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What type of story

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Beautician: hi madam
Wife: hi
Beautician:where is he?
Wife: sleeping next to me
Beautician: anything he suspect?
Wife: no.
Beautician: don't take too much advantage
Wife: he only insists me to do
Beautician: really? Then he knows everything
Wife: not like that? He don't know about our relationship. He only insists me to wear that bikini. Today morning, I was sleeping naked with bedsheet over me, room service boy, came to clean room, when I seen him, I got humilated
Beautician: really, happy to see a girl like you in that structure. But are you humilated really
Wife: no. Just a thrill
Beautician: I want to enjoy everything without hurry burry.
Wife: yes, but it's gave thrill when we do with quick
Beautician: nowadays girls like you are not satisfied in bed, so easily caught by us
Wife: really, my pussy is now itching, he was sleeping next to me, what we can do.
Beautician: really, you are longing for dick now. Come on, shall I come
Wife: no.
Beautician: you can seduce anyone easily, try that.
Wife: I am not having courage
Beautician: don't act, I know you, when I waxing your pussy area, you spreads your legs apart to ease my access
Wife: that's the moment changed me.
Beautician: no one approach you, yesterday when you came outside in that state.
Wife: yes, no one
Beautician: what can you do, if anyone came
Wife: I don't know
Beautician: come on tell
Wife: I allow
Beautician: that means you can allow any one
Wife: what do you want to convey
Beautician: nothing, just want to clarify. When you are leaving this place
Wife: day after tomorrow.
Beautician: that means good, still iam having one more day. Thanks madam
Wife: yes, so tomorrow I want a long lasting love
Beautician: definitely, tomorrow you are going to have a long lasting fuck to remember for the year
Wife: hey tell anything you planned
Beautician: it's a surprise. Can you allow anyone
Wife: you want to convey something, but I can't understand
Beautician: I want you really madam
Wife: come on
Beautician: my colleague is right now with me
Wife: hey, what you are doing?
Beautician: he can't believe me
Wife: I will chat later
Beautician: don't mistaken me?
Wife: it's too late. I feel sleepy
Beautician: just before telling, you are having itching in pussy.
Wife: sorry. I will speak to you in the morning
Beautician: hello
Are you there?
It's end there

I gone to bathroom and refreshing myself and plan to prank her by bagging our luggage. When she get up from the bed, she saw me
Wife: why you bagging today itself
Me: today we are going to leave this place
Wife: yesterday you are telling, we will stay one more day, what happened to you.
Me: I have some urgent work tomorrow, it's better to leave this place.
Wife: any how you are having work tomorrow only, we will leave in the evening.
Me: no chance dear, I booked ticket for us, come on get ready.
Wife: ( seeing me in disappointed face) ok
Me: that's good
Wife: give me time
When she gone to bathroom, refreshing herself and came back, she was wearing saree and gets ready to leave. She takes her mobile and doing something curiosly.
Wife: shall we leave now
Me: where?
Wife: to our native
Me: ha ha ha, I just playing with you, I want to see you in full dress in beach
Wife: you culprit, it's my last day here, here after I am going to wear this sarees.
Me: no chance dear
Wife: ok.
When we came down, she was looking like perfect family lady, not exposed anything after completing tiffin came to seashore and I was making her jealous by seeing the bikini lady. She saw me in angry, we came to sit on the beach bed under big umbrella. She was not normal, in order to make her comfort, she lied on my shoulders, it was nice feeling to me.
Wife: sorry, if I do anything wrong here in last two days
Me: why you ask me sorry, what happened
Wife: I feeling my real character now in this saree, I was doing something mad in the last two days.
Me: ( really she speaking or acting) ok ok
Wife: I don't know what will happened if the boys spreading my picture with them.
Me: leave it, don't mind. ( see them, how joyfully enjoying here)
Wife: yes but...
Me: I don't bother about that, enjoy your day
Wife: thanks dear,
Me: what do you want, you can do
Wife: please forgive me dear.
Me: ok, no problem,
Wife: I know you also like to see me in bikini
Me: yes, you want to wear it now.
Wife: no, but your eyes roaming all over the bikini beauties here. I got some jealous on them, because my husband get attention on them.
Me: ok, iam not seeing any one.
Wife: not like that, you can see anyone, it's your wish,
Me: ok, it's my wish.
Wife: you can do whatever you want
Me: it's boring for you, I think. Shall we play a game. Time is now10:30
Wife: really interesting,
Me: we will be go different ways alone. We will meet without calling phones, really searching we have to find out before evening.
Wife: I can't ananth, don't take risk.
Me: ok. Then we sit here and watching the bikini girls.
Wife: really I got irritated, ok. It's difficult for me, so we will meet in lunch at this hotel.
Me: ok.
Wife: dont get hit from any girl
Me: ha ha ha, I will tell some other thing
Wife: ha ha ha, you learned to speak like this in two days, tell
Me: nothing
Wife: that's it.
Me: ok leave me
Wife:you leave me
Me:it's the best place for me to spend time
Wife: culprit, ok I will go
Me: take care
( I was watching her closely, she was seeing me and hide to some other place, I get up from the bed and follow her, she was going to the spa area, I got shocked. She entered in to the spa and I am waiting outside, she came back immediately and hide by turned back, she was gone to the same area, where we before available, I stand at far distance to watch her, she was mostly seeing the mobile, iam seeing the time was 12:00. I entered in to the shopping mall, purchased a micro bikini and came to the place, she was sitting there only for my surprise.every one tries to leave the place, except one or two, one man approach her and having a chit chat with her, with his girl friend. I don't know what they are speaking, he was lying on the beach bed in boxers, the girl also lied next to her, for my shock, she also lied on the beach bed.
I want to see what was going on, so I came close to them by hiding and see he was rolling his hands over the two ladies, I am waiting for further any response, but they were disturbed by an ice cream boy.
When the ice cream boy passing me, I enquired what they do
Ice cream boy: look like educated man, you asking silly question.
Me: sorry
Ice cream boy: what they do in privacy. But iam not seen a lady in saree with these kind of people.
Me: ok
Ice cream boy: don't go there, he was very rude at me for disturbing them.
Me: ok
( but I want to see them very closely, so I came close to them, literally iam standing behind them, I found nothing suspicious , he was trying her,
When I gone to safe distance and call her mobile, she picked up immediately and get up from the bed, seeing around, asking
Wife: where are you
Me: where are you
Wife: I feel very lonely here, some one doing nasty things with his girlfriend besides me.
Me: get up from the place and leave them.
Wife: ok, just now he left my hand, I feared a lot
Me: ok, come to lunch area
( we met in the lunch area)
Wife: what a strange game this is. I feared a lot.
Me: ok ok. You loves the thrill I know, that's why
Wife: that ok. You not seen him, bastard
Me: ok. If you were in the bikini definitely
Wife: yes, thanks for you to make me to wear this.
Me: ok. Are you want to wear bikini for last one time.
Wife: ( she was thinking for a moment ) yes but I have to go to our room to wear.
Me: no need to go, you can wear it toilet
Wife: are you mad, how can I change inside shitty place. But where is that? First
Me: here it is( I take it from my pocket and show to her)
Wife: hmmmmm, I can't ananth, what is this.
Me: ok leave it.
Wife: when you purchased
Me: when you lying with him
Wife: what????
Me: sorry. that time purchased.
Wife: morning, I think you are great, my mind also normal, I can't wear this.
Me: ok leave it.
After finish our lunch, she was seeing me,
Wife: really you want me to wear this
Me: yes
Wife: gave it to me
( she gone to bathroom and came after some time, she was having the bra straps over neck which was getting more stares)

When we go very long from the beach, it was one or Twoforeigner.
We sit on the sand, she was seeing me, she was sleeping on my shoulder, I take her mobile and seeing, she was chatting with beautician, she agreed for everything, he insists her to come to the same place, exactly we are at the same place.
When the time going on and sun sets, she was unhooked her blouse and taking over her head, she was adjusting the mini clothe over her nipples, her big melons visible through her transparent saree, she was hiding only the areola. She was untucked her saree and lay the saree on sand and sitting next to me,
Me: I can't believe it, you weared it
Wife: it's for you
Me: shall we play the game again
Wife: no ananth, I can't.
Me: I will stand there, if any problem, I will come
Wife:no please stay there
Me: this much fear you having
Wife: no not like that, I want you
Me: ok ok.
Wife::shall we go in the sea
Me: you want me now
Me: ok get up from here
( when she get up from the sand and we are entered into the sea, one man hit her breast with elbow accidentally and asking saree, when I seen her, she was showing dark areola.
We are playing inside the sea and I take her to hip level, some one takes her hand bag,
She was telling me to catch. so I ran immediately and by seeing me he left the handbag and searched everything available or not, after confirmed everything ok. I turned back and searching for my wife, she was not there where I left her, Iam keep on searching her and got fear, I started crying, I ran here and there, finally, I saw a hut, I peeking in to it. She was fuckiing by beautician and gave blow job to some one, her big melons hit by beautician, she was nit moaning, during that some other one entered inside, she was seeing the dick, she turned her face to him and sucking him, now the man held her face and fuckiing her mouth, the beautician increase his phase and cummed inside her, next man taking her cum dripping pussy and fuckiing ver hard and squirts. Now the last man, make her to stand in doggy style and fucking her hard I can't imagine the force given by him, finally he also cummed inside her, he came to her face and rubbing all over her face. At last, she was wiping her face with the panty and adjusted her micro bikini.
Beautician: wait where you are going now
Wife::he will searching me.
Man1: ok leave him
Man2: come on randi
Wife: what's this
Beautician: sir give some respect
Man2: get out from here, if you speak over
Wife::sorry. It's my fault ( she came outside and ran in hurry to beach, I followed her and when she saw me, she hugged me tightly.


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Me: where you gone
Wife: iam searching for you
Me: sorry for leaving you in this conditions
wife: yes, myself feared a lot. " Where is my saree
me:I don't know where it is, but your bra and panty in handbag.
wife: shitt. How I can. Gave your shirt.
( I gave my shirt, she weared it and we walked towards the resort and gone inside, we refreshing ourselves, when I came back, she was wearing tshirt and shorts, we are gone to hotel and taking dinner.
me: are you enjoyed this tour
wife: yes, I really enjoyed, yearly once plan here
me: definitely definitely.
wife: finally, your dream came true, see me in bikini, no micro bikini
me: yes, it's a big surprise for me, when you agreed to wear it.
wife: yes, I love to expose in public, it's hard for me tomorrow to behave normal after this much enjoyed.
me: yes, iam also enjoyed very much here.
wife: finally, iam going to next level
me: today due to that thief, we missed the act
wife: yes, I was really turned on. But he spoiled our act
me: yes, but where you gone, I searching for you.
wife: I don't know, I missed in the crowd
me: ok let finish dinner.
( when we came back to room and held her in arms and smooching all over her, she was responding me, our eyes meet, we lip locking and undressing ourselves, she was kneeling down in floor, I gave my dick, she was stroking it hard and rolling her lips over my dick, I got different feeling, she was massage my cock balls, finally, she get up, I take her pussy and fuck her in each and every corner of the room, she was not believing my long phase of fucking, finally, I keep her in doggy style and fucking by riding her hair, she was moaning loudly, she moved her back forward and her face was on the bed, she was moaning loud, I came in a second, we sleep next to each other.
next day morning, we bagged our remaining clothes and came to bus stand and start our journey back to our home.
when we reached home, all are enquired about honeymoon trio, we replied good. My wife behave normal, she wears the nighty. Iam waiting for the night, she undress herself and wearing bikini and sit next to me.
me: you want to show your body to some one, I think
wife: for you only,
me: I want to see you fully nude but why you wear this, I think you like to wear.
wife: yes, I want to show
me: go and show it on social media
wife: are you mad


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Me: then show it to anyone else
Wife: hmmm
Me: what the meaning of hmmm. Are you ready
Wife: no, I can't reveal my beauty to the known people. But....
Me: ok, it's your wish.
Wife: ok
I hugged her tightly and she was hugged me tightly, we both smooches, I placed her on the bed and spreading her legs apart and parting her panty liners and seeing her wet pussy.
Me: it's the region you want to exhibit, come on dear, tell how you feel when you exhibit in public.
Wife: it's thrillithrilling
Me: you are going to be an profile pic in someone ID.
Wife: what??
Me: you are taking photos with someone, they may be post your picture.
Wife: really, I don't know about this. If I know this, I won't allow them to take pictures.
Me: shall we check?
Wife: iam in need of desperate sex but, you are searching on laptop.
Me:wait for a moment
Wife:it's hard to find, leave it honey.
Me: what will you do if I found
Wife: what can I do
Me: hmmm
I was searching, came along number of websites and finally found her picture in adult website with tag" My slutty wife"
Me: I found it baby, come on see you
Wife:( she was in shocking state) what really
Me: see you
Wife: why can't you stopped me, when I pose with this bastard.
Me: you only agreed
Wife: see?....
Me: ok
( when I tried to close the page, she stopped my hands, she was dragging down to read the comments. I got shocked because her hands rubbing her cunt.)
Me: finally, you liked it.
Wife: yes
Me: ok leave it. I want to know
Wife: come on dear, fuck me first then ask.
( she was standing all in four, I insert my dick deep inside her, she was moaning loudly by seeing the comments, I fucked her by helding her hips, I cummed deep inside her, still she was in doggy style position. I lying next to her)
Me: what's your desires in sex. Are you like to exhibit?
Wife: yes, but I want it to be safe.
Me: come on. Don't mistake me. Are you having any crush in your college days.
Wife: yes, but due to my parents iam not loving anyone.
Me: are you allow anyone to touch you
Wife: ( seeing me,) no.
Me: don't mistake me again, then what about beautician
Wife: ( she got shocked) yes, but not you think
Me: ok ok.
Wife: ok.
Me: yes, I know, without the cooperation of the needle, thread will not enter in to the hole.
Wife: what kind of prroverb this one. Are you suspect me?
Me: no not like that. I just want to know. You already taking pictures, now this was posted. For your safety only I enquired.
Wife: no nothing.
Me: are you ok now
Wife: what do you want
Me: wait
( I replied to the picture in comments by creating ID)
Wife: what you are doing
Me: see my comments for your pictures ( looking like my wife, what a curvy wife)
Wife: you naughty, you commented
Me: shall I ask him, his experience
Wife: ok. It's your wish

Chat give below
Me: it's great to have this kind of slut as your wife.
Chat buddy: no, she was not my wife. First of all. But I like her.
Me: that's good, how you approach her for pictures
Chat buddy: nowadays, this type of ladies wants to exhibit. Surely she will receive two to three dicks in his husband absence.
Me: how his husband leave her?
Chat buddy: you don't know anything?
Me: I know
Chat buddy: she was seducing by her exhibition but we are not having that much courage
Me: are you following her
Chat buddy: iam not having any contact for her to communicate but I know definitely she will be on whore
Me: any other pictures of her
Chat buddy: no
Me: ok good bye.

Wife: it's my mistake


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I seen her face, her hands are rubbing her clitoris,
Me: are you liking this
Wife: no but seeing the comments I got some feeling
Me: let show your pussy to him
Wife: are you really want me to do it
Me: yes, just show it to the poor people
Wife: ok but, I want some privacy.
Me: then leave it

I left her and lying on the bed and fell in sleep, next day when I woke up, she was still in the bikini, I refreshing myself and ready to leave, she was woke up and seeing her exposure, she was hiding her nudity and seeing the sun rays falls in to the bedroom, she wesred her normal clothes and sending me.
When I reached home,

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