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Discussion in 'English' started by Mind, Sep 26, 2019.

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    Nov 11, 2018
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    so this is not the tale of just sanju and priya

    but a bunch of tales of ajays preys ......... priya's main and two others in flashback......

    waiting for next.......... eagerly
  2. Mind

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    Sep 26, 2019
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    I hug Priya and told her about my happiness in life by getting your love back. Priya kissed me and smiles at me. I look in to her eyes and can see the happiness in her eyes. I can feel a relaxation in her eyes. I asked her about what happen after that. Whether you went to Ajay's home after that? Hows was your office ?

    Priya : I didn't talk with Ajay for few days but didn't continued for long because what all has happen on that day is my fault. Ajay is a good person.

    After dropping Priya in flat, He gave instruction to Namitha to come to his villa and left.

    Namitha helped Priya to settle and left to Ajay villa without Priya's knowledge. She took a cab and reached house. She was welcomed by Joseph and he kissed her cheeks. She was surprised by his move. She has entertained Joseph to grab informations about Ajay. Ajay is not aware of this. Joseph told Namitha that Ajay has bring a new girl ''Priya'' yesterday and explain what all happen. Namitha told Joseph that Priya is working in her company and she is going to stay with her.

    Namitha: Where is Ajay?

    Joseph: He went to his parent flat and will return in one hour.

    Namitha: How is Priya?

    Joseph : Oh!! she is lovely. Dream girl.

    Namitha: Don't dare to try her like you chased Rosy

    Joseph: No.. why should I chase her. I have two beautiful girls who take cares me. ( Namitha & Rosy)

    Saying this he kissed Namitha. Namitha allow Joseph to flirt with her. She grabs information through that. Joseph get teased by Namitha but didn't gave opportunity to explore her body. Joseph knows that her relationship with Ajay so he doesn't have the courage to make a move. He wants her badly and the reason he is supporting Namitha. He is waiting for his day.

    Ajay came back, straight he hugs Priya and kissed her cheeks. He thank her for the support in Priya case. He went inside his room with Namitha and locked. Joseph got disappointed. He thought of peeping into Ajay's room but it was only 8 pm still 2 hours left. He went to kitchen and start preparing dinner for both. He wants to finish his work and get ready for peeping Ajay's room after 10 Pm. His modus of operandi is Ajay's bedroom has attached swimming pool. In morning time, he doesn't have any option except some rare occasion like some action happened in swimming pool area and bedroom is not locked. In night at 10 Pm, he is instructed to close all lights in lawn and surroundings except few lights in front side of villa. Swimming pool has a closed entrance in backside. This has kept basically to access pool for maintenance team and cleaning staff without passing through Ajay's bedroom. Joseph is holding the key. After lights are off. There no visibility of outside area from room but person from outside can see inside if the curtains are open and light are switched on. Ajay hardly bothered to close the curtain due to private area outside. Joseph has his regular place near pool area from he watches the action inside Ajay's room.

    While he was cooking the food, Ajay's dick is inside Nimmy's ass. Ajay is banging her ass. He is fantasying Priya ass and banging in Namitha ass. Priya name is coming out of his mouth and Namitha felt insulted for first time in her life. She understand her value is same as call girl. Ajay wants to fuck Priya's ass but he control his emotions during their love making. He didn't try to fuck her her ass on first day due to his lack of confident in her reaction. He also fear that due to the pain she may not give another chance to him Ajay has the weakness of fucking in ass hole and he did with every girls. He knows most of the girls are not enjoyed while fucking their ass but didn't opposed due lack of strength inside them or his control over girls. He like one nights with western & Arab girls only. Reason was, these girls are used to get fucked in their ass regularly

    and he can go with his actions straight away. Ajay like Adams girlfriends because of this reason. Adam like Asian due to their desire towards white peoples . He enjoys their submission. Ajay has cum in Nimmy's ass. His sperm is dipping out of her ass. She found a satisfaction in his eyes. Nimmy knows that her ass is not the reason for his satisfaction, her ass was acting as a dummy to Priya's ass. Ajay used to take care of her needs but this time he didn't think of Namitha's pleasure or climax. She felt humiliated. Ajay didn't stop Namitha after dinner. He was planning for his next encounter with Priya. Namitha left Ajay villa after finishing her dinner. Joseph was more disappointed than Namitha.
    Sanju checked into domestic airport for catching domestic flight after see off Nimmy at 7 am. I couldn't sleep yesterday nights as per plan. By rescheduling my trip with Nimmy, I was planning to sleep during flying hours but my hands were not listening to my mind due to Nimmy's presence. My hands were caring her body in flight and she did her revenge on me after checked in to airport hotel. She didn't give rest to my dick hands till checkout. I have cum inside her pussy and she is in her fertile time. She had promised to have pills as soon as he reached home. I was worried about her wish to get pregnant. They got married after loving for 5 years. Due to inter religion, she took long years to get her parents agrees for marriage. She had wonderful time with Arjun in first 4 years. They used to talk each other in phone for long time and enjoys sex in regular intervals. Her father business and investment collapse while pursuing her first year of M-tech. She was forced to reduce her life style as well as mentally disturbed by the issues created by debtors in her house. She loves her father and he returns the same. Her father sold his property except the house and get her marriage done with Arjun.

    I know that Arjun mother is a religious & money minded woman. She was supporting Arjun from the initial time due to her eye on Nimmy social status (Only daughter of a wealthy business man). She was introducing Nimmy as future daughter in law to each one in her family as well as neighbour during their love life. I understand that, she gave approval for their marriage was to maintain her image in society. I have a strong feeling that Arjun is also not happy with his marriage and the financial situations of her family. From Priya's explanation, I can understand that he was trying to move out of his relationship with Nimmy but Nimmy couldn't identify that due to her blind Love on Arjun. He didn't even gave a proper physical attention to Nimmy. He clearly told her that he doesn't want kids. I was told by Arjun that,Nimmy is not interested to get pregnant so they have decided for no Kids. Boarding announcement came for my flight. I missed Nimmy badly. The happiness of being with Nimmy become more happy than meeting my friends and colleagues in Mumbai exceptionally Razia.

    Three years in Mumbai has changed the preface of my life. This city gave me different experience in life. After the first encounter with Rupa & Anu, we were all together for another 6 months. We met frequently in our house, went for outing etc. I prefer to Rupa to be my bed partner but have to share with Anu & Swati. We became good friends. I got my first group sex experience with this friends in Mumbai. We were separated after 6 months since met them in our flat. Rupa got married and shifted to Boston. We all was there in her marriage. I was wondered by her performance as a perfect bride girl in her marriage. I winkled my eyes on her and she return without anyone noticing. I was happy for her. She was nice girl and she was enjoying her bachelorhood with us. She always tell me that she want to experience all type flirting in her life before marriage and will live for one man and her kids after marriage. Anu & Swati like flirting and enjoy a upper class lifestyle. I didn't find honesty in their sex. After two months, Nipun got promoted and shifted to Kolkatta. We missed him so much after he left. Anu & Swati has already left the job and joined other company. We are in touch but only met couple of times in pubs with other boys group. We share each other everything but about Razia was secret till Nipun left.

    Razia came to my cabin on Monday and submitted a report which she prepares earlier. She is sat in-front of me I saw a freshness in her eyes. I looked at her body. Her boobs is boobs is pointing out of her salwar. I started analysing the size of her boobs. She has a cute tummy but was thinking about how she maintain her body even after been fucked daily by her husband. How big was her boobs when she got married. Suddenly her voice interrupted my thoughts.

    Razia : Sir. Are you reading my report or something else ?

    Me: Yes, I am thinking about your report

    Razia: Without look into that, how can you think of my report?

    I decided to flirt on her

    Me: I was analysing by its size.

    Razia: Size. Is it by touching?

    Me: still now not touched. Eager to see what is kept inside also.

    Razia: You have it your table . You can read.

    Me: It is little far away. ( I mean the distance between my hands and her boobs)

    she got up from her seat and took the file and bend towards me to handover to me. I can see her boobs hanging in her body but due to close outfit of her dress, I couldn't get the glimpse of her curve.

    Razia: Now it is near to your hands.

    I wish to grab her boobs. It was so inviting my hands. I took it from her hands by keeping my hands in top of her hands. I hold for few seconds and she didn't withdraw her hands. I looked at her eyes and found some spark in her eyes. I hold her file in my chest and told her

    Me: I like to read it in privately.

    Razia: Take it to home and read it.

    Me: I don't know whether your report will come to my home ?

    I notice her silence

    I winkled my eyes on her and corrected the sentence to whether I can take it to my home?

    Razia: if you call my report to your home to read privately, depends on my report mood he will take decision.

    I liked her reply. It was a hint to me that she is thinking of coming to my home. I looked at book and said

    Me; Ok. My beautiful Razia report, please come to my home. I like to open & read you in private and feel your perseverance. This is want your mistress seeks.

    I didn't use the word confirmation in my conversation, because I want Razia to come with her full heart of willingness to surrender her body to me. I didn't want her to feel a blackmail or forced in my conversation.

    I look at her eyes and told her that the report is ready to come

    Razia: I didn't hear the Yes from report.

    Me: I can understand the emotions of your report. It need a gentle attention in private.

    She smiles at me. I can feel a emotional touch in her eyes.

    She excused for some urgent work.

    After she left, I went through her report. I saw very innovative ideas in her report which has to be customized before advising the client to invest. I understand her strength point and decide to train her to take decisions on handling risk appetite. Her report recommended aggressive strategies and should be modified before presenting in-front of management and clients. If we gets some crazy risk takers, we could straight away recommend. It was a hectic schedule for me due to some crazy clients portfolios revamping in short time till Thursday and reached home late. I was so tired due to 15 hours daily schedule in last three days. Razia was helping me in all possible ways and even she sits two hour late and offered her help. I didn't get time to flirt with her. Jitu went to his home town to attend his cousin wedding. He will come back only on Monday. I felt alone in flat. I took one shot of whiskey but didn't find comfortable to drink at home. I decided to go to a dance bar near next my building and booze by looking at naughty girl in stage. Nipun has picked few girls and bring home and fucked. Many times I thought of strange rules in India. Dance bar is banned , the net result is only change in name from dance bar to bar, It is still open as bar with stage and girls are standing in stage. The difference made is stopping an art. Heard many girls got opportunity to made their career in film industry by performance in bar. We too have similar experience, we used to go to out sketch of Mumbai and enjoy dance bar. Later Nipun & Jitu used picked the girls and fuck in their room attached to bar. I noticed one girl due to her marvellous dance performance and picked her in my second visit. I picked her to congratulate her and be with her for sometimes. She came inside my room and removed her cloths and asked me to come inside straight away. I denied and told her to laid down near to me. I started the conversation but I didn't find her comfort in speaking with me. She laid next to me and hold my dick in my hand. Due to the pleasure of a beautiful girl hands my dick grow. She hold it and appreciated the size and asked me do you have any problem? I got laughed and replied her that, I came to sit close with you only. She gave despise smile on me and continued to stoke my dick. She stoke it for few minutes and not able give a climax. She started feeling humiliated and increased the speed. She tried for 5 minutes and my dick was till standing same. Her hands got tired and I told her to stop. I told her that my dick will jerk my cum only if I enjoyed. I will get enjoyed only if the girls like me. Otherwise I feel like raping someone. She smiles at me and about to talk but someone outside was knocking and told her that the time is finished. But she was very happy to see on next time. She was very comfortable with me and told about her life to me. She was talking to me by keeping her head on my chest and stoking my dick with her hand. My hands were feeling and pressing her boobs slowly. I started enjoying the way she progress. My mind slips from her story to my pleasure. Her hands can feel the pleasure of my dick. She took her head and asked me do you want to come inside?. I guided her head back to my chest with my hands. She started kissing my face and went back to my chest and continue with her story and stroking my dick. She was feeling relaxed and enjoying her time with me. Due to weekdays there was no rush from her pimp. I gave him extra tip to be silent this time. I listen to her story but my feeling went towards my body pleasure. She keep on telling me on belief that I have a strong sentiments towards her. My hands started pressing her boobs harder, she realize that its the time to give me best experience from her side. She kissed my chest and started kissing down. I was in extreme pleasure and she increased stroking her hand. She was looking at my dick and stoking the dick with alternative hand. My pre-cum has made my dick so lubricative. I was in last minute to cum ans my body started lifting up due to the pleasure. In a sudden she bend down and took my dick in her mouth and continue to stock with her mouth. I want to stop her due to lack of protection but couldn't stop her due to the pleasure. I was about to cum and tries to pull my dick but she keep it her mouth and continue stroking. I exploded in her mouth and she took it outside before second jerk. She spit the cum inside her mouth to the tip of my dick and stoke with hands for few seconds. Her hands was full of my cum and she got up and bring a towel and wipe my dick. She kissed the dick again by holding in her hands and smiles at me. She told me that this is her first time she take a dick in her mouth without wearing condoms. She was telling me as honour given to me but my mind was giving scary thoughts results of exposed to call girl without condoms. For first time I found a satisfaction in her face and asked her whether she was expecting my dick to be inside her pussy. She told she doesn't have any pleasure while fucking her hole and she is doing it for customer satisfaction but next time she will try with my dick. I promised to help her in finding suitable opportunities to come out of thus life. With extreme happiness she gave her number to me an told to contact her in afternoon time. I never keep my promise or contacted her or met her. Sometimes, I though of how she feel after realizing that, I ditched her? Whether she felt comfortable with other customer?. I thought of meeting her for one more time but my inner mind told me that this is life and you are going face so many challenges. Life must go on. I never think about her. I ordered drinks and start enjoying the girls standing at floor. After couple of drinks a pimp came and told me to pick a girl and he will offer in good price. He knows me due to my presence in bar with my friends. He was the one who act as pimp for Nipun. I denied to him and hand couple of drinks and left. I gave him a good tip about and he gave his number to call him for his service.

    Next day I got up late and informed office to grand a sick leave due to headache. There was no major work and in reward to my overnight work, my manager told me to take rest and also take compensation off on Monday. Its holiday in New york and most of the markets will be silent. Relax for four days. He told that he will call on Monday only if any thing urgent. I thought of going to native place but didn't have strength to travel. I took my personal phone which I kept for charging while going bar to call my parents. I found a message from Razia asking about. whether I had food. Due to my non-reply she has send a voice clip saying that goodnight and advising me to take care of my health. I can understand the softness, love, care on her voice. My sending message in my personal number indicates her personal touch with me. I smiled. After finishing my conversation with parents, I decided to work on her reports during these 4 days. I thought of calling her and informing her to send my laptop with office driver and keep her report inside the bag without his notice. But it was one hour to start office and I was not sure about someone near by to her. I decided to call later and went to bed. I woke up by hearing my both phone rings continuously. I ignored the couple of calls due to laziness of getting up from bed and fetch from table. I saw the time is 11 am. I went to table and saw that Razia is calling. I picked the phone and hear a relief sound from other side. Her voice was scrambled

    Razia: How is your fever & Head ache.

    Me: I am fine now.

    Razia: You sound sick. Why you didn't inform me ?

    I want to tell her that I don't have fever. This is the problem of girls behaviour with some one whom they love or care. They like to know each and everything happen in our life. They even visualize more than what actuals. I didn't correct her as well as didn't told her that my head ache is due to excessive drinking or change in brand of alcohol.

    Me: I was about to inform you in morning but was hesitated due to her presence with family. Later I dozed off due to a medicine.

    Razia: You can call me at any time . I can handle them.

    Me: I am sorry for not reverting to you message as I slept earlier and found my message in morning.

    Razia: That's OK. I was really worried about you health and much appreciated by the way you handle things in short notice and your dedication to work. Everyone talks about you. Lot of hidden lady fans also in our office.

    She smiles while telling.

    Me: My team member is making rumours about me.

    Razia: No. Few of the them have approached me on lunch time and asking about you.

    Me: Who are they?

    Razia: Oh! You want to know. Till now you are telling me that I am spreading rumours and now with a moment later you to know the truth about rumour.

    I understand that pressuring her to tell the name will not be a good idea. Most of the girls doesn't like to share their boys with other even if they went with other boys. I want Razia and rest will see later.

    Me: No Razia, By knowing their name, I can stay away from them. I have the most beautiful girl of my office with me so why should, I think of sparing the most beautiful and choosing the others.

    Razia: Oh! I see. Who is that. How you make sure that she likes you? What is your surety on her like?

    Me: I don't her name. She keeps looking at me while I am in office. Some times she message me. Some times she worries about me. I don't know whether she likes me. Any way I like her care and presence. Today I am missing her presence and wish to come to office and met her once.

    She was silent.

    Razia: I guess she doesn't like you and might be enjoying your absence.

    Me: I wish she should not think like that.

    Razia: What to do. You are not good looking probably.

    Me: Please inform her that I wish to read and feel her report. Please pass my message to her during lunch hours with her in canteen.

    Razia: OK I will do. Please don't talk much. Take rest. What you going to have for lunch.

    Me: I think of ordering something.

    Razia: Please don't eat from outside. Cook some thing and eat fresh.

    Me: OK madam.

    I told her to send my laptop with driver. I also told her to take her report from my table a keep it in my laptop bag. She advised me to take rest and read her report during office time. I told her that, will take rest today and will be joining office only on Tuesday. Jitu also not in town so will have enough free time in three days.

    Just for masala I told her that I like to read and feel your report in my bed. That will give extra comfort and feel for me.

    Razia: Ok I will arrange.

    I can feel sadness in her voice due to missing me.

    I was thinking of ordering lunch. My door bell rings. I thought of some door sales person and opened the door. Razia was standing at my doorstep with reports in her hand. I asked about my Laptop and she informed that same will be delivered by office driver in evening. My assistance will coordinate with driver and delivers.

    Me: Why did you trouble them. You could have bring it with you.

    Razia: I was on my way home. You are not staying near me then how can I deliver to you?

    I understand that she took leave from office by telling some lies pertaining to the necessity of her presence in her home.

    I smiled at her. I understand her cleverness that if she take Laptop in her hand some one will notice her.

    Me: Then what make you here?

    She came inside my flat and closed my front door.

    Razia: Giving the report.

    Me: I was waiting to get my report. Whether you asked about me while collecting the report from her hand.

    Razia: She didn't tell any thing. Leave it how about your health

    she checked my temperature by keeping her palm in my forehead. I can feel a happiness in her face due to not having fever. I was looking at her boobs while she lift her hands. She was wearing a green colour churidar with yellow colour bottom. Her shawl was in her neck covering her boobs. She didn't cover her head. My body feel the warm and smooth palm. I want to grab her boobs but gave her time to get comfortable. I knows that she is all mine today. She took the hands and asked about the headache and I replied that my headache gone by seeing her.

    She came out of joking mood and asked about kitchen. I took my hands and placed in her shoulder and pull her closer to me and guided her to kitchen. She found that we are not using it regular. She angry due to not initiated cooking even after her advice. She pushed my hands and open cupboard and kept rice for cooking. She took some vegetables and start preparing veg dishes. I went near to grab her but she threatens to stab by showing the knife in her hands. I act as threaten thus she laughs. I hugged her from behind. She didn't move. I can hear her heartbeat increasing fast. She told me in husky voice to leave her and let her to complete her cooking. She told me that I must eat healthy. I leave her and gave her freedom to do the way she want to take care of me.

    She was fast in cooking and finished the cooking. She went and took her lunch box from her bag and brings it to kitchen. She heated the mutton curry and chapathi. We serves in plate and bring it to me. I can see that she has gave her full potion of mutton curry and chapati in my plate. I asked about her food and she told that she will have after I finished. Without any comments I took food my hand guided to her face. She told me to eat myself but I am adamant with my decision to have food together and will give you with my hand. I was feeding her very alternative round. I can see the tears coming out of her eyes due to happiness. She might be expecting such care in her life instead of that she is been torched daily in her house. I told her to wipe her tears and be happy. She purposefully gave a love bite in my hands while feeding and smiles at me. I can feel her relaxation in mind.

    After lunch, I took her report and went to my bedroom. I know that she will allow me do what ever wants but didn't try to grab her or initiated sex. I don't want her to feel that ever man is same as her husband '' only eyeing her body to fuck and fulfilling fantasies''. She came to room after washing utensils. She told me to take rest and she will back after buying some groceries for home. She will cook food tonight and can eat after heating tomorrow. She asked about my like and dislikes. She returns after 30 minutes with chicken and few vegetables. I want her to be in bed but I understood that she is with me in my flat was not due to her Lust but due to her love & care. I have a sympathetic feelings for her. Devil in minds pressurized me to bring her to bed. Before she get engaged in house hold work, I called her room to get some clarification on her report. She came to room. I asked her about the logic behind a recommendation in her report and told her to sit near me. She came and sat beside the bed. I put one more pillow and lift my head and continued to laid down in bed. Report is there in my hand and pointed the finger for a point. She turns towards me and read the point. Her boobs touched the back side of my right palm while reading. She also felt the same but continued to read the point. I pushed my palm more to boob and her reading started getting distracted. I enjoyed teasing her. She didn't try to pull her body back. This give me the sign of her willingness. I hold the report with left hand and reversed my palm in her boobs. Now her left boobs is right under my right palm. I keep on asking her to read. My palm slowly moved and it started pressing her boobs. She stops her reading and stay idle. I can feel a smooth boobs inside her churidar. I looked at her face and I can understand that she want to tell me to stop but words are not coming out. I put the report in side of bed and freed my left hand. I hold her left shoulder by my left hand and pulls her to me. Her body came to me without any objection. I hugged her and she is not facing me. She kept her face on my shoulder. I lift her face and hold in my two palm. I enjoys her beauty and kissed on her lips. She opens her mouth for me and gave a free access me to go inside. I kissed her and explore each others tongue and mouth for 5 minutes. My hands at her back started unhooking her churidar. My hand went inside and feel her back side. She is wearing another inner-wear on top of her bra. We are smooching each other and my one hand is pressing her boobs and the other one is caring her backside. I made her straight so as I can remove her churidar top. Kiss got broke. She look at her watch and she realized the she has cook food for my dinner. She said that she will come back after that and rushed to Kitchen. She didn't close her churidar back. I laid in bed
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    :congrats: for starting such a fabulous story....
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    Request a feed back
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    I was thinking about her caring and love. Her bastard husband did not seek any respect. Razia got busy in kitchen and she cook was cooking food as per my likes. She asked for the place we kept some masala. I told her the place but I forget that we have kept our whisky bottles I rushed to kitchen and found that she holds whisky bottle in her hands. She asked me whether I drink daily?

    Sanju: In weekends

    Razia: My husband drinks daily

    Sanju: Its prohibited .

    Razia: They do all.. alcohol, lending money for interest etc..

    Sanju: Do you drink ?

    Razia: They forced but not consumed

    Sanju: Do you need one

    Razia: Well not now. My hero have one.

    She took a glass and pour some whisky into a glass. I understand that she doesn't have much idea about the standard quantity to pour. It was hard peg but I didn't discourage her by giving negative comments. I took a sip and kissed her and said thank you. Her churidar is well covering her thighs so due to curiosity of finding her size, I went and keep my hands inside the fleet of churidar and hold her thighs and kissed her neck.

    Razia: Sanju please don't irritate me

    Sanju: Not to irritate you. Curiosity to feel the same.

    Razia: Get marry soon

    Sanju: But you are already married.

    She become silent and weeping. She told me that she wish to get her sister married to good family. But she think she can't save Nazia. Nazia is aged 17 and Shazia aged 14.My husband proposed his cousin brother Fayaz Nikah with Nazia to her father. Her father is not aware about her situations in Rahim home. Razia wants to stop this but she don't find any hope with her present situations. Fayaz comes her home regularly, he is same age of her and ogles her boobs always. Rahim family always encourage him. She understand that Fayaz also doesn't have any respect towards women. Nazia is weak in studies and she will have to suffer inside the house for rest of her life. Due to her stubborn decision, she get success in postpone Nikah until she turns 18. She wants to find some financial before that and get her married to a boy near by her house in Rajasthan. Nazia loves a boy near by and she told about him to Razia. He went to Saudi and will come back after two years. Razia spoke with him and he requested to give him two years for settle some financials and arrange some amount for marriage. He can come after one year, if he could able to settle his debts in one year. Razia was in hurry to arrange that money. Razia didn't tell this to her father because she knows that he will get Nazia married immediately after hearing this. Fayaz proposal is a dream cum true for him. Well established business family, handsome and earning good income through his business.

    I console her by saying that you are a woman of determination and you will succeed. My support will be there with you. I hugged tightly her from behind and my body is completely pressed to her body. My dick is at her ass and my hands covered her tummy. I realized that my body is not with Lust . My dick was still keeping its calm position in her ass and my hands didn't move. I kissed her cheeks with love and she feel my love. She kissed me back and turn towards me. She looked at my eyes and said to me. Please don't sympathize on her and kissed me. Her hands went on my back and pulls me closer to her and hugs me tightly. My hands also went back of her and hugs her. I didn't put pressure to her body because she was hugging so tightly. My hands slides inside her open backside of her churidar other hand came down to her hip area. I took my hands and push her slowly all removed my T-shirt. I pulled her back to my body and her hands hugged me again. She kept her lips in my chest and kissed my chest. She took one hand from back and keep it my chest, start feeling my chest and muscle. Her hands in back also started moving in my bare back. I understand that she is in mood of get loved. I didn't wait and slides my hand to her buttocks and pull her by holding it in hand. I slides my hand through the churidar fleet and hold her ass in top of leggings. She raised her face to my face and we started smooching each other. She kissed me with so much passion and open her mouth and insert her tongue inside my mouth. I started sucking it. I tasted her saliva and got mad by the taste. My hand started pressing her ass and can feel the shape and size of her. Her hands are caring my back side. My hands can feel her panty liner, I tried to push my hands inside her bottom but it was tightly knotted. I bring my hands to her front side and untied the knot of her pants. I bring my hands to her back and slides into her pants and lingerie and rested on her bare skin of her ass. I feel the smoothness of her ass and can feel it as balloon filled with water. Her pants went little down due to push from my hands. She started pressing my back. I separated my mouth from her and kissed her neck. I took my hands pull her churidar top. I was perfect size of her body and she helped me in removing the top. We removed and kept in our kitchen table. Her eyes was full of lust and love. I removed her shimmy and she was standing with her Bra in-front of me. I pulled her pants down along with her lingerie. I saw her shaven pussy and can find the bulge due to hard fucked. We removed and kept in table. I removed my cargo's along with my underwear. I am standing naked in-front of her. Her eyes was on my Dick and she hold it in her hands. She slowly observed the Dick by pulling the foreskin down. I didn't move and was watching her. I guessed she might experiencing the dick of her husband with out skin. She did slowly and keep watching my Dick. My hands went to her back and the removed the Bra. I found her breast as bigger than normal and has the symbol of harassment. I understand, how harsh her husband handle her body. I bend down and took the nipple in my mouth and start sucking. She placed her hand in my hair and her finger start moving. She was enjoying the sucking. I didn't put pressure on her boobs. I started pressing other boobs with my hands. She was standing in support of kitchen table. She pushed my face towards her breast indicates to suck the boobs in mouth. I took her boobs in mouth and pull it inside. She has big boobs and most of it is inside my mouth. I keep on sucking and she moans. In between she holds my dick and start shaking. Continuity is breaking due to pleasure she gets, her hand will become idle with my dick in her hands. We push each other and reached my bedroom. I make her laid and and went top of her. I started licking her body. She is enjoying it. My tongue went to her naval and kissed naval for few minutes. I can see her hands below my head is pushing my face towards the pussy. My face reached the pussy ans started licking her lips of pussy. I can hear her hissing sound from her mouth. I keep on licking her pussy and she is moans loudly. Her thighs are holding my head from both side and I can feel the smoothness and flesh in her body. I know that my dick can fuck her thigh perfectly. I went to 69 position and told her to be in my top. She came in 69 position. I continued to suck the pussy. I can feel my dick is getting swallowed. Even after toughing her throat , she is keep on trying to pull further. I took her cunt in my mouth and keep on sucking. She is crying due to the pleasure. My forehead is in her ass and can see her ass-hole is wide open. I liked her ass hole. I understand that she is getting regular fuck in her ass. I am not getting a continuity in her blow-job, she keeps stopping due to her enjoyment. I continue to give with out breaking it. I got up and keep her in doggy position. My mouth was full of her juice. Her pussy is dripping the juice to my bed. I kept my Dick in her pussy entrance. Looking at her fat ass , I pushed my dick inside. It went inside smoothly. I started pumping on her pussy. My dick came out of pussy and when I guided to back. It touches her ass hole. Her ass hole also like a half open mouth. I didn't realize the difference and pushed my dick. But it got stop due to fist hindrance. I pulled back my Lund. Immediately she put her finger in her pussy and mix took the juice and put in ass hole inside. She hold my dick and guide to her ass hole. This is my first time to fuck inside ass hole. I have tried with Priya but not success due to the pain and tight ass hole. We have kept it for after marriage. I put my Lund in her pussy and get more lubrication and keep dick in her ass hole and pushed. M dick went inside her ass. I feel the tightness and I started pumping. I understand that ass hole is the perfect place for dick to enjoy the tightness. I keep on pumping and she moans. I started experiencing the pleasure of fucking a tight pussy or ass. People used to say tight pussy but never encounter such aspects in life. I fucked Priya at the age of 18 and was faced difficulty in entering the hole due to lack of experience. After entering her pussy and motion become smooth after couple of strokes. People might be entering the pussy hole before its get wet and lubricated. Then tightness will feel but the girl might not enjoy while inserting our Lund. They experience the pain. I have similar experience with Priya, Swati and Nimmy. This time the ass is giving the similar feel of tightness and enjoying the fucking Razia. Whether she is enjoying or not? I keep on pumping her ass and my dick is ramping inside her ass. The sound is coming out of my mouth and she too making sound by putting her finger in her pussy. I pulled my dick from her ass and guided to her pussy and continued fucking with pace. She started moan loudly and understand that girls like pumping on their pussy only. Ass-hole is their sacrifice for our pleasure. She keep on screaming and shouting '' give it me'' . This gives me more energy and increased the pace of pumping her pussy. The sound of my dick mix with her juice of pussy become loud. Pluck—Pluck sound is fully on my room. I am about to come and can realize the she is in verge of climax. She is pushing her hips towards my Dick and screamed loudly. I understand that she had her orgasm. I realize that my milk is coming out, immediately I pull my Lund out and drops it on her ass and before the second jerk I kept its in her ass hole and pushed little inside and finished my climax. I was really satisfied with my climax. I can see the dissatisfaction in her eyes due to not cum inside her pussy. She told me that Sanju I need it inside. I guide my Lund to her mouth and told her to lick and take. She did without any hesitation. I don't want to take any risk. We went bathroom and clean ourself. She went to kitchen and start wearing her dress. I allowed to wear her Lingerie and Bra only. She resumes her cooking by telling about her family in Rajasthan. She showed me the picture of her sisters and I hide my eyes from her while watching them. Both are beautiful but Nazia is really beautiful and my mind told me , should not give this beauty to Fayaz. rasia left the home and promised to try coming tomorrow.
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    Priya started going office and she started enjoying the work. She kept her distance with Ajay in office. Ajay also keeps official relationship with her in office. Few of Ajay's father relatives came Bahrain for a week and they stayed at Ajay's villa. Ajay spends time with them in evening and calls her before get into bed. Priya is also wait for his call before sleeps. She masturbate herself when ever she thinks about the love making with Ajay. Ajay informed her to meet on Friday at her flat. She wants to go to his villa. She loves that villa and feels that is her house. She started thinking of living with Ajay for rest of her life. She decided to speak about me to Ajay.

    After Joseph got to know that Priya works for same company, he called and informed Adam about her. Adam have an eye on her and he decided to talk direct with Ajay. He started observing Priya. He decided to take Rosy help. He gave freedom to Rosy, but she seems unhappy in office. He called her in cabin and enquired about her gloominess. Rosy told him that she is gloomy due to family tensions in Goa. She was afraid to talk about Joseph. Adam told her that he had a good time with her and will me promoting as associate director of HR. He didn't talk much about their past. He asked about Priya,

    Adam: She look hot.

    Rosy: Yes it is.

    Adam: How is she in work?

    Rosy: Good

    Adam : Where is she staying ?

    Rosy: She is with Namitha.

    Adam smiles and told Rosy. Prepare herself for me on my return after vacation.

    Rosy got stunned . She thought of herself. Till this time she was widening her pussy for them and now she has to do a duty of a pimp.

    Rosy: She is bold and smart.

    Adam: Associate director post is waiting for her.

    Rosy didn't speak much, she left his cabin by cursing herself. She has decided not to follow Adam's instructions. Adam is going to London for 20 days and will back on next moth only.

    Priya was happy while going to Ajay's home. He told her to come home instead of him coming to her flat. Priya was seeking that. She was not comfortable to be with Ajay in Namitha presence. Same time Namitha was totally disappointed due to Ajay's decision to call Priya to his villa. She doesn't want Ajay to give more importance for Priya. She understands that, Ajay is showing more eagerness on Priya and she fears that she may loose her importance. She wants to be with Ajay till she get settle her family in India. She though of calling Joseph but decided to not do something silly.

    Priya reached Ajay's Villa and Joseph welcomes her. His eyes started scanning Priya and his mouth get watery by ogling her body. When she enters the villa , Ajay came with towel wrapping in her body and with bare chest. Ajay noticed her, he was masturbating daily on her. He went near to her and kissed her due to excitement. She also waiting for a week. They forget the presence of Joseph. Ajay couldn't stop pressing her ass. Joseph was standing in door and watching all the scene. He feel that Priya;s bumps are giggling at him. Ajay hands are still pressing. He doesn't want them to see him watching them. He went to his bathroom and masturbate. He jerked off. Joseph informed Adam about her visit. Adam asked the reason behind helping in Priya's case. Joseph told that Ajay will always close the door. Adam laughed. Joseph was eyeing to fuck Priya. Meanwhile Ajay and Priya went inside his room and Ajay has removed all her dress and started sucking her boobs. When Joseph returns he didn't find them in drawing room. He checked the room found it locked. He was eager to watch the action happening inside. He cursed himself and went to kitchen for preparing dinner.

    Priya is enjoying the boob suck by Ajay. His dick was in her thighs. She hold his dick in between thighs and pressing. She was not in thrilled of her pleasure. She enjoys the satisfaction in Ajay's eyes. She has prepared herself for Ajay and ready to do anything for his satisfaction. After some time, Ajay turns her. He started kissing her bare back. Priya get tickled by Ajay's moustache. She enjoyed his kiss. She can feel that his kiss is coming down towards her bumps. Ajay kept his nose and mouth inside her ass crack and licked her ass hole. She like to get licked in her ass she did with me. She was enjoying the kiss and her juice started coming out of her pussy. Ajay made her doggy style and now her ass is wide opens in front of his eyes. He separated her ass cheeks with both hands liked her ass-hole. He started pushing his tongue inside her ass hole she enjoys the pleasure in her ass. Ajay put his finger in her pussy and start fingering her. His finger got soaked with her pussy juice. He brings his finger to her ass and slowly insert. Her pleasure changed to pain. The Ouch... sound came out of her ass. Ajay asked her about pain. She said to do it to make Ajay happy. Due to tight ass she got pain while he fingering her ass. He got up from bed and brings the Uberlube ass-lubricator and pour into her ass. His desire of fucking her ass is encourage him to do so. Priya didn't feel pain after that. She was started enjoying his fingering in her ass. He slowly put his two finger inside her ass hole. She find it little uncomfortable but not paining. Ajay understand that her ass is well lubricated and its the time to enter. His dick is in erect position. He looked at Priya's position. She is in her doggy position. His eyes ogles her wide open ass and the shape. He put his hands on her ass and massaged. She loved his pampering. He walked on his bed and went to the face side of Priya and pointed his dick towards her face. She took his dick in her mouth and start blow. His dick become more thicker. He pulls from her mouth and went to her back. He parted her legs and adjusted the position. He put some lubrication liquid in his Dick and keep it her ass. Priya knows that he is going to enter into her ass. She remember me that time. She has kept fucking in her ass for post marriage section. She forcefully divert her mind from thinking about me. She has satisfaction in her mind that she has kept her ass reserve for Ajay. Ajay put his finger once again and make her ass-hole wide open. His dick tip enter her hole. Priya kept her face in pillow and her back is well facing towards the Ajay's dick. Ajay pushed the second time and his dick broke the seal of her Ass and enter and inch. She bite the pillow due to the pain. He pulls the dick out. Priya feel that some rod has pulled out of her body. She feel a relief. She want to stop Ajay but she was feeling satisfaction by giving her virgin ass to her lover. Ajay pour some lubrication and enter her ass. This time his dick went smoothly inside her ass. He started pumping on her ass. He started getting an extraordinary pleasure. Looking at Priya, he feel proud of himself for getting the beautiful girl in his bed. Due to his excitement he couldn't hold more. He cum in her ass and her ass is full of his semen. He pulls his dick and kissed her back with satisfaction. Priya was feeling relief after his dick came out of her ass. She was feeling a burning sensation on her ass. She got up from bed and went to bathroom. Ajay wears his night dress and made a peg. He gave one for her also. She wore the same. Ajay heard a knock in his door while going to wash room. He told Priya to open the door and advice Joseph to keep food in table at 9.30 only. She checked her dress and ignored to cover properly due to Joseph Uncle in other side. She shocked by the person standing in-front of her.

    Adam: Excuse me. Ajay is not there?

    Priya: Sir Ajay is in wash room.

    Adam: Ok I will wait in drawing room.

    Priya rushed to bathroom and informed Ajay about Adam visit. Ajay came out of wash-room and went to drawing room to meet Adam. Priya was sitting in Ajay bedroom. Adam smiles at Ajay.

    Adam: Thought of meeting you and had couple of drinks before going London tomorrow.

    Ajay: Sorry Adam. I forgot

    Adam: You got new friends

    Ajay: No bro just time pass.

    Ajay want to tell him that he loves Priya but Ajay knows that he will laugh at him Ajay kept her girls in flat and goes there is the reason for hiding his girls from Adam. He didn't expect his arrival at this time. Ajay was planning to keep Priya with him for 20 days in his villa till Adam arrives. Ajay and Adam are good friends and Ajay is possessive towards some girls.

    Adam: Oh! She is hot. I was watching her. But you are too faster than me.

    Ajay smiles

    Adam: Now I don't feel to go home.

    Ajay: She is not hat type man.

    Adam: But she don't know you. I know you very well. Call her out.

    Adam went to the room and saw her sitting in his bed. He can see her dress scattered in the floor. Priya didn't expect Adam to come inside. She got up from the bed. He saw her thighs. Her curves are clearly visible to Adam. He told her to come and join. Ajay was sitting dump due to the unexpected arrival of Adam & his entry to room.

    He came out and asked Ajay

    Adam: Whether am invading your privacy?

    Ajay: No man. Lets get some drinks.

    Priya got herself dressed and came to drawing room. Adam invited to sit with them. She is not looking at their eyes due to shyness. Adam has break the ice. Priya listen. Ajay and myself are good friends. We don't carry out personal relationship in office. Please be comfortable with us. Joseph came and served the drinks and snacks to them, Priya understand that both are good friends and Adam is the regular visitor in this house.

    Priya become comfortable after some times and start opening her mind and speaking with them. Adam started ogling her. Ajay was thinking how to keep Priya away from Adams eyes after his return.

    Priya like Adam. Adam has become her friend. She found him very strong even at the age of 42.

    Adam understand that Ajay doesn't want to share her. He has to find his ways. He knows that he can do it but he was in hurry due to his travelling. He went to kitchen and spoke to Joseph to put sleeping bills in drinks. Joseph told him that he will not do it for Ajay. He can manage Priya but not Ajay. Adam was disappointed and about to return. Joseph called him and told that if you can convenience Ajay to drink mix alcohol, he can try to trick him and get knock out. Adam smiles at Joseph idea. He went back to seat and told Ajay to have some cocktails and will sit and drink at pool side. Ajay knows that Adam wont go fast but he was happy to enjoy with Adam tonight. Fucking on Priya ass gave him extra happiness. He asked Priya while Adam went to kitchen.

    Ajay: R you getting bored?

    Priya: No

    Ajay: Sorry for Adam entry

    Priya: I am happy that you both are friends

    Ajay: Yeah.

    Priya: I got my super boss as my friend also

    Ajay: Do you want me to rush to bedroom for another round

    Priya: I don't know how am walking. Its paining.

    Ajay: Its first time that's y

    Priya: You are experimenting in lot of girls

    Ajay: No baba. I am a married man. I have experience

    Priya: Oh! I see

    Ajay: My dick is asking me .What I will do by hanging in your body. I am suppose to get hide in Priya's body.

    Priya: tell him this is all his and he can come inside anytime but not today. She needs some rest today.

    She pointed towards her pussy and ass and told. They stopped the conversation on Adam arrival.

    Ajay wants to celebrate his success and he was happy to party with Adam. They were booze till 11 pm. Adam went to kitchen and spoke with Joseph about his idea. Joseph said that he has only small quantity left with him and he was waiting for Ajay to get drunk so as he can give to Priya. If he give Priya early she will get sleep fast and Ajay will stop drinking. Adam waited for half an hour and told Joseph to drop the plan. Joseph brings the final drinks for all and told to have dinner. Everyone finished the drinks. Adam was disappointed but was happy in getting close to Priya. He knows that he can get her after coming back from London. Joseph smiled himself for his success. Joseph has mix the cocktail well according to his plan for Ajay. He slowly increased the quantity of the high alcoholic liqueur so as Ajay should stay long. He started mixing the sweetener more in last pegs. Ajay wants to booze more but for the courtesy of eating together with Adam everyone had dinner together. Priya said good bye and wish Adam a safe journey. Joseph brings a cocktail for Ajay, he took his glass and sit on sofa. Joseph washed all utensils and came to drawing room. Priya changed her dress to night gown and she is sitting next to Ajay. Joseph enters their room and spread the bed neatly and unbolt the entrance from swimming pool area and close the curtains with sparing a small gap.. When he came to drawing room, He saw that Ajay is pressing the boobs of Priya. She is in half sleep and not bothering about what's happening around. She is telling Ajay to go to bedroom. Joseph interrupt by making sound. Both of them got up and he can visible the Priya boobs through the gap of her night gown. Joseph said goodnight and went to his room. Priya closed the main door and went to bedroom. Ajay lost the mood and finished the cocktail. He switched on the TV and start watching some channels. He finds it difficult to keep his eyes open. He want to go to bedroom but not getting strength. He slept in sofa only. He got up at 11 am in morning and saw Priya sitting next to him and watching TV. He asked Priya about what time he slept and she told him that she doesn't know the exact time. She lied to him that he slept here and not able to walk till room. So she went and sleep alone. She woke up by hearing the knock in door by Joseph Uncle. Joseph brings coffee to Ajay, By sipping coffee, he try to recollect the memories and everything was blank. Joseph smiles at both.
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    keep posting on this also.............

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    I (Sanju) reached Mumbai. I was feeling sleepy due to last night. I wished Nimmy's presence. She is good and caring me a lot. I got the love and care which was missing from Priya for last few years. I called immediately and she shared her happiness with me. She told me to concentrate in work and will call on evening


    Airport pick was arranged and reached my old office. I didn't meet Razia before moving to Bahrain. She was in her maternity leave. I know that something happen wrong to her but didn't put any effort to find the reason. She was very good in bed and take care of all my needs. I fucked her in all positions till she announce her pregnancy on completion of my 2 years in company. I got afraid and keep a distance with her. I was scared about my career and reputation. She understands my tension and supported me by keeping distance with me.

    Later felt guilty on my behaviour but didn't get opportunity to express my apology. She is in-charge of this project and I am going to mentor her. The immediate reason behind taking this project is to meet her. I was surprised to see her in Jeans and Tshirt. She used to wear traditional dress which cover her body. I can't take my eyes from her assets. She came near to me.

    Razia: Hi boss how are you?

    Sanju: Hi Razia. Good going.. Happy to see your growth in company

    Razia: Thank you. But you were not there

    I understand that she is giving back on my ignorance to her.

    Sanju: Nothing like that .. As you know that how we work.

    Razia: I understand that. That's reason I didn't bother you. Any way thanks for the help and giving me a new life.

    I didn't understand the full meaning.

    Sanju: How about your daughter?

    Razia: She is good. Can we go a head with project discussion in meeting room

    Through out the meeting, I was watching her. Some times my mind went to our old days and her naked body. I understand the growth in her breast and wish to suck it like earlier. By thinking about Razia as a mother, I stopped thinking naughty and gave her respect.

    After meeting got over, I saw she was talking to her team and came near to me

    Razia: Can I drop you in hotel

    Sanju: Yes off course. I love to be with you. But you drive?

    Razia smiled

    She went to her cabin then brought her stuffs and requested to follow her.

    I was wondered by the changes in her. She look so confident.

    I was ogling her boobs

    Razia: Take your eyes from my boobs.. Same as you know..

    Sanju: I think its bigger now. Hows is your husband after child birth.

    She gave mischievous smiles at me with out answering to my question

    Sanju: I am happy to see the smile in your face

    Razia: I am grateful to you.

    Sanju; Nothing from my end, This is all because of your hard work and ability.

    Razia: Some good thing in life is happening only by the help of other person.

    Sanju: Please don't think so. Don't give the credit to me

    Razia: Its your credit only.

    I understand that she is talking in double meaning.

    Car reached the hotel. I requested her to join with her family for dinner.

    She replied to me that she can't come with her daughter but requested me to join with them in her home. I want ask her lot of questions but I skipped

    I reached her flat as per her instruction. I found her flat is decent and well furnished. The wall designs indicate the presence of a toddler in the flat.

    Sanju: Where is your kid ?

    Razia: Our kid went to other flat with my sister. They will come soon. She likes to go out in evening with my sister Shazia .

    I was really shocked by her words ''our kids''. I thought might be she said due to the intimacy with me. I know that , I never cum in her pussy. Either in her ass, belly, face, mouth or inside the condoms.

    She told me to join her in kitchen so as she can cook while chatting.

    I was happy by her way of behaviour with me. She was showering her happiness in meeting me after long time. I felt guilty in dumping her on difficult situations. I become a coward

    Sanju: Where is your husband

    Razia: Why? Do you want to meet him or miss him

    Sanju: No just asked.

    Razia: Fine. I said good bye to that bastard. But I will not leave him for what he did to me.

    I can see her eyes getting red and eagerness for revenge in her eyes. I skipped the topic.

    Sanju: Shazia is with you?

    Razia: Yes I brought her.

    Sanju: Where is Nazia ?

    Razia: I couldn't help her.

    I saw Razia eyes got tears and start crying. I told her to stop crying but she keep on weeping.

    I went near to her and put by hands in her shoulder and bring her closer and told her to stop crying.

    She rested her head in my chest and keep crying by hugging me.

    I found her breast touching my chest. She is not wearing bra inside or loose bra inside. I can feel her nipple in my chest. I took my hand and hold her waist. She hugged me tightly. I found her more sexy after pregnancy. I kissed her forehead and she look at my face. I told her to stop crying. I can see her lips are inviting my lips. I bend down and she bring her face towards me. We started kissing each other.

    Razia: Sanju.. I miss you. I love you

    Sanju: I am sorry..

    Razia: Sorry for what

    Sanju: Sorry for not with you.

    Razia: That's ok my dear. Even I keep the distance because, I don't want you to get into any troubles. I love you so much and will be yours for rest of my life.

    Sanju: I love you but

    Razia kept her hands in my mouth before completing and told

    Razia: I don't want to see you in situation where you are searching for words. You just ignore it.. Please don't stop me in loving you.

    She kissed me by saying it.

    I pulled her to me.

    Razia: Leave me. Are you hurry to go back.

    Sanju: No

    Razia: Let me finish cooking whole night is for us. She kissed my lips and I returned her.

    We broke the kiss by hearing the doorbell.

    Razia told me that might be her sister with our kid. Go and open the door

    Sanju: Our kid?

    Razia: What do you think? Am I slept with anyone else ? Or Kid of my husband bastards ? Impotent Bastards...

    Sanju: Sorry I didn't mean so

    Razia: Go an open the door and meet your daughter

    I don't know whether I got happy by hearing me as a father or worried about the consequences. I went and open the door with curiosity to see the daughter (Sara).

    I opened the door and saw my cute girl in Shazia hand. I forget about Shazia and immediately called Sara. She came to me with smiling. I brushed my hands in Shazia breast while taking her but not realized the touch. My eyes were only in Sara and she keep on smiling at me.

    Razia came near to us

    Razia: Hi Sara.. Where were you this time? . With whom you are?

    Shazia was standing near to me.

    Sanju: Hi Shazia.. How are you ? Sorry I missed you.

    Shazia: Its OK . I understand.

    Sanju: You have changed a lot. You become more beautiful

    Shazia: You are meeting me for first time and complementing in my beauty.. what's the matter

    I felt ashamed by her reply but hide my expression.

    Sanju: Razia has showed your picture.

    Shazia: Oh I see but Razia gave me another picture about you.

    Sanju: Razia what did you told about me.

    Razia: What else can be.. Beware for you.. you are a womaniser and in search of beauties always.

    My face become red due to shy.

    Shazia: Oh my cute boy cheeks got red .

    She pinched me..

    I really find it so homely with them. Razia feeds Sara and we all had dinner together.

    Shazia: Do you want me to handle Sara tonight. I think both has lot to talk.

    Razia: Please go and study . We will handle her.

    Shazia: Good night

    Sanju Good Night

    She went inside her room and locked. Razia came after washing all utensils and told me to come inside and be with Sara. I understand that Sara is my daughter and the name itself she took it from our name.

    We kept Sara in centre and laid next to her. She was playing with Razia and I was watching the love between mother and daughter. Sara hand went near Razia breast. Razia understand that she wants to drink milk. Razia open her nighty and keep her nipples in Sara mouth. I saw her breast after a long gap. Her breast beauty increased after delivery of Sara. I kept my hands in other boobs and pressed.

    Razia: Sanju lets Sara drinks. I have enough for you..

    She smiles at me..

    I saw Sara falling into sleep

    Razia got up from the bed after Sara Sleeps. Her Boobs are still out. She kept the pillow on other side and pull sara towards the side of bed after keeping enough protection.

    She came to my side and sit next to. She kept her nipples inside my mouth and told

    Razia: Drink it... I have kept for you..

    Sanju: Yes .. I am having it...

    I keep on sucking and her milk was filling my mouth. I drank it and continue sucking

    She keep on crying due to pleasure of emptying her breast milk. She encourage me to do it harder and I suck it till her milk get emptied.

    She kissed me on my forehead and hold my dick. She started undressing my Trouser

    Razia: I love you Sanju. Miss you so much.. Please come inside me...I was waiting for long.

    All I understand is to give my body for her enjoyment. Let her enjoy in her ways. She removed my inner wear and hold my dick in her hand. I pulled her nighty and she helped in removing it. She was not wearing a bra. I removed her panty and told her to come on top of me and ride. But she bring her mouth to my dick and took it in her mouth.

    Razia: Let me taste it. I was missing your taste in my mouth.

    Razia has drank my cum many times. This times she was doing like for the first time.

    She kissed my Dick everywhere and started licking it by pulling the skin. I feel like in heaven and kept my hand in her head and pushed her head towards my dick. She understands my pleasure and keep sucking it. I tried to stopped her before cum but she make me cum in her mouth. She keep on sucking till my balls get emptied. I saw her playing with my non erect dick. I told to bring her pussy to my mouth. I started sucking it.. she keep moan .. I parted her pussy lips and take her cunt in my mouth and keep sucking it. I cane feel that she is pressing her hips towards my face in each time. We are doing this in 69 position. She put my non erect dick in her mouth and started sucking. I can feel her heat from her mouth in my dick. My dick went to erect position soon. I was sucking her cunt. She went up from our position and came on top of me. She guided my dick to her pussy hole and start riding her dick. Her eyes got closed after few rides due to pleasure. After few minutes she started moan loudly. I also pushed my dick inside her pussy and keep on fucking her. She bend down and started kissing me. I understand that she is in her climax. I want to come on top of her and fuck her but she went in same pace. I increased my speed and she reached her orgasm.

    I tried to continue but stops due to her pain. She kissed me and checked Sara. Sara is sleeping innocently.

    She told me every thing happen during past few years and we slept after keeping Sara in centre.
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    Sep 26, 2019
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    Next day morning when I got up, I saw Sara is sleeping next to me. I kissed her and got up. I realize that my mobile was in silent and kept in table. I went to living room checked the phone and saw 15 miss calls from Nimmy. I completely forget about her yesterday. I was in my trouser and didn't wear my T-shirt. Suddenly Shazia came out of room and saw my bare body. I can see her eyes in my chest muscle.

    Shazia: Hi. I think you are still not recovered from yesterday night.

    Sanju: Sorry I forget to wear. Just came to check my mobile.

    Shazia: No problem. You have good body. Impressed on you. Now I understand how you win my sister heart.

    I smiled at her.

    Shazia: Please don't give your naughty smile. Some girl was calling you in your mobile for long time in morning. Give her call back.

    She smiled at me.

    Sanju: That's my childhood friend family is calling. They are going to fix his sister date of marriage and engagement today. They wants to know my availability in coming week to fix engagement date as per my convenience. I promised them to update yesterday after knowing the office schedule. But I forget after seeing your sister.

    I understand that she got convenience.

    Shazia: See you later. I am going for tuition.

    Razia came with coffee to me. I took it from her hand and she kissed my chest.

    She told me to get ready and have breakfast. Sara care taker will come after 1 hour and she will drop me.

    I told her to meet in office and left her home by saying the reason of urgent work of Bahrain.

    I called Nimmy immediately after leaving her flat. She picked the phone .

    Nimmy: What happen ? Why you didn't pick the Phone? I couldn't sleep yesterday.

    Sanju: Sorry . I was late from office and slept

    Nimmy: Where are you now?

    Sanju: Going office

    Nimmy : Ok . Please call me tonight. I will wait for you.

    I disconnected the Phone. I was thinking that how can I play with emotions of many. Is it enjoyment ? My mind was only on Sara and was thinking about how can I be honest with her.
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