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Raj ki sex partner kon banega

  • Savita - step mom

    Votes: 40 36.4%
  • Tanushree - chachi

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • Komal - choti chachi

    Votes: 3 2.7%
  • Priya - bahen

    Votes: 23 20.9%
  • Savita - Tanushree - komal

    Votes: 42 38.2%

  • Total voters


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Yeh kahani is forum ki ek aur member Andyjames ne start ki thi. Lekin woh ise finish nahi kar paye . Maine unse is story ko apne tarike se likhne ki permission mangi thi aur woh mann gaye hai . Thanks to him .
Ab mein ye story firse start kar raha hu apne tarike se . Character sab same hi rahenge aur kuch updates bhi main copy paste karne wala hu. Kuch updates ko main apne tarike se modify bhi karna chahta hoon.
Aap sab ka support ka ummid karta hu .
Yeh raha us kahani ka link
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Update 1
The family in the story is a Bengali family from Kolkata living in the posh locality of Ballygunge.
Kamleshwar Banerjee- Head of the family. Age 65 . Retired army. Now owns a garments manufacturing business. Strong , well built. Still has the habit of regular exercise and forces the other members of the family to do the same. Married very early at the age of 19. Enjoyed a healthy sex life with his wife, who died 6 years back. Since then he has been craving for sex, but without much success. His best enjoyment is to look at the cleavage of his office PA and the sexy figure of his eldest bahu ,who stays with him, and masturbate thinking of them.
Sunil Banerjee- Eldest son . Age 45. Currently in USA in business related affiars for 5 years. Lost his frist wife when his son was young. Married another woman due to family pressure and to take care of his son . Never really loved his second wife. Lost connection with family after losing his first wife. Shares a cold relationship with his son , somewhat in his mind he blames him for his mother's death.
Savita Banerjee - Sunil's second wife. Age 35. Figure 34-30-36. Never really got any love from her husband. Took care of his son from the age of 5 . Loves him like his own son. Takes care of her sasur. The family rest on her shoulder. Knows of her sasur's intentions, but never pays any interest to it.

Rajdeep Banerjee- son of Sunil. Hero of the story. Young energetic and althelic body. Equally good in stuies and sports. Takes training in football from a reputed club in Kolkata. Interested in older women. Masterbates thinking of his teachers and friends moms. Loves his step mom but has no evil intentions.
Barun Banerjee - 2nd son of kamleshwar. Lives in Delhi. Works in MNC in a very high post. Usually in tours. Cheats on his wife with several women. But is equally suspicious of his wife . Acuses her of affiars. Has zero sex life with wife.
Tanusree Banerjee - Barun's wife. Age 39 figure 36- 30-36. Has no affairs as her husband suspects. Carves for sex . Regularly masturbates thinking of her daughter's friends.

Priya Banerjee- Daughter of Barun and Tanusree. Age 18 . Figure 34-26-34. Very jolly and jokes with everyone. Father's darling. Lot of boys have proposed her but she has not accepted any. Knows about her mom and dad's quarrels and is upset about it . Stays in Bangalore for her studies

Tapas Banerjee - youngest son of kamleshwar. Lives in Mumbai. Married just two years ago to his bosses daughter. She is a Punjabi girl. Was crazy about his bhabhis earlier. Even once he tried to force himself on Tanusree once when he went to Delhi. But Tanusree did not allow it . They did not see eye to eye for long time . But they have now buried the hatchet after Tapas's marriage. His approaches towards Savita has been more timid restricted to brushing her ass or boobs and grabing her from behind occasionally. Savita has always ignored them.
Komal Bansal Banerjee - Tapas's wife Age 28 figure 36-28-36. Sexual very active. She is bisexual. Has regular lesbian sex with her friends behind her husband's back. Has an eye from Priya and her two jethanis. Even she has a fantasy of threesome with several of her in laws. List is below.
1. threesome with Rajdeep and Savita
2. Threesome with Rajdeep and Priya
3. Foursome with kamleshwar ,Savita and Tanusree
4. Foursome with Tapas Priya and Tanusree.