Adultery Tricking Seema (Rahul's mother) to ashram.

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Should Rahul trick Seema?

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Ramu, Bhuvan, Dileep and Rahul start their journey in the ashram car.

Rahul: Where are we going?

Dileep: we are going to my shop.

Dileep owned a very large garment showroom. Dileep purposely chose this day as his shop was closed today and today no one would be there in the shop.

After the long journey, all the friends reach to Dileep’s family showroom.

Rahul: Is it closed today?

Dileep: yes, today it’s closed but I have the keys for the shop. I had to steal it from my dad’s Locker.

Every one of his friends gets scared as Dileep is taking unnecessary risk. Dileep opens the shop and enters the shop.

Bhuvan: I think you are taking unnecessary risk Dileep. What if we are caught stealing in your shop?

Dileep: Don’t worry Bhuvan. In life we need to take risks. And if we can’t do so much for Seema aunty then Rahul may think what kind of friends we are. (Winks at Bhuvan)

Rahul was busy looking at the massive showroom. He had never seen Dileep’s families showroom from inside.

Ramu: Let’s not waste time. Let’s get what we are here for.

Bhuvan: Where is bra and panty section? I am very worried regarding Seema aunties undergarments. She is wearing someone else bra and panties and poor aunties upper part is not fitting into that small bra.

In reality Bhuvan was not at all worried for Seema’s clothes ordeal, he just wanted to humiliate Rahul. Rahul listening to that decided to keep his mouth shut. As he knew that his friends are enjoying his mother’s ordeal.

Dileep: It’s in upper section. Let’s go their directly.

Rahul was quick to respond

Rahul: I think we should only take nighty and couple of saree?

Ramu: and what about aunties internal clothing? You still want to enjoy her nipple impressions and her round ass impressions?

Ramu was very crudely insulting Rahul and Ramu was feeling a sense of enjoyment in that too.

Bhuvan: That’s what? I think he still want to enjoy more views. But I think it’s natural to feel like that. Aunty is blessed with such a great body. Such body needs to be enjoyed.

Rahul: No. I was just thinking to take everything. So I was suggesting.

Dileep was in hurry. So he interrupted his friends.

Dileep: Hey, we don’t have a lot of time. We need to quickly take clothes from here.

Ramu: ok, let’s do one thing, we can split up and buy clothes for aunty. Rahul was worried about auntie’s saree and nighties. He can choose that for her. Bhuvan I and Dileep can choose undergarments for her.

Dileep: Yes let’s do this.

Dileep then shows him the way to saree counter. Rahul didn’t want his friends to select clothes for his mother but his friends decided without his consent and leaves to the other floor leaving Rahul all alone.

Once they reach on the upper floor. They start gossiping within themselves.

Bhuvan: I told you people, don’t bring him.

Ramu: Its fine. I want to torment him more. I am still not done with Rahul.

Dileep: ok but let’s please pick up the clothes fast.

Suddenly Rahul comes to the top floor.

Rahul: Guys, I have selected the saree and nighties.

Dileep and Bhuvan were getting irritated by Rahul poking again and again. Rahul wanted to stay with this friends as he didn’t want his friends to select clothes for his mother.

Ramu seeing Bhuvan and Dileep irritated signals them to calm down.

Ramu: oh, that was quick. We didn’t even start anything here.

Rahul: Dileep said, we have to hurry so I took whatever was in front.

Ramu: That’s good. Now you can help us to select undergarments for Seema aunty

Bhuvan and Dileep were looking at Ramu for involving Rahul with clothes selection.

Ramu looked at Dileep and Bhuvan and gave them assurance without uttering a word.

Dileep is irritated but shows them the way to the undergarment counter. All the friends enter the section. The whole section is filled with half nude models with lingerie.

Ramu: Wow. This models are so beautiful. Feels like jerking off here itself.

Dileep: we have all the lingerie here. You guys can choose any.

Rahul was quick to respond.

Rahul: We don’t have normal ones?

Dileep: what is normal ones?

dileep: If you are trying to search cheap undergarments here in my shop, you will not find it here. We only high quality imported material here.

Ramu: Why are you asking for normal lingerie? We will give her a very sexy lingerie and say we only got this.

Rahul wanted to somehow stop his friends from buying provocative lingerie.

Rahul: I am asking for a normal one because I know her, she will not wear such clothes.

Ramu: then what about those clothes where her nipple was visible and you happily took photos and send it to us. Also I know that you enjoyed her deep valleys on video calls too. Isn’t she wearing such clothes now?

Rahul: Yes, she is wearing because that day we stole all her clothes and now she doesn’t have any options.

Bhuvan: Just think that she doesn’t have option now too.

All the three friends were laughing at Bhuvan’s sarcastic reply.

Ramu: are you feeling jealous that you are not getting a chance to see what we are getting?

Rahul: No. I was just worried that she may return this kind of clothes back and we will have double work.

Ramu: No don’t worry, she will wear what we give. The point is if you want to see her in this clothes too or don’t want to see her in such clothes.

Rahul didn’t know what to answer to his friends. He wanted to tell his friends that he doesn’t want to continue degrading his own mother but he didn’t had courage to tell his friends.
Rahul knew if he say no then his friends will throw him out of the ashram too, now he was worried about his mother’s safety too as still he doesn’t know how his dad agreed for all these. So it’s better he says yes and continuing playing this game with his friends and stick with his friends and be near to Seema. So he had to play the games just to stay with his friends.

Rahul: Of course, I want to see her in these clothes. (Rahul feeling bad about his own words)

Dileep: Good then we need to hurry. Come here and select the clothes for her

Dileep takes out couple of bra and panties and different kind of blouse, which were all very small and very vulgar too.

Rahul: What is this? Will she wear all this? You don’t have like normal ones?

Dileep: My shop has only high quality dress. Why she will not wear anything? I think you have a problem with this clothes.

Rahul: No, we have to come again if she doesn’t accept the clothes.

Dileep: That you don’t worry. I will come back again.

Ramu: Dileep, do one thing. Pick up all this clothes. We will have many options to choose then.

Bhuvan, Dileep and ramu gets very happy looking at the clothes. Rahul is clueless but can understand that something is fishy.

Dileep, picks up all the clothes on the desk. Rahul notices that there was a weird rope looking cloth.

Rahul: Whats this?

Dileep: It’s called slingshot bikini

Rahul was confused to see this as a bikini

Rahul: How can this be bikini? Where is the panty and bra area? This is only a thread

Dileep was smiling at Rahul.

Dileep: A women has to cover her treasures with this thread itself.

Bhuvan: Imagine seema aunty in this. I am getting erection thinking about her in this bikini.

Rahul was now very scared to know his friend’s intention and see this type of bikini and wanted his friends not to take it.

Rahul: I don’t think mom will even consider it. Why are we even considering this then.

Bhuvan: Why she can’t consider it?

Rahul: Look at this cloth, it cannot cover anything

Bhuvan: What do you want it to cover?

Rahul: Why do women wear bikini. To cover their private parts and this cloth will do nothing to cover.

Bhuvan: Look at this. (Points his finger on the bikini) This bikini should cover auntie’s breast and her bumper.

Ramu: bhuvan, what Rahul means is that his mother’s breasts are fat and big and how can it fit in this tiny outfit and also the string from behind is like a thread. How will it hide auntie’s huge ass. Isn’t that what you are trying to say to Bhuvan.

Rahul looks down silently.

Bhuvan: Tell me how I am supposed to know, He doesn’t know aunties breast size then how will I know aunties size. The bottom thread I agree that it will not hide auntie’s bumper but the thread will be hidden itself.

Rahul: what do you mean the thread will be hidden?

Bhuvan: The thread will be inside her ass crack. It will be lost inside that for sure.

Ramu: that’s where I also want to get lost.

All the friends’ cruelly cracks jokes on Seema aunty and laughs loudly.

Rahul is feeling humiliated and feels stupid to ask the question. He repents to agree to take part in all this humiliating experiences.

Bhuvan goes to the corner and picks up couple of clothes.

Bhuvan: This clothes I will give it to aunty.

Dileep: Why you? Why can’t I give it to her?

Bhuvan: You can give that slingshot and I will give this to her.

Rahul is very worried about the clothes his friends are choosing for his mother and wants to save his mother from this humiliation but he is not able to find a way to stop his friends. He cannot express his displeasure to his friends as they might get angry and also at the same time he may be thrown out of the ashram. At least in the ashram he is somewhat close to her and can get frequents update about his mother..

Rahul wanted to see what piece of cloth has Bhuvan picked up.

He goes near Bhuvan and checks out that it’s a corset and that too so small and tight. He immediately stops Bhuvan from taking it.

Rahul: What is this? She will not wear all this clothes. And also this size is so small.

Bhuvan: what do you mean she will not wear this? Why will she not wear this?

Rahul wanted to stop Bhuvan from taking this vulgar dress for his mom but as he can’t tell the reason directly, he had to explain Bhuvan in different way.

Rahul: err.. I mean she will not wear this because of the size.

Bhuvan: what size?

Rahul didn’t know how to stop his friends from buying this vulgar dress. He somehow wanted to stop them

Rahul: look at this dress my mom is not so thin to get inside this dress.

Dileep: This dress is called as push up corset and aunty will get into this, it’s actually perfect for aunty.

Rahul: how come it’s perfect? Look at that top side of the dress. How come she will fit into this?

Dileep: she will fit into that. She has to wear it from top and someone has to tie it from the behind

Rahul was not giving up.

Rahul: but look at the top part of the dress. it’s so small.

Dileep: are you worried about the cup size of the dress? Actually that I agree that it is very small.

Rahul saw a hope and tried pointing out on that point itself.

Rahul: that’s what I am saying, the cup is so small, and mom will not be able to fit into that.

Bhuvan looking at Rahul stopping his choice of clothes jumps in to explain himself as in why he choose this dress

Bhuvan: But that is the reason, I chose this dress for her. Aunty has such a massive breasts, imagine she wearing this and the pressure those babies has to take because of the cups. The boobs will pop up and I want to see her in that beautiful condition.

Rahul is dumbstruck listening to this.

Dileep: her boobs will not pop up but will spill out.

Bhuvan: That’s what I also want to happen. If this happens will you people be sad or happy.

Dileep: we all will be very happy then.

Again all the friends started laughing on the vulgar talks on Seema and Rahul is slowly feeling very guilty for all this situation. If that day he would have not agreed then today his friends would have not had such courage to do such things to his mother.

Ramu: you are really a boob man. (Laughs)

Bhuvan: I think you guys didn’t notice the clothes below the corset.

Dileep gets curious and removes the cover of the corset and checks out a bra and it’s a nursing bra.

Dileep: Are you mad? This is nursing bra. (dileep looks at bhuvan with utter shock and still laughs at him)

Ramu: Aunty will definitely not use it as she is not lactating right now. Then what’s the use of this bra for her

Rahul: Bhuvan. Please don’t such types of clothes. We will be in unnecessary problems.

Bhuvan: What problem? (Looks at rahul) (Then looks at dileep and ramu) I will make her wear this and suck on her nipples. I will make sure that I do that.

Dileep: but why will she wear this? She doesn’t have a baby now or she is not pregnant too.

Bhuvan: I will become her baby or if needed I will make her pregnant.

Rahul is shocked to hear that. He is not able to believe that his friends are openly speaking such things about his mother that too in front of him.

Rahul: what nonsense you are talking?

Bhuvan: What? You want to enjoy alone again?

Rahul: no, we just agreed to see her but not touch her. We cannot do all this to her.

Bhuvan: you wanted to see her because you don’t have balls to touch her. If given a chance you will also fuck her.

Rahul: I will never do that.

Ramu was watching Rahul silently but he again loses his cool. He was still angry that Rahul did not help them for their plan and he had to do all this extra step to get Seema. And now when he and his friends are successful in getting Seema under their trap and they are slowly creating situation for Seema, so that they can fulfil their kinky desires, Rahul is trying to be over smart and stop them.

Ramu suddenly yells at Rahul.

Ramu: if you don’t want to fuck her then why are you here?

Rahul immediately gets scared of ramu as he is known for his connections and also for his contact with notorious gang members.

Rahul: No, you guys are getting me wrong. I am just here to help you people.

Rahul didn’t want ramu to get angry. Frankly speaking Rahul was always scared of ramu and now when he and his mother is stuck in this weird place, he simply can’t take any risk.

Ramu: Ok, then help us and don’t disturb our work.

Bhuvan: I told you not to bring him. He is very greedy, he wants to enjoy seema aunty alone. He has done that before too.

Rahul: No, I have never.

Bhuvan: then why did you disagree for our second plan?

Rahul was able to understand that things are heating up and its better to shut up now.

Rahul: no, I was scared about the risks involved. So I said no.

Ramu: Ok. Now we are taking this risk with this clothes. You don’t need to open your mouth again and again.

Ramu was really furious.

Bhuvan: See how he is keeping quite now. Ramu don’t forget your challenge to teach Rahul a lesson.

Ramu looks at bhuvan and makes a silent action to not to talk about that.

Rahul gets curious.

Rahul: What lesson? What did I do?

Bhuvan was in no mood to stop his mouth running.

Bhuvan: Ramu is going to fuck auntie’s fat ass in front of you.

Rahul is not able to understand what Bhuvan is talking about.

Ramu looks at Rahul

Ramu: He is just puling your leg but in case if I ever get a chance. Don’t worry, I will share that piece of ass with you too. I promise you. I am not selfish like you.

Rahul smiles at ramu but he is slowly realizing it that he and his mother is in deep problem, his friends have planned all this extreme steps and Rahul is thinking that he has to do something to take seema out of that ashram.

Dileep packs up the clothes and completely ignores the clothes Rahul choose. Dileep packed completely different blouse and saree. Rahul notices it but choose not to speak up as he knew that his friends are not listening to him and somewhere he was confident that his mother is not going to wear such vulgar and exposing dress in front of all strangers but also he was thinking what will she wears as she has no clothes now. Rahul had no power here and choose the fate to take over.

They leave the place with the loads of clothes, Ramu, Bhuvan and Dileep were really excited about their clothes selection and couldn’t wait to see Seema in those revealing clothes. After some time they reach the ashram.


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Let me know your reactions friends and please share your kinky ideas and recommendations for seema aunty.


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Since seema aunty is conservative lady maybe she’ll not wear western clothes. Make her wear sexy sarees or blouseless clothes. And describe her assets in hyper sensual way. Rest I think its your story you’ll do perfect justice to it


Mom's body is son's property to enjoy & pimp out!
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Loved it!!! Don't make the son a cuck though. Slowly transform him as the pump and keep his mom a savi savitri who starts whoring to keep her son happy.
ashram milf trick

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