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Incest The Innocent Wife Vishal Aditi - starts by adultery, turns to incest later (COMPLETED)


Dimaagh ka garam, Dil ka naram
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It’s the story of a husband who since always had wanted to cultivate in his wife his personal desires. He always had wished to have a shy, innocent wife who will be submissive and he will inculcate in her his personal ways. He always wished that he will be the master she like a slave. He wanted to have a wife whom he will teach sex, whom he will mould in his way of life and wished to accomplish his desires through his wife. Will he succeed in that? That’s what we are going to see in this story.
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Dimaagh ka garam, Dil ka naram
Index of Updates
Update 83 Vishal talks and she answers
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Dimaagh ka garam, Dil ka naram
Update 1 - Introduction of characters

Vishal got married at the age of 35. He was
delaying only because he was not sure of himself either he will succeed to maintain a married relationship with a girl. When he was 23 he had sex for the first time with a call girl. He cultivated queer thoughts regarding the girl who will become his wife. He did not know why and how he started thinking that way but he had always thought to share his wife with another man. He had since younger days of his life thought he will watch another man having sex with his wife and he will watch without they being aware that he is watching them. It was kind of fantasy for him but he always told himself that he will realize that fantasy of his for true.

That is the reason for which he wanted to have a submissive girl, who would be naïve, tender, whom he could control and manipulate as he wished. He dated many girls to look for the one he was in search of, his dates turned to be 27 yet he did not find the ideal one. Time was passing by that way and his age growing, but he was busy enjoying life without paying heed that he is growing old. His mother died
waiting to see her daughter in law but Vishal could not please his mother by getting married. He was still looking for the special girl of his dreams. He was then 29 years old. At home had an 18 years old sister, named Leena and an elder brother, called Darun who was a hard bachelor who said he will never get married. He was almost 40 years old. And Vishal had a brother who was younger than him aged 22 called Darsheel.

After their mother’s death, Leena was taking care of the men in the house by cooking for them and doing all the house chores. Yet the father of Vishal requested him to get married and settled so that his sister and younger brother also could get married
afterwards. Since they knew Darun will never get married so Vishal had to start it so that Leena and Darsheel could continue, that is what his father told him.

Vishal was working as
project manager in a huge firm and was earning good, had his own car and lived and spent lavishly. His father was in the late fifties and still working too and Darun was an assistant manager in the public sector while Darsheel was studying law. And Leena stopped school as she was never that interested in studies and often failed.

Vishal had known and gone out with so many girls, had had sex with so many that he found it difficult to find the suitable one which he dreamt of. He often thought that his dream will only remain a dream.

Once he had gone out with a girl for a fuck session when he was around 25. And after the
fuck he proposed to see her getting fucked by someone else but without the other man knowing that he is watching. He got a hard slap with that girl who said, “What do you think of me am I a whore?”

After that Vishal tried with many other girls but he got refusals every time and more slaps! Despite
that he fed that desire deep into him that he will have a wife whom he will watch being fucked by someone else.

But where and when could he get such a girl who could be what he expected? In the long run of search and
wait he grew 27 years old when it was his father who, through the sisters of his deceased wife got the news that in a nearby village a woman was looking for a boy for her young daughter. And Vishal’s father arranged very quickly for a meeting to see that girl and forced Vishal to come along with his aunts to check on that girl.

And Vishal had never thought in his dreams that he will find in that girl what he had been looking for all these years! The girl was so shy and quiet that Vishal was amazed. She hardly uttered any word. Vishal wanted to hear her voice but she hardly spoke. Her eyes were always bent down, looking at the floor, a slight smile on her lips, her beauty lay in her manners more than in her physical appearance... it was just impossible to describe her on a first look but she fascinated Vishal who was then eager to know about her and to meet her.

Very fast a meeting was arranged for them by his aunts who managed all by talking to the girl’s parents. Vishal had the first date with her in her own house while her parents and his aunts were waiting for them in the living room and Vishal had to be with the girl on the balcony.

She was in a white
churidaar which reached above her knees, the rounded part of her legs, just upper her knees were where Vishal’s eyes went on despite they were covered, Vishal imagined the thickness of that part and the colour it must be…. The dress had a square cut on her chest which let her cleavage be visible to Vishal since he was taller, but they were covered with a thin ‘dupatta’. She was blushing and had her head bent and was turning on the end of her ‘dupatta’ holding them tightly in her hands while her toes were restlessly moving over her slippers.

Vishal was observing her nervousness and it was easy for him to understand that she is an untouched girl. The experience that he had had previously was in a way helpful to him for that occasion. He did the first step and talked approaching her bringing more reddish
colour to her cheeks,

“Hi, I am Vishal and my aunts wanted us to know each other before they proceed that’s why we are here, so won’t you like to know about me?”

Without looking at him she moved her head in a “no”

Vishal was still observing her and noticed that she is too young and asked,

“How old are you?”

“18!” she replied.

Vishal felt a bit uncomfortable and asked,

“What? You are only 18? And do you know how old I am?”

She nodded.

Vishal said,

“You know I am 27 and you being 18 accepted that I come to see you for a relationship our parents want to?”

She then spoke,

“Why? You do not want to marry an 18 years old girl? Am I too young for you? You want an elder wife?”

Vishal was mesmerized by her voice and the intonation they had, her voice had childishness and sounded too good to the ears and she reasoned like a very intelligent girl. That pleased Vishal who asked her,

“So you do not have to know me you just said, why?”

Still looking down at the floor she replied,

“It’s useless. If it was not you someone else would have come to see me and I would have to accept, and even if you do not accept now, someone else will come later and I will have the same answer, what is important is that the boy accepts, then the girl is supposed to be blessed! I accept or not I will be lucky if you accept me!”

Vishal was happy with her answer and dared to touch her hand. She at first tried to pull her hand back, but she realized that she should not then brought back her hand at the disposal of Vishal who held it in his hand and slightly tried to pull her towards him….. She got to move a step closer to him by his pull….. Vishal’s eyes were stagnant on her face and he gently put his crouched index to her chin and lifted it up to make her eyes meet his. She closed her eyes but smiled and bit her lips which made Vishal mad and fell in love with her instantly!

Vishal himself found a smile on her lips seeing her smile with closed eyes. Her breasts were moving up and down by her fast heartbeats and deep breathing….. her hands were still in his and he slowly moved them to his lips and kissed her fingers which made her open her eyes and turn her face with shyness. Vishal passed the palm of his hand over her cheek and moved her face towards his eyes and requested her to open her eyes and look at him….. she reluctantly obeyed and as soon as she opened her eyes and looked in his eyes she laughed and covered her mouth with her hands. Vishal asked,

“What makes you laugh? Am I funny?”

She laughed louder and then giggled to reply,

“It’s not that, I found it strange to look in the eyes of a person I hardly know, I had never done that before.”

Vishal said,

“But I am no longer a stranger am I?”

She bent her head down again and moved her head in a no.

Vishal asked her if she had any question to ask him, but she had nothing to ask. She only said,

“I am ok with everything you are ok.”

Vishal felt at last he has got the girl he was looking for all those days and was too happy and was now in hurry to have her forever.

The wedding took place fast within 2 weeks.

She was the first daughter in law to step in Vishal’s house. Her name was Aditi.

She very quickly got used to all the family members and was a good friend of Leena.

They lived for about 10 month there but Vishal got to transfer to another town for his job and had to move. Aditi told Vishal to make the travel everyday so as to stay in the same house, but Vishal said he will get too tired to drive such a distance everyday so better to go to stay there. Aditi wished to stay together with all the family members since she was used to all of them and they all liked her, but Vishal wanted to move to the other city since he was getting a big personal flat to live from the company!

To be continued……………..


Dimaagh ka garam, Dil ka naram
Update 2 - Vishal and Aditi move

Soon they were in the new flat and experienced living all alone without any other family member in the house. Only husband and wife. It was strange in the beginning but gradually they got used. It was all quiet and was indeed bliss to live in tranquility.

And that’s when Vishal started or rather wanted to begin with feeding Aditi with his sexual fantasies.

Since he got married to her, he never told her anything about what he desired. But he made her very much used to sex and he fucked her every night without missing. When she had her periods he rubbed his dick on her ass to get himself pleased by ejaculating over her then letting his dick get soften on her flesh which made her laugh. Vishal took all his time to mould her sex wise. He talked of love making to her and taught her how to kiss and made her respond the way he wanted during sexual intercourse. What Vishal liked is that she very quickly learned and responded to his sexual activities.

In his father’s house she was usually getting dressed in churidaars or saris. She had a very attractive figure, lovely complexion, killing smile and a pair of eyes which seduced! Her voice was another appealing part of her. Only by the way she talked and the way she became friendly to all his family members pleased Vishal a lot.

The 10 months they elapsed at his father’s house, Vishal tried hard to make her wear sexy dresses, to make her cleavage visible, to make her wear tight churidaars to make her silhouette be seen, to wear shorter churidaars so that when she sat, her thighs rounds could be seen and understood……. Aditi at times pleased him by wearing such dresses but most of the times was reluctant to be dressed that way since there were other men in the house…… Yet whenever she wore a blouse which revealed her cleavage she made sure to let her ‘pallu’ well cover her blouse……. And Vishal used to ogle without letting Aditi know that he was watching her at the time she served dinner to the family…… Vishal often watched whenever she talked to his father, elder or younger brother….. Vishal tried to see if any other man was interested in her shape or things like that…..

When Vishal was at work he often thought who will know if at home she would be entertaining someone? His elder brother? His younger brother? His father? And at night each time that Vishal had sex with Aditi he only visualized another man fucking her, he deep in his mind visualized himself to be his father or his elder brother and had sex with Aditi… but that happened only in his mind. He never told it to her….. To please himself he used a moment he liked when he saw her talking to his elder brother, or to his father…. He lengthened the situation he watched in his brain and continued it sexually and had intercourse with her….. Aditi never knew what he had in his mind. For example once he found his father teasing his wife while watching a TV serial. Aditi and Vishal’s sister were sitting together on the sofa watching a serial when Vishal’s father was there as well. Vishal was in his room but from behind the door he was having a look in the lounge when he knew his wife would go to serve milk to his father which was the last thing to serve every night to the family members. Aditi was in a sari at that time and the blouse was quite tight and the cleavage was seen and what Vishal wanted to watch was how she will serve his father and either his father’s eyes will go on her cleavage, then Vishal had to follow same way when she were to go to serve Darun and Darsheel…… Vishal did that every day, night and whenever he had the chance to peep at her wife when she was around with any man f her family. But Aditi never knew anything.

That night when Aditi came with the tray having each others’ milk, she first bent to put the tray on the middle table of the lounge, and the first thing he noticed was the hair of Aditi which hung in front of her face thus barring all view of her cleavage, Vishal then immediately ran his eyes to his father’s face to note that his eyes were at that precise moment on Aditi with a smile. The husband then turned his eyes to his elder brother who was sitting at a far away corner of the lounge playing arrow words in a magazine, and yes His eyes were as well on Aditi. Vishal then looked at Darsheel but he was engrossed on playing game on his laptop.

Aditi immediately pushed her hair back and straightened her body putting both her arms up amassing her hair in a hair ring; and her blouse had wet traces under her armpit with perspiration which Vishal’s father looked at and Darun as well had kept his eyes on Aditi at that moment noticed Vishal.

Vishal kept his eyes fixed on his father and elder brother to check if he will find anything abnormal, but he did not see anything queer. When Aditi bent to serve the glass milk to Vishal’s father she had her back with Vishal so he could not see either her cleavage was in front of his father neither could he look into his father’s eyes since Aditi’s body was in the way. When Aditi moved she had a smile on her face and her lower lip was in between her teeth which made Vishal restless and followed her going with another glass of milk towards his elder brother Darun. While she was walking to the other corner Vishal looked back at his father to see if he was looking at his wife, and yes he was! The part visible to his eyes were Aditi’s back, hips ass movements and her beautiful black hair swaying from left to right during her walk. The father was sipping his milk and looking at Aditi’s ass….. Vishal wondered why Aditi had a smile and bit her lip after serving him the milk? What did he miss to see? Did his father tell her something naughty? Did he compliment her? Did he touch her anywhere which he did not see? That made his trouser inflate and his dick was getting erect only with that thought……

When Aditi reached Darun to hand him the glass of milk, this time Vishal could see her bending but one of her hand was over her cleavage while giving the glass to her elder brother in law. Yet Darun’s eyes were sharp over her chest, Vishal noticed that…..

That night Vishal had sex with her visualizing both his father and elder brother fucking her. All were in his mind only. He had not talked of anything about what he watched or so, but during intercourse he played it in his mind that his father touched her hands, and touched her boobs that’s why she had smiled and bit her lips, and he visualized that while serving the milk to Darun she did not place her hand over her cleavage and her boobs were hanging inside her blouse and Darun stared at that while she gave a shy smile then tried to cover it but Darun put his hand inside her blouse and fondled them…… such thoughts made him hard erect and he fucked her hard thinking that way……

Aditi was in the beginning quite frigid, and difficult at sex. But gradually she opened herself to him and after a few months she started enjoying it….. Vishal, during the first 2 months only fucked to please himself. Aditi did not even know what an orgasm is. But little by little Vishal explained her that she should get a pleasure during a fuck etc….. He was her sex teacher on bed at night…. And night after night, gradually, after the third month once when he was having sexual intercourse, Aditi suddenly pierced her fingers on his shoulder and gave a moan then gasped, and Vishal knew that she was getting her orgasm, and he managed to hold his dick deep inside her thrusting his finger on the upper part of her pussy while Aditi’s moans grew deeper and she started eating the side of his neck leaving dark red snaps thereon.

That was the first night Aditi knew what was the meaning of having body pleasure during a sexual intercourse!......

to be continued……………………


Dimaagh ka garam, Dil ka naram
Update 3 - Vishal preparing Aditi

In their new house alone, no fear of someone hearing their moans or whispers during love making, their love sessions started being more adorable. And its then that Vishal started to get her prepared to achieve what he desired from her. He was in no hurry, he decided to go step by step with her. He planned everything in his own way to prepare Aditi moulding her in his way.

To start with Vishal bought her some lingerie. This see through nighties with very thin straps and made her wear it without bra to make her nipples be seen and getting rubbed in the thin cloth material when he enjoyed pressing her nipple in between his fingers over the cloth.

Now imagine what Vishal went through before making her accept to wear that! She blushed, her face turned all red as if blood will ooze from her cheeks, she trembled, perspired and became very stubborn refusing to wear that. The panty was so thin and small that Aditi did not even want to look at it. Vishal got angry and left the bedroom to go to smoke on the terrace. The dress was put in a corner on the bed and Aditi was sitting at the other corner still feeling ashamed to even look at those stuff her husband bought for her. After a while Vishal came at their bedroom’s doorstep and said,

“Every wife does wear those to please their husband, if you wanna please me, I will be back after 5 minutes and want to see you in them or else tonight I won’t sleep on this bed but in the lounge.”

After saying that Vishal turned his back and was walking in the corridor when she ran behind him and caught hold of him from the back, her arms surrounding his bust, and Aditi childishly whispered, “I am feeling very awkward to wear them, they are made for the western people, why do you want me to wear them hmmm!! You are naughty!”

And Vishal held her, took her over the sofa in the lounge and started brainwashing her like teaching a child ABCD. He made her sit on his lap and started caressing her while talking and little by little his hands roamed over her whole body making her losing her senses…. She was at that time in a churidaar, and soon Vishal’s hands moved over thighs and went up over her waist moving through the elastic to get rid of the underwear…… and gradually it was out with Vishal’s hands were caressing her beautiful fleshy thighs. Vishal was talking to her in murmurs during the actions……

“Look baby, we are modern people, we have to live with the trend, we should be in sweetheart. You are young, not yet even 19, so young girls do wear such dresses, specially on bed at night, in company of their boyfriends, and you are my wife, so it’s an easy task for you to be in those lingerie for me…I will buy more of them for you, this one is black I have seen a red and pink one in the mall, they are superb, you will look hot honey…please; see your thighs are nude and I am touching them, so what’s wrong, same way when you are in that suit I will see and touch you that will stimulate both of us and we will enjoy better, come on darling now go and wear them for baby go…muuuuah!!”

Still reluctant Aditi stood up quite lost by his smooch and caresses she gave a sexy smile to him and walked to her bed despite her! The fact is that she was turned on by his caress and had only one thing in her mind at that moment and that was to make love….. Had Vishal not taken out her underwear it could be that she would never have agreed to wear that, but the fact that she turned hot by his caress she needed to be loved at that moment so she went to wear the lingerie!

After wearing them Aditi looked at herself in the mirror and felt a flame invading her body just by looking at her. The nightie reached up above her thighs, letting the round flesh of the upper thighs seen all whitish; and her beautiful envious boobs with erect nipple in the see through cloth material. At that moment Aditi desired her own body she felt and closed her eyes taking a deep breath. By then Vishal got in the room and was stunned seeing his young wife standing like a hot sexy doll in front of him. He got himself nude in a rush and mounted on the bed asking her to join him.

Vishal knelt on the bed his dick pointing upward with hard erection, and Aditi’s eyes were over his dick when she put one of her knees over the bed throwing her arms towards his shoulder when he vigorously enlaced her and her hand went straight on his dick which she held with envy. Vishal lifted her up and got both her legs crossed over his thighs and took her mouth into his and their tongues melted in each others’ mouth. Soon Aditi opened her mouth to breath and gave panting like breaths with her eyes turning on like she was intoxicated! Her bare shoulders with the thin straps of the flimsy nightie was licked and bitten by Vishal…… she was getting completely lost with desire and the flame of arousal had already conquered her plus the desire of getting penetrated and longing to be loved was all present within her at that precise moment.

And its here that Vishal started it all. It’s on that night that Vishal started the game to get Aditi prepared for what he wanted from her! He put her hand in between her thighs to feel her panty and found it all wet….. He knew she was hot with desire and ready to receive his dick in her but he delayed intentionally and spoke…yes he talked during the action…. The talks were in whispers and murmurs, his voice was heavy, like the croaking of a frog and her response was like the hiss of a snake. Vishal pressed her nipppled in between his fingers and his mouth roaming on her neck line whispered,

Baby, lets play a game tonight….”

And she hissed, in a longing moment “Hmmm, what game sweetheart! Come on I need it now….hmm please….”

But Vishal was in no hurry, he lay her flat on the bed with his body over hers, her nightie moved up to her waist, her hips collated to his, the straps moved down to her breasts which were both standing up like to small hills, his hard dick rubbing over in between her sexy thighs…… Aditi’s body moved like a snake over the bed under him, she was looking for a position to get his dick into her but he was cunning not to let that happened by moving his hip downwards…….

Still, he spoke in murmurs while his mouth and warm breath heated her neck and ears he said, “Adi, make as if it’s not me, it’s another man who is doing all this to you…. Just imagine that way…..” Aditi who at that moment had her eyes closed suddenly opened them, looked in his face and kissed him asking in an intoxicated voice, “Why honey, why should I imagine another man when you are here baby, come on do it now sweetheart I badly need it, do it at once I can’t wait pleeeeeeaaaaaase….” But Vishal insisted, “No darling just imagine its not me, think of any other man, don’t tell me whom you are thinking of, just think someone else, whoever you want, someone whom you ever got impressed with, someone you secretly ever desired, just think that man is at this moment doing all this with you and you are asking him to penetrate you, plead to him ask him to put it inside you, please do it honey, that will boost up our sexual appetite believe me… it will be a great feeling do it baby do it for me…..”

Aditi looked in his face still burning with desire making her boobs rub over his chest and whispered biting his earlobe, “I only what you to do that to me honey, no one else” …… Vishal was not happy, he continued, “No no no, please close your eyes, don’t look at me, feel another man, its only fantasy baby, its only fake but that will bossts us up, our sexual life will be enriched, and you will like it believe me honey….. feel he is over your hot body and you are feeling his hard cock in between your thighs and you want him to penetrate you, think deep of him, that man is here over you on your bed, Vishal is not here and you have to do it fast before Vishal comes, come on honey, ask that man to fuck you before your husband comes back home….ask him ask him baby you want him to do that, you need that! He made you hot and you only want one thing right now and that is his cock deep inside you, you want to receive him….go on honey ask him to fuck you baby……”

Every word was spoken very fast in between gasps and panting, the breathing were heavy from both sides and Vishal’s dick had also started releasing the liquid he was eager to feel that Aditi says yes and ask the other man to penetrate her and he deep in his mind thought himself to be his father and he would be fucking his daughter in law…… but he did not tell Aditi what he was thinking and only wanted her to think of another man… he was inculcating in her those type of adultery thoughts to get her prepared for true one day…..

Aditi was all lost in compassion and arduously was going on licking his neck and chest biting him at times piercing her finger nails on his body….. she spread her legs with her eyes still closed and murmured, “Hmmmm why do you want me to do that baby, why?” and she hit him with her closed fists on his shoulders like a small child hits someone when being naughty……. Vishal still pleaded, “Come on baby, I am waiting, that man is waiting for you to ask he will then put it into you, here feel his hard dick now see its touching your pussy….feel it honey……?” He rubbed his dick on her wet slippery pussy and Aditi held him with all her force in her arms and sucking his shoulder whispered panting as if she just ran a kilometer, “Yes yes, put it in now, do it I want it….” And she moved her hips in all the ways to get the dick into her……. Still Vishal pushed back his hip not to let her succeed and asked, “Who? Who is going to put it in you honey…tell me then he will do it…hurry up baby….come on sweety say it say it honey , say it my love….” And Aditi could not hold any longer and kissing him wildly said, “That man whom you said tell him to put his cock deep in me I need it tell him to fuck me at once baby yes I want it do it now…..pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!”

And Vishal pushed his cock deep into her with immense pleasure while Aditi gave a sharp piercing shout of, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!” And Vishal started humping harder and harder while Aditi holding him firmly moved her hips under him as well shouting in ecstasy, “Yes yessss yesssssss its fantassssssssstttiiiiiiiiiiic!! More more more fasssssssssssster fassssterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! AAAA AH AAH AAAAAAH!!!!!! And Vishal started groaning over her reaching his climax, “ggghhhhhmmmm aaaaghghghghghghghhhhh yesssssss ooooohhhhhhhh Oh my Gooooooaaaaaaaaaadddddd!!!!wwwwoooooow!!!!!”

And very soon both lay flat on the bed panting, sweating, looking in each others face like they had sex for the first time in their life…..

To be continued…………………. (2022 words)