Adultery Tricking Seema (Rahul's mother) to ashram.

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Should Rahul trick Seema?

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Lovely lover

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After 10 hours of travelling. Seema and Rahul finally starts getting closer to the destination. The whole landscape starts getting filled with forest. The more they were getting closer to the ashram, the forest was getting thicker and thicker. At last they finally reach to a place where the road ends and a thin wooden hanging bridge is the extension of that road. The driver informs Seema and Rahul that the car can go till here and after this point car cannot pass through this bridge and they need to walk through the bridge to enter the ashram premises.

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Driver of the car gets down from the car and informs them to go and talk to the guy at the other end of the bridge. The driver gives a thumbs up sign to the guard sitting at the other end of the bridge.

Rahul and Seema walks through the bridge which starts shaking when they both start walking on it. Seema and Rahul reaches to the end of the bridge. The Guard was expecting Seema and Rahul.

Guard: Hello madam, I was expecting new guests today. You guys can keep walking straight in this route and you will get the ashram office.

Seema was scared to see the road ahead, it was a very small mud road with dense forest.

Seema: Bhai Saab, is there any wildlife problem here?

Watchman: No madam, there is no such land based wildlife except snakes but be aware of waters, there are many crocodiles in water.

Rahul gets curious about the location.

Rahul: Uncle, Is there any vehicle inside this land.

Watchman: There are vehicles inside but it cannot come out, as this bridge what you see is the only road connecting to this land, there is no other entry or exit route except this. You can call this as an island. This whole place is a mountain with forest and it’s all surrounded by water.

Rahul: Ok Uncle.

Seema and Rahul starts walking inside the forest. While walking they reach near the river. Seema suddenly remembers that she could have at least informed Karamchand that they have reached the location but realizes that she has not brought her phone.
Rahul was quick to tell Seema that he has secretly brought a phone against his dad’s orders.

Seema for a second stares at Rahul for not listening his dad but then she was happy to know that at least a phone is there to call home.
Seema takes the phone and tries to call Karamchand but is quickly disappointed as there is not even a single network in the location.

Finally Seema gives up and tells Rahul to hide his phone. If caught then unnecessary the ashram management will get angry at them. Rahul agrees to hide the phone in his bag. They again start walking towards the ashram office.

While walking they both see the beautiful river and also see some crocodiles sitting in peace, probably after a meal.

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After walking for some time they finally reach to the location where there were multiple small houses near to each other in a sloping mountainous area.

They enter the first house on the foothill, which is the reception office. There they see a middle aged person who was expecting them. That person with very wide smile greets both of them.

Pandey: Hello beti my name is Pandey. I am the caretaker of this side of ashram.

Seema: Hello pandeyji my name is Seema and this is my son Rahul.
Rahul also does Namaste to the middle aged man.

Pandey: You people will be very tired, let me show you Rahul’s rooms. From there freshen up and you will meet Guruji. After that Seema you can go to the other side of ashram, your room is ready there.

Seema knew that she will be staying in a different shed but she didn’t understand what is other side?

Seema: Pandeyji, is my room very far from here?

Pandeyji: Its more than a kilometre from here and no one is allowed from this area to go that side of the mountain except Guruji and few of his disciples who manage the place there and the devotee who will do pooja which is you.
Seema and Rahul is shocked to hear the distance and they were amazed to know the size of the place.

Saying that pandeyji takes them to one of the house on the foothill and informs Rahul that this will be his room until Seema finish her pooja on other side of the hill.

Showing the room pandeyji leaves both his guest in hurry as he was expecting Guruji soon in his office

Rahul really likes his room as it is no less than a holiday destination. They both freshen up and gets ready to meet Guruji. Seema takes bath and wears a white salwar, which was awkwardly tight on her upper area.

Rahul notices that and without any second thought gets an erection. Rahul starts assuming that why his mom is wearing such a tight dress, in which her breasts shape are so evident just because of her size.

Rahul: Whose dress is this? I have never seen this before.

Seema: This is neighbour aunties, this is very tight for me. I hope the ashram gives me other clothes.

Rahul was sure that this dress will bring unnecessary attention on wrong places. Anyone meeting her will notice her size. It was so extra evident and he blamed himself for this mishap. If He had never stole clothes in his house and this would have not happened.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door, pandeyji has come to receive Seema and Rahul.

Pandey: (In a hurry) Please come fast Guruji has reached office.

Saying that pandeyji glances at Seema’s boobs, which Rahul notices but prefers to ignore the old man.

Seema and Rahul hurries to the office which is beside the house allocated to Rahul.

Rahul and Seema reach office in no time.
Guruji is sitting in meditation mode closing his eyes.

Seema and Rahul with a submissive posture bends in front of guruji and do namaskar.

Guruji opens his eyes and see Rahul and Seema.

Guruji: Beti, Did you get everything what you want? (In a very mild tone)

Seema getting confused what he meant. Pandeyji interrupts in between.

Pandeyji: No Guruji, They just reached so I have still not shown Seema beti’s shed.

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Guruji: (Looking at Seema’s humongous breasts) Beti you can go to your place and take rest for today. Your pooja will start from tomorrow.

Guruji: (Looking t Rahul) Are you also here for pooja beta?

Rahul looks at Seema confused. Seema quickly covers it up.

Seema: Guruji, he doesn’t know anything about pooja. He just came to accompany me.

Guruji: Ok. As you wish beti.

Guruji looks at pandeyji.

Guruji: Give the boy his special lock so that he keeps the ashram sacred.

Saying that Guruji shows the hand gesture of blessing Seema and then he takes off in his car which was waiting for him.

Rahul starts assuming what is this special lock which Guruji mentioned and Seema was feeling awkward as Guruji didn’t even speak with for 5 minutes and left.

Pandeyji: Beti, Please get ready we have to leave for your shed.

Seema knew that it’s time to bid goodbye to her son. She looks at Rahul and gets emotional.

Seema: Please take care Rahul and please don’t get into any kind of trouble here. Don’t break any rules here. I will see you soon. (Almost on the verge of crying)

Rahul: (Also emotional) Ok mom, I will not.

They both hug and then Seema leaves with pandeyji

Pandeyji while leaving directs the helper in his office to give the lock to Rahul and make sure that it is locked properly.

After Seema and pandeyji leaves the helper brings and gives a weird device to Rahul.

Rahul looks at it and gets confused and asks the helper.

Rahul: What is this? And what shall I do with it?

Helper: You need to lock your dick in this so that we can make sure that you will keep the place sacred.

Rahul is shocked to hear that and also understands what kind of device it is.

Haaa haa haaa, superb?


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nice story... very good plot and thought process... please update... waiting eagerly.
ashram milf trick

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