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"Xforum Valentine Story Contest - 2019 :- Entry Thread"

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Dimaagh ka garam, Dil ka naram
Dad and Son

Rahul was living with his dad and they had a very good bonding. He loved his dad very much so was very close to him as his mother died when he was still a child. His father did not marry again because he believed that it will affect Rahul as he could not trust another woman will love his son and give him the appropriate attention.

Mister Sahaj was the dad’s name. He was only 44 years old but did not show his age. He looked around the thirties. Young, handsome, elegant, active, strong, hardworking and above all he was in! That is, he was like the people belonging to this generation with a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter account, was on WhatsApp, Hang on, Messenger etc. Hence, he was the modern person of our days.

Rahul was 20 years old. 24 years of difference between the son and dad, they lived like friends. The dad raised him in a very friendly way. He was not a spoiled child but never hesitated to talk about anything with his dad. The dad grew him up in such an environment that the son felt his dad was his elder brother, and this is what people believed when they hanged around.

The days he was in his teenage Rahul always told his dad, “Dad my friends do not believe that you are my father, they think I lie to them, they say you are my elder brother and to be honest I never feel it that you are my dad too, you are so friendly to me that I never got that father-son feeling with you, why have you pampered me that much that I never felt that way?” the father only grinned as a reply to him.

One evening Rahul asked his dad when he was sipping a beer in the lounge, “Dad had you fallen in love with mum or did you two have an arranged marriage?”

Sahaj never talked about his mother with him. He raised Rahul with the full absence of his mother’s memories. Deep in Rahul’s brain, there was no image of his mother at all. But once in a blue moon, Sahaj showed him the wedding pics of him where Rahul saw his deceased mother. When Rahul was a kid, he often paged the photo album viewing the pics of his dad and mother, but later when he grew up those pics faded away but fortunately, Sahaj had scanned and saved them on his pc but had hidden the folder protected by a password. In his teenage, Rahul got so much love from his dad that he never missed a mother. And he felt like a family was only a dad and a son. That was enough for him as he missed nothing to have a joyful life.

Sahaj was like jealously hiding his mother from him. But Rahul never felt the need of a mother so never questioned his dad about her. But this day when Rahul asked either his dad had a love marriage or arranged one the old memories in Sahaj’s brain floated up. He did not want to relate his whole story to him regarding his mother. He only told him that they both loved each other and on parents consent, they got married. Rahul then asked, “How did you know mum? Did you know her since long before getting married or??” The dad asked him a question instead of replying. “Why are you asking these questions today? Why talk about someone who is no more? Let her rest in peace Rahul!”

Rahul did not ask more questions but in a feeble voice said, “I have a girlfriend now that’s only why I wanted to know either you also had one” hearing this Mister Sahaj choked with the last gulp of beer he took and gave Rahul an amusing look. And he smilingly asked his son watching him closely, “Oh! So that’s it! Really? Great my dear and now tell me since when do you have a girlfriend?” Rahul looked down and with a coy smile said, “Hmm about four months ago we knew each other and she is very cute but there is one thing I must stress on is that she is 2 years older than me.”

Sahaj frowned but said, “That’s not an issue if she is elder, your mum also was elder to me by 3 years did you know that?” Rahul’s eyes brightened on hearing that and with hope in his voice, he asked, “Really dad? You never told me that! You never talk about mum to me, tell me more, please! Then Sahaj’s face got another shade and he said, “hmm but that’s nothing important Rahul, you tell me about your girlfriend rather, what’s her name, where does she live, will you ever introduce her to me?”

Smiling Rahul said, “This is why I am telling you about her as I want to bring her home dad.” The father was happy and said, “Anytime son, bring her anytime and tell me more please” Rahul said, “We knew each other in the dance tuition class. She is a very good dancer and she is a very open-minded person, intelligent and brave. She is just admirable a person, I bet you will like her dad. Her name is Nisha and she belongs to a good family, her dad is a bank manager and her mom a teacher. She is still at the university but love dancing so we met in tuition class and became friends and we started liking each other.”

Sahaj looked deep in his son’s face as he never found him grown into a young man. He still was considering him a kid. Dads are like that, they always see a little kid in their children. Then he realised that his son was expecting him to say something so he said, “oh yeah great, great! Do bring her home next time you two meet. And make sure I am at home on that day before you take her here.” Rahul happily answered, “dad I will call you to know your whereabouts before coming home with her so no worries nah?” Sahaj smiled thinking his son has grown up suddenly.

A week later Rahul called his dad when he was out in town in his business shop. He had a modern tech shop in a mall in the town. His business was doing very good past 19 years with all new technologies in vogue. Sahaj replied Rahul, asking him to bring Nisha at the shop itself as he won’t be going back home so early. But Rahul did not like it. He wanted to show Nisha his house and be peaceful inside the house than being in the mall surrounded by people and his dad’s customers. He did not want his dad not to be able to give attention to his girlfriend. So, the meeting was postponed for the next day.

The day they met, Sahaj was waiting for them in his lounge, when Rahul called asking him to come to take them at the bus stop as he did not want Nisha to walk the distance that covered their house to the bus stop. It was only a 500 metres distance. Sahaj went to take them home. Both were standing at the bus stop when Rahul pointed out his dad’s car coming towards them. The car stopped and Sahaj bent down looking at Nisha with a smile greeting her, while Rahul opened the back door to get her inside. With one hand on the steering wheel, Sahaj got to turn back to look and talk to them, and Nisha instead of sitting lifted up her head to give her cheek to Sahaj to be kissed. This was the way Nisha was grown up among her family member to kiss a person when they meet. She did the same for her uncles and all family members. So that was something normal for her. And Rahul knew that. But Sahaj was surprised as he never expected that she will give him her cheek to be kissed.

Anyhow they came home within 3 mins. Nisha was staring at Sahaj with admiration in her eyes. She was not stopping repeating to Rahul that his dad is too young and looked to be his elder brother. She did not accept that this man was his dad as her dad was almost 60 years old!

Sahaj served them some snacks and chilled juice which he had freshly made. They all sat on a three-seat sofa in the lounge and Nisha was in between the two. She was dressed in a jean and a very beautiful top. Her hair was flung open which was every now and then going on Sahaj’s face when she moved during a talk. She was the jovial type of girl who loved talking and joking. She also had the habit of touching people while she talked, so she was at times tapping on Rahul’s leg and at times on Sahaj’s thighs. He ignored her touches and talked to her enquiring about her parents etc. Nisha talked like she was related to this house and the family for a very long time. She became very friendly to Rahul’s dad within minutes. Once Rahul went to pee leaving Nisha in the company of his dad as they were talking. In his absence, Nisha looking into Sahaj’s eyes said, “you are a very handsome man. And you are hot!” and she smiled after saying this with a little blush. Sahaj felt a drop of sweat on his forehead after hearing her! He did not answer her but only looked in her face and took a deep breath. There was a moment of heaviness and both were silent for a few seconds when Nisha herself broke it by suddenly saying, “your house is very beautiful and neat, I wonder how a man keeps his house so neat not having a woman around!” while saying this her palm was over Sahaj’s thigh and she even moved her palm sort of caressing him! Sahaj did not move an inch and felt like he was glued on his seat. He was working his imagination thinking she is too strong and mature for his son.

Before Rahul was back from the washroom Nisha asked Sahaj’s number. He asked “why?” she said, “I have to talk to you please don’t refuse and don’t tell Rahul!” he was hesitating but she took his mobile which was in front of her on the table as she saw him placing it there when he was serving them the snacks, so she took his phone and miscalled herself, thus she got his number.

When Rahul came, Sahaj got up taking his mobile and went to the kitchen looking at her number which he saved as “WHO?” he took a deep breath, felt disturbed and wished to go outside to breathe. He felt his heart raced deep inside, and he gasped for air. He even felt his leg shook a little bit and his fingers too. He continued taking several deep breaths when Rahul called, “Dad, Nisha is going will you drop us to the bus stop please?”

When returning them to the bus stop Sahaj was looking in the rear mirror and found Nisha fixing her in it, with all smiles. And before she alighted, she winked at him. Sahaj was very much disturbed. He was back home after leaving them at the bus stop and soon he received several texts on his mobile, they were from Nisha. He did not reply to any of them. The texts read as such – “hey you are too handsome.” – “I really wish to know you more” – “can we meet alone someday, please? But don’t tell Rahul, he is too sensitive and may not bear that I want to be with you.” – “please reply dear. What’s your name? he told me to let me think…. Yeah, Sahaj right? It’s a lovely name. No one will believe that you are the dad of a son. How did you live alone, I mean without a woman all these years? Hmm? Queer!”

After reading those messages Sahaj really felt disturbed but at the same time felt he is wanted and that made him feel good. He looked at himself in the mirror, dressed few hairs by his left side over the ear where only 1 grey hair was visible and watched his face well and started thinking how could a girl of 23 years old be interested in him? He scratched his head and stopped thinking about it but the messages he read were tormenting his mind, they were not forgettable.

Sahaj had decided to only raise his son when his wife died 15 years ago after a long treatment of breast cancer. He cared for her all along her treatment, going regularly for chemo and radiotherapy. But she left for the other abode leaving Rahul in the care of Sahaj. Sahaj had loved her dearly all the days they lived together. He was a very good husband. So, no doubt he was going to be a very good dad. His dying wife asked him to remarry and live happily ever after. But then itself he had replied to her that he is not interested in getting married again but would love to take care of Rahul and live for him only. Rahul was only 5 years old then. Of course, being a man, he had desires but he curbed all his desires by concentrating only on Rahul his past 15 years. He was never seen hanging around any woman. He only knew his job and Rahul. His life turned around these two only.

Later that evening when Rahul was back home after leaving Nisha Sahaj decided to have a talk with his son. He did not tell him that Nisha texted him or was flirting with him but asked him about Nisha more. But Rahul did not have much to say about her. He only told his dad that they liked each other and that’s all. So, he did not question him further.

Later that night around midnight Nisha texted him more. Her text read; “Hello handsome? Already asleep? I hope not. Wish to talk to you, can we chat a bit, please? You did not reply to any of my last messages why?” Before replying her Sahaj went to check on Rahul in his room either he was asleep. Usually, he plays game till late in the night and it's always the dad who slept earlier. But this night Rahul was snoring, Sahaj thought could be because of a tiring day he had, roaming around with the girl he slept fast.

So, he went back to his room and lay on his bed he answered Nisha with these words. “Hello Nisha, sorry for not having replied you earlier. You know it’s being many many years that I am chatting with a girl, I have sort of forgotten how to chat.”

Nisha: “no worries I will teach you. (smiley)

Sahaj: “you will teach me what?”

Nisha “to chat hihihi”

Sahaj: “so what are you expecting from me Nisha?”

Nisha: “I really really wanna meet you alone, can we?”

Sahaj: “Don’t know!”

Nisha: “come on that’s not an answer”

Sahaj: “but I really don’t know what to tell you!”

Nisha: “okay tell me where is Rahul at this moment? Is he near you or asleep already? Or is he playing games?”

Sahaj: “he is sleeping, maybe he is tired. Why?”

Nisha: “great then I am calling you, take the call we will talk okay?”

But Sahaj told her that he can’t talk as Rahul can hear and wake up. But she told him to close his door and talk very slowly….. and she called him…

They talked very slowly almost in whispers and that made Sahaj feel something very different. They were talking like lovers do in the middle of the night and that feeling of having a girlfriend and flirting with her invaded Sahaj’s whole self. He almost forgot his son all along the time he talked with Nisha and she started almost having sex chat with Sahaj.

Sahaj being a man who had all these years curbed such desires within him now felt the arousal and need to take a woman in his arms due to the talks of Nisha. He felt being wanted and had an erection the way Nisha talked to him about sexual matters. She asked the diameter and length of his sex and asked when he last kissed a woman or either he won’t feel good to take a young girl like her on his bed by his side in this cold night? Her talks were very sensuous and sexual. Sahaj could not control himself and a meeting was decided the soonest possible for them to meet alone.

The next day, in the afternoon after closing his shop Sahaj was in the company of Nisha driving to a motel. She met Rahul earlier and told him she got to go to a friend’s place so she won’t hang along for long with him. So, Rahul went home.

Once inside the motel room Nisha, did not lose time and put her arms around Sahaj and they were soon found on the bed kissing each other and she did not lose time to undress herself to show her lovely slender body to Sahaj who also did not take time to take her nude body in his arms and lay her over the bed.

They made love. Nisha was not a virgin, she has had other boyfriends she told Sahaj. For Sahaj, this meeting and sexual encounter were like finding or rediscovering water in a desert. His whole body needed it he felt after abstinence of 15 years. He ejaculated like a teenager just after three or four penetrations. He was quite wild like a man getting a woman for the first time in his life. Only after 15 minutes, he took her again and this time lasted longer before ejaculation. He was very pleased and felt drenched in a huge rainfall after walking in the scorching sun for many hours. He felt peace in his inner self. His flesh and bones all were like quenched.

After that day they started meeting regularly and making love on each and every meeting. It became a must, an urgent need for him to have a sexual encounter with her. And she was available for him anytime he wished.

Rahul started feeling that Nisha was avoiding her. She was often absent from the dance school. She was his dance partner and Rahul missed her.

At home one evening Rahul talked to his dad when having dinner. He said, “dad I think Nisha is avoiding me now but I don’t know why!” Sahaj felt a prick on his heart hearing that. But he said, “well you said you are only friends, isn’t it? So, could be she has other friends to hang around, don’t take it too serious Rahul. It will be fine, do talk to her when you meet.” Rahul said, “but dad that is the problem, we are not even meeting. It’s been a week since we last met. She is not even answering my calls or messages.” Sahaj told him everything will be alright not to worry. Then Rahul said, “Dad, I think I am in love with her. I will tell her next time we meet.”

On hearing that Sahaj felt like fainting. His heartbeats like increased and he felt like gasping for air. Anyhow he said, “Rahul are you sure? It can only be infatuation, my son. To be in love it is something from both sides. Do you think she loves you too? You liked each other you had told me, isn’t it? So where from comes the to be in love now beta?” Rahul answered bending his head without facing his dad, “But dad this is how love starts nah? By liking each other first then to fall in love? Right?” Sahaj wanted to escape the subject and said, “No. it is not like that. Period.”

In the night Sahaj told Nisha to meet and talk to Rahul about her feeling to him, to tell him that she does not love him but is only his friend. He told her that Rahul is in love with her and is missing her. He also told her that she should not have stopped meeting him like that and should not have avoided him this is what caused him to believe that he is in love with her.

But for Nisha, this was not an issue she said she will fix it fast. And they started having sex chat.

The next day in the early morning Nisha texted Rahul telling him that they will meet at the dance class. Rahul was happy and told it to his dad. The father was glad seeing his son happy.

And in the late afternoon when it was time to attend the dance class Nisha did not show herself but was at the shop with Sahaj helping his customers. She got the habit of going there to meet him and often stayed with him till he closed the shop. Thus, many customers believed she was a salesgirl there. And during her stay at the shop, she had the habit to move up her skirt showing him her thighs to arouse him and he got the habit of caressing her thighs and boobs when there were no clients in the shop. This has been happening for the past two or three weeks. It is then after closing the shop that they used to go to make love. And yes, Sahaj often took her home and went to drop her back before Rahul would return home.

So, on this particular day, Nisha completely forgot that she had to meet Rahul and was engrossed with his dad in the shop flirting and teasing him sensuously. Sahaj also did not remember at all that this morning Rahul told him that he was meeting Nisha. When a man and a woman are together and especially when it comes to a sexual relationship it’s always the priority and all other things come secondary. It’s true that nothing occupies the mind than going to fuck and enjoy the pleasure of the flesh.

And after closing the shop she accompanied her to his car and they hugged each other and Sahaj said, “let’s go home and will drop you back later what say?” she happily said yes.

And they were both found in his bedroom all nude lost in ecstasy.

On the other hand, Rahul did not find Nisha coming to the dance class and felt discouraged so decided to go back home. He was since a week dancing with other dance partners while Nisha was his main dance companion. So, he said it’s enough and he took the bus, direction home.

In his bedroom, Sahaj was eating Nisha’s pussy running his tongue in between her clits playing with it to make her whimper. She was lying on her back holding the bedsheets in her grip pulling it, and with another hand, she was almost pulling Sahaj’s hair off. After a while, her left hand went over his erect dick and started caressing it through its length. Her dripping pussy was getting Sahaj’s mouth and lips wet. And when he felt her hand on his dick, he shivered pressing his tongue in her hole which made her moan. Soon they were found in a 69-pose sucking each other. And quickly they changed position when Nisha was over him with her parted legs and she introduced his dick into her with her agile hand to let the organ slide deep into her while she quivered moving her ass sideways to feel the cock into her. She started moving up and down thus letting the hard-erect organ of Sahaj getting in and out of her hole. Sahaj’s palms were crushing her dangling boobs while his eyes were admiring her expressions of pleasure.

And quicker than that Sahaj was soon over her with both her legs parted apart and he was pumping her hard panting and sweating leaving drops of his perspiration over her neck. His waist moving to a rhythm he continued giving blows one harder than the other while Nisha went on moaning and hissing under him letting her voice echo in the room; it was just then that Rahul was getting into his house from the back door which always remained without lock in the day.

On hearing noises, panting sounds, Rahul ignorantly walked towards his dad room which was open and stood with his mouth open looking his dad fucking Nisha! Both Nisha and Sahaj were shocked on seeing him standing at the doorstep, looking like a frozen human with his mouth all open as if he was going to shout but the voice did not come out!

Sahaj immediately moved away from Nisha covering her with the bedsheet and took his underwear to run it through his legs the fastest he could, looking into Rahul’s face who started stepping backward with his eyes still fixed on them. Rahul was not seen at the moment Sahaj was pulling on his pant and he was panting still said in a loud voice, “wait! Rahul, I can explain wait I am coming….”

He hurried out of his room looking for his dear son while Nisha lay quiet over the bed fixing the ceiling.

Sahaj stepped all around the house in all rooms, kitchen, bathroom, washroom and on not seeing Rahul he opened the front door to find him running very fast outside in the yard heading towards the road. Sahaj shouted getting out of the door, “Rahul, wait beta, I have to talk to you, don’t run beta you may fall down wait, R A H U L……………..!”

Nisha meanwhile got dressed and was getting out as well. Her face had no remorse or any other feeling. She walked like everything was normal for her and she stepped out of the house.

Sahaj was running after his son and a truck was coming by with a heavyweight of over 15 tons, and Rahul just crossed the road without looking on either side and he was found under the wheel of the truck. His head was crushed under the rear wheel smashing his brain out on the road. Sahaj shouted in tears and sat down holding his young son’s corpse in his arms and crying out his soul. His whole body shook, he trembled holding Rahul’s corpse and he was like looking for his head under the truck like a mad man… he started talking nonsense and behaving oddly! Nisha walked by, looked down at him and, wore her sunglass and continued to walk ahead lifting her head high up as if she never knew anyone of them.

The end.


Ne dis jamais que je t'aime
Khwaab ( somtisome dreams come true )

Yeh story meri trf se mere doston ko party hai mere birthday ki Toh chaliye shuru krte h..

Kehte hai khuda ne is jha me sabhi k liye
Kisi na kisi ko hai banaya har kisi k liye

Ek bde se hall me Ek khubsurat si pari jaise ladki apne khawabon Ki duniya me khoi hui bina kisi ki parwaah kiye yeh gana gunana rhi hai Uski khubsurati ka vivran kre toh sabd kam padd jayen

Uski bas ek muskurahat se koi bhi gum dur ho jaye Uske upar jheel jaise kaali kaali do aankhen hyyy kisi ka bhi dil loot le. abhi woh kuch soch hi rhi thi Ki ek teej awaaj se uska dhyaan tuta

Tiya... Tiya

Tiya. yess madam

Madam. Idhar aao

Tiya. ji abhi aai

Or Tiya wanha se ek kamre me chali gai.. uss waqt room me Madam k sath uske husband bhi the..


Sumitra singhaniya.. ( Age 52 ) Pese se fasion designer hai behad khubsurat lekin hitler attitude paison k ghamnd k karan

Ranveer singhaniya.. ( Age 55 ) sumitra's husband state k sabse bade business man paisa itna hai ki khade khade ek seher khareed le

Sumitra.. Kha thi itni der se

Tiya. wo. wo. mai

Sumita. kya wo mai wo mai lga rakha hai shukr kr aaj mera mood theek hai warna

Ranveer.. sumitra jane do na bacchi hai

Sumitra.. aapne hi ise sir pr chadha rakha hai

Tiya.. sorry mam aage se aisa nhi hoga.

Sumitra.. hona bhi nhi chaiye. ( Kuch paise dete hue ) jao apne liye nay kapde khareed lo aaj mera bete ka birthday hai wo 8 saal baad wapas aa rha hai.. or mai nhi chahti koi kami rhe.

Tiya naye kapdon ka sun behad khush hoti hai or aage badh paise le mam ko shukriya bol chal deti hai apne room.

Aaj woh bhut khush thi bade din baad ghar se bahar jaane waali thi. Kai saalon se woh ghar se nikli nhi thi man hi man wo birthday boy ko thanks bol chal deti hai taiyaar hone.

Uske Mom Dad ki bhut saal pehle hi maut ho chuki thi jisse uski padhai band ho gai Dad sumitra k ghar me driver ka kaam krte the isliye unhone Tiya ko apne ghar ki dekhbhal or kaam kaaj k liye rkh liya tha.

Taiyaar hokr woh ek baar aaiyene me dekhti hai toh. Aaj uske chehre pr ek anchahi khusi thi. Jise woh bhi smajh nhi paa rhi thi kher woh taiyaar ho ghar se bhar nikalne ko hoti hai ki tabhi

Ranveer.. Tiya beta taiyaar ho gye.

Tiya.. ji sir.

Ramveer.. come on mujhe sir nhi kha kro kitni baar khu tumse market jaa rhi ho na mai bhi usi trf jaa rha hun chalo tumhe chod deta hun

Tiya.. nhi nhi me chali jaungi

Ranveer.. are aise kaise mai keh rha hun na chalo.

Or aage badh Tiya ka hath pkd leta hai Tiya hath chudane ki koshish krti hai mgar mgr kasmasane k alawa kuch nhi kr paati

Tiya.. sir chor dijiye warna mai shor macha dungi

Ranveer.. aise kaise chor dun bade dino se tujhpr najar thi meri aaj raat taiyaar rehna tujhe masal masal kr ragdunga

Or hath chod deta hai Tiya jo khush thi ranveer ki baat sun dar se seham jati hai or roti hui apne room me bhaag jati hai.

Room ko andar se band kr bister pr gir apni kismat ko kos kr rone lagti hai. Shaam ko Sumitra use awaaj deti hai magr woh bahar nhi jaati or bimaar hone ka bahana bna deti hai.

Thodi hi der me party shuru ho jati h sabhi log party enjoy kr rhe hote sivaay 2 logo ek Tiya or Dusra anjaan shaks jo kisi soch me khoya hua tha

Sumitra raat me bhi Tiya ko awaaj deti h lekin Tiya kuch nhi bolti jisse uske gussa chadh jata h or woh Tiya pr apna gussa nikl deti h

Tiya bas Roti rehti hai aaj use apni mom dad ki bhut yaad aa rhi thi Tabhi use Ranveer ki ka khyl aata hai. Or kuch soch woh jaldi se ek bag me apne kapde daal gate khol bahar niklne lgti hai woh abhi hall se gujar hi rhi thi ki tabhi kisi se takra k gir jati hai or ghabra jati h

Dekhkr nhi chal sakti kya.

Tiya jaise hi yeh awaaj sunti hai uska dil joro se dhadakne lgta h. Wo us shaks ki trf dekhti h lekin km light me uska chehra najar nhi aa rha tha

Tiya.. kampte hontho se. Ssshivuu..

Shaks.. Tiyaa

Or aansun bahate hue use gale lga leta hai Tiya bhi usko bahon me bhar leti h or bilakh bilakh kr rone lagti hai.

Dono pta nhi kitni der aise hi rote rhe tabhi shivu use alg kr uske aasun poonchta h thodi der baad dono shant ho jate h mgar Tiya ab bhi siskariyan le rhi thi shivu ka dhyaan jab ass pass jata h toh woh Tiya ko goad me utha apne room me le jata hai

Tiya bas pyaar bhari najron se use dekhti rehti h

Jaise hi hi shivu ki njr roshini me tiya pr padti hai uski aankh se aansun apne aap girne lgte hai

Shivu.. yeh kya haal bna rakha h apna. Or kha thi tum school k baad pta nhi maine tumhe kha kha nhi dhunda

Tiya roti hui apni kahani byaan kr deti. Jise sun shivu ki bhi aankhen bhar aati or apne mom dad ki harkat sun use behad gussa aata h magr woh Tiya k samne jahir nhi krna chahta tha qki woh nhi chahta tha ki tiya ko pta chale ki woh uske Dad hai

Dono bhut der tk gale lg apne gile shikwe door krte h.

Shivu. Chalo Tiya chalte h

Tiya. Kha ?

Shivu.. bharosha hai na.

Tiya.. apni jaan se jayada.

Shivu. I love you Tiya

Tiya. I love you too.

Uske baad shivu Tiya ko lekr kha chala gya kisi ko pta nhi chala.

Kehte h khwaab sach nhi hote magar Tiya ko uska raajkumaar mill hi gya.

Happy valentine's Day


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Dosto, Pyar…Love….Prem….Mohabbat kahne aur dekhne me to kitna chhota sa shabd hai kintu is chhote se ek shabd ne poori kaaynat ko apne andar samet rakha hai. Is sansar me rahne wala har koyi prem ke is parikalpaniya dhage se kisi chumbak ki bhanti bandha huwa hai. Phir chahe wo manav ho danav, devta ho ya shaitan, janwar ho ya ped poudhe. Dhayi akshar ke is shabd me aisi adbhut kshamta vyapt hai ki vo insan to kya bhagwan ko bhi apni us dor me bandhne ke liye vivash kar deta hai

Pyar shabd ki vyakhya karna to kisi ke bhi liye sambhav nahi hai. Insan to apna karma karke is jahan se chala jata hai lekin tab bhi uska prem yaha hamesha ke liye logo ke dilo me aur itihas ke panno me yaadgar ban kar amar ho jata hai. Prem shabd ki mahanta ka aaklan isi se lagaya ja sakta hai ki Heera Ranjha, Sohni Mahiwal, Romeo Juliet, Laila Majnu etc. jaise premiyo ka sharir to is jamin se mit gaya magar unka wo shashwat prem aaj bhi logo ke dilo me prerna ban kar amar hai

Srasti ka adhar hi prem hai, iske bina jeevan ki kalpana hi nahi ki ja sakti. Prem to har koyi karta hai, koyi sirf tan se to koyi mann se. pyar ke kayi roop hote hain, antar sirf bhavna ka hota hai. Prem kab, kaha, kisse aur kaise ho jaye ye koyi nahi janta…..kiski koun si khoobi dil me utar kar jagah bana le, ye koyi nahi bata sakta

Mai Ek aisi hi chhoti si Prem kahani ko aap sabke sammukh prastut kar raha hu, aap sab ke dilo me agar isne thodi si bhi jagah bana payi to mere liye yahi sabse badi uplabdhi hogi…..Yeh ek ardh satya ankho dekhi ghatna par adharit hai…Ardh satya maine isliye kaha kyon ki kahani me dikhayi gayi ghatna to poornatah satya hai kintu uske shabdo ke samavesh me meri apni kalpana hai

Varnit kahani me patro ke naam aur sthan me parivartan kiya gaya hai…halanki is True Love Story ko likhne me mujhe 1000 pages bhi kam pad jayenge phir bhi main koshish karunga jyada se jyada short me likhne ki……...to pesh hai do premiyo ki ek ardh satya ghatna ki kahani

Garmi ka mousam tha……Madhya Pradesh ke Jabalpur railway plateform par yatriyo ki kafi bheed bhad aur chahal pahal thi…shadi byah ke is maousam me trains ki halat me yatriyo ki bheed bhad dekh kar hi india ki population ka andaza bakhubi lagaua ja sakta hai….., har trains khacha khach pack rahti hai…seat ki to baat hi chhod dijiye gate aur yaha tak ki toilet me bhi khade hone ko mil jaye to yahi bahut badi ganimat samajhiye

Ek 19-20 saal ki behad khubsurat ladki pith par bag tange aur ek hath me mobile pakde plateform me badi tezi se bhag rahi thi….plateform no. 1 se Darbhanga Mumbai Pawan Express apne gantavya sthan ke liye chhut chuki thi..shayad us ladki ko yahi train pakadni thi

Train abhi plateform cross nahi huyi thi….ladki ne bhagte bhagte antatah last dibbe tak pahuch hi gayi…..lekin vaha to paaydaan tak me khade hone ki gunjaeesh nahi thi….vaha bhi log latke huye the

Logo ne use mana kiya ki isme jagah nahi hai…. Lekin us ladki ne to jaise jid hi pakad li thi ki yahi train me chadhna hai…to usne sab ki bato ko ansuna karte huye ya phir hadbadahat me use kuch sunayi hi nahi diya, usne chalti gadi me jaldbazi dikhate huye ek hath gate me laga handle pakadne ke liye aage badhaya aur ek pair nichle paaydan par rakha

Lekin tabhi uska pair paaydan se fisal gaya aur us ladki ka paaydan me rakha hua pair niche ghus gaya….hath me pakda hua mobile bhi niche gir gaya…..vo plateform aur train ke beech me phans gayi aur ghisatne lagi…vo poori tarah se train ki chapet me aa pati ki gate par latke ek ladke ne apne dusre hath se us ladki ka baju tham liya

Lekin upar latke hone ki vajah se vo ladka bhi apni poori taqat nahi laga pa raha tha…to usne khud apni jaan ka jokhim lete huye apna pair sabse akhiri paaydan me ghused diya aur us ladki ko upar khichne laga

Vaha gate par khadi bheed me se kisi me bhi itni insaniyat nahi jagi ki kuch nahi to kam se kam chain pulling hi kar de….lekin tab tak guard ne dekh liya aur usne chain pulling kar di kintu speed me aayi train turant to nahi ruk jati

Us ladke ne ek hath se handle pakde huye us ladki ko thame rakha kintu use gadi ke niche nahi jane diya….uski jaangh plateform se ragad khati rahi lekin is asayniya dard ko jhelte huye bhi usne ladki ko barabar pakde rakha aur usko mout ke muh se bahar khich laya

Plateform paar hote hote train bhi ruk gayi…..RPF aur CRPF ke jawan turant vaha pahuch gaye aur dono ko utha kar niche baithaya….ladki ke kapde piche se phat gaye the aur vaha se khoon nikal raha tha

Jabki ladke ki jangh se poora maans hi gayab ho gaya tha vaha ki haddiya saf saf sabko dikhayi de rahi thi….us ladke ne ladki ki taraf dekha aur sirf itna hi kah paya

“Aap theek to hain na, aapko kahi chot to nahi lagi’’ itna kahne ke baad vo ladka achet hokar vahi ludhak gaya….ladki sirf roye ja rahi thi shayad dard ki vajah se…lekin adhik der tak vo ladki bhi hosh me nahi rah saki aur vo bhi nishchet ho gayi

Jaldi hi vaha ambulance pahuch gayi to unhe city hospital bhej diya gaya…..dono ke paas jaanch me mile adhar card se contact no. nikal kar unke ghar me contact kiya gaya

Ladke ka naam Gaurav Tripathi aur Ladki ka naam Arti Pandey tha…..dono ka ilaz shuru ho gaya tha….xray se malum chala ki ladki ke ek pair ki ghutne ki katori phoot gayi thi aur kuch anya chote bhi thi

Jabki ladke ki jangh me maans hi nahi bacha tha…sath me jis hath se usne handle pakad rakha tha vo kandhe se toot gaya tha kyon ki ladki ko train apne niche khich rahi thi jabki ladka use upar khich raha tha…jiske karan poora vajan uske us hath par pad raha tha…..sath me plateform ke kinare lage pattharo me gharsan lagatar tezi se hone ke karan kuch androoni chote bhi aayi thi

Teen char ghante me ladki ke gharwale hospital pahuch gaye to unhe ghatna ki jankari di gayi….agle din din arti ka operation karne ko kaha gaya, jabki Gaurav ki taraf se abhi tak koyi nahi aaya tha

Agle din Arti ka operation ho gaya ….Gaurav ka bhi ilaz chal raha tha kintu uski halat nazuk thi….shaam tak Gaurav ke mata pita bhi aa gaye…is beech arti ke gharvale Gaurav ke halat ki jankari beech beech me lete rahe

Gharvalo ke aane ke baad gaurav ka bhi operation ho gaya….uske hath aur pair me plaster chadha diya gaya tha….arti ke bhi pair me ghutne ki katori ko jod kar plaster laga diya gaya

Gaurav 21 saal ka ladka tha sharir se normal rang sanwla, smart to nahi tha lekin padhne me brilliant tha….jiske chalte usko scholorship milti thi kahne ko to uski family me sab koyi the…souteli maa, chhote bhai bahan, baap..kintu vo kahawat hai na ki agar apni maa khatam ho jaye to maa dusri to baap tisra ban jata hai

Aisa hi kuch gaurav ke sath bhi tha…sauteli maa ka ravaiya uske prati koyi khas achcha nahi tha…baap bhi bas biwi ka hi gulam ban kar rah gaya ghar ki arthik halat bhi bigdi huyi thi

Ek week tak dono us hospital me rahe…..dono ke ward alag the lekin phir bhi dono barabar ek dusre ke haalchal ke vishay me puchte rahte the apni family walo se….halanki ghatna ke baad se dono ki amne samne abhi tak mulaqat nahi ho saki thi

(Aage ki kahani Gaurav ki jubani)

Is ghatna ke panchve din main arti se mila…wheel chair ke sahare apne dost Raj ke sath main uske ward tak pahuch hi gaya….main jyadatar ekant priya vyaktitva ka admi hu……jyada kya bilkul bhi smart nahi hu aur garibi upar se..rang bhi sanwla ya chahe to kala hi kah lijiye… meri raj ke alawa kisi se nahi banti kabhi na bahar na ghar me

Ladayi jhagde me bhi sabse piche hi rahta hu…agar koyi panga ho jaye mere sath to raj hi aage badh kar suljhata hai…khair main arti ke paas tak pahuch hi gaya….mujhe dekh kar vo uthne lagi jo apni mummy se bate kar rahi thi

“nahi..aap leti rahiye…..main to bas aise hi haal chal pata karne idhar aa gaya” maine arti se kaha

‘’Main apka ehsaan kabhi nahi utar sakti....aapne mujhe ek naya jeevan diya’’ Arti ne uske pratiuttar me shalinata se kaha

‘’Jeevan lena aur dena to upar wale ke hath me hai…..hum sab to us upar wale madari ke hath ki kathputliya hain’’ Gaurav ne kaha

‘’mujhe apna contact number dijiye na’’ arti ne kaha

‘’ji ye lijiye’’ maine mobile me apna number khol kar arti ki taraf badha diya

‘’kewal apna number bhar hi dena, lena nahi’’ Tabhi vaha raj ne aate huye kaha

‘’Ye mera dost raj hai’’ maine arti ko raj ka parichay dete huye kaha

‘’Madam vaise agar aap bura na mane to apna number share kar sakti hain’’ raj ne apni tang phir se adate huye kaha

‘’ji, jarur….main miss call kar deti hu apke mobile par,save kar lijiyega’’ arti ne miss call dete huye jawab diya

‘’aap kya karti hain….aur itna tez apko bhagne ki kya jarurat thi, dusri train bhi to mil sakti thi’’ maine arti se pucha

‘’actually us din mera railway ka exams. Tha aur centre narsinghpur mila tha, exam chalu hone me sirf 1.30 ghante hi bache the…agar dusri train ka wait karti to mera exam miss ho jata….aur vaise bhi iske baad agli train do ghante baad ki thi…isliye majburi thi’’ arti ne meri baat ke jawab me bataya

‘’Jaan hai to jahan hai, aise jokhim lena achchi baat nahi hai’’ maine apni nasihat dete huye kaha

‘’aap kuch bataiye apne bare me’’ arti ne sawal kiya

‘’Janab Itarsi ke rahne wale hain, Yaha padhte hain aur part time job bhi karte hain....ghar me ek kaikayi maa hai aur unke naagphani jaise do pyare pyare bachche hain aur ek chalti phirti daru ki dukan jaisa baap hai.....Janab padhne me brilliant hain isliye govt se do lakh ki salana scholorship milti hai jise inki pujyaniya souteli mata ji hadap kar jati hain isliye aage padhne ke liye tution bhi padhana padta hai’’ Raj ne mere bare me arti ko bataya

‘’Raj ye kya pagalpan hai.... ?’’ maine raj ki taraf ghur kar dekhte huye kaha

‘’I’m very sorry,....shayad meri bato se apko taklif huyi’’ arti ne kaha

‘’aisi koi baat nahi hai.....ye jhuth bol raha hai....aap kuch mat sochiye’’ maine safayi deni chahi

‘’Mera dost bahut achcha shayar bhi hai’’ raj ne phir se apni juban khol di

‘’wow,.....sach me’’ arti ne khush hote huye kaha

‘’aap iski kisi bhi baat ka yakin mat karna, ye phenkology ka bahut bada professor hai’’ maine phir se apna bachav kiya

‘’To tujhe kyo mirchi lag rahi hai, arti ji ko lapetne de na’’ Raj ne haste huye kaha

Agle do dino tak hum ek dusre se milte rahe….hum ghanto ek sath apna waqt bitane lage….sarkar ki taraf se dono ko 50-50 hazar ka muwavja diya gaya, ……..lekin in do dino ne mera sab kuch loot kar mujhe kangal kar diya….mera mann baar baar uski taraf hi khicha chala ja raha tha

Jab uske paas hota to aisa lagta ki ye waqt yahi tham jaye….ghadi me samay batane wali suyiya yahi ruk jaye…..uske sath waqt bitana mujhe bahut achcha lagne laga tha….uski mushkurahat mere dil me ghar kar gayi thi

Do din baad hospital se discharge mil gaya….jane se pahle vo ek bar phir mujhse milne aayi…..phone karne ka bol apne parents ke sath chali gayi…..jaise jaise arti mujhse door ja rahi thi, vaise vaise mere dil me ek ajib si bechaini uthne lagi, kuch samajh me nahi aa raha tha ki aisa kyo ho raha hai….pahle to aisa kabhi mere sath nahi hua tha

Aisa mahsus ho raha tha jaise koyi meri ruh mere sharir se khich kar liye ja raha hai aur main bebas hokar sirf dekhe ja raha hu…..main arti ko awaz laga kar jane se rokna chahta tha tha kintu mere hoth mera sath nahi de rahe the

‘’Mujhe Arti ke jane se sine me itna dard kyo ho raha hai, kyo main usko jane se rokna chahta hu…..?….kya yahi pyar hai…..?…kya arti ko bhi aisa hi kuch mahsus hota hoga…..? main bhi na kitna pagal hu, agar ye pyar bhi hai to iska koi matlab nahi….mujh jaise bhikhari aur koyle jaisi shakal wale ko arti kya koyi bhi ladki pasand nahi karegi….?….mujhe use bhulna hi hoga…..par kaise bhul paunga usko..ya shayad kabhi nahi bhul sakta..’’ main apne mann me hi ye sab sochta rah gaya

‘’ab yahi rah kar ande dene ka irada hai kya….?, teri maa to marr gayi aur tujhe meri kismat phodne ko chhod gayi....achcha hota tu bhi apni maa ke sath hi mar jata ……aur sun vo paise wala cheque idhar de mujhe‘’ meri souteli maa ne apne vyangya baan chhodne chalu kar diye yaha bhi

‘’par vo paise to mere ilaz ke liye mile hain, scholorship ke paise to pahle hi aap log khatam kar chuke ho, agar main ye bhi de dunga to ilaz kisme karaunga ‘’ maine jawab diya

‘’main khud kha gayi kya tere paise…..din me dus bar pet me jo khana thoonsta hai vo kya teri maa ke paise se aata hai…chal de cheque chup chap ‘’ maa ne phir se dabav diya

‘’main nahi dunga ‘’ maine saf mana kar diya

‘’kya ho gaya, abhi tak yahi ho ‘’ papa ne aate hi sawal daag diya

‘’dekho to gaurav paise vala cheque nahi de raha hai....jaise main kha jaungi iske paise..’’ maa ne kaha

‘’Cheque nahi dega to paise kaha se ayenge...tujhe ghar tak le jane ke liye jo gadi book ki hai use bhi to paise dena hai, ...uska karza kaha se dunga ...chal de cheque aur ATM card jaldi se...mujhe bank bhi to jana padega phir ‘’ papa ne kaha

‘’ ye lo’’ maine akhir cheque aur ATM pin no. Sahit de diya

‘’suno main bhi chalti hu sath me, ‘’ maa ne papa se kaha

Uske baad dono bank chale gaye....tab tak raj bhi vaha aa gaya......unke loutne ke baad hum ghar aa gaye….yaha aane ke baad bhi main arti ko bhula nahi pa raha tha….aaj main apne apko bahut tanha mahsus kar raha tha

Rah rah kar mujhe arti ka vahi chehra, uski hasi yaad aa rahi thi....khana khane ki ichcha tak nahi ho rahi thi....mann me bas ek hi khyal aa raha tha ki kash mujhe ek bar arti ki ek jhalak kahi se dekhne ko mil jaye

‘’Pahli Mohabbat Thi Hum Yeh Jaan Na Sake,
Yeh Pyaar Kya Hota Hai Hum Pehchan Na Sake,
Woh Dil Mein Humare Bas Gaye Hain Iss Kadar,
Jab Bhi Chaha Unhein Dil Se Nikal Na Sake.’’

Uske baad to jaise meri duniya hi badal gayi thi.....main apne kamre me hi leta rahta...chalne phirne layak to tha hi nahi....bhukh pyas sab khatam ho chuki thi...kisi se baat karne ka dil nahi hota tha

Raj ne mujhse kayi baar vajah puchi lekin maine use bhi kuch nahi bataya.....har gujarte din ke sath meri dil me arti se milne aur baat karne ki bekarari badhti hi ja rahi thi

Na to main ek jagah baith pa raha tha aur na hi chain se so hi pa raha tha....mujhe hospital se aane ke baad bahut ummid thi , ummid kya balki vishwash tha ki arti jarur call karegi lekin aaj usse bichhde huye poora ek week ho gaya tha lekin uska koyi call nahi aaya

Mera dil is kadar toot chuka tha ki main ab jab bhi akela hota to ladkiyo ke jaise rone lagta.....kisi se kuch bata bhi nahi sakta tha ki mere dil ke andar kya toofan chal raha hai..... ?

Meri bekarari jab had se jyada badh gayi to maine darte darte arti ke no. par ‘I Love You, Arti’ likh kar massage kar diya aur turant apne mobile ko switched off kar diya

Ek taraf darr bhi lag raha tha ki pata nahi arti ne dekha hoga mera massage ki nahi aur agar dekh liya hoga to kya soch rahi hogi mere bare me…? Lekin dusri taraf mere massage ka kya hua…koi reply aaya ki nahi, ye janne ki talab bhi badhti ja rahi thi

Akhir maine darte huye mobile on kiya to thodi hi der me uske massage aane ki beep tone baji….maine dhadakte dil ke sath massage open kiya jo arti ke no. se hi aaya tha

Massage khol ke dekha to usme bahut gandi gandi galiya likhi huyi thi….maine turant massage delete kar ke mobile phir se band kar liya….dusre din mobile ko on kiya to uske karib ek ghante baad arti ke no. se call aane laga

Meri halat bahut kharab ho gayi thi….main arti se baat bhi karna chahta tha lekin ye darr bhi tha ki kya pata koun call kar raha hai…? Kahi arti ne kisi ko vo massage dikha to nahi diya.... ?

Lekin is darr me jeet dil ki huyi aur maine darte huye hi sahi call utha liya...samne se vahi awaz sunayi di jise sunne ke liye main pagal sa ho gaya tha, mere kaan turant arti ki awaz ko pahchan gaye

‘’hello..Gaurav ‘’ arti ne apni surili awaz me kaha

‘’ Ji, main Gaurav hi bol raha hu..’’ maine darte huye uski baat ka jawab diya

‘’Thanks God, aapne call to uthaya….pata hai main kal se kitna pareshan ho gayi thi’’ usne baat aage badhayi

‘’wo, mobile me battery discharge ho gayi thi, to band ho gaya tha..maine dhyan hi nahi diya’’ maine jhuth bolna hi behtar samjha

‘’Aur ye kya massage send kiya tha aapne kal…?’’ arti ne akhir vahi baat chhed hi di

‘’vo....vo...galti se apke no. Par chala gaya tha, I’m sorry, arti ji’’ maine dil me rote huye jawab diya

‘’massage bhejne ke baad mobile kyo band kar liya tha…? ‘’ arti ne pucha

‘’bataya to battery khatam ho gayi thi…again sorry for that’’ maine apni safayi deni chahi

‘’Pata hai, jab apka massage aaya tab bhaiya mere mobile me gaane sun rahe the…unhone vo massage dekh liya’’ arti ne bataya

‘’ha, uske baad kisi ka massage aaya tha, apke no. se’’ maine reply diya

‘’bhaiya ne kuch kaha to nahi…..?’’ arti ne phir pucha

‘’kahna kya tha.....massage me meri tarif me galiya likhi thi…mujhe laga aapne likhi hain’’ maine jawab diya

‘’aapne ye kaise soch liya ki main aisa likhungi….? Jisne meri jaan bachayi bhala usko main gali kaise de sakti hu... ?’’ arti ne kaha

‘’mujhe laga shayad aap bura maan gayi hongi’’ maine jawab diya

‘’maine to massage hi nahi dekha tha, baad me dekha maine....main tabhi se kal se pareshan hokar apko call par call kiye ja rahi thi lekin apka to no. hi band tha, bahut tension ho gayi thi mujhe’’ arti ne apni baat kahi

‘’actual me main darr gaya tha ki aapne shayad ghar me kisi ko bata diya hoga, isliye mobile switched off kar liya tha’’ maine use sach bata diya

‘’maine kisi ko nahi bataya, aap ki kasam….aapne aisa massage kyo bheja….?’’ Arti ne phir se vahi pucha

‘’khud ko rok nahi paya...bahut samjhaya dil ko, lekin samjha nahi saka, sorry...dubara kabhi apko pareshan nahi karunga’’ itna kahte huye mere anshu chhalak aaye

‘’aap ro rahe hain..... ?’’ arti ne meri siski shayad sun li

‘’ nahi...ab dubara galti nahi hogi...sorry’’ main aur jyada der tak baat nahi kar paya aur call cut kar diya

Call cut karne ke baad maine pillow me muh chhupa kar rone laga….pata nahi mujhe kya ho gaya tha…jo main arti ko bhul hi nahi pa raha tha ... mera mobile phir bajne laga...maine call cut kar di....call aata raha main cut karta raha..din bhar yahi silsila chala

Mujhe ab apni jindagi bahut bada bojh lagne lagi thi....arti se baat karne ki ab himmat hi nahi ho rahi thi mujhme...jab rote rote pet bhar gaya tab phir se uski awaz sunne ki tadap jaag uthi

‘’Ab is baar jab arti ka call ayega to jarur baat karuna....hey bhagwan arti ke dil me mere liye pyar jaga de....mujhe meri jindagi de de bhagwan .. mujhe arti de de.....uska phone kyon nahi aa raha....lagta hai ab nahi karegi call... ? ek bar bas ek bar aur call kar do arti pls’’ maine dil hi dil me tadapte huye kaha....ek bar phir se ghor nirasha ke karan meri ankhe bhar aayi

Lekin shayad bhagwan ne meri sun li.....thodi der baad hi arti ka call aane laga....maine mobile ko aise jhapat kar uthaya jaise chuhe ko dekhte hi billi us par jhapatta marti hai

‘’call kyo nahi utha rahe the mera.... ?’’ arti ne shikayat karte huye boli

‘’kya karta baat karke... ?’’ maine kaha

‘’baat nahi karni hai mujhse’’ arti ne phir sawal thonk diya

‘’main to kab se apki awaz sunne ko taras raha tha...lekin darta tha kahi aap naraz na ho jaye’’ maine jawab diya

‘’main naraz nahi hu....naraz hoti to apko call karti kya main.... ?’’ arti ne kaha

‘’to phir hospital se jane ke baad ek bar bhi call kyo nahi kiya…?’’ ab ki dafa maine bhi sawal puch hi liya jo mujhe pareshan kiye huye tha

‘’hospital se aane ke baad se koyi na koyi mere paas baitha hi rahta tha, isliye nahi kar payi thi….ab mere paas koyi nahi hai to kar rahi hu’’ arti ne mere sawal ka jawab diya

‘’aur koyi hai kya apke paas me….?’’ Mujhe kisi ladki ki dhire dhire bolne ki awaz sunayi di to maine puch liya

‘’haan…hai na…meri friend hai…bagal me hi rahti hai, Jyoti…..lijiye aapse kuch kahna chahti hai, baat kariye’’ arti ne jawab diya

‘’hello, Gaurav ji..kaise hain…? Kaisi tabiyat hai ab apki….?’’ Jyoti ne pucha

‘’Ji, pahle se behtar hai…ab shayad dhire dhire theek ho jaye’’ maine uski baat ka jawab diya

‘’aapne arti ko aisa massage kyo bheja tha…?’’ Jyoti ne bhi vahi sawal pucha

‘’Bas dil ne jo kaha maine vahi kiya...agar apki saheli ko bura laga ho to main mafi chahta hu...phir kabhi aisa nahi karunga’’ main phir se nirash hote huye jawab diya

‘’Arey nahi...nahi....arti to bahut khush hai....jab se hospital se aayi hai..apki tarif kar kar ke mere kaan pakati rahti hai....’’ Jyoti ne haste huye kaha

‘’Kyo mera mazak udati hain jyoti ji’’ maine jawab diya

‘’main sach kah rahi hu.....aap jabalpur kab aa rahe hain....hum apse milne ayenge’’ Jyoti ne kaha

‘’Ji jaldi hi aunga’’ maine uska jawab diya

‘’Lijiye arti se baat kijiye’’ Jyoti ne shayad arti ko phone thama diya

‘’Ye pagal hai....lekin meri sabse best friend hai...hum dono ek dusre se har baat share kar leti hain’’ Arti ne kaha

‘’Aapne mere massage ka koyi jawab nahi diya’’ maine sidhe sidhe puch hi liya

‘’Kya jawab du.....malum nahi...iska jawab waqt par chhod dete hain....main abhi kuch bhi nahi kah sakti..kyon ki mujhe iska jawab pata hi nahi hai abhi’’ arti ne mere sawal ke uttar me kaha

‘’baat to karogi na.... ? kahi vo to band nahi kar dogi.... ?’’ maine pucha

‘’Aap call mat karna…main khud karungi apko call…kyon ki ghar me sab mere hi paas dera jamaye rahte hain…akeli hote hi main roj call karungi apko’’ arti ne jawab diya

‘’theek hai…mujhe aoke call ka intazar rahega hamesha’’ maine kaha

‘’Aapne jo massage kiya tha kya vo sach hai…..?’’ arti ne pucha

‘’Ye sach hai ya jhuth ...ye to mera dil hi janta hai…ki apse alag hone ke baad maine ye din kaise gujare hain’’ maine arti ko sab kuch bata diya jo hospital se aane ke baad maine mahsus kiya tha..sab kuch bina kuch chhupaye

‘’kya sach me aap mujhe itna chahte hain..... ?’’ arti ne pucha

‘’ab main kaise dikhau ki kitna chahta hu….mere liye aap aasmaan ka vo chaand ho jo main chah kar bhi nahi pa sakta’’ maine kaha

‘’Kyo nahi pa sakte....ho sakta hai ki ye chaand apke liye hi bana ho’’ arti ne jawab diya

‘’kash ki aisa ho jaye....to main khud ko sansar ka sabse khush nasib insan samjhunga’’ maine kaha

‘’achcha suniye, jab bhi jabalpur aana mujhe milna jarur...abhi rakhti hu..mummy aa rahi hai...baad me call karungi...bye’’ arti ne kaha

‘’bye...I Love you, arti’’ maine apne pyar ka izhar karte huye kaha

Aise hi din nikalte rahe …meri aur arti ki baat daily hoti rahi….pahle thodi der baate hoti thi…lekin baad me din din bhar hamari baat hone lagi… vo mere khane pine har cheez ke bare me puchti aur batati…..daily kam se kam 8 se 10 ghante hamari bate hoti….raat me sab ke so jane ke baad bhi vo aadhi aadhi raat me call karne lagti aur phir baat karte karte subah ho jati

Akhir ek din arti ne bhi apne pyar ka izhar kar hi diya….main us din bahut khush hua….aisa laga jaise maine Indra ko harakar devlok jeet liya ho… halanki ghar me meri souteli maa raat din mujhe taane marte rahti….papa bhi aake galiya sunate….lekin ab mujhe koyi parwah nahi thi..aise hi ek din arti ka call aaya

‘’kya kar rahe the…itna time lagta hai call uthane me…?’’ usne shikayat bhare lahje me kaha

‘’kuch nahi..bas tumhara intazar, aur kya…..aur tum…?’’ maine jawab diya

‘’main yaha Jyoti ke ghar aayi hu….vo chhat me baith kar naha rahi hai…..bahut hi besharam ladki hai’’ arti ne kaha

‘’kyon…kya kiya usne….?’’ Maine pucha

‘’ab kya batau….apne bade bade khol ke mujhe dikha rahi hai….nahate huye’’ arti ne kaha

‘’kya bade bade dikha rahi hai…?’’ maine phir pucha

‘’apni badi badi chhati khol ke dikha rahi hai....buddhu kahi ke’’ arti ne kaha

Aise hi meri aur arti me ab har kisma ki bate hone lagi thi....main ab arti aur Jyoti se har ashlil baat bhi kar leta tha.....usne apni bahut si saheliyo se meri baat karayi phone par....apni chhoti mami se bhi karayi...lekin kuch din baad uska call do din bilkul nahi aaya...main bahut bechain ho gaya....maine mummy se paise mange to unhone khari khoti suna di...maine bhi unse bahas kar li...natiza papa ne mujhe ghar se nikal jane ko kaha

Maine ab tak apne aur arti ke bare me raj ko sab kuch bata diya tha....usne bhi kayi bar arti se baat ki thi....maine use sab bata diya. Aur uske sath jabalpur aa gaya....maine arti ko bahut bar call kiya lekin no. band ja raha tha

Main bahut adhik bechain ho gaya tha….akhir maine Jyoti ko call laga kar pucha to usne bataya ki uski tabiyat jyada kharab ho gayi hai… uske ghutne ki katori me taklif ho gayi hai….jiske karan vo hospital me admit hai

Main raj ke sath jyoti ke bataye address wali hospital me pahuch gaya…uske paas jate hi main use dekhta hi rah gaya…mujhe dekhte hi uske chehre par mushkurahat aa gayi

Ittefak Se Hi Sahi Magar Mulakat Ho Gayi,
Dhoondh Rahe The Hum Jinhein Unn Se Baat Ho Gayi,
Dekhte Hi Unko Jaane Kahan Kho Gaye,
Wahin Se Humaare Pyaar Ki Shuruaat Ho Gayi.

‘’Arey Gaurav beta tum….yaha…?, kaisi hai ab tumhari tabiyat…?’’ Arti ki mummy ne mujhe dekh kar kaha

‘’Theek hai aunty….ye arti ko kya hua…abhi theek nahi huyi kya ye….?’’ Maine pucha

‘’kaha beta…iska ghutna abhi bhi vaisa hi hai…..har hafte to isko hospital lana padta hai…kabhi kabhi to behosh hokar gir jati hai…’’ uski mummy ne bataya

Main uski mummy ki baat sun kar arti ko ghur kar dekhne laga…..aaj tak isne mujhe ye baat batayi kyo nahi….akele dard sahti rahi…uske dard ko mahsus karte hi mere sine me dard hone laga…ek tees si uthne lagi hriday me

‘’doctor ne kya kaha hai….?’’ Maine uski mummy se pucha

‘’doctor ka kahna hai ki agar koyi apne ghutne ki katori donate kar de to hi kuch ho sakta hai’’ arti ki mummy ne ruwansi hokar bataya

‘’bhagwan par bharosa rakhiye....sab theek ho jayega’’ maine jawab diya

Main vaha se sidha doctor ke paas gaya aur unse request ki arti ko meri ghutne ki katori transplant kar de....lekin Raj ne ye baat sun li aur vo bhadak gaya...lekin maine use samjha diya

Maine apne ghutne ki katori arti ko transplant kar di....raj ne use sab bata diya ....jaise hi hamari mulaqat akele me huyi .. dekhte hi maine apni bahe phaila di....uske gale se lagte hi maine kaha


(5000 words)



A Night To Remember

It was another boring summer. I was home from college, with not much to do but sit at home with mom and my younger siblings. The one summer I actually wanted to go out and get a job... no one was hiring. So I was limited to babysitting and trying to find other things to do with my life. All was going according to the mundane ritual until I got an unexpected e-mail.

It was a response to one of those online personals adds... one that I had composed in boredom over a year ago. I had long since ceased getting responses and had mostly forgotten that the thing existed. Yet here was this e-mail...


I came across your add and was most intrigued. Your words were most enchanting and your picture... your smile and your eyes, they engulfed me. Perhaps I am going overboard with my poetic praises but I did so enjoy that brief glimpse of you that I felt compelled to write and hopefully chat with you in the future.

Ever so sincerely,


And with that, the courtship began. I wrote him back and we began to e-mail back and forth, then to chat. His presence seemed to fill something in me that was missing. A few weeks passed and we upgraded to telephone conversations... a few more weeks and we agreed to meet. Oddly enough, he didn't have a picture, but chatting with him made me feel so good I decided I didn't really care what he looked like. I just enjoyed talking to someone who just seemed to enjoy my company and wanted to take me out. I had been so lonely; I just wanted to have some fun.

It was a warm night in July when we met: shortly after sunset. We had a date to go to a jazz concert. I prepared carefully, and with some degree of excitement. This was my first real date in a long time, since my high school prom really. I took a long bubble bath with my favorite body wash, Victoria's Secret – Secret Crush. I put on my black satin bra and panties and put a splash of body spray in a few strategic places. I wanted to make a good first impression, so I put on my best "get im" ensemble... the black dress that showed the cleavage and the leg, and the strappy black heels. I've always been a minimalist when it comes to makeup; a little color on the eyes, a little something on the lips and I was ready to go.

When the doorbell rang, I had two kids underfoot, but that didn't stop my jaw from dropping when I first looked into his eyes. He was beautiful... in the most masculine sense of the word. I'm not saying he was pretty, but handsome doesn't cut it, he was like a work of art. He was tall and handsome, with exotic hazel eyes. His hair was fashioned in long, and well kept dredlocks. He was dressed in a dark suit, looking exquisite. I couldn't believe that this guy was interested in me, but it was no time to ask questions. He produced 15 roses; 1 for each sister, 1 for my mother and a dozen for me. He handled my family with the utmost charm and soon we were out the door, walking toward his black Lexus. He guided me with a hand on my shoulder and I felt a warm jolt of electricity as his hand touched my flesh... I had the instinctive feeling that this was going to be a night to remember...

He was the truest of gentlemen from the roses to the way he opened my car door and escorted me in. It wasn't something I was used to. He drove with his arm draped across the back of my seat and his fingers traced innocent circles on the bare flesh of my shoulder as again I felt the warm current of electricity between us. We reached the jazz club and he again came around to open my door and escort me in. I looked at him, again mentally marveling at the fact that he was here with me. The music was wonderful. We both enjoyed a single glass of wine, him mainly because he was driving, I just because I liked to be cautious with alcohol.

We chatted during the pauses in the music. Nothing too significant, we had covered the essentials online; this was just about feeling the chemistry between us.

I felt extremely drawn to him in ways I couldn't explain. I found myself lost in his eyes for minutes at a time. He took my hand, kissed it, and asked me to dance. We stood, as I found myself drawn into his embrace as we danced. So close to him, so close to his eyes ... I drowned in them as my body came alive in new ways as it melted into him. I was intensely aware of every place in which his hand touched me: my bare shoulder, the small of my back, my hip... he casually grazed my behind and one hand rested there. My head rested on his shoulder and I felt as though we were floating. And then he stroked my hair gently and I looked up at him. He guided my face upward, tilting my chin and his lips caressed mine. The kiss was gentle, magical. So magical in fact, that my inhibitions melted. He kneaded my flesh with his hands and I moaned softly, reeling from the sensations, my body on fire from the inside out.

After a time the music faded and it was time to leave. This time as he drove his hand rested not on my shoulder but on my thigh. Without much thought my legs parted a bit and his fingers toyed with the hem of my dress and danced higher and higher on my flesh. I had grown most definitely wet, and though part of me screamed in disapproval the larger part of me wantonly wished for him to discover this moistest of flesh. Then, at a red light, for the briefest of moments he did just that and a moan escaped my lips.

"Don't take me home, not yet. Take me with you"

He was silent, and withdrew his hand from my thigh. I let out a disappointed sigh until he changed direction.

"Don't look so disappointed Sweetness" he said, "you are so intoxicating that you steal my attention from the road. If I keep looking at my hand and its travels, there's no telling where this car will end up."

I laughed, for even through my haze of passion, I could see the humor. That haze however, was hard to shake. I squeezed my thighs together. I cracked my window, hoping that the air would cool me, but realized as my nipples responded to the cool breeze that this too was a mistake.

"It's too quiet, why don't we listen to a little music" I said, reaching for the radio controls.

He grabbed my hand, preventing me, and I felt the same electricity as before this time heightened by my arousal. "Music" he whispered as we stopped at another red light, "Is a wonderful idea. Why don't you make some for me?" With that, he guided my hand into my lap and placed it where his had left off, firmly against the thin layer of black satin. I gasped in shock and passion.

"Just the music I want to hear ... please do continue."

Absently, I stroked the satin strip, feeling it grow increasingly moist. I moaned softly the whole while. He did not look at me, but kept his eyes glued firmly on the road as we reached yet another red light.

"Stop" he said firmly, and I did. "A question my dear; have you ever felt leather against your bare flesh?" I shook my head no. "Well then, now you will learn what you have been missing. Pull up your dress,let it gather at your waist, then pull down your panties. Let the leather caress your skin"

I did as he instructed, and no sooner than my panties had fallen to my ankles, I found myself grinding against the leather, breathing heavily.

"Music to my ears" he said as he glanced at me briefly, "And a feast to my eyes, although I would say your nipples might protest your neglect." Indeed my nipples were standing at attention, so much so that they were obvious through my dress. No sooner than he had stopped speaking, my breasts were cupped in my hands.

I had never done anything like this before, but here I was in this man's car, fondling my breasts with my bare ass against the leather seats and my panties around my ankles, eyes closed as the car filled with the music of my moans and the smell of my sex. Yet at this moment, I could find no protest. Everything seemed completely natural as I submitted to his will.

I was drawn out of my thoughts as the car rolled to a stop. But this time, it wasn't a red light, we had pulled into a garage, and the automatic door was closing behind us.

"Welcome to my little corner of the world" he said as he stepped out of the car and came around to my door.

He opened my door and I instinctively began to step out. He stopped me before I could, wordlessly reminding me that my ankles were hindered. He helped me to stand and then knelt down and slid the panties back up from my ankles, past my calves, over my thighs, and back into place.

Then he stood, pulling me into another of those magical kisses. This one was less chaste than the first, now that we were in private. As he kissed me, he slid the zipper of my dress down my back and caressed the bare flesh he had exposed. He broke the kiss long enough to slide the dress off completely and tossing it into the car, then pushing me against the car he kissed my lips a while longer and then moved down to my neck kissing with a fierce passion ... but then he hesitated. I looked at him with an eyeful of questions and he turned away.

"I can't." He whispered.

"Can't what?" I asked, my voice faltering.

"I must take you home, before this goes too far."

"Davinci: look at me? I'm standing in your garage in black lingerie. I think it was perfectly clear where this was going. If you didn't want this then why did you bring me here?" I demanded.

"I am not a man ... not like any man you've ever known and I..." He grew silent and still.

I was utterly confused and crushed at the sudden rejection. I approached him and embraced him, though his back was still turned. "I don't understand" I whispered, "If you want to stop; to take me home, that's fine but I'm not going anywhere until you tell me why"

He turned to me, and he looked different, but I couldn't place what it was. His eyes had a fire within that wasn't there before. It wasn't so much a visible difference, but they were more piercing ... haunting. He took my hand in his and I noticed his nails, they were pointed and sharp as blades. They hadn't been that way before. Then he spoke revealing fangs and repeating what he had said before.

"I am not a man, not like any man you've ever known. Now do you understand?"

I was speechless for a moment. Part of it was fear, part of it intrigue. My mind said to run, but I couldn't, I didn't want to.

"So you're a ... a vampire? And all that time online and on the phone; it was just an excuse to... " I said, finally starting to back away.

"Yes I am a vampire. But you are something special. My life is a lonely one indeed. When I told you I was drawn to you, this was true. I just wanted to not be a monster for a night... but I am what I am. That is why this can't go further. The hunger when I kissed you there, the hunger was so strong."

As he spoke, he seemed to return to normal or to what I thought was normal. The voice inside, telling me to run, was still present but was growing faint, as the urge to stay increased. I was still drawn to him, and even without that magnetism, I had so many questions. Vampires had always been in the same mental category as the monster under a child's bed, not real: but there was no denying the reality of the transformation I had just seen. I had so many questions. Mentally and physically unfulfilled, I couldn't bring myself to leave, not yet.

"May I come in? Just for a while. I have questions... I think I deserve answers."

Wordlessly he escorted me inside. The air-conditioned house was cool, making me suddenly aware of my clothing or lack thereof. He disappeared and returned with a robe for me to wear. I wrapped it around me and sat down on the black leather sofa.

"Why do you trust me?" He asked, "When I don't even trust myself."

"If you were going to hurt me, you would have done it already. We are drawn to each other, there must be a reason... and besides it's not every day one gets to sit down and chat with a vampire" I smiled, and he smiled back. He kissed my forehead in a way that was midway between brotherly and romantic. I felt at ease and not in the least bit afraid that I was spending an evening with a vampire.

I had many questions swimming through my mind and wanted to ask them all at once, but I couldn't quite hold on to one full thought for long enough to ask it.

"I know you have many questions. Ask me what you will, I will answer."

I began hesitantly, with what seemed to be my most pressing question, "If you had bitten me out there, would I be a vampire now?"

"No," he laughed softly, "much of what you've heard about vampires is myth. It takes more than a simple bite to become a vampire. I'll tell you now also that I quite enjoy a good piece of garlic bread, I won't burst in flame at the sight of a crucifix, and I'm not afraid of fire."

That had actually knocked out a few questions at once, so I went with the next most pressing question, "Do you kill people?"

He sighed before he spoke, "I have done some things that I am not proud of, and yes sometimes murder... but I do not have to kill in order to feed, and I try my best not to. I'll answer your next question... Most nights when I feed, I find a woman at a bar or some such place, or let women find me. We flirt, I buy her a few drinks, and we flirt some more until she wants me back at her place. Depending upon my mood, and how many drinks she's had... sometimes we," he paused for a moment and looked at me, "I can't call it making love; sometimes we have sex and sometimes we don't. Either way, once I feed I leave her there sleeping and she never suspects anything more than a one-night stand. Such things are common now, years ago it was more difficult... but I do not enjoy hurting people, and I try to be as harmless as possible"

"So then why, am I different?" I asked.

"Because you are here, not in a hotel room or your home: Because you aren't drunk and because, you... I can't explain the rest"

We continued with question and answer for a while. I learned that he was about 170 years old. He had been a slave and was in his 20's when he became a vampire. I asked him how it had happened and he told me of how the mistress of his plantation was a vampire and how she had deceived him into becoming the same.

"I never knew how she became what she was. Her family thought she was on her deathbed, which is what caused her to demand darkness and sleep all day, only moving about at night. I was her attendant each night because all of the slave women were afraid of her. She was a wanton creature, and made demands of me each night that I was afraid to refuse. Each night after she had filled her blood lust, she forced me to fulfill her carnal ones. Sometimes she would be angry if she hadn't fed well, and would whip me with more force than any man ever had. Otherwise she was fond of me... so fond that she made me into what she was, so that she would have an eternal slave."

"But how," I asked, "did she do it? How do you make a vampire? And you say she deceived you?"

"There are 3 steps to making a new vampire: First, blood must intermingle between the vampire and its subject, and then the subject must drink from the vampire's blood. Finally, the vampire drinks from the subject until they die as a human and are reborn as a vampire. The night of my transformation... I don't know when our blood mingled exactly. She whipped me that night... more fiercely than she ever had; she must have dripped her blood upon my open wounds. Later she gave me a cup to drink from; saying it would give me strength. I drank from the cup, fearing to disobey her, and the next thing I remember was her setting upon me with her fangs. Thus, I became a vampire. I never wished to be what I am," he said sadly.

The tale saddened me. I saw the conflict in his eyes, and imagined him living with it for more than a century. I reached out and put my arm around him and he submitted to my embrace. I held him there for a while. He sat up and looked into my eyes saying, "It's been ages since a woman held me like that." He looked me in the eyes with that piercing gaze until we were both entranced.

Slowly, I slipped the robe from my shoulders, letting it fall. I continued to gaze into his eyes, silently offering myself to him. Without breaking the gaze, I leaned in closer to him. It was not so much an embrace as it was the sheer magnetism of our proximity. A sharp contrast to the fierce passion we had experienced in the garage, this moment was pregnant with passion, but was delicate and soft. His hand caressed my face like fine silk in a soft, warm breeze. Our gaze was never broken and became the window between our souls. We floated into each other and our lips met in a gossamer kiss. Stroking his hair, I offered him my shoulder to cry on, or drink from whatever pleased him, but he did neither. He simply rested there for a few moments, accepting my comfort.

"You are what you are Davinci, you don't have to be ashamed. You don't have to think of yourself as a monster" I whispered.

"It has been years, decades since a woman held me like this. I thank you for your tenderness and sympathy. It means more to me than you know," he said as he leaned in to kiss me again. My gesture however, was far from over. I feathered him with kisses, from his lips down to his neck as I began to undress him. Unbuttoning his shirt, my tongue explored each new patch of exposed flesh. When the shirt was undone, I lavished special attention on each nipple. I rested my head against his chest and listened to his beating heart as my hands sought his pants. He assisted me in this liberation and soon his manhood was free and standing upright in all its glory. It was a beautiful as he was, standing there like a noble monument to his manhood. I took his cock in my hand and for a time there was no thought in my mind of vampires or blood, only passion. I took him in my mouth, my tongue swirling around the tip. I sucked only on the tip for a while continuing to stroke his prick. Then I gradually began taking more and more of his mass into my mouth. My pace was slow and deliberate, until finally I was taking it all in as my fingers massaged his balls. My free hand reached between my own legs, blindly providing myself stimulation. I moaned onto his dick and began to pick up speed, wanting only to pleasure him. I was so focused on his pleasure that I removed my fingers from my wetness and offered them to him. He drew them into his mouth sucking gently as my head bobbed over him, faster and faster, up and down. He reached down to stroke my hair and as the intensity increased his fingers grasped the hair and he took control of my motion, turning me completely into an instrument of his pleasure.

His breath came in gasps, and I felt him twitching inside my mouth. I knew he was approaching the edge. As he did so, he tried to push me away. I looked up at him and saw the same transformation in his eyes as I had seen before, but I didn't care. I continued my oral ministrations until he exploded and as he did so he bit into the finger he had been sucking on. I had been expecting this, but was surprised not at the bite itself but the fact that the pain was only momentary, like a needle shot, and was followed by a small flood of pleasure. I swallowed every drop of his seed and then rose from his lap, offering my throat to him. This time the combination of fleshly lust and bloodlust combined were powerful enough to stop him from hesitating and he sank his fangs into my throat. Again I felt the pinprick followed by a wave of pleasure, then another and another. I clung to him as the room began to spin and my body trembled as though we had just made love for hours. The room slowly faded to black as I continued to float on these waves of intense pleasure.

I awoke no longer on the couch but in a bed. It was a huge four poster bed with satin sheets. I found myself there beneath a blanket. He was beside me stroking my hair, and as soon as I opened my eyes, he was looking into them with concern. He kissed me on my forehead again and sat up.
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Blackberry Autumn

It was an unseasonably warm August day, only two weeks before I would start college. The sun seemed unnaturally bright to me; the lack of clouds made me angry, infuriated at the sky's inappropriate cheer. It was a day for picnics and flirtation. Mothers are not buried on such days, I thought to myself. My mother deserved somber greys; the world should have been washed in it, made sterile and brittle in mourning for her.

We were back at my mother's house, an entire extended family in tow. My older sister was hosting a wake; always the good girl, she wanted to please the Welsh and Irish relatives. Three bottles of rye in, the family was waxing nostalgic as only a batch of drinkers can, reliving their favorite moments with my mother, fighting over claims about who loved her most. To me, she was a different person.

Although I didn't want to, I resented their intrusion on my grief. She was my mother, though they called her Anwen, and I wanted to hoard my memories of her, clutch them to my like a shield. I couldn't drink, although everyone would have allowed it, and I would never call my mother Anwen. She had always just been Mom, and to me she always would be. I didn't fit, a feeling I was used to, but it only made the pull of loss seem greater.

I wandered outside on my own, the bright day was starting to cool as the afternoon wore on, and I couldn't stand the house anymore, filled as it was with drunken relatives and my own bitterness. If I was going to be alone, I didn't want to be surrounded by well-intentioned relations.

The house was a ramshackle monstrosity, an addition-laden part of the development which had come abruptly to Humboldt county in the post-war years. It was a hideously designed quasi-Victorian mess, one that we'd always teased Mom for holding onto when she could have afforded better and could certainly have used smaller. Its saving grace was the sweep of hilly land around it. Green and fragrant, the rich soil produced honeysuckle and ivy by the ton; it was the only place I've ever seen wild peacocks strut their regal stuff and look right at home.

I followed the curving trail my mother's own wanderings had beaten into the lush growth. Around the second bend, I came to the large stone she had taken to using as a resting place when the cancer started gaining ground on her will to outpace it. The top was scraped clear from months of her lingering pauses. I slowed, not sure if I could face walking her path after all.

I stopped in her resting place, sitting as she had, not sure if I could continue. Tears sprang to my eyes for the hundredth time that day, and I felt my heart thumping in my chest, skipping beats for each unshed tear. The torrent came, and I let it take me, grieving for the fierce, proud woman I'd loved. I cried until I couldn't stand the sound of my own wailing anymore; I tried to relax into the hiccuping after-effects, looked desperately for a way to distract myself from my grief and the embarrassing flood of my own self-pity.

In the final weeks, she must not have been able to walk her beloved trail, because the wild blackberry bushes were overladen with late fruit. Sitting there, I remembered coming down the path with my sister as young children, our mother waiting for us to bring back the sweet berries she would add to our cereal. We'd eat as we picked, learning over time not to prick our fingers on the brambles. We never learned how not to stain our hands with juice; Mom always smiled indulgently at us when we came back.

And now, it seemed there would be no one to pick them. But nature didn't care about my loss, didn't yet know it had also lost her. On this day, the bushes were heavy with wild growth, a late harvest of bittersweet berries awaited hands that knew the secret to stealing them away. The air was full of the smell, richly sweet and heavy, like a fragrant wine served on a velvet cloud. My eyes filled with tears again.

I wanted to feel something else, anything but the agony of loss. I raced through my memories of the blackberry patch, looking for some kind of solace.

"I came here with Bobby Thomas," the memory came to me out of nowhere, the words spoken aloud before they fully registered in my brain. We grew up together, Bobby and I, and hated each other as was required of our age and gender difference. When we were teenagers, we became real friends, and one late summer evening, we fumbled off each other's clothes right out here, at the end of the second bend in the path. I remembered that the air was full of blackberries that night too.

Finally, my mind found something else to grab onto, some memory that wasn't saturated with painful loss. The only loss on that day had been of our virginity, a sweet, lingeringly pleasant loss that never quite led to a relationship, but which quietly cemented our friendship in the time after.

Surprisingly, I found myself growing aroused; the slight chill in the air raised my nipples to peaks, and the smell of overripe fruit swept me with nostalgia for my single night with Bobby. I found myself wishing he was with me, that we could take another tumble together surrounded by the perfume of the bushes, wishing I could get back a part of my youth that now seemed irretrievably, lost even before my mother.

I leaned back on the flat rock, closing my eyes and drinking in the smell of Autumn at Mom's house, swimming blindly through a sea of nostalgic arousal, tinged with the desperation of despair. Without thinking or consciously deciding to do it, I ran my hand over my breast, stroking myself through the fabric of my funeral dress. My hand traveled to the hemline, raising the cloth so that I could touch myself, could break the spell of this place, could do something to feel alive.

I didn't care if anyone came along, I didn't care if I was seen. I cared about my memories and my pain too much to bother about a witness; I couldn't have explained, and I felt no need to worry about it.

My traveling hand found the elastic of my underwear and slipped inside. This was no lingering touch, my desire had become an urgent need for release, and I mercilessly attacked my own sex, seeking the blessed oblivion of an orgasm.

Each touch sent shockwaves through my body, exquisite sensation that was both pleasure and pain, that approached overload. I pressed on through it, circling my clit with my finger, beginning to moan in agony and transported joy.

I cycled up and up, needing more than anything to feel the sweetness of the little death. I finally found my release, chased it down, and flung myself over the edge of orgasm. The swelling sensation swept through me, and my eyes flew open at its staggering power.

My eyes opened on Bobby, standing only a few feet away, watching me. He never said a word, didn't make a sound. He could have slipped away, and I would barely have known he'd been there. But for reasons of his own, and perhaps because he was my friend, he stayed. His black pants were unzipped, his erection in his hand as he stroked himself in rhythm to me. Tears stood on his face, slipped silently down his cheeks, unacknowledged.

I didn't stop, didn't freeze as I certainly would have if it had been anyone else. I continued touching myself, through the excruciatingly sensitive moments after orgasm, keeping a pace for Bobby, watching him seek his own ending. Our eyes met and held, and still neither of us spoke. I could feel the end approaching, could sense it as you always can with a lover you know well. I pushed myself faster, hunting down my own bittersweet relief, struggling to keep my eyes open, our connection silent but firm.

We came together, eyes locked in a dance that didn't have explanation, that was too rich with history to be captured in mere words. His seed hit the ground and was swallowed by it, vanishing as though it had never been. He came to me then, sat down next to me and silently pulled me to his chest. I started crying again, a less violent adult's cry that I let seep into his cotton shirt. He held me there, stroked my hair and just held me through the worst of it.

When I could stop crying, I pulled back slightly, wiping my eyes with the heel of my hand.

"I thought you were already at Riverside." It was part question, part statement.

"I was. My dad called to tell me about Anwen, and I came back." He said it softly, as gentle as a silk caress. As close as we were, I could almost taste his aftershave, a leathery spice that smelled like home.

"Thank you." I didn't know what else to say; it didn't yet occur to me to explain what had just happened, or to examine what had passed between us.

"Brianna said you'd wandered away. I knew I'd find you here. I hope you're not angry, I just couldn't stand the thought of you out here alone. Not today." The tenderness and gentle, unspoken love in his comments undid me. His hand came up to stroke my face; as tears started to slide over my cheeks again, his soft fingertips pushed a stray lock of hair back gently. He didn't ask me how I was doing, didn't ask what he could do, and I was grateful because I couldn't have answered.

"Do you think I'm awful?" It was an unfair question, but I was so lost I asked it anyway.

"I just...I just wanted..." I trailed off again, not knowing how to finish. I never gave him a chance to answer, but his large, warm eyes told me all I needed to hear. An old friend came home; Bobby and I were together, and in that moment I believed. At the time that I most needed him, my old friend came to me, and gave my faith in the impossible. I believed that destiny finds us, that I could move forward through the hard days ahead, that love can come silently, stealing into your heart without announcing itself. I leaned into his caress and kissed him.

My hands wandered up to run through his coppery hair as our kiss grew tantalizingly deep. The smell of blackberries was ripe around us, not quite masking the coppery undertone of his earlier ejaculation; the combination was as warm and alive as blood, a fresh wound that I could not heal.

My pulse swelled, pounded in my body like a drumbeat, setting the rhythm for the dance I knew we would do together. My salty vinegar tears stole their way into our kisses, joining Bobby's tears in a dance of their own.

His hands slid slowly down my body as he moved gently over me, laying us both down again on the same altar where we sacrificed our innocence. His touch was magic, and I felt abundantly, almost painfully alive, a bittersweet lover, ripe for the taking. He made it so easy for me; I was lost in his touches, dying with hunger for him. I didn't have to do anything, he came to me, pushing fabrics aside as though they didn't exist. In that moment, they didn't.

My body cried out when he entered me, and I pulled my head forward, lifting myself involuntarily into an incongruous exercise pose which strained my stomach. I felt safe, like time froze for a moment to let us be together, to give us back what was already lost. He slipped his hand behind my head, cradling me like a baby as I lay back down. We slid together, comfortably rocking on an unsteady sea. The waves came closer and we began to pant quietly, struggling to move together, to find the place of peace.

I clutched him as the end came, held him to me so tightly my arms ached as the final wave broke, and orgasm washed over me. My spasms pulled him with me, and his hips surged forward, grinding into mine as his own release swept through him. When it was over, neither of us wanted to be the first to speak; perhaps it was only that we did not know what to say.

We sat there for hours, Bobby and I. We held hands and watched the sun drop down over the horizon, disappearing behind a mountain so the crickets could come out to sing. We rarely spoke; there was both too much and too little to say.

When the last of the light faded from the sky, we entered the house together, holding hands unconsciously, caught in a habit only hours old. There were no raised eyebrows, no looks of dismay or surprise. Bobby was part of home, and no one thought to question it.

He slept with me that night, fitting himself in behind me easily. We shared warmth and slept long heavy hours, driven by exhaustion into the deepest delta caverns. In the morning, there was none of the awkwardness we should have expected. We kissed gently, both feeling fragile but better.

Before breakfast that morning, we walked the path again, stopping at the second bend to carefully pick berries. Our hands stained with juice, we returned to the house laden with bittersweet late Autumn fruit. My sister smiled, her eyes shining with a film of tears. That morning, there was fruit enough for everyone to share in it, and the out of season richness was a small, quiet miracle.
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" ting-tong" saam ke takreeban 4 baje rahe the ek 27-28 saal ki lady sofe pe baithi news dekh rahi thi us samay ghar ki door bell baji .
"Madam latter hai" samne khade ek postman ne ek envelop lady ki taraf badhate hue kaha '
"sukariya" lady ne latter le ke sign karte hue kaha aur fir door close kar ke andar aate hue envelop ko khol ke latter nikala . latter ko dekhte hi use aisa laga jaise aaj ke special din par uske dil ki koi bohat badi murad puri ho gayi ho..
latter pe ek kiss ka mark tha jo ki ek kiss ka sticker tha aur uske sath ek red rose or ek chocolate thi dono hi kuch purane the takriban 6-7 din purane .
lady ne Apne lips us kiss ke mark ke uper rakh diya jaise kisi ke lips ko feel kar rahi ho, us kiss ko apne dil tak mehsus kar rahi ho...
"sukriya" sofe pe baithne ke baad jab lady ne latter open kiya to pehla sabd yahi likha tha ....

"Main janta hun tumne us kiss ke mark ko apne lips se leke apne dil tak feel kiya hoga, aur tumhe mehsus hua hoga ki maine apne hoth jarur is kiss ke mark par touch kiya hoga " lady ne aage padhana suru kiya..

"aaj ke din tum udas hogi main janta tha, isliye is baar kuch special kiya hai tumhare liye, kuch special gifts ke sath"

gifts se lady ka dhyan pehle chocolate par Gaya jis par ek bite ka mark tha jo ki wrapper par halka- halka dikh raha tha , aur fir baad mai dhyan rose pe gaya jiske patte par white colour se dono ke name ka pehla alphabet likha tha aur dono alphabet ke bich ek dil ka nisan bana tha “ lady ne us rose ko ek baar kiss kiya aur fir aage padhna suru kiya..

"Is baar pata nahi kyu mann mai bechaini si ho rahi hai ,to socha kyu na tumhe yaad kar lu aur wese bhi kuch special karna chahta tha main is baar tumahre liye ,isliye ye latter likh raha hu , wese to thand kafi hai yahan, temperature ― mai rehta hai aur ye latter likhte hue mere hath bhi kaanp rahe hai, lekin fir bhi ye latter likhte hue mujhe tumhare pyar ki garami ka ek alag hi Aanand mehsus ho raha hai, wese bhi is khubsurat jagah ko "" Aanad ka Kashmir"" bhi kehte hai" .
"Aaj 7th fab guruvar ke din mai ye latter likh raha hun , 7th fab yani rose day aur jo rose abhi tumahre hath mai hai na , ha wahi rose jise abhi tumhe chuma hai wo meri taraf se special gift hai tumhare liye aur wese bhi jis din tumhe ye latter milega us din humari sadi ki 5vi saalgirah bhi hogi" Itna padhne ke baad us lady ne ek baar fir us rose ko chum liya jaise apne pyar ke ehsaas ko aur gehra kar rahi ho…

“ Kal yani 8th fab matlab propose day , abhi 6 mahine pehale jab mai chhutti leke ghar aaya tha tab tumne mujhse pucha tha ki “” Aap mujhse kitna pyar karte ho”” Aur maine kaha tha “mere paas aisa koi sabd nahi hai jo mere ko maap sake “” lekin aaj mai kosis karunga ki tumhe bata saku kitna pyar karta hun, ise mera propose hi samjh lena , “” pyar ko maapne ka agar koi paimana hota to 1000 baar tut ke bikhar jata fir bhi mera pyar maap nahi pata , jitna mai apni matribhumi se pyar karta hu utna hi tumse bhi karta hun”” I love you” itna padhne ke baad lady ne apne Sheene par hath rakh liya aur ek gehri saans li jaise apne pati ke pyar ko mehsus kar rahi ho…

“ 9th fab matlab chocolate day , jo chocolate maine tumhe bheji hai us par ek bite mark hoga aur maine janta hun tumhe pata chal gaya hoga ki wo bite ke nishan maine hi banaya hai , kosis yahi hai ki mere hotho ka sparsh aur mere dil ki mithas tum tak pohanch jaye” itna padhne ke baad lady ne wo chocolate uthai jo usne saamne kaanch ke table pe rakh di thi , pehle apne hoth us bite pe touch kiya aur fir wrapper khol ke ek chota sa tukda tod ke khaya , chocolate ki mithas mai kho si gayi wo lady jaise uski mithas use andar tak mehsus hui ho…

“ 10th Teddy day , hmmm ye wala to bohat special hai, jo ki main pehle hi de chuka hun tumhe , bilkul sahi samjhi tum lekin wo anmol gift actually mai tumne mujhe diya hai , humara pyara beta” aur is baar lady ne saamne tv ke bagal mai rakhi tasveer ko bohat pyar se dekha ,apne pati ke ansh ko dekh ke use aisa laga jaise ek pal ke liye uska pati hi uske saamne aa gaya ho…

“11th fab promise day , jab chhuttiyan khatam hue aur wapas yahan aana tha , tab tumne kaha tha ““Jaldi wapas aana”” to fir thik hai yahi mera promise hai mai jaldi wapas aaunga aur tumhe surprise dunga , wese to har baar mai tumse kehta hu ki agali baar tumhe surprise jarur dunga , lekin pata nahi kaise jab bhi main ghar wapas aata hu to tumhe pehle hi pata chal jata hai , kahin main door ke saamne camara to nahi lagva liya tumne ha ha ha , khair koi baat nahi is baar mai aise aaunga ki tumhe pata bhi nahi chalega aur tab dunga mai tumhe surprise , that's the promise” apne pati ke promise ko padhne ke baad us lady ke chehre par ek rahasyamayi smile aa gayi , jaise kehna chahti ho ki aap kahin se bhi aao , aap mujhe surprise nahi de sakte…

“12th fab hug day yani jaadu ki jhappi ka din, ab yahan se tumne jhappi du ye to mumkin nahi lekin jab promise kiya hai ki jaldi wapas aaunga , to thik is baar aisi jaadu ki jhappi dunga ki hamesha wo jhappi yaad rahegi” itna padhne ke baad lady ne ek baar apni aankhe band ki aur chehra uper ki taraf kiya jaise soch rahi ho jald hi uske pati ki wo special jhappi mile…

“ 13th fab kiss day , kiss to mai is latter ke sath bhej raha hu , aur sath hi bhej raha hu apna bohat sara pyar bhi ,aur mai janta hu ki tumne use apne hotho se leke apne mann tak mere pyar ko mehsus kiya hoga” ek baar fir lady ne us kiss ke mark par apne hoth rakh rakh diye aur apne pati ke pyar ko mehsus karne lagi …

“ 14th fab valentine day , ye din hum dono ke liye bohat special hai , mujhe yaad hai jab mummy-papa ke sath mai tumhe us din dekhane aaya tha , mai ye nahi kahunga ki tum is duniya ki sabse khubsurat ladki ho lekin han us din mai tumhe dekhte hi kho gaya tha actually ye bolna galat hoga ki mai tumhe dekhe kho gaya tha , us mujhe aisa laga jaise aaj tumse milne ke baad mai pura hogya hun, 2014 14th fab humari zindagi ka sabse yaadgaar din, isi din sare riti rivajon ke sath hum ek dusre ke ho gaye the, aaj is latter ke dvara mai tumse kehna chahta hu ki , sukriya meri zindagi mai aane ke liye aur muhje pura karne ke liye ,


Latter pura padhne ke baad lady ne deewar pe lagi apni sadi ki tasveer ke bohat pyar se dekha jaise kehna chahati ho “ mai bhi apke aane se puri ho gayi hun, sukriya meri zindagi mai aane ke liye”


“Aa gaye aap, lekin jab aap aa hi rahe the to ye latter likhna jaruri tha kya” lady ne bina piche dekhe hue apne chehre pe ek rahasyamayi smile laate hue kaha…

Aur tabhi saamne tv par ek reporter ki aawaz gunj uthi us ghar mai “ Breaking news , aaj takreeban 3:15 par ek jaish-e-mohmmed naam ke group ne kashmir mai base ek town pulwama mai hamla kiya hai , jisme humare kafi jawaan sahid ho gaye …

Jab lady ne piche mood ke door ki taraf dekha to door khula hua tha or wahan koi nahi tha, ek thandi si hawa uske badan se hoke gujri gayi , uski aankho se aasu bah nikale aur jubaan se bas itna hi nikal paya ..

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Ankhon ankhon me uljhi door
wo January ki jati sardi ki ek thandi dhund bhari dopehr thi, jismein aksar log razaiyon me dubke bethe the, siwaye is jhalli ke ,jo is sardi me bhi chat par shikar ke intezar me bethi thi....

choote se toote phoote khasta hal lakdi ke maiz per bethi wo lagatar asmaan per nazar tikaye bethi thi, jahan siwaye ika-duka parindo aur dhund k khuch dikhayi dene ka imkan nhi tha....

wo jab yun hi kafi der asmaan ki janib dekhte dekhte thakne lagi to garden nechi karke apni ghati ko jhalla kar dekhne lagi....
yun hi khelte khelte achanak jab iski nigah asmaan ki traf uthi to jhukna bhool gayi, samne iska shikar aa rha tha to kaise wo nazar hatati?ne shikar ko dekhte hi uski ankhein chamak uthin aur wo apni ghati dayen hath se uchal kar bayen main pakadti tezi se ladki ke maiz se uthi aur palak jhapakte hi uchal kar bhagti hui dayen janib bani deewar per kisi chipkli ki chadhti chali gayi aur phir ye silsla ruka nhi
wo mohtarma apne ghar ki dewar se chalang laga kar utri aur phir apne hamsayon ke chat par kod gayi,phir wahan sebhi phurti se bhagti hui wo inki beroni dewar per chadhne lagi jo khasi lambi choudi aur unchi thi....

uper chadhte hue ise jagha-2 ragrein lag rahi thi per idher parwa kise thi use to bas apne shikar tak pohnchne ki chah ne dewana bana rakha tha...

jis pur'khatar koi aam insan chadhte hue darta hai wo bade maze se is par chadh kar ba'qaida doud lagati hui is se agle ghar me bani kachi chat par kood chuki thi, jahan use apna shikar mazeed kareeb nazar aa raha tha....

apne shikar ko pakadne ki dhun me wo bina apni jaan ki parwa kiye tezi se bhagti hi chat ki beroni side per aayi jahan dewar thi na baner aur to aur us kach chat ki beroni dewar na hone ki wajah se khambe(poll) se munslik bijli ki taarein ain ghar ke sath judi thin....

jinhein dekh kar ache achon ke oosan khata ho jate siwaye us jhalli ke jo bade maze se nange paon bhagti hui chat ki beroni side per aayi aur apna shikar pakadne ki khatir ek pair chat par aur dusra gali ke sabse bade khambe se munslik moti taar par rakh chuki thi, agle hi pal iska shikar iske kareeb aaya aur iski ankhon ki chamak badhi aur isne uchal kar ek hi hamle main apne shikar ko pakad liya...

oohooohooo,! phar liya phar liya phar liya wo gala phar-2 ke kehti apni khusi ka izhar karti hui jis phurti se aayi thi usi tarha se loot gayi....

"ooh meri doli aa gayi meri doli aa gayi..." wo apni chat par pohnch ke bachon ki tarha uchal uchal kar khusi mana rhi thi, jabhi peche se aati chapal ne uski kamar senk kar uski bolti band karwa di....

"kambakht main tujhe sare ghar me dhond-2 ke pagal ho gayi aur tu is ghazab ki sardi me bhi chat par bethi apne kartoot ghol rahi hai"
abhi to bechari babli ne theek se khusi bhi na manayi thi ke uski maa yski khusi samet uska kachumbar bnane chat per pohnch gayi...

"kya hai amma apko?ek zara si meri khusi bardasht nhi hoti abhi to maine apni doli ki khusi bhi nhi manayi aur aap aa gayi meri kuut(marne) lagane "

"tu mere hathon se zaya ho jayegi kisi din samjhi, bhala btao jiski apni doli me bethne ki umer hai wo khud itni sardi me chat par chadhi nange pair bacchon ki tarha doliyan (pitangain/kites) lot'ti phir rahi hai" amma ne use ghorte hue kaha...

"han to kya ho gya jo ik guddi(kite) loot li to koi gunah to nhi kiya na"
babli apni peth sehlate hue jal kar boli jahan amma ki juti ki jalan abhi tak ho rhi thi...
"zyada bakwas na kar ek to salon bad Allah ne oolad ki khusi di, beti ko dekh kar mujhe laga tha baap ki himmat aur maa ka sahara banegi magar yahan to jo-w badi hui hamare liye wabal'e'jaan ban gayi , kambakht 19 saal ki ho gayi padhna likhna khak tha bachon ke sath bachi bani har waqt chat per pitangain lotne me lagi rehti hai, ab to log batein karne lage hain ke behan, beti ko padhana likhana nhi to kam se kam byahne ki hi soch lo yun har waqt chaton per bachon ke sath pitangain lot'ti jawan ladki ab achi nhi lagti"

"amma logon ko to bakwas karne ki adat hai tu unki tension kyun leti hai aaja mil kar doli udayen"

shararti aur kam aqal babli ne apni maa ka ghussa thanda karne ki koshis ki jo uske sar hi pad gayi...

"bahut ache...matlab main yahan sardi main thatharti hui pichle 15mint se jo lecture de rhi hon us se sabaq lene ki b'jaye ye kambakht mujhe bhi apne sath patang udane ki dawat de rhi hai , ruk teri to hadi-pasli aaj main todon gi"
babli ki fazul offer per naram padti amma ka ghussa ek bar phir asmaan ko chuns laga aur wo pas hi zameen per padi chari utha kar iske peche aayin to babli jhatpat bhagti hui sedhiyan phlang gayi aur amma bhi peche-2 ise koste hue sedhiyan utarne lagin...

ye Faisalbad ke posh ilake Nazima'bad se juda ek chotta sa mohalla tha jise log aam tor per kachi abadi kaha karte the...

babli aur iske amma abba ko yahan majburi khench layi thi warna uski amma kab chahti thi aise toote phoote ghar me rehna ....

babli ke abba behan bhaiyon me sab se bade the.maa baap ne chah se bete ki shadi ki magar kismat me shayad jald khusiyan dekhna likha hi nhi tha tabhi saat sal guzar jane ke bawajod oolad ki ne'mat se mehroom rahe..

waqt guzarne ke sath jab babli ki dadi ne dekha ke unki badi bahoo unhein oolad nhi de saki to unhone bete ko dusri shadi karne ko kaha ,magar babli ke abba jinhein apni mukhlis bewi se Mohabbat thi , saaf inkar karte hue bole ke idhar ki duniya udher ho jaye main dusri shadi nhi karun'ga...
bas isi ki saza ye mili ke maa baap ne bade bete ko ghar se nikal diya aur inhein kayi saal kiraye ke makanon me dhake khane pade , shadi ke 13saal bad jab babli ke abba roz ki tarha apna sabzi ka thela band karke apne kiraye ke chobare(ghar) per aaye to bewi ki tabiyat khrab dekh kar pareshan hote-2 sare kaam chod kar biwi ko hospital le aaye jahan se unhein apni zindgi ki sabse badi khushi ki khabr mili...

shadi ke13 saal bad maa baap ban'ne ki khabar ne dono miya biwi ko ghurbat samet sab gham bhula kar khusiyan hi khusiyan de'din....

phir jab babli paida hui to babli ke abba ko apni zaati chat ki fikar hui to din raat mehnat ke baad jab babli 8saal ki thi usi kachi abadi main ek chotta sa 2.5 marle(sq/feet) ka makan lene main kamyab ho gaye, maa baap ki ekloti beti hone ki wajah se ladli hone ka asar tha ya us mohalle ke logon ka, babli waqt guzarne ke sath-2 mahi munda banti gayi aur ab haal ye tha ke 19 saal ki hone ko aayi thi aur abhi bhi bachon ke sath adha din chat par pitangain lotne me aur adha din Gali me kanche khelte hue guzar jata tha....

padhayi ka to ise bachpan se shoq na tha uper se ek baar fail ho kar mushkil se 10th pass karne ke bad ab 1st year me atki hui thi, aur amma ki sakht dant phitkar ke bawajod bhi iska 11jamat pass karne ka koi irada na tha isliye kitabein chupa kar aksar is intezar me rehti thi ke kab amma ka dhiyan bhatke aur kab wo chat per jaye, babli ki amma zubaida ab aksar pareshan
rehne lagi thi, wajah beti ki jawani ki dehleez per paon rakhne ke bawajod bhi bachgana harakaton ko na chorna thi.

zubaida ab beti ke naaz nakhre nhi uthati thi balke inka rawaiya ab zahiri tor khasa sakht ho gya tha phir bhi babli thi ke sudharne ka naam hi na leti, bas isliye zubaida ne tang aakar babli ki shadi ka faisla le liya....inka man'na tha ke shadi ke bad aksar ladkiyan sudhar jati hain to babli bhi Zimme'dariyon ka bojh padte hi sudhar jaye gi....

"chal gandi apne paon dhoo ke aa sara din
chat per nange paon doud lagati rehti hai, balke paon hi kyun chal ja ke naha ke kapde badal ke aa tab tak main chaye bna loon phir rajjo ki shadi keliye kuch kharidari karne bhi jana hai , bechari rajjo ki maa kitne din se keh rhi ke rajjo ke sath ja ke iske sasuraliyon ke liye kuch kapde aur rajjo ki barat ka lehnga kharid lao par idher na to mujhe waqt mil rha hai na kambakht meri is ekloti bigdi hui oolad ko toufiq hai k khala ki beti ki tyari hi karwa de, ise to chat per pitangain lotne se fursat nhi cousin ki shadi per ladkiyon ki tarha khak kam karna hai isne"

chat se neecheaa kar zubaida lagatar ghusse me bole chali ja rhi thi , jabke beti ko parwah hi na thi wo maze se charpai per pair latka kar bethi daant dikha rahi thi, jab zubaida ki traf se aane wali ek aur zordar jutti ne use washroom ki traf bhagne per majbur kiya aur wo danton ki numaiysh karti tezi se bhag gayi....

"Ae mere Malik! meri beti ko sudhar de itni badi ho gayi aur akal ghutno me atki hai iski, kya bane ga jab kal ko shadi hogi kaise sambhale gi ghar ki Zimme'dariyan, Allah meri beti ko mohabbat karne wala shohar dena, agar sakht mizaj hua to iski ghaltiyon per jane kya kare ga, mujhe to dar hi laga rehta hai jane kya hoga is jhalli ka, per ab jo bhi ho shadi to karni hi hai"

"are khala kya akeli khadi burbura rhi ho tabiyat to thek hai na aapki?"
zubaida kache sehan mein bani jagha-2se ukhdi cement ki shelf per rakhe cholhe per chaye charhati duaayen maang rhi thi jab bahar se aate inke gool matool bhanje papu ne unhein bulaya....

"are papu tu aa gya mera bacha kaisa hai? apni amma aur rajjo ka suna sab thik hain na?" bhanje ki awaz per hadbadati zubaida ne pucha...

"bas khala sab theek hi hain ,per asp se bahut naraz hain sab , matlab ek hi mohalle me rehte hue aap kayi-2din chakkar nhi lagati uper se rajjo aapa ki shadi me bhi sara ek dedh mahina bacha hai". papu apna bhari bharkam wajood sehan me padi wahid lohe ki charpai per girate hue bola...jis se yaqeni tor per is khasta haal charpai ki hazaron chekhain ek sath nikli thin..

"bas beta kya btaon zindgi masroof ho gayi bahut, aur sabse badh ke is bigdi oolad ne naak me dam.kar rakha hai meri, abba to iska sara din kaam per rehta hai
karname to mujhe hi dekhne padte hain na, jitna bhi samjha lo jitni bhi koshis kar lo majal hai jo sudharne ka naam leti ho,sara din chat per matti me uchalti kodti pitangain lot"ti rehti hai aur agar mushkil se pakad ke neeche le bhi aaon to aankh bacha ke gali mai nikal jati hai kanche khelne k liye, ab btao aise halat me main ghar se nikal sakti hoon? is ladki me to ladkiyon wali ek bhi khobi nhi jaise-2badi ho rhi hai mazeed bachi banti ja rhi hai, tum hi btao aise halat me ghar iske hwale karke main kaise nikal sakti hun ghar se? "zubaida ne apna roona roya....

khala meri mano to shadi kardo iski dekhna shadi ke baad sudhar jaye gi, waise bhi shadi ke bad to ache-2 sudhar jate hain ye to bas ek jhalli si babli hai"papu ne apna mashwra diya....

"are papu beta shadi keliye ladka bhi to chahiye hoga na?aur is tarha ki shararti aur ziddi ladki se kon karega shadi jise zimmedari ka pata hai na ghar'dari ka"

"are khala tum pareshan na ho bacchon me pad ke acche-2 sudhar jate hain ye bhi sudhar jaye gi, aur rahi ladke ki baat to zara apne ird-gird nazar ghuma kar to dekho ho sakta hai koi pyara aur sharif sa ladka aapke aas-pass kahin betha ho"
papu ne sharmate hue baat mukammal bhi na ki thi ke ek udti hui chappal papu ke hosh thikane laga gayi..

"mote-sand meri bholi bhali maa ko apne jaal me phans raha hai aur tujhe lagta hai main aise hone dungi, bothi(shakal) dekhi apni tune koje ,apna wajud to tujhse sambhale nhi jaata ,tu mujhe sambhale ga kaddu kahin ke...tu mujhse shadi ke khwab dekhe is se pehle tere pait me sui maar ke
sari phonk na nikal dun teri, bada aaya babli se shadi karega,sun le amma babli ne nhi karni kisi aire-gaire se shadi, babli keliye to koi shahzada aayega ghori per beth ke wo bhi balli-2 ankhon wala chitta-gora".

babli washroom se nikli to samne sehan me bethe motte ki batein sunke bhinna uthi aur phir babli ki jutti thi aur motte ki chekh.....

zubaida ke rokne per babli ruk gayi lekin papu ko ghusse se dekhti rhi
"amma ye mota apne sapne saja rha hai,jo mere hote kabhi pure nhi honge"

"jo tere kartoot hain na tujhse to koi jhalla bhi shadi na kare, aur tu balli balli ankhon wale shahzade se shadi karegi"

"dekh amma waise to babli ko shadi ka koi shoq nhi per agar karni hai to balli ankhon wale se is motte se kabhi nhi"

"acha ji kahan se aayega ye balli ankhon wala kyuki Punjab ke kale bhi abhi apko lift na karain to gora chitta aur balli ankhon wala kahan se mile ga?" papu ne babli ko chirate hue kaha

"punjab ke gore aur kale chahiye bhi nhi babli ko, ...babli to.....hmmm... Sindh nhi.... Balochistan nhi nhi....han babli khaibarpakhtunkhwa main shadi karegi, haye oye rabba! maine to suna hai wahan ke log zarurat se zyada hi gore chitte hote hain,aur ankhein bhi neeli, hari, grey pata nhi kis kis rang ki hoti hain ufffff! babli ke sath bas waisa hi jache ga"babli ankhein band kiye yun bol rhi thi jaise khwab me ho...

"ae chup kar ...main teri khala k ghar ja rhi hun pakad ye pyaz aur mere aane tak sare kat dena aur khabardar jo gali me nikli kanche khelne k liye"

kehti hui zubaida bahar ki ore chal di aur papu bhi apni shamat bulane se na reh saka aur bol pada
"mil hi na jaye kahin gora chitta balli ankhon wala pathan hahaha!"

"ruk gainde motte"babli ne use chappal mari wo bhagta hua bahar nikal gya...
"ab ye mota karega babli se shadi, shadi to babli kisi gore chitte munde se hi karegi ,rok sakte ho to rok lo jab mulk me tabdeli aa sakti hai to babli ke ghar bhi a sakti hai, main hargiz tujhse shadi nhi karun'gi' aur ye pyaz bnati hai babli ki rooh, babli to guddi udayegi"kehti wo ek bar phir sedhiyan chadh gayi...

babli ne sath wale ghar se shani ko bulane keliye unke banere pe pohnch gayi

is ghar me rehne wali khala pathani ke sath babli ki bahut dosti thi, to inke chote bete ke sath wo khelti rehti thi , pehle ye ghar khalu pathan ne kiraye pe liya tha lekin mehnat se ise khared liya, tab se abtak wo yahin rehne lage aur panjabiyon ke sath reh kar wo bhi Punjabi lagne lage...
pata nhi shani ka bacha kahan chipa betha hai , bahut der awazain dete dete jab babli chid gayi to ek mota sa pathar utha kar ,khala pathani ki sedhiyon pe phenka, maqsad shani ko bulana tha, magar yahan to babli ke hi galle musibat pad gayi wo pathar sedhiyon se aate kisi ladke ko ja laga
["aah da'jahil sok de chi ma na ae wal khralo tah zada kigi"]
"kon hai ye jahil jisko mere hathon pitne ka shoq chada hai "

dekhte hi dekhte ek gora chitta lamba choda ladka sedhiyon se apna matha pakde uske samne se guzra

"kon hai wo jahil jisne mujh per pathar phenka"wo neche dewar ke sath khada idher udher dekh raha tha jabke babli use dekh kar dewar ki oot me chip gayi thi..
wo babli jo aaj se pehle kabhi na dari thi jane kyun iski awaz se ghabra gayi thi

wo dikhne me koi pathan lagta tha lamba qad aur chodi chati pe safed kurta shalwar ke sath kali wasket khub jach rhi thi...

"Allah jane ye kon hai jise dekh kar babli dar gayi warna babli to kisi se kabhi nhi dari ulta sabko drati hai"abhi sar jhukaye wo ye sab soch rhi thi ke koi uske kan me ghuraaya

"oh to wo tum thi jisne mujhe pathar mara aur ab yahan chup kar maze se dekh rhi ho mera sir phatah k nhi, jaldi se bta do kon ho tum warna ,mujhse bura koi nhi hoga ,main badtmezi karne wale ko chorta nhi btao kyun mara pathar main to tumhe janta bhi nhi."

" o hele ki farsi ich katar patar kari janda wa? himmat hegi ena punjabi ich gal karwada aya angrej"
"kya bol rhi ho mujhe kuch samajh nhi aa rha ?pashto main karo bat karni hai to. stupid!" wo phirse dabdabi awaz main chillaya

" oye chal oye mainu nai samajh aa rahi teri ; jane kehri zaban boli janda nale wich angreji te turkey vi lai jandain' haye hun babli bechari ki kare jainu farsi samajh aari na angreji laghda turkey ichun aayaa tadain aeda sohna hai haye sohne tu yad aaya edhian te akhian wi ballian ne, hayee babli sohna munda lab gya"
" oh mere Khuda main kis pagal kesath khada hun mujhe neeche jana chahiye ,warna ye ladki mujhe pagal kardegi"
wo apna matha masalta hua babli ko dekh kar chala gya
"ab ye kya bol gya khair jo bhi ho haye bablii sohna munda lab gya" **************************************************************************
"babli ke abba main to pareshan ho gayi hun babli ki harkaton se jitni badi ho rhi hai utni hi bachi banti jarhi hai"]
" ye hamare hi lad pyar ne bigad diya hai use ek hi hai isliye ladli hai aur uski harkatein to ab bardasht karna hi padegi, meri nazar main to wo meri nanhi si gudiya hai"
" babli ke abba wo teri nazar main gudiya hai per logon ki nazar main nhi' jane kaisi kaisi nazar use dekhti hai jab wo galiyon me khule aam phirti hai, par wo jhalli meri bat samjhe tab na bas harwaqt patang uda lo ya kanche khel lo,soch rhi hun rajjo ke sath iski bhi rukhsati karwa dun 'ham kahan itne kharche karte phiren ge, aur ladke walon ko bhi jahez ka lalach nhi,waise bhi betiyan pray adhanhoti hain ek na ek din to jana hi hai"

" tum thek kehti ho,lagta hai ab waqt aa gya hai babli ko rukhsat karne ka"
"haye o rabba amma abba meri is mote se shadi karwa rahe hain, motte tu mere hathe to aa tujhe btati hun"

babli apne ammi abba ki batein sunkar man me sochte apne kamre main chali gayi
babli ko maiyon bitha diya gya, mehmano se ghar bhara para tha ,wo is rush se tang aa kar apni maa se nazar bachati hui phirse chatt pe gayi,, use khala pathani ke ghar se bachon ke pdhmne ki awazain aa rhi thin usne banere se dekha to wahi ba raub ladka bachon ko white-board ke samne khada parha raha tha

" oh to ise urdu aati hai phir bhi mujhe tang karne keliye farsi bol rthatha"
babli ko shararat sujhi sohna miuda ek bar phir bola bachon padho "alif; bay; pay;tay"

"we gujra we, we gujra we"
babli ne hank lagayi to sohne munde samet bache bhi garden modke babli ko dekhne lage
" bahut badtameez ladki ho tum dikhayi nhi de rha main bachon ko padha rha hun aur tum sir khane aa gayi"
"han to main bhi to tumhara sath dene aayi huntum kaho "alif; bay; pay;tay"
main kahun gi"we gujra we, we gujra we" munde bachon ko chutti de di aur babli ke pass aa gya
" aur in azeem lfaz ka matlab kya hai app btana pasand karengi mohtarma"
wo seene pe hath bandhte hue bola

" ye matlab tum naseebo khala se puchna abmain ja rhi hun jab madad ki zarurat pade mujhe bula lena" *****************************************************************************
papu mehndi ka saman le kr babli ke ghar aaya to babli ke hathe chad gya"oye motte gande teri himmat kaise hui mere abba ko ptane ki?tumhje kya lagta hain tum mujhse shadi karoge to main tumhein sakoon se jeene dungi, kabhi nhi..."

babli jo kai din se taak lagaye bethi thi aaj papu ko dekhte hi bina soche samjhe shuru ho gayi
"ek mint
bibi tumko kisne keh diya hum dono ki shadi ho rhi hai shukar hai tere jaisi chudail se bacha jise na to bolne ki tameez hai aur na hi parde ka aur to aur tujhe to ghar'dari bhi nhi aati tujhse to koi bechara himmat wala hi shadi kar rha hoga, shadi kya wo to tumpe ehsaan kar rha hai badzaban jahil...."
kehta hua papu saman de kar chala gya
ye wahi papu tha jo kabhi use babli ji bulaya karta tha jo uske husn pe fidaa tha...
babli ka ghar se nikalna to uski maa ne pehle hi band kardiya tha isliye tang aakar wo chat per chali gayi

papu ki batein uske dil me terr ki tarha chubhi thin, usi ka asar khatam karne Keliye usne gudi udane ka faisla kiya
lekin aaj bhi khala pathani ke ghar se bachon ke padhne ki awaaz aa rhi thi
aaj wo sohna munda bacho ko a b c padha raha tha
"ooye hooo hello idher aaj nhi parha rahe"
babli ne shararti lehje me pucha

bachon ko chutti dekar wo uske kareeb dewar tak pohncha
"ek baat btao gi" usne pucha

"ek kyun 3'4 pucho" usne apni sharart jari rakhte hue kaha

"kya tum waqai itni jahil aur bewakof ho ya jan bujh kar karti ho"

"hahaha ye khubi to paidaishi hai" usne apni bezati bardasht karte hue hans kar kaha

"kya tumko lagta hai jo ladki har waqt chat per pitangain udati phir rhi ho aur gali me khelti phir rhi ho aisi ladki se to koi ache ghar ka ladka bhi to bura bhi shadi na kare, aisi ladkiyon ko log sirf gandi nazar se dekhte hain
aisi ladkiyon ko gali to log de sakte hain lekin apna nhi sakte kabhi aayene ke samne khade ho kar dekhna tum me koi sinfe nazuk ki khubi hai bhi tumhari adtein tumhari batein tumhara andaz gandi nazron ko to dawat de sakta hai magar apnane ki himmat nhi de sakta
ho sake to meri baton pe ghor karna isse pehle ke logon ki gandi nazrein tumhara faida utha lein"

keh kar wo wahan ruka nhi aur babli honk bani ankhon me Ansoo liye use jata dekhti reh gayi
aaj sham me babli ka nikaah tha , uski maa ka andaz itna sakht ho gya aur khud babli bhi khenchi khenchi rehne lagi jo baqi ghar wale dekh rahe the,wo samjhe maa baap ka ghar chutne pe udaas hai
usdin ke bad wo kabhi chat per nhi gayi

ab wo sir pe dupatta liye rakhti thi aur bolna bhi kam kardiya tha...

babli lehnga pehne bethi thi , uske abba qazi ko lekar aaye,
qazi ne nikaah padhana shuru kiya
"Bisma bint sabir ahmad apka nikaah Haider khan Ranjha bin Ahmad khan Ranjha se Haqmehar 5lakh ke iwaz kiya jata hai kya apko qabool hai?"
qazi ne pucha

"ji qa...qabo,,,,qabooool hai"
babli ne ansuon ka gola nigalte hue kaha
iske bad qazi ne phir se pucha to babli ke kabool hai kehne per nikah ki rasam khatam hui, babli ghunghat me chehra chupaye khamosh ansoo baha rhi thi

nikah ke bad ek khaton babli ke bagal me aa kar beth gayi
"kaisi ho beti?kya tumne mujhe pehchana koi baat nhi main hi bta deti hun, main tumhari dadi saas yani tumhare khawand ki dadi
tumhari hamsi pathani meri bhateji hai usi ne hame tumhare bare me btaya ke tum bahut achi ladki ho bas zara si akhar mijaj ho aur ye bhi btaya ke tumhein mohabbat se jidher mod liya Jay tummud jati ho,
Haider ke maa baap to chal base hain, aur meri bhi umer ho gayi hai, isliye uski jald se shadi karwa di hai, humne tumhein ek saal pehle pasand kiya tha ,tumhare ami ne shadi ki baat ki to haider kuch din pehle hi aagya, use bachon ko padhane ka bahut shouq hai jidher bhi jaye apne kharche pe bachon ko padhata hai , waise to usme bahut sari khubian hain lekin kehte hain k har insan me khubi ke sath khami bhi hoti hai, use ghussa bahut aata hai har bat per nhi karta bas jahan usd lage kuch ghalat ho rha hai wahan bole bina nhi reh sakta bas beti tumko iske ghusse se samjhota karna hoga baqi to dil ka shahzada hai mera Haiderab ye tumper hai kaiseiske ghusse ko kabu karti ho,aur mujhe umeed hai tum apni mohabbat ke sanche me sench kar uski ye khami bhi khubi me badal dogi
beti ab mujhe ijazat do kal tumhein apne sath lejaungi hamesha keliye"
wo apne khalis pathani andaz me babli se chand batein karkr chali gayi jabke babli
unke pote ki Gusee wali adat ka sochkar ekbar phir iski chat par ki jane wali kadwi batein soch kar pareshan ho gayi

nikah ke bad wahan aurton ka hajoom laga tha wo bad'dil si ho kar chat pe aa gayi , dimag me lagatar us shaks ki batein chal rahi thi jabke uski dadi ki baton se uske ghusse wali bat soch kar uski ankhein ansuon se bhar gayi

"main janti hun wo shaks kabhi nhi badle ga wo bahut sakht mijaj hai kaise usne meri zaat ki dhajyan udayi thi, main kaise bhul jaon ,usne mere laubali pan ko ghalat rang dekar mujhe beparda laparwah aur jane kya_2kaha, jise main pehli nazar me achi nhi lagi wo mujhse Mohabbat kaise karega?

"are mohtarma lagta hai aap to mujhe mujhse bhi zyada janti hain apne to mere khayalat ko hi galat kardiya"
babli apni halat pe afsoos kar'rhi thi jab ek jani pehchani awaz ne use ghabrahat me dal diya
wo chotte_2 qadam uthata hua babli ke qareeb beth gya
wo haider ko apne pass bethta dekh utkar tezi se jane lagi
"ruko babli mujhe tumse baat karni hai"
haider bola
"per mujhe aap se koi baat nhi karni aap phirse mere kirdar ka certificate de chuke hain mujhe mazed bejat nhi hona"
usne babli ko apne pass bitha liya aur bola
"ek baat btao tum sach me itni bewakof ho ya jan'bojh kar aisa karti ho, kisne kaha main tumse mohabbat nhi karta, ye sach hai ke zindgi ki haqrqat se roshnas karane keliye maine tumhare sath sakht bartao kiya tumhari ammi aur papu ne tumhe jo kaha wo mere hi kehne pe kiya ta'ke tum zindgi ki haqiqat jan sako aur aik baat
haqeeqat to ye hai ke duniya fareb aur darindgi se bhari padi hai aise me agar tum jaisi sedhi sadhi ladki chaton pe phirti achi nhi lagti ,babli meri bat samjho har nazar saf hoti hai na har koi izat se dekhta hai bas isliye na chajte hue bhi tumhara dil dukhaya maqsad sirf tumhein samjhana tha aur mai nhi chahta tha ke is jhalli si ladki per kisi gair ki buri nazar pade kyuki...."

wo kehte-2 ruk gya
"kyuki kya?"
babli ne bhegi palkon kesath masomiyat se pucha

"kyki mujhe is jhalli si babli se pehli nazar me hi mohabbat hogayi thi"
haider ne babli ke ansoo saaf karte hue kaha to wo uske kandhe pe sir rakh kar bilakh ker rone lagi

"mujhe maaf kardein Haider maine aapko ghalat samjha lekin isme meri bhi itni ghalti nhi hai ladli hone ki aur akele hone ki wajah se aur dusra is mohalle ki mahool se hi main aisi ho gayi thi main aaj ye samajh payi ke aurat ki asal izzat to parde me hoti hai aur ache bartao se kyki dekhne wali har nazar na to pak hoti hai na hi mehram mujhe maaf kardein"

haider ne uske labon pe hath rakh use aur bolne se roka
"ab jab sari ghalat fehmiyan dor hogayi to sathme patang udani to banti hai"

"had hai abhi to itna lamba choda lecture diya aur itni mehnat karke mujhe sudhara aur app khud hi wosab kehne lage"babli ne heran hokar pucha

"are pagli maine tumhein wo sab duniya ke samne karne se roka apne shohar ke samne nhi chalo nikalo apni patang"

"apko pata hai mahina bhar pehle apni pasand ki patang doli pakdi thi chaliye wahi udate hain"
ab babli pehle wali ban gayi thi uski hichkachahat khat hogayi thi
"doli me to kal tumhein bitha kar le jaunga apne sath hamesha keliye"
"acha chaliye waqt zaya na kariye ap kani do main udati hun"
wo apne dhup chaon jaise mehboob ko meharban hota dekh kar sharma se laal hoti baat badal gayi

"waise yar wo naseebo khala wala mazak dubara kisi se na karna, kasam se jaise hi maine khala naseebo ko Google kiya to chiraghon me roshni na rhi"

haider ne doli ko hwa me uchalte shikwa kiya to babli ki hasi charon ore phel gayi

"suno babli [zata sara mena kum ❤]
"babli i love you"
"mainu v tuade naal pyar ho gya j"
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Ek kahani XF ki

"main pehle pareshan tha din bhar bore hota tha life me entertainment naam ki koi cheez he nahi thi...hutiya serial aur movie se bore hogya tha phir mujhe Mila "xf" janha milta he entertainment entertainment entertainment... ek se badkar ek story romance ki thrill ki comedy ki.... uff too much fun.. Agar aap bhi hain pareshan to aajaye xf pe aur jud jaye monoranjan ki dunya se...."
Rk ne yeh baat kisi typical advertiser ki tarah bola tha jise sunke uske sare dost has rahe the...
Chintu: ye kya tha be paglet??
Rk: Tu he bol rahatha ki ab entertainment kanha milta he aajkal ghanta jese serial aur hutya jese movie banate hain hutiya log concept jhant barbar he bla bla bla to apan khali solution bola tereko ki beta
"jab xf he tere pas,to phir kyun he udas".
Chinu: hat be sale tere ko kya xf balo ne advertisement keliye paise diya he...ya tujhe kharid rakha he....Jo itna bol raha he...
Rk: Dekh beta baat kuch aisa he
"jo paisa se bik jaye wo hum nahi, aur koi hume kharid le itni kisi ki aukat nahi"
paise nahi be wanha pyar barasta he... really be xf entertainment ka khajana he kabhi jayo phir boliyo...
Rk :Ab tak aap soch rahe honge ki yanha kya pagal panti ho raha he to sochte rahiye soch ne me kya jata he... just joking Re... Hello main Hun Rk aur ye he mere do bachpan ke dost chinu aur chintu ek se badkar ek kamine.... bete log namastey karo
Chintu: hello ji namastey ek mint ruk tu ye sab bol kis se raha he...
Rk:wohi Jo story padh rahe hain.
Rk: kuch nahi re tu nahi samajh payega... rehne de
Tring tring tring....(mobile ki ghanti)
Rk:han ji boliye....
Udhar se:.........
Rk: ji.....
Rk: ji,abhi aya....(call disconnected)
Rk:okk Bhaiyo main ab chalta Hoon tumhari bhabi ne bulaya he.... Sham ko milte hai....
Itna kehke main(Rk) utha aur chal diye apne ghar ki aur
.....Stop......(ek tez awaz mere kano main gunj utha)
Rk:Ab sala tujhe kya hua be ....
Rk: yaar aap to phir se sochne me lag gaye kya soch rahe hain ye hi na ki kisne stop bola jab ki main akela jaa raha hun.... ye koi aur nahi main hi Hun...aahan confuse mat hoyiye ye hain great dimag ji yani ki mera paglet dimag... Jo har waqt humre tang main tang adata he...
RD-(Mr.dimag ji)kyun ki tu sala mere bina susu bhi dhang se Na kar sakta...abhi ki baat dekh lo tune apna intro diya.bina intro ke chal pade kahani sunane....1 four ka 2 insan....
Rk: sorry be thoda bhul gaya tha... Hello friends myself Rk.govt school me teacher hun current age 25 mera iss duniya main meri biwi shital mere do dost ke alawa koi nahi he...
RD: are main bhi to hun....
Rk: chup kr paglet .... Mummy daddy aur Dada ji to bachpan main he gujar gaye the dadi thi par wo bhi 3 sal pehle gujar gayi.... Uske baad bas tin log he the jinone mujhe sambhala pyar diya...
RD: bas kar pagle ab rulayega kya ye to mera farz tha...
Rk:tune kya kiya be...
RD: par abhi to tu mere bare me bol raha tha tin log yani ki ek chintu dusra chinu aur tisra main... Hai Na?
Rk:hat be third is one and only "xf" .... Actually xf ek site he....I hope aap log jante honge.... isne mujhe bohat kuch diya aur Jo sabse kimti cheez diya wo he mera pyar meri jaan shital....Do saal pehle issi site pe usse mera mulakat hua tha.... aur aaj humare sadi ko ek saal hogaye hain....
Dadi ke mar jane ke baad main jyadatar waqt internet aur apne dosto ke sath bitata tha.... aur issi internet ki duniya me meri mulaqat hui xf se .... Amazing site... ek ajib sa rishta ban gaya kuch pal main iske sath....
maine Jo pehla story padha tha wo aaj bhi yaad he mujhe 500 pages the usme kul mila ke... aur mere paas tab keypad mobile tha mene ek din me uss story ko complete kiya tha socho 500 pages keypad mobile se padhna.... dukh mujhe iss baat ka nahi tha ki button daba daba ke meri ungli dard karne laga dukh iss baat ka tha ki writer ne story bich main he chod di thi... mera sara excitement mera emotions tut gaya... ankhe num ho gayi... BC aisa bhi koi karta he kiya...
RD:chutiya admi paka mat words jyada ho rahe hain...
Rk: sorry...
Phir mene ek faisla kiya jiss story ke last update max 4 din purana ho uss ko hi padhunga.... phir aise he chalta raha kuch story complete hui kuch kya bas a
ek hi hua he abhi tak baki sab adhi adhuri rahi jinke writer ko mene khub galiyan dena chahi phir socha ye mujhe sobha nahi deta...
kisine sach he kaha tha sache insan ka milna aur achi story ka complete ho na dono bohat muskil hota he... ab ye kaun boklol ne kaha tha aur kyun kaha tha ye to main nahi janta par mere sath bhi ye hi hua tha jitni bhi story pasand aaye koi bhi complete nahi hua siwaye ek ke....
It's my fav story by my fav writer unimaginable writing style unimaginable plot great humor meri itni kabiliyat nahi ki main unki tarif kar sakun bas itna kahunga agar koi iss se best
Bollywood me bhi movie dikha de Na mujhe to main padhna chod dunga.....
RD:bhosdike ruk jaa word limit he...
Rk:Sorry thoda emotional hogaya tha....
Phir mere zindegi main poonam ka wo chand aaya jisne meri kali raat ko chandni se bhar diya...
ek din yunhi story padhte padhte ek aisi story pe najar pada jo meri zindegi ke story badal ke rakh diya....story ka naam tha
"mohabbat- dard ki ajib dastan"
.... Writer ek ladki thi siya name se I'd tha.... Maine story padhna start kardiya ye ek love story tha Jo bohat hi sad tha aisa lagta tha writer ki sari dard usne words me dal di ho....
Wese to main sad story jyada padhta nahi tha aur itni jyada sad story padhneka chance bilkul kam tha magar kuch to baat thi uski likhawat me jo mere dill ko bar bar kinch raha tha.... Main majboor hoke padhne laga aisa lag raha tha jese wo sach main bohat dard me hai dil mai ajib si bechaini chane lagi....
Ab mujhe aur bardast nahi ho raha tha mene uss se sach janne ka faisla kar liya... pm main ek msg bheja "Hi" wese likhna to me bohat kuch chahta tha par mujhe bohat sari chijon ka dar tha ...uske reply ki chah main kam se kam 1 ghante me 10 baar I'd check karta tha bechaini iss kadar chaayi ki
Main dopehar ka khana bhi dhangse nahi kar paya....sham ke thik 5 baje jab maine I'd check ki to mujhe conversation main ek message dikha wo siya ka tha....
"Hlw" bas itna hi tha
Par main aise khus hogaya jese
Usne mere I love you ka jawab diya ho...
Main: How are you....
Ka massage bhi aise kanpte hue sent kiya jese usse date ke liye puch raha Hun.... Mere itne darne ka ek aur karan tha " shital".....
Hum kabhi love birds hua karte the par kuch misunderstanding ke wajhse humara break up hogaya tha ussi din maine kasam khaya tha jindegi main kabhi kisi ladki se Na baat karunga na pyar...
Lekin pata nahi siya ki likhawat main aisa konsa jadu tha jo mujhe har pal ussi ke bare main soch ne ke liye majbur kar rahi thi...
Mobile ki vibrate hone ki awaz ne meri soch ko lagam lagaya aur mujhe khwabo ki duniya se bahar nikala... najar jab mobile screen par pada to hontho pe muskurahat aagayi...
"I'm fine nd u" ye tha wo msg Jo siya ne bheja tha wo abhi online thi ye dekh ke main aur jyada khus hogaya.... Mene fatafat message bheja "fine... Actually I want to ask you something about the story may I ??"
Siya:jaroor puchiye...
Main:first of all main ye kehna chahunga aap ki story bohat hi lajawab he....
Siya: tq
Main: aisa lagta he ye ek real story he... kya meri soch sahi he...
Siya:maaf kijyega par aisa bilkul nahi he...lagta he aap ne pure dil se ye story padhi he shayad isiliye aap ko aisa lag raha he.....
Main:wo to he main pure dil se padh raha hun....aur mujhe aisa
Lag raha he jese sare words chekh chekh ke kisika dard bayan kar rahe hai...
Siya: lagta he aap dil ke bohat ache hain....
Main: tariff keliye sukriya par kya sach me main galat Hun... ye dard kisi ka nahi bas mera beham hai....
Siya:main jhut kyun bolungi bhala.... wese byy haa abhi mujhe class ke liye jana hai....
Main: byy and tq.... btw kya hum friend ban sakte hain...
Siya: jarur kyun nahi... byy
Aur wo issike sath offline hogayi...
Kya usne sach bola mujhse?? Bas ye he ek sawal mere dimag main ghum raha tha...kya wo dard wo ehasas bas mera dil ki bhawano main ban ne wala gubara tha aur kuch nahi....
Phir kuch din aise hi gujar gaye par inn kuch dino main siya aur meri batchit kuch had tak age bad gayi thi.... yun keh sakte hain ab hum just friend se friends ban gaye the ...story topic ke alawa ab hum personal life ki kuch normal bate bhi share karne lage the.... dekhte dekhte one month yun he gujar gaya bhale hi iss ek mahine main mujhe mere sawal ka jabab na mila ho par mujhe khusi iss baat ki thi ki ab wo story main halki fulki comedy dal rahi thi thoda jyada he romance jese wo kahani ko mod rahi ho .....
Haa ye jarur ek achi baat thi magar iss se ye confirm hogaya
ki bhale hi ye story real na ho par wo apna real emotion isme dal rahi thi...yaani ki mera shaq sahi tha wo pehle kafi udas thi aur mere aane ke baad khus he...
Jab ye baat mere dimag me aayi na main thoda kanp gaya... Sala main kisi ki khusi ki Wajah ban sakta Hun... wah ...
Yanha tak mera life bilkul lnormal thi par kahani main twist tab aaya jab wo kuch din tak xf main nahi dikhi shayad one week .... Manta hun hum dono ache dost the par xf ke siwaye aur koi jariya nahi tha hum dono ke contact ka....
Main bichara hairan pareshan tha akhir kyun??akhir kyun wo mujhe bina bataye chali gayi.... tadap tadap ke Mene wo week badi hi muskil se gujara tha... aur iss tadap ne mere dil ko ye samjha diya ki beta tujhe ishq ka Bukhar Chad chuka he agar doctorni sahiba nahi aayi to tujhe typhoid se marna hoga....
Jab ye samjh main aaya to main bilkul hil gaya BC love hogaya mujhe?? Really??
RD: Boklol jese sawal khudse mat pucha kar lodu insan.... aage bol...
Jese tese karke Maine wo week gujara phir ek subha jab xf khola to
"I'm sorry babu main achanak hi bimar ho gayi thi to aapko bata nahi payi plz plz plz mujhe maaf kardo " siya ka ye massage dekh ke main chonk utha babu?? Usne mujhe babu kaha...
Main:kya hua tha apko siya ji...
Siya: Bohat naraj ho mujhse maaf nahi kar sakte apni siya ko...
Ye ek aur jhatka tha apni siya??
Main: mujhe kya haq hai apse naraj hone ka....
Siya: uff itna jyada gussa... Par main kya karti yr bohat bimar thi...plzz babu iss baar maaf kardo....
Main: main gussa kyun hoga aapse.... haan aur ho jaun to apko kya faraq padta he.... wo chodo main mar jaun tab bhi apko kya faraq padega....
Siya: plzz call me no xxxxxxxx
Main: kyun call karun main. .. mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni....
Siya: apko meri kasam plzz call me bas ek baar....
Bhale hi main usse bohat jyada gussa tha aur mujhe ye bhi lag raha tha ki wo bimar nahi hai kyun wo to pata nahi bas lag raha tha..... Maine bohat socha lagbhag 2 minutes tak phir phone ghuma diya....
Pehli ring main he usne utha liya....
Siya: Kya bol rahe the mar jaoge .... haan Mar jao par pehle mujhe maar Dena .... kese bataun tumhe tum mere liye kya ho jaan se jyada chahti hun tumko kese samjho tumhe ye baat.... batao kese dikhaun mera pyar itni musqilo ke baad tum mile ho mujhe itni jaldi bichad ne ki baat karte ho.....
Wo bilakh bilakh kar roke ye baat bol rahi thi.... Main samjh nahi paa raha tha ke main kya bolun akhir ye ho kya raha he... Mere ankho se apne aap ansun niklane lage honth kanpne lage muh se bas itna hi nikala "shital"
Ji haan dosto ye thi mera pehla pyar shital .... phir kya tha usne mujhse maafi mangi Mene usse mafi mangi phir misunderstanding dur hui..... aur baat badte badte shadi tak aa gayi.... Bhale he xf ki ek aur kahani adhuri reh gayi par meri jindegi ki kahani puri ho gayi....
To Bhaiyo aur baheno ye tha mera jivan charitra.... Jo kafi boring tha sayad par kya kar sakte hain.... jesa bhi ho sach to akhir sach hota he... Aap ko kahani sunate sunate main kab ghar pahunch gaya pata he nahi chala... ab main chalta Hun agar jinda raha to shayad kisi din milenge.... alwida... khus rahiye swasth rahiye...
ab akhir main ek sawal bachta hai na ki shital ko kese pata chala main kon hun aur mujhe kyu nahi pata chala
To jawab dhundo aur mujhe batao....kahani to itni simple he aur aap log itne tez...
RD: wah re jhantu writer kya kahani likhi tune ...BC tu sach main Boss ka fan hai??.... Really mtlb unka fan hoke aisa likhta he... jhant jesa plot chutiya jesa comedy lodu jesa dialogue.... aur to aur romance aur love tha kanha be... gendu insan chal pade vsc main participate karne... wah .... balti main dubke Mar ja boklol....
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Kya ye isqh hai?

"tere pajeb ne hume iss kadar tadpa rakha he....
Aab ye hawaye bhi cham cham karke satati he..." Akki

Murti : ha ha ha ...acha ji.... wese aapko pata he aap bade bekar kisam ke sahyar hai......

Akki kuch bol na to chah ta tha magar murti ki muskurahat main wo puri tarah se ulajh gaya tha....uski chehra aaj akki ko kuch jyada hi mugdh kar rahi tha ....
Jab murti ne dekha akki kuch bol ne ki wajhaye sirf usko ghure ja raha he....

Usne akki ko phir se kaha...

Murti : Aisa kyun dekh rahe ho kabhi pehle nahi dekha kya....

Akki : Jaan tum wo chand dekh rahe ho...

Murti : Haa bahot khubsurut hai...

Akki : Pata hai bachpan se main usse dekh ta aa raha hun phir bhi din prati din wo mujhe aur jyada khubsurat lagta hai....

Murti : Haa jaan ye to apne mere dill ki baat keh di... mujhe bhi aisa he lagta he....

Akki : Aap to uss chand se bhi jyada khubsurat hai... phir main kese na kho jau iss surat main....

Murti : Awww kya baat he jaan aap ne kanha ki baat kanha se lakar jod di...

Akki : Jaan kabhi kabhi mujhe afsos hota he kyu main koi kavi ya lekhak nahi bana...

Murti : Aisa kyun babu....

Akki : Agar hota to aaj apke tariff main 500-600 pages ka koi kitab likh ta....

Murti : Ha ha ha.....acha ji

Akki: Aapki amavas jesi julfe poonam ke chand jese surat herni jese ankhe moti jese dant ....gulab ki pankhudiya jese hoth... rui ke tarah narm gaal aur uspe chayi ye sharm ki lali.... uff kisi ke bhi jaan nikal ne keliye kaffi hai ye sab...

Ye sab sunke murti bas sarmaye ja rahe thi... sharm ke mare usne apna palke niche jhuka le thi... galo pe chayi hui sharm ke lali uske noorani chehre ko char chand laga rahi thi.... usne apne gulabi honth fadfadyi aur bas itna boli...

Murti : Bas karo na jaan mujhe bohat sharm aarahi he....

Akki : Jaan aab to ye juban usi din khamosh hogi jiss din ye sanse tham jayenge...

Itna sunte he murti ne jhat se apna palke uthaya uski ankhe halki nam thi .... jab dono ki ankhe mila to akki ne foran aage badke murti ki chehre ko tham liya...

Akki : Kya hua jaan?? Please bato na haa kya hua...

Murti : Aap ko kitni baar bola he marne ke baat na karne ko.... kese jiungi main apke bina kon rakhega mera khyal kon khilayega mujhe kon itna mithi mithi baat bolega mujhe.... kon

Itna kehte hi Murti ki ankho se ek motiyo ki dhara beh gaya jisse dekh ke akki ka dill kisi bin pani ke machli ke tarah tadap utha....

Akki : Jaan aap bhi na choti choti baat par rone lag jate ho .... Mene to wo bas aise he keh diya tha .... aap bhi naa

Akki ne murti ki ansun poch te hue kaha...

Murti : Aap koi choti baat nahi ho mere liye in fact aap se badi koi baat hi nahi he....

Akki : Acha baba I'm sorry mujhe maaf kardo aage se aisa nahi bolunga aur please rona band kardo.... apka rona dekh ke mera dill chil jata he....

Murti : Phele khud rula te ho phir manate ho aisa baar baar kyun karte ho
"Kyun rulate ho hume,kya maza ata he....

Dard aab kitna sahe,kya aisa bhi saza aati he...."

Akki : Aap ke sahyari to mujhse bhi kharb he...

Ye sunke Murti ne halka sa ghusa mara akki ko aur phir dono hasne lage.....

Chand bhi apne pure sabab main tha chandni se pure janha ko chamka raha tha aur issi chamkar se murti ki chehra chamak raha tha.... uff kya kayamat dha rahi thi wo akki par... such main khuda ne usse dharti pe bhej kar pachta raha hoga... aur naaj bhi ho raha hoga kya cheej usne banai hai......

Swarg ki apsara bhi dekh le to jaal jaye... aisa banawat thi uski jheel se gehri kali ankhe .... surahidar gardan aam ke komal patte jese ungliya ....masumiyat aise ki koi shaitan ka dill bhi pighal jaye....
Uski ankho main ek nasha tha ek alag si kasis thi.... Jisne akki ko puri tarah se dewana bana diya tha....

Murti aab akki ke god main ankh band kar sar rakh ke leti hui thi ....akki dewar ko tek laga ke baitha hua tha par ankh uska bhi band tha ..... akki dhire dhire murti ki rasmi julfo ko sehla raha tha....

Murti : Tumhe yad he jaan hum kese mile the kese tumne mujhe tumne propose kiya tha...hahaha... kese tumhe ullu banaya tha....

Akki : hahaha... Aree mujhe to sab pehle he pata tha ke tum natak kar rahi ho main to bas tumhara surprise bekar nahi karna chah ta tha....

Murti : Acha jii...

Akki : Haa jii...

Aise hi kahte mithe nok jhok karte karte kab dono sogaye pata nahi chala....

Subha ki pehli kiran ke sath room ka darwaja khula aur ek sakhs andar aya uske kapdo se saaf pata chal raha tha wo aek cleaning boy he... Room ke ander ka najara dikh ke wo thoda chuk gaya.... dhire dhire akki ke pass gaya ....

Cleaning boy : Oo Bhai kon ho tum aur yanha iss store room main kya kar rahe ho....

Usne akki ko hilate hue kaha ....

Akki kasmasa kar utha aur samne khade saks ko dekh ke bola....

Akki : Shhh meri jaan so rahi he shor mat kar aur main yanhi Issi mall main kaam karta hun....
Ye sunke uss boy ko jhatka jarur laga tha jo uske chehre se saaf pata chal raha tha....

Cleaning boy : Kon jaan ?? kon so raha he??

Akki : Andha he kya ... dikh nahi raha mere god me hi to so rahi he....

Cleaning boy : Kon ye murti??

Akki : Haa iska naam murti he tujhe kisne bola ....

'Maine bola yrr gussa mat ho ye aaj hi aya he" piche se aate hue aek shaksh ne bola ye tha jitu akki ka dost......

Jitu: Good morning Akki Bhai bhabi uthi nahi abhi tak .....

Akki : Nahi wo raat ko jara late soyi thi na isiliye... chal tu ja yanha se usse sone de....

Jitu : Okk yrr gussa na ho ja raha hun... oye raju chal...

Jitu aur raju room se bahar aagaye ... bahar aate he

Raju : Yeh kya tha?? murti??

Jitu : Haa wo ek bejan fiber ke murti he.....

Raju : Woh kya pagal he??

Jitu: haa uski mohabbat ko pagal pan bhi keh sakte hai ya uski pagalpan ko mohabbat .... ye bhi ek mohabat he hai....Jo shayad hum nahi samjh sakte ... tu woh sab chod aur apni kaam me lag ja....

Kya isse pyar kahenge ya phir akki ke pagalpan ???
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Warning :-- Kahani poorn roop se kalpnik hai . Kisi bhi ghatna ya jeevit mrit vyakti se iska koi lena dena nahi hai .kisi bhi jati dharm ya kisi vishesh paristhiti se kahani ko jod kar na dekha jaye. Kisi ko bhi agar kahani ki wajah se thes pahunchti hsi to sorry !

Ye un dinon ki baat hai !

Ye unn dinon ki baat hai jab Banaras ka shant aur manmohak vatavaran desh duniyan me apni chhap chhpd raha tha . Ganga nadi ke sundar ghat dekhne walon ki najron ko baandh lete the to wahi etihasik mahatwa liye huye tamaam imartein desh videsh se aaye paryatkon ki bheed ke beech khadi apne astitwa par itrati thi .

Ye unn dinon ki baat hai jab Sab kuchh shanti poorwak chal raha tha . Bemisal ekta thi logon me . Holi ka rangeela tyohar sir par tha . Banaras ki galiyan holi ke rango aur gujhiya ki khushbu se labrej thi . Banarsi paan aur kali mirch wali thandai har gali ki shan bani huyi thi .

Aise hi Banaras ki galiyon me Firdaus aur Gaurav ka pyaar bhi aakar le raha tha . Ghar se college aate jaate bas khamosh nigahon se ek doosre ko takte rahna inn dono ka pasandeeda kaam tha . baatein inki jubaan nahi karti thi par nigaahein har pal shor machati thi . Ye dono har jagah paas dikhte the bhale hi saath nahi hote the . jaise agar Firdaus golgappe khane gayi hai to Gaurav baju me hi launglata wale ( traditional sweet ) ki dukan par doston ke sath dera jamaye rakhta tha . Isi tarike ke kayi thikane Firdaus ki masoomiyat to Gaurav ki Aashiqui ki gawahi dete the .

Do saal beet gaye aankhein ladate huye to Gaurav ne than li apni muhobbat ka ijhaar karne ki . Waise bhi inn dono ke alawa sabhi jaan gaye the ki ye dono ek doosre par dil o jaan se marte the . Inhi dono ko apni chahton ko shabdiya jama pahanana tha lekin isase pahle ki gaurav himmat karta dil ki baat kahne ki achanak Banaras ki sukh shanti ko kisi ki najar lag gayi .

Jane kisne bo diya masoom dilon me nafrat ka beej . Halaat bekabu hone lage . Charon taraf faile dange fasaad ke ajgar ne banaras ko nigal liya . kali raton me nafarat ka jahar ghul gaya . Har gali muhalle me Log guton me najar aane lage . har taraf talwar khanjar tane tahlne lage khoon ke pyaase log jinka koi dharm ya majab nahi tha aur nishana sirf masoom log jinko inki nafrat se koi wasta nahi thi tha .

Tamam ladkiyon ki tarah Firdaus ko bhi ghar me kaid kar diya gaya par uske sapno ko kaun kaud kar sakta tha usme to 24 ghante uske sapno ka shahjada Gaurav chhaya rahta tha . Firdaus poore do din yani ki 48 ghanto se usko dekh nahi paayi thi . Uski tadap sirf pahle pyaar me deedar ke liye tarsta premi hi samjh sakta tha . Bechaini thi ki shant hi nahi ho rahi thi . Jab apni bebsi se use ghutan hone lagito jaa pahunchi chhand se baat karne apne abbu ki vishal haweli ke chhajje par .

Chand hi tha jo uska dard samjh sakta tha kyu ki wo bhi to akela tadpta rahta tha aasmaan me . Usme apne mahboob ka deedar karti firdaus ko achank kisi ki ghuti ghuti si cheekh sunayi di jo ghar ke pichhwade ki taraf aa rahi thi . Ghar ke peechhe side bhi ek darwaja tha par aam taur par uss darwaje ka istemaal sirf naukar hi karte the . Firdaus teji se peechhe ki taraf ke chhajje par gayi aur neeche dekhne lagi .

Peechhe ka Manjar firdaus ka dil dahla gaya . uske bhai ke dost kisi ladki ko ghaseet kar peechhe ke raste haweli me le jane ki koshish kar rahe the . Ladki ke muhh par kapda bandha hua tha . Wo badi hi buri tarah chhatpata rahi thi . Firdaus ko mamla samjhte jara bhi der nahi lagi aur wo kood padi ladki ko bachane . Firdaus jab paas me pahunchi to usne dekha ki ladki ka naa sirf chehra dupatte se chhipa hua tha balki uske haath aur pair bhi peechhe ki side bandhe huye the . Firdaus ne aisi koi harkat ki ummid kam se kam apne gharwalon se to nahi ki thi . Wo gusse se kampne lagi . Usko aaya dekh sabhi baukhla gaye .

Firdaus ne aaw dekha na taaw aur paas padi talwar haath me utha li tab tak uska bhai bhi aa gaya wahan . Khoob jubaani jung huyi firdaus aur uske bhai me .

Firdaus ne jab apne bhai ko ehsaas karaya ki " kabhi aurat ka apman nahi karna chahiye kyu ki mard ko mard aurat banati hai aur uspar haath uthane wala aur julm karne wala mard nahi namard hota hai " to bhai ke sabra ka baandh toot gaya aur bhai ke majboot haanthon se tamacha kha kar firdaus ke hoonthon se khoon nikal pada lekin fir bhi wo uss ladki ko bachane ke liye joojhti rahi . Bhai ne bhi Firdaus ko iss baat ka ehsaas karaya ki " iss ladki ke saath jo bhi ho raha hai uski wajah aur koi nahi balki Firdaus hai ." Jiska matlab samjhne me firdaus ko kafi wakt lag gaya .

Apne bhai ko nafrat se dekhti Firdaus uss ladki ki ijjat bachane ke liye apne jism par jakhm khati rahi aur apne bhai par bhi talwar se vaar kar baithi Par sirf ijjat hi bacha payi uss masoom ladki ki uski jaan nahi . jab ladki ka nirjeew shareer jameen par gira to uske chehre ko dhakne wala dupatta khul gaya . Wo koi aur nahi balki Firdaus ke gaurav ki chhoti bahan thi jise wo jaan se jyada pyaar karta tha . Firdaus ko pal bhar me hi sara manjra samjh aa gaya . Use aa gaya samjh ki uske bhai ne uske aur Gaurav ke ankahe rishte ki wajah se ye paap kar diya hai . Wo sudh budh kho bathi behosh hokar jameen par gir gayi .

## # 25 years later ###

Banaras ki galiyon me ek aadhunik sukh suvidhaon se yukt tourist bus achanak hi aag ki lapton me ghir uthi thi . Is bus me sabhi videshi sailani sawaar the jo apne mulk se bharat darshan ko aaye the . Jis wakt ye hadsa hua raat hone lagi thi . Bas ke charon taraf bheed ikatthi thi par madad ke liye koi aage nahi aa raha tha . Theek usi wakt kuchh 10 -12 ladkon ka group jo coaching se wapas aa rahe the wahan se gujare . Ye ladka Sameer tha jise samaj sewa jaan se pyaari thi aur logon ki madad karna uska shauk tha .

Sameer aur uske doston ne jaan par khel kar bas me sawaar sabhi yatriyon ki na sirf jaan bachai balki sabhi ko paas ke hospital bhi pahunchaya . Kuchh logon ki haalat bahut karab thi lekin sabhi do ke group me the lekin ek ladki jo bilkul akeli thi wo bahut jyada dari huyi thi . Use yun to koi gambheer chot nahi aayi thi par uske andar itni dahshat sama gayi thi ki wo Sameer ka haath hi nahi chhod rahi thi . Ladki ki umar koi 19 saal thi . Behad gori bilkul doodh si rangat thi uski aur aankhein aisi ki kisi ko bhi asaani se ghar ki raah bhula dain .

wo ladki lagatar Sameer ka haath thame uske sath chal rahi thi . Sameer ne kafi pata kiya uske baare me par jab kuchh bhi samjh nahi aaya to use apne ghar le aaya . Wo ladki bhi bina kuchh bole Sameer ke peechhe peechhe uske ghar ja pahunch gayi . Sameer ke ghar walon ko bhi ye bas wali ghatna ka pata chal gaya tha . Sameer ke pita ka rutba Banaras me achchha khasa tha . Sameer ke sath aayi us ladki se sabhi ko hamdardi thi .

Sabhi use gher kar baith gaye par wo ladki ab bhi Sameer ka haath thame thi . Sameer ki dadi ne turant family dr ko call ki kyu ki unko poora yakeen tha ladki ko mansik aaghat pahuncha hai .
Dr ne bhi yahi kaha aur kuchh dawaiyan dekar chale gaye . Dadi ne us ladki ko bade pyaar se khana khilaya aur sula diya . News me bhi yahi ghatna chhai huyi thi par ghatna ki wajah ka khulasa nahi hua tha . Shahar ke halaat bigadna shuru ho gaye the . Kuchh guton ne is ghatna ka fayeda apne swarth ke liye uthana shuru kar diya tha .

Subah jab us ladki ko hosh aaya to use Sameer ke pita ne bahar baithak me bulwaya . Ladki ko sabse pahle chai nashta diya gaya . Sameer ko wo din ki roshni me raat se kahi jyada haseen lagi . Uska dil to seene me tika hi nahi aur kood kar us ladki ke pahlu me gum ho gaya . Sameer ke pita ne jab us ladki se uska naam poonchha to wo Sameer ko dekhte huye sirf itna boli " I am Jannat Kidwai from UAE " itna sunte hi to Sameer ki dadi ke tan badan me aag lag gayi jabki Sameer ke pita Gahrav awaak se paristhiti ko samjhne ki koshish karte rahe .

Tabhi us ladki ne ek paper par Firdaus ke ghar ka address likha aur aage badha diya . Quyamat se pahle hi Quyamat aa gayi jab dadi ne us paper par Firdaus ke ghar ka pata dekha .chilla padi dadi ki ye ladki is ghar me nahi rah sakti , bhagao ise yahan se . Sabhi sakte me the . Koi apni jagah se jab hila bhi nahi to khud dadi ne jannat ka haath pakda aur kheenchti huyi mukhya dwaar se bahar dhakel aayi .

Koi bhi us ladki jannat se seedhe muhh baat nahi kar raha tha , yahan tak ki uske diye gaye pate par bhi chhodne koi nahj ja raha tha . Wo ladki bahut buri tarah dar gayi thi . Dahshat se chehra safed pad gaya tha . Dadi ne jaise hi apne ghar ka darwaja band ki us ladki ki jaan halaq tak aa gayi . Charo taraf sabhi use ghoor rahe the . Ladki abb bhi Sameer ke ghar ke darwaje se chipki khadi thi aur darwaja kholne ka anurodh kar rahi thi . Ghar ke andar se dadi ke chillane ki awaaj aa rahi thi ki " wo apni beti ke guneh gaaron ki koi sahayta nahi karengi aur jo sahayta karega usase rishta khatm kar lengi ."

Jab andar se awaajein aana band ho gayi to Jannat sahmi si gali me aage ki ore badh gayi . Sabhi use kha jane wali najron se dekh rahe the . Kisi najar me nafrat thi to kisi me hairat aur sawaal . Jannat thodi door hi aayi thi kampte kadmo se . Kal raat se hi wo kafi dari huyi thi . Achanak uske peechhe kisi ke daudne ki awaaj aayi . Jannat ka gala sookh gaya aur reedh ki haddi me tandi lahar daud gayi . Kampti huyi peechhe mudi to hamfta hua Sameer khada tha . Kuchh nahi soojha Jannat ko wo bas doud kar Sameer ke seene me muhh chhipa kar khadi ho gayi . Sameer ne bhi usko apni baahon ke ghere me chhipa kar usko mahfooj hone ka ehsaas karaya .

Sameer use haweli chhodne gaya . Aaj pahli baar wo haweli ke bheetar tak gaya tha . Jannat ne Sameer ko chai ke liye bithaya . Sameer ne charon taraf najar daudai aur poonchha ki yahan kaun rahta hai kyu ki use to ye haweli hamesha veeran hi dikhti hai . Thodi der khamoshi ke baad Jannat ne bataya ki yahan uske dada ji aur bua Firdaus rahte hain . Bua Firdaus ki mansik halat theek nahi hone ki wajah se haweli me koi raunak nahj rahti hai . Jannat ke pita uske janm se pahle hi UAE me bas gaye the . Wo log bharat laut kar kabhi nahi aaye aur Jannat jidd karke apne University doston ke sath yahan aayi hai .

Jannat ko haweli me chhod kar Sameer wapas chala gaya par apna dil bhi Jannat ko saump aaya tha . Jannat bhi dhadkte dil se tab tak sadak par dekhti rahi jab tak Sameer aankhon se ojhal nahi ho gaya . Ek baar fir se Firdaus aur gaurav ki tarah ek prem kahani ne angdayi leni shuru kar di thi . Ye un dino ki baat hai jab Fir se hawaaon me muhobbat ki khushbu ghulne lagi thi .
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