Adultery My husband made me do it

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First, let me introduce myself: My name is Anusha. I’m 27 years old IT professional working in Bangalore. I’m 5.4′ tall, slim, fair with black hair and brown eyes. I’m endowed with 34C-28-36.

I am married to a wonderful man, and life has been nothing but perfect for us. He’s understanding, funny, caring, and kind. Oh, have I mentioned that he’s an absolute hottie? He’s 6.1′, well-toned. I mean, what else can a girl ask for, right?

My husband has always been an open-minded and non-judgemental guy, so we share everything. So after a couple of months of our marriage, he asked me if I had been with any guy. My life has been quite dull before my marriage.

Although I had few crushes in my college days, it never went beyond that. So my answer to his question was an obvious no. As most of you must have guessed, there is always a ‘but’ in these situations.

I have one such ‘but’ it’s a secret that I’ve never shared with anyone. Our bond has only grown stronger as our new life progressed.

So one day, I have decided to confess my secret to him.

I told Prabhu (my husband) that I kissed a guy and a little more than that. Also, he’s my brother, Anirudh (cousin brother). He was shocked to hear this. I was sweating and shaking a little bit, afraid that he’d judge me and push me away.

Being the sweetheart that he is, he understood my circumstances and didn’t judge me because of my past. I fell in love even more so after this. I felt even closer to him, and our sex life had become much wilder as a result.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the confession or that I don’t have to feel guilty anymore, but I couldn’t care less. We were having the best time of our life. Sex was only getting better.

My husband is much more imaginative and kinky between the two of us. In these few years, I’ve realized that I enjoy being a sub to Prabhu, and likewise, he relishes the control he has over me. I’m always happy to oblige to his whims.

In 2020 lockdown started. We are both into IT, so it’s all about work from home. Our sexual drive increased as we fucked almost every day. It was all fun at first. But eventually, it started becoming a little boring for both of us.

So one day, Prabhu suggested role-plays. It started with us playing roles such as ex-girlfriend and boyfriend, neighbors, teacher-student. As days go by, things have begun to get a lot kinkier.

We started exploring new role-plays, such as me being the maid and Prabhu as the house owner. I started to enjoy pleasing him and making him crave for me. Every foreplay was different.

So one day, he asked me to pick roles. I thought about it for a couple of minutes. I requested if he can play the role of a young college student, and I’m the neighbor married lady. He was surprised at first, but he got excited as it was one of his fantasies when he was younger.

Oh boy, it was one of the best role plays we have ever done. Prabhu fucked me till I got my knees shaking and love bites all over my boobs and neck. Just as role-plays turned into our new normal, something new happened. It was something I never imagined.

I have work-related calls almost every day in the morning. Although I don’t always lead the meetings, I have to pay attention to it to keep up with the project status.

One day while I was attending a call, Prabhu walked over to me and started kissing my neck. I suddenly gave a low shriek. Thank god that the mic was off at that time.

He didn’t stop because of my sudden cry. He continued kissing my neck as I tried to push him away but failing miserably. I eventually let him do whatever he wanted. Prabhu walked behind my back. As I sat on my work chair, he put his hands on my shoulders and massaging gently. It relaxed me.

As I was enjoying his gentle massage, I felt his hands move down slowly into my tee. He started pressing my boobs over my bra at the same time he started kissing my neck. It was very arousing for me. I involuntarily closed my eyes and leaned back on the chair while he worked his magic on me.

A couple of minutes into it, his hands are in my bra, kneading my boobs. And his lips moving between my neck and my ears. Involuntarily I spread my legs, one hand playing with his hair and my other hand on my pussy. I started touching myself over my shorts.

Noticing my actions, my husband pushed down my tee and pulled out both of my boobs. He started pinching my right nipple while squeezing the other. By this point, I’m super wet down south. I slid my hand inside my shorts, touching myself.

For a moment, I forgot I was on a call, and by the time I realized it, we both were deep into the act. A weird feeling hit me at that moment. I’m on a call with more than 5 people. They are oblivious to the fact that I’m half-naked with my tits out and my hand on my pussy. My husband is kissing me right from behind.

It was a weird feeling, but I somehow seem affected, making me even more turned on. I started rubbing my pussy faster. Noticing this, my husband pulled the chair back a little, moved in front of me. He went down on his knees and started sucking my boobs.

All this time, Prabhu never tried to touch my pussy as if he agreed to let me play by myself while he took care of the upper half of my body. It was such a stimulating zone. Too many things are happening. Yet, I didn’t feel anything disharmonious. I felt this is new and stimulating.

In no time, I was on the verge of orgasm. At this moment, my husband held both of my boobs and squeezed them hard. His lips on my neck, switching between kissing and biting. I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a moan while I orgasmed heavily.

Before I ruminate over this new experience, I heard my name being called. My husband likewise heard it too. He kissed me and whispered how hot that was before walking away. I was in complete agreement with that. It was too hot.

After that incident, I began craving this kind of stimuli. I wanted revenge on my husband for putting me in that situation. So one day, he was on a call with his manager. I walked to him, signaled him to stand up. He was uncertain of my motives but eventually did as I requested.

In the next moment, I was on my knees, pulling out his dick. When I looked up, I saw Prabhu with his mouth agape and his eyes wide. I was satisfied with his reaction. Not taking my eyes away from his, I started sucking his dick.

Probably because of my actions, he got hard quickly. I can feel it in my mouth, his dick growing harder by the second. Prabhu moved one of his hands on my hair and pushed me to take his dick deeper into my mouth. It reached the point of him fucking my mouth.

He was only using sounds to agree with his manager on call. He was handling it much better than I did. If it wasn’t because my call was on mute, most of my colleagues must have already understood what I was doing. I wanted to embarrass him, so I pulled my boobs out while still sucking his dick.

I started playing with my boobs, squeezing them, pinching my nipples while at the same time being mouth fucked by my husband. He couldn’t take it anymore of my provocations. He pulled his dick out from my mouth with a low grunt. He cum on my face.

I never let him cum on my face. I was surprised by how much I’ve changed in the few days of lockdown. Never in my dreams would I have imagined myself like this.

“I never thought you’d become this slutty,” Prabhu said after he cut the call.

I looked straight into his eyes, my thoughts a mess. We never used dirty talk during sex as I felt it was degrading. Prabhu also never insisted on it not to hurt me. But now, when he used the word slutty it somehow didn’t make me feel upset. On the contrary, it turned me on.

Have I really become like a slut? Thinking back to all the things we did during the lockdown made me confirm it. Suddenly a smile bloomed on my face.

Looking at Prabhu, I said with a teasing voice: “Yes, I’m pretty surprised by myself. Well, I guess I really am a slut. YOUR SLUT.”

Prabhu was taken aback for a second before smiling and help me stand up, cleaned my lips off of his cum, and gave me a deep kiss.

“You are MY SLUT.” he said while he spanked my ass.

After these recent incidents, I realized how much I love this man. I am willing to do anything to make him happy. I also came to a new realization that I love teasing him and make him crave for me.

Manali Bose

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“You are MY SLUT,” he said while he spanked my ass.

After these recent incidents, I realized how much I love this man. I am willing to do anything to make him happy. I also came to a new realization that I love teasing him and make him crave for me.

While I was thinking all that happened, Prabhu got a cloth and used it to wipe my face, filled with his cum. It made me so much happy that he cared so much about me.

While I am his slut when he was fucking me, I also wish to be treated with respect, love, and care. Sometimes little actions like these are enough to show how much you love your partner.

I leaned forward to kiss him and, it was a kiss filled with love and affection. He pulled me closer and started kissing more intensely and filled with passion. I likewise reciprocated. Prabhu held me by my waist and began to push me back while kissing.

In no time, I was against the wall. His hand moved to my neck and, he started choking me lightly. His kisses got aggressive to the point of him biting my lips. I’ve started enjoying his new aggressive charge in bed and, it turns me on when I see him lose control.

Meanwhile, I noticed that he placed his leg between my legs, his knee caressing my pussy. Then he slowly started spreading my legs with his leg. I was unsure what he was up to but, I love what he was doing.

So I spread my legs while he started giving love bites on my neck. He moved his hands and removed my tee. He lowered his head and moved towards my boobs. He started kissing my cleavage while he was squeezing my boobs over my bra.

To my surprise, he didn’t remove my bra or pulled my boobs out. I wasn’t expecting that! He continued further down. By this point, he was on his knees, kissing around my belly button. Suddenly he pulled my shorts off. Now, I’m standing against the wall with just my bra and panty.

Prabhu is on his knees, kissing my thighs, his hands caressing my ass. Just the sight of this made me turn on even more. Prabhu looked at me and our eyes locked. He gave a sly smirk and pulled off my panty. Seeing that, I thought I might as well remove the only cloth on my body, my bra.

Prabhu moved his hands near my already wet pussy, but he didn’t touch it. He let his fingers caress all around it except my pussy. I knew he was teasing but, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

While he was teasing me, I moved my hands and started playing with my boobs. By this point, I was already wet. He moved closer to my pussy, and with the tip of his tongue, Prabhu started licking.

It sent chills all over my body when he was licking my pussy. I couldn’t hold myself and squeezed my boobs hard, twisting my hard nipples at the same time. The sight of watching my man on his knees licking my pussy is making me go crazy.

I couldn’t help but move my hand on his head and pushed him deeper, signaling him to go deeper. Now, Prabhu moved his fingers, circling on my clit while he licked me. I couldn’t help but moan louder. This is the first time he went down on me on his knees while I’m standing.

I have to say seeing your husband like this gives a weird sense of thrill. I wanted to take this a bit further so, I pushed Prabhu and made him lie on the floor, and I moved on the face before he reacts. Yes, I badly want to ride his face and, I wanted him to eat me.

Now he was lying on the floor. His hands moved on my boobs, mauling them. I, on the other slowly moved my hips and adjusted myself in a way that’s comfortable for both of us. I slowly started riding his face, both my hands on his hair, clutching.

My hips movements and his licking had come to a unique rhythm. After some time of adjusting, we started enjoying it. I was riding on his face faster and faster. I was moaning loud, calling Prabhu’s name.

He never stopped eating my pussy nor complain. He moved one of his hands and spanked my ass while the other was squeezing my boob. All this stimulated me very much and, I was close to my orgasm.

“Prabhu, I’m close…..Prabhu, I’m close,” I said, holding his hair even tighter.

He then moved both of his hands on my boobs, pinched my nipples, and pulled them. That was the tipping point. I tightened my legs, almost suffocating him. My body trembled as I orgasmed hard like never before on his face.

I moved away from my husband’s face so that he can breathe. His face was dripping with the mix of my cum and sweat. I took my tee nearby and cleaned his face.

I kissed him intensely for giving me this pleasure. Because I knew it was hard to be in that state for such a long time, he didn’t even complain. I collapsed on his chest, hugging him.

“You taste good! We should do this more often,” said Prabhu, kissing me on my forehead. I whimpered in response.

I was still delighting in the aftertaste of my orgasm when I heard Prabhu whisper: “Now it’s your turn.”

Only then did I realize that he was still hard. I was about to go down on him to suck his dick. But, he stopped me from doing that and looked into my eyes, moved his hand into choking me and pulled me closer. We were so close that we could feel the breath on each other’s faces.

“I want you to get on the bed and spread your legs while looking straight into my eyes,” Prabhu ordered. My heart raced as a result.

I never knew that Prabhu could be so authoritative in bed. It weirdly made me turned on a little bit. I obeyed his order, walked to the bed naked. I intentionally swayed my ass a little to tease him.

I turned around, sat on the bed, locking my eyes straight into his. To make it even hotter, I bit my lower lip, moved my knees closer to my chest, and slowly spread them apart.

Seeing my action, he couldn’t help but hold his dick in his hand. He was walking towards me like he’s ready to have the feast of his life. I was ever ready to be his feast. I was anticipating him to unleash all of his hidden desires and aggressiveness.

“You are getting more and more comfortable playing seductress. If I hadn’t known you, I would even suspect if this is your first time doing this,” Prabhu said as he walked over.

He looked at me, welcoming him to have his way with me. Without any warning, he pulled my ankles, drawing me closer to the edge of the bed. Prabhu lifted my legs onto his shoulders, caressing my smooth thighs with his hands while kissing my legs.

His hard dick was touching my pussy lips, but he didn’t go in yet. By this point, I’m already horny again. I moved closer, hoping to take his dick inside me. But he wouldn’t go in. All this tease, making me go nuts. I so badly wanted him to fuck me.

When I’m almost at the end of my patience, he placed his thumb near my clit, circling it as he let the tip of his dick inside. I already had orgasmed once, so it was an easy entry.

Prabhu slowly motioned his hips with a rhythm as he fucked me at a slow pace in the beginning. I knew that this is the calm before the storm and, I was bracing myself to dare the adventure ahead.

As expected, Prabhu’s slow-paced movements now turned into thrusting. It felt so good to have his dick inside. I have to admit that my husband is quite good at sex, and he has good stamina. I guess I’m lucky to have a guy who can fuck me good.

Now Prabhu’s thrusting has become more rapid. He moved one hand on my boob and squeezed it. His thrusts became deep, but he didn’t let go of my squeezed boob. I just closed my eyes, enjoying him taking me to his heart’s content.

After a couple of mins, he signaled me to turn around. I opened my eyes and saw him signaling. I immediately understood that he wants to take me doggy.

I obediently assent to his request by turning around. I lift my ass and bend down a little so that he can have easy access to me. The moment I did that, he spanked me hard.

“Prabhu, be gentle,” I screamed.

“Oh, is that so? You should have thought of that when you provoked me.” He said as he spanked me again.

He didn’t let my scream stop him. He spread my ass cheeks and went straight inside my pussy with a big thrust. I let out a gasp. He went too deep and, it felt so good.

Prabhu started pounding me in the doggy style. Just as I guessed before: Calm, before the storm. Now, I’m bearing the full brunt of it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Suddenly, I had a crazy idea. I wanted to see what Prabhu see. I wanted to know how I look bending with my ass up for Prabhu. I wanted to see him fucking me from behind.

“Prabhu, can you record me while you fuck me in this position? I want to see from your point of view.” I said, bracing myself.

Prabhu was surprised by my sudden request. In all of our years of marriage, there was never a time we took any pics or videos while we had sex. So it did come as a bit of a surprise for him when I asked him.

“You sure have come a long way from being a pure and innocent wife to turn into a seductive devil.” He said with a smirk on his face but still agreed to my request.

He took my phone, which was nearby, adjusted himself, and start fucking me again.

“Anu, you have such a sexy ass, and my view of fucking it always makes me so turned on,” Prabhu said. As he recorded fucking me from behind.

“Exactly the reason why I asked you to record it,” I teased him as I jerked my ass.

At this point, we are both fully turned on and, we are going in hot at it. Prabhu didn’t stop fucking me, and his constant unexpected spankings are driving me crazy. He didn’t let go of the chance to pull my hair while he fuck me.

The whole act is driving me and Prabhu insane.

Suddenly I heard a ringtone. I turned around and saw that I’m getting a call. I didn’t even ask who it was before asking Prabhu to cut the phone call and resume recording.

After a minute, my phone started ringing again.

“Who is it?” I asked with a hint of annoyance. I was getting it good from my husband and, being disturbed like this would get any girl annoyed.

“It’s your little cousin, Anirudh,” he said, handing the phone to me.

To be continued.

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“Who is it?” I asked with a hint of annoyance. I was getting it good from my husband and, being disturbed like this would get any girl annoyed.

“It’s your little cousin, Anirudh,” he said, handing the phone to me.

“It’s okay. I’ll get back to Ani (Anirudh) later. Fuck me first.” I said as I moved my hip back, signaling him to start pounding.

“It sounds important. Talk,” Prabhu said.

“Are you serious?” Now I’m annoyed at both Ani and Prabhu.

I tried to turn around and sit before I answer the call. But, to my surprise, Prabhu didn’t let me turn around and instead said, “I asked you to talk, not to turn around.”

I understood right away. Prabhu wanted to fuck me while I’m talking on the phone. Although we both teased each other while on a call with others, we never had sex while on a call.

Before I said anything, Prabhu answered the call and threw the phone near me. Without any choice, I picked up the phone while I’m still in the doggy position and my husband inside me.

It was difficult for me to hold the phone in that position and, Prabhu didn’t slow down pounding on me. I also couldn’t turn the speaker on for obvious reasons. Finally, I just used my elbows as support and brought the phone near my ear.

“Hey Anu,” said Anirudh

“Hey…uh…Ani,” I said as I held myself back from moaning.

“How are you? is everything alright? Why does your voice sound weird?” asked Ani in a puzzled tone.

“It’s nothing. I’m just moving some stuff out so, I’m a little out of breath,” I said as I cursed Prabhu in my heart for putting me in this situation.

“Is that so? Should I call you later then?” said Ani.

I wanted to say yes. But I knew that Prabhu gave me the phone to talk to Ani so that he could fuck me while I was on the phone with him. It felt weird, to be honest. But my thoughts were a mess at that moment. I couldn’t think straight.

One side Prabhu was going at it non-stop. On the other side, I have to make sure not to give hits to Ani that I’m getting ravaged by his brother-in-law.

I finally decided to go with the flow and said, “No, that’s okay. What’s up, Ani?”

“Well, lockdown is almost done. My dad and mom are planning to visit Bangalore for a family friend’s wedding. They asked me to ask you if you guys are okay if we stayed over at your place for a night,” said Ani as he explained without any more small talk.

I felt relieved that Ani didn’t talk any other non-sense and got straight to the point. By this point, Prabhu slowed down with his ruthless pounding and was taking it slow. I finally got some breather.

“You all are welcome to stay as long as you can. We will have a guest room prepared. Just let us know when you will be coming home,” I said. I realized that Prabhu just stood there looking at me with his dick inside me.

He stopped fucking me, just stood there caressing his hands on my ass. I didn’t know why but I felt a little odd with the sudden halt of his thrusting. Involuntarily I moved my ass back, taking his dick deeper inside me. It felt good. I started going to and fro with my hips, fucking him.

I didn’t stop fucking him in the same position while Ani, still on the phone, said, “We will be coming to Bangalore the day after tomorrow. We are planning to go directly to the function and return to your place after.”

I was so engrossed in the act that I barely heard it. My reply was simple, “uh-huh. I got it.”

Before Ani could say anything, I felt my husband place his hands on both sides of my hips, putting a stop to my moving hips. Without any word, he gave a deep thrust. I felt him go deep inside me that he has never gone before.

It came as a total surprise for me. I couldn’t help myself gasp and moan louder as the phone in my hand fell on the bed. Prabhu didn’t stop there. He didn’t even let me say a word before he moved to hold my hair, pulled it back, and gave another deep thrust.

This time I moaned even louder than before. My brain completely stopped working at that moment. Because I felt my husband’s dick throbbing deep inside me, cumming. It felt so good having him cum inside me, and the feeling of his throbbing dick is a whole another level.

There was complete silence for almost a minute. No one made any sound. It was only after few seconds I came to my senses after Prabhu took his dick out and heard Ani on the phone calling out. Immediately I picked up the phone and heard Ani say, “Anu, what was that sound? What happened?”

There was no way I could tell him that his brother-in-law was fucking me and even came inside me while I’m on the phone with him. I could only lie.

“Hey, Ani, sorry. Prabhu dropped a fragile glass set on the floor. I screamed after seeing it. Now I have more ‘cleaning’ up to do because of him. Don’t worry. You guys can come. I’ll prepare the guest room for you guys. I have some work to do so, I’ll call you later?” I said.

I cut the call before Ani even replied. I felt very embarrassed because of what happened. I still can’t believe Prabhu did that. I even suspect he intentionally did that. Then I suddenly realized how stupid of an excuse I gave to Anirudh. He probably guessed what happened. After all, he isn’t a kid anymore.

That realization made me feel even more embarrassed and irritated.

“Prabhu, what the fuck is wrong with you?” I snapped at my husband.

After I cut the call, I turned around from the doggy position. I sat at the edge of the bed. My pussy, still dripping with Prabhu’s cum. I was annoyed because of the embarrassment that I failed to realize.

I saw my husband’s evil grin and his eyes darting around my body, especially around my lower area. Only then did I feel his cum all over my pussy and thighs. I couldn’t help but move my hand over my pussy and start rubbing it. It felt weirdly arousing.

While I was touching myself with Prabhu’s cum inside me. I suddenly heard Prabhu say, “I want you to tell me what exactly happened between you and Anirudh. I want you to tell me in detail.”

I was shocked. I confessed to Prabhu about Ani and me a few years ago. My husband never asked anything about this all these years. Now, him suddenly asking about it, and that too, in detail, made me feel a little weird.

I stopped touching myself even though I’m still horny from all the stimulation. I looked at my husband straight into his eyes as I asked, “Do you really want to know?”

Prabhu likewise nodded his head and said, “Yes. I do. But, you can be rest assured that nothing will change even after that and, I will not judge you. My love for you won’t change either. I want to know.”

After his reassurance, I felt that maybe it’s not a bad thing to share with my husband. After all, I’ve been keeping that secret deep in my heart for years. Maybe, it’s time to share this with another soul, and who could be better than the person I married.

I took a deep breath, nodded to him, and said, “Alright. I will tell you. But first, let me clean myself up.”

“That’s alright. You don’t need to. I’m sure what you are about to say would be very interesting. Who knows, leaving my cum inside you like that would add an extra kick to you,” Prabhu said with an odd smirk.

What he said took me by surprise. I was taken aback for a second, eyes widened. I didn’t know what twisted and kinky tunnel Prabhu crawled out of today. He felt different than usual.

On the second thought, I liked touching myself with his load still inside me. It made me feel slutty and arousing. So, I decided to indulge him in his kinky request.

Manali Bose

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I moved to the middle of the bed as Prabhu came and sat opposite. We looked into each other eyes as I narrated:

“I was 25 and, Anirudh was 20 when it all started. We’ve always been very close ever since we were kids. Every time there was a function at home, we used to hang out and talk a lot. I used to share about boys I met and, he used to tell me about the girls he liked. we were like close friends.”

“But, one day during a small function at home, things changed.”

“As you know, my parent’s house is two-floored. The ground floor has two rooms, one for mom and dad and another for me. The second floor has one hall and two rooms as well. During functions at my house, we kids used to go to the second floor and play and have fun.”

“So, that day, as usual, me, Anirudh and, two more kids went to a room on the second floor. After some time, the other two kids went to the ground floor and the ones left were just Ani and me. It was already afternoon by that time and, I sometimes take a nap during noon.”

“So I told Ani that I would take a nap and he can listen to music or something. After around half an hour or so, I woke up and saw Ani sleeping next to me and listening to music. I didn’t let him know that I was awake. I turned to the side, my back facing Ani, and was using my phone.”

“Couple minutes later, Ani put his hands on my waist. It wasn’t a big deal as he used to do that sometimes. I didn’t think much about it. But, a couple of minutes into it, I felt he moved closer to me.”

“I can feel his breath on the back of my neck and, his hips moved closer to my ass. The next moment I felt his dick touching my ass and, I could tell that he was hard.”

“I wasn’t a naive girl who doesn’t know anything about sex. I could tell what was going on. Honestly, I used to watch a lot of porn and touch myself thinking how a man’s touch would feel.”

“Although I never sexually thought about Ani from the start, his touch is giving me complex feelings. Mostly a mix of arousing and guilt. I wanted him to stop because he was my little cousin. But then I also wanted to experience how it’d feel to have the opposite gender touch me.”

“During my mental struggle, Ani moved his hand on my tummy. His hips slowly started moving. Ani was humping me from behind while his hand, caressing my tummy.”

“He didn’t stop there. Ani moved his hand on my tummy a little bit down and sneaked his hand inside my tee. His hand, now touching my bare skin. When he first touched my skin, I felt my body tremble. That was the first time any guy touched me, and I realized I was getting aroused. I was enjoying his touch.”

“I was shocked by his advances. I panicked and turned around, my back facing the ceiling. I guess, even he got afraid that I found out about what he did and, he moved a bit away from me and pretended to be asleep.”

“My heart was beating faster while I lay there. I couldn’t get Ani’s touch out of my mind. I half opened my eyes and looked at Ani stealthily. Anirudh turned around, probably either because of guilt or to deny the fact of what he did. Either way, I realized my view of him had changed at that moment.”

“If I have to be honest with you, I wasn’t sexually attracted to Anirudh. Not because Ani wasn’t a good-looking guy but more because he’s my little cousin. But I liked his touch. I always wanted to feel and enjoy it. My parents are very strict about me talking to boys, so there was very little chance that I could get to do this before marriage.”

“What Ani did now made me realize that I could get to experience the pleasure all the same without none being the wiser. At that moment, I decided to let things go with the flow and see where this goes.”

“After I made the decision, I turned around. I was now facing the ceiling, pretending to be asleep all the while waiting for Ani’s next move. I had a gut feeling that Ani would try it again.”

“As they say, women’s instincts are never wrong. Just as I guessed, around 10-15 minutes later, Ani started moving closer to me. He placed his hand on my tummy again. This time, he didn’t caress or make any movements for quite some time. Probably observing if I was asleep.”

“After a couple of minutes, I felt his hand moving down. His hand stopped at the end of my tee. Then my cousin slides his hand inside my t-shirt again. He started slowly caressing. I wore night pants and a t-shirt that day, and I usually wear my night pant above my belly button.”

“The way he was moving his hand inside my t-shirt, I guessed that he was searching for my belly button, but I didn’t do anything, just letting him do what he wanted to do.”

“He eventually pulled my pants a bit down, probably to reach my belly button. Then with his middle finger, he started circling my belly button. It was ticklish and weird. I had no idea what he was doing.”

“I was afraid I’d make a sound, so I turned to the side. Now, my back was facing him. This time he didn’t move away like he previously did. I guessed that he was probably so turned on that he decided to risk it all. Like before, my cousin moved closer to me. His dick against my ass, slowly humping me.”

“While he was grinding, he moved his face closer to my neck. He shifted my hair aside and started kissing the backside of my neck. I have to say that kiss gave me goosebumps. That was the first time I realized that I get turned on by neck kisses.”

“By this point, I was turned on. Anirudh, on the other hand, changed his grinding against my ass to humping. His kisses also moved from the backside of my neck to behind my ear and on my neck. I was amazed by this boldness. I wondered where his previous timidness had gone.”

“Then I realized he probably guessed I was awake because of my heavy breathing. Even then, I didn’t say anything and, neither did he. We were enjoying the moment in each other’s deliberate ignorance.”

“Now Ani moved his hand on my belly again and slowly started moving up. His hand moved just below my boob. His fingers, touching my under boob over my tee. Then he slowly made his way up. His hand was covering half my boob and his fingers just below my nipple.”

“My heartbeat was so fast, and I was so nervous. Suddenly, he took the bold move and cupped my right boob. My body suddenly went stiff, my breathing heavier. Anirudh, grinding his hard dick on my ass from behind and his hand on my boob.”

“I was very turned on as well as scared. That was the first time someone other than me cupped my boobs. In my scared state, I moved my hand over his, which was cupping my boob, and pulled it down, placing it on my belly. This action of mine finally confirmed to Anirudh that I was awake.”

“There was a brief moment of silence. Anirudh stopped his kissing and grinding. Meanwhile, my heart was in shambles. I was, aroused, excited, nervous, scared. My emotions were all over the place. I couldn’t stop thinking about how my body felt when Ani’s hand cupped my boob.

“I never felt like that before. It was a completely different feel from when I used to touch my boobs. I couldn’t stop wanting more as I thought that. Anirudh moved his hand from my belly to my boob and cupped it. This time he didn’t even hesitate.”

“He knew that I was awake and knew what he was doing to me. The fact that I didn’t stop him made it pretty obvious that I was enjoying it. Reflexively, I tried to push away his hand but, he firmly gripped my boob. I shockingly couldn’t push his hand away.”

“Even then, I didn’t stop trying to push his hand away. I didn’t know why I was doing it, even though I didn’t want him to move his hand. It was a very complex feeling.”

“Seeing me trying to push his hand away, Anirudh moved closer to my ear and whispered, ‘Please!'”

“That one word kept ringing in my ear and, I stopped my struggle.”

“Seeing that I stopped struggling, Anirudh kissed the backside of my ear and whispered, thank you. Simultaneously while thanking me, he squeezed my boob. I couldn’t help release a heavy breath.”

“Anirudh didn’t stop there after that. He slowly started squeezing my boob more and kissing my neck. Involuntarily I moved my ass towards his dick. I didn’t know why I did that. It was completely instinctual.”

Prabhu and I were initially sitting opposite each other on the bed. As I was narrating my past, Prabhu laid down on the bed and asked me to sleep next to him as well. I didn’t think much of it at the beginning.

But, as the story progressed, he started cuddling me while I was narrating. We were in the exact position as I described. Prabhu was doing exactly how Anirudh did. He started cuddling me, kissing my neck and ears, grinding his dick against my ass.

Prabhu even moved his hand on my right boob and squeezed it. As we lay there naked, I narrated my sexual experience with Anirudh. My husband, touching me exactly, like my little cousin. Weirdly, it was turning me on.

Involuntarily I moved my hand on my pussy. I remembered that just before I started narrating, my husband fucked and filled me up. I started rubbing my pussy filled with my husband’s cum while Prabhu played with my boob.

“Continue,” Prabhu said as he noticed my action. I stopped narrating when Prabhu started copying my cousin. I looked back at my husband, saw the lust in his eyes. I knew he was enjoying my story.

At the start, I was worried about Prabhu judging me hearing about my past. But, now he wasn’t only listening without judging but enjoying it. This was a whole new scenario. My husband cum inside me as I narrated my sexual experience with my cousin.

Prabhu was touching me how Anirudh did before. This was weirdly turning me on. After getting my thoughts straight, I continued narrating the story:

“Anirudh continued grinding his hard dick against my ass and, his hand never left my boob. I closed my eyes and experienced this newfound feeling.”

“After a few minutes of playing with my boob over my top, Ani moved his right hand down into my top. He started caressing my navel while crawling his hands up towards my boobs.”

“I tried resisting his hands but to no avail. He was determined to explore my boobs. Eventually, I stopped and gave him free rein. My cousin then pulled my bra down, now, his hands touching my naked boob. I couldn’t believe it. It felt so good to have a warm hand of a man playing with my boobs.”

“Anirudh couldn’t get a proper grip on my other boob as I was sleeping sideways. He then turned me around, making me face the ceiling. I didn’t even open my eyes, still pretending to be asleep. Letting Anirudh do whatever he wishes to my body.”

“Anirudh moved closer to my face, trying to kiss my lips. But I instinctively moved my head sideways, denying him the kiss. He tried to move my head towards him but, I didn’t budge this time.”

“To me, the first kiss is important. I wanted to kiss someone I love, someone who means a lot to me. I don’t find Anirudh sexually attractive. I want to experience how it would feel when a guy touches me.”

“Seeing that I insist on not kissing Anirudh didn’t force me further and moved his attention towards my boobs again. This time, Ani didn’t hesitate any further. He lifted my top and pulled down my bra and laid my naked boobs out in the open.”

“I saw his widened eyes and mouth. I was satisfied with his reaction. It feels so good when a guy loses his bearing after seeing a girl’s body. It’s a compliment in a way.”

“After his initial shock, I saw Anirudh’s eye’s gleam. He looked at my boobs as if he had found a new toy. He was curiously exploring, caressing my boobs, sometimes pinching my nipples, shaking them. I don’t blame him for his childish antics though, after all, it was his first time seeing boobs.”

“I half opened my eyes to see his reaction and also watch what he would do. Just as I expected, Ani moved closer and licked my right boob while he continued squeezing my other boob. When his tongue touched my nipple, I felt like current went through my whole body. ”

“Anirudh started sucking and squeezing my boobs harder. I have to admit it was painful with how much pressure he was using to squeeze. Weirdly, I’m enjoying the pleasure that came with the pain.”

As I continued to narrate the story, Prabhu started sucking my right boob and squeezing the other. Just as how Anirudh did. I, on the other hand, rub my clit as I narrate to my husband.

“Eventually, I couldn’t keep up the pain. I held Ani’s head and whispered: “Please, slowly.”

“Hearing me, Ani started to slow down. I felt relieved.”

“Now that he had his fun with my boobs, he started to explore more of my body. He moved to my navel, kissing it. Anirudh seems to have an obsession with my navel and belly button as his focus was on my navel from the start.”

“After some time, Ani moved his hand closer to my pants. I know what he was up to and, I wasn’t sure if I should let him get in my pants. Before my thoughts cleared out, Anirudh’s hands were already inside my night pant.”

“I tried to pull his hand out but, he wouldn’t budge no matter what. He kept saying please multiple times near my ear while kissing my neck. I eventually gave up.”

“His hand was on my pussy over my panty. I was already wet by then and, he started caressing my pussy while sucking on my boobs.”

“It felt so good. I closed my eyes and started imagining my future husband/bf while my cousin, touching my body. For a second, I felt guilty. I felt I’m using my Anirudh to pleasure myself it’s as if….”

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“It felt so good. I closed my eyes and started imagining my future husband/bf while my cousin, touching my body. For a second, I felt guilty. I felt I’m using my Anirudh to pleasure myself it’s as if…as if….”

“As if he’s your sex toy,” Prabhu voiced my inner feeling while looking at me straight in my eyes.

“Yes, just like that. Because I never gave Anirudh permission to kiss me or have sex with me. I never even gave him a handjob, even though he practically begged me.”

“I love and care for him as my little cousin, but I never felt the need to please him. Unconsciously, I started treating him like a sex toy whenever we did it.”

“Even when he was touching me, we never spoke. Even if we did, they were never in sentences, just words like, please, and such.”

“I always imagine some guy in my mind when he was touching me, a guy with no facial future. I used to imagine that faceless man as my future hubby.”

“I know, this is weird and, it’s unfair to Anirudh but, that was how I felt and, I couldn’t force myself to change it. I never told ani about this because I knew he’d be upset. Honestly, we never talk about our little sessions. We pretend as if it never happened.”

“There were few times he tried to bring up the subject but, I always either ignored it or avoided it. I have to admit that Anirudh is a good guy. Despite all the unfairness, he never complained or made things difficult for me.”

I looked at Prabhu as I felt nervous that he’d judge me.

“So, a boy toy for your pleasure? It seems that you were in control of the situation all the time with him,” Prabhu said with a sly smirk.

“You could say that,” I smiled as I understood that Prabhu wasn’t judging me. I felt relieved.

“Did you let him go down on you?” Prabhu asked.

“Yes, I did,” I said.

“How was he with his mouth?” Prabhu winked as he asked.

“He was alright. I was his first and, he never had any experience before me so, he was just enough.” I said.

“Just enough to let you orgasm?” Prabhu asked.

“Well, he never made me orgasm, to be honest. He used to hump on my ass or top of me. He used to cum while humping or grinding against me. I, on the other hand, touch myself imagining the feel of his touch. He wasn’t that great in foreplay. We were doing it for the experience of it all.”

“This continued for a few times, but eventually, I felt this was pointless so, I ignored his pleadings and went back to being normal cousins. It was hard at first because he wanted to do it and, I didn’t.”

“I used to ignore him initially but, eventually, he understood and stopped asking me about it. Now, we are how we used to be back then.”

“Do you like my grip on your boobs or his?” Prabhu asked as he gripped my naked boobs hard.

I moaned and said, “Of course yours, he can never come close to you.”

“I like the sound of that. Explain more,” Prabhu asked.

“The way you handle my boobs is like magic. You know how to play with them, unlike Anirudh. He was a novice compared to you. You know how to maul them and suck them. I get turned on every time you play with my boobs.”

“Is it now? I know how much you love playing rough with your boobs and nipples. I bet Anirudh could never play with them as I do,” Prabhu said as he twisted my nipples while biting my boobs hard.

I gasped and moaned loud. I always get turned on when my husband goes crazy with my boobs. He loves giving love bites on my boobs and twisting my nipples. It was something I realized as Prabhu and I explored over the years.

“Of course not. Anirudh was like a noob compared to you. Your touch is manly while he plays with my boobs like a child,” I agreed.

I realized that describing how good Prabhu is and how much of a novice Anirudh is turning my husband wild. I don’t know what kind of weird kink he’s got in his brain. But, as long as it gets Prabhu worked up, I know for sure I’ll have a good time.

I realized that sometimes satisfying a man’s ego works wonders. Even more so than giving a blowjob. Of course, it’s only good as long as the man doesn’t start acting cocky and disrespecting you.

“It’s such a pity for him that he never got to fuck you. Anirudh would never know how you taste. Only I get to taste you and enjoy you. Your beautiful body is mine to enjoy,” Prabhu said as he moved on top of me.

Prabhu spread my legs and lay his whole body over me, kissing my lips and neck. His dick is over my pussy, rubbing against each other.

“Even if he did get a chance, I don’t think he’s as good as you in bed. Your control over me is not something that no one can replicate,” I said.

Although I’m exaggerating my words and making my husband sound like a sex god, it’s working great. He’s getting more wild with my words.

Hey, as long as you are getting it good, anything works. Right?

With our new weird kink, things started to get more steamy and, my husband was ready for another round.

I can’t believe that in just one day, my husband is going for round three. It never happened before. I guess exploring new kinks and fantasies can get things to jump-start.

This time Prabhu went straight for fucking. There was no foreplay, nothing. I guess my story got him riled up pretty good. Another round ensued, but this time there was a lot of dirty talking.

He fucked me in doggy, pulling my hair and spanking my ass. He said Anirudh could never get to see me in this position. I could tell that my husband was very pleased that he got to fuck me whenever he wished. But my cousin could barely touch me.

I went with the flow. Prabhu started fucking me rougher the more I complimented his sex skills. I have to say those exaggerated compliments of my husband’s sex skills didn’t go wasted.

Prabhu fucked me for 20 minutes this time around and, during this session, things got so heated up. Due to my husband’s heavy spankings, my ass is red and, my boobs with love bite, and they felt sore. Just touching them felt painful.

But, I don’t regret it at all. I love the pain and pleasure I am experiencing at the moment. After fucking, Prabhu and I lay on the bed naked, cuddling each other. Now that our hormones are cooled down, it’s time for some real talk.

“Do you find this weird or, are you feeling uncomfortable that we did this?” Prabhu asked.

I knew that he was talking about this new kink of him getting turned on listening to my escapades.

“It’s not weird. We are just exploring. In this journey, as long as things aren’t going out of hand, then anything works,” I said.

Even though I felt this was weird, I didn’t voice it out, as I think it’s okay to broaden our horizons with new experiences.

I would do this all over again if I could make Prabhu worked up like this. He turned into a beast after my confession and the dirty talk after that. I never thought my little story would rile him up.

“Prabhu, what made you get so excited when I was narrating? I could tell you were completely different from before I confessed,” I asked as I couldn’t help but be curious to know the trigger point.

“I honestly don’t know. I felt weirdly aroused when Anirudh was touching you. It’s not just arousal. It’s more like anger, arousal, jealousy, and competitiveness in me all flared up together. It’s complicated as I still can’t figure it out myself.” Prabhu said as he looked at me. His face filled with confusion.

“That’s okay, love. Let’s figure it out together. Whatever it is will face it together.” I said and kissed his lips while I pinched his cheeks.

“Thank you, Anu. I’m so happy that you are very understanding and supportive. I couldn’t ask for a better wife.” Prabhu said, kissing my forehead.

I burrowed in his chest and thanked him for giving me a wonderful time.

“You know, I realized that It turns me on when a guy craves for your body but, he can only imagine it but can never get it. I bet Anirudh must have dreamed about you a lot. Don’t you think?” Prabhu said with a sly smile.

“I think so. Anirudh did get a little bit of the taste before,” I said as I smiled back.

After that, Prabhu suddenly fell silent. He was looking at the ceiling as if in deep thought.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked, noticing his absent-mindedness.

“Don’t take me wrong, but I just imagined how it’d be if you seduced Anirudh and made him crave for you after all these years,” Prabhu said with a hint of embarrassment on his face.

“What? But I told you that I’m not sexually attracted to him. That’s the entire reason I stopped getting involved with him after a couple of times,” I said with furrowed brows. I don’t know what is even going on in his mind at this point.

“I know. I know. It was just a random thought,” Prabhu said.

“I think I know one of the reasons why I got so aggressive in bed after hearing your story,” He said.

“You do? Why is that?” I asked.

I’ve been thinking about it for some time and, I couldn’t figure it out. Maybe this can give me some idea of what is going on in that brain.

“When you were telling me how Anirudh touched you as you enjoyed it. I suddenly felt a mixture of emotions bombarding my brain. I felt the sudden urge to reclaim you back. I want to tell myself that you are mine and, other guys can only get to drool while I enjoy you.” Prabhu said while looking at me.

“So is that the reason why you go aggressive and the reason why you made me say how good you are in sex, compared to Anirudh?” I asked with an odd expression.

“Yes. Also, I got aroused when you enjoyed Anirudh’s touch. I wanted to show I’m better in every way. So, I started copying whatever he did according to your narration,” Prabhu confessed with his head hung low out of embarrassment.

“Awww, my love. How weirdly cute you are. You should know that you have nothing to be afraid of,” I said as I moved to kiss him.

“Remember that I am yours. Although I don’t fully understand your logic and emotions at the moment, I wish to understand and help you sort it out,” I said.

“Really?” Prabhu asked.

“Yes, we are partners in crime. If not me, who will, right?” I said as I smiled at him.

Prabhu kissed me. I saw happiness on his face at that moment. I meant every single word I said, “So, do you get turned on if I seduce someone and they crave for me?” I asked out of curiosity.

“I’m not exactly sure. I still haven’t figured it out yet. But I love the idea of a man looking at you yet cannot taste you very arousing,” Prabhu said with gleaming eyes.

“Interesting,” I commented as I, try to understand his logic.

“You know, Anirudh is coming home soon,” Prabhu said with a sneaky smile.

“So?” I asked, even though I knew where he was getting at.

“Maybe we can mess up his mind? I mean, you can mess up his mind?” Prabhu said with a devilish grin.

“I am not sure. I will see,” I gave a coy laugh and got down from the bed and walked away.

I am still processing this whole new kink. I knew what my husband wanted me to do. But, I couldn’t stop thinking about how aggressive this new kink is making Prabhu. He was so good. I wanted to experience more of it.

If things go out of hand, I’ll say: My husband made me do it.

With that, I put this thought back in my head and moved to the washroom to take a bath.

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