Rules for Story Section.

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All General forum rules are valid here also.

1.) A story may consist of text, image or audio/video. For PDFs, we have a separate section.

2.) Don't open a separate thread for every subsequent part of the same story.

3.) Don't post links to other site, if you have copied story from some other site, you can give credits to the original author.

4.) Child pornography and other explicit illegal material are strictly not allowed. If we found any member posting links to, or actively discussing child pornography or posting stories thereof will be banned without warning. Do not upload or post links to any files which may be against the law in any manner.

5.) Don't post a story or a message that creates any kind of religious or political controversy.

6.) Don't post or share your personal details here.

7.) Don't post copyright stories here, they will be deleted without any notice. Repeated violators will be get banned.

8.) If you need any help in creating index, feel free to contact Mods and admins. They will guide you.

Rules are pretty much clear. Still if you have doubt, open a thread in support section or PM any moderator.
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