maid jamunaa bai look at me stunningly she can't belive what she sees! a saree warped traditional maalkin to a sexyyyy with a stunning make up fully exposed maalkin even her husband raam laal our gardener looking at me stunningly feeling my sexposingg sexyness !! with dropjaw woww!! i feel proud but where is kaarthik ! my son for who i transfered from shy mom to sexyyy mom as soon as i sat on sofa in hall, horn of my dear son's car blowed ! ohhhh my god he came! he saw !! a sexyyyy stunning lady sitting in front of me he rubbed his eyes in dis belife looking at my daughter with lot of puzzle she laughed loudly kaarthik guess who you looking
anju ohhhh my god it is mummyyyy ohhhhhhhhh my god yesssss he shouted with very exclaimed voice
mummyyy you look so goooood you are soooo beutyfull he showiring lot of praise thanxxxx anju you made mummy sooo beutyfull
kaarthik don't look so much your eyes will going to eat mummy you even stopped twinkl
ing your eyes my daughter teasing her brother
i dropped my head with soooo shyness feeling like a newly wedded bride but enjoying my son's affection aprectiation every thing
my son kaarthik came near sat on my beside raised my head by holding my cheek ohhhhhhh my goddddddd i felt soo shyyyy not so even in my suhaagraath!!!
not able to look in to those sharp eyes of my son kaarthik!!he spoke in very husky voice mummy you are sooo beutifulll i can't imagine even in my dreams ohhhhhh mummy saying he hugged me in front of everybody it is not a hug of a son to his mom !! yes! yes! i know the hug had lot of youth nessin it his strong palm running on my bare back ohhhh i can't i tooo hugged with lot of mixed emotions i can't differnitiate whether it is mom's or lover's ohhhh my god !!!
we both brought back to earth from our dream emotionaal journey by my daughter
ohhh sorry anju i looked kaarthik let's eat something i said
haa mummy i am starvingg anju said
me tooo my son said in different meaning i smiled asked jaamunbai to serve

we three sat on dining table start eating my son kaarthik looking at me even not twinkling his eye the look not like a son looking his mom. my daughter noticed it & asked her brother kaarthik bhaiya you are looking at mom so much you forgot to eat what served on your plate yes he is the food remain there as it served even her voice not heard to him he completly mesmerised ohh my god ! i really embrassed now my daughter raised her voice called him KAARTHIK !!!
what anju ? kaarthik bhaiya you are eating mummy instead of food on your plate she said smilingly yes you are right mummy is looking so beautiful today
yes i know bhaiya she is beautiful
anju mom not only beautyfull but damn HOT& SEXYYY he said almost absent mindedly my daughter get aback!! even our maid jaamuna bai i am so embrassed all my blood ran to my face my cheeks become so red i felt so shy unable to raise my head my daughter asked my son kaarthik bhaiya she is our mom !!
yes anju i know she is our mom but i am speaking truth she is not only our mom but hot & sexy mom he repeat now both my daughter & jaamunabai laughed this add more spice to my situation i looked at my son he too looked at me our eyes met i can't look at him those eyes almost eating me i dropped my head & told in ery low voice kaarthik beta don't use that word he teasingly asked me what word mom tell me kaarthik that word you used now no mom i forgot it please tell me which word told teasingly anju you know what mom saying he asked his sister jokingly my daughter laughed ha bhaiya i don't know any thing he even asked jaamunabai our
maid jamunabai tumko pata wo kya maa bhol rahi hai she lauughed & said nahin chote maalik mujhe kuch nahin pata maalikin kya keh raha hai adding much spice i with very low voice kaarthik yo told me that i am sexy my son
what mom tell me little loud i didn't hear you anju are you heard jamunabai tum suna what mom told both of them laughingly told they heard nothing now i raised my voice & told kaarhik beta you said i am hot & sexy
yes mom you are hot & sexy yes i mean what i told ohh my god he ran his leg on my leg below the table i looked at him he twinkeled his eye i blushed smiled at him my daughter as well jamuna doesn't know what is going below they both laughed for my answer my son asked them weather he lied they both said no!
i really flattered my son's leg running on my leg he raised my saree little by his toe run his leg on my bare smooth calf muscles i am enjoying what he is doing ohh my god not even thoght these kind of things in my dreams also i am so opened now! i too ran my smoth well polished toe on my son's leg he feeling smoothness of his mom's toe now both of us enjoying kinky ness we finished our lunch maa kya hum shopping karengi aaj my son asked
ok i told him anju are you coming he asked his sister
no bhaiya aaj meri saheli roopa ki birth dayparty hai i have to go we both feel sigh you all know why i want to enjoy my private time with my son ! he also feel the same it is already 4 my son kaarthik took his car out i sat next to him i am wearing the same see through saree low neck sleeve less back less blouse with all that make up feeling like a sexyy
mom shall we have long drive
theek hai beta i told he took his car out side the city took a deviation from main road the road almost looks like desert our's is a tinted glass no body notice any thing in side he started talking mom i never thoght you look so sexyy what made you change like this
it is you beta yes you i answered
what me ? how mom tell me
yes you are revolving around that bitch almost neglecting me you know
ohh anju's mom in law you talking about her he catch my point immediatlyohh that made my lovely shy mom turned in to horny sexy mom he laughed loudly saying so i too laughed he put his around me clinching me to him plant a kiss on my cheek ohhhh god my son kissing me i blushed with shy a truck coming opposite to us we sat properly it passed again he clinch me now placed a kiss on my lip stick coated wet lips i too kissed back our lips met we kissing so passinately yes i want to enjoy with my son THE SINFUL ENJOYMENT a mother can not even think of it ohhh god yes i am ready to commiting it all for my son my kaarthik i dont want to loose him.

Now I will wait for response.


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Third Update

i never kissed like that before my son is such a wonderfull kisser he used my wet delicate lips so well i opened my mouth make room for his tounge ohhhhhhe put his tounge inside search for my tounge our toungs met oh i am rubbing my tounge with my son's tounge our saliva mixed our tounges doing sword fight !really very passinate kiss my son kissing his mom like he kissing his wife ! how can i keep quite while my hot & horny son kissing me like that ohhhhh my god my pussy lips opened like a lotus pussy juices started to flow i am so wet pussy juices running like a river even my thighes got wet that tiny lace panty unable to suck the cunt juices ohhhh i am not so wet in my entire life even my hubby never made me so wet ohhhh my son kaarthik made me so wet in just that magnificiant kiss a kiss of life ! i hold his head fondling his hair giving full co operation forgot my early relation with him amen mom son relation this kind of thought never came in my mind i never thought any body other than my hubby ohh god now i am thinking my son as my lover my son running his hard palm on my naked back hold me so tight with one hand steering the car with other ohh my god we are driving !we heard a horn sound from a vehicle in opposite direction we unlocked our lips tounges i sat properly ohh what happened to me i came to normality !
mom you are wonderfull kisser nobody kissed me like that before wowwwww my son said i felt very shy for his comment & said kaarthik beta let's go to home
no ! no! mom i want to spend this evening alone with you please
no beta it's already late we are so far away my mobile rang it is my hubby my son's dad ohh my god ! i answered ji bholiye haaji i am with kaarthik we came for shopping he enquired about my visit to beauty parlor with little exclaimation yes my daughter told him ! now he want to see me asking me to come soon my son took mobile from me dad we are in shopping mom wants somany things she want to change entire wardrobe of her so it will take more time please let she finish her shopping saying he cut off the call ohhh my son wants spend more time with his sexy mom now we drove back to city enter very huge mall my son said mom you purchase any thing all the bills will be setteled by me ok yes he is giving presentation for his new lover that is his own mom
my son kaarthik took me in to big showroom asking manager to show me sarees dress materials etc it is very big shop there are many sections first iwe went to sarees section ohhh pleanty of collection before this i used purchase from my regular shop you all know i am not so fond of dresses i never used any thing other than sarees that too cotton silk only but in this shop so many varities they shown us very thin sarees chiffon beutyfull embroided instead of me my son select lot i keep queit because its him i have to attract na !! he select more than 25 to 30 in one go !llot of flash colors my son loves flash colors red pink blue so many varities ask them to pack along with matching blouse materials the manager asked my son kaarthik
sir aagar mem saabh ko pasand hua to hum different varieties of modern dress materials dikhaavunga ! ohh my god what he thinking us husband & wife no! no! it is not right my inner voice rised but that devil thought to hold him to me defeat every so called morality in me my son laughed at manager very miscjviosly ha ha kyu nahin show us
please welcome sir he took us upstairs shown us plenty variety of lehanga cholies even i dont know name of them they are so beutyfully embroided kaarthik purchased many of them ohh how can i wear god help me ! kaarhik asked him for ultra modern dress section the man said those things are available in another shop of them & phoned that shop saying we coming there kaarthik asked him to pack all the things pay the bill ohhh ! my god it is more than 2 lac i never purchased so much at once slowly i used for these thins now
we went that shop ohh it is ultra modern dress shop they shown us plenty of jeans tops minis micro minis see through nighties many many things kaarthik purchsed so many of them the shop keeper even took my waist size! boobsize by tape while he taking i looked at kaarthik he smiled & winked the shop owner saw my son kaarthik's mischiviouse smile touched my ass purpose fully i know it! but help less he even toched my 36d size boobs also than they shown variety of dreses of my size my son purchased jeans skin tight type low neck mini tops middys even micro mini skirt which seems to jst below my waist ohh my god i can't wear this in front of any body kaarthik beta i told in his ear but mom this is for your private show you have to wear it only for me he said you naughtyyy i smiled at him now i am more than mom to my son my kaarthhik he asked for bra & panties to the person who took my sizes ohhh god he is a man of middle age smilingly lead us to that section wowwwwww so many varities of bra panties so many desines laced sting type every thing there we purchased lot of it even i also select some sexyy lingres for my private show to my son my son purchased gartet belt black red pink one
my son kaarthik asked the person who showed us all the varieties of lingres some thing i didn't hear what they are talking but the man giving very naughty smile at me said acha saab memsaab ko wo chees bahut acha lagega i puzzeled even asked kaarthik about it he said maa it is very special thing i will tell you later no! no! tell me now i demanded in curiasity! mom it is black leather sexy dress they called latex lingre i want to see in that will you wear it for me ohhhh my son kaarhik any thing for you i said smiling at him very naughtyly.the man bring all the stuff what kaarthik asked in a huge box we paid the bill & came out of the shop
my mobile again rang ohh my god! it's my hubby's call! i answerd jii boliye ha ha i am with kaarthik we are on shopping ok ok i am giving i gave mobile to kaarthik telling his dad want to speak kaarthik took mobile spoke ha papa we are shopping yes for mom i am doing another 1 hour we are back ok ok nothing to worry bye papa he cut off the call
common mom i told papa now no disturb let's go for shopping what! kaarthik we purchased everything i want still shopping na baba let's go home
no mom not even half of the stuff we purchased there are more for you common lets go! he put his hand on my waist almost dragged me ohhh!! kaarthik everybody looking at us please i told him in very shy voice yes some of passer byes are looking at us mischiviasly i don't know what running in thier mind but sure they thought we are couple!!!! my son giving the killing smile ok ok maa then come with me ha! baba chal what ever you want to purchase for your maa purchase i said
not only maa my sexy maa!! my son said ohh my god!! my own son called me sexy the very word sexy giving lot of blush instead of angry! what a turn! from shy innocent maa to sexy horny maa who is blushing when her own son called her sexy he took me to very big cosmetics showroom where almost all cosmetics available of every brand on this earth we purchase a load of cosmetics ranging from foundations firming creams facial creams lipsticks of all vibrant shadows mascara eyeliner eye shadows blushes nail polishes many scents bodysprays ohh i even i dont know many of them what they are!! my son kaarthik asked some thing to the lady who is attending us in whispering voice she looked at me with naughty smile on her face yes sir we have i will get it saying went! i asked kaarthik what you ordered any naughty thing1
yes mom
then tell me what it is
no i wont if i tell you get angry then scoling me!
no! i won't tell me
promise! mom
yes beta i promise
mom! it is breast firming cream & vaginal firming cream
i felt so shy i know what breast is but don't know what vagina means i asked my son what vagina is innocently
maa vagina means he hesitatingly tlod chut!!!what!!! beta is it that i said in shying voice yes maa it is chut it will tightened the chut! the girl came with the packing given to my son !! a son purchased pussy tightning breast tightining creams for his own mom that too in front of her!!!!!
we came out of that cosmetic store my son kaarthik took me to jewellary show room purchased gold bangles necklace diamond studed nose ring ear ring a beautiful anklet even toe ring also he himself put the anklet & also toe ring by removing old one in the shop itself the new ornaments on my feet enhance the sexyness of my red polished feet. my son kaarthik so obessed about that sexy feet of mine ran his palm on it with lot of passion. i am so embrassed & shy. beta! shall we move i said he came back to normal world . ha maa! saying he paid the bills we came out of the show room beta is our shopping finished or more is there!
ha maa only one shop left he told smilingly ohh beta you already spend lot of money on your maa even your pappa never spend that much buss beta let we go home
no! maa please one more shop left
ok ok baba shall we go i asked in very pleasent voice ohh god what a lovely boy i got thank you! praying the almighty in my soul he took me to a posh footware shop purchased lot of sandles almost all of them very sexy looking some of them are 3 inches heels beta i cant walk wearing these high heels they are so high i told playfully
no! mom you can you are my sexy mom saying put his arm around my waist squeeze it gently ohhhh beta it's paining said looking in to his eyes i am enjoying what ever he doing now1
ohh sorry maa i am sorry my son kaarthik in so humble voice then be gentle with your maa ohh sorry your sexy maa handle her with care beta ! i called my self sexy for the first time ! it surprised my son he was sooo exclaimed ! awack yes i will mom oh no my sexy mom we are enjoying our conversations with out caring much about others now i am fully enjoying the company of my son who is so passionate about his mom ohh maa i forgot one more saying he purchased handbags vanity bags to me! what a beta he is never left anything for his sexy maa we start moving towards our car kaarthik what if anju sees our packings those sexy lingres creams i asked in worried tone
no mom she or any body can't see those packings i already put rhem in supperate pack i will keeping those thins in my room there is a secret locker even you don't know he winked you naughtyy said in playfull tone i told you know maa those for private show only for your son one & only your son enjoying it not even your hubby ! ohh my god ! he is not using pappa insted he said your hubby i felt so shy we put our packings in car drove towards home at last!
Update posted.

enjoy and respond please.


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Dosto you must have enjoyed Diwali well. Now enjoy the story.

during the driving my son never kept quiet he fondled me lot cutting jokes making me very happy laughing like never before. it is very romantic journey i never so happy we are not only mom son now more than that!! i don't know where this will end we lip locked about few minutes at a lonely place hugging kissing like a newly wedded couple or a loving couple i am not feeling any guilty now ohh what a change! my son removed my pallu started to play with my well shaped huge boobs on my jacket i felt so horny my pussy started oozingggg ohh i am in heaven forgetting we are on road i held him so tightt fondling his hair suddenly a vehicle coming slowly with bright light to wards us!it is patrol jeep! ohh my god! we sat our self properly my son started our car.we moved for our luck they are not asked any thing maa! are you afraid my son asked
yes beta! i am so afraid what we going to say i told
ha ha common maa if they asked us i am going to tell them we are newly wed couple!saying he laughed loudly
youuu naughtyyyyy you call me your wife that too in front of others how dare you i hit him on his shoulder not with angry but with love! enjoying our conversation a lot it is really love! we are no more talking like a normal mom son
at last we reached our putting break to our love romantic talk try to put some normal mom son ness between us our maid jaamuna came out of the home even my hubby came to door! he looked at his wife a sexy horny one now polished sofsticated ultra modern rich wife i felt so shyyyy my son spoke to his pappa!hai dad what are you looking yes dad it is mom not any body else don't look so muchhh she may melt
ha ha ha my hubby laughing yes beta i thought it is some film star! is it not she so beautiful wow ratna! tum bahut beautiful hu his saying poured more shy in to me finally i opened my mouth chalo ji aap pi kehnetana (you only told me to change)
ha kal raat bolaata ( yes i told yesterday night ) so i am the insipiration for you we all laughed my daughter anju also came out joined the party! we start unload our huge purchases maa! poora market kaareedh kar aayi hu ( mom you purchased whole market ) anju said ha beti your mom never purchased so much! my hubby said no! dad it is my purchase for my lovely mom kaarthik said ha ji it is his presentation for me every pack get inside the house all of them kept in my bed room my son kept those 2 special packs secretly in the car only! he is so smart all of us sat on the dining table for the dinner yes it is already 10.30 they are waiting for us for dinner i am the chief attraction on the table my hubby sat on my left side my son sat on the right both of them looking me with thier tiger eyes! i am like deer for their feast! but i am enjoying it my son carresing my feet with his feet below my hubby caessing my thighes with his palm ohhhhh ! my god i am enjoying what both are doing my only worry what if my daughter or hubby noticed what my son doing below! nothing happened! we finished dinner i finished it with much fun & love! i told good night to my children. maa! one minute he came near me & whispering in my ear maa! dad will enjoying you you like in your suhaagraat ha na i know enjoy yourself have fun i bit shock what if somebody listen! i felt little shy & went to my bed hubby waiting very eagarly for me!with lust & love
my hubby sitting on bed waiting for me looking at me lustfully i smiled at him went to change my dress i am in saree he got up from the bed came near me hugged me from behind pressing his semi hard cock on my ass rubbing his lips on my ear lobe kissing it ohhhh ratna you are so beutyful sexyyyyy i never thought you are so sexyyyyy ratnaaaa my darlingggg he said i also aroused a lot because of my romantic outing with my son ohhhhhh jiiiiii i start cuddling my hubby's hair putting my smooth hand in his hair lending my hand backwards these are all happening for the first time in our married life i never felt so hornyyy sex is a obligatation to me earliear but now it is need full like a food i am enjoying it after 3 grown up children wow! my pallu fell down i am no more caring all i want is good sound fuck & sucknow my hubby hugged me very tightly started fondling my huge boobs with his both hands i feel his hard cock on my ass my boobs still in blouse which is unable to hold it half a portion peeping out only 2 hooks & a thread holding it i kissed my hubby with my juicy lips on his lipssss turning my face back ward ohhhhh darlinggg i said in very sexyy tone my hubby passinatly kissed me with his hard lips pressed them on my well coated juicy lips ratnaaaaaa meri raani tum kitni achi taaraf se kiss karte ho i don't belive he said ohhhhh darling you are so ggood saying i insert my lovely little toungue in his mouth our toungs are doing sword fighting yesss i am enjoying very passinate fore plaay with my hubby now he start remove my blouse ohhh he tearing that sexy blouse in impatiance ohh god those hooks holding my sexy blouse are flying like a rocket for his force ohhhhhhhh darlinggg you torn my blouse please be gentle i whispered but he is not in postion to listen the thread also met the same fate as hooks my blouse opened like a heaven gate!ohhhhhh ratnaaa you are so sexyyyy saying he started to press my huge boobs with his hard palms daling your bra is so sexyy but i want feel naked ness of my sexy wife's boobs saying so he removed my laced bra now my huge milky white boobs with brown aurola dark nippleall for his feast ohhhh daarling not that hard pleaseeee i whispered like a newly wedded wife ohhh ratna yours boobs are so good he pressed it pinched the nipple ohhhhh it become much big due to sexitement i am getting he started sucking the nipple pressing the other giving sexual pleasure to me i never so aroused not even in my suhaagraat yes he also knew it because he is the only one till today enjoying me sexually he played with my boobs very passianatly now his right hand came near my waist he removed the saree in one go! my transperent petticoat which is covering my pussy along with that tiny panty also fell down by his handy work now only that tiny panty which is covering my sextreasure ! it is so soaked with my pussy juice the pussy juice oozing from my pussy like never before
ohhhhhhhh my god my pussy floodinggg with juice! hubby rubbed entire pussy allong with tiny panty with his hard palm ohhhh ratna my darlinggggg you are so wet kyu tum itini wet aaj bholo bholo please
ohhhhh dear i can't tell you ohhhhhh pleaseee
no you have to you never so co operating for sex i know why this sudden change tell me he rubbing my cliteros also
ohhhhh pleasee darlingggggg fuck me i can't
ok ok i will saying my hubby removed that tiny panty holding my pussy now i am stark naked in front of him mangalasutra along with 2 golden chain ear rings diamond nose ring silver anklets toe ring golden bangles on both hands thats all!i felt very shy ohhhhh ratna my darling meri raani you shaved your pussy wowww so nice saying he rubbed entire pussy with his palm he sat in front of me looking at my naked clean shaved pussy from where i given birth to his 3 children!even i gave birth to 3 children my pussy not that much used! more over he is the only man who fucked it that too once or twice in a week up to our 10 anniversary after that once or twice in a month now a days not even that! so it is well in shape looking like a poori a small opening between those rosy pussy lips big cliterose on my pussy is between milky thunder thighes no body belive 3 children came out of it now it is crying for big lund it is ready for big hard cock. my hubby slowly got up & carry me to the bed put me on the bed
. removed his clothes in hurry his already hard 6 inch cock is now ready to fuck his sexy wife mother of his 3 children he came near me i ran my nail polished fingers on it ohh it is hot kissed me deeply spread my legs sitting between my opened thighes i took that hard cock of my hubby rubbed on my cliterose placed at the opening of my juicy pussy
ohhhhhh ratnaaaaaa meri raani darlingg shouting my name he pushed his 6 inch cock in to my pussy ohhhhhhhh haaaa sunillllll my darlinggg meri raja i mouned for the first time called his name! it had more spice to him ohhhh ratnaaaa you called my name he said
yessss darlingggg haa my hubby pumping his cock in & out of my pussy fucking me with more lust i enjoying our fucking like never before ohh arlingg you are so wet haaa kya maaza de rahi hu raani he pumping more & more i ran my palms on his back pinching his back with my long sharp nails raising my waist from the bed meeting his shots with more lust ohhhhh we never fucked like this beforemy anklets giving very pleasent sound ghal ghal even my bangles also my hubby fucking me more vigorasaly ohhhhh after 5 minutes he shouting my name ratnaaaaaaaa darlinggg i am coming comibg saying pushed his cock deep inside my pussy came in side me! ohhhhhhhhhhh i felt un happy for the first time in my sex life felt little sad but hold my hubby tightlyyyyy locking him with my legs tried to cum ! we finished our first fucking season i am ready for more & more
my hubby sunil layed on me with tired ness his cock in my pussy after a few seconds that limped cock came out of my cum soaked pussy i am not satisfied i need more fuck we both fondling each other kissing locking our lips took rest but i start playing with limp cock of my hubby jerking it with my smooth hand wraping my fingers around it mastrubating hubby's cock still limp no sign of life in it ratna darling i am tired i am getting sleep we will do to morrow please leave it
no! sunil i want one more time please fuck me said with out any hesitation
ratna what happened why you so horny today we are not young ones my hubby said & pulling his cock from my fist slept with out looking at me for the first time i got angry about him but what to do i too tried to sleep but no sleep came near me i went to baath room washed my cum soaked pussy came fall on bed in stark naked the ac in room made me feel cool i pulled blanket & tried to sleep after some time i got sleep
ratna !ratna! my hubby called me ohh my god ! he is already got ready for his office ohh shit i asked him for the time ratna it is already 8 you are still sleeping he told i removed blanket ohhh i am naked not even a single thread on my body i felt ashamed my hubby laughed ratna put your clothes soon saying given my clothes i put clothes went to bathroom washed my face in water came out ran towards kitchen my son just finished his work out drinking his morning coffee my daughter also drinking her coffee sitting beside her brother both of them said morning mom today you are 2 hours late but we know the reason both of them said together & laughed loudly with shyness i ran to kitchen asked our maid what she doing for break fast ha maalkin aap nind me te bade maalik hotel se kuch lene keliye bola mai driver se breakfast hotel se maangaa ke raki hu saying she gave coffee i drank we both arrangethe breakfast for my hubby & children they ate my hubby went to office daughter anju to her college but son kaarthik stayed!


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i asked him beta! to day no work or any engagements
ha maa i got some engagements but i canceled it because i want to spend quality time with you saying he winked i too smiled at him said thank you beta jaamuna our maid asked me that both of us has to go for market to purchase grocery vegitables friuts as our weekly routine programme before i saying any thing my son interpritate said jaamuna bai maa is too tired she wont come you & driver go for market let she take rest! but beta it is my usual thing jaamuna bai doesn't know what are all required for home i told but maa today stay in home for me my son told in seriouse voice, cutting our conversation ! she took money from me took our car went to market now nobody in home only me & my son ! ohh its already 9.30 kaarthik i am going to take baath so many work pending not even done the pooja said in my usual home maker tone. maa! don't worry for your chorus works today common saying my son came near me! looking at me deeply hugged me from front i put my head on his broad chest put my shoulders around his neck said ok ! baba maa will not do any thing she will spend all the time with you are you satisfied saying kissed his fore head now leave me i have to take baath sit in hall watch tv will back in few minutes ok
no! maa i also coming with you i will help you to take your shower
what! what are you saying kaarthik are you seriouse i said in very generouse voice
yes mom i know what i mean saying he winked & put his two hands on my big ass pulled me to him plant kiss on my lips ohh no! kaarthik you are my son grown up one not boy you can't help me in shower i am your mom please try to under stand beta i tried to convince before it is too late no maa please only oncei want to help you in shower please maa allow me i won't do any thing wrong promise ohh sorry mother promise he begging in dramatic tone! it almost convinced me i said ok baba in very shying voice almost whispering wowwww thank you maa thank god saying he placed his lips on mine kissed deeply pulling me to him pressing his rough palms on my broad ass i too respond positevely not like a mother but like a lover ohh god is it me!!
ohhh! my son with out wasting even a single second started undress he removed his t shirt also his pyjama wow! the cock in his brief make it look like a tent i am watching my own son's streap tease sitting in bath tub i am so eager to see his grown up manhood my pussy crying once again my hand went automatically on it to console my poor pussy. my son didn't remove his briefs ohh my patience running out my son spotted it on my face teased me more!

maa! this brief not coming will you kindly help me please saying he came near me like a small boy
ha beta i will saying i removed that brief with my both hands ohhhh my good ness!at last his monster cock out! it actioned like a spring rubbing my face tremondasly ohhhhmy own son's cock rubbing my face! i not made any attempt to take my face back i am looking that lund of son in with out twinkling my eyes i never saw such huge cock before all of i saw only my hubby's 6 inch cock not any man's other than that i not even watch porn & all that stuffs before may be it is 8 to 9 inch of size may be 3 inch dia with lot of blood veins on it brownish in color but that front portion seems to look like a red big lolly pop some liquide oozing from the opening of his cock defenetly not pee. i rubbed my silky smooth palm on it wrapping well polished fingers around that monster cock of my son kaarthik with out thinking anything else. ohhhhhh! maaaa you are so goood wowwwww your hand so smooth my son said enjoying my hand on his cock mom! i want to give you bubble bath saying he poured soap soln in the bath tub mixing it with already filled luke worm water in the tub while he doing this his cock hanging like a huge pendulum ohhh what sexyyy situation i am proud of my boy! now he sat behind his sexy horny mom that is none me! pouring the bubled water on me from behind sarted rubbing my shoulder with his huge palms trying more gentle with his mom's so smooth body ohhhh! god i am in heaven he slowly bring his hands downwards poured buble liquied on my huge boobs start giving massage to his mom's huge boobs ohhhh he is maaster he know how to handle horny woman ohhhhh betaaaa saying i raised my both hands back wards holding his head cuddling his hairs making him feel free to give massage cum bath to my boobs now he massaging cuddling my boobs ohhhh pinching my erected rock hard nipples ohhhh it is not pleasureful pain my nipples are erect like a small boy's pee! so haard ohh he maasaging it taking it between his fingers he bring his face near me placing his hungry lips on mine tart kissing me it is real french kiss i am his woman he is my man i opened my hungry mouth start pushing my tongue in to his mouth massaging his tongue with mine. maa1 you are wonder full kisser you know how to kiss wowwww he said in praising tone i felt little shy!


ohhhh karthikkkk you are soo goood so kind of for your old mother ohhh my son !

no! mom who told you hold look these melons these are more good & sexyy than young ladies wowwww look these nipples dad is really lucky person he got such a wonderfull wife hai na maa

bringing his dad's name between this situation make me some unhappy alsolittle embrassment & guilty in real i took my hands from his head sit seriosely my son understood the situation laughed ohh sorry my dear mom bring his name i am very sorry please forgive me my lovely mom he begged & massage my boobs smoothly with soap solution i cooled little again put my hands on his head cuddling his hair said that's my boy kissed his lips again with full force thank you my sexy mom! saying he moved his right hand in to my stomach area carresed it with much love slowly insert his middle fingre in my navel give little pressure to it.

yes! he handling his mom so well make her feel in heaven now she is enjoying what sex is all about! it is not only for baby making but to enter salvation! he is kaama for her she is rati for him they are no more mom & son now my son kaarthik forwarded his strong hot & horny hand to my cunt! which is soaked with bubble water he start massage it brush it by sponge murmaringgg feeling my hot pussy his own mother's pussy ohhhh yes i am so horny i can't hold more i put my trembling hand on his pushed his hand hard on my pussy bringing another from his head wrapping his monster rock hard cock ohhhhhh i start give jerk to that so preciouse part of him! yes i am jerking my own son mastrubating him. my love boy insert his middle finger in my pussy ohhhhhhh he rubbing my cliteros which is came out of pouch for the first time in it's entire existence ohhhh ohh from his thumb! increasing pressure gradually now my son start push his finger in & out in my pussy slowly stadily he is finger fucking his mom! his own mom! showing her what finger fucking means haaa my mouth shouting! enjoying it now he insert his one more finger start pushing deep inside ohhh now he incresed speed moving his fingers like pistonn rubbing my cliterose more vigoraslyyy ohh i came!came! raising my butts from the water shouting his name so loudly he put his hand in my mouth whispering mom! don't shout so loudly what if some one hear!i increased my fist's speed on his cock ohhhhh mom! mmmmmmmom! haa he enjoying what his mom doing for him my hand shake his but shake make lot of sound in bath tub i mastrubate more thn 5 minutes looking deep in his eye kissing his lips at last the baby making seeds are shot like a fountain! yes that sperms of my son is so thick & muchh it is a huge load even apeared in that soap foam! ohhhhh maaaa! you are so goood ohhh baby you tooo we kissssed each other stayed in the tub for few more minutes the mobile ringgggg
the ringing of mobile bring both of us in to the earth from heaven i i came out of bath tub with soap foam covered body ran got the phone.ohh it is our driver's phone hello! i answered he told the car is broke down near market it will take 1 hour to fix it shall send jaamuna bai by taxi! oh i told him don't send her by any other vehicle nothing urgent come after fixing the car! all of you know the reason ! yes i want to extend my sexual journey with my son! i cut off the phone came to bath room swinging my heavy hips my son who is still in bath tub smiled at me he also got out of the tub now we both standing facing each other stark naked below the shower i ran the water from the shower we both giving bath to each other that monster cock of my son again blown to full form we washed each others privete pats e his cock he mine pussy as well boobs giggling like lovers cutting sex jokes teasing each other ohh it is the best bath i ever had! he lift me in his doli again brought me out of the bath room now he took towel dried me with all affection put talk powder on me more on pussy boobs under arms ohh i took care of his cock by rubbing my smooth hand running my fingers on it ohh the monster dancing in joy! ohh my poor boy saying i gave some hard stokes on it ohh maaaa! saying he kissed me now i make him to sit on bed go near mirror started make up i applied dark cherry red lipstick combing my sexy eye brows applied mascara even for eye lashes rose colored blush on my cheeks all with ivory foundation! my beutifull face glowing like a moon yes i am beautifull & but sexyyy too even i am 49 years at that time not even a single wrinkle on my face no dark circles glowing whitish skin sexy nose big brown eyes fully blown cheks i am not fatty no bulge stomach even i am not doing any acrobats doing house hold works walking lot eating properly make me look young now these make up stuffs my open ness to sex! make me sexyyyyy. my son kaarthik rubbing his cock watching his mom me doing make up smilingly i looked him smiled hegot up from bed but i ordered him stay there only he obeyed i put lip gloss to increase my wet ness on lips now i put laced bra & panties both red colored which my son selected from my ward robe took that high heel sexyy leather belted sandle put sindoor on my fore head little turmaric in my cheeks ohhhh yes i want to look like a slut pativrata looking my self in mirror satisfied yes! mangalasutra along with gold chain sindoor bindi on head turmaric on cheeks anklets toe rings on feet red bangles along with gold bangles made me look like sexyyy indian aurat now i came near bed walking sexy walk swinging my big hips more smiling sexually at my darling son! all my this increased his monster cock 1 more inch now it is fully erected swinging asking me to take care mummy! but i want to tease him ok beta i want to dress will you go out the very dialogue make him angry ! his face become red no! mom don't that much cruel for your son this is not fare! he said i burst in to laugh ha ha ha no my darling son i want to do some thing for you which i never done before! he puzzeld! what mom i don't have any idea of what you are saying

i shyingly came near him put my sexy mouth near his eagarly waiting ear said darling! i want suck this monster pointing his rock hard cock

ohhh ! mommmm he was soooo sexitedd he kissed my lips immediatly with all joyy what maa you never sucked dad's ohh sorry i don't want to bring his name sorry sorry

no! beta promise i never sucked your dad you are the first man i said with lot of shyness

wowwwwww! i am going to fuck my mom's virgin mouth he shouted soo sexitedlyy than god!!!he thanking almighty giving this very rare apportunity for a son that too with his mother!

yes he is right i am virgin! now i am ready to loose my virginity for my own son!!!

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