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Registration/Account Related

1) I have registered an account, but cannot post in any forum except here.
This is probably because you haven't activated your account yet!. Without activating your account,you can only post in the Support and suggestion or Ask Staff section. To activate your account, click on the activation link sent to your registered email address. Make sure to check your spam/bulk folders if you are unable to find it in your inbox or make a request for new activation mail here.

2.) I did not get an activation email.
Check the email you have entered during registration. Make sure its correct. You can check it by clicking here.

3.) How to change my username?
There is no option to change username in UserCP. However if you want to change your username then you can send a PM to Addicted or Night Warrior with the desired username you want.

4.)How to delete my account?
You cant! Simply Logout and never come back!

Posting/Thread related

5.)How do I open a new thread?
To create a new thread, go to the appropriate sub-forum where you intend to open a thread, Private Area for instance. Once you are in the appropriate sub-forum, click on 'Post New thread' button, select an appropriate prefix, give a caption/title for your thread in the 'Title' field, input the message you want to convey in the 'Message' field, hit the 'Submit New Thread' button and a thread would be created.

6.)I want to change the title/name of my thread.
You cannot change your thread titles by yourself. Just use the report post option from the first post of the thread with a valid reason. One of the staff members will do it for you ASAP.

7.)Why has my post been edited/removed?
If your post has been edited or removed, then it is because one of the staff members deemed it to have breached the forum rules. Due to the large volume of posts, it is simply not possible for Staff to contact every member every time a modification is made. Please don't expect them to do so and please do not start public threads about "Why was my post removed" If you are genuinely unsure of the reason, please contact one of the staff for the Forum you posted in.

8.)How do I delete My threads?
You cannot delete your thread by yourself. If you have a valid reason,then use the report post option from the first post of the concerned thread.

Some Information Regarding Avatars and signature.

9.) How to set up an Avatar?
Click on your username at the top, a drop down menu will get opened > Click on Avatar > Choose the desired image you want. Make sure your avatar doesn't violate any rules.

10.) What are the rules for avatar and signature?
Answer - Here

11.) Why my avatar/signature was removed?

If your Avatar/signature violate our rules, it will be get removed without any warning.

12.) How should I setup my signature?
Click on your username at the top, a drop down menu will get opened > Click on Signature > Make the change and save!

Follow Member/ Watch Thread/ Watch Forum/ Alerts

13.) What does follow feature do?
It makes their posts/likes viewable on 'your news feed'.

14.)How do i get a list of the people who are following me?
Go to you profile > Check the "followers" column.

15.)How to follow a person?
Go to the person's profile you want to follow > click on follow.

16.) What does Alerts feature do?
Alerts are like notifications, they are sent according your preferences. Usually alerts are sent when someone quotes your post/likes it/ if someone mentions you or when there is an announcement from admin.

17.) How can I change Alert Preferences?
Go to the drop-down menu by clicking on your username at the top > click on " alert preferences".

18.) How does "Watch Thread" feature work?

It sends you alters or email (depends on your preferences). If you want notifications whenever there is a new post made in the thread you are like to watch then you can use this feature.

19.) How does "Watch forum" feature work?
It is same as watch thread but it sends notifications whenever there is a new thread is opened.

Moderator/ Staff Member

20.)How do I become a Staff Member on this forum?
As someone said, hard work is the secret to success! Be active, and contribute to the forum, you will soon be invited to take part in Staff Management Program.

21.) Why do certain people have their username appear in a different colour from mine?
Your username indicates the current usergroup you belong to.

Admin - rainbow
Super-Moderator- Dark-Green
Moderator- Purple
Staff Management- Light Blue
Sponsors- Orange

BB codes

22.) Where is the list of the BB codes that i can use in this forum.

23.) How to make index for stories?
How to Make Index

24.) Where is the list of emojis/smiles?

Answer -

Ask Staff

25.) What is the difference b/w Support and suggestion section and Ask staff.
" Ask staff " is section where thread started by you can only be seen by staff members and you. If you want to discuss something in private with staff members then you can start a thread there.

Some Shortcuts for editor (if you want to use them)

Note: These will only work in PC.
Ctrl+B = Bold
Ctrl+I= Italic
Ctrl+U = Underline
Tab+enter = Save changes/Reply.
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