Incest Dream came true......

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Which is best erotic relation

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  • Student teacher

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guys I got married to Keerthi...we actually ran off as her family was planning to get her married to some other guy. We went to my native place stayed there till now ( didn't plan anything in advance it just happened, left my laptop at home). Now her family has accepted the fact. We are having a family meet this Wednesday, then next week we might have a small reception. But the next update will be given before Wednesday.
Congrats bro
Wish you a happy married life


Tera mera pyar amar fir kyun mujhko lagta hai dar
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Now please post your next update. Because there is frustration in the readers

Hamid khan

New Member
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please give us something worth reading... we waited for long enough bro plz give us update fast and long plz


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Congratulations and wish you and Keerthi, a very happy and joyful and peaceful married life. God bless you both and also Harika.


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I was driving back to home, I couldn’t stop thinking about those two beautiful pieces of fantastic art. My dick was coming back to life by just imaging their visuals in my mind and it got erect completely after I was thinking to fuck them with their saree push up to their waist. Due to my daydreaming, I had a few close calls. I almost hit a few other vehicles several times because my brain couldn’t stop fucking thinking about Harika and Keerthi. That deep I was in this shit. Still, I managed to reach home without hitting anyone. I came to Harika’s bedroom and started to search for which kind of dress I need to get for them. I found a dress for Harika, but what about Keerthi? I ain’t letting her wear that white color Anarkali dress while Harika will be showing off her curves in pub. I don’t want my girlfriend to feel less than her best friend. I tried searching a few for Keerthi from Nidhi’s wardrobe, but Nidhi’s dress would be kind loose for Keerthi. I called Harika and Informed her of the situation. Keerthi was beside her and both sounded upset, so was I.

Me: Hey, Shall I suggest something?

Harika : Yeah. Will it work?

Me : Of course. You guys will be centre of the attraction.

Harika : Anything embarrassing ?

Me : No, nothing to worry about.

Harika : Alright then do it. Bring those dress to college. See ya.

Me : Yeah, See you.

I packed stuff I was planning for and left.

I reached college campus around 4:30pm. Students are leaving one by one. Those who were planning to stay are waiting for rock concert to start at open auditorium. I was waiting for Harika and Keerthi. I was enjoying my coke, while my beautiful damsels were just walking towards me across the park. All the guys around were turning around to have second look. Obviously, they were looking at their shapes + saree has ignited several desires in their heart. One of those desires must be fucking Harika and Keerthi day night. Ah, watching those guys was a treat for me. They came to me and asked about their dress which they will be wearing and place to change their dress.

Me: Place is your classroom.

Harika: No fuck. Are you serious?

Me : Oh yeah.

Both were looking at me,

Keerthi : Where is my dress?

Me: You are wearing it.

Keerthi : I didn’t get you?

Me : We are going to have some drinks and you will come in saree.

Harika : Seriously? You will make us die with guilt.

Me : Look, I wanted to give you a different but memorable moment. You both look stunning in these Sarees, you need to adjust them a bit.

Keerthi : Adjust? Isn’t this fine.

Me : It’s fine for college, but we are going to a place where there will be guys looking at beautiful chicks and chicks will be showing off their skin and curves. Trust me you need to pull your sarees down, below your navel. Expose your waist, get rid of your bras and wrap your saree bit tight around your fleshy ass so that onlookers will find entire piece swaying left and right.

Harika : Sounds good.

Me: So if you are hungry eat something. We will go to your department building it will be vacant by now. Wash your face, apply some lipstick if you want in ladies washroom and you will readjust your dress in your classroom.

Keerthi: Okay fine lets go.

While we were walking Keerthi’s mom called, so she was walking slowly and we almost got it building.

Harika: You planned something?

Me : What?

Harika :Time is 6:15PM, You ain’t taking us to pub this early. You planned something.

Me : Yeah, I did.

Harika : Tell me?

Me : Last night you met my monster condom, now it’s the time Keerthi meet him.

Harika : OMG wow. But where you will do? In our class?

Me : Yeah, I am gonna fuck you both bitches on your bench. I will pounded Keerthi’s tight pussy with my monster condom, I will make this building fill up with echoes of your moans.

Harika : OMG ( excited).

Me : I need your help.

Harika : Hmm.

Me : Keerthi need to re-adjust her saree. I am gonna undress her and start making out. You also join, tell her we shall have fun for a while. Get her involved so that meanwhile I will get my monster out and she will get a nice fuck.

Harika : what about me?

Me : I mean both of you will get nice fuck.

We reached ladies washroom. Harika was trying to wash her face but water was falling on her saree.

Me : Hey, you are spoiling your saree. Just remove you saree and hand it over to me. I will hold it. Meanwhile you carryout with your work.

Harika : How would I wear saree here again? Look how dirty it is.

Me : Hey, first do with your face wash etc. I will give your saree after coming outside. As there is nobody inside this building so no need to worry.

Meanwhile we heard footsteps coming, we understood its Keerthi. Keerthi entered wash room as we were talking. She saw water over Harika’s saree.

Keerthi : Be careful.

Harika : Bunny is saying that we should remove the saree and freshup.

Keerthi : Not a bad idea. But can’t wear saree here, look floor is dirty.

Harika : We will do it in classroom.

Keerthi : Fine, building is empty.

They looked at each and smiled. Then Removed their saree and gave them to me. I was watching them in their petty coat and blouse while they washed their face and neck. Then we proceeded to their class. Keerthi being naughty one she removed her blouse and walked all the way to class in bra and petticoat.

Harika( whispered to me) : This one seems too much excited that building is vacant, she doesn’t know that she will get her pussy rammed really hard.

Me: Not really getting rammed but literally getting it destroyed.

Harika laughed.

We entered classroom, Harika refused to have lights turned on. Rather she opened window which allowed little bit light which is enough and yeah fucking cool wind.

They started to wear saree and I stopped.

Me : Hey ladies what the fuck is this?

Harika : What’s fun going to pub with exposing waist and navel if you are wearing inners.

Keerthi : No No, this is bad idea. We should have inners.

Me : Look today, I want to bring out the crazy, naughty bitch out of you. I did observe, whenever you both roamed around without inners, you had this little bit bitch inside nice girl and little nice girl inside a bitch which mad you attractive.

Both were looking at me with blank faces.

Me : Look what’s fun if we go to out enjoy like everyday? Uh? Tonight we can be whatever we like to be.

I went to Keerthi, held her chin and lifted it. Slightly kissed her lips.

Me to Keerthi : Trust me babe it will be fun.

I slowly turned Keerthi around and unhooked her bra. Slid her straps down her shoulders and her boobs were freed from the clutches of her bra. Cool breeze flowing into the classroom has kissed Keerthi’s naked breast. She hissed like a snake and shivered a bit due to cold.

I cupped her boobs with my rough, warm hands. Planted warm kiss on naked shoulders and gave her boobs a tight squeeze.

Keerthi: Mhhm…ahh!

Me : It feels good isn’t?

Keerthi: mmmm….

Harika without wasting time, she unhooked her blouse and bra. She was naked above and hugged keerthi from front. Keerthi is sandwiched between Harika and I. Both girls locked the lips and rubbing their naked breasts on each other while keeping each other warm.

I pulled down Keerthi’s petti coat and started to rub her pussy over her panty. Keerthi started licking and sucking Harika’s breast and Harika slowly took over Keerthi from me. Keerthi made Harika lie on dias. Keerthi pulled off Harika’s petticoat and panty. I pulled off Keerthi’s panty. Both girls started to make out. Keerthi was on Harika, sucking her lips and squeezing her breast and I was fingering Keerthi’s pussy and squeezing her breast.

I kept going for a while and I took a break. Drank water. Both girls were busy making love with each other, I thought this is the time I shall make my move. I slowly pulled out my monster condom, applied lubricant on my penis and condom. I started kissing Keerthi’s back and whispered into her ears.

Me: Keerthi, are you in for a sex session.

Keerthi: Aren’t we getting late?

Keerthi was about to get up and Harika stopped her.

Harika : Hey, come on this will be fun.

Without giving any warning, I just rammed Keerthi’s pussy. Keerthi felt friction of spikes on the condom rubbing against tight pussy walls.

Keerthi : Ahhhh…..

Keerthi let out load moan and collapsed onto Harika, Harika broke in laughter.

I didn’t stop kept pounding Keerthi’s pussy from behind, I went rough that evening. It was bliss to fuck her from behind. Meanwhile Harika slipped out, Keerthi got into missionary position. I kissed her lips, ran my fingers through her silky hair. I widen her legs and started rubbing my tool on her vagina. She was sweating, her skin was glittering due to limited light. I again penetrated her, kept going. I watched her face turn pink, I understood she was getting close to her orgasm. In few seconds I cummed , but keerthi didn’t. So still I kept going, pounding her for a while till she got orgasm. I collapsed beside her. We both were taking deep breaths while watching ceiling. Harika was sitting on nearby desk, clapping. She climbed over me and we both kissed for few minutes. Keerthi who was still lying beside us closed her eyes, she had pretty smile on her face. She was satisfied. Harika tried to insert my dick into her pussy to ride me. I was tired and stopped her. She put up puppy face and tried to request one, I just refused. We three lied to together for a while.

Keerthi : That was a one fucking surprise.

Harika : Yeah I was.

Keerthi : You had this last night?

Harika : Yeah, Atleast I knew what was entering my cunt.

Keerthi : Lucky you.

Keerthi : Now bunny, what else you got in your bag.

Me : Three towels, each one.

Harika : Oh god.

Keerthi : What?

Harika : This fucker is really good at planning. He brought towels so that we can have shower after sex.

Keerthi : That’s why I love him. Umaah

I got up wrapped towels around my waist and gave them their. We had only one shower room, I went first. As I came out I found these birds waiting outside. I came to class, got ready. After few minutes, girls came.

Me : Remember, No bra and no panty.

Harika : Fine.

Both got busy wearing saree, helping each other. Everything was ready, before leaving girls went to the washroom to apply a bit makeup and lipstick. Damn, they were slaying. Seems they will set the entire city on fire. Babes are smoking hot in saree, upon that they don’t have inners and wore saree by exposing their navel and tender waist. I got aroused. Poor guys in the pub. They will get high fever that’s for sure.

We got into car and drove towards our next destination.

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