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Sumathi's Bliss

I am Sumathi , 34 year old working woman and mother of a five year old girl , my husband is five years elders to me and was jobless till last few months but now employed in a private firm as peon . My husband is a non-confident, timid guy who keeps switching the jobs frequently. I stay at Bangalore.

I have been married last 6 years and Mala, my daughter is my only solace. I am 5”3 with vital statistics of 38-32-36 with fair complexion and a very sexy face. This is a story happened last year and this incident started by extra marital affair, well to be honest becoming a concubine to an Oldman; It really started because of lack satisfaction and lack of sex with my husband. My Husband Vinay is a short, dark & lean guy with equally small dick (–to be honest this came to know after my affairs). He used to work in Tumkur and visit us weekly or once in a fortnight so you can imagine our sex life, once in a month he would simply mount me without as much of foreplay and after few strokes would come panting with few sprinkles and that was it, it was in reality like a feather played in my cunt as he would leave me frustrated snoring loudly with this joke of sex, the poor guy had never even fondled by pendulous breasts properly. So you can imagine my frustration.

I am very shapely and good looking woman, the body matured after six years marriage with right amount flesh making me look more curvy. So typical buxom looks was envy of women folk and I have my share of menfolk in my office and in locality panting behind me, which so far I had dealt tactfully. But with my husband also starting a raging drinking habit it was a real bad situation as there was no financial support from my husband and my salary just managed the running of house with the rent and school fees , But now with daughter going to convent and tuition I was in real struggle to meet ends .

As the cost of living grew higher, I was in a fully blown financial crisis taking loans from friends and colleagues. Last week my daughter’s school princy strictly warned me on paying fees on time. Almost all my salary goes to house rent, food expenses and school fees. This month was very bad I had not even paid my rent. With such gloomy thoughts in my mind, I walked to the crowded bus stand as I felt the hungry male eyes on my curvy figure and shapely boobs. Inside the bus the crowd built up as I could feel quick hands on my back as one fellow even tried to fondle my breast as I moved forward in mock anger , Honestly I liked those hungry hands on my private parts as I slowly got down from the bus and walked fast to my home.

Soon I reached home and walked to my bedroom, removed all my clothes with only a towel covering my modesty walked to the bathroom. As I closed the door standing in front of the full length mirror removed the towel enjoying my own beauty, the proud strong jutting breast, the big brown nipples and sexy hip curve, My hands roamed on the contours of my body one hand fondling breast as nipples straightened stiff as my fingers squeezed it lovingly slowly my other hand reached my well-trimmed honey pot – my pussy. It was sticky wet as I squeezed the clit and licked my fingers of my own juice , then sitting on the stool I showered with a hand shower as my hand reached for a quick release. Alas I had a quick climax but somehow it seemed inadequate making me even more horny longing for a rough male touch .

Suddenly I remembered it was almost six months since my husband had fucked me, now a days he did not even try as his sloppy cock never hardened, i just remembered last month the bastard was fully drunk & sleeping and I had felt little horny and had felt for his hard cock, even after my tender administration with my hands & even with my mouth could not get it up .

Remembering all this something just awakened, Sumathi just decided I have may be 10 more years of youth and I am still a stunning beauty with a figure to beg for, she thought all this chastity is foolish and it has only bringing in more misery with a wicked smile she thought to herself what she needed was a mind blowing orgasm and her husband or chastity cannot do that , cursing her fate she dried herself slipping in a black petticoat without any inner inner wares put on a loose fitting white blouse and black saree . She then turned to kitchen as her daughter returned from tuition, finishing their dinner she put her daughter to sleep. She then cleaned the kitchen it was almost 9‘O clock as she heard the laud knock from the door.

She walked to main door and opened the door , It was her landlord his eyes fixated on her falling saree pallu as her shapely boobs visible in braless almost transparent blouse, Sumathi cursed herself today was already 10Th & she had not paid the rent , she coolly willed not adjusting the pallu putting a show for the ogling Oldman Raju bhai .

Raju Bhai could not believe his eyes as he could see the hint of dark big nipple inside the blouse as he asked madam I came for the rent ogling at the spectacularly ripe wife

Sumathi : stammered I do not have right now

Raju bhai : With quick look around stepped into the house ,

Sumathi with utter shock moved back as the Oldman walked inside the house as he closed the door behind him his eyes fixed on the fully loaded wife

Sumathi uttered in shock, Raju bhai what are you doing

Raju Bhai was old experienced ruffian knowing when to make the move; he just pushed his hand across her back as he tightly embraced her pulling towards him

Sumathi surprised by the Oldman's bold move struggled without any resolve, Raju bhai I am a married lady don’t do anything you will regret, my husband will come home any time

Raju Bhai : O god Sumathi you are the asli maal as he embraced her tightly , Oh god this is real fun to fuck someone’s legal wife

Sumathi felt the absolute strength of the Oldman as she struggled to break free; she then felt his hand squeezing her spongy butts as the guy lunged to kiss her.

Sumathi utterly shocked by the old mans move averted her head as he then kissed her nape of the neck, Sumathi uttered in a whisper child is sleeping please

Raju Bhai was in a full swing his right hand reaching across her back reached her right breast squeezing it hard as he embraced her tightly, Sumathi felt his hard male member across her stomach.

Sumathi heightened by all this swift action and longing for a male touch was whimpering offering no resistance to the Oldman's moves, Raju bhai felt emboldened falling on his knees as he showered kisses on her classy hips and stomach curves as his hands started having free reign on her boobs as her pallu fell away .

Sumathi was in point of no return she had never this kind physical action & the foreplay of the cunning Oldman was too much for her , as she held on to the bald head of Raju bhai

Raju Bhai looked up on saw big breast and hard nipples through the blouse stepped up a little as he latched onto her nipples as sucked them through blouse alternatively , he sucked hard leaving his saliva, soon her brown nipples was clearly visible through the white blouse

Raju bhai then cleverly stood up and kissed her open mouth, a whimpering helpless Sumathi offered no resistance, as she felt his lips sucking her lower lips, with his right hand the clever bastard took Sumathi’s hand to his swollen hard penis through his dhoti as the other hand in one motion lifted the sari as his hand roamed on her naked butts and reached for her now moist and swollen pussy finger it .

Sumathi feeling the thick cock through his dhoti was shocked by the thickness and size , it was rock hard, she then decided to take control, that’s enough for today Uncle as she pushed him slightly but her hand still clutching onto his hard cock

Raju Bhai : O Sumathi no way, strip naked I want to fuck you, as his lips reached for hard nipple visible through her blouse sucking it softly

Sumathi: Pushed her breast further into his mouth, Uncle in your dreams not today

Raju bhai : Shouted o Sumati please relieve me, my balls are paining use your hands O please as he forcibly pushed pusher down on her down knees

Sumati having felt thick cock wanted see the Oldman's cock, so she obediently, as if in a trance reached inside his dhotis as she felt his bare cock in her hands, Gosh it was so thick and black in color and shiny my god it was long at least 7” , she thought this is twice bigger than my husband’s as she felt Raju bhai’s hands guiding her and motioning her to Jerk his shiny hard cock

Sumathi used her soft velvet like hands on his hard big girthed slippery cock as her hands become sticky with his precum, my god was weeping with his fluids. Then after a few minutes Raju Bhai pushed her hands away, using his own hand started a quicksilver action pumping his cock hard as the house wife looked on his bulging hard black cock in rapt fascination, then Oldman's cock twitched and blasted his thick hot cum as Sumati averted her face taking the blast in her lower neck her neck as the copious fluid slowly dripped down her breast reaching her right nipple

Sumathi tried to get up, Raju Bhai held her down as he viewed his dripping cum all over the neck and breast and shiny nipples coated with thick white globule of his semen, his leaky cock waved very close to Sumathi’s face

Before he developed any ideas Sumathi forcefully pushed him away, as she ran to bathroom to clean the Oldman’s cum. As she opened the tap a sudden thought struck as she turned to look at the bathroom full length mirror to have view of her cum filled look, Instead of revulsion she was in happy mood liking what just had happened, then with a slutty smile her fingers reached her breast & neck as she spread the cum right across her body especially on her breast and nipples and finally with a knowing smile she licked the cum clean of her fingers , it felt liberating as she then turned to return to hall without a wash.
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Sumathi saw the naked pot bellied Oldman sitting in a chair , she had to admit he had a solid big cock with big balls , even in deflated condition it looked big!

Raju bhai: O god Sumathi you are female goddess , please show me your pussy Sumathi I have to kiss

Uncle , not today my husband may come any time , Ok what about my rent uncle

Raju Bhai , No more rent I will pay rent for you , but please show me your cunt –please

Sumathi I am not a whore to do what you want, with her hand on hips thrusting forward only in her blouse and petticoat

Raju Bhai –O Sumathi I beg my goddess please as he kneeled in front of her

Sumathi walked towards the old man , Raju bhai could not resists as his hands strongly grabbed her hips as he started licking her mound through her petticoated , his strong tongue tried find her pussy opening

Sumathi was wonder struck by the assault & felt the urgent need for his tongue directly on her pussy

Uncle you are like a lap dog , one second as she in tied the petticoat as it fell down .

Raju bhai become absolutely crazy on seeing the naked pussy , Oh Sumathi you are female god as his hands held her naked butts in each hand as began licking her pussy in right earnest.

Sumathi was on fire never before she had this kind of sensation , holding onto the old man head she just collapsed on a sofa , as she felt the Oldman taking her swollen clit in his mouth as began to suck her in right earnest , poor Sumathi had no answer as she shuddered into a shattering climax her eyes screwed shut in orgasmic pleasure as she held on the Oldman's head .

Raju bhai slowly took his head from her lap and moved up and moving the loose blouse with his nose started sucking her naked boobs , absolutely enjoying the big boobs and big nipples

Poor Sumathi was at her Witt's end Uncle please stop , this is too much for today .

Raju bhai understood this lady was his for taking stood up , O Sumathi I never thought I will have pleasure of having relationship which such a beautiful lady , you are a apsara , he then turned to take his shirt from the pocket removed a clutch of 500rs notes as he took Sumathi hand .

Sumathi was shocked it was easily more than 10,000rs , Uncle what is this

Raju Bhai you are a princess from now on you should live like a queen .

Sumathi looked at pot bellied old man come here Raju bhai , as the naked guy came towards her she took both her hands under his balls lifting them from under and then she kissed the black cock head & said see you later ,then tapping his pot belly she said please leave Uncle its too late & we have to be careful

Raju bhai was super thrilled with the kiss on his wet cock , yes we have to be careful as he quickly wore his underwear , dhoti & shirt .

Raju bhai then said Sumathi can you remove your blouse , I want see my queen in all glory .

Sumathi stood up and removed her blouse , Ok uncle

Raju bhai , Sumathi can you be my concubine I will treat you like a royal queen .

Sumathi lets see Uncle dream on .

Now please leave as the Oldman nodded and quietly left , Utterly delighted and surprisingly satisficed Sumathi locked the door and counted the money it was 12000/- , almost 50% of her months salary .

Sumathi sat on the sofa as she savored what just happened , she could feel her slightly sore breast with the solid mauling given my the old rogue and even inner thighs seemed sore , but she felt elated as this happened without any planning in her own home & my god she liked the Oldman's cock it was big not too big, thick not too thick and definitely twice bigger than her hubby’s –my god no comparison with her husbands puny, useless cock , she even like the salty taste of his cum as she smelt her neck & breast , then she fingered her lovers saliva filled pussy as she muttered , dearie you are going to get a solid workout shortly as walked to her bedroom, wearing a cotton housecoat she slept beside her dear daughter.

Next day went smoothly evening she was cooking and daughter was in the hall watching TV, Sumathi heard a knock in the door .

She opened the door it was Raju bhai , he handed over big bag and said please watch when you are alone , I will meet you in the morning as he left without waiting for her reply.

Sumathi took the bag to her bedroom & opened , It was a touch screen note pad she just opened puzzled , it had some icons and folder named “sweet sumathi” she opened it had 3-4 films and she could see it was some porno films , the she opened another bag it had a plastic bag with red color silk saree with small note

“To my dearest watch those movies it will give more enjoyment tomorrow and morning I will come to your hereafter your daughter leaves to school please leave the door open and also please wear this saree for me –only saree”

Sumathi shuddered in excitement & as a sexual thrill crept , she felt twitch for her pussy as as she reluctantly kept the Packet in cupboard , planning to watch after her daughter sleeps.

In the night , once her daughter slept she took the note pad to watch the movies , first one was a Mexican Oldman fucking a young white lady , Sumathi was astonished by the size of the Oldman's cock it was easily 10 inches and my god it was real thick as he pounded the young woman she could see it was stretching the girl’s pussy , Then as he reached his climax he allowed the female to take his extra large cock in her mouth , it was awesome sight .

Sumathi lost her control as she lifted her night dress and start fingering her pussy ,In the video the Oldman ejaculated all over the lady’s breast , Sumathi then reached her own climax shouting uncle , uncle , it was almost full two minutes to recover

Then she watched then the Oldman taking spent softened cock into the lady’s mouth as he almost lay on top her ,the lady kept sucking the cock her fingers fiddling the his balls , she almost was taking the full cock inside her throat in few seconds the cock was hard again inside the lady’s mouth . Sumathi could see the projection of the cock hitting the lady’s throat , she was amazed by the lady’s skills .

Now the old man took his saliva coated cock from her mouth as he lady tuned over , then he gave few licks at her butt hole and then inserted his big large cock in her butts , there was a cry of anguish soon the old guy was banging her Butts as his balls banged against the girls pussy it was amazing , then the guy started fucking her pussy alternating with butts each stroke , The close up view on pounding the pussy and anal shocked Sumathi’s innocence , then Oldman took the vibrating cock as he sprayed a considerable amount of cum on her butts and pussy .

The last shot was cum coated pussy and butts as the old man’s hands spread his cum all over the whimpering female as he said now you are ready for my son , I have given my blessings with a wicked laugh .

For Sumathi the graphic video and final message was a shock and actually she really felt the need for that Oldman right now as felt her pussy twitching and on fire and she was more than eager to taste his bloody cock in all her holes.

Sumathi heard a knock in the door , she quickly kept the Note pad in her office bag & went and opened the door , it was husband in total drunken stupor has he stumbled inside the house and then just collapsed in the sofa his eyes shut –sorry Suma i am tired .



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Sumathi took a blanket and covered her hubby then took the note pad to the bedroom to view the other two films .One was a Japanese movie of a Oldman fucking his son’s wife , it was another graphic video as the Oldman literally fucking the lady in all positions, the movie ending with Girl sucking the Oldman’s cock as he watched a movie –total act of surrender .

Sumathi was in complete throes of sexual fervor , she did not want to masturburate as she wanted a hard cock right now, she then slept un happily, late in the night she woke up with dreams of her Raju uncle and a Old shop keeper fucking her mercilessly, double teaming her. she was shocked the by the size of Old shop keeper’s cock it was like a donkeys, Sumathi just could not remove the image of her sucking the monster cock, she could fathom the reason for this imagination of the Fat, bald shopkeeper to be that way , she had never even seen him in any sexual angle . Sumathi was a total sex wreck, as somehow slept & woke up with disturbed memories .

She then quickly made breakfast for her husband & daughter, both left the house. she had a quick wash and then an idea struck her, she took her husband's razor and shaved her pussy clean, it was a sight to behold totally pinkish with large reddish pussy lips & her engorged clit looking like pink bud Sumathi was wet and creaming with sexual excitement.

Changing into a cotton housedress she went to her front door, kept it open for Raju bhai to have his sexual conquest, then she stepped into the bedroom as she just spread the red saree Raju bhai had given in the in the bed, she then boldly removed her housedress and was completely naked she lay on the bed and just covered herself with the saree as she waiting for her paramour. May be because of her disturbed sleep and sexual tension she just dozed away immediately.

Sumathi then felt a hand in her leg .the heard the gruff voice of the old land lord

Sumathi are you asleep by princess –it was Raju bhai as she opened the eyes to see smiling Oldman just in his dhoti, his hairy chest a mix of white and black hair.

Oh Uncle , you are a very bad man making me see all those bad movies, see what you have done to me as she boldly removed the saree, showing her naked form

Raju bhai was shocked and thrilled by the beautiful creature fully ready for his fucking, he tugged his dhoti off and with only his old fashioned underwear stepped on the bed between her legs

Raju bhai: Sumathi my god you have the most beautiful pussy, its virginal like rose flower then he put his finger in her wet pussy and licked it , Oh god its pure honey my darling you are ready for your landlord

Sumathi: Then watching the Oldman in amusement said c'mon what signal are you waiting for , start your work I have to go to office

Raju Bhai: O Devi not so fast as his mouth descended on the fresh looking pussy as he licked all around her pussy and the thighs taking his time

Sumathi was pleasantly shocked by the Oldman's practiced foreplay, as she tried to pull his head toward her pussy lips and Clit eager for his slobbering tongue , the Oldman stopped and took both her hands in hands, holding hard against the bed started to lick all around the pussy lips, making her crazy with desire but she was pinned by the strong hands as just tried spreading her legs wider and wider willing him to reach her glory spot, her mouth was whispering non stop Uncle , please Uncle O god please ..

Raju bhai was a smart guy he wanted this sex starved lady to beg for more, as he started licking her butt hole in hard flicking strokes with his pointed tongue licking and insterting into her anus, also fleetingly he gave tongue last or a lick her wide open pussy making the house wife go shreaking on almost a knife edge

Sumati had never experienced so much pleasure, she was lifting her butts almost into the Oldman’s mouth eagerly offering her pussy lips as offering , Uncle you are killing me , please Uncle , I beg you as she screeched and screamed for his lips on her hot spot..

Raju Bhai thought it was time to stop this begging lady, as he then quickly latched onto her pussy lips and started sucking her clit with practiced softness , hard and methodical. he knew the lady will go wild with this act

Sumathi could not believe the sensations this Oldman was creating , she wanted quick hard suck right now on her burning clit, but this maddening caressing like sucking was so soft it was absolutely maddening ..

Sumathi was almost in tears “ uncle please –you are a tease –you are killing me , O god please O maa OO in coherent blabbering .

Raju bhai after few more seconds of her blabbering, slowly increased the tempo and started hard sucks on to her clit, also his tongue circled the area around the ultra sensitive clit, it took only another 30 seconds the married lady just thrust her pussy hard into his face as she buckled her hip coming in waves

Sumathi was in utter throes , O god Raju bhai suck me good as she shouted “i am cummin aim cumming O god o god” as her hands broke free closing her whimpering mouth she just collapsed in absolute tears of joy her body covered with sweat, her hand urging Raju bhai to move his lips from her super sensitive Pussy

Raju Bhai understandingly just turned over his bald head resting on the wet pussy as his head bent below and his hands untied his underwear as his cock sprung free –ready to serve this sex starved lady .

Sumathi eyes closed was in total oblivion she had never experienced so much pleasure and she thought the bloody guy had not even used his fucking cock .

Raju slowly got up and sitting beside he bent down and started gentle sucking on her spiky hard nipples hardened munching alternatively on both her breast, his hands absolutely clobbered and squeezed like it was Atta mix, he liked the strong , big breast of this buxom lady

Sumathi then said stop uncle, This is too much for me, its time for me to give something back as she moved away and got down from cot kneeling she beckoned him, her eyes fixed on his thick black cock , she thought it definitely looked fatter and longer than yesterday –it looked real big shiny and utter black as her wettened her lips in anticipation, wondering how much she can inside her mouth !

Raju bhai could not believe this gorgeous wife was salivating & ready to suck is ugly black cock he slowly moved toward sitting facing her , the saw the poor lady seemed transfixed by his ugly cock, smart cookee knew all the specially selected videos have done the trick !

Raju bhai : what Sumathi have you not seen a cock before , why this surprise?

Sumathi : looked up her hand holding his thick cock , Gosh I have never seen such big one , it seems you are bigger than yesterday , my god can I suck that

Raju bhai : A clever guy who had prepared this female so can achieve his ultimate fantasy with this lady, said Sure Sumathi that is yours for taking , but one condition or a small request.

Sumathi looked up with a question in her eyes


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Raju Bhai : Sumathi you can suck me as much you want my dear princess, but I just want you to treat me like a equal, like how I enjoyed your lovely pussy and your love juices, I want you to enjoy mine and enjoy my juices. when I explode in your mouth, I do not want you spitting or running away to bathroom, its is a real put off dear it makes me lose all the fun – is it ok dear, it is only my request

Sumathi : You are very bad man , Uncle you know , threatening me with this big black monster , you want a married lady that too someone else wife to swallow your jizz. Ok badman I would love to suck you dry. Uncle what I want from you to explode inside all my holes - promise me will you do that Uncle

Raju Bhai : Sumathi you are a true princess & I am your slave . Honestly I don't know whether my cock is worthy enough for your beauty I don’t know I am a ugly man with ugly black cock

Sumathi : O God I love this Ugly black cock allow me enjoy as she calmly took his leaky large black cock head in her mouth sucking all the precum in one go

Slowly after few sucks she started licking his balls clean, Raju bhai said take it into your mouth my sweet bitch

Sumathi looked up, yes I am your bitch as she sucked both his balls , Then she turned her attention to his cock as she starting sucking in right earnest , she loved his clammy hardness crowding her mouth slowly she took more & more cock into her mouth almost half the cock in her mouth, once she tried to take more and got chocked coughing and spitting with tears in eyes

Raju bhai : Dear darling not so fast this requires practice, let me help you, as he held her nose close now take me inside your mouth suck and breath around the cock

Sumathi looked at the smiling old man as she struggled breathing and sucking after few seconds he just removed his hand she felt more easy as she sucked more and more of his cock looking at the Oldman for approval eyes fixed on him

Raju Bhai was over joyed this gorgeous female totally under him and sucking his cock, never in his life he had someone so beautiful ready to suck his cock so eagerly also looking for his approval

Raju bhai started O Sumathi you are real bitch, you have lovely sucky mouth, O god my black cock disappearing inside your red mouth is so awesome he was feeling very hot and ready for his first explosion

Raju bhai said stop as Sumathi stopped in confusion breaking away, her sides of mouth with saliva and precum was a scene to behold, Raju bhai pulled her up, lifting Sumathi by her armpit and kissed flush in her mouth as he felt his smelly precum & saliva coated mouth .

Then he stopped, Sumathi when I cum in your mouth only have the tip of the cock in your mouth, it will be easy as this is your first time I do not want it to be bad for you.

Sumathi nodded and swiftly got down her business, on her knees as she took both his hands in inside her hands and then sucked hard cock strongly with real vigor trying take more & more of his cock inside her mouth, her eyes fixed on her Old lover

Raju Bhai felt tremors is his knees, as his knees bent forward for the impending explosion as his hands tightened on Sumathi hand ,

Sumathi quickly understood her lovers imminent climax, she moved back so only his large cock head was in her mouth as she sucked hard feeling tension in her jaws and lips, then she saw watched Raju bhai face contorted with pleasure his hand holding her so tight

Raju Bhai then shouted O Sumathi O god suck me dry you bitch O god this is monstrous O god O god as he exploded in large spurts inside the married lady’s greedy mouth ..

Sumathi felt the explosion in waves as the hot cum of Oldman hit the roof of her mouth she kept swallowing & sucking hard on the spurting cock, she could not believe the Oldman’s capacity as she felt non stop flow of his cum as he kept spitting into her mouth, then she felt his legs go weak, as he fell back on the bed, but Sumathi had her hands on to his butts and eyes watching closely, so she never allowed the cock to slip out of her mouth, as she kept sucking gently on the softened cock, then her hands squeezed his balls as he jerked remnants of his copious cum into her mouth, it was thick salty, bitter sweet but she loved the hot blast from the oversized cock .

Raju bhai was seeing stars, never in his life he had a female sucking with such passion and dedication, he had many blow jobs but on the climax usually the lady spit it out or run away to the bathroom or wipe the pulsing cock in their cloth, but this was awesome as he loved the feeling of the hot mouth on his softer cock even as enjoyed that feeling, Sumathi his married lover just took his now smaller cock completely inside her mouth, Raju bhai had tickles in his spine

Sumathi feeling cock getting smaller decided to take the complete cock in her mouth she loved the feeling of the soft , almost cold cock in her mouth as just close her eyes in peace as her mind contemplated the hard cock erupting inside her pussy .

After a minute Raju bhai sat up , holding her face , he said Sumathi you are awesome my love, I have never had such a climax as he gently removed his cock from her reluctant mouth .

Sumathi : O Uncle you are the first man to come inside my mouth, I loved the feeling of this lovely monster in my mouth as she kissed and licked the wet glands of his cock .

Raju bhai : O god you know you are the most beautiful lady and i am going to fuck so hard, you will never forget me

Sumathi : Uncle your cock is asleep , will you get it up as she held his fat but swiveled cock in hand.

Raju bhai : don’t you worry he recovers very fast, he got up & went to the loo .After washing up he come back and said to Sumathi my love, clean up lets have something to eat as he wore his underwear

Sumathi : O Uncle you are my sugar daddy & you have given me your yummy vitamin what is there to clean as she wiped sweat and his residual cum all across her body and face, let me feed you my poor Old man .

Sumathi coolly without a cloth, walked to the kitchen as she opened her tiffin carrier in the dining table, please have this my bald bad uncle handing him a sandwich.

Raju bhai sat bewitched by the naked beauty, she was gorgeous, so shapely and with stunning breast and solid butts, she was a angel he never thought he had chance with this female, but here she was naked as a jail bird ready for any wish, as he sat on the chair he felt stirring of his cock just seeing her move around

O god Sumathi you are a wicked lady, see you have awakened my brother as he showed his tented under wear

O Uncle you eat, let me handle that one. Inside this house he is mine, as she knelt before his chair and started sucking & kissing from outside of his underwear, in no time she had made him rock hard .

Sumathi was in awe: O god you are an amazing Oldman, my husband never get it up after one time, well yours is the real cock and I am to a total slave to this black warrior dear Uncle .


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