Entertainment K-pop group EXID’s Hani dating psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong for past two years

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South Korean group EXID’s Hani is reportedly dating Psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong.

K-pop group EXID’s Hani dating psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong for past two years

As noted by Korean tabloid Soompi, on June 29 it was reported that Hani has been dating psychiatrist and entertainer Yang Jae Woong for two years. In response to the report, Hani’s agency SUBLIME released an official statement clearing the reports.

“Hello. This is SUBLIME. We are informing you of our official statement regarding our agency’s artist Hani,” the statement began. “As it was reported by the media, Hani and Yang Jae Woong are in a happy relationship. We would be grateful if you view [their relationship] warmly.”

Singer-actress Hani officially made her debut in 2012 as part of the girl group EXID, with their single ‘Whoz That Girl’. She recently starred in dramas including You Raise Me Up and XX.

Meanwhile, Yang Jae Woong has appeared on various variety programs including the Heart Signal series and Real Couple Story – The War of Roses (literal title). He also has a YouTube channel titled “Yang Bros’ Mental World” with his older brother Yang Jae Jin.

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