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Fantasy Pursuit of an Artist


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Part V
Divya closed the door on her back… panting due to the fast stair climbing… Happiness was all evident on her face; the proud joy of eventually getting over the anxiety she felt in the presence of Paresh. Indeed she talked to him with frankness at par of that among school buddies.

She proceeded to the large table and decluttered it before carefully spreading the torn painting on it. Paresh had literally poured his soul into the work. He had not compromised on even minute details, be it the glittering dews on the leaves of the glorious flora through which that lady was making her way; or even the little black stud in her earrings.

“Wow… so beautiful!,” She couldn’t still believe that the man she thought to be jerk and with some sort of devilish intention hidden deep in his mind will be the artist of this height. She took several steps back and carefully observed the painting.

“Who’s this lady in the painting? Someone Paresh knows personally - A model maybe? Or it’s all his imagination? In the latter case salute to his imagination,” She thought.

“But why that fool didn’t choose to draw front face painting. He could have presented the pretty face of the lady; indeed she will be voluptuous with attractive rounds and curves well wrapped under this exotic saree. Atleast that is what I could make out by her backward look. This man has really worked well on showing her curves although... As they say - men will be men!” She nodded mischievously.

Just when this thought passed her mind, she heard horn of Ghosh babu’s bike in the parking. She hurriedly folded the painting and pushed that into her personal drawer. “He will kill me if he sees this painting…,” She said as she walked to make tea for her husband.


That visit by Divya worked like elixir for the disappointed Paresh. He felt confident, his mind could now see new ray of hope.

“Divya was here by herself… without me having to do any deeds. That’s a good omen. I could sense that the motive to be here will be fulfilled. I know Basant Panchami is close and I have to start from blank; but now with barrier between Divya and me cleared off, I have got a huge lead.” Paresh was thinking with cold face as he carefully cleaned all the brushes. He put a black cloth on the floor and arranged the brush one next to other on the cloth. His face turned pale as he watched cock showing 7 p.m. and with sun set to rest, the atmosphere around the room filled with nervous waves. He took off his shirt… his slender body with sunken stomach and visible chest ribs only signified his malnutrition. His tired, dark circled eyes suddenly glittered with unnatural zeal. He quickly took two bowls and left for bathroom.


2:00 AM in the same night

The lame night lamp on the dressing table was providing just perfect light required for the privacy in the bedroom. On the bed Ghosh babu and Divya were caressing each other. Ghosh babu’s all cloths were spread on the floor- beside deepesh. Yes, Ghosh babu himself had carefully shifted him on the floor after he got slept. And now he was massaging Divya’s chest over blouse mumbling into her ears how full and heavy her tits are and nasty things he want to do with them.

With her pallu fallen off, Divya was caressing his back and responding his smooches with equal affection and getting melted in his arms as his hands stimulated her sensitive mammaries. He kept on rubbing his thumbs on her rubbery nipples and that only maddened Divya. She rolled her eyes and threw back her head just to land it off the bed and near her son lying on the floor and she jumped off realizing the possibility of her son waking up.

“Shhhhhhhhh… be quite and hurry up. Deepesh will wake up.,” She warned Ghosh babu.

“No way… I am going to play with these funbags all the night..” He talked loudly..

“Shhh…. Are you out of your mind? Do whatever you want just keep quite.”

“That’s like good girl…,” Ghosh babu smiled viciously, “Now do as I say and there will be no issue.. Let me do your cheerharan first..” Ghoshbabu caught hold of pallu and started pulling the saree.

“Easy..Easy I am undoing na…” Divya who was undoing saree standing on the floor complained. But Ghosh babu literally pulled it off and threw it to the corner. “Now that peticote and blouse..”

“No… let it be on my body in case Deepu wakes up!” Divya sat on the bed and caressed through Ghosh babu’s hairy chest.

“I don’t want any cloth on your body.. Understood darling?” Ghosh babu caught her bun and pulled her head back. In the process her bun got released and so her beautiful hairs spread all across her back.

“Let’s sleep under blanket then…,” she angrily released her hairs from his fist and said.

“All right… All right… but I don’t want single piece of cloth on your body,” Ghosh babu mumbled into her ear and bit her earlobe.

Soon her blouse, petticoat and sexy lingerie fall on the ground and Divya spread her legs to accommodate her loving husband inbetween; Ofcourse they two were under the heavy blanket.

Instead of penetrating her, Ghosh babu started sucking her titties. Grabbing whole of her nipple into the mouth he pressed and shook other boob. Divya just kept Gasping and scratching his hairy back. Yes... Indeed she loved his hairy body.

By now Divya become a lot wet down there. “Please do na…” she caressed his hairs and requested.

“No.. I told na I want to suck your titties for whole night…,” He just stopped to say this and again resumed at her titties.

“Please dear… first do it and then suck for whole night… I can’t take it anymore…” Divya just pulled his mouth from her titties and kissed him deep.

Ghosh babu joyfully started tongue war with her as he adjusted his cock properly on her pussy and slowly inserted it into her wet cunt.

“Aaaaaaah….” Both moaned… and smile appeared on their faces the next moment. They started caressing and madly kissing each other as Ghosh babu drove his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt.

Their bodies literally wet with sweat and their breaths so loud to shame pressure cooker whistle. And suddenly Divya wake up and pushed him away.

“What happened?” Ghosh babu somehow controlled his anger.

“You heard that? Somebody yelled..” Divya sat up in the bed, alert, thinking of what she just heard.

“Nothing yaar… you probably got hallucinated… come darling… I am just on the edge..” He tried to embrace her again.

“I don’t want to do it now..”, Divya pushed him away and went for bathroom.

“What? Whatttt the Fuckkk…” is all Ghosh babu said before lying in the bed, facing to the wall.



“Oh there is she… Yes… Yes… it’s her only. How can I forget that structure? Her prefect body frame, her long beautiful hairs tossing with the beeze; Her creamy, fair back poking outside from her tie-back blouse and Especially – her inviting swinging ass…

“Divya… Please stop.

“Oh she is walking faster I must hurry before I lost her into deep jungle. I don’t want to lose her. I want her all for me… until the eternity..

“Yes Paresh… run.. run… yes that it…”

And he hold her and turned her back and got big shock

Surely not Divya… a beautiful but the cruellest face he has seen according to him was laughing venomously over him.

“hahahaha… What did you think? You have got Divya? You won? You were looser and you will remain looser… hahahaha”
Paresh couldn’t take it anymore and hold her by throat to kill her but as he increased pressure her laughter only went on increasing.

And suddenly, Paresh cried and woke up in the bed. His body was all wet with sweat. With shivering hands he took glass and drink water. “Divya is mine… I will make her mine at any cost. You get it bitch? I am saying this one more time… I can get way better woman than you.” He exclaimed as he clenched his teeth in anger.