Incest Transformation of Shy and Innocent Mom

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i asked him beta! to day no work or any engagements
ha maa i got some engagements but i canceled it because i want to spend quality time with you saying he winked i too smiled at him said thank you beta jaamuna our maid asked me that both of us has to go for market to purchase grocery vegitables friuts as our weekly routine programme before i saying any thing my son interpritate said jaamuna bai maa is too tired she wont come you & driver go for market let she take rest! but beta it is my usual thing jaamuna bai doesn't know what are all required for home i told but maa today stay in home for me my son told in seriouse voice, cutting our conversation ! she took money from me took our car went to market now nobody in home only me & my son ! ohh its already 9.30 kaarthik i am going to take baath so many work pending not even done the pooja said in my usual home maker tone. maa! don't worry for your chorus works today common saying my son came near me! looking at me deeply hugged me from front i put my head on his broad chest put my shoulders around his neck said ok ! baba maa will not do any thing she will spend all the time with you are you satisfied saying kissed his fore head now leave me i have to take baath sit in hall watch tv will back in few minutes ok
no! maa i also coming with you i will help you to take your shower
what! what are you saying kaarthik are you seriouse i said in very generouse voice
yes mom i know what i mean saying he winked & put his two hands on my big ass pulled me to him plant kiss on my lips ohh no! kaarthik you are my son grown up one not boy you can't help me in shower i am your mom please try to under stand beta i tried to convince before it is too late no maa please only oncei want to help you in shower please maa allow me i won't do any thing wrong promise ohh sorry mother promise he begging in dramatic tone! it almost convinced me i said ok baba in very shying voice almost whispering wowwww thank you maa thank god saying he placed his lips on mine kissed deeply pulling me to him pressing his rough palms on my broad ass i too respond positevely not like a mother but like a lover ohh god is it me!!
ohhh! my son with out wasting even a single second started undress he removed his t shirt also his pyjama wow! the cock in his brief make it look like a tent i am watching my own son's streap tease sitting in bath tub i am so eager to see his grown up manhood my pussy crying once again my hand went automatically on it to console my poor pussy. my son didn't remove his briefs ohh my patience running out my son spotted it on my face teased me more!

maa! this brief not coming will you kindly help me please saying he came near me like a small boy
ha beta i will saying i removed that brief with my both hands ohhhh my good ness!at last his monster cock out! it actioned like a spring rubbing my face tremondasly ohhhhmy own son's cock rubbing my face! i not made any attempt to take my face back i am looking that lund of son in with out twinkling my eyes i never saw such huge cock before all of i saw only my hubby's 6 inch cock not any man's other than that i not even watch porn & all that stuffs before may be it is 8 to 9 inch of size may be 3 inch dia with lot of blood veins on it brownish in color but that front portion seems to look like a red big lolly pop some liquide oozing from the opening of his cock defenetly not pee. i rubbed my silky smooth palm on it wrapping well polished fingers around that monster cock of my son kaarthik with out thinking anything else. ohhhhhh! maaaa you are so goood wowwwww your hand so smooth my son said enjoying my hand on his cock mom! i want to give you bubble bath saying he poured soap soln in the bath tub mixing it with already filled luke worm water in the tub while he doing this his cock hanging like a huge pendulum ohhh what sexyyy situation i am proud of my boy! now he sat behind his sexy horny mom that is none me! pouring the bubled water on me from behind sarted rubbing my shoulder with his huge palms trying more gentle with his mom's so smooth body ohhhh! god i am in heaven he slowly bring his hands downwards poured buble liquied on my huge boobs start giving massage to his mom's huge boobs ohhhh he is maaster he know how to handle horny woman ohhhhh betaaaa saying i raised my both hands back wards holding his head cuddling his hairs making him feel free to give massage cum bath to my boobs now he massaging cuddling my boobs ohhhh pinching my erected rock hard nipples ohhhh it is not pleasureful pain my nipples are erect like a small boy's pee! so haard ohh he maasaging it taking it between his fingers he bring his face near me placing his hungry lips on mine tart kissing me it is real french kiss i am his woman he is my man i opened my hungry mouth start pushing my tongue in to his mouth massaging his tongue with mine. maa1 you are wonder full kisser you know how to kiss wowwww he said in praising tone i felt little shy!


ohhhh karthikkkk you are soo goood so kind of for your old mother ohhh my son !

no! mom who told you hold look these melons these are more good & sexyy than young ladies wowwww look these nipples dad is really lucky person he got such a wonderfull wife hai na maa

bringing his dad's name between this situation make me some unhappy alsolittle embrassment & guilty in real i took my hands from his head sit seriosely my son understood the situation laughed ohh sorry my dear mom bring his name i am very sorry please forgive me my lovely mom he begged & massage my boobs smoothly with soap solution i cooled little again put my hands on his head cuddling his hair said that's my boy kissed his lips again with full force thank you my sexy mom! saying he moved his right hand in to my stomach area carresed it with much love slowly insert his middle fingre in my navel give little pressure to it.

yes! he handling his mom so well make her feel in heaven now she is enjoying what sex is all about! it is not only for baby making but to enter salvation! he is kaama for her she is rati for him they are no more mom & son now my son kaarthik forwarded his strong hot & horny hand to my cunt! which is soaked with bubble water he start massage it brush it by sponge murmaringgg feeling my hot pussy his own mother's pussy ohhhh yes i am so horny i can't hold more i put my trembling hand on his pushed his hand hard on my pussy bringing another from his head wrapping his monster rock hard cock ohhhhhh i start give jerk to that so preciouse part of him! yes i am jerking my own son mastrubating him. my love boy insert his middle finger in my pussy ohhhhhhh he rubbing my cliteros which is came out of pouch for the first time in it's entire existence ohhhh ohh from his thumb! increasing pressure gradually now my son start push his finger in & out in my pussy slowly stadily he is finger fucking his mom! his own mom! showing her what finger fucking means haaa my mouth shouting! enjoying it now he insert his one more finger start pushing deep inside ohhh now he incresed speed moving his fingers like pistonn rubbing my cliterose more vigoraslyyy ohh i came!came! raising my butts from the water shouting his name so loudly he put his hand in my mouth whispering mom! don't shout so loudly what if some one hear!i increased my fist's speed on his cock ohhhhh mom! mmmmmmmom! haa he enjoying what his mom doing for him my hand shake his but shake make lot of sound in bath tub i mastrubate more thn 5 minutes looking deep in his eye kissing his lips at last the baby making seeds are shot like a fountain! yes that sperms of my son is so thick & muchh it is a huge load even apeared in that soap foam! ohhhhh maaaa! you are so goood ohhh baby you tooo we kissssed each other stayed in the tub for few more minutes the mobile ringgggg
the ringing of mobile bring both of us in to the earth from heaven i i came out of bath tub with soap foam covered body ran got the phone.ohh it is our driver's phone hello! i answered he told the car is broke down near market it will take 1 hour to fix it shall send jaamuna bai by taxi! oh i told him don't send her by any other vehicle nothing urgent come after fixing the car! all of you know the reason ! yes i want to extend my sexual journey with my son! i cut off the phone came to bath room swinging my heavy hips my son who is still in bath tub smiled at me he also got out of the tub now we both standing facing each other stark naked below the shower i ran the water from the shower we both giving bath to each other that monster cock of my son again blown to full form we washed each others privete pats e his cock he mine pussy as well boobs giggling like lovers cutting sex jokes teasing each other ohh it is the best bath i ever had! he lift me in his doli again brought me out of the bath room now he took towel dried me with all affection put talk powder on me more on pussy boobs under arms ohh i took care of his cock by rubbing my smooth hand running my fingers on it ohh the monster dancing in joy! ohh my poor boy saying i gave some hard stokes on it ohh maaaa! saying he kissed me now i make him to sit on bed go near mirror started make up i applied dark cherry red lipstick combing my sexy eye brows applied mascara even for eye lashes rose colored blush on my cheeks all with ivory foundation! my beutifull face glowing like a moon yes i am beautifull & but sexyyy too even i am 49 years at that time not even a single wrinkle on my face no dark circles glowing whitish skin sexy nose big brown eyes fully blown cheks i am not fatty no bulge stomach even i am not doing any acrobats doing house hold works walking lot eating properly make me look young now these make up stuffs my open ness to sex! make me sexyyyyy. my son kaarthik rubbing his cock watching his mom me doing make up smilingly i looked him smiled hegot up from bed but i ordered him stay there only he obeyed i put lip gloss to increase my wet ness on lips now i put laced bra & panties both red colored which my son selected from my ward robe took that high heel sexyy leather belted sandle put sindoor on my fore head little turmaric in my cheeks ohhhh yes i want to look like a slut pativrata looking my self in mirror satisfied yes! mangalasutra along with gold chain sindoor bindi on head turmaric on cheeks anklets toe rings on feet red bangles along with gold bangles made me look like sexyyy indian aurat now i came near bed walking sexy walk swinging my big hips more smiling sexually at my darling son! all my this increased his monster cock 1 more inch now it is fully erected swinging asking me to take care mummy! but i want to tease him ok beta i want to dress will you go out the very dialogue make him angry ! his face become red no! mom don't that much cruel for your son this is not fare! he said i burst in to laugh ha ha ha no my darling son i want to do some thing for you which i never done before! he puzzeld! what mom i don't have any idea of what you are saying

i shyingly came near him put my sexy mouth near his eagarly waiting ear said darling! i want suck this monster pointing his rock hard cock

ohhh ! mommmm he was soooo sexitedd he kissed my lips immediatly with all joyy what maa you never sucked dad's ohh sorry i don't want to bring his name sorry sorry

no! beta promise i never sucked your dad you are the first man i said with lot of shyness

wowwwwww! i am going to fuck my mom's virgin mouth he shouted soo sexitedlyy than god!!!he thanking almighty giving this very rare apportunity for a son that too with his mother!

yes he is right i am virgin! now i am ready to loose my virginity for my own son!!!

Update is posted. Enjoy.
Let's see the response. The future will depend on the same.
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Ohh!! my god jaamuna came from the market we are just finished our sucking ! both in nude me in only bra & panties my som stark naked with semi hard cock i ran into bath room throwing towel at him asking him to clean. my son cleaned his cock putting his clothes in hurry went down i washed my cum filled mouth cleaning my face came out of bath room putting new sleeve less chudidar giving touch up to my make up looking again in mirror combing my hair came out of room walking down stairs asking jaamuna what are all she brought from the market jaamuna said she brought all the stuffs saying sorry for the late because of the breakdown of our car

koyi baat nahin jaamuna it's ok saying i looked at my son who sitting in drawing room watching tv like a innocent boy!& smiled naughtyly hai na beta !

ha maa! if jaamuna bai coming little late it is aur good na maa! smiling in same naughty line

chote maalkin aap ghar pe aaj! lagta hai aap ko maalkin ko seva karne ke liye rukhi hogi jaamuna said innocently

ha jaamuna bai mai iske liye rukhi hu lekhin maa ne mokha nahin diye sirf un hone meri seva ki hai na maa he smiled wickedly

ha chote maalkin bahut achi maa hu har samay aapki dekh pal karti hu wo aur aap ko kuushi rakhne ke liye unhone poori har samay tayyar raha ti hai she said in all that pure innosence

chal kaarthik you are too naughty i said throwing a lover's smile asked jaamuna for break fast she served dosa idli vada to me in saperate plate i told her to take them to my bed room telling i will eat there only! she took plates to bed room i tied my hair with sexy clip followed her swinging my sexy ass i know my son kaarthik will follow me yes he is just behind me looking at my swinging ass hungarly even h pinched it once now we are in room i asked jaamuna to bring coffee looking at my son if he want any food he said he already ate but he want to talk some thing about arrangements for anju's marriage bul shit!nothing talking only fucking! yes he wants to fuck his mom! that' me
jamunaa brought coffee along with another dosa for my son we sat on sofa talikng some thing giving pose for her like we disgussing some thing she kept everything asked weather i am coming to kitchen or she should prepare lunch her self i told her i would like to take rest so she can prepare all her self! my son asked her not to disturb us for a moment saying ok she went out my son locked the door came near me looking deeply in my eyes ohhh no! that penentrating eyes really killing me i smiled open my arms hugged him we kissed very passionatly beta! i am hungry shall we eat i said ohh! maa i am sorry but can you sit on my lap i want to feed my lovely mom to day he asked ohhhh betaaa! saying i sat on his lap he started to feed me my memory went back! when he was child i use to feed him on my lap showing him moon or moving vehicles now the very same child making me to sit on his lap feeding me! this made me little emotainal i too started feed him we are feeding each other some times kissing he cutting jokes make me kaugh ohh it is truly romantic my hubby never done this he is not ramantic but he is very caring but my son not only caring but romantic! my soft bums on his lap made his monster to raise once again ! ohh that cock rubbing my bums!i sat exactly putting my legs on either side my back on his chest my bums right on that little basterd! ohh he pushing his cock in the crack of my ass with the clothes on it ohhhhhh i looked back he smiled & kissed me we enjoying every bit of what we doing our eating finished my son washed my hands in the table with out allowing me to get up washed his hands also keep the plate on the tipoy poured coffee in one glass we both sipping from the same when i am sipping he hold the glass when he sipping i hold it at that time his boyh hands caressing my ever ready boobs! ohh this is the best break fast i ever had also the coffee! suddenly my son asked me to get down from his lap i puzzeled but got up he took a towel put it on his shoulder make it to cover his hardon smiled at me naughtyly went out of the room ohh i hate him ! i too correct my dress called jaamuna to take the plates she came& took i too moved out of the room along with her my son climbing the stairs looking i am getting down asked me to come with him a packet was in his hand! i followed him we came to bed room he bolted it maa! do you remember this packet my son asked with big smile on his face ohhhh yes it is the packet which he bought from the cosmetic show room i know what it contains ohh i am so embrassed! my son came near me maa! i want to apply these things please allow me to undress you saying he started undress me this is not new he already made stark naked 2 hours back that time my saree this time my chudi! he pulled all the clothes even bra & panties with out living a single thread on me made me to lay on the bed ohh what a naughty son i got i smiled at him not covered my pussy or boobs i know it is no use!he opened packet brought those 2 creams out1 taking the 1 pored little on his palm little on my boobs started massage in circular motion covering entire booby area more on my nipples & aurola! yess it is magic cream it made my boobs more stiff & hard he massaged for 10 minutes ohhh i hold my pillow hard with my both hands biting my lips so hard feeling the joy of my boobs massage in my own son's hands ohh! he concentrated so hard giving every thing of him in to massage make his mom sooo hornyyyy but never show his horny ness that' my son ! that's my kaarthik this made me more proud of my son! he smiled at me i hold his head leaving pillow kissed hardly on his lips bite it! with sexite!ohhh! you sexyyy mom! it's paining but welcome pain saying he also bite my soft sexy lips for me it is enjoyable pain! mom! be ready for more action saying he took another bottle ask me to open my thighes as wider as i can! yes i follow his instruction streched my legs thighes as wide as i can! this made my pussy to strech wide my son karthik kneeling between my wide opened legs sitting now very near to pussy looking every inch of his mother's pussytook the cream little applied softly on my pussy lips ohhh what a sexy touch he is massaging the my pussy lips so well my son took little more streched my pussy with his fingers insert his cream coated finger deeo in side my pussy ohhhhh i cried with joy! but my son so concentrated on his job he never looking any thing other than his mother's streched pussy he massaged every bit of my pussy every bit of inner wall of my pussy now another finger coated with that cream he fingered my pussy so well as deep as possible! ohh god i felt my pussy muscels tightining yes it is really magic cream no need to say my pussy flooded with love juice giving me more orgasams thanxxx for hard handy work of my beloved son! he decide to make his mom like a 18 years old unfucked aurat (woman)he took special care for my clitorse now he left me! i looked at his tent that monster cock of my son ready for action ohh this boy already ejaculate his sperms twice with in 2 hours still ready for another round ohh i bore a real hunk! i felt so proud of myself now he removed his clothes with in a minute smiling at his already stark naked mother who lying on bed for her son! ohhh his cock is ever ready but now for real action! all of sudden my hubby's face came in my mind ! also guiltiness well even moral responsibility of a mother! ohhh but my erotic romantic sex side of mind conquered every other things came in mind made me more horny for more kinky action yes for what all this i am doing only for happiness of my child! also i don't want to loose him for any milfs i know he is so fond of them! if he want let him fuck his own milf that is his own mom! maa! maa! what are you thinking where are you i am asking you are not answering my son whispered in my ear licking my ear lobe! ohh ! beta! nothing what you asked i said enjoying his licking of my ear lobe maa! you want me wear rubber or direct skin to skin he said i didn't understood i gave him puzzeled look asked what he talking about he laughed & said in my ears maa! my sexy maa! rubber means condom!you want me wear it or with out it! ohhhh this answer made me feel so shyyyyyyy i can't able to answer him i turn my head other side with lot shy!!! laughing myself maa! oh! maa! he carressigly asked me! i turned towards him brought his head near whispered in his eagarly waiting ear that i want to feel him with out any thing skin to skin! his face glowed in joyyyy he streched his mouth ear to ear kissed me deep if jaamuna not in house he may shout like anything thanxxx my sexyyy you understand your son's wish so well i also wanted the same yes skin to skin! aakhir maa! kiski hai meri hai na! he came my wide opened legs!

my son kaarthik made my legs wide open sat between my thighes looked at wide opened my love juice oozing pussy his birth place! from which he came to existence & put his legs on this earth with out twinkling his eyes ohhhhhhhh! i can't hold longer want to feel my son's rock hard huge cock in me ! deeeep in me!

maa! your pussy so beautiful ohh it is too sexyy wowww these pussy lips look like rose petals so smooth so small opening even at this age so perfect shaped i love you maa! saying he took his cock in one hand rubbing the tip of his cock on my erected clits ohhhhhhhh high voltage sex current paassing woooo he opened my cunt lips with his other hand give push that hard cock placing perfectly opened his own mom's cunt!haaaaa! my son pushed his cock harder ohhhhh this is only 2 cock which entered my cunt ohhhh god at last my own son fucking me! the very thought itself made me cum!much before any strokes! yes! yes! ohhhhhh! maa! you are so tight wowwww i feeling like i am fucking virgin ! he said haaa! maa! saying he pushed his hard & huge cock deep ohh i too feel it his huge cock streched my pussy to its limits the inner wall of my pussy feeling the pressure ohhh his front portion touched my womb! yes it is perfectly fitted like perfect nut& bolt no place for any thing air tight! ohhhh maaaa your cunt holding my cock like wrinch i am in heaven ! saying he pressed my boobs with both hands looking deeply in my eyes ohhh i can't look in to his eyes! i felt so shyy due to shyness i turned my head other side ohh! my love maa! look look at me! whispiring in my ears he hold my heaad in his hand kissed my juicy lips he locked my two lips! one with his lips other with his huge cock! ohhh tell me how do feel now ,is your son good! i cant opened my mouth but my head said yess!i rubbed my hands on his back ohhhh maaaa! saying he brought his cock back up to the tip of my pussy again pushed it deep ohhh he start fucking his shy & innocent maa! on the same bed his father fucking fucking! now he slowly giving in& out pushes for which i too gave full co op when he pushing back i raised my waist up when he pushing back i putting my waist back on bed ohhhhh ! it is perfect rhythem which one can get by lot of practice but we maa beta got it in our first fucking it self we are really made for each other my son now increased his speed like changing gears yes he is pefectly driving his mom's cunt car so perfectly like profesional formula 1 driver my cunt enjoying the fucking of my own son very much even though our fucking is unholy!!! never accept by the society but the thought of guiltiness or any thing never came! even in my mind also i am god feared more tradational (even today i can't find answer for it )our bodies enjoying very strong fuck my son kaarthik giving me very strong deep strokes also faast ones ohhh i don't no how many times i came but keep on cumming i lost the counts he no sign of cumming he fucking his mom so perfectly his cock feeling my motherly cunt much much kissing fondling ohh we are in heaven not in our home! for every fucking stroke my anklets in legs bangles in hand giving back ground sex music so well ours is ac bed room also sound proof so no worries enjoying un holy fucking union of mom son the ac also not able to prevent our sweating ohh my son so strong in sex he handling his horny mom so well giving her very much happy! only sex thoughts running her mind nothing else i looked at our union his cock coming going so perfectly in my cunt ohh that cock of my son so soaked with my cum juice it is shining so brightly even in dim light! me his maa looking so hungarly at our union i dont want to end our fucking yes god prolong it please ! suddenly my son stopped fucking me i looked at him with anger. he smiled maa! dont worry i will ffuck you still you ask me to stop saying maa! let we try doggy i didn't understood!
my son laughed at my puzzeled look & said ohh ! maa! doggy means fucking from behind i am afraid i thought he going to fuck my virgin ass!yes i never got fucked there! i affraid my well lubricated aching by hard& huge cock of him if he fucks my tiny opening of my ass ohh god that bastered cock of my son will defenetly tore my ass hole. no! beta i never fucked there your's is huge please don't fuck there beta! i told in low voice he laughed & said no! no! maa i am going to fuck your ass! i too nervouse to answer my son burst in to laugh said mom! for that plenty of time there i am going to fuck your sweet pussy from back i too laughed hit on his hear playfully now he made me bend stand on four limbs like a dog he raised my ass little up came in front of me with grin ask me to suck our pre cum soaked monster cock o obliged suck my son's cock for a while add my saliva to it he go back positioned his hard cock before entering my pussy sucked it for a minute applied his saliva ohhhh i bit my lips sexperiancing the joy my offspring giving!now he is on mission ! mission to fuck his horny mother! like a well trained sex commondo he start push that hard huge gun (cock)right in target ohhhhhhhhh god i felt so good holding my waist with his strong hands fucking my sweet tight pussy mersilessly for his banging my whole body shaking i tightly hold edge of the our teakwood cot for grip enjoying the pleasure my son giving ohhhh this is heaven his abdomen punching strongly my ass bums his perfectly fitted cock punching my pussy ohhhhh kaarthik betaaa you are so sweet beta fuck maaaaaa please fuck your mummy betaa i shouted with joy! haaaaa! maaaamy darlingggg ohhh maa your cunt is so gooood my birth place is soo goood ohhh mom my sweet mom i want you fuck you day& night yessss yesss saying he increased his speed his rock hard fucking my motherly cunt like piston now the room filled with our sex union's sound along with my bangles anklets the mounnningggg of bothh ohhhhh the entire situation is only sex sex & fuck!he slowed his hard fucking strokes bit asked me to give strokes now i started push my cunt backward forward literaly i am fucking him my son bend forward on me licked my earlobe turning my head kissed my lips pinching my nipples hard giving hard massage to my boobs ohhh he taken every part of his mom's body in control even her mind & soul! that's my son it is more than half hour since we start our fucking! i am so tired & said beta! your mom fully tired now please stop! he grinned taken driving seat hold my waist fucking me with rocket speed ohhhhhhhhhhh kaarthikkkk myy son at last his heavy cum filled baals ready for 3 time explosions ohhhhhhh maaaaaa my darlinggg i am cummmmminggggggg saying he ejuculateeeeeeee his strong thick moreeee baby making loe juice inside my pusssyyyyy i to cum along with him my cum juice sprayed on his cock in my pussy ohhhh his love juice ejaculate right in side my womb ohh god my own son filled me! he collapsed i toooo! we both holding locking each other! banged on bed with thag sound we are soo sexaustatedddddddd. ohhhh we both drained our love juices my son exploded like a bomb in my pussy soo much juice wow my pussy over flowing filling every thing in side especially womb! he filled the womb where he took shape 23 years back now the circle is complete! i am so proud of him he opened me to sex satisfied his own mom beyond the limit i looked in his eye kissed his fore head motherly kiss also kissed his hard lips but not mother's! we took rest for few minutes carresing each other fondling our sex parts i took extra care for his cum soaked cock which is limp he also took extra care of his mother's cum filled pussy ohh we don't have time anymoment jaamuna will come! it is already 2 we started our game from past 2 hours! beta! it is alredy 2 utonaa we have to clean get ready to go out of room i said in my loving voice

maa! please let we remain like this for another 1 hour also look your little basterd again want your sexy pussy allow me for another round ohh my sexy darling maa he said while carresing my pussy kissing me deep in mouth

Update with lot of sex is posted. Next Part of total incest will come soon. Enjoy and keep your responding to the story as the same will encourage for more and more sexy updates.


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ohh god! my kid is sex machine even my mind also thinking same way as his but the situation is not allowing!you naughtyy bastered! common get up hurry saying in smilingly i got up from bed getting out of his clutches swinging my ass went to bath cleaned my self he too came huggig me behind kissing my ear lobe ohh maa you are so sexyy holding my waist pushed me to wall kissed my lips ohh god1 my son's cock in full form but i have to cool down him

no! kaarthik please control your self we will do again when apportunity comes any moment your sister or jaamuna will come upstairs we are still in mess saying massaged his ever ready cock now he understood the moment living me to clean also cleaned him self we both cleaned got dressed our self putting everything in room in their places the bedsheet pillows came out of the room like normal mom& son i walked to the kitchen he sat in drawing switch on the tv! the phone rang! he took the phone it is his dad my hubby! he answered it ha papa mom is not well in morning i took care for her now she is alright ok papa i take care of her you don't worry saying he smiled at me very naughtyly!
now i took phone his dad asked me about my health i told him due to my son kaarthik i am alright thanked him for calling put off the phone smiled at my son went to jaamuna asked what she do for lunch she has done what ever i said i satisfied came out drawing room to look my darling son my daughter also came! she looking at me wow! mom! you look beautiful in this chudi it is perfect that's my mom kissed me on cheek hugged me i too kissed her chal anju time for lunch she went to her rom to change i asked my son comefor lunch i know he is starving! he drained lot of energy now it is my duty to feed my stallion because he is doing extra duty for his sexy mom! we all sat on dining table me in middle my daughter & son both side as usual his leg massaging mine his hand on my thighes some time touching my pussy hidden in clothes i am making him comfortable with out any hesitation feeding him more food pouring ghee more than usual my daughter teased me mom i also need attention please ! i smiled at her take care of her! we finished our lunch ate fruits also asked anju what she going to do! she said she has to take some rest so she went to her room jaamuna went to kitchen to finish house hold chorus only me & my son left in the drawing we sat dide by side watching tv! phone rang my son took it it is our sambhandi mom in law of my daughter anju pushpa! she said she will coming in evening to talk some thing about marriage along with my to be son in law.
the news of my to be son in law coming along with his mom add shyness to me how can i show up before him in my new avatar i express this to my son. he laughed & said ohh mom! your to be son in law will like you more than his mom if he see you don't worry leave shy behind show him what his mom in law is ok! now look after your only son! we both burst in to laugh i kissed him on his lips in drawing room it self ! he surprised my boldness made him more adventures he lift me in his huge arms carried me to master bed room in upstairs with out any worries,i am so nervouse what if anybody sees us in this poster ohh god! thought! but not prevent ed my son for our luck no body sees us we came to room he through me on bed fell on me even with out closing the door.

kaarthik the door opened please close it son

ohh maa! nobody will come common saying he unhooked my chudi kissing my lips eyes fondling boobs my son now more adventerouse but i am worried what if jaamuna or my daughter sees us like this! so i pushed him went my self locked the door came back to bed with smile. my push made my son little angry when i put my arms on him he pushed in order to make him happy i striped my self naked showing my pussy boobs even ass! giving him some kind of naked ramp show. he fell to my trap getting up from the bed hugged me tightly pressing his hard cock on my ass take me to bed striped himself start fucking my horny hungry pussy with long lazy strokes ohh that cock of my son made me cum instantly we fucking like rabbits after missionary position my son fucked me in side position opening my pussy inserting his cock from back putting my wide leg on his arm rubbing my cliters ohh he is showing so many aasans to his mom! after fucking in this postion he made me stand on floor insert his hard cock again from back fucked me for 10 minutes finally cum in side medue to our standing postion fuck ,the whole cum fell on ground we are not worried took some rest took light shower dressed & came out. jaamuna finshing her daily chorus watching tv seeing us smiled & gotup.

no jamuna sit & watch i smiled we too sit on sofa like couple watching the soap opera my daughter too come we all watching tv jaamuna served coffee while drinking coffee i told my daughter her would be & mom in law will coming she blushed i asked her to get dressed, went my self to dress my son select my dress pink color chiffon saree sleeve less blouse laced satin bra & panties same color of course petticoat i apply foundation on my face eyeliner eyeshadow blushes on cheeks more kaajal pink lipstick coated with loss looking my self in mirror satisfied tied my saree well below my navel put little sindoor designed kumkum on fore head put gold necklace pearl chain mangalsutra ohh perfect came out my son winked at me wow mom so beutifull now you know how to dress said my daughter also apreciate my to be son in law along with his mom arrived i bit shy i am coming in frnt of him also his mom like this for first time!

namaste aunty he said namaaste i too in very shy with my head drooling wow auntijii aap too beautifull looking at me with drop jaw this made his mom little jelousy she interprete haa ratna we have to purchase some jewellary for anju will you accompany us
haa pushpaaji why not i will

kaarthik beta are you free come with us she said looking at my son

why not aunty i too coming
we all sat in car my son in law asked my son to drive he said ok took key from him pushpa sat in front seat me & anju sat back my son in law rahul sat between us! his thigh rubbing my thighes he smiled at me! i too he put his left arm around my waist from behind talking to my daughter touched my waist ohh god my son in law flittering me ! that too in front of my daughter this made me little hesitate i don't know what to do!
now rahul started rub my waist & ass bums which is un talarable i asked my daughter to sit between us which she obeyed it irritate rahul made him angry! we reach very posh jewellary shop of the town all got down rahul not talking with anybody i know the reason! this make his mom pushpa worry the situtation is going bad in order to make it normal i throw a naughty smile at rahul & rubbed my naked shoulder to his! this made my to be son in law happy now he started mingle talk smilingly with all of us my daughter feel happy in the shop we purchased lot of jewellaries rahul present me a diamond set this made his mom pushpa little jelouse but my son managed he present equalent diamond set to her my son's act made her happy ofcourse bride to be not neglected she also got many jewells of her like we paid the bills do little more shopping & came back during return journey i sat beside rahul allow him to do all the naughty things rubbing my ass bums waist even my boobs from side for the sake of my daughter! at last we reached our home rahul& pushpa had coffee had little chat & went! my daughter & i took our jewells placed them in our rooms we mom son daughter chat about all the things usually we are chatting. my hubby came from office he too joined all of us had our dinner my son & daughter retire to their respective rooms saying good night my son with kiss on his mom's lips i came to our bed room which is used by my son in the morning to fuck his mom! now his father going to use the same fuck his wife! this made me feel kinky! brought naughty smile i walked to my hubby who is searching for some files hugged him from behind kissed his cheeks rubbing my boobs from behind.

ohh! ratna i have some office work you go & sleep i will join little later saying my hubby kissed me i am so horny i want fuck! suck ! my hubby thinking that i am usaual one but he don't know his wife turned in to nympho she likes to be fucked & sucked this made me little anger i went to bed fall on it tried to sleep but my try is in vain my mind thought shall i go to my son's room get fucked by him whole night i know right now it is possible my pussy hungry for my son's ever ready cock the very thought make me wet haaaa with out thinking anything i nsert my finger in my wet pussy removing my panties up to knee started fingering ! this is first time i am fingering my self ohh thinking my finger as my son's cock i sarted fingering now i insert another finger rubbing my clits with thumb ohh i fingered my cock hungry pussy furiesly now my bangles in hand making sound it draws attention of my hubby he asked me what i am doing inside blanket why the sound coming! sunil i am so horny i am fingering my pussy please come & fuck your sexy wife i said in husky voice my bold submission made my hubby awakning! he so exited throughthe file came to bed removed blanket saw what his naughty wife doing! ohhh ratna my darling saying he removed his pyjama & briefs started kissing cuddling my boobs his cock not ready for hard fuck it is semi erect! i decide give him blowjob! so i removed my fingers from my pussy getting up from the bed sat near his semi erect cock rubbing my wetness on it before my hubby thought what his sexy wife doing lowered my ccoated wet lips on his cock started sucking it tasting my own cum! this action of mine made my hubby so sexited i never gave him a blowjob earlier ohhhhhh ratnaa he started pushing his cock in my mouth he was in heaven i gave him a nice blowjob now his cock trembling i know he going to ejeculate any moment i removed it from my mouth asked him to fuck my pussy widened my legs holding my pussy lips he sat between my opened thighes hurridly insert his 6 inch cock start fuck but it last only in few strokes he cummed in me! ohhh sunil you cum so early said in anger voice! sorry ratna i can't hold it saying he went to bathroom i was so anger i don't want to go bathroom even for wash i fast asleep semi nakedly
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