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Incest Its all in the family👪


  • Mom-son

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  • Dad- Daughter

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  • Family together

    Votes: 78 22.3%
  • Father in law- Daughter inlaw

    Votes: 48 13.8%
  • Son in law - Mother in law

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Jagan woke up and asked Mom, Is Dad left for his work? I said yes. He sitting in the bed, and I was standing near him. He grabbed my waist and hugged me on him. He sat on the edge of the bed, keeping me between his legs, his hands roamed on my fleshy ass cheeks, and he pressed my ass cheeks like checking on them. I wrapped my hands around his head and pressed his face to me, his head was touched the bottom of my boobs. My pussy touched his chest, he pressed my ass on him. He slides my pallu to the side and his face touched my bare skin below my boobs. I caressed his head with my boobs. He let his one hand on my ass and bring another hand on my navel. He caressed my navel with his fingers. His fingertip tried to go inside my belly button. He moved down his face on my navel and started to plant kisses on my navel.
Then he shifted his legs between mine. He pulled up my saree and pulled down me on his lap. His hands caressed my naked thighs and went behind on my hot butts. My pussy touched his jeans and felt the rugged cloth on my pussy lips. I told him I had to take a bath, his hands under my ass, open my ass cheeks and his fingers touched my hairy cunt, lifted me and he walked me inside the bathroom.
He let me under the shower and opened the shower. My dress getting wet under the shower. He hurriedly started to undress me under the shower. We both hugged and cuddled each other and now we are both naked under the shower. We caressed each other body and his hands went between my thighs and cupped my cunt and kissed me pushing on the wall. He licked me from my neck to go down on my boobs, sucked my erect nipples, and rugged my boobs, my legs trembled in the excitement of doing it with my son. My hands grabbed his hardened cock, it was a little smaller than Ravis', but now for my sexual needs, it was enough for me. He let me sit on the common, keeping my legs on it, and my hairy cunt lips open for him. He sat down in front of me and he licked my open cunt lips. Rugged my clit with his fingers, I slide myself back and kept my toes on either side of my shoulder. He eats my cunt with rugged and crushed with his finger and he pushed his 3 fingers inside my pussy. And bite my cunt lips, pulled them up with my hair. It gave me little pain and more pleasure. I asked him where he learned all this, and he told me, that Ravi teaches the technics. I asked him if he would like to share his wife with him. He told me, yes, anyway she is a sister to him. I will share all with Ravi. I asked him, Will you share me with him? Yes, because he shared his mother with me, so I will share you with him without any delay. And also said, you have to let him fuck your hairy cunt, after that you won't stop him from fucking your cunt. I said Mmmm, yes I know you all had sex, he took his fingers from my pussy and he inserted his dick inside my cunt. Putting his hands under my thighs he lifted me with his cock inside my cunt. I wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him bending my face. He started to lift me up and down on his dick. His dick went inside my cunt, but being a little small in length it came out from my cunt. I helped him to push it again inside my cunt.
He tried his best to fuck my cunt holding me on him, I leaned on him, and he let me under the shower, he gave bath to me. Then we dried ourselves and came out of the shower. I took my clothes to wear, but he pulled the dress from my hands. He asked me to sit on the bed nakedly and asked me to remain naked for him. He climbed on the bed. He stood in front of me, his cock dangled in front of my face. His tip touched my lips. I let my tongue out and licked his dickhead with my tongue tip. He pulled his foreskin for me and brushed his cock on my lips. I opened my mouth and took his pink mushroom head in my mouth. I circled my tongue all around his head. He arched his back and he pushed his cock inside my mouth.

He let his hands back and he suddenly pulled up my nipples, With his two fingers it was too painful and provided pleasure, my mouth was filled by his dick and I can't speak I pulled off his hands from my aching nipples. He held my head and pushed deep his cock in my mouth. His balls touched my jaw, and I was pushing my head on him, to hold his cock, but I slipped and fall back in the bed. He also is balanced and he landed on my face. His entire cock went deep into my throat. I pushed him up and tried to catch my breath. I stopped him from coming on me again. He holding his cock in hand looked at my face. I signalled him to wait and I couldn't speak, I regained my normal breath after a little while, and asked him to keep his cock inside my cunt.

He laid me on the bed. He came between my legs opened me wider and pushed my right leg on me. And supported it with his shoulder he pushed his cock inside my cunt. Crushing my boobs, he pushed his cock as harder as he could, I felt his hot rod moving in and out excessively stiffly and he tried to make me happy. I looked into his eyes and asked him to go slow, I won't go anywhere. He pushed pushed pushed and pulled his hard cock in my cunt. My cunt started to ozzz my cum and lubricant his rod inside my cunt. Now I felt his dick sliding smoother than before. He madly fucked my cunt and cummed inside me. He splashed his wad of cum three to four time and fell on me.
good one bhai...look forward to the next..thx.
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After our first wild sessions, we again went to the bathroom freshened ourselves, and came out.
We passed day time with cuddling and caressing each other.
Night we were ready to go to bed. We heard the knock on the door. I opened the door and saw my hubby standing at the door. I let him inside and asked him, suppose he has to come tomorrow, why so early? He answered the staff went with him and suddenly fell sick. So they returned early from the scheduled time.
Jagan saw me with little disappointment. I asked hubby about his dinner, and he told me, he didn't finished yet. So I went to the kitchen and heated the spare and put whatever we left. And gave him to eat his dinner. He was sitting at the dining table, I was at the kitchen entrance, and Jagan came inside the kitchen. I asked him what he wanted. He silently went inside and drank some water and, came behind me. He suddenly hugged me from behind.

My husband sitting at the dining table eating dinner, his back was towards us, and Jagan's hands came in my boobs. He slide my pallu and pressed my boobs over the blouse. I was also looking for night play with him, but my hubby came earlier and spoiled my plan. I let his hands play with my boobs. He crushed them with harder and his cock pressed on my fleshy ass, his hand started to go down on me and landed between my thighs and searched for my cunt. I looked into his eyes and showed him his father sitting in front of us. He didn't care about it, he kept trying on my cunt. I slightly widened my legs for him. His hands accessed between my thighs and he cupped my cunt and rugged. The pleasure was slowly built inside my nerves and started to flow pleasure inside me. I took his lips with mine and controlled my moans. His hand went rough on my cunt, and he tries to pull my saree up and tried to go inside my petticoat. I resisted him to pull up my saree and kept his hand above the saree and rugged his hand with mine. I pushed him onto the side wall, leaning on him I cupped his cock with my hand and kissed him madly. Suddenly my hobby asked for water and we went to a conscious, and separated from each other. I took the water and went out, Jagan went to his room.
After an hour I was in bed and didn't catch sleep, my hubby was snoring heavily because of tired of traveling. I was just falling asleep, but not fully slept, I was thinking about Jagan. How much time passed I don't know, I felt something in my mouth trying to enter the side, I open my eyes and saw, jagan standing near me, holding his hardened cock, trying to put it in my mouth.

I looked at my side, my hubby was deep snoring, I opened my mouth wider for jagan. His dick filled my mouth, he pulled the blanket off and saw my nighty already above my waist and my open cunt. He put his hand on my cunt lips and caressed me. His middle finger went inside my cunt, and his cock moved in and out of my mouth. I held his cock and sucked hard but made no sound. Keeping my hubby at my side and having my son's cock in my mouth made me instantly wet, his fingers moved fast inside my cunt, his fingers circled on my wet pussy walls and he pinched my clit. I lifted my face and took his cock deep in my mouth to avoid the moans. My mouth felt sticky with his precum and my saliva, and my cunt felt hot and wet with his fingering. I showed him to put his cock in my cunt. He pulled his cock from my wet mouth, my saliva flowed out with his cock. I came to the edge of the bed and turned myself on doggy, he came behind me, put his hand between my legs, he caressed my cunt with his hand like milking the cow.

I asked him to put his cock inside my cunt, then he pulled down his shorts and thrust his cock in my wet cunt. He held both sides of my waist and pounded my cunt, I bite the pillow to control my moans, and his hands hold tight on my waist and his cock rapidly went deeper inside my cunt. He fucked me like a mad dog and splashed his hot cum inside my pussy. He leaned on my back for some time and I let him go to his room cleaned myself and fell into sleep.
Morning both jagan and my hubby were horrid at work and I was alone in the house. Remembering the night fuck aside my hubby, made me hirny again. I closed my eyes and started to rub my cunt lips, my hand was not enough for my cunt. I thought what if Ravi was here to fill my cunt with his steel rod-like cock.
Thinking about Ravi and I rubbed my cunt hard, pinched my clit and felt little pleasure, and heard the doorbell. I came to reality corrected my dress and went to the door, I opened the door and was stunned and excited to see Ravi standing at the door. I let him inside and after closing the door, before I turned the other side

He pulled me towards him, hugged and started to taste my lips. I replied to him with the same gesture, his hands roamed my back, I held his neck with one hand and caressed his shoulder and his chest with the other hand. We ate each other's lips eagerly and I separated from him. Before I was moving from him, he pulled out my nighty and let me in my lingerie. I took him to the guest room. While I climbing the stairs, he was hornier than me, he didn't enter the room, he pulled me in front of the room, pushed me onto the wall and he entered inside my cunt with his thick cock.

He pushed his cock from behind me, I hold the stair railing and bend for him. His hands cupped my boobs and his dick went hard inside my cunt. I stood widening my legs for him. He rammed my cunt with his hot rod, and I felt his thick hot cock inside my cunt, we were busy fucking, and my hubby called me over the phone, I keep talking with him and I was given my cunt to Ravi. My hubby asked what was the strange sound, and I told them it was from outside, and told him Ravi had come, to select the wedding card, and told my hubby to come soon in the evening. While talking with my hubby during Ravi's fucking me, in the excitement I cummed instantly.
After I cummed, I asked him to take a bath and come down, I left for my room. I took a bath changed my dress and came to ravi. He was sitting on the bed, in his underwear.
I asked him, what the hell he was doing, still sitting in the underwear. He told me to help him to take a shower. I went to hear him, pulled his ears with my both hands, and lifted him, while he got up, he wrapped his hands around my waist and cupped my ass cheeks. pulled me on him. I stopped him from caressing my ass cheeks, I pushed him towards the bathroom. I told him to take a bath first and after breakfast, he could have me in the bed. We entered the bathroom. I let him under the shower and opened it. He was standing in the shower and looked at me. I asked what? He arched his bulging hard dick in front of me, caressed it over his underwear, and asked me to take his black chocolate. His underwear came down a little and his balls popped out one side. I lost my control and went on my knees in front of him under the shower.

My mouth went on his cock, I bite his throbbing cock over his underwear, and his shaft came to my mouth. I nibbled it with my mouth. My hands pulled down his underwear and lifted his cock. I went on his balls. I licked them from the bottom, it tasted good in the water, madly licked his balls and took them fully inside my mouth, and sucked them. He moaned and held my head he filled my mouth. I sucked the whole sack of his balls keeping it mouth filled and released it. Then I held his balls with my hand and licked his hot rod. I caressed his balls and sucked his rod, I took his full length of the cock and sucked like a slut.

I sucked and sucked his entire cock like a slutty woman. I can't stop sucking his throbbing black cock and licking the wholesome of his cock, my cunt started to get wet, and I felt my hot precum in my cunt. I removed my wet dress and asked him to take me to the bed and fuck me. Also told him to take a bath after he fucked me. He hugged my naked body on him, my boobs crushed on his flat chest and he rubbed my cunt, and asked me, do I like his cock. I said yes, take your sex doll and play with me, made myself cum for you like I am your slut. He forcefully kissed my lips and let me into the bedroom. I started to climb on the bed. But he pulled me and told stand here for your fucker, show your cunt to your man. I stood in front of him and I open my pussy lips and told him to fuck my cunt, please da fuck your aunty like a slut. He kept his cock between my opened cunt lips, I felt his hot cock inside my pink walls.

He hugged me tightly and slapped my ass cheeks with one hand. He caressed and slipped hard on my ass, his lips sucked my face and my boobs crushed on his chest. I licked his neck and went down on his chest. His tiny nipples were hard, I sucked his nipples and bite them alternatively, licked his broad chest went to his armpit, I hold his hands up and licked his armpit with my horny, the fast I licked his armpit, and he slapped hard on my ass and came to my cunt. He pushed his middle finger inside my cunt and hold my cunt tight, and hard, making me scream louder. I asked him, please da aunty can't wait anymore fuck me, fuck my cunt, and make me your cumslut. He set me free and bent in front of me, his hands came between my thighs and he lifted me on him. My cunt was open wider by sitting in his hands. He pushed up his cock inside my cunt, and he lifted me up and down on his cunt. His throbbing dick went missing inside my cunt. He rapidly moved me on his cock. I wrapped my hands around his shoulder, looking into his eyes, I kissed him and moaned and grunted with pleasure, I never fucked like this style. He opened my legs wider and my boobs brushed hard on his chest, his cock pounded my cunt like a piston rod. I asked him to lay me on the bed. He laid me on the bed

He laid me on the bed, pushed my legs open on me, and his throbbing cock entered inside my cunt. He kept my legs between us held my both ass cheeks and he pounded me like a hungry wolf, he lifted his hip high and forcefully entered my cunt and his strokes came like lightning thunder inside my cunt. I felt his cock touching deeper inside my pussy. I struggled to breathe he pushed and pushed hard on me. What I was looking for a fuck after came from his house, he made my day. I felt my cunt lips getting swollen and soaring with his harder and heavier pounding my cunt. He fucked my like a whore for another ten minutes and we both cummed together. I hugged him like a baby monkey hugging it's mother. I didn't let him for another 15 minutes, we calmly stayed in the bed.