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We are a couple, going to get married in a couple of months after 8 years of a long relationship. We're just here to spectate for a while and see what's out there. Maybe we'll get to push our boundaries together. Gradually when we feel confident enough, we would probably participate to tease the voyeurs out here. But for now, we're going to be the voyeurs.

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my roommate invited me to a 3some with his girlfriend. She was skanky, but I was horny and decided to go for it. We took her out drinking and after we were all drunk, headed back to her apartment. She put on sopping wet. I gave her a lick and then began sucking the juices out of her. I licked all around her pussy, sucking in each pussy lip and then moving to the other one. I licked my way up to her clit and began sucking on it. This caused even more juices to flow. She was giving me a great blow job, but I was intent on eating her pussy. She moved forward on my face as I went back to licking her pussy. live sex cams

I licked all around and shoved my tongue in her ass which made her moan. She raised her head up as my buddy shoved his cock in her mouth. I was now able to focus on eating her ass and pussy while she grinded on my face. She moved back on my face so that I was again sucking on her clit. She was moaning how good it felt. My buddy moved around and grabbed her hips. He shoved his cock in her pussy. I was surprised by this. I was not expecting to have his dick and balls in my face, I thought we were going to take turns fucking her. live sex chat
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