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Story 16 : Indian Housewife’s First Time With Another Man

Author : aakanksha4all

Written on : 20th December, 2019

Hi my name is Alka. I am happily married for the past 10 years and have two kids, son 8 and daughter 10. My husband is a businessman. We stay in Delhi. Our life as a family has been great and happy. My husband also loves me a lot, so do my kids.

This story is about how I had sex with a man other than my husband in the past 17 years.

Once in the afternoon time, I was passing my best friend Amita’s house. Hence I thought I will go there and say a hi to her. So I went to her place without informing her. I knew that she will be alone since her husband will be at work and her son at school.

When I reached her place, I entered the house since I had a spare key for her house. I thought I will shock her. But it went the other way around. I heard her loud moaning sounds with the sounds of her bangles. It was very obvious that she was having sex with her husband.

I was surprised that her husband didn’t go to work today. I didn’t want to disturb them hence I thought to leave. But, then suddenly I got curious to see how would it feel to watch another couple having sex. Do they fuck each other better than what me and my husband do?

So I tiptoed to the bedroom and to my luck , the bedroom door was slightly open. But I was shocked by what I saw inside.

I saw that Amita was all naked with her hair open and just bangles in her hand and she was riding a dick in and out of her vagina. The shocking part was that he wasn’t her husband! It was Amita’s friend from the gym!!

I got cold feet and while I was trying to leave that scene in a jiffy, I hit a show-piece and it fell down. They both saw me looking at them. Amita yelled, “Close that door Alka, give me 10 minutes, I will be there”.

I closed the door and sat in the living room and the visuals were flashing through my eyes. And I was in a shock that my best friend whom I thought was a very nice lady was cheating on her husband. I could still hear her moaning and finally, they both made huge grunts which indicated that they both have cummed.

After 20 minutes, I saw both coming out of the room. The guy left and Amita was just in her bra and panty. I could see the area around her pussy was wet with cum.

She sat near me and asked me, “Are you alright?”

Me: You should be asking this to yourself. (I shouted in anger). What the hell were you doing? You are a married woman with a grown-up son.

Amita: So what? I am not leaving my family. I love them. What I was doing was just taking care of myself and my needs.

Me: Isn’t your husband there to have sex with you?

Amita: Yes, he is there but then I am just bored having sex with the same man for so many years. I am sure even he is too because everything becomes monotonous. The spark is missing. I am sure even he must be fucking women outside.

Me: And you are ok with the thought that he also must be fucking around?

Amita: Yes, of course. Sex and love are two different things. If he is finding pleasure somewhere else doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me. And the same is the other way around.

I am sure even you wouldn’t be feeling the same sex which you felt during the first few years of your marriage. Even you must be missing that spark and excitement of feeling a new naked body on your naked body. And that feeling of holding a new dick.

I was quiet and listening to all this. Then I started thinking that she was right. But I couldn’t accept it. I was trying to find reasons to oppose this idea.

Me: But I am married and have kids. And what if someone finds out?

Amita: The fact that you worried about someone finding out explains that you want to try but you are scared of getting caught.

Me: Honestly after I saw you riding that guys dick and hearing what you told me now. I feel you are right. I do miss that excitement of sex and that can only be fulfilled by a new man. But how do I find a man who will have sex with me knowing that I am married with kids?

Amita: Don’t worry, I can ask my guy to have sex with you. I am sure he will be happy to do so.

Me: Won’t you be jealous that your bf is having sex with me?

Amita: As I said, I don’t love him or anything. It’s just pleasure. I don’t care how many women he has sex with as long as he can fuck me well and pleasure me to cum. So when do you wanna do it?

Me: I don’t know, I am just scared. I can’t go to a hotel because what if someone known sees me there. Can I do it at your place?

Amita: I would have let you two have sex here but my in-laws are coming tonight.

Me: So where do I do it?

Amita: At your place. I am sure in the afternoon, you are all alone.

Me: Yes, I am alone in the afternoon but that’s for just two hours. After that, my kids come back from tuition.

Amita: Don’t worry I will pick your kids from tuition and then get them to my place and will drop them at your place only when you guys are done.

Me: Alright. It’s too risky though.

Amita: Don’t worry Alka, you will have the best sex after a long time.

I left her place and kept thinking if I am doing the right thing or not. Also what if my kids or husband finds out? My entire evening went with all these thoughts.

After dinner, we all went to bed. My husband asked me about my day. And we had a normal chat. But in my mind, I could only picture that guy’s dick and myself naked with him. This kept my pussy wet since evening.

I was so engrossed in these thoughts that I didn’t realize my husband was fingering my pussy. He asked me why I was already so wet. I just lied to him saying that I was feeling horny for him.

Hearing this, he started undressing and pulled my nightie up and entered his dick in me. He fucked me for 20-25 minutes and then we both came. But honestly, I had my eyes closed and was imagining that guy instead of my husband. After sex, we cleaned and slept.

The next morning after everyone left, I started cleaning my bedroom and put a new bedsheet because the old bedsheet had my husband’s cum from the last night.

I got a call from Amita.

Amita: Alka, has your husband and kids left? Raj will be coming in half an hour.

Me: Yes. But I am very nervous. I never had sex with any man other than my husband. I don’t know how will it be. And his dick looked much bigger and thicker than my husband’s. I hope it doesn’t hurt much. When he fucks you, doesn’t it hurt? How do you manage?

Amita: Don’t worry much, Raj will take care of you and your pussy. He will be slow and smooth. It might hurt you a bit in the beginning but it will be pleasurable later on. Since I am used to his dick, it doesn’t hurt me. And by the way, I have taken bigger dicks in me.

Me: Is your husband’s dick bigger than Raj’s?

Amita: Nope. I once had sex with a black guy who was 8.5 inches.

I was shocked listening to the size of the dick and that Amita had sex with many people and not just her husband and Raj.

Me: Please make sure my kids don’t turn up home while I am having sex with Raj. I don’t want my kids to see me naked in bed with a stranger.

Amit: You don’t worry, I will take care of it. You just forget everything and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Take this as your first night after marriage.

After 20 minutes, the doorbell rang. It was Raj. I was very nervous and embarrassed to see him. I just couldn’t look him in the eyes. I asked him to come in. We sat in the living room and there was an awkward silence. I was just looking down. It was Raj who spoke first.

Raj: How are you?

Me: I am good.

Raj: Are you uncomfortable or have you changed your mind about we getting in bed together?

Me (immediately): No I am just nervous. You know why we are here. I have never been close to any man other than my husband.

Raj: That’s alright. There is always a first time. Once we do it, you will get addicted to the pleasure of another man. You will like the idea of being married and yet getting to sleep with another man behind your husband’s back.

Me: Don’t say that. It makes me feel guilty. And this is just one time. I don’t want any extramarital affair.

Raj: As you say, my love. Are we only gonna talk or do what I am here for because I am sure we don’t have a lot of time with us.

I was shocked by the way he addressed me. I just replied with a nod.

Raj came close to me and held my face in his arms. My heart started beating very fast. My eyes were closed. He touched my lips with his and started smooching me.

It was the first time I was kissed by a man other than my husband. I felt an electric spark. Maybe also due to the thought that my husband was at work and here I was kissing another man in our house.

I started to kiss him back wildly. We smooched for 10 minutes. While kissing, he was mauling my boobs over my t-shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra because I knew it had to be removed in some time anyway. Raj started pulling my t-shirt up. I helped him by raising my hand.

I was topless now, showing my boobs to a stranger whom I met for the first time. Raj started sucking my nipples hard. I was getting super turned on.

He was too good with sucking boobs, better than my husband. He did that for 10-15 minutes and then removed all his clothes and stood stark naked in front of me.

I had never seen a guy naked other than my husband who was a bit plump and here was Raj with a chiseled body. His long and thick dick was right in front of my face. I felt like sucking it immediately.

To my surprise, at the same time, Raj held my head and pushed my face on his dick. I immediately opened my mouth and took his dick in. I loved the taste of his precum. I was enjoying sucking him. I was sitting on the sofa with just my pants on and boobs jiggling naked and sucking another man’s dick while he was standing.

I sucked him for 15 minutes and then he came in my mouth. I had never had my husband ejaculate in my mouth. It was the first time but I liked the hot cum in my mouth and I drank it.

Then Raj made me stand. He started kissing me again and started pressing my ass. Suddenly, I felt his fingers getting around my waistband on my track pants. I realized that he was gonna pull them off and get me naked. I immediately stopped him.

Me: No, stop. Not here.

Raj: Why? what happened?

Me: Let’s go to the bedroom. People can hear us from the door as we are in the living room.

Raj: Oh, so you moan loudly?

Me (shyly): Yes..

I started walking in the same condition and Raj was walking behind me naked. While walking, I was thinking about how shameless I have become within a matter of minutes. I was walking half-naked with a fully naked man who was meeting me for the first time and soon, I will be fully naked in front of him and his dick will be in my pussy.

And I was taking him to my bedroom to get fucked on the same bed where I have sex with my husband for so many years. Rather than feeling guilty, all these thoughts were exciting me more.

As soon as we entered the bedroom, Raj turned me and started kissing me again and made me lay in bed and started pulling my track and panty together. I just closed my eyes because now I was getting completely naked. My pussy was visible to him.

I lifted my ass up to help him get my pants off and soon I was in my birthday suit with this stranger. He climbed on top of me and instinctively, I spread my legs to allow him to get closer to my pussy to enter his dick. I was all wet and dripping.

While he positioned his dick at the entrance of my pussy, thoughts started flashing in my mind. Once this dick enters me, I will be cheating my husband completely. I will be losing my chastity, I will no more be a woman with morals, I will be committing infidelity.

But then suddenly, the pain of Raj’s dick entering my pussy got me back from my thoughts.

A huge moan came out of my mouth. He entered too deep and touched places inside my vagina where my husband’s dick couldn’t reach. Then he took a pause for a minute. I hugged him really tight.

Me: Ohhhhh Raaajjjjj…! What a dick you have! You have filled my pussy completely. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard and wild..
Raj: Yes love, I will give the best sex of your life.

Raj started fucking me in missionary. I could see us having sex in the mirror. I with legs spread and Raj in between my legs. It was a turn on. It was 10 minutes since Raj started fucking me. Suddenly, my phone rang and it was my husband!

Me: Baby, wait wait!

Raj: Don’t stop me, I am loving this.

Me: I don’t want you to stop either. It’s my husband and if I don’t pick up, he will keep calling and disturb us.

Raj stopped. However, we were in the same position. His dick was still inside me. I picked up the call.

Me: Hi, baby.

Husband: Hey babes, why did you take so long to pick up?

Me: I was doing some work and was too engrossed so I didn’t realise.

While I was talking to my husband, Raj was on top of me moving his dick in and out of me very slowly and sucking my nipples.

Husband: I just called to check if kids had gone for tuition.

Me: Yes yes, honey. They left. Can I call you later? I am in the middle of my work. Let me finish it and call you.

Husband: Alright.

I felt so bad for my husband. But then I couldn’t do much. The pleasure I was getting was too immense and overpowered all the guilt. We resumed our sex.

Raj fucked me in doggy and few other positions for good 1 hour. I was shocked that how can he stay for so long. My husband use to cum in 10-15 minutes maximum. Today, I was getting the actual pleasure of sex with a real man. I had already cummed thrice.

Suddenly, Raj yelled.

Raj: I am cumming..

Me: Yes, cum in me. Fill your hot cum in my pussy.

Raj: Won’t you get pregnant?

Me: I am on pills.

Raj: Alright then. Here you go, baby.

We both came together. Raj made huge grunts while cumming. He collapsed on top of me. I was hugging him tightly and feeling his back and ass with my hands running all over him. I could feel his dick going limp in my pussy and slowly sliding out.

Since his dick was huge, it did not slide out completely even after becoming flaccid. He pulled it out slightly raising his ass and he moved over me and slept next to me. I was hugging him and sleeping. I completely forgot that I have a husband or kids. I felt like I was a girl who was with her bf.

We both didn’t speak anything and slept for 20 minutes. I got up suddenly with the feeling of his finger in my pussy. I opened my eyes and saw that his dick was erect again. He started smooching me.

I held his dick and started moving it up and down. Raj came on top of me again and I got the signal that he wanted to fuck me again. So I spread my legs and while we were kissing, I guided his dick to my pussy.

He entered with a slight push and I let out a painful moan. Raj started moving very slow. Suddenly, my phone rang and it was Amita.

I got scared thinking that she was already on her way to my place with my kids. I did not stop Raj and picked up the call. While Raj was slowly fucking me, I spoke to Amita.

Me: What happened? Are you on your way?

Amita: No, not yet. I thought I will ask you before I leave. Are you guys done? How much time more do you want?

Me: We did it once. He was hard again so we are doing it again.

Amita: Oh sorry I disturbed. You guys start then.

Me: We have already started. He is already inside me and fucking me slowly.

Amita: Oh wow!! So it’s the second round, huh!! Someone who was so shy is already having a second round.

I was blushing.

Amita: You guys finish your fucking and let me know when to leave.

Me: Yes sure. Anyway, I have to get done fast because my husband will also be coming home soon.

I kept the phone and we started our session again. Raj started fucking me at a normal pace. He asked me if I wanna come on top.

Now I was getting bold in front of him and there was no point in being shy as I was already naked under him. I came on top of him and started riding him. I was looking like those porn stars.

We kept fucking in that position for another 40 minutes and finally, we both came together and I lay exhausted on him.

Since there was not much time before my kids and husband arrive, I got up and went to the washroom and cleaned myself and dressed up. So did Raj.

I escorted him to the door and while leaving, we smooched again. Before leaving, he asked me –

Raj: When are we having sex again?

Me: I don’t know. Maybe not.

Raj: Why? Didn’t you enjoy it?

Me: Nothing like that. I had the best sex of my life. I just don’t want to get addicted to this cheating sex or have an extramarital affair.

Raj: It’s not a big deal. You are just satisfying and pampering yourself with some sexual pleasure.

Me: Please don’t try to convince me. I have already cheated on my husband after so many years of marriage. I just don’t want to take risks and spoil my marriage. Thank you for giving me a good time. I will remember this time spent with you.

Raj: As you wish. If you ever change your mind, I am just a call away.

We smooched again and he left. I changed the bedsheet again because it was full of my and Raj’s cum and I didn’t want my husband’s suspicion.

Soon my kids arrived and later in the evening, my husband. I was back to being a normal housewife who was getting fucked like a slut by a stranger a few hours ago!
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Story 17 : A Housewife’s Adventure

Author : Pinku2010

Written on : 11th January, 2017

Myself, my wife and my son are on tour in MP (Panchmari, Jabalpur, Kanha & B’Garh) this summer.

We used to go for such trips every year and every time I asked her for some exhibitionism but failed but this time I pursued her for some sort of exhibitionism which she agreed after so many requests. We booked resorts all the places. At Jabalpur, we stayed in a resort which was in a very lonely place and on the hills near Bheraghat. We came there from Kanha on our way to Panchmari. On the way, she was wearing a white transparent camisole with black push-up bra and white semi-transparent shrug and skirt without panty on the roads. The driver boy was very friendly with her on the roads and always looking at her big boobs whenever he got time.

When we reach the resort two boys came to pick our luggage. Since it was at noon and too hot she immediately taken out the shrug and stays in the camisole revealing her voluptuous assets in front of those boys and our driver boy. As I was busy in completing the hotel formality, she and my son were arranging for the luggage transfer and was talking with those two boys about the room and the place.. when I looked at them, I saw that she was bent to pick up the small bags and by this process opened up her big boobs to them… and the boys are glazing at her assets with big eyes… her boobs are really very lovely.. the total scene was very hot and horny…while my son was running ahead they are walking with her side by side to guide her to our room which was at the back side of the resort and at a long distance from the main office and just beside their staff quarter. They told us that since it was summer so nobody except us was in the resort.

The boys after that frequently came to our room all the time for all small small matters but they are very careful about her all needs like soaps, shampoo, cleaning of the beds and arranging the third bed for our son, arranging the luggage, bringing cold water, lunch for us etc. During their all works they never missed any chance to glazed at her assets and my wife too was allowing such revelation.

In the evening my son was watching TV in the room and we sat on the small balcony in the ground floor and I was having bear and she was having tea and snacks … one of the boy, who is good looking, came and sat with us talking about his families and other stories about the place… my wife at that time wearing a short knee length white nighty robe that reveals her white thais and other big and chubby assets and the boys were sitting very near to her in the down stair looking and staring straight at her assets and also sometimes under gown assets too. There was enough light there for him to measure. I noticed that my wife also indulges him and allows him to glaze at her assets.

He brought the dinner and told us that he stays in the next house and if any thing require we may call him.
After the dinner we had a talk … she told me that she was feeling so horny as such exhibitionism she had never done before and so she was draining through her tunnel all the time. That night we had a long fucking session….she utter his name quite few times during that session. This is the first time for her and she was very daring in her exhibitions.
Next day morning I ordered for bed tea and the boy came with the tea … I told him to came in and put the same on the table as I was in the washroom for brushing…. my son was in the other bed still sleeping and she did not wake up till then. Her nightly was up and her clean shaved sweet spot was revealing.. the boy came inside and look straight to that and waited for few minutes and looks around the room and assuring that I was not in the room and my son was sleeping move close to her to have a better look. He put his hand on her nighty gown softly and moved the same a little bit to have a better close look, he waited there and touches his own bulge and went away. I watched him all the time from the washroom. After that I came out and called her and told her about the incident…. she was stunned and very excited too…. I told her to do some flirt with him which she agreed as it would be only for half day….

When the boy came back for clearing I asked him to accompany us to visit at the different places around the bheraghat, he gladly agreed but told that he need permission. I talked to the manager and requested to allow him to go with us. We all moved and roamed at all the places together around bheraghat. As usual, he took special care of my wife and she too teased him and gave him chance to look at her assets and allowed occasional touches at her bodies. Once he arranges for her pee also in a remote place and stood as watchman for her bare ass and pussy ….. on that day also she was wearing white skirt without panty and a pink transparent camisole … during the boat riding she gave him a chance to touch her boobs and other places of her body and she also hugged him while getting down from the boat. They went to see a marble cave together where I did not accompany them as myself and my son was busy having some snacks.

My wife later told me that the boy while taking her into a marble cave touched her pussy and put his fingers into her pussy under the skirt and fingered her for a quite sometime and licked her by putting his mouth there. He also pressed and sucked her boobs and also kissed her. The boy made her to touch his dick and pressed her for a blowjob by her mouth, later she told me that his tool was fairly big. She was so horny at that time that she allows him to do all with him and also enjoyed such half fucking session. She gulped his cum too.

She told me that she was wet completely at that time as it was the first time some body other than me touched and fingered her pussy. She confessed me that she enjoyed very much such voyeurism … and it was a mind blowing experience for her. She confessed me later that she was so hot and horny at that time that if the boy pressurized her for a sex, then she might have landed into that as she was wanting the boy to fuck her hard. But that did not happen as she did the blow job to him with her mouth and there was very little time for them.

We left for the panchmari in the afternoon from Bheraghat and in her words ” it was my sweet, hot horny and unforgettable memory. She even now tells me that she very satisfied for such unexpected sexual and sensual incident with a complete stranger.
After we left bheraghat she was a bit offbeat and talking less with me and with son too. We reached Panchmari around 7.30/8.00 PM night and directly moved to the resort.

At night in the bed shared the incident of bheraghat with me and told me that it was an unfortunate experience but she could not control the situation as everything happened so fast. She narrated every detail of it. But she confessed me that though it was a very strange and unsettling incident but she somehow enjoyed the episode as it was her first experience. We had a very warm session that night.

Next three days we had already planned for various sight-seeing around Panchmari and the resort arranged a vehicle for us. It was a hood open gypsy vehicle. We visited two-three places nearby and returned back. In the afternoon we are planning to visit the sunset point. At the time of going out, the resort manager requested us that if one person can be accommodated with us in the vehicle. Since he was alone and no vehicle was available. We nodded to the same and that person accompanied us to the sunset point. He is a very sweet young boy and friendly chap, doing research in bioscience and came for sample collection. Since my wife is also done her doc. in bio science, they immediately start talking in their language and I engaged myself with my son. He also became very friendly with my son too. The boy told that he would move to the US on the next week after submitting his project as he already got an assignment there for three years.

My wife was in her jeans and tops and her assets are as usual blossoming. They boy started talking to her and about the samples and the research subjects but continuously starring at her assets.
As we reach there we took seat in the point and my son was busy in taking photographs. He requested my wife to accompany him to help him in collection of the samples in the nearby garden. They went together and I was in charge of my son.

They came back within one hour with some samples and I noted that she is taking a lot of interest in him and she got a chance to talk to somebody of her own subject. After sunset when the evening settled we started going back. My son sat on the front seat of the jeep and my wife sat between us. It was around one hour drive. They continued talking to each other and since it was hilly area their bodies are getting frequently touched in some occasion to keep balance my wife catch his hands also. Once I saw that he touched her legs too while keeping the samples on his lap. It became dark then and I could not see more
We came back took and bath, I requested him to have drinks with me which he agreed. We had drinks together and had dinner. During dinner, he thanked me for allowing me to accompany him and he told that he had a good time with her as she is a great help to him.

He requested me to allow him to be with us so that he could get help from my wife.
At night she told me that the boy was really charming and she likes the innocent look of the boy. She also told me to change our sight-seeing plan and to go to one falls where he could collect samples. We also planned to take bath there as it was a hot water spring.
We started a bit around eight in the morning. She dressed in normal salwar and top. We reached the place and went down and took our bath. After the bath, she changed into a skirt and a sleeve less top. While coming up myself and my son went up very fast but they lagged behind for collecting bio-samples. We moved up and waited there for hours till they come back. At last, I found that they were coming and she was limping a bit and coming slowly putting her hand on the boy’s shoulder. She told me that she fall down and got injured in her legs and some cut made in her legs. She also told me that nothing more has happened as the boy hold her quickly but there was some sprain in her knee.
We came back and meet with a doctors and who confirmed that it was a simple sprain and advised rest of half day. The doc gave her some pain killer and one pain balm to spray. In the afternoon she told that she would not go out but due to my son’s urging I went to visit one temple.
Since the boy did not have any interest in temple he did not accompany us and moreover he was feeling guilty for that incident.

We came back around 7 pm and found that the boy was in our room and they were chatting and laughing. I noticed some change in her face and she was blushing.

In the night after dinner I sat with her in the balcony and told her to tell me in detail how the incident happened.

She told me she teased the boy a bit and it started when she was taking bath in the spring, we were bathing in a common place but she managed to move to a shed under a tree the boy also followed her to have a glimpse of her assets. As she noticed that she gave a good show to him of her boobs while changing.

While collecting the samples they moved a little bit off track and she accidentally falls on him while collecting the sample, he also falls on the ground and she was on him. He without missing the chance grabbed her and smooched her lips and that lasted for few minutes, he clamped her buttocks too under the skirt and touched her pussy also. Her boobs are smashed in her chest. He then quickly moved on her and softly started exploring her assets. But as she got injured in her knees and some injury she had in her upper thighs, she cried in pain and the boy immediately released her. She told me that the boy has also cupped her boobs while she came back taking his support on his shoulder.
I asked her what happened in this afternoon – why u are so blushing – She told me that the boy came to our room around 5.00 pm and started apologizing with folded hands for such morning incidence and also bowed down. My wife consoled her and told him to forget what has happened. Then they started chatting for some time. The boy praised my wife for her assets and requested her to allow him to do apply the pain balm on her legs and to express some gratitude to her. My wife expressed that she was completely dumb hearing that and became silent.

Then he came to her bed and without talking anything lifted her sleeping gown and touches those places where she got an injury and by this process he opens up her upper thighs till the base level and slowly moved his shivering hand on her bases and complemented her for such a beautiful sweet spot. Then he started rubbing her base and told her that my wife was the first lady he had seen nude and started licking her bases after seeking her permission. My wife told me that it was a completely different sensation that what she had in bheraghat. He licked her wildly for at least half hour and my wife had multiple orgasms. He then inserted his finger for a finger fuck and also sucked and played with her boobs too.

He then requested her to allow him to fuck her… my wife became perplexed … then her mobile rang and it was me and then I told her that I would be coming within 5-10 minutes. She got her sense back and denied the boy. Then he somehow agreed and they got separated…. This is the reason of her blushing. She told me that she felt sorry for the boy as he liked his softness and innocence of the boy very much and wanted to satisfy him.

The boy was supposed to leave next day afternoon. Next day my wife felt better and told us that she will accompany us as it was the last day of our tour and for the boy had to collect his samples. She wanted to help him in collecting his research samples. As she cannot wear any tight pants for an injury she wears a skirt and white shrugs. We went to one big cave place where we need to get down at least 1000 steps to see the Shiva temple. As she cannot go down they stayed and we moved down. They told that they would go to the nearby garden to collect the botanical samples. My mind was saying that something is going to happen and I can feel the daring mood of my wife.

We spent almost three hours there and came back and search for them. Noticed that they are coming back with lot of samples in their hand they were laughing and talking to each other.

The boy left in the afternoon after greeting all of us. He exchanged his IDs too. He will be catching his train for Delhi from Pipariya.
Later I asked my wife what happened, she was blushing and told me that she satisfied the boy in the garden and it was a wonderful experience to have such a big tool in the mouth and with so much of passion. He also sucked her beautifully and made her nude in the broad daylight and kissed her on every inch. It was a tremendous experience for her. When the boy wanted to put her tool she convinced him for not doing any such act which will hurt her soul and he agreed but he made her suck his cock two times. She told me that she purposefully did not wear panty under the skirt and did not wear a camisole under shrug.

She told me that she had now two experiences one is vulgar and rough other one was soft and sweet.

We had a great fuck that night at the balcony. Next day morning we moved out of Panchmari for Kanha.

She thanked me that for my advice with she was able to enjoy such sensual experiences and thinking of the those still makes her horny and we used to talked on this when we making love.

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Story 18 -- Kasthuri : A New Beginning

Author : xxxauthor

Written on : 28th, 29th, 30th December, 2018 in Three Parts

Chapter 1 17th May : End Of Marriage

It was supposed to be Saurabh and Kasthuri’s sixth wedding anniversary if they had not had the divorce just a few months ago. More than five years of marital vows undid just within fifteen minutes at a session court. But it was thankfully, a mutual affair. No ugly business. No regrets. No pains. No, not exactly.

It was hard to forget so many years of togetherness so quickly. It would have been difficult to carry on like that. So the divorce was the best choice, and both Saurabh and Kasthuri agreed to it. But it was still very hard on Kasthuri to move on, forgetting such alluring memories.

Especially on special days like their wedding anniversary, the memories kept haunting Kasthuri like a tormenter. So naturally, the jolly and bubbly girl was unusually quiet the entire day. It was a Saturday, so usually, the entire office was in a jovial and spirited mood, but not Kasthuri.

It didn’t take long for Ayan, her boss, to notice the mood of his most motivated employee. But he knew the reason very well. Ayan and Kasthuri were good friends outside of work. And he knew exactly why Kasthuri was sad on that particular day.

But at the same time, it was not within Ayan’s nature to see and leave his friend in the same state of feeling. He had to do something. Ayan picked up his phone and dialed Kasthuri’s number on the intercom.

“Hello,” Kasthuri answered from the other side – her voice sounding deep and disturbed. “Yes Kasthuri, can you please come to my cabin,” Ayan kept it brief and disconnected. And then he watched through the blinds as Kasthuri put the phone down and then got up and started heading towards his cabin.

The door opened, and the Kasthuri entered – her face resembling a cold feeling which was so unlike her. “You wanted to see me, sir,” she enquired politely before shutting the door behind her.

“Yes please,” Ayan responded and then carried on. “And please drop the sir. I wanted to see my friend, not my employee. Have a seat, I have something to show you.” Kasthuri responded with a fake smile as she sat down on one of the chairs opposite to Ayan’s large oak desk.

She looked on while Ayan fiddled with a folder before bringing out a large paper. “Do you know what this is?” and before Kasthuri could respond, he carried on. “This is a couple’s invitation to a party at the Hard Rock Cafe tonight, which I intend to go to. And I was hoping if you could have come along.”

He finished and then gave a pleading look at her. “Oh! Tonight?” Kasthuri stopped abruptly, still thinking in her mind what to say next. She was not in the mood. Not tonight. She wanted to be left alone with her misery. And that was exactly what Ayan didn’t want to do.

“You know, it’s not a good day today, maybe some other day. But you please carry on. I am not feeling well today.” She made up something to try and avoid it.

“I know what is wrong today Kasthuri,” Ayan added with a reassuring touch on her hands which were resting on the table. “And it is exactly why I wanted you to come with me so that you can come out of your self-imposed misery.”

Kasthuri looked up at Ayan’s eyes and found genuine concerns in them for her. Ayan continued, “What is done is done. It’s over. There is no point going back to those memories. Move on. Forget these feelings and move on.” And he pressed her hands even harder to get a reaction out of her.

Kasthuri looked up blankly, not knowing what to say. But Ayan quickly pressed her further. “Nothing doing. You are coming with me. I will pick you sharp at eight. And you better dress like the gorgeous diva you are.” He added the last expression to make her feel slightly better for herself.

Kasthuri looked at his eyes again, they were shining with hope. And Kasthuri couldn’t have turned them down. She smiled again this time too it was a weak smile but no more a fake one. She wanted to smile genuinely. She wanted to shake off the feeling which was bogging her down since morning.

She wanted to get over those. She wanted to live her life without worrying. She shook her head and then got up and left his cabin. It was 5 pm. Ayan was done for the day. He wrapped his work quickly and then hurriedly left his office.

Kasthuri was still at her desk, going through some last bits before she could call a day. Around her, others too were either busy wrapping up or had already left. She didn’t notice when Ayan came and stood by her desk.

“Eight pm, don’t forget. Don’t keep me waiting,” Ayan said quietly. Kasthuri looked up and smiled. It was a radiant smile this time. “Good. That’s like the Kasthuri I know.” And then Ayan went on his way. Kasthuri too wrapped the final bits quickly and left for the day.

No more feeling miserable with memories, but focused on thinking about tonight. What dress she should wear, what jewelries will match with it? She absolutely loved the Hard Rock Cafe – Its ambiance, its parties. She just loved it so much. She reached home, quickly took a bath.

Did her hairs, put up some light make up. Choosing the dress was always such a difficult thing. It took almost 30-40 minutes to decide the right one for the occasion. And once it was done, it needed another 30-40 minutes to decide on the right jewelry and accessories to go with it.

And finally, after 2 intense hours, she was looking ravishing. She looked at herself on the mirror and as if immediately thoughts from the past came haunting back. Thankfully, before they could have devoured her, her phone started ringing. It was Ayan, he was waiting for her on the road.

Kasthuri spotted Ayan’s black BMW very easily. She proudly walked up and climbed into the car whilst envious eyes looked at the posh car waiting for the gorgeous lady. As soon as Kasthuri was on-board Ayan started driving towards their destination.

“Someone is looking very nice today” Ayan gave her a compliment. “Thank you, and I must say, someone is looking very handsome too,” Ayan himself was wearing a nice semi-formal jacket paired with a white shirt and blue denim.

It worked as a nice ice-breaker as the two continued chatting all the way until they reached their destination. They stopped at the gate and then leaving the car with the valet. They upstairs for the cool retro pub which Kasthuri liked so much. The place was already buzzing with lots of people and noise.

The two found an empty table for two and settled down quietly. Ayan ordered vodka with coconut water and some whiskey for himself. He already knew some of Kasthuri’s favorites. He topped it up with some dry chili chicken and flavored hookah.

Kasthuri was overwhelmed by looking at the spread of her choice. And before she could know the evening started rocking. In between the bouts of hookah and the repetition of vodka, they also had a few quick visits to the dance floor. Every time the DJ conjured up a favorite number of Ayan, he would drag her to the dance floor.

It was turning out to be one crazy evening. So much so that it almost drove Kasthuri to tears. “Hey what happened?” Ayan asked looking at her glistening eyes. “Nothing, it’s just…,” but before Kasthuri could complete, Ayan pulled her closer and held her in a tight hug.

“It’s alright. What is over is over. Just let it go,” he said while holding her in his tight embrace. Kasthuri nodded her head silently, and the two remained like that for some time. Then he let her go, only for some more vodka, some more dancing trips, and some more fun.

And by the time Kasthuri finished her sixth drink, it was already past midnight. But the place was still buzzing with more crowds. “I think we should leave now, it’s too late,” Kasthuri said in Ayan’s ears. Clearly, her words were now starting to jumble up.

But Ayan nodded and then he signaled towards the captain for the bill. He finished the remaining of his drink by the time the captain brought the bill. He paid in cash, sufficiently enough to leave a fat tip behind. And then he helped Kasthuri up to head towards the door.

“Wow, how would I go home in this condition?” Kasthuri was feeling quite wobbly as she could not stand on her feet. Ayan didn’t know what to say whilst they waited for the valet to bring his BMW back. There was an awkward silence for some moment and then the BMW roared in.

Ayan handed a fat tip to the valet before helping Kasthuri to get in. “Listen, you could come to my place if you don’t mind,” he said, trying not to sound too creepy about it. But there was still a moment of awkward silence. “You can use the spare bedroom, it will be alright” he added trying to make the moment lighter.

He looked towards Kasthuri but she was staring blankly ahead with teary eyes. He had to take a left from the Ring Road to drive her back home. But instead, he took right towards his own place on the Fern Road. Shortly he arrived at the gates of his posh building society.

The guards recognized the BMW and hurried to open the front doors. Ayan drove in and then stopped at his designated parking under his apartment building. Kasthuri looked around startled as the car came to a halt. “Where are we?” she looked around and asked.

“We are at my apartments. How could have I left you alone in this state?” Ayan answered hoping Kasthuri will not mind. Kasthuri took a deep breath and then opened the door to get off. Ayan too felt slightly relieved as he got off too.

“You can rest for the night here until you feel alright, or I can drive you back home anytime you want,” he added trying to reassure her even further. “Thanks. That is very kind of you” Kasthuri responded as the two headed inside the building and towards the lift.

Once again there was an awkward moment as the two reached Ayan’s apartment. He unlocked the door and both entered into the dark before Ayan turned the lights on. Kasthuri had been to his apartment so many times before, but never alone. They had so many parties at his place and she knew his place quite well.

“Do you want some coffee? Lime juice? Will make you feel better” Ayan asked out of courtesy. “No, but some more vodka will be really good” Kasthuri responded back. Ayan felt joy sensing the opportunity to spend more time with her. He quickly ran up to his personal bar and grabbed two glasses, a bottle of fine Russian vodka, and ice.

He quickly stirred up a nice drink for his guest. Kasthuri was in the balcony, looking up at the night sky when Ayan appeared with the drinks. He gave one glass to her. The two struck the glass while Kasthuri offered a toast – “To my eleventh wedding anniversary,” she almost said in a mocking tone before taking a large sip.

Ayan too took a sip but put his glass down on the edge of the balcony. “Come on, there is no point thinking about it now. Let it go” he said standing closely next to Kasthuri, who was once again staring at the night sky with teary eyes.

“I know. But it is not easy. What is left with me now?” she asked, still looking at the sky.

“Well, it’s a new beginning. There is so much of life still in front of you. Why waste it thinking of a past you should forget” Ayan added. Once again there was an awkward pause. A long silence as Kasthuri started at the night sky, occasionally sipping from her large drink.

Ayan too took less frequent sips, eagerly waiting for something from her to carry on with the conversation. But as the silence got drawn even further, he started feeling impatient. Ayan held Kasthuri firmly and turned her around towards him.

“Listen, I cannot see you like this, you are such a jolly creature,” he looked at her face – her moist eyes, her watery cheeks. He took his face in his arms, lifting it up slightly, “Look what you have done to yourself” he said waiting for her to react.

Kasthuri didn’t move, her heart beating fast, her face still in his hand, she looked at his eyes and found genuine concern and warmth for her. She froze in fear. She was not ready for this moment. Her heart started beating faster, her head was wobbly, and the whole world suddenly started spinning.

Her vision became blurring and suddenly it started getting dark. And hot. She felt a steady stream of hot air suddenly blowing on his face, colliding with her own breathing. And then suddenly something soft touched her lips and kept pressing further.

She was unable to move as her lips kept pressing against something soft. It stayed like that for some moment and then suddenly something moist and sleek parted her lips and pushed inside her mouth. Ayan removed his hands from her face and held her once again in a tight hug.

She stood motionless as he pressed his lips against her, and then finally pushing his tongue inside her mouth. Suddenly the world stopped spinning for Kasthuri, and the air in her head got cleared as she slowly started making sense of what was going on.

She felt Ayan’s arms tightly wrapped around her body and his tongue making polite inquiries inside her mouth. At first, she continued staying motionless, torn between her choices of action. But the cool night breeze and the multiple vodka shots soon showed its effect. She raised her arms but to pull him closer.

She opened her mouth but to kiss him back with passion. And the two bodies soon engulfed in each other’s arms, kissing and smooching passionately under the night sky. Ayan lifted her up in his arms and carried her inside. They left their two unfinished drinks on the ledge itself.

He carried her inside and put her down gently on the couch. Kasthuri winced as he sat up to remove his jacket. She closed her eyes, slightly embarrassed from the moment. But Ayan couldn’t remove his eyes from her. The gorgeous and ravishing Kasthuri lying on the couch, in front of him, and waiting for him to take her.

He started unbuttoning his shirt. He so dearly wanted this moment and quickly passed his thanks to the almighty. He removed all the buttons but left his shirt on while still looking at the stunning beauty waiting for him. He touched her, rubbing his hand gently on her dress, through her midriff, up towards her shoulders.

He could sense her heartbeat beating so hard. And once again he bent forward and planted a kiss on her cherry lips. This time Kasthuri wanted more, but he stopped. His hand reached behind her head, fingers tangled in her neatly done hairs, sending a tingling sensation down her spine. Kasthuri was feeling desperate for more.

He rubbed his tongue on her lips but didn’t give her the pleasure of the kiss she was urging for. He turned her head slightly and then kissed on her neck, her ears, her shoulder, leaving her urging for even more. Ayan then carefully removed her earrings, and the neck piece she was wearing.

He lifted her chin slightly upwards for a better view of her slender neck and then started kissing on her neck in a sudden burst of mad rage. Kasthuri too bit her lips trying to control her feelings but all the time wanting him to carry on like that. And he could only oblige by kissing, licking, and even gently biting on her soft skin.

It felt so nice, she started whimpering gently. Once again Ayan sat up – looking at his prized procession from top to bottom. He hurriedly removed his shirt and threw it at one side. Kasthuri was still fully dressed but was not going to be for long. As soon as Ayan removed his shirt, he reached for Kasthuri’s dress and started pulling it down.

Kasthuri too helped so that it smoothly went down her shoulder and arms. Then he pulled it further to get it off completely, leaving her in her modest bra and panties. Kasthuri blushed as she tried hard to cover herself off with her hands which made Ayan smiled at such a lousy attempt.

She just let him undress her, and now she was trying to cover herself with her hands. He removed her hands slightly and bent forward to kiss on her tummy. He was so close to her crotch that he could almost smell her arousal. But he concentrated on her tummy for the moment, sticking his tongue out to lick and tease her navel.

Her belly started throbbing in pleasure and he started enjoying the way she was reacting to his tongue movement. He put his tongue in good use to lick almost every single inch of her belly, making her even more desperate and horny in the process. He even bit her a few times, making her jump up in excitement.

He kept kissing and licking all over her midriff – from her waist to her bra lines. Kasthuri no more attempted to cover herself. Instead, she wanted more of him. The foreplay was driving her crazy and making her wet. She was also moaning louder by then. Breathing much faster, and taking his name under the breath.

Ayan once again looked at the stunning beauty lying and waiting for him. Just till the afternoon, Kasthuri was a good friend and a gorgeous colleague who he desired secretly. And now within just a few hours, she was lying half-naked in his arms, wet and waiting for him to take her.

He once again ran his eyes on his slender and stunning body, filling his mind with more lust and hunger. His eyes stopped at his rapidly rising and falling chest as he looked lustfully at her deep cleavage and then down towards her crotch. Her bra and panties were still protecting her modesty.

She was completely exposed, wet, and horny, but her most intimate and private parts were still hidden under covers. Ayan looked up at her face – she still had her eyes shut, but her face betrayed her emotions and her aroused condition was clearly visible on it.

He is used to seeing a different face on her at work, a friendly and social face. But he had always desired her like this. And there she was, her face was no more friendly, no more social. It was a lust filled, aroused, and it was craving for his touch. He once again looked at her stunning body.

Her panties and bra still covering the most desirable part of her. He looked back at her closed eyes, imagining looking into them, he whispered under his breath, “Nothing will come between us today. All the covers will be removed, you will be wholly mine.”

His eyes were filled with lust. His hands were trembling in excitement as he slowly held her bra and then pulled it up gradually, unwrapping his best present. Ayan had imagined Kasthuri like this in his mind a thousand times. But in reality, she looked so much more desirable.

Her perfect milky white globes, with their pink nipples already hard with arousal. Ayan lifted her bra higher so that both her breasts were now free and for him to enjoy. He immediately grabbed one of them and pressed them to feel the firm softness of those honey jars.

Kasthuri made a sizzling sound as Ayan pressed both her breasts. He then touched her nipples, first with his fingers, and then with his tongue. Kasthuri sizzled again as Ayan covered one of her nipples with his saliva. And then with a bright smile on his face, he took it in his mouth and started suckling at it hard.

He started pressing and sucking both her breasts in turn. And it made Kasthuri moan louder than before. At first, Ayan kept sucking her breasts alternatively, but soon he focused on just one of them. He started sucking it hard while fondling the other one.

Initially, it sent a lot of tingling sensation down her body. But then slowly it started growing in intensity. Then suddenly she felt an orgasmic urge inside her. She started moaning – urging him to continue. Taking his name while moaning, grabbing his other hand and digging her nails deep into his skin.

Ayan too was only obliging her by taking her to further heights of her aroused self. Quite rapidly driving her nearer to that elusive orgasm. Kasthuri started squealing in pleasure, her body completely out of her control, desperately seeking the inevitable.

Ayan realized she was at her most vulnerable, her body craving for something more. Her entire body shaking and trembling in excitement. Her hormones acting crazily inside her. Ayan suddenly stopped sucking her nipple. And before Kasthuri could realize or protest, he placed his lips on her lips and started kissing them.

At the same time, he removed his hand from her other breast and pushed it inside her panties, and deep between her legs. And as soon as his fingers came in contact with her vagina, Kasthuri was taken apart by a body shaking orgasm. Ayan pressed his hand firmly on her vagina, rubbing it while Kasthuri pressed his legs tightly around his hand.

Her body was trembling with pleasure as she pulled him closer. She kissed him back madly whilst she felt an orgasm like never before. Both were panting heavily and smiling, Kasthuri hung on to him for what looked like forever whilst her body continued feeling a never-ending orgasm.

But they were not yet done. Ayan got up and lifted Kasthuri up on his lap once again. She wrapped her hands around his shoulder and hung on as he carried her to the bedroom. She winced as he dropped her on the bed. Still smiling from the earlier experience, Ayan maintained eye contact.

Kasthuri once again felt a little embarrassed and blushed while she took a position on the bed. Ayan removed his denim and climbed on the bed. He was already so hard it felt as if his pants were barely capable to hold on to the excitement any further.

He took Kasthuri feet and then kissed on them. Slowly he kept kissing through her leg towards her crotch. Stopped at her thigh to spend slightly more time there. All the while Kasthuri was once again getting aroused and surrendering herself to her burning desires.

Ayan sat on his knees, between her legs, making them slightly spread. Rubbing his hands gently on her feet. He was looking at her, her naked body, on his bed. She was no more a secret desire, but a burning reality. He looked at the clock, it was almost 2 am. Six hours from when he picked her up for the evening.

She was looking absolutely ravishing in that party dress. Even then he would not have believed that in a few more hours, he was going to strip her off that dress and have her completely naked for himself. Not yet completely naked though, he realized as his eyes fell on her panties.

And immediately he felt the excitement building up. The feel of her vagina on his fingers when he had just recently rubbed her to orgasm was still burning in his imagination. He has touched it already, now he had the burning desire to own it completely.

He once again bent forward and kissed on her tummy. Kasthuri felt the tremor run through her body and then immediately winced as she felt his fingers tugging at the sides of her panties. She put her hands on her face, partly to hide her embarrassment, and partly to show him that her hands are not going to come in the way.

And before she could calm her breathing, she felt the panties slipping down quickly. Kasthuri was naked, lying on his bed, legs slightly spread, and she was now completely his. He gently ran his hand on her cute patch of curly, vaginal hair. Finding it yet hard to believe that his hands were rubbing the most private part of her body.

Something which hardly many had seen or touched before this. But he has now seen it all. Seen every single inch of the woman he desired so much. He has seen each and every intimate part of her body. Now he had to give her something in return.

Ayan lowered his pants, and his hard cock sprang out in attention. He further lowered his pants till his knees and then removed it off completely. Both of them were naked now. Kasthuri looked down at his manhood, waiting to unite with her.

She then looked up at him, their eyes met and he saw her approval in her eyes. Then assuming a comfortable position between her legs, he held her cock and started rubbing it on her vagina. Kasthuri closed her eyes once again, feeling the magical touch of his cock against her vaginal opening.

Ayan primed his tool for action. He rubbed it gently around her vagina until it found the opening passage. He then bent forward, once again kissing on her tummy, then slightly upwards, and slightly more, pushing himself further up against her. It had been one long evening for the two.

When he had hugged her back in the pub, in the pretext of consoling her, he was hopeful for more. Then when Kasthuri was back at his apartment with him, his heart was leaping in joy. Then when he held her face and kissed her, his joy knew no bound. He had stripped her off her dress, removed her bra.

He once again grabbed her breast just how he did on the couch. He kissed on her nipples once again, making her sizzle under breath once again. How her body shook in pleasure when he had touched her vagina to make her come. He kissed once again on her slender neck.

Just as he was about to kiss her lips, she let out a passionate moan – he was now inside her. He kissed her passionately once again as he pushed his manhood further and deeper inside her. There was no pulling back from here, not unless to push it back again.

He pulled it out, and pushed back again, pulled it out again and pushed back again, harder, and faster, and deeper, with each time, he was finally fucking her. With each thrust, Kasthuri too moaned one notch louder. He would suppress her moans by kissing her at times.

But then he would let her moan to enjoy the result of his actions. He continued thrusting in her in a continuous rhythm – both rising towards the crescendo at the same time. Kasthuri lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back – pulling him tightly closer as she reached yet another orgasm.

She wrapped her hands around her, digging her nails on his skin as her body reacted to the orgasm. Driving him crazy as his thrusts grew stronger and harder. Ayan started grunting too as he as well neared a well-deserved climax. He carried on, harder, harder, and harder until he collapsed with a large grunt.

Pushing himself the farthest he could manage inside her – his cock spitting out its massive load deep in her womb. They both were sweating incessantly even in the air-conditioned room. They were both exhausted to the maximum possible limit. Their breathing still abrupt and panting.

Ayan could barely pull himself out but they had no energy for anything else. Kasthuri once again wrapped herself in his arms and the two snuggled each other before settling in a deep, exhausted slumber.

Chapter 2 18th May, 10 AM : Ayan, Her Boss

Kasthuri woke up with a start. She felt such a terrible headache that she could hardly bear the pain. She sat up. She was in a complete mess, trying to remember what had happened last night. She painfully opened her eyes and took on her surroundings.

It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the morning light. But she couldn’t recognize her surroundings. A headache was getting heavier, and then her eyes fell on the person beside her on the bed. She was shocked to see Ayan lying on the bed beside her. She jumped out of the bed.

She was completely naked and she instantly grabbed the bed cover to cover herself. What was going on? She asked herself. How did she end up naked with Ayan? Oh my God, what had she done last night? Her heart started racing as she felt clueless about last night.

She looked around and found her panties lying on the floor. She quickly grabbed it and started putting it on. Her legs were all sticky and gooey from their juices from last night. She spotted them and looked at them in disgust. She looked around but couldn’t find the rest of her clothes.

But her mind was still disgusted from what she realized looking at the sticky juices on her legs. She immediately headed to the bathroom. Locking the door carefully from inside, she looked at herself on the mirror. Once again the image of Ayan lying naked and next to her flashed in her mind, and tears started rolling immediately.

She went under the shower and started rubbing and rinsing every part of her body. She felt disgusted from what she thought may have happened last night. Kasthuri came out half an hour later. Ayan was still asleep. She had covered herself with one of his gowns.

She tiptoed outside to the lounge and thanked God for finding the rest of her clothes lying on the lounge floor. She picked them up, dressed up quickly and carefully so that she didn’t wake Ayan up. And then she silently left his apartment without saying goodbye.

The guards stared at her with a knowing smile as she left the building society. Stopped an auto and headed back home. Her headache was still intense, but she hardly felt it anymore. A stronger and burning feeling of guilt was consuming her as the auto progressed towards her home.

Ayan woke up an hour later, slightly startled for not finding Kasthuri anywhere. He called her on mobile, but she didn’t answer. He called her multiple times, left her many messages. But she didn’t answer to any of them. It left Ayan utterly confused on what might have happened.

19th May, Monday.

Ayan was completely anxious when he came to office. Kasthuri had not replied to any of his messages or called him back so far. He was completely puzzled what may have happened. He came to office hoping to find her and ask what was wrong. But her desk was empty. That annoyed him even further.

He headed to his cabin and got busy with work. A few hours later, he was busy in a call when the office boy came to give his tea. He looked up and asked if Kasthuri had come, and the boy nodded in confirmation. Ayan waited for the boy to leave, and then he finished his call.

Then looked through his blinds and saw Kasthuri at her desk – working at her PC, with a serious look on her face. She was wearing a saree. But immediately her naked image from the other night flashed in his mind. He felt aroused just by looking at her. He went back at his desk and called her on the intercom.

“Hello,” Kasthuri replied from the other side.

“Kasthuri, can you come to my cabin please?” Ayan said in a slightly terse way.

“I am currently busy, it is urgent?” Kasthuri asked, clearly in an irritated tone.

“Yes, it is urgent, please see me immediately” Ayan too replied in a heavier voice. No matter what had happened, Ayan was still her boss. And if she had come to the office, she had no way to avoid him at work. So Kasthuri got up and then walked to his cabin.

“May I come in, sir?” she asked in a formal tone. She had never taken his permission to come to his cabin before. She clearly looked irritated. “Yes please” Ayan responded, and as soon as she came in.

He got up from his chair and walked in her direction, “What happened, I called you, messaged you so many times, where were you?” He asked with a genuine concern in his voice.

“Please sir” Kasthuri stopped him from coming any closer, “What happened that night shouldn’t have happened. I don’t know how it happened, but it shouldn’t have happened.”

“But Kasthuri, I didn’t force myself on you, you were willing,” Ayan tried to explain, startled with Kasthuri’s behavior. “Please, I don’t know how it happened. Please don’t mention it. Please don’t make it any more difficult for me here,” she added.

Then she left the room without even waiting for Ayan’s reaction. He looked on, through his blinds, as she went back to her desk. He looked at her, her body, and once again that night flashed back in his mind. And he immediately lowered the blind and returned to his desk. Still confused and puzzled with what may have happened.

Then days passed by. But still, the mystery around Kasthuri’s weird behavior remained unsolved. Ayan tried a number of times in between to make things normal, but all his attempts went in vain. He had said a number of messages saying sorry, and requesting to remain friends.

But all his messages remained unanswered. So much so that even her other colleagues started noticing the change in her behavior. Her best friend in the office, Poulomi, was the first to notice that she was behaving differently with Ayan. So one day she asked her directly if something was wrong between them.

But Kasthuri denied any such thing completely and said it was just normal, nothing unusual. Poulomi told her that they all feel that Ayan had a weakness towards her. So she wanted to check if he had proposed and that may have upset her further. Kasthuri denied any such speculations and said it was nothing as such.

But then Poulomi advised that if she was her, she would have gladly accepted if Ayan had proposed. To which Kasthuri started teasing her to change the topic for the time being. No matter how much Kasthuri tried, someone or the other would push her to it.

She was slowly getting irritated with so many of her colleagues suddenly becoming so interested in her personal life. They were giving her unwarranted advice, especially the ones who were speculating about things between her and Ayan. No matter what she tried, she was simply not able to shake the things off.

Ayan too had been sending her messages and often flowers to her home apologizing and asking for one more chance at the friendship they had. One evening she was alone at home. It was quite late too, almost eleven in the night. She was about to go to the bed when the door-bell rang.

Kasthuri was slightly startled. It was an unusual time to have guests. She approached the door and checked through the peephole. Ayan was standing outside, he looked anxious.

“Ayan what are you doing here?” she asked.

“Please Kasthuri, open the door I want to talk to you,” he replied.

“No Ayan, it’s very late, go home, there is nothing left to talk between us,” she replied adamantly.

“No Kasthuri, I will not go before I get my answers,” he responded angrily.

Kasthuri opened the door and let him in. “Make it quick. What do you want to know?” she once again sounded very irritated.

“What happened to you? We had such a great time together last time. What went wrong? Why are you behaving like this?” he demanded to know.

“That night was an accident. Please don’t remind me about that night anymore. I want to forget that night ever occurred,” she said. Ayan looked at her in utter dismay.

“An accident? You call that night an accident?” Ayan asked her in disbelief. But he was not looking for an answer. He had grabbed her hands asking the same thing over and over.

“Ayan please, you are hurting me” Kasthuri cried out as he grabbed her tightly and pushed her to the nearest wall. He had her pinned completely against the wall so that she couldn’t move.

“This is hurting you? What about the pain you are causing me for the last few days” Ayan cried out in rage. Kasthuri looked at him in disbelief, still writhing in pain. “You are mine Kasthuri. You are mine, and nothing can come between us” he said and turned her around.

“What are you doing, leave me, you are hurting me” Kasthuri cried out in pain once again. But it was too late. Ayan grabbed his handkerchief from the pocket and used it to tie her hands at her back. “Please, stop. What are you doing” Kasthuri cried in desperate plea when she realized what was going on. But to no avail.

Ayan tied her and then turned her around. Raw lust reflected from his eyes as he looked at her carefully. She was wearing a short nightdress and felt helpless with her hands bound behind her back. Ayan once again pushed and pinned her against the wall and started kissing her on the lips. Kasthuri couldn’t stop him. Ayan kissed her, and pushed his tongue inside her mouth, making her feel more uncomfortable.

He then stopped but looked at her again with the same lustful eyes. Kasthuri was feeling more scared. Ayan then grabbed her nightgown and yanked at her so hard that the threads gave up. The piece of clothes tore off instantly. Ayan pulled the two sides apart until the gown was completely torn into two pieces, exposing her naked body.

“Told you, you are mine, nothing can come between us,” Ayan said in a proud tone. He picked her in his arms and carried her inside to the bedroom. He dropped her on the bed and immediately took off his own clothes and imposed himself on her.

He started fondling and pressing her breasts and sucking her nipples the same way as he did on the other night. Occasionally reaching down and rubbing his hands on her vagina. He sucked her hard again, making her aroused and feel orgasmic all over again. Kasthuri wanted to protest but all she could manage was a feeble mumbling as her own desires overwhelmed her.

She started whimpering as Ayan continued sucking her and rubbing her hand on her vagina. His own cock, once again erects and hard, poking at her and waiting for its turn. He didn’t keep her waiting for long. Soon he took his position between her legs, forcing them wide open, and then expertly guiding his tool deep inside her once again.

Kasthuri let out a large moan as he reached the deepest part of her body, and started pumping her in a known, assuring rhythm. Ayan also continued kissing and licking all over her body – her face, her neck, her shoulder, her breasts, and her tummy.

He was making her completely wet with his saliva whilst his cock was making her wet inside. Soon his thrusts grew harder in intensity as he once again took her near climax. “YOU ARE MINE, UNDERSTAND, YOU ARE MINE,” Ayan shouted on her face.

Kasthuri suddenly got up startled. She was all sweaty and alone in her room. She looked around carefully, there was no one there. Her heart was still beating very fast. It was a dream. A dream which has left her completely in sweat and aroused. This was the fifth time in two weeks when she had such dreams involving Ayan.

She sat up and drank a glass of water. She took her phone and saw a few unread messages from Ayan. She opened them. And she opened his profile picture, looking at her smiling face. Unconsciously her hand reached down and she started touching herself. Once again she thought about the night with him.

She harbored absolutely no feelings for him. But she didn’t know how she ended up like that with him. As much as she could recall the night, she enjoyed it a lot. So much passion, so much heat, so many emotions. And once again she helped her ease into an orgasm, thinking about the night with Ayan.

06th June, Friday.

Twenty days have passed since that night but yet Ayan has not got an answer why Kasthuri started behaving indifferently since that night. He had almost learned to live with it now. Kasthuri too, despite continued having those wet dreams, had not made any attempt to reconcile or talk to Ayan.

Even her colleagues had given up hope by then. But there was a different hubbub at work on that day. 9th June was Ayan’s birthday, and the staff was collecting contributions to buy something nice for the boss for his present.

“I hope you remember its boss’s birthday on Monday,” Poulomi brought up the topic in the morning. But Kasthuri remained silent. “No I meant, I was reminding you for the contribution.” Kasthuri opened her purse, took a currency note of five hundred out and offered it to Poulomi.

“You could have given it nicely too,” Poulomi teased her slightly, “And you are also welcome for the surprise party we are planning for Sunday night.” But Kasthuri rolled her eyes showing that she was not interested.

“You know what would be a nice present for him from you?” Poulomi brought up the topic once again. Kasthuri looked clearly annoyed, but she hardly cared. “Yourself,” and she burst into laughter.

“Come on, we all know that he likes you,” Poulomi defended herself when Kasthuri gave her an annoying look. “And it’s his birthday, he deserves something special baby.” She nudged Kasthuri at the shoulder slightly. And Kasthuri simply nodded her head in disgust.

“Saturday at 8 pm, don’t forget. It’s his birthday after all” Poulomi reminded her one last time as Kasthuri was about to leave. But she once again rolled her eyes, showing complete lack of interest.

Chapter 3 09th June, Monday Midnight : Birthday Gift

As soon as the clock turned twelve, someone popped a party cracker and all the thirty people who had assembled for the party shouted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” in unison. Ayan was overjoyed. One of them brought a large chocolate cake with a candle. And Ayan was asked to do the honors.

They had surprised him by assembling at his place at 9, with food and drinks. They had partied all night long until it was twelve. Almost everyone from work was there, but Kasthuri didn’t join. Ayan was hoping that she will be there too but was quickly disappointed after not seeing her.

But the others partied so hard that his disappointment disappeared into the thin air. They ate, they drank, they sang, they danced, and then finally at twelve, they celebrated by cutting the cake as well. The party may as well have gone until dawn. But it was Monday the next day and they had to be back at work.

So by 1 am, everyone wrapped up and left one by one. The room had become a complete mess, but it was a delightful mess. Ayan looked around as everyone left. He couldn’t feel much luckier than this. He still had cake all over his face, which had to be washed before he hit the bed.

He was in the bathroom, taking a shower when the door-bell rang. At first, he didn’t notice it, but when it rang for the second time, he hurriedly headed to the door. Someone must have forgotten something, he told to himself as he put on his shorts before answering the door.

He opened the door and was completely surprised. It was Kasthuri who was waiting for him outside. “Kasthuri! At this time?” he asked, partly startled, partly delighted. “Can I come in?” she asked, sounding more polite than what she had been in the last few weeks.

“O yes, please come in,” he opened the door and let her in. She looked around at the room, looking at the mess her colleagues had created and looked at him questioningly. “You missed a great party, as you can see. I wish you could have joined us early,” Ayan said, still unsure that he was seeing her in person.

“No, I wanted to see you alone,” she said, “which is why I was waiting for them to leave first.” Ayan stared back at her in surprise, “What? You had been waiting for so long? But why?” He looked confused, searching in Kasthuri’s eyes for the answers he was hoping to hear.

“I wanted to say sorry for my recent behavior. I was confused, and…” Kasthuri too looked back in his eyes and found genuine warmth in them. “I wanted to wish you Happy Birthday, and…”

“…And?” Ayan’s heart started pounding heavily. His breathing became heavy and shallow and his eyes narrowed towards Kasthuri, anticipating what she was going to say.

“I have brought a present for you,” she said, looking straight in his eyes. None of them dared to look away as a moment of passion started building between the two. There was a moment of silence, whilst the two looked at each other with a burning fire of desire in their eyes.

Kasthuri quietly unclasped her dress and then gently lifting the straps off her own shoulders, she let the dress fall. Her gorgeous single piece dress fell off her body, leaving her exposed in a white bra and matching panties. “I am your present. Just as you always wanted,” she said and she planted a kiss on his lips.

Ayan grabbed her in his arms. Kissing her back he lifted her off her feet. Grabbing and hugging her tightly he started moving in circles in utter joy. “Oh, Kasthuri…” – he kept uttering her name in complete relief of finally getting the best gift of his birthday. Kasthuri too hugged him tightly so that the two don’t fall down.

He finally put her down, looked at her eyes for a brief moment and then started kissing her once again. “Oh my dear…” he uttered in between spells of kissing and sucking her lips. Kasthuri too wrapped her hands lovingly around his neck and kissed him back ever so passionately.

She had already decided to give herself up for him. He pulled her even closer as his hands felt the silky smooth touch of her bare flesh. “This is the best gift ever,” he said and continued kissing her, completely overjoyed. Kasthuri blushed at such pampering and giggled when he picked her up in his lap.

And then Ayan carried his birthday gift, still laughing, blushing and holding on to him tightly, to the bedroom. He put her down on the bed and immediately started kissing her lips once again. Kasthuri too, pulling him closer, grabbing him tightly, kissed him back with a burning desire.

She was whimpering, moaning, and also giggling whilst he kissed all over her – her lips, neck, shoulders, and ears. Gradually moving down, leaving a faint trail of saliva from his lips. Ayan pulled one side of her bra down and started kissing on her soft breasts. Holding and gently squeezing it with one hand, whilst licking and sucking the nipples with his mouth.

“Mmmmm,” Kasthuri let out a moan and immediately inviting him for yet another long and wet kiss. Still not believing his own luck, Ayan kissed his beautiful friend for one more time before once again shifting his focus to the rest of her beautiful body.

He immediately attacked her slender and sexy midriff. Licking around her navel and kissing the soft skin of her belly. Kasthuri lifted her hands, pulling her hairs back as she continued enjoying the way Ayan was treating her. And once again he got up, this time kissing and sucking the other breast.

Kasthuri was completely engrossed and getting wet with how Ayan was treating her two breasts with extra care. But then he suddenly stopped. She looked up and then immediately bit her lips with a shy smile as she watched her man starting to pull her panties down.

Ayan quickly removed her panties, exposing the prized possession of his birthday gift – her love hole with a cute little bush around it. Kasthuri smiled shyly and opened her legs to let him bury himself between them. She threw her head back and closed her eyes in excitement.

She finally felt the touch of his wet tongue against her anxiously waiting vagina. Ayan buried himself between her legs. First kissing her crotch and vaginal area, and then finally putting his tongue at work on the curled skins of her clitoral opening. Kasthuri got up abruptly, unable to bear the sudden rush of excitement.

But Ayan pushed her back down while putting his tongue slightly deeper inside her cunt hole. Kasthuri let out a long moan, showing her appreciation for the great work his tongue was up to. Ayan realized how excited he has got his girl, and from there on he simply didn’t let her relax even for once.

Licking, and kissing, and sometimes putting his tongue deep inside her pussy, he made her moan and beg for more constantly. She squealed in delight every time Ayan pushed his tongue further inside her crevices. She was so hot by then that her love juices kept flowing freely which Ayan licked and sucked in all eagerness.

Ayan continued eating her pussy while his hands grabbed and fondled her breasts. Kasthuri was in a complete trance as she grabbed his hands and allowed him to push her further closer to an orgasm. Her entire body raked and shivered as she moved much nearer to the climax with every passing second.

The feeling got more and more intense as Ayan felt flooded with a flurry of her pre-cum. Feeling the end was near, he grabbed her breasts even more tightly and kept rubbing his tongue against her clitoris ever so fiercely. Kasthuri closed her eyes and her entire body grew stiff as she threw her head back silently.

For a moment she didn’t make any noise. But then suddenly she let out a huge roar as her body exploded in one of the most intense orgasms she has ever felt. Her breathing got faster and she started panting as her body continued leaking juices uncontrollably.

She lay naked on Ayan’s bed, breathing and sweating profusely. Ayan got up and watched at her sexy and hot form, still in disbelief. Kasthuri calmed down slowly as her body finally adjusted to the shivering climax it experienced. Still breathing heavily and her body drenched in sweat, she lifted her head up to see Ayan taking his shorts off.

She then quickly grabbed him and pulled him back to her even before he could get rid of his shorts completely. Once again the two got lip locked, kissing and smooching in passion whilst Ayan slowly pushed his shorts off his body. He imposed himself on her completely. Their two bodies mingled romantically.

Ayan was already very hard and throbbing. His cock started rubbing against her cunt as the two lovers kissed each other while being in a tight embrace. He rubbed his cock on her already wet and soaking pussy. Then, with a single push, he got inside her smoothly.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Kasthuri moaned with wide eyes as she felt his cock slide deep inside her. And as he started ramming his cock, she could once again feel her body readying itself for one more round of ecstasy. Both of their bodies tangled awkwardly for a while.

Ayan settled down with a far smoother rhythm. Kasthuri hugged him tightly as his cock continued ramming her and making her aroused once again. Ayan was slow and gentle at first. But he gradually got faster and harder with each stroke. Kasthuri too was enjoying at first, but gradually moaning and squealing at the top of her voice as Ayan rammed her hard.

Once again her body was building up for yet one more orgasm. And she was only getting closer with each stroke inside her. Ayan didn’t care for anything anymore. All he wanted was to make her come once again and make it a night none of them could ever forget.

Soon Kasthuri was near her second climax of the evening. She grabbed him tightly, digging her fingers on his flesh. Ayan realized this and continued fucking her in the same intensity. And then just before she could explode yet again, he started kissing on her lips.

Kasthuri too started kissing and sucking his lips back passionately. Her entire body had already started giving up to another orgasm. Her body got tensed once again and then immediately relaxed as it relieved itself in another orgasm. Ayan continued banging her with the same strength for some more time so that she could relieve herself completely.

And then he stopped and the two kissed each other once again. “I still can’t believe this,” he said between kisses. Just an hour ago he was still surrounded by his office colleagues, having an average birthday celebration. But then in hours, everything turned surreal as he lay completely naked and inside the girl he wanted the most.

Kasthuri looked at his eyes which were looking greedily at her. She kissed him once again as she tried to get up. Ayan watched her curiously as she got up and then pushed him down on the bed. He lay down, still curious what she was going to do. Kasthuri kissed him once again as she positioned herself carefully for her next move.

And then she quickly grabbed her cock and put it in her mouth. Ayan watched her with wide-eyed excitement at first. Then he dropped his head and started enjoying as she wrapped her tongue around his cock and started sucking it lovingly.

Kasthuri positioned herself between his open legs, which gave her enough leverage to treat his cock in the best possible way. Ayan too started moaning by now. And Kasthuri made sure that it only intensifies as she sucked and licked it even more passionately.

“Please stop or I will come,” Ayan said in a heightened sense of trance. And Kasthuri immediately stopped. But still holding his cock in her hands, she looked up at his face. She felt proud by seeing the look on her face. And then she gradually climbed up, closer, and whispered – “If you want to come, come inside me.”

Then she lowered herself on his cock, carefully inserting it all the way inside and up her pussy. “Ouch…..” She let out a moan at the initial discomfort. But as soon as she had his cock completely inside her, she started rocking her body, fucking herself on top of him. Ayan watched in genuine surprise as Kasthuri rode him and fucked herself expertly.

Kasthuri too looked at his eyes and immediately blushed in embarrassment. Just until yesterday, she was completely confused. Yet in a day’s time, she has surrendered herself and was behaving like a complete slut. Ayan understood her embarrassment and he grabbed her and pulled her closer.

She gave up as they two hugged each other tightly again whilst Ayan continued fucking her in that position. The two remained like that – their bodies becoming one, intertwined, and frequented with moans from each one of them. “Are you ready?” Ayan whispered in her ears.

Kasthuri lifted her head and looked at his eyes. They were filled with a burning passion. “I am going to come,” Ayan said, looking at her eyes. And once again Kasthuri blushed as she hugged her and kissed her back. “Ohh,” Ayan let go a massive load which exploded deep inside Kasthuri’s womb, igniting one more shivering orgasm in her.

She sat up immediately. Her body was still gyrating against Ayan’s cock which was still deep inside her. Both of their bodies were sweaty and Kasthuri awkwardly removed her bra so that she was completely naked. Ayan too reached out for her breasts and held them as his cock pumped out whatever potion was still left in his balls.

Only after Kasthuri was sure she has got all his juices inside her, she dropped down on him. Ayan embraced her tightly once again. The two kissed as their body eased in a more comfortable position. Cuddling her in his large form, he kissed on her forehead. “Thanks,” he said, “Thanks for the best birthday gift of my life.”

“Thanks” Kasthuri too said in return. Her breathe still abrupt. Her body still recovering from the three orgasms it had gone through just now. “Thanks for giving me a new beginning,” she said. She smiled before burying his face in his chest and lying there until the two slowly fell asleep, still naked, and still in trance of a wonderful night.

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Story 19 : Husband Helps For My IVF

Author : babu_7762

Written on : 20th March, 2016

Hi, I am Sudharani from Mumbai. This is story of how I became a proud mother with the help of my husband who arranged a special IVF treatment to me.

I got married when I was only 22 and at that time my husband was 15 years older than me. He was 37 but was average looking though physically appeared weak. I was very healthy woman. When I told my mother, she convinced me that once marriage is over, men put on weight and get good health because of special attention and satisfaction. I believed her but nothing helped to improve his physique.

Even after 9 years I could not conceive. How could I conceive when my husband used to finish off either in my hand or on my thighs without complete penetration? Only in the first year of marriage, he could perform with at least half penetration. He took lot of treatment for both erectile dysfunction as well as early ejaculation. So all these years I remained a unsatisfied housewife doing only cooking and looking after his house. Yes he used to bring me many clothes, ornaments take me outings in his car etc. But on bed he could not satisfy me.

His sisters and brothers all had children and many times used to tease him. I had myself tested with a gynaecologist and they had told me that my fertility is very good and can become pregnant if the sperm is motile and healthy. My husband never agreed for testing of his semen. He believed that it is God who can bless us with child if we have in our destiny. In recent years, he also was worried as there was huge ancestral property, which was to be distributed among brothers and sisters. In addition, he was depressed with lowering of his own social status because of no kids.

He once took me to an IVF clinic and we discussed the pros and cons of having IVF. It came out that I can become pregnant only with a donor sperm in which case the biological father will not be known and I can select the donor only with help of his profile of skin colour, hair colour etc to match with that of my husband so that others may not doubt. In addition, the cost was very high. If not successful in first attempt then procedure was to be repeated several times, which could cost much more? We returned home disappointed. My husband was still worried. We thought of adopting some orphan child. We even met few orphanages but the procedure there is also cumbersome.

Few months passed. One day when we were eating at a hotel my husband suddenly saw a person sitting in the next table. He went and greeted him. He was extremely handsome and then it was learnt that he was my husband’s classmate’s younger brother. He joined us for diner on our table and was introduced to me as Shashidhar. He was in fact most handsome person I had ever seen. I was wondering why he has not gone for acting or modelling. Very fair complexion, extremely healthy six ab figure, good smile, fantastic set of teeth. He was working in a IT company.

After dinner, my husband invited him to our house. He was still a bachelor and was glad to accept our invitation. He said he would come on some Sunday for lunch. We departed and I saw he had a BMW car and thought he must be very rich also.

In fact, I had completely forgotten that my hubby had invited his friend’s brother for lunch on the next Sunday. I remembered only when my husband reminded me and discussed about menu. We decided on simple south Indian menu and a sweet. That day, surprisingly my husband showed much interest in my dressing. He asked me to wear an orange net saree, which he had brought from Delhi few months ago. In fact, I was always avoiding wearing that saree as the blouse was backless and neck was very deep. But, as my hubby, for the first time showed some interest in me, I decided not to disappoint him and after preparing meals dressed wearing that saree.

Shashidar came at 1 PM. They were talking when I laid out the plates on the table and made ready the lunch. As he insisted on me also to take lunch with them, I also sat on my chair opposite to Shashidhar. Few times, I could sense that his eyes were fixed on me and felt shy.

As I was wearing net saree, top portion of my breast was visible. I tried to correct again but as I was eating with one hand it was not possible and on the contrary the pallu fell on my left arm showing off full skin. I got up, washed my hand and corrected the pallu fixing it with a pin. We completed lunch and while I was clearing the table, and both the gents sat on sofa taking about old days.

He left after half an hour. Two or three days later my husband asked me to go to LIC office to enquire about payment of some premium as he was not having time. Therefore, I visited the LIC office and got the information. When I came out of the LIC office, surprisingly I saw Shashidhar just come out of same office and was starting his bike. I waved at him and he stopped. After some enquiries, he asked if he can drop me at home. It was very hot that day and I sat on his bike. We reached home and I thanked him. He did not come in as he was busy.

He met me few more times here and there in the market and now we got more familiar. That night my husband spoke to me about IVF. I was in fact ready for donor sperm, as I wanted to be a mother, which is ambition of every woman. My hubby told that he also did not mind but the cost was very high.

We stopped further discussion. Morning while leaving to office he had left a DVD near the TV unit. I saw it with curiosity, which had figure of a pregnant woman who was very happy.

With interest, I played it. An unsatisfied homemaker gets intimate with a tailor and gets a baby in short film. The husband accepts the wife knowing that the child was of the tailor and supports his wife as it was her right to become a mother.

Husband explains to his wife that marriage is a social ritual where two decide to be companions for life. But if one is not capable of giving birth to child the right of other should not be denied. I could not understand why he left it for me to see. I was bewildered to think any such thing in my life. I started to think. Is it possible? Will any husband really accept it? Why they should not agree when they consent for child from a donor sperm? My mind was thinking all such possibilities. Who can father my child if at all we decide so? In the back ground Shashidhar’s photo flashed in my mind.

One day my husband called Shashi for dinner. That evening I don’t know why and how I myself showed too much interest in my dressing. In fact he had a surprise in store for me was when my hubby opened his briefcase and took out a light yellow net saree with lot of embroidery work and was very attractive. He had also bought matching ready-made blouse. Which was sleeveless and backless. The front had net showing off lot of upper portion of my boobs. I looked at mirror and I myself appreciated what I was seeing. That day I did not feel shy and thought how Shashi might react to view my huge boobs, back and bare sleeves. I wore the saree well four inch below naval.

As anticipated Shashidha’sr eyes were fixed at my top portion several times. This time somehow I did not feel uneasy, and on the contrary my whole body was reacting and I felt excited. Few occasions while serving water and curry, I let my pallu fellall down, made an eye contact with him and smiled.

I don’t know how all changes happen. May be my husband was trying to provide occasions for me to be friend with Shashidhar? Was it the case? But in days to come, I myself was trying to dress sexily. I went to beauty parlour for frequent waxing, facials, hair make up etc. I bought few more net sarees, stitched backless blouses, bought new tops, leggings etc. I started telling my husband to call Shashsidhar for lunch or dinner by preparing some special dishes. I was giving excuse that after ll he being a bachelor is staying alone and may be missing homely food.

So visit of Shashidhar to our house became frequent to the extent of two or three days in a week. Many days he used to drop down suddenly for lunch in absence of my husband. My seeing him had changed. I was dreaming a bed partner who could stir my feelings, make me experience orgasms and may be bless me with motherhood. But, I was a bit scared too. I could not understand my husband at all.

Week after week passed and Shashidhar’s visit had become a regular either for lunch or dinner husband whether my husband was at home or not. But now I was used to it, rather I was eagerly looking forward to his visits and neither my husband had any objection. Yes I was gradually getting attracted to him in my mind and longing for his physical contact which alluded me till one day.

That one day, my husband returned home from office and told me that there is a good news that he was to go abroad for two months on training. I said that I also would like to go with him but the problem was that the company was now allowing spouses to accompany them as it was a training and not a pleasure trip. He was to leave after two days. I told that I would go to my parents and return when he comes back. Yes it was concluded that way for me to go to my parents home.

At night Shashidhar came home and congratulated my husband. He had a problem and told that he came specially to seek help from us. His landlord had asked him to vacate immediately as his son and daughter in law were returning from US. So he was to vacate next day morning. My husband gave a solution which appeared simple to him but sent my blood racing. He told Shashidhar to come and stay at our house and I would cancel going to my parents. He said he can stay for two months and find alternate room for his stay. Shashidhar looked at me and I was confused and also excited. Should I oppose my husband in front of his friend’s brother or should I immediately agree? What they may think if I show enthusiasm and agree suddenly. I was in dilemma.

However, my husband did not allow me to speak at all and he told in firm voice that his decision was final.
Next morning Shashidhar moved in to our house. We had separate guest room, which was well equipped. He was shown the room by my husband and Shashi felt happy. That night I had prepared a party as my husband was to leave next day. There was scotch and they even made me to take two pegs, though I had never tasted alcohol.

My hubby left by midnight flight next day and we returned home after dropping my husband at airport. It was well past midnight and we slept in our rooms. I never had slept alone in a big house and was scared. I could not sleep at all for whole night for two reasons. I was excited and anxious as to what all may happen in coming two months with Shashi and me alone in the house for such a long time. Second, I was nervous to sleep alone. Somehow, the night was over and hurriedly I prepared breakfast. Shashi spoke casually few words and left to his work.

In all these problems, I had forgotten to pack his lunch box. So, I rang his office number to say sorry for the miss. Shashidhar spoke on the other end and said that he understands my problem in sending husband away for long time and he won’t mind missing my tasty lunch for a day. I appreciated his humour. He told me not to bother for preparing dinner tonight and told that he is taking me to dinner in a hotel. I did not know what to say and kept the receiver. Nevertheless I was ready much before he was expected back home. I wore the same light yellow net saree. The blouse was highly revealing but I wanted to enjoy how Shashi would react and feel.

Shashi returned home by half past seven. He freshened up and I gave him tea. He too got dressed wearing a red Tee shirt and jeans. It was bit dark by then and so I had no hesitation in sitting on his bike. I held him tight as he sped on the highway to a five star hotel in outskirts. The hotel was fantastic and as we entered, he led me to the restaurant holding my hand tight. At once, my blood raced up to its max temperature wetting my thighs instantly. I felt giddiness and held him for support. He led me to the table and after some time I was feeling good. He ordered simple veg menu with soup. There was good classical live music going on. By the time, we finished dinner it was past ten and we were back after half an hour drive. Next day was a Sunday and hence there was no hurry to get up.

He bid me good night and went to his room. I came to my room but was excited and anxious. I remembered his touch, which sent shock waves in me. I remembered the way I was sitting on his bike almost hugging from back. My blood was racing. The room seemed lonely and a sort of fear gripped me. Yes, I wanted him. Yes, that was the truth. I drank a glass of water. I remembered I had not kept drinking water in his room. I took a jar and a glass and knocked his room. The door was open and he called me in. He was reading some book. I kept the water on side table. He again said good night. I came near the door and asked if I can switch off the light. He told me to switch off the light while going back. I switched lights off keeping only a night lamp on. I closed the door, ran back to the cot and hugged him. He kept his arm on me I was on the cot hugging Shashidhar. There was so much heat in the embrace that I started to melt. As I raised my head, his lips sealed mine; his mouth melted in mine, his heat dissolved me, and our tongues twisted and danced kindling an inferno in both bodies.

Our kisses were never ending, and we never wanted it to end. I tore open his nightdress and I slipped my nightgown. Shashidhar flipped the hook of my bra and my boobs popped out and reached his waiting hands. His hands were as big as lotus leaves but still could hardly cup half of my full boobs. Slowly I pushed left nipple in his open mouth, which he suckled with great love, lust and thirst.

Going down I kissed his cheeks, chest abdomen and further down reached that huge phallus which was standing like a stone pillar. I held it with my fist and still could not cover half of its length. My four fingers did not meet my thumb. I was mesmerized by what was in my hand and slowly moved my hand up and down. Soon a shining diamond of his pre cum appeared at the single eye of his magic wand of creation s. I smeared his lubricant all along and lifting my right leg centred on him and descended in a slow motion taking him in me at snail pace. For him it was first experience and for me it was penetrative sex of this kind for first time, although my husband had taken my virginity in the initial days of marriage.

As I lowered myself completely our mouths melted as a thanksgiving to each other. My breasts collided with his chest and his hands encircled my while he widened his thighs to ensure cent percent penetration. We lay still while only my vaginal walls moved pressing his shaft in circular motion and our mouths were moving one inside other. Every part of my body was clinging to every part of Shashidhar. Toe-to-toe, Knee-to-knee, mouth-to-mouth, breast-to-chest, belly-to-belly and his whole phallus deep inside me, so deep that his huge testicles were pressed between my thighs. I didn’t know how long we stay still without movement. I shivered, I was perspiring on my forehead and held on to his stretched hand and on to the sheets for support as I experienced orgasm after orgasms repeatedly and lost all my strength. I had now fully surrendered to the male domain lying under me.

It was an involuntary or says automatic instinct, I was now moving up and down slowly on his dick raising my hips but keeping my abdomen sealed to his. My thighs were helping my hips in the movement and upper portion was also moving in tandem. Each raise was lifting my boobs up until only the nipple was touching his chest and then press down fully. Shashidhar was holding and fondling my breasts and nipple. I was having countless orgasms and time came for me to surrender.

Shashidhar too understood my mind and slowly we changed our position without disengaging. He started with another hundred kisses. I pushed my breast to his mouth and he sat on cot resting me on his lap as my nipples were not reachable in the normal position.

I was feeling that down below he was enlarging and increasing in size filling me like an airtight piston cylinder. His movements were very slow at first, increasing the speed stroke by stroke, reaching a crescendo and then slowing down again. I was floating in space, drowning in sea, the sand below my feet was receding and I was groping for support, held on to the pillow, to the sheet and to his back. Shashidhar was now in the verge of climax which I sensed because of his heaving and tightening of thigh muscles.

I lifted my legs and locked him from back to ensure he will unload fully in me. He came in me in drops, in spasms and flooded as if the gates of a full dam were opened. I was gradually being filled up with his semen. I was just dreaming. Yes, this is the elixir of life, it is this nectar which contain millions of life, it may contain my son or daughter for sure. I raised my hips assisting him to completely come in me. The flood of life engulfed me, filled me and overflowed along my thighs on to the sheets. We stayed copulated for long time enjoying after play.

By morning my pool of pleasure was filled up two more times. We woke up late mated after morning tea, took bath together. There was nothing like ‘enough’ in our dictionary. Every mating was making us hunger for more and more. In the coming days, we invariably had sex every night and many times during days. Went out hand in hand, ate in hotels, went to few tourist places, stayed as couple, had our own honeymoon.

My husband returned after two months. We received him at airport and after dropping us at home, Shashidhar went to his new one room apartment, which he had bought at a nearby place. My husband had bought lot of clothes, lingerie, perfume etc. In the airport my husband was staring at me and then only I looked at myself. Yes my bulge had started to show. I was in my third month of pregnancy and hence the bulge.

Yes I had not noticed that since last three months that I had missed my periods. I was thrilled. I did a urine pregnancy test at home, which was positive. Still I was checked by a gynecologist and it was confirmed. There were no bounds for my happiness. I asked Shashi to take leave and in afternoon, I rushed to his room. Only when he was fully inside me, I told him the happy news in his ear. He was also thrilled. Night I told my husband and he was also very happy.

He then told that he had made all planning to bring Shashidhar nearer to me so that I can become a mother. Next day itself, my husband announced to his relatives about my pregnancy.

After six months, I delivered very handsome boy just like Shashidhar. I an ever grateful and indebted to my husband for his indirect help in providing me a natural IVF (Intense Vaginal Fuck) and of course to Shashidhar who made my dream come true. Now that we all know the story Shashi comes home at his or say my will and stay back while my husband sleeps in main bedroom.

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Story 20 : Thrills Of Social Media

Author : babu_7762

Written on : 3rd June, 2016

I am Shalu. Yes, this is what I have to say. Blame it on my husband. This is what happen when you have a husband who loves his job and earning more than wife. So I also became a victim of husband’s earning hunger and workaholic.

My husband work in an international Oil and Gas Company having their office in Kurla, Mumbai at Phoenix Towers. I am 34 years and my hubby is 38. We got married 10 years ago but till then had no kids. I used to feel lonely as otherwise my hubby used to be away mostly on tours to Delhi, KL, Batam, Dubai or when he is in India he would go to offshore duty of ONGC, Reliance and GSPC.

May be due to his non availability with me on continuous basis I had not conceived. I dont know really but that was the situation. I was free to do my shopping and even go to movies with other ladies or visit my parents at Bengaluru whenever I wished. But all alone! That was most distressing thing for a married woman. So I normally stayed indoors viewing TV or be on internet or Chat with friends on WhatsApp. Many men on WhatsApp and face book messenger were texting me lucid messages and somehow I was enjoying chatting or say sexting with others. I didn’t even know if the other side is a man in a woman’s name or a woman in a man’s name as most people have false ID. But anyhow I was enjoying sexting and spending some time.

One such face book friend was Mr Ramesh, a textile businessman from Dadar. He used to boast himself as very rich and having business of Crores per month. His English was very refined and he never used any vulgar language while chatting. But he started referring to me as Bhabhi, then Mam then ‘dear’ then within few weeks ‘darling’. We had not met each other at all. I was referring to him initially as Mr then Ramesh and later started using his own words of dear and darling. Yes in his profile photo he was very handsome. As per his profile he was 26 years good 8 years younger than me. But what harm in chatting. Nothing I reasoned.

After a week, we exchanged our phone numbers and he sent me an expensive Smart Phone so that we can chat on WhatsApp. I told my husband that I purchased it. So I was no not finding free time at all. Prepare some Breakfast or lunch and sit to chat with Ramesh. After dinner we used to chat for hours till late night. Right at 6 AM he used to call me and wish me good morning. We were talking or chatting most of the time.

Few weeks later he proposed that we meet somewhere and have lunch or dinner. Lunch was OK for me as dinner would be a late affair. As usual my hubby was at Dubai. So one afternoon we decided to have lunch in a hotel. But suddenly I got stomach ache which resulted in my monthly cycle. I had to call him and told him that I cannot make it. He felt bad and I assured that we shall meet after five days. After two days my husband returned. This time he said he will not go out for a month. I was supposed to be happy but this time I was disappointed. I didn’t know what to tell him.

Next morning at 6 Ramesh called and my hubby was still sleeping. He told that he would call my hubby and will talk as if he is a businessman and wants to meet my hubby. I didn’t know what to say and kept quiet.

At around 10 we were having breakfast and his cell rang. He received and was asking how the caller got his number. I guessed that Ramesh was at the other side. Just after a few minutes, I could not understand how it happened but my hubby was laughing..

After lunch my husband rested for a while and I was wondering what may happen, how he may actually look and how should I dress for the evening.

By five we had tea and I asked mu hubby as to who called in the morning and what is the programme. He replied that a big business man in Clothing had called and wants us to be his partners . So we all will meet him at hotel Vihang on Godbunder road, Thane. I asked if he is going to resign from job.

He laughed and said that he wants me to do some business so that I can also earn and spend time instead of idling at home by which I can become very active and it will also help in my health. My blood was racing and I said in low voice that I don’t know anything about business. He said ‘let us meet and he will explain what to do’ I just kept quiet and asked what should I wear. He was in fact very romantic though he could not give me much time in normal course.

He used to bring me the latest dresses, sarees, ornaments whenever he went out of country. He suggested me to wear a light green net saree with backless blouse. I was also thinking something of similar type.

I wore the light green net saree with satin petticoat. As the blouse was backless, sleeveless naturally it had in-stitched bra cup and I was not required to wear a bra. I wore saree well four inches below my deep navel and tied a bun for hairdo so that full back can be visible. I asked my husband how I was looking. He appreciated and advised me to leave neck bare so that it will make look much younger. But I decided to wear a thin platinum chain.

We left house at 8 PM and reached the hotel at quarter to nine. We seated in the reception and waited. Nearby there were many guests waiting and at a particular corner many girls were crowding around another guest. I thought they may be having a dinner party for some birthday or so. Then my husband called Ramesh from his cell and to my surprise he rose from his seat which was actually surrounded by those young girls. He looked extremely handsome, tall, very healthy body, good complexion and was wearing a suit befitting a businessman.

He shook hand with my husband and then extended hand to me. I held his hand and he pressed it bit more and with a straight look I had to tell him to leave my hand. We went in and our seats were reserved. We sat at the corner sofa and did some preliminary talks. Ramesh told that he has a big business of manufacture of Kids garments and he offered that I can do reselling online through face book or WhatsApp by creating a group. His selling on whole sale rate for party frocks was on average Rs 300 and I can sell them at Rs 500 to Rs 600. It all looked so easy and I was excited. He ordered for red wine and a seven course dinner. All through dinner his eyes were fixed on my boobs and the net saree which was often slipping did not leave anything for imagination. I could even see his uneasiness as he was crossing his legs often. For the first time I tasted wine and liked it. By the time dinner was over it was well past eleven. We bid good night and left. Before leaving he told that he will come home on some day and show the samples or send them through driver. We thanked him and returned.

Whole night it was difficult to sleep. His handsome figure, body and baby face was coming on my mind. His firm warm grip of my hand was still fresh. I kissed my palm again and again. Yes I wanted his hug, his kiss and his sex. But how to wait for a month till my husband go on tour again? Felt it difficult to wait. My husband was sleeping next to me and snoring. I didn’t feel like waking him up for a sex which would be hardly a minute or so. Yes I will have a child from Ramesh. Soon I will be a mother. I decided not to give big gap and try for second child as soon as first one is an year old. I will be mother of two lovely kids, one boy and one girl. I was dreaming all sweet dreams.

Now let me tell about my husband. During my marriage I had objected as he was very lean and not a proper match to me. But my parents looked at his degree and job and convinced me that after marriage he is bound to put on weight and health. I had believed them. But in last ten years he on the contrary had lost some weight due to hectic work and outside food. While staying indoors I had put on flesh at proper places and had very attractive figure. My breasts had become very big exceeding 38D. But my husband had no time to even look at them leave alone touch and fondle them. I was longing for a rough hand to massage them, to squeeze them to pinch them and to suck my protruding nipples. But the only option was to help myself.

How long should wait? That whole day I don’t know how many times I had to console my urges. I was now wishing my husband to go out. What a change? After lunch I slept for a while and my husband had gone to his office at Kurla. I had just then slept and the door bell rang. That day the maid had asked for leave and I thought may be, she came as an afterthought. I opened door and was shocked to see Ramesh at the door. His driver was carrying a suitcase. I welcomed them and the driver left after keeping the suitcase inside. I closed the door and leaving not a fraction of second I hugged and our lips got welded. His lips were soft and I yielded in his hug and melted in his mouth.

He wanted to tell about the cloth he had brought in the suitcase. But I had no patience to listen to him. I just wanted only Ramesh, his kiss, his hugs and his love. Even without asking him for a cup of water I pulled him to my bed room. I sealed him mouth with mine and gave all my saliva to him instead of water which quenched his thirst more than what water could have. My thirst also got quenched to some extent but there was nothing called complete satisfaction as we again and again indulged in unending kisses.

I was getting excited, hot and wanted to get rid of all barriers . I removed my gown and asked Ramesh to help me in rest. He obliged by unhooking my bra and pulling down my panties. I tore his shirt and undid his pant and brief. He was already very hard and I held his penis. My fingers could not meet when I circled the shaft. He had very big and fat penis which excited me. His muscular 6 ab figure reminded me of Joan Abraham or Salman. I played my hand on the soft wide chest and his shoulder.

He was continuously kissing me and I was overflowing with my secretions. I was stroking his shaft and testicles. I wanted him inside me deep, very deep as soon as possible. I pulled him on to me but he had other ideas. He did not oblige me but started to squeeze my boobs one after other pulling and making my hard nipples more and more prominent.

To my surprise, they turned from pink to purple to black when Ramesh sucked them relentlessly making me to moan and shout for more and more. I was trying to push his tool in me but instead Ramesh inserted his finger in my pussy and started to rub my clitoris in circular motion. I was restless and was withering like a snake on heat. I was begging Ramesh again and again for union. Ramesh pulled his pant to the cot and tried to take out a condom. I was shocked, scared and bewildered and pushed his hand and pant away begging him not to use any barrier. He smiled and said that it may result in pregnancy. I hugged him and told that that is what I wanted Ramesh, please make me pregnant.

He needed no more invitation. He centred between me and slowly inserted his long fat penis in my cunt. I widened my thighs to welcome the guest. It was difficult in the beginning but as I was soaking wet he could achieve complete penetration without much problem. I lifted my legs and he supported them with his hands keeping on his shoulders ensuring the tip of his tool to touch the entrance of my cervix. That was the entrance to heaven which I was wanting all these years, the entrance with which my child would be born.

I hugged him with both my hands and legs furthering pulling Ramesh in to me. What a sensuous feeling, Oh my God why this happy moment cannot last for ever. Can we be jointed for whole night, for whole life, my mind t going in orbits of space. Ramesh loosening the grip of my legs lifted himself and descended again rubbing his thick penis on my clitoris. I was moaning and almost shouting at top of my voice. There were tears in my eyes which he licked and brought his mouth down to mine and kissed passionately for a very long time. Then he fell to a synchronous movement assisted by own gyrations around his fat weapon. God only knows how long he lasted but I felt it was equivalent to having sex with my husband for a year. By then I had hundreds of orgasm and was in urgency to achieve climax.

I caressed his back, his and locked his movement by circling my legs around his and pulled him in to me. His penis was expanding in me and pulsating giving sending me highly exciting shocks in my whole body. As I bit his lips he started ejaculating but I don’t recollect if he ended it. He let go of his entire flood of hot semen deep in me directly injecting in to my cervix.

We did not want to detach and slept hugging and cuddling. We kissed hundreds of times as gratitude. I was again thinking if I have already conceived or not? will it happen at night? How many months it may take for me to conceive? will I ever become a mother? What if I have some problem? Oh God save me, make me pregnant, let me not have any problem in becoming a loving mother of two kids. We had gone to sleep for some time as I was day dreaming. I woke up in his tight hug only when he had opened my mouth had already inserted his tongue in me. He went down along throat licking down on to my breasts. He licked along the entire surface of both hemispheres and then suckled both nipples. I extended my hand to hold his penis which was rock hard again.

Ramesh pulled me on his top. His semen from first episode was slowly dripping down from my vagina. Placing my legs on either sides I lowered on to his majestic tool slowly and completely. Putting my hand in between I ensured that his testicles were touching my shaven pussy which certified complete copulation. My mouth was inside his mouth, my breasts were on his chest, my abdomen pressed his abdomen and my vaginal walls had locked his big fat shaft and his legs had arrested mine.

As he loosened his grip, I automatically raised up and lowered down. With each of my upward movement Ramesh was holding my hemispheres and pressing. With each of my descend on him we were kissing. I was experiencing orgasm after orgasm. I could feel his shaft expanding indicating the nearing of climax. Not wanting to waste the precious semen we changed position and he thrust deep in me. I was feather light and flying in deep space as Ramesh continued his love machine unending till I cried for him to release. He let go of the withheld flood of love juices in long spasms again almost touching the entrance of my womb. We rested for a while and then after tea he left with promise to meet a day after.

So we were meeting and mating on alternate days each time couple or more time. I was still waiting for my husband to go outstation and I wanted to have sex with Ramesh for nights together.

Soon my dream came true and my husband had to go to London for a month long trip. Me and Ramesh went on our honeymoon all over the country, Goa, Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Shimla, Ooty and spend day and night locked in arms making love and having fantastic sex. We experimented not just 64 but may be 96 positions of Kamasutra. I was introduced to the exiting world of oral sex which I fully enjoyed.

It did not take long for me to conceive. After three months of our first mating, I got checked and confirmed my pregnancy. Ramesh’s son was born in next six months. With lot of difficulty I waited till the child was four months and again we started our sex machined in full force.

As I was feeding my son I did not conceive and we had full care free enjoyment. I had my periods when the child was seven months and without our own knowing I had conceived within next few months. My daughter was born when my son was an year and half. Now my dream has come true of becoming mother of son and daughter. I don’t know if my husband has knowledge of our affair or not but he is not saying anything and is not stopping us. So our mission is continuing. As I hate using condom, I don’t know I may get one more child soon and then we will decide on some sort of family planning.

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Story 21 : The Great TV Reality Show

Author : babu_7762

Written on : 23rd July, 2016

This is my sex story of how I a reality dance show changed my life. My husband Ramesh is a tall and handsome person, an engineer in a MNC at Navi Mumabi. He had good salary and a flat at Vashi. What else a girl need is what my parents thought. So my marriage was fixed with this handsome youth. But unfortunately my husband could not consummate marriage.

I realized his weakness on the first night when he opted to sleep rather than having sex. I first thought that maybe he is tiered with all marriage rituals and want to go it slow and enjoy leisurely rather than a hurry mating just for sake of ‘first night’. I was also tiered and slept.

Two days later my in laws had booked our honey moon at Ooty in Tamil Nadu. So we went by air from Mumbai to Bengaluru and from there hired a taxi. We spent good sightseeing in Ooty but again at nights he did not even come near me. When I tried to go near and kiss he just gave his cheek to me and kissed me on my forehead. On the second night I with force kissed him on lips and I was glad that he slowly responded. But his kiss was like kissing a child. There was no heat, no intensity of adult kiss. I did manage to bring him to his mild erection but he lost in my hand, even before trying to enter me. We tried few more times but later he asked my excuse and slept. I could not sleep at all.

On return I told my parents but they consoled me and said that with time it will be alright and if needed we may take some medicine. But Ramesh was not ready to visit a doctor. He felt it will be disgraceful to tell doctor that he can’t get an erection. I myself consulted few doctors and whatever medicines they prescribed, i used to give to Ramesh mixed in food or milk without his notice. But it had no positive results.

So weeks, months and years passed without any result. I even threatened him with divorce and he had also agreed. But my parents told that they would end their life if I applied for divorce. They were worried about marriage of my other two younger sisters if I take divorce. By the time other two sisters got married it was already six years since our marriage. At this point my parents felt it is too late to divorce and marry again although I was only 30 years of age. I had no option as my own parents were not ready to support me.

I myself approached a psychiatrist who advised me to indulge in some other activity so that I will stop thinking of sex always. I thought it was good idea but could not get any job. But I was a good dancer in my school and college days and decided to join some dance class learn more and also teach to new students.

There was a dance academy near our house and I joined few days later. The academy was very good. The entire hall was air conditioned, a good wooden floored stage, greenroom, canteen and all other facilities were there. They were teaching all sorts of dance, salsa, bollywood dance and Zumba. As I had slim figure I could learn all types very fast. The instructor was very experienced and had choreographed few Hindi and Marathi movies.

I was now able to spend good lot of time in dance class and my tension had indeed reduced. But still, the woman in me and my body would often awaken and used to cry for their share of enjoyment. But the craving had reduced as I had dance to concentrate. Six months passed and I had learnt lot of dance moves.

One day the principal told that there is a reality show on a prime TV called couple dance. Our academy was only ladies dance academy. He told that if both husband and wife know they can participate.

They had made a collaboration with another dance academy which had only male dancers and if husband of any of us does not know dance or if anyone are unmarried, then the principal would select her dance partner from the other academy by a chit draw and the couple should practice under his guidance for four weeks. The best couple whom he chooses after four weeks would participate in the reality show. The show was to start next month. The prize money was also very attractive. I registered my name immediately.

The day of selection of partners I was very apprehensive. How would my partner be, old? Young? More experienced than me? Will I be able to make it.

Evening all dancers from other academy had come and were in the auditorium. Principals of both academies were on stage and there were two big glass jar containing names of our and other academy. The principals gave short speech and wished us well. One chit from each would be taken out and thus the paid would be selected. As the process went on and eight pairs were selected. They standing on the stage. Then they called my name and I went on stage eager to see my partner.

They then called a name ‘Gautam’ a student from local Engineering college. I was waiting without blinking my eyes. There was some delay in his coming on stage. Then entered a handsome youth of 22 years of age. I could immediately make out that he will be a very good dancer and I had a good dance partner. He was having very fair complexion and well built. Gautam came shook my hands and stood by my side. we all exchanged our phone numbers. After little snacks and tea we returned home.

From next day the practice started. The steps were first enacted by the Gurus and we were to do solo in the beginning where me as Radha will be waiting for my partner Krishna. The first day we were to dance solo. Although Gautam was ten years younger than me, he was well built. The practice continued and we became more friendly. When a week was left the gurus took test and selected me and Gautam to represent on the TV show. We were extremely happy. The gurus asked both of us to practice as much as possible and allowed us to use the stage any time we wanted it.

I told my husband about the TV show and there was no reaction. He just nodded his head and slept. We were practicing daily and several themes were taught. In almost every dance theme invariably we were to hold each other or hug or he would lift me holding my waist and thighs and many more moves which was making us highly excited at the end. The actual TV show started and in the very first day we got very good applause and marks. Moved on to next level. Gautam was very agile on stage which laurels to our dance items. Gradually we reached semi finals and finals. Both the gurus struggled hard and trained us for the final day and night. The theme for final was based on Geetha Govinda of Jaideva, a musical item depicting the love between Krishna and Radha.

The finals at last. My heart was thumping. What will happen? Will we win or not? Anyway we would be at least runner up as we had reached finals. Gautam was confident of win. Our sir called me and Gautam aside and told that he would like to make only one request so that the show will be more realistic and may help in win. He asked me if we can be bit bold in movement without any inhibition and be more intimate while dancing together. He explained that e have to live in to the role of our enactment and feel as if I am Radha and Gautam is Krishna. Looking at each other should be more intense and direct. Hugs should be tighter and smile should be natural. I blushed as I never expected this from him. But he was just professional. We agreed to his proposal.

The anchor announced our names and also said that we were the favourites to win the title. The dance item which was based on the love between Krishna and Radha had many poses taken from Khajuraho temple sculpture. I was dressed in an Amrapali suit having only a dancer saree tied well below my navel and matching tie back blouse studded with sequin. Lot my skin was visible. Whole of back was of net and was completely transparent. Shoulders, sleeves were open and mu midriff was also bare 6 inch deeper below navel. I felt bit shy. But Sir had told me to forget the world when we enact the roles, think the whole world does not exist except for we two on stage.

I stepped in to the stage and did a solo act for a while till Gautam’s entry. On the stage Gautam was more active. He was holding me clinging to him and look direct in my eyes while expressing his desire. Many positions were near to erotica like he lifting up my thigh with his hand and me bending back to touch the floor. His hand was directly on my hip to support me. While hugging from back his hand would play on my midriff and open back. I was really getting excited and felt wet. What is happening to me I could not understand. The show was over to a thunderous applause. As expected we got the first prize.

We were very happy and so were the dance masters. We were given cash prize of Rs 50000 each and gift hampers. I changed my dress and Gautam told that he would drop me home. While driving he praised my dance and said that he is indebted to me for helping him in winning the title. I told that in fact I am thankful for him for helping me. He suggested as to why can’t we have a private celebration next night with a dinner. My husband was at Delhi in that week. I had no problem in eating out.

While getting out at my home, Gautam held my hand and thanked me. His hand was warm and he held it for very long time. I bid him good night and came home. Night was a mixed feeling. I was very happy for the title won and also was excited with the male touch of Gautam. But I brushed aside any further ideas as he was ten years younger than me. Who knows what he may be thinking? May be he held a respect towards me being elder to him. I went in to deep sleep being tiered whole day.

Next whole day I got hundreds of calls congratulating me on the win. Evening Gautam called me and asked me to be ready by eight and he would pick me for dinner. I had slept for a while after lunch.

I wore a light yellow super net saree with a backless, sleeveless net blouse. I tied my hair up so that whole back will be displayed.

Remembering how Gautam was staring at by belly the previous dance night, I slid the saree below navel by six inches. For dance my whole body was waxed and hence my belly below navel also was smooth as silk. I put some glitter on breast, sleeve, back and also on abdomen. I looked at the mirror and was satisfied. But why at all I was dressing like that? I did not know correct answer.

Gautam came near the gate of our flat at eight and called me. I went out and he opened the door. The hotel was bit far off on highway and he drove slowly taking time to talk. He was even contemplating that he and me may get some TV role also. I laughed and said that he may get as he is still young but not me. But he complemented me and said that I look much younger than him and was too sexy in the dance number.

I blushed and looked outside the window. We reached the hotel by quarter to nine. It was a grand hotel and one of the receptionist who had seen our show previous night, recognized us and within no time the news spread. Hundreds of guests came to us seeking selfie and autograph. I was satisfied that at least I had dressed with lot of interest. Gautam was feeling elated.

The manager led us to the dining hall and seated us in a private corner and assured no disturbance from others. It was a candle lit corner and was very cosy. The diner was very tasty. I could see Gautam staring at me throughout the dinner. I was feeling excited.

Gautam ordered champagne and dinner. That was first time I ever tasted champagne. I felt good and we finished the whole bottle. Dinner was also very good. Once finished Gautam asked for bill but the manager came and asked us to come along with him.

He requested that it is a pleasure to have us at their hotel and they would like to have our photo with the management. We felt so good at their gesture. Their photographer was ready and the entire officers and staff came for photos.

The photographer asked us to hold hands, asked Gautam to keep his arm around me etc. By the time we bid bye to them and left it was half past ten. I thanked him for the fantastic evening and dinner.

Gautam drove straight to his house and asked me to come in for some time. He had already told me that he stays alone as his parents stay at their home town.

The house was big and beautifully decorated. I sat on the sofa and he made two pegs of wine. He said that the evening deserves a celebration as we got so much recognition within one day!

He sat by my side and we sipped wine. Gautam said that I was looking very beautiful and sexy in the net saree. I thanked him. He came closer and circled his hand with wine over my neck and asked me to drink wine from his glass. I could not say no. He had to pull me further towards him for my ease of drinking the wine. I relished it and the moment.

Gautam then asked me to get up and dance together. He put on some English music and held me waist with one hand and one on my shoulder. We danced in unison to the rhythm of music. It was very absorbing and melodious number. Gautam brought his hand around me and pulled me closer.

I kept my head on his chest and we danced all around the hall. Gautam pulled me and sealed my lips with his. This happened all of a sudden and I had neither time nor intention to refuse.

I responded with same fervour and opened my mouth welcoming him. My first mouth to mouth kiss. What an experience! So hot so wet and yielding. I lost all strength and completely melted in his mouth. Getting up he so easily lifted me like what he did in the dance and carried me to the bed room.

Without any further preliminaries Gautam laid me on the cot and started to kiss me. I welcomed him wholeheartedly and hug him. Slowly but erotically Gautam undid my saree, blouse. I had no bra as the blouse was backless. My big breasts popped out.

He then pulled down my only piece which was left. I was now completely nude. He requested me to undo his clothes. I undid the shirt and then belt, pant and then the final. We hugged nude. He wanted the lights to be kept one so that we can appreciate our bodies.

Sleeping by my side he kissed me again and again. My breasts were heaving with excitement which he controlled my holding them in his wide hands and squeezed the life out of me. My nipples were now erect and awaited his treatment. Holding the nipples between his thumb and fore finger he rubbed them till they turned black.

Gautam licked my protruded nipples, sucked them one after the other. His tongue and teeth traced all over my two hemispheres. I was shaking with excitement and had my first orgasm of life. It was such a fantastic experience and losing strength I held him tight. His finger had traced all along my belly and down between my thighs.

He opened my thighs wide and slowly started to rub the vaginal hole. I had no control at all and yielded to all his ministrations. His finger was now deep inside my vagina stroking the Clitoris. I had one two and multiple orgasms repeatedly and again and again. We kissed again.

He took my hand and guided it to his already hard penis. I held it with love and lust. He had very big shaft which I stroked up and down. He then asked me to hold his testicles which I fondled to further excite him.

Rising above he positioned himself and pushed his pink head in to my open vagina. I was already soaking wet and further widened my legs welcoming him. It was very difficult as he had a massive penis. But due the combined pre cum he pushed the head and I raised my legs to ease the entry. But it was not easy. In one forceful push he pierced me and entered full. I shrieked loudly with pain and blood started flowing out.

He realised that he had broken my hymen. He was scared and said “sorry all this happened as this is first sex experience”. So I and Gautam had lost our virginity together.

In a few seconds the pain vanished and pleasant feeling started. Gautam started to move up and I raised my hips to assist him. Each stroke was sending me thrilling experience as his phallus rubbed my clitoris. I did not want this to end till the end of my life.

My moans were uncontrollable as I hit orgasm after orgasm. I was shaking my hand and body unable to explain the enjoyment of my first sexual experience.

Gautam made love to me smoothly, slowly and with all love in him pouring on me. I encircled my legs and arms around him and we kissed till I sensed that his pillar was contracting and expanding. My vaginal muscles were also giving company to the contractions.

Both of us did not know what may happen. Then a very hot liquid started filling me from within. Was I bleeding again? No it must be the semen which Gautam was relentlessly gushing deep inside me. Yes he filled me fully and the hot fluid overflowed from my vagina. We stay glued for long time, Gautam resting his head on my breasts.

We got detached after a while. It was half past eleven and Gautam opined there was no meaning in me going home at that hour. Gautam switched off the light leaving one blue night lamp and came by my side on the cot. We spent lot of time talking. He was surprised that I was still a virgin.

Sobbingly I told my ill fated married life to him. He consoled me and said that now better days are ahead. I hid my face in his chest and wept. He said he is from a very rich family at Indore and he was the only son.

They purchased that house for him to stay during college and then if he gets a job he will continue there. He was good in studies and for hobby learning dance. Cuddling each other we slept for some time with nothing one except a thin blanket. Early morning I woke up to the newness of the room.

I saw Gautam, who made me a woman the night before, he who made me to realize the needs of my body, my Greek God was sleeping calm. Lowering my hand I took his penis in my left hand. Moving towards him I kissed him a good morning. He opened his eyes and pulled me to him. Our naked bodies clung to one another in the first morning of me as a woman.

Our kisses and hugs brought instantaneous erection to Gautam. He tried to come on me but I wanted to enjoy stroking that monster who was dancing my hand. I pushed my breasts in his mouth to bite and such those red nipples. We continue our foreplay and I experienced several orgasms.

Gautam pulled me on his top and I rested my boobs on his chest. I centered myself and lowered on his erect phallus. It did paid at the hymen fracture place but soon subsided due to the excessive combined lubrication.

Gautam was holding and playing with my breasts in each of my upward strokes. To take rest we were inhaling the carbondi oxide from each other’s mouth or else each part of our body was in kinetic motion. As I lost all my strength due to multiple orgasms Gautam pulled me down and rode me on top.

He was entirely inside me and I arrested his movements with my legs and arms round him. The time stood still, all motions were still except for the movement of our tongues and my own pelvic and vaginal muscular movement around his phallus.

Holding my hips cheeks with his both hands Gautam pulled me up and thrust further deeper and reaching my mouth started to such my tongue. Growing in girth his weapon was spewing huge load of semen in to me. The see-saw play slowed down and I could feel how slowly I was getting filled up. We lay knotted for a long time and rested.

We took bath together and had breakfast. I prepared toast and egg. I returned happily but reluctantly. Yes I returned home as a complete woman.

We were meeting alternate days at his place or mine and did nude dance practice not on stage but on his kind size bed. And whenever my husband was away we were spending night together. Gautam googled for all sex positions and we probably made few more experiments of our own.

It didn’t take much time. Within next three months I had conceived. I decided to discuss with my husband and decide the future. One evening when he had returned home I raised the issue of our future.

I told him that I love him and would like to look after his needs now and also in future. But I too have my ambitions in life which he was not able to give. He understood. I

went on to add that if I have to stay with him he should not come in my way of motherhood and no questions to be asked. Else we can separate and seek divorce on non consummation of marriage in six years. Doctors will certify me as virgin and I may get divorce but his name would be public and it may not be liked by him and his other family members.

So I argued that best option is for me to become a mother and he accept the child as his and let us lead a good family life forever. He was quiet for long time and then said OK as you decide. I won’t come in your way.

That decided I told Gautam about my pregnancy. In next six months I delivered a boy. Now my son is also 6 years and I also have a daughter of 3 years from Gautam. My husband also likes kids and is enjoying their company. Gautam is now married. But we still manage to meet once or twice a week to have hectic sex.

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Story 22 : Child Brings Huge Property

Author : babu_7762

Written on : 06th November, 2016

I am 34. Married for eight years to a big business man who loves to live in suitcases, sleep in flights and just make money. There was no dearth of gold and diamond with me. Had big house. But I had no life. In eight years only my upper and lower body has put on flesh but nothing in between. No baby bump. I was coming to conclusion that adopting a baby is the only option left and was persuading my husband.

One day suddenly my hubby told that his father if in ICU and he has to rush to Bengaluru and within an hour he was off in flight. He did not communicate with me for a week and I was worried. But he returned next week and just told that his father is very sick but is recovering. I felt better. But he always looked tense and did not tell me the reason. I tried my best to take care of him in his time of tension.

I tried to woo him for sex but as usual he slept the other side. In fact our sex life was ok only for first two years of marriage. Then it became a monthly ritual without any emotion or love. He would finish in two minutes and dose off. He was a business man spending life in flights hotels and suitcases. Now since last four years we never had any intimacy. So no question of any kids, naturally.

A few days later he was in very good mood. He took me to Shimla and we stayed in a top class hotel. At night he said that he was very happy. He also told that he consulted a doctor who is giving him some medicine and has assured that we would soon get our child! He even showed me few tablets. I was surprised.

He continued and even cried saying that he kept away from me as he was earlier found to be incapable of having his own kids. That inferiority complex was eating him. I felt bad for him and now I did feel good as he was happy. We stayed for three days and had sex couple of times although it again lasted two or less minutes. But I had read that even one sperm is sufficient to impregnate a woman. I wished it would happen.

We returned to Mumbai. And now again we were together on bed at best once in a fortnight. Although he used to leave me high and dry, at least I presumed that some good may happen. He said he was taking medicines. I didn’t question him more. For a day he had been to N Delhi and from there he brought me a very expensive net saree with lot of embroidery. The blouse was to be stitched. I suggested buying ready made but my husband insisted on to get stitched to perfect measurement. Our anniversary was nearing and I decided to get it ready by that time. But Shashidhar, my husband, told that he would find out the best tailor and tell me.

Few days later it was morning and Shashi was getting ready to go to office. I was taking bath and Shashi shouted that he is getting late. So hurriedly I just wore a satin gown even without drying and came out. I served breakfast to him and he asked me also to take with him.

While we were eating his one hand was moving on my satin gown and feeling my breast as I had not worn bra. He then slid his hand on to my bare thighs.

I was getting heated up. But it was not the time for any such adventure. The bell rang again. I thought that the driver might have come to collect keys and opened the door. But a stranger was standing with a big smile and asked if this is the house of Mr. Shashidhar. I nodded and Shashi looked at him and smilingly invited him in. He was very handsome and well built. His smile was mesmerizing. I again sat for breakfast and Shashi asked me to serve breakfast to the stranger.

I placed one more plate and served Parathas. Then Shashi introduced him to me as Mr. Babubhai a renowned ladies tailor whom he had found out from internet. I could not believe as he was almost like a film star. But I kept quiet. In fact although he was eating parathas from his mouth I could sense that he was eating me with his eyes. His stare was directly on my piercing breasts. I felt shy and somehow my whole body heated up.

We finished breakfast and tea. Then Shashi told that he is getting late and asked Babubhai to take measurements fast so that Shashi can drop him at his place. He hurried me to go in to the bedroom and give my measurements. I wanted to change to a saree and blouse but Shashi was in such a hurry that he did not listen to me for a second.

I went inside and Shashi was asking the other person to follow me. Mr. Babubhai also entered the room and I had no other options than to ask him to take my measurements.He slightly closed the door and I was standing near the cot. He was very professional in his work and took the measurements fast. His touch had strange effect on me.

Suddenly my nipples became erect and looked more prominent through the satin material of my gown. His hand cupped my breast for longer than needed and he pressed them slightly. Or was it my imagination? Or did I want it? I felt burning and hot blood rushing to my head. He held me from unbalancing and made me to sit on the cot. He immediately left the room and Shashi left the house closing the door behind them.

I lay on bed bewildered and mesmerized. What the hell was happening to me all of a sudden? After all a stranger came home and his hand had just rested on my breast for hardly ten seconds and had circled m nipple from over the satin cloth for about five seconds putting me on fire? This had never happened to me in life.

When he was taking measurement why at all I felt goose bumps when his hands moved on my bare sleeves? I touched my boobs. The nipples were still hard and protruded. I liked them myself. My right hand went automatically between my thighs. I was highly wet. My fingers easily found the right spot and closing my eyes I slowly rubbed the sensitive zone. It felt relieving. Then again the door bell rang. I stopped and opened the door to the maid servant. She looked at me and asked if I was feeling ok? I just nodded and went to room to dress.

Whole night was a mixed feeling with intermittent sleep. Why and how such feelings now? After all he was in my front standing only for a few minute but his thought has been mothering me for whole day? His image, smile has engulfed me while doing any work, cooking, cleaning sleeping or watching TV. How to get rid of this? But did I really want to forget him? Yes said my mind and No said my body. I didn’t know when he would make the blouse ready. He had not given his phone No and also he did not call. May be Shashi would collect while returning from office. Then what? I will not be able to see him again!

Morning I had to go to buy vegetables. While waiting for an auto suddenly I noticed Babubhai coming out of Talwarkar’s gym. He was wearing a half pant and sleeveless tee shirt. He looked very attractive and I could infer that he daily goes to gym. But he did not see me. I felt it may not be good to go after him and talk. So I returned home but whole day repeatedly same type of thoughts was coming to my mind. Did enjoy such thoughts? Yes was the only answer. Somehow I was feeling excited, like a new wed bride. Why? No idea. But I was feeling happy. Often I touched my breast and sleeve on which he had placed his hand briefly.

Next day it started raining right from morning. But Shashi’s work never stops. His car came and he left to Delhi for two days. I was back to loneliness. I checked fridge and there was some pulav of previous night.

So I decided not to prepare any fresh lunch. Few of my neighbors came and sat for an hour or two gossiping and talking about the next kitty party. Once they left I took bath. In rainy day hot water bath made my body light and refreshing. I wore cotton long skirt with a chiffon top doing away with undergarments as had an urge to masturbate. Finishing my lunch I laid down on the bed. Closing my eyes I was caressing my left breast with one hand and my finger went busy between my thighs.

I was beginning to get excited and hit orgasm when suddenly the bell rang. I had asked maid not come in the afternoon as it was raining. So I thought it may be some courier for Shashidhar. Cursing the entire generation of courier companies I got up in hurry and opened the door. OMG, Babubhai was at the door. I didn’t know what to say and just opened the door letting him in.

He came in and I looked at him and asked him to come in. He was fully drenched from top to bottom. His eyes were directly on my breasts. The hooks of my top were open as I directly came from my bed. I noticed it bit late. He had had already started sneezing. I thought for a min and asked him to go to bathroom remove the clothes, take bath by which time I will put the wet clothes in drier. I gave him pyjama and Kurtha of Shashidhar. He hesitated but finally went in to the bath room. He threw out all his wet clothes and then I heard him under shower. I noticed that he had even given his brief to be dried.

I put all his clothes in the drier and prepared ginger tea for him. He finished bath and came out. My husband’s pyjama was small and Kurtha was too small that he could not wear it. So he had just put the towel I had given to him on his chest. I knew that he will not have undergarment as he had given me all wet clothes including banian and brief. I smiled to myself. That moment I realized that this afternoon would be different for me. Something was bound to happen. I was already on heat even before his arrival.

He was sitting sat on the cot and I brought hot tea. Both had tea which was refreshing in the rainy weather. He told that he has brought stitched blouse and asked me to try. I went to other bed room and removed my gown. I quickly tried the blouse. The blouse was stitched with princes cut and backless. He had stitched it perfectly but the neck was very deep exposing entire top of my boobs. As it was backless whole of my back was bare as in this type of blouse bra cannot be worn. I had never worn backless in past and princes cut. I could not tie the dori (thread) tightly but managed to somehow keep it in place.

I looked at the mirror and appreciated myself. I came to our bedroom where Babu looked at me. He got up and came near me. I asked him as to why he had made it backless when I had told him to stitch the blouse normal way. He said that this is the latest trend and fashion running. He also added that in this blouse the beauty gets multi fold and I looked very sexy.

He just glanced and said it is fitting well. He checked my back and putting a finger between blouse and my back he said it looks fine. Then he came in front of me and inserting a finger checked and said it is OK. In this process his finger brushed along the lower side of my breast.

Due to excitement my breasts were heaving up and down. As I had not tied the dori tightly, it snapped open and fell down exposing my breasts fully for his view. I tried clumsily but with my hands I could not even cover half of my oversized breasts. In all this hurry burry, only two hooks which held my blouse at back also snapped open and the blouse fell to the carpet. I was highly embarrassed, excited and shy. I tried to run back to other room and in the process fell down. Babu sat on the carpet and lifted me slowly.

Now my breasts were completely exposed and as he lifted me I swung my arms around his neck. He made me to sit on the cot and both fell together on to the big bed. I still held on to him and his strong arms pulled me to him. I clung to him and lifting my chin slightly he brought his face near my. I closed my eyes and our lips met. I opened my mouth welcoming his exploring tongue. I melted in the heat and he melted in my wet kisses. Hundred, thousand or a million? I don’t know how many and how long our mouths were sealed. Each kisses lasting twice the duration of previous one.

As his tool had sprang to action the already tight pyjama of my husband could no longer hold that huge weapon and my small pull of the thread it fell down to the floor exposing his majestic penis throbbing up and down searching for its destination. I fondly held it in my hand and caressed the blue raised veins and the huge ball which hung like two tennis balls.

We hugged tightly as if both wanted to suffocate. His rough big hands were constantly on my breasts caressing, squeezing them and taking me to heavenly experiences. My nipple had by then become as big as blue berries which I pushed in to his mouth in the intervals between kisses. While he guided my hand to his huge phallus I reciprocated by pushing his thick finger in my wet pussy. Either of us wanted to waste time in preliminaries of foreplay. We just wanted to mingle as single body. In face I was not at all in this world to think. I had left everything to nature to do its work.

As Babu pulled me on to him placing my legs on his either sides, I slid easily on to his huge phallus as I was soaking damn wet by that time. I went down in a slow motion till achieving full penetration which was confirmed when his big balls touched my thighs. Babu hugged me like a bear and I pressed my boobs on to his hairy chest while our mouths achieved fusion. He almost swallowed my tongue and pushed his deep in to mine. Our saliva was exchanged in abundance heating our already burning bodies.

I rose slightly and lowered slowly. My beasts were hung on his face and pressed on to his chest when I descended. Pulling me up Babu hungrily suckled my nipples one after other. My berries became more prominent and bigger as Babu continued sucking on to them. I felt too wet and thought that he might have discharged. It was too slippery and in my upward stroke we got detached. Lot of fluid was flowing along my thighs. I touched his phallus and surprisingly it was rock hard. Yes the fluid was mix of his pre-cum and my own secretions. What a start! I again lowered on to his erection and adjusted position to prevent slipping out.

Babu now pulled me and I rested my head on his chest. Caressing my back Babu widened his thighs allowing me to sink deeper. We both closed eyes to enjoy that moment of intense coitus. We were still except for my pelvic gyration on his pestle. The outside rain was the providing music. I felt shivering and unstable and held on to the satin sheets for support and had a severe orgasm.

I had never experienced such an intense orgasm even during my afternoon masturbation. Resting on his chest I invariably compared with Shashidhar. In fact I could never realise when he would go in and when he would detach from me or whether he really penetrated was a question. Even after he felt finished I could hardly find a drop of his secretion and there would be no wetness in me. Oh God had I really lost my virginity after marriage or not? I laughed loudly by which Babu opened his eyes and closed my smiling lips with his.

In a swift move Babu turned me down and came on my top without even detaching as our thighs were locked firmly. I could feel that by then his phallus had grown in girth and length as the grip was firm and very tight. There was another session of endless kisses. I was experiencing orgasm after orgasm just with him deep in me. Slowly and very slowly Babu raised up and coming down pushed himself completely in me. I felt the whole world turning around me like a patient with vertigo.

I closed my eyes to relish the wonderful experience. Then Babu pounded me with his beautiful weapon relentlessly while I was left moaning and even screaming for more and more. I wanted this to go on forever till the end of my life.

I locked him with my legs to feel the tight grip around my vaginal walls. Babu raised my legs up and keeping them on my own shoulder he engaged me in a divine act of human copulation which I never had experienced in past. One Two three endless orgasms left me weak and I surrendered to him and left him to handle me the way he wanted. But that is what I too I wanted. I wanted a MAN who can turn me in to a doll and play who can make feel like an angel. While I felt an epoch has passed he gushed his hot semen deep in me. The flow appeared unstoppable flooding. I locked him with my thighs not letting a drop to go wasted. Even after complete ejaculation we lay clinging unable to detach.

I did not feel any need to wash. I wanted to retain our entire love cocktail deep in me. Having complete satisfaction and happy we fell asleep hugging. It was not needed to know the time. When I woke up I saw Babu still sleeping. I slowly got up and looked at him. He was still completely nude like a Greek God. He looked like a child sleeping after breastfed. The rain, hot bath, long love session and satisfaction had brought good sleep to him. I covered a blanket over him. I went to washroom and cleaned myself. Then I prepared tea and came back to the room. Babu was sleeping.

I drank a sip of hot tea and slowly slid beside him. Again very slowly without waking him up, I went down and took his semi hard tool in my mouth which was hotter due to hot tea. I sucked that magic weapon all along the shaft and circled my tongue round the pink peak. He sprang to action and woke up. I sat beside him putting my one leg on his thigh.

He also sat up and I asked him to have tea. I took a large sip of tea in my mouth and pulling him opened him mouth and downed the tea from my mouth to him. He did the same to me and we finished drinking tea from each of our mouths. By the time tea was finished Babu was rock hard.

I stroked it with all love and lust. It was huge. The testicles were like a pair of tennis balls, heavy and large. We kissed for a long time as I continued stroking his shaft and balls. Babu fondled my boobs one after other, squeezed them hard and I pulled him on to my nipples. He sucked and bit on those melons and nipples till I cried and laughed with unbearable pleasure.

When he entered me I my thighs were like two banks of river with so much of wetness flowing down from my vaginal walls. Probably our was perfect unison of human body, so fitting in each other, so tight and matching in every way. The second lovemaking lasted much longer. When Babu left my house it was completely dark outside and still drizzling. I requested him to stay back but he had to go as his wife would question. He promised to come on alternate days and spend one night every week.

After he left I was drowned in thoughts. I was extremely happy to get relief from my unsatisfied sex life. But other thought asked me if it was right. Leaving all thoughts aside I had dinner and slept. I got good sleep.

Morning while taking bath I had a look at the mirror. My lips were swollen. Hot water irritated the bite marks on my breasts and nipple. But I smiled. I prepared quick breakfast and sat in front of TV bit lazy and still with overhang of previous evening. I thought I have to wait for few more days and also Shashi was expected to return next day. Should I call him today? What he may think of me? No let me wait. Then the maid came to clean the house.

Once she went I set down to prepare lunch. I was hungry. After lunch again I felt like sleeping. My body was still aching because of the long acrobatics we had on bed. Lying on the bed I touched my boobs and played my hand on my thighs. I was getting excited just to think of the orgasms I experienced during sex with Babu. What a divine feeling it was.

The bell rang disturbing me from my sweet thoughts. May be some advt boy or courier or salesman. Cursing whole world I decided to switch off the bell. I opened door and surprised to see Babu standing there smiling. I pulled him in and within second we hugged and our mouths was sealed. Babu lifted me and carried to the bed room. It appeared he had other plans that day. Putting me on bed he just pulled my dress down and I widened my thighs.

He pulled down my panties and inserted his finger deep. I was already wet and he felt it. Pulling out his finer he inserted in his mouth. He seemed pleased and undressed completely. Then further widening my thighs he dug his head and started licking the inner walls of my pussy. Soon he found my clitoris and is tongue was now moving in circular motions around it and often going down, licking all over. He then inserted a finger and rubbed the exciting zones.

Going further down Babu licked the perineum area which is extremely sensitive. His one hand was playing on my breasts. I got several orgasms and I could not wait more, just wanted him to enter me. But that handsome magician had come with different idea. Coming up he turned his towards my leg and his legs on either side of my chest

Then he dug his tongue further making me to cry in excitement. I was moaning loud begging him to fuck me. He guided his magic wand in to my mouth. I licked the shaft all along like a candy simultaneously playing with his huge balls. He was urging me to take it in my mouth but I waited.

Then a big globule of his pre cum appeared at the tip like a diamond and licking it I took his long fat penis in my mouth. Babu then started in and out in my mouth and also lapping my cunt with his tongue. My mouth was aching but Babu relentlessly was fucking in my mouth.

I pulled him with my arms around his hips to go deeper in my throat. In a gush like a geyser he exploded in my mouth unloading his hot semen. His phallus had closed my mouth fully and not a drop could flow out. Swallowing the sacred secretions I licked the limping tool clean. I felt strange taste and was excited.

We lay side by side. We spoke about previous evening. He also said he was waiting for today’s experience. I opened his mouth and sucked his tongue giving him a taste of his own semen.

I placed my hand on his penis which was just semi hard. He knew that I was not satisfied as I very much wanted him ejaculation deep in my pussy. He inserted his finger in my hole and started rubbing. We kissed for a long time.

Though it was burning because of previous evenings bites I pushed my nipple in his mouth. He suckled one after the other while my hand was stroking his shaft and the huge testicles. I could feel him becoming hard again and soon he was again ready. This time not allowing him any freedom I rode on him and went completely deep on to his pole.

Similar to yesterday we had sex two more times and it was stark dark when he left. For whole week till my husband returned Babubhai came in the afternoons and left at night. One night he stayed back and whole night we had no sleep. We tried all positions which are in the books.

My husband returned next week. He was daily asking me in the morning to give his medicine and on phone I could hear him speaking to his mother that he is now on medication and she should not worry. He looked much happier.He continued his two minutes on me twice a week and was sure that the medicine would work. Two months passed like two minutes and I had conceived from Babu bhai.

I got checked from a gynec and informed Babu. We were very happy and celebrated our achievement with sex for whole of next day. I also told Shashidhar that I was pregnant. He was doubly happy and told that he would thank the doctor and pay him double. He spoke to his mom and sister on phone. Babu and I enjoyed erotic sex till my eighth month of pregnancy. I delivered a boy and Shashi was overjoyed.

Next day in the afternoon his sister spoke to me from Bengaluru and congratulated me. She said that finally with my motherhood her brother also inherited huge property. I could not understand.

She went on to explain that their father had written a will saying that the Shashidhar’s share of property would be two thirds if he gets a child or else both brother and sister will get half. A suspicion came to my mind. Did Shashidhar himself asked Babu to have sex with me and impregnate me to avoid all legal hustles? Who knows? Who cares? His property ambition was fulfilled and also my motherhood ambition was fulfilled.

When Babu came to see his son in the nursing home, I asked him if Shashi and he had any understanding. Reluctant though he was, he agreed that Shashidhar had met him once and took him to a hotel.

There he asked him to befriend with me and also help me to get a child. First Babu was scared and thought that Shashi might trap him and black mail. But it seems Shashi met him repeatedly and also made him to have a look at me from distance. Babu was immediately attracted to me and agreed. Shashi had also given him money to improve his business. Now Babu suggested me one thing. This can be used to even blackmail Shashi.

After the child was three months one day I raised this topic and told him that I had come to know about how he had arranged Babu to come home and start relation with me so that I can become pregnant and he will get property.

I threatened him that I would disclose the truth never minding if someone says I had an affair for which I can give explanation of his impotency. He looked shocked and started giving pale explanations.

He requested me not to tell this to anybody. That day I kept quiet. Next day he himself started the topic and requested me to keep it as a secret. He argued that with this I have enjoyed and has become a mother.

Then taking t his opportunity I put a condition that he should now allow Babu to visit me whenever we wanted and should not object. If he objects or creates any problem I said that I would reveal the truth which would expose his impotency which will be an embarrassment to him in his business circle and also he would lose the property. Shashi had no answer. He just nodded.

To test him I told that I would be calling Babu the next day for lunch which was a Sunday. It was already 4 to 5 months since we had sex. Babu came by 11 in the morning. I had prepared lunch for all three.

After he sat on the sofa I offered soft drinks to him and also to my husband. They spoke a few words in general. Then I held Babu’s hand and took him to bedroom and locked from inside. When we came out after two hours Shashi had arranged plates for lunch and was playing with my son. So the deal was sealed.

Ever since that day till date we are going strong two afternoons in a week and one whole night. And in each afternoon session Babu would not leave me unless having sex two to three times. Whole night story is entirely different with absolutely no sleep.

Babu started coming home thereafter even in presence of Shashi and many times stay back in weekends. I and Babu with our son even went to many places of sightseeing. Now my son is five years and Babu and I are still going strong.

Now I am five months pregnant with Babu’s second child. So by God’s grace now I have everything. A rich businessman husband with huge property, a son and now expecting a daughter. More than all these I have a He Man like Babu ready at any time to take care of my sexual needs. What else would a woman need? Thanks hubby.

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Story 23 : The Great Mumbai Floods

Author : babu_7762

Written on : 16th October, 2016

It was our 10th wedding anniversary round the corner in the month of October. My husband is a CEO in an MNC at Mumbai. Being a CEO, he was always hopping from one place to other and lived almost in a suitcase. So imagine my fate. Staying lonely in house and lying in bed most of the time. All works of the house like cooking, washing cleaning by self and even enjoying self on the bed in the afternoons and nights. That was my life cycle.

My husband, Shashi is a highly educated engineer with doctorate from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. Seeing his family and job, my parents almost pressurised me to marriage to Shashi although he was highly educated and had very high profile job, physically he was no match to my voluptuous body. I presumed that due to studies all these years he was malnourished and would improve after marriage.

I had no other option but to agree. After a simple marriage ceremony I moved from my parent’s house at Bengaluru to Mumbai. I was almost dumped in the spacious flat along with other luggage, was given under care of a bai and off he left to London. I expected he would take me to London and Paris for the honeymoon. But it was not to be. Days, months and years passed with me weeping alone in bed at nights when we would be flying to all countries.

When he was at home naturally he would be much tiered! Only in the first two years we got some what intimate few times. But the great CEO called Mr. Shashi had no time to for romance and to take me out. Only few outing were to his business parties where he would get drunk and would be assisted by driver to back home. He had a notion that spending time at home or with wife in outings are an absolute waste of his valuable time. Few times I raised topic of kids but he avoided saying that he had a huge responsibility to shoulder for the company.

So was my life going on but a sudden turn was the surprise of my life. It was the month of July 2005. Rainy season and the afternoon especially used to be heavy rains and ignite my passions for sex. But there was no solution than to suffer.

It was the 26th of July 2005 famously known for the huge flooding of Mumbai which lasted for three days. As usual my husband had gone to London for some conference. I went out for some purchase when the torrential rain started. Within half an hour whole city was drowned. I was half down water and was damn scared. It was pitch dark even in day time. Everyone were trying to find some shelter or some conveyance to return home. Those who stayed in low lying areas were shouting. I was frantically shouting for help.

Within half an hour the whole city was drowned. I was half down water and was damn scared. It was pitch dark even in daytime. Everyone was trying to find some shelter or some conveyance to return home. Those who stayed in low-lying areas were shouting. I was frantically shouting for help.

Suddenly God heard my prayer and a strong hand lifted me like a child. In his strong arm, I looked tiny I didn’t know who he was. Holding me in one hand he swam in the neck deep water and after half an hour, we reached a flat near Kandivali. There also the car parking area was flooded. Holding me in one hand he climbed stairs and reached fifteenth storey of the flat. Lowering me, he opened the door and asked me to enter. I was completely wet and almost fainting with exhaustion.

He laid me on the sofa. He asked me to use the washroom or take bath if I wanted. I really was in need and thanking him went to the washroom. After relieving, I observed that there was hot water and without thinking a minute I was below shower. The hot shower was refreshing and took away my tiredness and brought me back to life. I used his soap and smiled thinking that he might have used same soap all over his body.

Once finished I suddenly realized that I had no clothes to wear. Slightly opening the door, I called him “Hi can you give me a towel and clothes to wear?” He heard me and gave me a towel from the crack of the door and few clothes.

After drying I saw that he had given me his shirt and a lungi. It was very loose for my slender body but it was ok. But at breast portion, as I had very big pair it was tight. It was the first time I was wearing a man’s shirt and lungi all without any undergarment. I felt shy to come out of washroom. But I had to.

I came to the kitchen and saw he was preparing hot tea. I volunteered to prepare tea and he went to washroom. I heard sound of shower and again smiled as he would be now using same soap which I had used on my breasts and between my thighs. A sudden rush of blood ran in my veins.

By the time he came out tea was ready. Sipping tea I remembered that we had not even introduced each other. I told my name Shalini, a house wife and reached out my hand. He shook my hand and said glad to meet you Shalini and I am Rahul.

He was may be a year or two younger but had solid built. He said he is in the sales department of an MNC. Asked about his family he said his parents are in Delhi and he is still unmarried.

Rahul asked me about my husband and I told that he is a very busy person and a CEO in an MNC who is always on airplanes and 5-star hotels. He laughed and added that the business life is like that for had working persons.

We finished tea and I put the glasses in the sink. It was still raining and we could hear people shouting, crying some fire engine running here and there. We stood in silence in balcony. It was dark now. Rahul told that he has few Maggie packets which we can have for dinner. There was no question of going to my house and so I did not even raise that question with him.

At half past eight, I prepared Maggie and readies for dinner. Rahul hesitantly asked if I mind him having a drink.Who was I do mind? It was his house. So I smiled and nodded my head. And to my surprise, he prepared two glasses of Vodka and handed over one to me.

I had never taken any drink but could not refuse to give him company who had saved my life. Silently I took the glass from his hand and said cheers. The drink was mixed with fruit juice and hence I found it good. Without my own knowledge I had taken three pegs and was feeling giddy. Then we had Maggie.

At half past nine even the lights went off. There was pitch dark. Using the mobile torch Rahul prepared bed. I saw that he had a single cot of 3 ft by 6 ft! He placed a folded blanket top to bottom as a bifurcation and asked me to sleep on one side.

In fact we had no other go than to adjust. I chose the wall side lest I may fall down and Rahul adjusted the blanket wall between us and slept at the edge. He had left good space and for his huge body he had very less space. I felt sorry for him and thanked his goodness. With so much of tiredness I slept soon and so also Rahul.

I was not at all used to wear lungis etc and so during changing of sdies the lungi had disappeared exposing my whole of lower body. Due to cool breeze automatically I drew the blanket between us on me and so did Rahul. So now we were both inside the same blanket and I was naked in my lower part!

Due to space paucity I had to sleep very much near Rahul My braless huge breast was pressing on his back. I had circled my hand around him and had put my left bare leg was on his thigh. I awoke due to a lightning and thunder and hugged him tightly. Rahul’s hand was on my thigh moving up and down all along from leg to hips.

His hands circled me pulling me to him tightly. Our lips sealed and an endless kissing spree started. Each kiss was raising my body temperature. Each kiss lasted more than the previous ones. My mouth opened inviting his invading tongue to mingle with mine. Our kisses were almost knotted. When I tried to withdraw he would not leave and when he tried to withdraw I did not allow him. So the cycle continued for hours? Probably which we had no count.

A flood was gushing out of my vagina and down on to the sheet. His fore finger was completely inside rubbing my walls and exciting the most sensitive spots.

How I wished Rahul should have had three mouths and four hands so that he could have simultaneously suckled both my nipples and kiss with the third mouth. Squeeze both breasts together and with other hands one inside my pussy and fourth on my hips! Peculiar uncontrolled thoughts were rushing through my mind.

When I laughed with my though he grabbed me and closed my mouth with his. My hand which was on his back moved down to the front and felt his hardness. I dint know when he undid his pyjama. My hand met a big long fat and smooth cobra! What a sensation it was to feel his big tool. Awesome!

I pushed my hand further and his carry bags were even bigger. I remembered big bulls which a man used to bring to our house to bless us when we were young. I was for a second terrified too to imagine what may really happen to me.

But before my thought process went ahead, he left my mouth and going down took my right nipple into his mouth and squeezing the left one. Alternately he did justice for both left and right twin globes till my nipples turned from their normal pink to red to pink to finally black. I was dripping and overflowing with vaginal secretions. I was feeling difficult to wait any more.

As if he had read my mind Rahul pulled me on to him and spreading my thighs on his either sides, he centred me and with the flooding I had in my vaginal wall, within fraction of a second I had sunk completely on to his phallus.He tried to take my mouth in his but my big boobs which were now on his chest had created a gap between our lips. He had to raise his head with pillow to take my tongue in his for full mouth kiss.

I was now in my reciprocating motion on his huge tool at the bottom and our tongue involved in another reciprocating motion. On each of my up and down thrust my boobs were dangling and hitting on his chest which he was grabbing with his hands and send me to dizzy heights of pleasure. Oh my God, what an experience it was. This must be the heaven and nothing else mattered to me.

Time stood still for us. I was tiered and rested my head on his shoulder. In a swift move, Rahul changed position without detaching and was on my top. My hands could not complete circle his chest. Raising my legs I locked him with my thighs and pulled him further in.

He rested for a while but I didn’t want to him to. I urged him to move by loosening y thigh grip. Slowly he raised and pushed down right on spot, his big shaft rubbing my clitoris. Every move was exciting the sensitive spots. I further widened my thighs to allow cent percent entry on each stroke. His balls were now rubbing my perineum which confirmed that complete insertion on each downward move.

I was now desperate for him to load his nectar deep in me and begged him with a deep kiss. Pushing my hand in between I smothered his testicles to the excitement and then pulled him down by locking my thighs tightly around him. His mouth approached mine and I was too happy to receive his hungry mouth.

While our tongues danced to the tune of rain drops Rahul ejaculated his load deep, very deep in me. The hot fluid came in spasms got mixed with my own secretions. Not wanting single drop to flow out, I tightened the lock and we lay motionless for very long time. After very long time the detachment took place. He kissed my forehead as a mark of love and gratitude which I did not forget to reciprocate.

We were tiered, due to the day’s flood trauma, due to the Vodka and due to the hectic sex. I slept on his chest hugging him with my arms and leg. Now there was space for one more on the cot as we were almost one body.

During changing of sides in sleep my back faced his front. His hand circled me and held my breasts, smoothly, fondly and slowly caressing them and put me to deep sleep. When dawn set in I felt some movement and Rahul had raised my thigh and was inserting his right hand finger while cupping my left breast from below. I widened aiding him for better access. I had not washed the night after hectic sex and my vagina was still wet with his secretion.

He rubbed slowly, speedily with rhythm and tandem. I was heaving with pleasure and moaning almost loudly. Still from my back he brought his magic weapon which I held with my right hand and guided to its destination. The inward journey was slow due to the angle but was firm. I cried to make it fast and in one jerk he was fully inside me.The position was best. Rahul could fondle my breasts, caress whole body and even masturbate me while I had access to his penis and balls. What a heavenly experience it was!

He pounded me in and out without mercy which I very much wanted to last forever. I held the sheets for support as orgasm after orgasm hit me again and again. Moaning turned to shouts unmindful of neighbours. I was begging, demanding more and more of that delicious act. He was too happy to oblige my cries. When Rahul finally discharged me I was tiered and had submitted to him like a doll. We lay copulated for a long time even after he loaded me with his hot cum. We were relishing those precious moment just ended. We spent lot of time in after play, caressing bodies kissing and hugging like bears.

When we fully woke up it was half past eight. We brushed and then took bath together. A first in my life to take bath in nude with a nude man. That charm is difficult to explain. Exhilarating would be a mild word to tell the feeling. He had some bread in the fridge which I toasted and boiled few eggs. Then tea and back to bedroom. One more long session of great sex till lunch time. Prepared few rotis in hurry and again back to bedroom.

In the afternoon Rahul got a different idea and took mine by pleasant surprise. We hardly had any clothes on us but he just flipped his brief which popped up his penis to a horizontal position. He sat at the edge of the cot and made me sit on the floor.

I placed my head on his thighs and could not avoid my temptation to kiss the great strawberry which was shining and inviting me. Kiss turned to licking and slowly opening I took him completely in my mouth in slow motion. My hand was fondling his testicles and he touched my throat in no time. Pulling out and pushing in my mouth I saw that his tool was still growing in girth and length. Rahul was holding my head and assisting my movements. My breast was pressed on his thigh now and his one hand caressed my back.

As soon as a diamond drop of his pre-cum formed I licked it with tip of my tongue and licked all along the length and the testicles. As I sensed he was about to explode I tried to mount on him but Rahul did not allow me to take out my mouth from his penis. He pulled me further in to him and let his cum unload in my mouth. His hot thick semen filled my mouth.

The special odor was much exciting and I squeezed his balls softly to help him to cum completely. I hungrily swallowed the hot juice and as excess was coming out from either edges of my mouth, I took it with my finger and licked. He was now losing erection. I did not even allow him to go to washroom to clean as my tongue was ready to clean him. I licked all over his shining penis and balls and cleaned. We hugged in utter satisfaction and kissed making him to taste his own semen for a change.

That hectic session ended up in deep sleep till evening. Outside it was again raining though a bit of flood had subsided. I was just thinking how in the middle of flood fury when so many might be dying here in my womb a new life is being born. Is it? Yes, it has to.

I made it a mission at that very moment to achieve my long waited mother hood come what may. Here was a man who saved my life and I have to give birth to a life from the same person as my gratitude. We rested for a while. I saw at his sleeping face. He looked like my messenger of God. I played my forefinger on his chin. Rahul drew me to him and sealed my lips.

When we woke up it was very dark. I switched on the light. Fortunately, power was on. He had some stock of wheat flour. I prepared few Alu parathas.

By that time Rahul had prepared two drinks. Now I did not even think of saying No. I sat on his lap and he gave me a sip of Whisky. Keeping the drink in my mouth I pulled Rahul to me and kissed him in mouth transferring the drink into his mouth. He did the same. We finished three pegs each in the same fashion.

By the end of the third, we were in a great mood. Had a quick meal and rushed back to bed. The intoxication due to liquor was great. Just my touch brought him rock hardness. I pulled him to me but Rahul did not come. I was surprised.

He pushed me to sit on the cot with legs hanging down. Spreading my legs he sat on the floor and pushed his tongue in to my vagina lapping all along and deeper and deeper. Within few strokes my whole body shook vigorously with unbearable orgasm. I held his hair for support and locked his head with my legs and pulled deeper. Slowly I bent backward on to the bed leaving my lower body for his ministrations. Licking my clitoris his raised his hand and held my breast to fondle.

Minutes and hour passed and his relentless pleasuring on me did not stop. He was an expert cat, slowly, beautifully and excitingly he was making me climb up and up the ladder to heaven.

There was no count of the number of orgasms I got. I was enjoying each moment longing for more and more. I felt I was overflowing my own vaginal fluids making his face wet and dripping on to the sheets.

Now it became unbearable and in a great strength unknown to me earlier I pulled Rahul up on to me and in a magical way he was already inside me his penis filling and locking itself inside me. We lay still in silence for a long time.

The only movement was my heaving breasts, his phallus pulsating inside me and the only sounds were our heavy breathing, my moaning, and rainfall outside. We fell into deep sleep hugging like Siamese twins.

Midnight Rahul took me by surprise and we made love till the sky outside started to show brightness. That day went the same way. And the afternoon, the night were almost repeat play of previous two days. I was by then very sure that I will have conceived. There was no fear and no anxiety. I felt somehow proud of myself. The flood fury had subsided completely and roads were clear. I gave him my address and returned home.

From that day we were meeting two to three times a week. I was now carefree and not bothered about my husband.As expected I had conceived which I celebrated with Rahul with a grand whole day sex. I waited until fourth month. When I told my husband he did not tell anything. Just looked at me and said it is good.

Another month passed and one day my husband informed that he is going abroad and settling down in the US. I always had doubt that he is having some other affair or relation. So my suspicion was proved correct. He said that he is going to marry his colleague and settle in the US and would free me.

I spoke to Rahul and then I agreed to separation. Divorce was granted by the family court in Bandra.

He registered the flat In which we stayed in my name and also gave two crores as departing money. Two months before the birth of my child I married Rahul. I got a baby girl two months after marriage and we named her aptly as Jalaja, means born in water. Now we are a happy family with a daughter and son settled in Mumbai.
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Story 24 : Lucky Partner From WhatsApp

Author : babu_7762

Written on : 27th October, 2017

My first ever affair outside marriage happened in a very strange situation. I had never expected in my eleven years of married life that I would end up having the most satisfying sex in an entirely unknown, imaginable place with a completely strange man.
Let me tell few words about my family.

I am Shaila, aged 35 years, married for eleven years to an engineer who was working in an MNC. He had a good income a gentle person with pleasing manners. I had a son in my eleven years of marriage. Mine was a very satisfying family but something I was feeling. I was missing which I could not pinpoint.

My hubby, Srinath was a good looking person, no doubt, gave me a kid but what I missed, I was not myself clear. Srinath was in fact so kind-hearted that he never hurt me in any way and even on the bed. What was wrong with me. I was not aware but I felt, I had missed something in my life.

Srinath used to leave home early morning and return late night, tired and just after dinner would go to bed. The only time we had time for each other was on Sundays. But even many Sunday he had to go out for work, being a senior official in the organization. After his promotion three years ago he absolutely had no time at all for the kid and for me.

Yes, I was missing him very much. And on few Holidays when we would be together, he used to be busy with his laptop and phone calls. Nights, yes we did mate occasionally but he was so gentle that I was feeling that I was having sex with a lesbian. Stroke me for some time, put a hand on my boobs, kiss once and before I finished counting ten he would be off and sleep to the other side leaving me high and dry.

That would take care of his conjugal needs for at least two months before another counting of one to ten began. Was I missing a rough body, a wild bear hug, and unending sex to reach my orgasm which I had only heard of till then? Perhaps yes. But I was not sure.

Afternoons I used to watch few TV serials, read magazines etc. We had a laptop and I used to chat with friends on Facebook for hours. One afternoon, I got a message from an unknown person:

He: Hi, dear, how are you?
Me: May I know who are you?
He: Your profile pic is very nice (An Emoji of flower)
Me: Thanks, but may I know your name please and you are from where?
He: Good God you are not angry with me. Your saree in profile pic is very s_ _ _ y. Gorgeous!
Me: I thank you for compliments, but may I know about you?
He: Sends another emoji of love sign through messenger; this is ‘me’ dear.
Me: Thanks, but Mr. please introduce you otherwise I will disconnect.
He: I’m Ramesh. I also know that you will not disconnect – an emoji of smiling doll.
Me: How dare you? See I disconnected you.

And I logged out of Facebook.

I came to the kitchen and had a cup of water. Unknowingly I felt the warmth and somehow excited with that strange chat. I put on TV but my mind was filled with that stranger. Shall I see if he is still online or off? I looked at the messenger in my smart mobile. He was there and immediately messaged me with a welcome emoji of a kiss.

Now, what should I do? Reply him or not? I decided to keep quiet. Returned to the kitchen and had lunch. An hour or so but something was dragging me to check the messenger or at least tell him not to communicate in future. I opened the messenger and he was on the active list. Not knowing what to write I just wrote:-

Me: Hi
He: Came back? I knew it. Had lunch, dear?
{Now what?) Should I just say him to quit or continue the chatting? I was puzzled.
Me: Just finished lunch and you dear? (Unconsciously I also had addressed him as ‘dear’)
He: Thanks, Shailaji, now we are friends? OK? Tell yes, please.
Me: OK, No problem. Friends but only on Facebook. And one more don’t use messenger.

(Somehow I was feeling excited and didn’t even know what I was typing)

He: This is my WhatsApp No. Please send me a Hi on WhatsApp.
(Should I send as he asked or just ignore, I stored his name in phone book as R)

I waited for few minutes. In an impulse I wrote on WhatsApp:

Me (on WhatsApp): Hi dear, this is Shy. Store my No
He: Why should I store? Means you want to chat? Right? I knew we will be good friends.
Me: No problem in FB and WA friends.
He: What are you doing now Shy, I call you Shy as your name is too long.
Me: OK you can call me that. I just am waiting for my son to return from school.
He: They return at 3:30 na? I know it.
(How he came to know it)
Me: Yes, between 3:30 to 4:00, OK then bye.
He: OK darling, I wait tomorrow by 1 PM, finish lunch and we can be online for an hour.
Me: (Sent a smiley) and OK dear, I come sure.
(Why I said that I would come online tomorrow was a big question to me)

Yes, I had liked to chat with that stranger. In fact, I was hungry to talk to someone in the afternoon. Someone with whom I can laugh, exchange few lines and spend time. I felt there is no harm in chatting online.

That night, I slept with mixed emotions. Without any reason, I was feeling good, light-hearted and was smiling to myself often. Again and again, my mind justified that chatting is harmless and a good time pass. Right from morning next day I was looking at the cloak. I had breakfast after Srinath left for office. My son left for school when the van came. It was an only Ten’O cloak. I had a hot shower, touched my boobs hips and thighs and felt proud. How would it feel if R touches? Even under the shower, I felt I was sweating. I could not avoid smiling to myself with my wild thoughts.

What if R makes a video call? I decided to wear a very attractive saree with sleeveless blouse. I opened WhatsApp and R was not online. Should I wait or send a message first. I took the initiative and sent a ‘Hi’ message. Within a second his reply came.

He: How are you, Shy darling? Take my rose flower and a smiley of a kiss.
Me: I automatically sent the kiss emoji back.
(Was I anxious for a video call or audio call or only chat?)
He: Dear, I could not just sleep at night was waiting for this time since morning.
Me: Same here.
He: Wow. Thanks, darling. I was dying to hear this from you my Shy darling.
Me: (Shall I also call him as Darling? No, I decided not to but…. Did the opposite)
Darling, what are you doing now?

He: Just thinking of my dear Shy I forget everything else. Can I make a call?
Me: Silence….
He: Please, dear my darling once, please
He: Koon, Koon, came the call.
(Now what to do? Should I receive? Am I not moving too fast? I decided not to take the call)
He: Message: Shy darling, you are extremely beautiful and sexy?
Me: Thanks, but even without seeing me how you decided that I am sexy?

He: There is hunger in the eyes of your profile pic.
Me: Don’t be silly. But you have not put your profile pic at all?
He: Yes I recently removed. I own a garment shop, selling party sarees and dresses. I am myself a dress designer and we have very good business in India and also we export garments outside.
Me: Nice to hear that. I wish all the best.
He: Our shop is in Ram Maruthi road, Thane and where you stay?
Me: No, I can’t tell you. Just enough that I too stay in Thane.
He: At least tell me the area, please, my dear
Me: OK, I stay at Godbunder road, No more details, please.
He: Ok dear, that is sufficient. I won’t force
Me: How is business going on in the festive season?

He: Very crisp business. I have reserved a nice dress and a black net saree for you.
Me: No No I don’t want. I have enough and normally I don’t go anywhere.
He: Doesn’t worry darling, they are not expensive, heavy discount going on.
(In fact, it was long time since I had bought new clothes and my mind was asking me to see once)
Me: Let me see, give your shop name and I will try to come.
He: Wow, when can you come dear?
Me: Tomorrow my son will be going for a picnic and return by 6 in the evening and I can try to come in the afternoon.
He: OK dear I wait for you. Will WhatsApp the address.
He hung up although I wanted to continue

I switched off the mobile. Prepared lunch and after lunch, I checked if the address has come. Nothing was there. Bit disappointed, I sent a flying k_ _s smiley.

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He: I am here dear. Had lunch?
Me: Yes finished, where is the address of your shop?
He: Shy darling, in fact, I have some work at Hyper city on Godbunder road and if you don’t mind and give your address I will bring few pieces which you can select.
Me: (I was at loss as to what to reply) I just typed my flat address at Harmony Horizon with a welcome sign.
He: Will be there by 3, OK?
Me: Not OK
He: What happened dear?
Me: Come for lunch with me. I will wait at 1:00
He: OK Darling, you order, I obey.

I hung up only to hit the chat after my son had his lunch and went down to play at 5 PM

Me: R dear, what happens?
R: Just waiting to meet you tomorrow, I can’t wait
Me: Same here dear, I am finding it difficult.
R: When we meet first time tomorrow I wish to hug and kiss nonstop.
Me: OMG, I can’t do all that baba. No, no, forget it. If that is in your mind you don’t come here and I only will come to your shop.
R: Don’t worry dear, I just told how I was feeling. Won’t proceed without your consent.
Me: Do you think I agree?
R: I am 100% sure of my darling.
Me; No way, just forget and be a good friend. Got it?
R: No, I won’t get it unless you give me.
Me: Don’t be naughty dear.

R: OK I will be a good boy. But I need to take your measurement for a blouse, you agree to it or not?
Me: Let me think tomorrow. I can give you a measurement blouse it may be fine.
R: Oh! Let me see my luck.

Next three days R was not online and he didn’t even text me. What happened? Is he sick? I didn’t know. Why should I worry about a stranger? I had no answer. But all time I was thinking of R. Sent many messages with no reply. A week and no further contact. Fifteen days no trace of R. One afternoon I got his message seeking excuses and feeling sorry.

He had written that one of his near relatives expired in his hometown and he had to rush. Yes, I was angry but all anger melted and we sat for a long chat lasting an hour. He narrated about his hometown, parents etc.

He never again raised talk of his coming or me going to his shop. We chatted like college going teenagers for a month and then two months. It was good time pass and now we had no hesitation in sexting our messages. He was very candid and I also started to text him equally erotic messages.

That kept me very hot always. Invariably during such chatting session, I was getting wet and automatically my fingers would go between my thighs to rub myself, which I had no hesitation in sharing with him and he used to explain about his hard erections. I was longing to see him. But there was no talk of the meeting. I didn’t want to initiate myself about the meeting.

I started to doubt if R is really a male or a female posing a male? Maybe an old perverted person who wanted to chat sexy talks? Who knows? I had heard of impersonation on Facebook. But our chat didn’t stop and neither had I questioned him as I was also enjoying the chat. Our texts now were on the borderline of erotic. We spoke about kissing, oral sex, orgasm, positions and almost everything xxx. He was teasing me if I wanted to try, but I never replied him in affirmative though I was dreaming of it. But there was no talk of the meeting.

A stage had come that I would have gone anywhere he calls to meet and mate him. The last two months had made me mad. But my doubt was, was he a real person? He never sent his photo nor posted his profile picture on Facebook. I started to doubt again and thought of slowly stopping chatting. But every morning I would wait for eleven o’clock and run to the messenger.

One such day, I was chatting real sexy talks with R. It was around half past twelve. I was really horny and too wet to describe. I had to remove my panties also to reach the right spot. To my disturbance, the doorbell rang.

May be some salesman. Cursing him, I came to the door and opened. A man pushed the door open and came in, closing the door behind him he held me from the back. He closed my mouth with his hand still standing on my back. He turned me to him and sealed my open mouth with his. I was unable to open my mouth even to shout. Unable to wriggle out, I pressed on to him. It was highly exciting to be held so tight in strong arms.

I was damn wet by that time. Clinging to this unknown mountain of strength, I opened my mouth wider to invite his extra long tongue to explore mine. Our tongues joined and twisted and his hug tightened further. I circled my hand around his neck and pulled him to me. He lifted me up and my legs surrounded his waist. He carried me to the bedroom without removing our joined mouths.

I was slowly melting in the heat of his embrace and kisses. That stranger further lifted me forcing me to hold his head with my hands and hang my leg on his both shoulders. My gown was lifted up and his mouth was right at my pussy. As my legs were widened his tongue entered straight away into my pussy fast and deep. I was shivering with high excitement and discharged good amount of my fluids on to his face.

I just could not count the number of times I hit orgasm right when his tongue was digging inside me and licking my vaginal walls and sucking my clitoris. Mercifully, he lowered me on the bed and I was too much in hurry to undress which he helped and I tore his jeans and pulled out his brief to expose a giant of a penis, huge, hard and erect with its eye wide open.

I was sitting at the edge of the bed when he pulled my face and pushed his phallus in my mouth. I had to open my mouth to the widest to allow the entry of that magic wand. He was holding my head and assisting me. Only when he was completely inside my throat, he opened his mouth and said, Oh dear Shy, that is heavenly. I raised my head in awe when I realized that this stranger was none other than my dream man R. Much pleased with this realization I pushed him further down my throat so that my lips were now kissing his testicles.

His hardness was like a stone sculpture. He grew in length and girth in my mouth. When it became unbearable to hold that big weapon in me I withdrew and started to lick all along the shaft and down below in circular motions. He drew me up and our mouths jelled again in a satisfaction of meeting at last. My 38C boobs were an exact match for his big palm’s grip. He played, squeezed and sucked them making me wanting more and more.

By now it was like a river flowing between my thighs. My own fluid stream was uncontrollable. Knowing my preparedness R balanced between my legs and on one long and slow stroke went in completely accomplishing the best copulation between a male and female that can be defined in books of sex.

I held him immobile lest he may reach climax. Squeezed his phallus between my muscles to halt the process. R rested on me digging his face in the depth of the valley between my boob hillocks. His hot breath was gushing from his nostrils heating the inner side of my breasts.

After a while, we realized that that moment of climax has been successfully stopped and he is again ready to start. R was a great lover and I was the perfect match for him in every way. A million kisses followed thereafter and time stood standstill. I never wanted this to stop and wished we remain locked, copulated for life. But nature has its ways. An hour of lovemaking, resting made both ready for the ultimate climax. Sensing that moment R pushed deeper and I pulled him in with my thighs.

Starting with trickles, stream he ejaculated his load in me which flowed like a river in spate filling me completely. I was shivering with unbearable excitement and orgasm as R continued discharging his love juices in me. Not wanting it to come out I tightened my thighs and kept a pillow below my hip and raised my legs. That helped for further penetration which pushed and deposited his semen right on my cervix.

We got detached after he rested for some more minutes keeping his tool in me. On retrieval, I took his limp weapon in my hand and its soapy feeling was awesome. Rising up I cleaned the life wand with my tongue.

The limp penis was small and I could completely take it in my mouth and taste it to my satisfaction. R was playing with my boobs and inserted his finger in my semen filled pussy. The sensation of his fingers inside my highly lubricated cunt was a joy inexplicable in words. I thanked him with a kiss.

I got up reluctantly and wore my gown. I prepared steaming coffee. We sat on the cot and had coffee talking about the chat days we spent. I confessed that I was astonished to find him as handsome and strong as I had imagined in my fantasy. R said that he had also fantasized me and masturbated few times. I pushed my hand between his thighs and told that in future there is no need of masturbation and wasting the precious semen as I am here and waiting eagerly.

He hugged me. I removed my gown and pushed my nipple in his mouth. He sucked them like a hungry cat, bite on the flesh all around exciting me to unbearable levels. My hand was continuously busy stroking him and he rose to new heights of hardness. Pushing him down me went on his top keeping my right leg on his other side.

Centering his erect tool at the G spot I pushed myself down. The descent was easy and complete when I bent and slept keeping my breasts on his chest. R caressed my open tresses and back, bums and thighs. I got the maximum pleasure in that WoT position as I could rub against his hardness to the spot where I needed most. A whole dam was burst open inside me as I squirted and experienced orgasm again and again.

R lowed me to a side and entered me from back raising my left leg up to the sky. The entry was complete and I could feel his testicles with my hand. There was not a fraction of an inch gap between my perineum and his testicles. Our unification was that much closer and packed. His right hand held my boobs and he started his magic inside me unstopping and with equal strokes. When R finally climaxed in me I pressed on to him allowing complete fluid to enter me. He left after half an hour.

That night was special. I could not sleep for a long time and be recollecting the afternoon sex. I felt lucky to have met R. I was not bothered if R was married or not. I didn’t ask him. It was enough for me that he was giving me what I had not got.

The pleasure, the unknown heavenly experience, the satisfaction, and happiness. After some time I got sound sleep and complete body rest. I woke up as a freshwoman the next morning. After my husband left for office and kid went to school I sat with WhatsApp. He was not online. Bit disappointed I got up to wash clothes. Ting rang the bell. Maidservant had come. She left after an hour.

Watched TV and had lunch. Recollecting previous afternoon to evening sessions I removed my clothes and checked my whole body. There were ample teeth marks on my breast, belly, and thighs. But I felt no burning. I touched at my weak spot and became weaker. I closed my eyes enjoying and feeling the touch of R on my body. R’s hand was around my waist and one hand on my breast.

The imagination was so good for me that I was wetting already. But the tightness increased and one hand moved down to feel my wetness. What is this dream? R was whispering in my ears all lovely words. His hand on my breast held the nipple between his thumb and finger and pinched. I was scared to open my eyes and lose the beautiful dream. But the pinch was strong and I opened eyes. To my greatest astonishment R was holding my nude body tight and he was physically on my back. I wondered how he came in. Maid had left the house and I had forgotten to close it.

R left only at seven in the evening. I leave it to readers to imagine our good time from 12 to 7. We were thereafter meeting and mating alternate days. I would have defied nature and God if I had not conceived. So in obeisance to God, I conceived soon. I didn’t bother to correct my husband’s belief that the child is his.

When my daughter was born, only I could realize that she was a replica of R. My belief that if God takes from one hand and realizes that he has done a mistake, he gives double of it from another hand. Thank God for gifting me R and my daughter. And thank you guys for reading my sex story.

Manali Bose

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Story 25 : Motherhood From Special IVF

Author : babu_7762

Written on : 24th November, 2018

Part 1 -- Searched Online

I am Shaalu from Mumbai. I was just watching my daughter perform a dance on her school stage. She is now in Junior Kindergarten. My minds raced. How my deserted life blossomed with the arrival of my beautiful daughter, Dhwani, 3 years ago.

Oh! The remembrance itself is exciting. Readers may be surprised to see the title of my story. Yes, it was blindfold and in a way an IVF. The difference I will tell later. Now read on.

My marriage was not a fairy tale event like what all girls dream in their college days. But it happened without any planning when I was only twenty years. I wanted to study further, complete my MSc. But fate had decided other way. I lost my father on the day of the results of my BSc final.

I came home with joy to inform my parents but my father’s body was waiting for me. He had left this world due to an accident near his office at while returning from his office at LBS Road, Kurla. My mother was devastated. My father had not made any big savings.

As he was struggling to save for my marriage, we stayed in a rented flat at Nahur East. Just three months after the demise of my dad, the landlord asked us to vacate the flat as we had not paid rent. We were devastated. My mother thought of seeking the help of local corporate who was influential in that area.

So, that evening we went to his house which was nearby and waited for his arrival. Mr. Naik, the MLA came by seven and heard our plight. He assured help and asked us to come the next morning. Next day he not only paid the balance rent of flat but also suggested us to shift temporarily to a guest house of their party.

We were very happy with his help. A day after we shifted to the guest house, Naikji met us there and asked me if I am ready for marriage to one of his friend’s son at Indore. His argument was that it will reduce the load on my mother. My mom also agreed and he invited his friend and son to the guest house to meet us.

They came by car which indicated that are well to do. The bridegroom was not bad looking, and he was doing a business in Indore. The only drawback was that this was his second marriage as the first wife had passed away two years ago. Though the age difference was more than 12 years, as he had no issues, we agreed.

Mr. Naik himself shouldered all expenses of the marriage. I shifted to my in husband’s house a week later and Mr. Naik had helped my mom and to buy a small flat nearby. He also gave a job to my mother in his office. It was almost a year later that I came to know that all the courtesy shown to us by Naik was not just kindness.

He was interested in my mother who was still good looking. So he had arranged to send me to Indore. Mom had initially refused but finally agreed for his advances as she had no other way out and she also needed a companion. Anyway, I don’t want to write much about that in this story.

Coming back to my own story, after marriage the very first night I got to know about my husband. He slept snoring within few minutes of general talks. In the coming days, months and years I remained a virgin, thanks to his ED and PE issues. It was during the first year I came to know that his first wife, in fact, divorced him because he could not consummate the marriage.

They had a huge ego and family pride if not anything else. Divorce that too citing any issue from his side as a reason was a big disgrace to them which had happened to him once. So I never raised the topic of children or to divorce him. Often I used to look at myself in the mirror.

My unused 38+ boobs were quite big and erect and looked much bigger as the stood on my lean waist. I was rather tall with long thighs, good color, and big eyes. My long hair was the envy of all. Overall every head used to turn when I went anywhere and I was proud of myself. What use was the pride when my body remained untouched?

After three years of our marriage, all of a sudden my husband started to take interest and talk about children. Often he would say how nice it would be to play with kids moving around in the house and such talks became frequent. I was wondering what he had in mind. Was he planning to adopt? I was not averse to adopting a child.

One evening he raised the issue of IVF from a donor. I was surprised, baffled and could not speak. Was it he who was speaking this? What may be the reason? Was he really interested in kids? I just could not understand. He went on to say that I can Google and find out which are the best place for IVF.

I was dumb stuck with his words. Next week he asked me if I had made any searches. I said in negative and he again told me that he is serious and want the kid to smile in the barren house. So I started to find out from Google. There were many. But the reviews also told to be cautious as many are frauds and there were chances of HIV and such stories.

So I thought to forget it and adopt a child. But it kept on coming in my mind to try for IVF as I can become a mother myself. Whenever I saw my heavy boobs in the mirror I was feeling them becoming tighter with the thought of my child suckling them. How good that feeling maybe?

Once I was scanning through Facebook posts which were one of my past times. In one of the Facebook page by ID ‘Sexy bhabhis & aunties’. I once saw a message from a reader in Indore. I read it with interest. He had asked any housewife wanting children can contact him for IVF. He had given his e-mail ID.

I thought about this man for a few days and then decided to send an email which was harmless. I introduced myself and asked about his procedure and the expense involved. By evening I got the reply. He wrote that he runs an IVF center to help women who desire to have their own child.

He has helped many women to get children and they are all very happy now. When I asked him to send his photo he declined and also told me not to send any of my photos. He told that he does so to ensure confidentiality from both sides. Neither he nor the woman who wants children should know or able to identify each other.

That looked strange but I somehow got interested. On further prodding, he told that he is helping women through IVF (His abbreviation of IVF was different which I came to know later and will tell later on) and further details only in person. I was in dilemma now. Is it genuine?

They may take advantage and blackmail me later, what if it doesn’t work. What if the donor semen is infected? All these thoughts were coming to my mind and were unable to take any decision. But the urge for the child was increasing day by day. After a couple of days, he sent few photos of kids, male and female whom he boasted were born with his IVF technique.

OMG, their kids were not just kids but looked like angels. So beautiful, very good complexion and looked very adorable. That ended all my dilemma and I decided to try it out. Anyway, I had the sanction of my husband to try any means. I asked him to mail me the details of where and how to meet the IVF Centre.

Within an hour I received a long reply. He clarified that he would keep the identity very discreet. For that, he explained that I and also donor will remain complete strangers. This would ensure that in public we will not be able to recognize or even tell the child some years later about the biological father.

That was an excellent idea. His one more condition was that first, their doctors will examine me. Also, the donors may be different on my different visits. That will also protect the identity of the donor. Having somewhat convinced with his mail I decided to check it out.

Next day I searched his place which was a resort on road to Mandav. Within a few minutes of my reaching the resort, a lady came and welcomed me. She also explained a few things and was then taken to another room where a gynecologist examined me. She was smiling. She said something to her assistant and also to some other person on phone.

Afterward, she asked a few details from me like age, year of marriage etc. My blood sample was taken. She then told that the days were not fertile. She asked me to meet on a few specific dates after knowing my last MC date saying that they need to do IVF on fertile days so that chances of success would be more. I returned and felt better on visiting them and seeing the facilities.

Part 2 -- Blindfolded IVF

Next day I searched his place which was a resort on road to Mandav. Within a few minutes of my reaching the resort, a lady came and welcomed me. I didn’t bother if it was legal or illegal, but my goal was important to me. On the specified date, I informed my husband that I would be going for IVF.

He wished me all the best and even advised me to visit a temple on way, perform pooja. I thanked him for his concern. I dressed simple but I knew that I always looked stunning.

Of course, I was told that IVF will be done by injecting donor semen medically. So I had waxed my private part the previous day and on that day I took special care to clean, put on light perfume between my legs so that the doctors will not get any bad odor. I reached the resort before lunchtime.

The receptionist welcomed me and I was given fabulous food. The special drink, which they told would help was very delicious. I was waiting to be taken to an OT. After half an hour of rest to my surprise, I was attended by a few girls who removed my clothes in a very provocative way.

I was, in fact, getting nervous and also excited. I thought they are doing preparatory works for IVF. Yes in a way it was. In the corridor, a few men were walking briskly but they were masked with a black cloth leaving their mouth only open. I laughed and wanted to know about them. The girls told that the donors who had come to donate their sperm but do not want their face to be seen.

They also told me that even my face would be covered likewise which ensure complete confidentiality. I was by then getting a bit sleepy. I was given a very sheer gown to be worn. I was then lead carefully to an air-conditioned spacious room. The room was big, dimly lit, fragrance all around.

The bed had pure satin or silk sheets. I thought that they may want me to take some rest before the procedure. A doctor came to the room and showed me an album of kids. She asked me to go through the photos and say which child I liked most. Then she added that the sperm of the father of that child which I choose would be used to impregnate me.

It was funny but I flipped through the pages. Each and every child was very attractive. One was more beautiful than other. Finally, my eyes fixed on a girl and I could not take my gaze out of the child. The lady was looking at me and asked, “This baby?” I nodded and Okayed.

She called someone on her mobile and asked me to lie down and take rest. She also gave me a tablet which she said would help. My eyes were closed and I had half slept when the door opened and a man whose head was covered with a black mask entered. She put on a black mask over my head.

It was fully dark but the mouth was open. As his head was masked he might not have seen me and I could not see his face. I was instructed not to speak at all. Anyway may be the effect of medicine, I was in no mood to talk at all. I was lying on the smooth bed of satin sheets, feeling its smoothness.

On the contrary, a rough and touch hand touched me. I knew that must be that of the doctor who would conduct the procedure. The hand was now moving up and down my hand, sleeve. Another hand was on my leg and moved up to my thighs. I could not speak as I was told not to.

The touch and the slow movement of the rough hand were mesmerizing. I was highly excited. Those hands didn’t stop. The caressing continued and for the first time in my life, I felt I was experiencing unbearable orgasm. Automatically my thighs had widened and those rough hands no more felt rough but were now very smooth.

The invisible hands helped me to rid off my robe. I was semi-conscious by that time. I wanted more and more of the experience. I was not disappointed as the hand now was exactly between my legs on my clean shaver pussy. One finger of that invisible hand was now rubbing at the center of my triangle, a bit up, a bit deep, in out, in and out.

Certainly, this cannot be a medical procedure. Nevertheless, I wanted it more of it and didn’t want it to stop. I shivered, bit my teeth and exploded with another orgasm. The room was perhaps pitch dark. Those magic hands then moved up along my belly and held my breasts lightly and then squeezed them turn by turn. My nipples were erect which were held between to fingers and rubbed.

Slowly I could sense a pair of lips pressing on them and suckling, biting the nipples, left, right, left right. Oh my God is there no end to those continuous orgasms. I didn’t want either. Yes, yes, yes, I wanted more and more. My lips were trembling on which suddenly another pair of lips sealed them in a long kiss. As my mouth was open from the mask, those lips tore open mine and a very hot and long tongue entered my mouth.

Our tongues twisted and danced, kissing and our saliva flowed in both directions. His hands were holding my head from the back and pressing further to unending mouth to mouth kisses. Those fat fingers were again inside me exciting me. I stretched my thighs to provide greater access. My hands were automatically prodding in dark in search of something which I myself didn’t know.

Sensing my mind that person gave what I wanted in my hand. Yes, it was his long and fat dick. It was gigantic. Coming slightly up he guided my hands on to his testicles. They were too heavy and big. With his hands, he further widened my legs and placing the tip of that huge weapon he slowly pushed inside my wet valley.

He was probably informed that I was still a virgin and he handled me very carefully. Once I was fully lubricated he pushed in one fast stroke which sent a chill along my spine and I shouted with pain when the hymen broke. Immediately his mouth sealed my mouth to prevent my shouting loud. The kisses were in millions which made me forget that pain.

Within a few minutes, the pain had vanished completely. My legs surrounded his body and he was raising me slightly making entry complete. While he was hopping on me I was clinging to him like a baby monkey to its mom. My legs gripped on thighs rising on to his hips and my hands circled his back digging my nails in uncontrollable excitement.

Our bodies moved as one sealed, welded, and fusion as if we were inseparable. I was imagining that we might be looking like Siamese twins with two head and one body. There were silence and action except for the creaking of the cot, the AC and my moaning.

He was not allowing me to shout loud and any attempt he was stopping by sealing his mouth on my open mouth. I had lost all senses and didn’t know if it was day or night. After a spate of orgasms, my thighs pressed his testicles urging him to release his load, but he had no courtesy for my request. Did I really want it to end? No.

In fact, I would have spent whole life in that heaven. I was able to sense his climax and he guided me to tighten my thighs around him and dug further in. He came in me starting with drops, continuing to spasms, ending in gushes. After minutes of flooding inside me, he pushed a pillow below my hips. We stayed fused for a long time.

When we detached I was exhausted. I don’t know when he left. After about fifteen minutes two ladies entered my room and woke me up. I felt shy but it was natural for them. They game my clothes and asked me to wear. They checked the sheets but there was only slight wetness.

They smiled and even told me that it may be a success as entire semen has been sown inside. Only I have to wait for my next MC. On my coming out of the room, the doctor met me in her room. She told that I have to visit every alternate day till conception is confirmed. I was too glad about that news. But she cautioned me not to discuss or reveal what happened here to anyone including my husband as it may be very risky for all.

I agreed. My only goal was to get pregnant. I returned home and took bath. My body was aching and I at many spots on shoulder, thighs and my breasts there were red, purple biting marks which burned in hot water. I touched them and felt excited. My husband returned at night and asked me about the day. I told that a doctor attended and examined and did some procedure in minor OT.

I told that I could not know what exactly they did but they injected something from cold storage into my uterus and then told that it will take time and I have to go every alternate day for examination and more procedures if needed till I conceive. He was convinced and was happy. I slept recollecting all the heavenly feelings I experienced that day and had a deep satisfied sleep.

Next day looked to me as if it had 48 hours. I just wanted to run there. Now only I understood the real meaning of IVF in their terms. It was not In Vitro Fertilization, as it stands for but it was Intimate Vaginal Fucking!!! Oh my God, what I had missed in all these years. Now I had no bad feelings for my mom who lost my dad and was intimate with the politician.

I questioned as to how can a woman stay without sex? How I stayed without it all these years? Now I decided to compensate for what I lost in my life. Come what may I will go every alternate day. Though I was curious to know the name of the donor it was not allowed. Also, he may not be interested to reveal his identity.

It really didn’t matter no and it was enough as long I got what I wanted, my physical satisfaction and motherhood. That day I had taken extra special care to be completely hairless, put on best body spray and perfume, lipstick which I wanted to be erased by his lips. In my purse, I took mouth spray which I wanted to use just before going inside the room. I reached the center a bit before the prescribed time.

The receptionist had a big smile and welcomed. She teased me about my eagerness to be there before time. I smiled and kept quiet. A girl came to me and gave me a drink which was given the first day also saying that it will increase my desire for sex. I was already burning with heat and this drink now!

She led me to another room inside which, to my surprise, there was no cot but the entire room of 14×14 had wall to wall foam mattress. I went to the washroom, looked at myself, put mouth freshener a bit, corrected my lipstick. The girl was waiting with a black mask. How much I desired not to use it but it was compulsory.

The zip of the mask also had a small lock so that both would not be able to remove during “procedure”. I lay down on the floor mattress waiting for the donor to arrive. Just a few minutes there was the sound of door opening and closing from inside. My heart was pounding and blood rushed into my adrenaline.

Suddenly I was hugged by two strong hands and not allowing a second he sealed his mouth on mine. As he almost tore open my gown my hands were searching for his penis. He was already undressed and I held his penis for the first time. He had a gigantic tool. He lifted me and took me on him, spreading my legs and placing on either side of his legs.

I was right on top and holding his tool in my hand I lowered on to him completely. He hugged me and we kissed for a long time. The kiss was different than the first day (Let me call him A). Also, I felt his (B) chest wider and arms stronger. As I was descending on him I felt his weapon also fatter and longer.

Was this donor different than the first day? I thought for a moment but the intensity of mating was not allowing me to think further. Let it be anyone, I was getting what I needed. Be it anybody’s child, no problem as all photos of kids which I was shown were all very beautiful. Yes, I was right.

This man was different which I realized as my breasts rubbed his chest which was bushy and hairy tickling me all along. He rolled me down and was thrusting in and out, again rolled taking me on his top. We probably were rolling all over the room without detaching. That was the idea of wall to wall mattress. Oh! Fantastic experience.

Part 3 -- Gratifying Sex

There were different men fucking me at the clinic. But all of them had the same amount of stamina and fucked with the same intensity.

Do these men take some tablets like Viagra or some other to sustain so long? There appeared no end to our mating. I was soaking with my own secretions flowing down my thigh but he was still going strong. There was no sign of him resting or slowing down. An hour passed? I didn’t know but always wanted to continue for an hour more.

His palms were very big as he held my breasts and caressed, squeezed them, raised my hips with his palms. I could not avoid moaning but kept it low voice. Lowering his head he took my nipples and sucked them; bit them endlessly while he continued his in-out movements inside me. I was grasping him tightly afraid he may stop.

But he didn’t till I got my millionth orgasm or so. He pushed a pillow below my bums which was an indication that he may discharge finally. I raised my hips and allowed the pillow to be placed properly and pulled him deeper into me. After a few long strokes, he started to discharge. Probably the tip of his phallus was centered at the entrance of cervix.

He came and what it was! I felt a hose pile inside me connected to a tank and valve opened. He gushed his cum directly into my womb I suppose. I was gradually getting filled to the brim and he slowly detached ensuring that I will close my thighs tightly preventing much of his semen overflowing.

I was exhausted and felt tired. I thought he will go out and after a few minutes I can get up. But I could feel something touching my lips and automatically my tongue touched it. The taste was bit salty and bit insipid, sticky and I realized that he might have taken drops of his discharge and tasting it to me. As I opened my mouth I was shocked that he had inserted his penis into my mouth.

It was not so hard and big at that time. I had not even guessed such a thing would happen. Holding his huge phallus in one hand I pushed it further into my mouth. My other hand was playing with his sacks. Will he come in my mouth? I didn’t know but was ready for experiments.

As he became very hard, big he slowly withdrew from my mouth and spread my legs again entered me. This time it was a very easy entry as I was filled with his cum of the previous mating. I garlanded my hands around him and pulled for a kiss. I opened my mouth and his tongue mated with mine. His hand was on my breast and squeezing nipples.

I raised my hips urging him to start. Not disappointing me Mr. B made love intensely, intimately without stop. I had lost count of strokes, time even strength. I lay surrendered to his magic but my hands and legs were entwined with him. This time he discharged much more of his hot ejaculate deep in me and we lay undetached for a long time.

I didn’t notice when he actually left the room. I opened my eyes only when a girl came to the room and removed the mask. The big sheet spread on the mattress was entirely shabby, wrinkled indicating our great actions. The girl had a look at the condition of the room and smiled at me.

I too had to smile back and we both burst into a big laugh. She asked if I had a good time. I nodded and in a low voice told that I can wait if he is ready to come again. The girl could not stop her big smile and told me to wait and she would check. In five minutes time, she came back and put on the black mask again.

I didn’t even go to wash. I was filled to the brim with two huge ejaculations. I kept my thighs close and waited eagerly. I heard the door open and someone entering. Searching me with his hands he reached me and lifted me easily. I laid myself on the mega bed and he came near me, pulled my face for kisses.

OMG, this was another say Mr. C which I could easily find out by touch and his beard touching my boobs. What should I do? I should not have asked for a third time. I thought of pushing him and asking him to stop. He laid me face down and came on my back. With his hands, he widened my thighs and pushed his demon size penis slowly.

I raised my hips to allow easy entry and it was not a problem due to the highly lubricated vagina. He held my boobs from back and started making love slowly and gradually increased speed. A few minutes later he pulled me and made me kneel and rest my hands on the bed. Yes, this gave complete access for entry.

He just pushed himself completely inside me in that doggy position. His hands were continuously squeezing my breast and nipples. In between, one of his finger was searching my clitoris and rubbing me incessantly sending me thrills and to experience repeated orgasms. I reached his balls from my one hand and fondled them.

They were bigger than tennis balls. He continued without break and came in me. Feeling his climax I pressed my thighs and he pushed further into me. His ejaculation lasted for a long time and I could feel the hot fluid overflowing and flow down my thighs on either side. As he withdrew, I collapsed on to the bed tired, satisfied and confused.

I dressed and left home in a cab. My legs were aching but mind was happy, the body was happier. I found difficult to climb steps of my house. My walking style itself had changed it seemed to me. At home, I took a hot water bath which soothed my body. Was I doing the right thing? I asked myself.

No said my mind but yes said my body. My hungry body justified my actions as compensation to the dry years in my life. Always body wins. An hour of rest and fresh coffee made me normal. I was wondering as to whose seed may fertilize me? A, B, or C. Personally I felt B is better and made up my mind to ask only for B from next time.

I was somehow feeling happier and in light moods all evening. My husband asked me at night if I had any leg problem. I just told that I slipped in the washroom and it is a bit in pain. After dinner, I had a very deep sleep, contended as if I have achieved something unconquered.

A day passed with the only recollection of the sweet memories of four-time sex I had in two days. In my next session, I sort of complained saying that how they changed partners each time. I asked them to send only B till conceive. They spoke to someone, maybe B, on phone and said it is done.

But the condition was that if I need second time mating on the same day then the partner would be another person. I thought I may not need second and what had happened earlier was only an aberration. I agreed. Their fee structure was that it was a lump sum amount till conception subject to max of two months within which they were sure to provide results.

That day I had a great time with B who was really very good. After spending an hour in foreplay, sex and after the play he tried to leave. But I had learned the art of making him stay back. Raising up I held him close and took the semi-hard penis in my hand and started stroking slowly and fondling his testicles.

I played my tongue on his strawberry in a circular motion and took fully in my mouth. As expected he came to life again and after five minutes of oral ministrations, he was rock hard. I pulled him on to me and he was too pleased to enter me. We made love for a long time and his second ejaculation was much more intense. He left soon and I also returned home.

Thus two months passed and probably I had more than 60 times sex with B. As I had missed my periods I knew I had conceived. I was too happy with it but waited for them to test first and confirm. The center too was aware that two months had passed and the doctor examined and confirmed that I was pregnant.

Though I was happy with that news I was disappointed that the program was over and I can’t visit even on that day. My face was pale. Seeing me they asked the reason and without any shyness, I asked despite having conceived can I continue to visit the center. The reply was in affirmative. Yes, I could come any time but the package was 3 months, 6 months. They suggested me to take 6 months package and then stop as I would be in my seventh month of pregnancy.

I immediately paid the amount and looked at the girl. She understood and after making a few entries lead me to the first room. I returned late in the evening after hectic a multiposition sex. I informed my husband only after two months. I also told that I need to go alternate days for medical examination.

So I continued for another month to enjoy and compensate for my losses. In between although I had asked for B earlier, I myself asked for change a few times. I stopped going from the seventh month. My child was born, who I believe is the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. My husband was very happy.

Once the baby was four months, I called them and took an appointment. I reached there in time. The doctor congratulated me and took me for a general check-up. I was fine. Then I went to the receptionist and told that I want to enroll for a yearly membership. She again asked me to meet the doctor.

The doctor told me that I am fine and can resume sex. She added that until I wean the child chances of pregnancy are rare. I told that I want to take annual membership to come to the center. She looked at me for a while and said there is no problem but I should insist on using a condom.

I didn’t say but she must have read my face. After all these months I could not think of using any rubber barrier. I dreamt of skin-skin contact, I wanted flooding of my vagina with hot semen. So I asked the doctor if there are any other methods. I was confident that all donors are medically tested periodically and are in good health. So there was no fear of contracting any disease by not using protection.

She understood me and after half an hour of wait took me to minor OT for inserting Copper T. She advised me to take three to four days of the gap and then only have sex. I returned home. From next week I started going once a week, which I increased to twice after another three months.

But I could not make it alternate days because of the baby. I had to first feed her and then go otherwise my mate would empty all the milk!! Now there was no restriction to A or B or C. In fact in last two and half years it has reached probably J.

Now my daughter is 3 years old and I am looking forward to asking the doctor to remove Copper T and have one more child. Of course with permission of my husband. I am always grateful and indebted to my husband for understanding my problem and helping me with a broad mind.


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