Incest Transformation of Shy and Innocent Mom

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i got up in the morning feeling better getting ready to go for gym it is my second day i don't want to miss it my hubby told me not to go get some rest my son also in the same line but i am determined never miss my acrobatic & yoga classes we drove to the gym my instructer taught me some new streches also swinging the ring around my waist i do what she taught correctly i sweated more than 30 minutes ohh i am so tired took little rest again went to yoga class where my instructer taught me some aasans while teaching he touch me from behind holding my streched arms for surya namaskars correcting my postures ohh some times he touched me puposfully even i am in correct posture i under stood! but didn't resist or hesitate allowed him to feel my sexy body after my work outs i came out of class all the males irrespective of their age looking at me with their naughty looks because i wore such a provocative dress the top nothing more than bra! yes it covered only my boobs no cloth on my stomach the wet pant below my navel that too tight reviling my ass bumps the bumpness of my pussy also noticeable now i turned my self in to a exbhitionist sexoposing much more ! day by day i am becoming naughty mom! females are not like me because attention i am drawing from the males that's why i don't want to miss my classes even for one day
my son doing more work out today it ia already 1 hour so i went to his section ohh lot of guys more are my son's age some of them i know they are really surprised! they not even recognised me has kaarthik's mom but i don't want to stay there gone to my son he is doing some weights called him it is late so he stopped & came out while coming out some of his friends asked who i am he told them i am his mom! they really surprised we came out from the gym drove to home! as soon as we entered home my son got a call from his project friend that he has to goto mumbai the bank's head office there for the financial approve yes my son starting big industry even we have our own business but he is very keen on this project i don't know much detail but i know it is more than 100 crores project i am not much interest in those things so he has to catch flight earliest so took baath doing break fast in hurry kissing his mom got ready said bye to me his dad & anju i am looking at my son very admirbaly i am proud of my son ! my hubby went as usual to office but my daughter not ready for college i asked why she not getting ready is there holliday ! she winked at me maa last night i told you i am not going college to day ohh ! i remembered giving shy look at her went to my room she follows me with balm coffee telling jaamuna not disturb because she going to give her mom massage! i know what kind of massage it is i took coffee from jamuna went with my daughter in to my room she bolt the door came near me ohh she hugged me like a man ! ohh mom you are so sexyyy kissing my mouth ohh more like a mom 1 anju what are you doing please i am not ready for this we are females no please my baby stop i tried ti stop her shhhhhh maaaa it is nothing wrong now a days so many females doing it it is called lesbi slowly she removed my top also my bra giving massage to my boobs ohh her touch quiet different from my hubby son & jimmy but it is some thing different a smooth female hand rubbing my boobs that too my daughter's ohh i started moan with the pleasure again she kissed me i also opened my mouth our lips locked toungues met we are kissing passainatly slowly she removed mywet pant also panties rubbing my pussy kissing me like a boy ohh anjuu i moaned in pleasure my daughter also removed her nighty she is in bra & panties ohh what a body she got who is she she is my daughter she turned back asked me to unclap her bra i did as she said ohh i touched my daughters boos from behind rubbing my palms yes her's is little small but firm slowly rubbed her nipples my daughter moaning in pleasure
my daughter hold my head from behind kissed me on my lips we both more fully same height now i came in front of her we hugged very tightly crushing our boobs kissing passianetly my daughter rubbed my pussy i slowly put my palms on my daughters pussy ohh it is so nice no hair smooth like a silk she insert her finger in my pussy started figering me especially my clits i also do the same we fall on bed doing licking fingiring kissing each other my daughter shown me what lesbi all about we done this for 30 minutes both came twice licked our cum juice each other in 69 postions after our sex game take some rest i went to bath took very beautiful steam bath my daughter also went to her room took shower i wore blue bra panties of satin made & tight chudi of blue white living my hair not tied came out for breakfast my daughter in pink top & blue jeans sat beside me ate her break fast saying bye went to her room for doing her college works i sat in hall watching soaps now a days i am not in kitchen work i left everything to jaamuna she is managing all i asked her to appoint any assistant if she required she said yes she know one boy in her village who is ready to work i asked her to bring him my phone rangg i took the call ohh it is from my brother who is agricultarist who is looking my mom as well as my dad i have 3 brothers 2 elder 1 small i am the only daughter to my parent my father is a very big farmer also sarpanch of our village very respected man my elder brother who is a big doctor & this brother not studied much stays with father & mother in village looking our big farm my small brother is a marine engineer working with ery big mercantile navy always travelling all the brothers are married he called me because my mom fall ill she want to see me yes my mom is 68 years old not in good health my father 72 but in good health ohh god i called anju asked her to pack my luggage ! called my hubby telling me about my mom's poor health & i want to go to village ! which is more than 700 kms from my place
i called my son on his mobile but it is switched off may be he is in flight. my daughter take care of my packing ,she consoled me maa! nothing will happen to granny don't worry even jaamuna also consoled me i am in sad state.
my hubby came from office picked me to railway station i got ticket in ac first class train moved i called my brother asked him to pick me up from the station which is 50 kms away from my village he said ok. i reached station early in the morning my brother sohan is standing on the platform, i called him at first he didn't recognise me! yes how can he, i am in tight chudi not tied hair which is got cut! light lipstick, nail polish, kaajal slimmed eye brows, high heels, round nose ring big ear rings his innocent shying sister changed. yes we met after 3 months during my daughter anju's engagement but i changed a lot with in that short period.
ohh! ratna is it you i didn't recognise looking in exclaimed look took my luggage took me near our car.
bhayya! how is maa! is she well ?
no ratna maa fall ill again we have to shift her to hosipital but she is refusing only you an convince
ohh maa! we drove to our home in village i got down from the car my brother's wife seetha & her son mohan came out looking at me their eyes not recognise me, i smiled at them we went in side home my father sitting in verandah reading some thing also looked at me as my brother first time he saw in station!i bend down to touch his feet ohh my duppata fall down my boobs are visible due to low neck of salwar my father looked at my boobs. with out twinking his eyes i went to see mom she was in bed attended by our maid seetha, sohan,mohan,& my father came to room i talked to my mom she is asthama pateint also with some fever she is happy seeing me with in 30 minutes we shifted her to hosipital we all attend her ! me more with in 3 days she recovered well we all sighed with relief she discharged & came to home. during this time my son called me regularly my daughters my hubby every one. by god grace mom get well so soon i asked my mom & dad i am going back but they want me to stay there at least for a month ohh god how can i with out hard cock of my son. it is already 7 days with out fuck! my pussy needs hard cock of my son every day! some time in night i fingered but no use. but my mom not allowed me to leave what to do! so i decide to stay called my son telling him about my staying but he is horny he wants his mom's wet tight pussy for hard fuck now we are like lovers no more mom & son! i asked him to come over here , but he is very busy no time to come! his project got approve also finance assistance . so only sex talk by phone! at night after everybody slept i use to talk with my son fingering my pussy he jerking his cock. one night while i am fingering talking on phone suddenly door opened ! ohh my god! it is my father i am full naked my legs thighes wide opened fingiring pussy with 2 fingers phone on other hand ohh ! my god i forgot to lock the room my father saw me naked he went out of the room slowly i dressed my self he asked me shall he come now from behind the door i felt soo shy not able to answer loudly with embrassment ! said in very low voice come pappa! my father came to room took some books from shelf with out looking at me went out ! my whole mood upset my son giving call but i said good night didn't tell him what happened switched off the phone tried to sleep
ohhh i couldn't sleep! i ashamed in the morning it is so embrassing i wake up seetha brought coffee asked why my eyes are red? i told her i couldn't sleep well ohh new place that's why she took empty cup from me told to take bath hot water ready i took my clothes towel went to bathroom my dad sat on his easy chair reading morning paper sipping coffee,i am so embrassed to pass him with hesitation i passed on my way to bath room dad saw me i put my heads down in shy he didn't talk again start reading paper. i went to bath took bath in 10 minutes wore my clothes went to my room. on my way to room dad spoke softly ratna! beti! you took bath so soon usually it takes lot of time he smiled at me. ha pappa but today today really i didn,t know what to answer its ok beti! go & do breakfast he said smilingly i relief my dad not in angry about me i went to kitchen do the break fast my mom also do the little break fast with me her health now improving.we three women sat in hall talking freely laughing doing some house hold chorus ohh i really enjoying the company of my mom as well seetha now no worries all of sudden my dad called me i went to him he asked me is i am free to accompany him to our farm i said yes after all these days i didn't go to our farm when ever i came to village i remain spend much of my time there only my kids hubby always with me but this time i only one!i went to my room changed my clothes wore pink color saree sleeve less low neck no back! blouse yes only 2 threads holding my back tied saree below my navel applied little makeup lipstick kaajal & blush of course sun screen lotion sprayed scent below my arms back of my ears looking my self in mirror satisfied come out my dad waiting for me in the hall looked at me smiled i said bye to mom &seetha wore high heels went along with my dad my dad sat in driver's seat yes my brother & his son mohan went to town to purchase something early in the morning so only my dad has to go farm! my dad raghunandan 72 years very good healthy man even now he didn't wear reading glasses he has very flat stomach not fatty lightly bald never dyes his hair grown big moustach may be 6 ft height he started driving car it is 11 in the morning people on the road wished my father because he is very respectable man our field more than 100 acres very vaast area contains some wet land coconut garden grape garden floricultre some dry land my dad build a beautiful farm house near water tank in our farm it is very cool & calm place with lot of growned trees it looks like heaven one could feel the peace. while driving my dad told me that i am changed a lot looking more beautiful his comment made me blush with shyness my cheeks become red! he asked what was i doing last night !!! ohh god my dad asking it again ratna beti! don't be shy tell me what you are doing last night! dad please don't ask i said very shyingly he smiled at me common beti i am your dad tell me dpappa you know what your daughter doing i said smilingly no! i don't know it is dark i didn't saw any thing he naughtyly smiling reaviling slowly his other face ohh my god! pappa you saw what i am doing i shot back in same tone. no beti! teri pappa budda hogaya ( your dad become old man) that's why i didn't saw no my pappa not old man i know he have tigers eye i said smilingly only eye or some thing more he said i don't know he didn't show me what else he got but he saw his daughter's hai na pappa i said & teasing him
she shown in the dark shall she shown it again in broad light to her old pappa beti
slowly my dad dragging me in net! he is hunter i am deer ohh god he driving slowly nobody near by we are far away from village i am enjoying the way my father speaking no harsh words but full of double meaning i too matching him aakhir beti kiski pappa ki hai na
he already saw his daughter's but he not shown what he got for her i said
if she wants to see he will my dad said
yes she is ready to see what ever he shows
my dad looking here & there confirming nobody near by parked car on the side pushed his dhothi side pulled his brief down shown his cock! wowww it is erected may be 7 inches long 3 inches thick even at the age of 72 it is fully alive ohh god my own dad shown his cock that too after 72 years un belivible! really he is bigger & thicker than my hubby semi dark in color precum oozing from th knob he smiled at me asked how it is
i shyed little said it is good you are still got erection pappa from the last night it is giving lot of trouble to pappa beti only you can cure it will you beti he asked me i hesitated to say anything if you don't like ok leave it beti but don't tell any body saying he start to wear his brief no pappa i will saying i put my smooth silky palms on my fathers cock!
ohhhh pappa's cock danced in my hand with joy pappa was so sexited he immidiatly dragged my head with his hand plant a kiss on my lips! i too responded now i am running my smooth palm all along the cock of my 72 year old father ohh his cock become hard i didn't even at this old age my dad's cock fuckable any cunt now it is ready for it's own creation i already fucked my own creation my son now my father ready to fuck his own creation i gave my dad hard strokes kissing his mouth passianatly my pallu fall down my dad started pressing my boobs playing with them suddenly we noticed a bullock cart coming in our direction but it is far away we immediatly correcting our clothes sat properly my father start the car the man in bullock cart wished my father my father too we reached our farm .my father gone to check the works i sat in the verandiah looking here & there not in the mood to go around after some time my father also joined me we talked casually my father asked to bring the lunch box which we brought from the house i also hungry we sat in dining table our servent served the food we ate finished the lunch my dad asked the servent clean we went upstairs sat on balcony watching the beautiful dad asked servent to bring coconut tender milk he ran out brought we drank that also my father asked me weather i am taking nap i said yes because last night no proper sleep so i went to bed room fell on it ohh due to cool breeze coming from the wind immediatly caught sleepi don't know how long i slept suddenly i awakned!

Back to incest. I will try to keep the story in the family only. Rest erotic will come soon.


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yes some one rubbing my ass bums i shouted who is that but one big hand closed my mouth apeared in front of me it is my dad!he is stark naked his cock wooing in air it is in full form he rubbing my ass kissing my back calling my name ratnaaaa meri beti ! ohh he is soo horny i afraid if some body noticed pappa if some body comes please leave me
no! ratnaaa nobody willcome i locked all the doors our servent also went to the field only you & me dear come come to pappa my lovely daughter saying he kissed my back pulled my saree ohh i am only in peticoat & blouse i felt shy dad came near me raised my head looking deeply in my eyes kissed my lips just pressing his!ohh pappa saying i hold his head kissed him deeplynow my pappa untied my stings holding my blouse ohh ratna beti this is too easy to remove blouse saying he laughed i too joined his joy ha pappa that's why i wore it wowwww you know what i am doing to you beti i said i guessed!he removed my blouse looking at my bra covered huge boobs sayingggg wowwwww you are big beti bigger than your maa ohh pappa thank you for your compliment do you like it saying i un hooked my bra my father saw my pierced nipple ohhh ratna beti you wearing rings on your boobs ohh they are looking soo nice woww he pinched my nipples they ae so erected ha pappa it is fashion now ohh he pinching playing with the rings streching them oucch pappa it is paining please handle with care ohhh sorry beti saying he played with my balls noticed tatoo on my boobs woo it is beautiful ohh my babyy we kissed again he unclaped my peticoat's sting i pushed it down through it playfully on my pappa's face ohh younaughtyy saying he removed my panties ohh my pappa smelled my panties inhaling deeply the aroma of pussy sorry his daughter's pussy ohh ratnaaa you smell so good wowww looking at my neatly shaved cunt ring on its clits tatoo on above the pussy ohhhh ratna i have seen this kind of things in porn movies ohhhhhh you are looking just like that ohh beti saying he widened my legs sat between my thighes in haling my pussy ohh my dad touching my pussy with his nose yes he like the smell of his daughter inhaling my fresh pussy aroma now start to lick it ohhh pappa sayingg i pressed his white little bald on my pussy his moustach doing some naughty things on my pussy i gigled my pappa sitting between my well spread legs started lick my clits rubbing my pussy lips ohhh pappa i shouted in joy pulling his white semi bald head further on my pussy now he started lick my cunt hole putting his long tongue in side pushing his middle finger in & out giving pleasure to his lovely daughter ohhh pappa i cumm on his face heavily after 10 minutes of nice licking of my pussy by my own father i need some real fuck yes i didn't fucked by any body from past 1 week may be i mastrubate but no real fuck! so i asked my dad to fuck me with out any shy or hesitation he smiled at me got up i looked in to his my cum soaked face his big white moustach wet with my cum. pappa i oiled your moustach with my oil now it grow more rapidly i said in naughty dad smilingly said not only that my lovely child you made pappa's brinjal also grown big you are such a sexy daughter saying he kissed me ohhh i tasted my own cum ! mmmmmm! it is good ohhh pappa darling please use that brinjal to fuck your daughter! saying i rub my hand on his hard dick my dad understood how horny his daughter with out delaying much he put pillow below my ass making my pussy up widening my legs insert his cock in his own daughter's wet cunt giving her incest fuck he slowly in & out now increased his speed holding my boobs massaging them looking in my eyes i looked at our daughter father sex union yess the which fucked my mom produced me the same cock now fucking it's own creation ohh pappa saying i ran my hands on his back full of hair haaaa ratnaaa my child oh saying he pumped his hot semen in my cunt not much but for a man of 72 years it is much we hugged each other our cunt cock union remain like that for a while kissing each other fondling each othher after some minutes his cock came out of my cunt also little semen we went to bath room in hurry because it is time. any moment our servents may come washed our self dressed little touch up to my face combed my hair hurridly, looking in the mirror satisfied i cae out of bed room my dad already sitting in hall i sat on sofa near him we talked like a normal dad daughter with in minutes our servents arrived from the field my dad as usual enquired about today's work gave money to mai man asked him to distribute. we drove back to home on the way my father thanked me for the pleasure i gave him i smiled back complimented him even at this age he is so active in sex & also i am proud of him he asked when will next meet i told when ever we got apportunity we laughed each other we reached home my mom cutting vegitables asked me how is the farm did you enjoy as usual ha maa1 i enjoyed as always but today more hai na pappa i said ha radha your daughter to day enjoyed a lot of her father's farm my father shot back my mom smiled & hugged me kissed on my cheeks ohh my poor mother i cheated you today sorry mom i cried inside my soul !!! felt guilty! i can't sit there went to my room! i don't know why this feeling flashed in my mind
my mood is not in best suddenly my mobile rang ohh it is my son kaarthik's i said hello beta ! mom how are you ? i am waiting here i want you mom please come back i can't wait this much longer he talked all at once. ohh my poor child ! mummy also miss you so much i coming beta with in 2 days beta i am sorry son i also got mom like you i have to look her na i said ok mom i under stood take care but please come fast mom! can you give phone to granny? he asked i gave phone to my mom they both talked wishing each other's well then my mom gave phone back i said bye to my son' went to my room changed my dress wear nighty come back to hall seetha gave me some hot coffee it freshen me little i talked with my mom very affectionaly my father also sat beside us talk with mother & daughter more affectionaly i decide not allow my dad again to fuck me!it is time for dinner we all sat together ate our dinner after some talk went to my room for nap. i am in deep sleep with wet dream ohh me & my son kaarthik fucking each other on a pool side it is a party we fucking in front of every body ohh we are gasping every body clapping encouraging us! suddenly i wake up some one is knocking door! ohh who it is how dare they are to disturb my wet dream i got up
i got up opened the door ohh it is pappa he came inside lock the door. i am so afraid what if any body notice this i asked him to go out it is highly risky chances are more we may caught by others also i don't want to cheat my mom. my father shocked that i don't want to cheat my mom he said ha beti i also don't want to cheat my wife you are the only second person i bedded,i married your mom 52 years back run the family with her since then never looked at others not even once maintained dignity of the family well have you ever seen your father doing these things in past? yes pappa i know you are very good i am proud of you it is me & my mistake made you like this sorry pappa saying i cried ohh beti don't cry my child i also have share in this sorry beti you know i didn't fuck any body not even your mom past 22 years yes beti because of her health i not even touched her but yesterday night when i saw you like that all my desires shot at once sorry beti forget what happened today i never coming to you with that sin desire saying my dad folding his hands doing the namaaskar went out of the room in a flash.
ohh god how can a man of that robust health control his desires such a long time yes my father is a great i am proud of him my thoughts running to wards him yes there no question of cheating i am doing my mom's duty if my dad wants he can have many mistreses but he didn't so he is not cheater! i decide let my pappa have his daughter let him fuck her when ever he wants the very thought of fucking made me horny i fell on the bed with smile my dream with my son continues ohh again the same pool side so many watching us we are not afraid of any body we are fully naked we mom son fucking giving live show expiramenting all the kaama sutra asaans during our fucking i saw my pappa also joined the crowd watching us with proud some time clapping at us ohh what a dream. i dont know when the morning comes i am still in the bed my mom with coffee cup came raised me, beti! o beti! it is 8 get up ohh my god i slept soo longg saying sorry to mom went to bath washed my face came & took coffee from her sipping it my mom running her hand affectionaly on my head yes my mother loves me so much even i am 48 years married having 3 grown up children still i am baby to her!
we both mom & daughter drinking coffee together my dad called my mom ohh ! vidya where are you i am getting late
haaji i am with ratna coming i asked my mom where is dad going that too early yes my dad never leave home before 10 but to day only 8 ha beti your dad going to poona to get solve the litigation of our new land because one of the son of seller leaves there, he filed the case regarding it. mom it is far away is brother going with him no beti he is not here plenty of work not even mohan he got exams only your father. ohh now i under stood why dad came in the night itself in to my room ohh pitty dad i decide to accompany him. mom shall i go with dad because i am bored here i asked my mom you better ask your pappa beti mom said so we both mom daughter come out of the room together my dad wish me morning with out looking at me. i too wished him with my sweet soft voice
pappa shall i come with you to poona mom just told you are going
ha beti but it is faar away may it take 4 5 days to finish my job he said in suprised voice
no problem pappa i am getting bore here also you are going all alone better i accompany you what you say maa
haaji take her with you for your safety mom said
ok ok beti get ready fast it is already late we have to catch the train also i have to arrange one more ticket i went to bath room took shower get ready with in 15 minutes my mom packed my clothes living my hair open done little make up i wore salwar kameez which i feel comfertable while travelling my dad arranged the ticket with his influence. our luggage put in our car i called my son told him i am going with grand dad to poona on some work, he dissapointed to hear this but any how i convinced him only 4 days after that i am at home & always remain with him i called my hubby & daughter anju told them about my trip with my dad they also asked me to come soon i told them ok my daughter need me much she missed me much i console my little anju my hubby talked to my dad both of them exchanged wishes also some little talk my daughter also talked with her grand dad even my son also talked with his grand pa finally i off the phone we both dad & daughter sat in car saying bye to mom seetha & mohan my brother drove us to railway station the train is ready to departure we hurridly get in to our ac berth my brother helped us to load our luggage finally we setteled in our seats. the train moving leaving station

Sorry Friends as I was busy so could update a little late. Next update will follow soon in a day or two.


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Arjun Bro Whether father & daughter's relation does not come in the definition of incest. In my opinion a little adultery give a flavor to story. Rest the liking is its own. I am posting next part let's see who is interested.


next very naughty things between dad & daughter .......
it is a long journey only 2 of us in berth my dad sat far away from me reading some papers not talked much with me may be due to my refuse of him last night also some guilty feelings i smiled my self got up sat beside him rubbing my thighes to his! ohh he looked at me in confusion state i smiled at him pappa don't you under stand your lovely daughter coming with you for such a long journey. ha beti it is very long journey if you got bored please take from books from the bag read them he told in very innocent loving voice ohh pappa i am not came to read then beti !he asked to make you happy to full fil your sin desires to fuck your daughter i smiled told in naughty voice.his eyes brightened what!!! beti but you told me you are not cheating your mom! his voice also raised with exitement yes pappa i dont want to cheat mom but also i have to look after my naughty old pappa said & gigled like teen age girl i don't know how these naughty feelings coming to me that too at my mid way journey of my life i never even imagine these type of things at my teen ohh may be my son changed me ! showing his mom what sex all about how to enjoy it & sexual feelings is bar from age! ohh thank you my baby !you bring sluttyness in your mom she is enjoying it !my father also told me i changed fully entirly the early ratna is dead a new sexy horny slut ratna born !you naughty beti saying my dad hugged me kissed on my mouth we kissed very deeply lso very long our tounges do the sword fight!!! our body crushed each other the train moving so our sexual journey!!

pappa removed my salwar also my bra i am half naked my boobs erect with exitement i removed shirt of my dear pappa smiling at each other i ran my hands on his hairy chest my pappa sucked my nipples those 2 nipples erect like a small cock! he sucking one after the other pinching feeling the firmness erectness of my nipples he is really fond of those white melons his hands are so rough also huge he tried to took whole boobs in his mouth but not able! thy are so big he murmuringg my name ratna! ratna! meri beti my child so many times i want eat them ohhhhhhhh i pulled his head feeding him ohhh yes i am so horny i am doll in my own dad! those 2 white boobs of mine turned red!he asking me, feed me beti i want to drink your milk yes i want to taste my daughter's milk he shouting those kinky words from my father really made me too hornyyy. ha pappa made me pregnent then i feed you with milk! i used these kind of kinky words first time!! i am so horny my pappa slowly pulled the knot of kameezi holding him raised my legs pushed that kameez ohh my satin red panties soaked with my precum my dad insert his fingers right in side my panties slowly rubbed my pussy lips twinking my clits ohh pappa saying i hold his hand pressed my self to his palms.
i also removed his buckel un zipped his pant ohh the pant fell down yes my (pappa wears trousars when he go out of town )pappa dear you are so hard saying i rubbed my smooth silky palm on his brief ohh my pappa's naughty wicked cock danced with joy i insert my hand in t ohh the cock of my old daddy really so youngg ohhh beti saying he bit my lips it is paining pappa i complained but e didn't listen bit me one more time i squeezed his balls in side the brief ouchhhh he got the pain i smiled naughtyly is it paining pappa i said you saying he pinched my clits ohhh we are enjoying our fore play so muchhh no care for any thing or any body
show me the pussy i gave birth ratna my dad asked
look your self raghu! ohh i called my dad by his name it really made him more kinky
he removed my tiny panties looking my pussy my slut's chut so wet is itn'ted
ohhhh! my dad call me his slut
show me your cock raghu i want to punish it why it create such a slut i orederd my dad
ohh my sluty beti don't punish it because it create real rati who know all the sex games one can immagine
ok ok darling saying i pushed his brief ohh the cock of my pappa dancing like a wolf i ran my hand on entire length of the shaft i made him to sit on the seat kneeled my self in front of him moisten my papa's knob with my wet coated lips ohhhhhh he danced with joy! i smiled at him how is it raghu!
ohh it is amazingg ratna now feel the wet worm mouth of your slut beti which you feed with your hands when she was child saying i took entire shaft of my pappa in one go! it is very easy because i already practised on mighty 11 inch cock of jimmy! haaaaaaa my poor pappa shouted with joy i started give him blow job of the decade! holding massaging his baals!showing him heaven & what blow job meant
my pappa hold my head pressing his hard cock which is sliding in & out of my wet mouth ohh he literally fucking my slut mouth. i am enjoying tasty old cock of my dear pappa sucking him very well ohh he can't hold much he pressed my head very hard & started to cum in my mouth ohhhhh that odour taste of his sperm different but sweet i swalloed little split remain ohh my old pappa exausted he fell on seat carresing my head i got up smiled at him what raghu you cum so early ,any how is your slut daughter sucking?wowwwww it is amazing my dear daughter you are real slut yo know how to handle cock he smiled back i sat beside him caressing that limp cock of my father then we both got up washed each other dressed hurridely sat the food brought by waiter we ate took some little rest. now it is my turn to get sucked i removed only my kameez & panties sat on seat my pappa kneled down start sucking my already wet cunt while he sucking i read some book occassionaly carresing his head moaning never say stop! he sucked more than 20 minutes continuesly i cummed 3 times but want to cum more ! finally he gave up got up ohhh i drank more than a cup of your tasty juice ratna! a nice juice after food wow saying he went wash his mouth i asked my pappa to clean my pussy because he the one who make it dirt! he obliged my orders cleaned my cum soaked cunt put my panties tied knot of the kameez. we kissed each other daddy dear pleae take some rest we do fucking little later i affectionaly told he is happy for my concern , he put his head on my lap took rest i caressing his head reading a novel we are not just father & daughter!!!
by evening after having some snack & coffee i washed my face took very sexy nighty satin bra & panties both sting type only threads no hooks gave them to my pappa asked him to tie he do with so much care i wore nighty through which my bra & panties visible took my make up kit applied lorea'l ivory foundation applied spot corrector than mascara for eyes eyeliner make my eye brows more dark applied gold blushes on cheeks rosy eye shadow cherry red lipstick on my lips correcting them with lip liner over it lipgloss looking my lips satisfied while i am doing my sluty looking make up my father unzipped his pant took out his already hardened cock out massaging it yes i am look very stunning i asked my dad to apply moistering cream on my thighes ass bums even n my hairy less pussy he do all these while i massaging his cock with little baby oil yes i had every stuff in my kit!i asked my dear pappa sat on the seat removed every piece of cloth from his body but i asked him to remove only nighty we kept our clothes care fully on seat i took out my huge boobs frombra gave him some baby oil asked him to rub massage those pair of my sexy asset i sat on his thighes slowly pushing my panties aside took his erected old cock in my beautiful red nail polished fingers massaging little ohh he is moaning in joy insert my pappa's cock in my wet tight pssy started pump him yessss he is in heaven haaaaaaaa he shouted in joy i am fucking him slowly but staedily holding his head for balance yess i am enjoyingg ohhhh pappa dear the moment of train also helped me to fuck my pappa dear

ohhhh i started pumping my pappa his hard old cock in & put of my wet tight slutty pussy. pappa rubbing baby oil on my stiff round huge boobs feeling how sexy they are, these kind of kinky things my old daddy never imagine in his life, gosh! leave daddy i myself never imagine i am going to do these things just 6 months back! for me sex is no more a obligation for wife, now sex is more than food it is expressing understanding of 2 souls who may it is if i like it!
after fucking 5 minutes me on top , my dear dad want me o fuck in doggy style ratna beti! i want to fuck your sexy wet cunt from back will you allow me he asked
why not my dear saying i climbed down from him yes his cock cum coated shining! we kissed each other i bend in front him holding rod of the closed window raising my upper body little widening my long smooth legs. ohh ratna! your ass bums are so huge saying he rubbed them feeling smooth ness of them, sucking my dripping pussy little he insert his cock behind start fuck me from behind with long strokes his stomach it my ass he was so horny holding my boobs rubbing them fucked my pussy more speed ohhhhh! we both enjoying this position but he can't hold much his cock start cumming ohhhh he pressed his cock as much as possible pumped his hot cum in me haaaaaaa! saying ,shouting his lovely sexy daughter's name ratnaaaa! he collapsed on me.
hegot up slowly sat on seat i too got up smiling at him took tissue paper cleaning his cock went to toilet washed my cum soaked cunt, also my face came out, wearing my clothes asked my pappa wear his. we wore our clothes fall in to deep sleep we are so exited. we reached poona we check in one good hotel took shower freshning our self do break fast in restura my dad contact the person whom we came to contact,settled the dispute smoothely i assist him. our work has done we telophoned our home told good news! my son daughter also contacted me on mobile i told them i am back in 2days but my dad said that his daughter will coming in 4 days! both my son as well my daughter didn't agree with him asked him to send me in 2 days.we fucked ,sucked in our hotel room for 2 days tried every possible postions by him. my father exausted! but fully satisfied i gave my cunt boobs whole body except my ass! yes even he asked for it but i won't allow him, because it is reserved for my son kaarthik ! oh yes i want to give my cherry ass to my son i want to lost my virginity only to him! finally we came our village, took one day rest next day ready for my home! my father want me to stay for 2 more days you know what is the reason but mother also want me to stay 2 more days but it is for her own reason my brother his wife & son also want me to stay. but i want to see my son want is hard huge cock i want him more than a mom! also my daughter, finally i say bye to my mom dad touching their feet as a daughter my pappa gave me a beautiful diamond ring, my brother as well as my dad dropped me in railway station arranged every thing for my returned journey. train took its speed living everything behind looking forward so i am i smiled at my self thinking about my sexual adventures with my old dad! now my cunt want my son even thinking of my son my cunt become wet!

Update is posted. Please comment.


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This was initially posted on xossip. com which is currently taken off. I love this story and searched everywhere on the internet but couldn't find. Glad its here 😃😃😃

Please post next parts of the story..
Thank you so much :)

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I read this full story before 5 years.....its actual name is similarly to "Ratna..A journey of shy and innocent mom to slut" something like this....
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Third Update

i never kissed like that before my son is such a wonderfull kisser he used my wet delicate lips so well i opened my mouth make room for his tounge ohhhhhhe put his tounge inside search for my tounge our toungs met oh i am rubbing my tounge with my son's tounge our saliva mixed our tounges doing sword fight !really very passinate kiss my son kissing his mom like he kissing his wife ! how can i keep quite while my hot & horny son kissing me like that ohhhhh my god my pussy lips opened like a lotus pussy juices started to flow i am so wet pussy juices running like a river even my thighes got wet that tiny lace panty unable to suck the cunt juices ohhhh i am not so wet in my entire life even my hubby never made me so wet ohhhh my son kaarthik made me so wet in just that magnificiant kiss a kiss of life ! i hold his head fondling his hair giving full co operation forgot my early relation with him amen mom son relation this kind of thought never came in my mind i never thought any body other than my hubby ohh god now i am thinking my son as my lover my son running his hard palm on my naked back hold me so tight with one hand steering the car with other ohh my god we are driving !we heard a horn sound from a vehicle in opposite direction we unlocked our lips tounges i sat properly ohh what happened to me i came to normality !
mom you are wonderfull kisser nobody kissed me like that before wowwwww my son said i felt very shy for his comment & said kaarthik beta let's go to home
no ! no! mom i want to spend this evening alone with you please
no beta it's already late we are so far away my mobile rang it is my hubby my son's dad ohh my god ! i answered ji bholiye haaji i am with kaarthik we came for shopping he enquired about my visit to beauty parlor with little exclaimation yes my daughter told him ! now he want to see me asking me to come soon my son took mobile from me dad we are in shopping mom wants somany things she want to change entire wardrobe of her so it will take more time please let she finish her shopping saying he cut off the call ohhh my son wants spend more time with his sexy mom now we drove back to city enter very huge mall my son said mom you purchase any thing all the bills will be setteled by me ok yes he is giving presentation for his new lover that is his own mom
my son kaarthik took me in to big showroom asking manager to show me sarees dress materials etc it is very big shop there are many sections first iwe went to sarees section ohhh pleanty of collection before this i used purchase from my regular shop you all know i am not so fond of dresses i never used any thing other than sarees that too cotton silk only but in this shop so many varities they shown us very thin sarees chiffon beutyfull embroided instead of me my son select lot i keep queit because its him i have to attract na !! he select more than 25 to 30 in one go !llot of flash colors my son loves flash colors red pink blue so many varities ask them to pack along with matching blouse materials the manager asked my son kaarthik
sir aagar mem saabh ko pasand hua to hum different varieties of modern dress materials dikhaavunga ! ohh my god what he thinking us husband & wife no! no! it is not right my inner voice rised but that devil thought to hold him to me defeat every so called morality in me my son laughed at manager very miscjviosly ha ha kyu nahin show us
please welcome sir he took us upstairs shown us plenty variety of lehanga cholies even i dont know name of them they are so beutyfully embroided kaarthik purchased many of them ohh how can i wear god help me ! kaarhik asked him for ultra modern dress section the man said those things are available in another shop of them & phoned that shop saying we coming there kaarthik asked him to pack all the things pay the bill ohhh ! my god it is more than 2 lac i never purchased so much at once slowly i used for these thins now
we went that shop ohh it is ultra modern dress shop they shown us plenty of jeans tops minis micro minis see through nighties many many things kaarthik purchsed so many of them the shop keeper even took my waist size! boobsize by tape while he taking i looked at kaarthik he smiled & winked the shop owner saw my son kaarthik's mischiviouse smile touched my ass purpose fully i know it! but help less he even toched my 36d size boobs also than they shown variety of dreses of my size my son purchased jeans skin tight type low neck mini tops middys even micro mini skirt which seems to jst below my waist ohh my god i can't wear this in front of any body kaarthik beta i told in his ear but mom this is for your private show you have to wear it only for me he said you naughtyyy i smiled at him now i am more than mom to my son my kaarthhik he asked for bra & panties to the person who took my sizes ohhh god he is a man of middle age smilingly lead us to that section wowwwwww so many varities of bra panties so many desines laced sting type every thing there we purchased lot of it even i also select some sexyy lingres for my private show to my son my son purchased gartet belt black red pink one
my son kaarthik asked the person who showed us all the varieties of lingres some thing i didn't hear what they are talking but the man giving very naughty smile at me said acha saab memsaab ko wo chees bahut acha lagega i puzzeled even asked kaarthik about it he said maa it is very special thing i will tell you later no! no! tell me now i demanded in curiasity! mom it is black leather sexy dress they called latex lingre i want to see in that will you wear it for me ohhhh my son kaarhik any thing for you i said smiling at him very naughtyly.the man bring all the stuff what kaarthik asked in a huge box we paid the bill & came out of the shop
my mobile again rang ohh my god! it's my hubby's call! i answerd jii boliye ha ha i am with kaarthik we are on shopping ok ok i am giving i gave mobile to kaarthik telling his dad want to speak kaarthik took mobile spoke ha papa we are shopping yes for mom i am doing another 1 hour we are back ok ok nothing to worry bye papa he cut off the call
common mom i told papa now no disturb let's go for shopping what! kaarthik we purchased everything i want still shopping na baba let's go home
no mom not even half of the stuff we purchased there are more for you common lets go! he put his hand on my waist almost dragged me ohhh!! kaarthik everybody looking at us please i told him in very shy voice yes some of passer byes are looking at us mischiviasly i don't know what running in thier mind but sure they thought we are couple!!!! my son giving the killing smile ok ok maa then come with me ha! baba chal what ever you want to purchase for your maa purchase i said
not only maa my sexy maa!! my son said ohh my god!! my own son called me sexy the very word sexy giving lot of blush instead of angry! what a turn! from shy innocent maa to sexy horny maa who is blushing when her own son called her sexy he took me to very big cosmetics showroom where almost all cosmetics available of every brand on this earth we purchase a load of cosmetics ranging from foundations firming creams facial creams lipsticks of all vibrant shadows mascara eyeliner eye shadows blushes nail polishes many scents bodysprays ohh i even i dont know many of them what they are!! my son kaarthik asked some thing to the lady who is attending us in whispering voice she looked at me with naughty smile on her face yes sir we have i will get it saying went! i asked kaarthik what you ordered any naughty thing1
yes mom
then tell me what it is
no i wont if i tell you get angry then scoling me!
no! i won't tell me
promise! mom
yes beta i promise
mom! it is breast firming cream & vaginal firming cream
i felt so shy i know what breast is but don't know what vagina means i asked my son what vagina is innocently
maa vagina means he hesitatingly tlod chut!!!what!!! beta is it that i said in shying voice yes maa it is chut it will tightened the chut! the girl came with the packing given to my son !! a son purchased pussy tightning breast tightining creams for his own mom that too in front of her!!!!!
we came out of that cosmetic store my son kaarthik took me to jewellary show room purchased gold bangles necklace diamond studed nose ring ear ring a beautiful anklet even toe ring also he himself put the anklet & also toe ring by removing old one in the shop itself the new ornaments on my feet enhance the sexyness of my red polished feet. my son kaarthik so obessed about that sexy feet of mine ran his palm on it with lot of passion. i am so embrassed & shy. beta! shall we move i said he came back to normal world . ha maa! saying he paid the bills we came out of the show room beta is our shopping finished or more is there!
ha maa only one shop left he told smilingly ohh beta you already spend lot of money on your maa even your pappa never spend that much buss beta let we go home
no! maa please one more shop left
ok ok baba shall we go i asked in very pleasent voice ohh god what a lovely boy i got thank you! praying the almighty in my soul he took me to a posh footware shop purchased lot of sandles almost all of them very sexy looking some of them are 3 inches heels beta i cant walk wearing these high heels they are so high i told playfully
no! mom you can you are my sexy mom saying put his arm around my waist squeeze it gently ohhhh beta it's paining said looking in to his eyes i am enjoying what ever he doing now1
ohh sorry maa i am sorry my son kaarthik in so humble voice then be gentle with your maa ohh sorry your sexy maa handle her with care beta ! i called my self sexy for the first time ! it surprised my son he was sooo exclaimed ! awack yes i will mom oh no my sexy mom we are enjoying our conversations with out caring much about others now i am fully enjoying the company of my son who is so passionate about his mom ohh maa i forgot one more saying he purchased handbags vanity bags to me! what a beta he is never left anything for his sexy maa we start moving towards our car kaarthik what if anju sees our packings those sexy lingres creams i asked in worried tone
नहीं माँ वह या कोई भी शरीर उन पैकिंग को नहीं देख सकता है जो मैंने पहले से ही सुपर पैक में रखा है मैं उन थिनों को अपने कमरे में रखूंगा, एक गुप्त लॉकर है, यहां तक कि आप नहीं जानते कि उसने आपको झकझोर दिया था शरारती ने चंचल स्वर में कहा मैंने आपको बताया माँ जो केवल आपके बेटे के लिए निजी शो के लिए हैं और केवल आपका बेटा इसका आनंद ले रहा है, यहां तक कि आपके पति को भी नहीं! हे भगवान ! वह पप्पा का उपयोग नहीं कर रहा है, उसने कहा कि आपके पति मुझे बहुत शर्म आ रही है हमने अपनी पैकिंग कार में डाल दी, अंत में घर की ओर चला गया!
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