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Tera mera pyar amar fir kyun mujhko lagta hai dar
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Why are you examining the patience of your readers. These are your readers who give your story value. So please don't be so careless and write down the next part of your story or at least come here and tell your problems bro.


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I dropped parents and Nidhi at bus pickup point , waited with them till they boarded the bus.

After their bus left , I turned back home. I found Keerthi’s scooty parked outside , so I understood Keerthi is here.

I was parked my car outside itself as we will be going out for shopping. It seems Keerthi heard car sound and she came out. She was wearing grey kurti with Orange coloured kurti and chunni. She stood at door taking support of door frame , hands folded , loose hair with pretty smile was starring at me. She was charming. I walked towards her , as I approached her she welcomed me with open arms and I hugged her. Rubbed her back , then patted. Took her inside. She was watching TV , while Harika is getting ready.

Me : You look cute ( I kissed on her cheeks).

Keerthi : (blushed) Aww thnx.

We both sat down on couch were talking about Nidhi’s marriage proposal. After sometime Harika came down and found me sitting close to Keerthi , playing with her hair.

Harika : If love birds are done with chirping , we can start.

Harika was wearing Maroon colour T shirt dark blue jeans.

I particularly like Harika in Jeans because her around sized ass looks tight fit in jeans giving it nice shape which keep men glued to her ass.

I was driving , Keerthi was beside me and Harika was seated in middle in rear passenger seat.

We kept talking all the way to shopping mall.

Me : You both go and start selecting what ever you want, meanwhile I will park and join you guys.

Both left and I parked my car. It took around 4 mins to park. I called them to ask on which floor they were. As I joined them I saw a group of three guys watching either Harika or Keerthi. I assume they were watching Harika as I mentioned about her ass in tight jeans.

So felt proud of my sister. I joined them , just stood beside them as they selected their items. I checked what those fellas were doing , yeah their attention was here. So I play fully threw my hand around Harika and Keerthi’s waist. After two minutes Keerthi understood and asked me …

Keerthi : Is someone watching us ?

Me : Ask me who isn’t watching.

She blushed and they were done with buying items. We paid the bill and left shopping mall.

We went to nice restaurant for dinner.

Me : So you guys are ready for tomorrow’s naughty plan.

Harika : Naughty plan ?

Then Keerthi whispered into Harika’s ear. Harika blushed. Looked at me.

Harika : Yeah.

Keerthi : Whether other girls do it or not. We both will do it.

Me : Where would you do it ?

Keerthi : Do what ?

Me : Removing you bra , adjusting your blouse saree so that guys can go mad after getting glimpse of you deep cleavage and navel.

Harika : Shut up! , obviously in Ladies Restroom.

Me : Cheater. You should be doing in classroom.

All three had a laugh.

Harika and Keerthi were blushing.

ME : What then.

Harika : Means.

Me : You both will be smoking hot so I am expecting guys to approach you for just casual talk or may be hitting or flirting with you. They will approach you with erect dicks in their pants. No need to be so selfish. Get on your knees and relieve atleast 3-4 guys by blowing then.

Both blushed and whispered to each other.

Me : What?

Both : Nothing.

We were done with our lunch. Harika and Keerthi were waiting for me at Parking spot. I paid bill and we were returning home.

Me : Harika , You want to drink something tonight.

Harika : Yeah. I need a beer. What about you Keerthi ?

Keerthi : I am out. I can’t stay at your place tonight. I didn’t inform at home.

Harika : Then I will talk to aunty.

Keerthi : No Rey. I will stay tomorrow. Promise.

Me : Then Harika We will drink tomorrow with Keerthi.

Harika : Yeah good one.

We reached home. Harika and Keerthi spoke for a while. It was getting late and Keerthi got a call from her parents she got up to leave.

Me : I will send off Keerthi.

Harika : Alright.

Harika and Keerthi hugged each other. Harika went upstairs and I followed Keerthi to outside.

Keerthi was about to get on her scooty. I caught her hand , pulled her towards me. She crashed onto my chest and I wrapped my arms around her waist tightly. Even she threwher arms around my neck and we kissed passionately. After our lip lock broke.

Me : Why don’t you stay tonight.

Keerthi : I need to inform my parents in advance that I am staying at my friends place. Even Harika informed me about this plan suddenly. I am sorry I can’t stay at your place tonight.

Me : No , It’s me who should be sorry to you.

Keerthi looked at me with question mark expression.

Me : I am not able to spend much time after I let Harika into world. Thanks to you I am able to satisfy her and keep her away from dating other guys, but at what cost. I am not able to spend time with you. I am sorry.

Keerthi : No need to be sorry. I wanted this. I wanted Harika to stay away from dating , guys …because they just want sex. Afterwards she will regret and slip into depression. I don’t want her to go that way. I love her the way I love you. No matter what she is my first love isn’t?

Me : Yeah.

Keerthi : Only way she can be away from other guys is if someone quench her sexual thirst and take care of her which can be done by you. I can observe tremendous change in her. I like it. You never neglect me or stayed away from me. Once she has recovered enough we will chalk out different plan by which we both can have sometime privately.

Me : Yeah , sure. So will you stay at my place tomorrow?

Keerthi : Yeah. Tomorrow night fun with drinks ( She winked.).

Me : Alright shall I come with you ?

Keerthi : I will be fine.

I took keys from Keerthi’s hand and pulled her vehicle out on road. Turned ignition on. I will take you till your lane. From there you can go. She was fine with the plan.

Keerthi climbed behind me , rested her on my back with her breast crushing on my back. As she was getting late , I drove fast enough. Stopped two lanes before her place.

I got down and Keerthi took over.

Keerthi : I will try my best to look sexy tomorrow.

Me : You are always sexy. No need to put extra effort.

She blushed and I kissed her cheeks. She left and I started to walk back home. It was a long walk. After walking for sometime. I wanted to check on our new to-be-bride : Nidhi.

I checked for her on Whatsapp. I got two ticks. So I waited. After few seconds I got reply.

Me : Still awake ?

Nidhi : Not getting sleep.

Me : If I am not wrong these are the only few days you can get sleep. After that my Brother-in-law won’t let you sleep properly.

Nidhi : Lol not that. Lady beside me is snoring.

Me : Change the seat then.

Nidhi :This only Window seat available.

Me : AH nidhi you are such a kiddo..

We texted for a while , I reached home. We greeted Good night.

Harika was sitting in Living room.

Harika : Atleast should have told me that you were going with her. You left doors wide open.

Me : Ah. I am sorry. It won’t happen again.

She got up , came close to me. Looked into my eyes. She cupped my cheeks with her hand.

Harika : I am not complaining.

She raised her toes to match my height , and pressed her lips against mine. She threw her arms around my neck as I open up my lips and started sucking her. My hands were holding her arms while kissing. Her perfume was making me mad. I could hear her thumping heart beat. Harika took my left hand and placed it on her waist. Umm I understood she is in the play. I started caressing her waist while slowing slipping my hands down towards her round , fleshy ass.

I always wanted to grab em and squeeze those bag of flesh. I gave a squeeze on her ass. Opened my eyes to check her reaction. She stopped kissing. I removed my hands from her ass and moved back to waist.

We just stood like that for a while. Then Harika started to climb on me like a baby monkey with her legs around my waist. So I had to grab her ass to hold her. I carried her into parents bedroom. I sat on bed with Harika in my lap with her legs around my waist. I was squeezing her breast with one hand while other hand was trying to unhook her bra clip. She understood what I was trying to do. She quickly unhooked her bra clip thus liberating her round boobs from the clutches of her tight bra. I inserted my hand from bottom of her T shirt , grabbed her naked left breast. Locked our lips while playing with her breast. Harika broke our liplock. She kissed my fore head , then nose and she just stared into my eyes directly for few seconds.

Harika : Undress me…

Why wouldn’t I. She raise her arms and boom. Her Tshirt is off. Then I Pushed aside onto bed. She raised her hips , I unbuttoned her Jeans and I tried to pull her jeans off. But that big round fleshy ass and T jeans she wore it was quite difficult but I managed to pull off. Later I got undressed while she playfully took off her Bra and panty. Her gleamy clean shaved pussy caught my eyes. I got naked, stood next to the bed stroking my erect penis only to realise main door was unlocked.

Harika : Don’t go…Don’t leave me.

Me : Door is not locked…

Harika : Let it be who will one anyway.

Me : everyone in this colony knows a beautiful chick who goes by a name “Harika “ lives in this particular house and they might come here. Unless you may want to get banged by gang , I will leave the door open.

She smiled , I closed and locked the door. Turned off all lights in the house and came to bed room.

I crawled beside Harika , running my rough hands over butter like smooth skin and voluptuous figure. Slowly kissed her from top to bottom. I sucked her breast , Harika lves when her nipples get bitten she goes mad and moans like a bitch ready to get tame in bed. After enough foreplay…

Harika : Do it…

Me : No.

Harika : Why?

Me: If I start we would be doing this whole fucking night. You look tired , you need sleep Harika. Tomorrow you got fest and I don’t want you to look tired in photographs.

Harika : No…I will be fine.

Me : Go to bed Harika. I will fuck you tomorrow night If you need. Keerthi told me how important your speech is tomorrow. Go to bed.

Harika : But I am exploding. Don’t leave me high and dry.

Me : Alright. Get the my college bag then.

Harika : Why ?

Me : You can ride me this night , but I will fuck tomorrow only. My college bag contains spiked condom. Let me try on you.

After hearing around spiked condom Harika was excited. She quickly jumped off the bed and run to fetch my bag. Ahh while run ass fleshy ass swayed like anything. I love her ass guys.

I can hear foots steps approaching. She ran into bedroom and pounced upon me. She look really excited. I pulled out spiked condom pack out. Harika’s face gloomed like a bright star. Her eyes were sparkling. Which shows she is really excited.

Pack had only one condom.

Harika : Only one what about tomorrow ?

Me : This is re-useable condom.

Condom has spikes like spikes on some wicked , dangerous monster. I wore that spiked condom over my erect penis. I place a pillow below my back for better support. Harika was running her fingers over the spiked.

Me: If you are done playing with spikes , come ride me. Oh god I always want your ass bounce in my lap.

Harika came over me with her legs on either side of me. She guided my cock to her pussy’s entrance. She was about to push the vagina over my dick I stopped her. I held my dick and rubbed it against the pussy flesh. Harika closed her eyes and kept moaning while spikes were rubbing against her pussy lips. Harika couldn’t take it anymore , she pushed herself onto my penis. I saw my entire shaft disappearing into her pussy and Harika gave a loud moan. She fell over my chest. She was breathing heavily.

Harika : OMG….OMg!!! AHhh

She made slow and small movements. She was moaning and biting her lips and her breathing was heavy. This spiked condom took heavy toll on Harika. She got her orgasm much earlier than her usual time. Her movements were just small and slow. Harika fell over me giggling and playing with my chest hair. I kissed her fore head.

Me : You like it ?

Harika : This is awesome.

Me : Now lets do it again. Now you will ride properly , no small movements.

Harika : Oh god no.

Me : Come on Harika. You are done with this ? Imagine I will pound your pussy tomorrow with this over my dick. Poor Keerthi doesn’t know what she will have tomorrow.

Harika somehow gathered strength and started riding. Up n down , front n back movements while held her waist and pinching her nipples. Harika never moaned this hard. I cummed inside the condom.

Me : You can ride me hard, this condom is thick and it won’t tear.

As Harika neared her 2nd orgasm. She increased the pressure and force. Ah her boobs were jiggling , her round ass was getting slapped by my thighs. Her vagina muscles became tight indicating approaching orgasm. I pushed her aside , climbed over her. Now she was lying on her back with I between her legs with my dick still inside her pussy. I raised my waist and gave a strong deep thrust. Harika gave out load moan followed by grabbing her hair. I kept pounding her violently for few seconds until she gave another moan and her body quivered , indicating she got orgasm. Harika was trying to gasp oxygen. I pulled out went into bathroom to clean my condom with soap as I don’t want any kinda bacteria on it.

When I came out Harika pushed me aside and ran into bathroom and sat over commode and started to piss. I put my special condom back into my bag and went to kitchen for water. I draw few glasses and brought some for Harika in a bottle.

When I returned Harika was on bed with her face buried into her pillow.

Me : Harika , here drink some water.

Harika : No I don’t need.

Me : Come on.

She took water bottle and gulped down entire bottle. She closed her eyes for a while. I moved forward and kissed lips. She responded. After our kiss ended.

Me : How was it.

She blushed and look down. I asked again.

Harika : Good.

Me : Just good or it was fucking awesome.

Harika ( smiling n blushing ) : Fucking awesome.

I laid back and pulled harika into embrace. We both slept cuddling each other.

Next morning I woke up. Early morning sun rays were penetrating curtain and those rays were falling Harika’s skin. Her skin was glowing as if she was made of pure gold. I laid my hand on her hips. Then slowly slid my hands upwards onto her slim waist and then to her breast. Gave a squeeze to her breast and rubbed her tiny nipple. My act did disturb Harika’s sleep. She woke up. She saw me looking at her with lusty looking and my hands running over her curves. She gave smile and hid her face partially into the pillow. She was looking damn cute. Her oily , swollen face with messy hair. I pushed her hair behind her ears. Went close to her kissed her fore head. We slowly drawn into kissing and she was stroking my dick.

Me : You want another session ?

Harika : Hang on.

She got up and checked time on her mobile.

Harika : Shit 7:05 AM. Keerthi will be here by 8am.

Me : So what happened now let her come. You take bath meanwhile I will brush my teeth and get breakfast.

Harika quickly got into washroom hurriedly brushed her teeth and turned on geyser. She took Nidhi’s pink shimmer saree and started Ironing it. I was done brushing and was almost leaving to fetch breakfast. I got a call from Keerthi.

Keerthi : Hey , Good morning. Why isn’t Harika answering my calls.

Me : We woke up late now she is doing all works quickly. I am on my way to fetch breakfast.

Keerthi : Did you guys had fun last night ? You must be as you people got up this late,

Me : Yeah, It wasn’t fault.

Keerthi : I know , don’t worry. I am ready shall I come now ?

Me : Harika must be bathing right now so she may not answer the door. SO come to this tiffin center. Pick me up from here.

Keerthi : Alright fine. Coming.

As hotel guy was packing my order Keerthi came. She was looking super fresh in her white Anarkali dress. Probably because she had head bath and left her hair free open.

Me : You were supposed to be in Saree. Where is your saree ?

Keerthi pointed to the bag kept on her scooty.

She was looking at hot steamy dosa , she was hungry. Then she caught me looking at her while she was craving for Hot Dosa’s.

Me : You didn’t have breakfast ?

Keerthi : Lightly.

Me : Hungry ?

Keerthi : Yeah.

Me : I know that’s why I asked him to pack extra dosas for you.

She smiled and pulled my cheeks. We took our parcel and started back to home.

On our way to home…..

Me : You are looking bit different today.

Keerthi : Oh I thought you didn’t observe.

Me : Eyes are always on you.

Keerthi : Ah then tell me what’s different.

Me : Today you had nice headbath…( I smelled her silky hair)..probably with the shampoo you brought yesterday. Hmm it smells good. You are wearing jhumki which you never did. You let your hair lose open and pure white Anarkali which suited the milky white complexion. You must have applied some milk cream last because your skin looks fresh , clean and smoother.

Keerthi was flattered. She was just left smiling. I moved close to her , kept my hands on her waist and kept talking to her till we reached our place.

I rang bell and after few seconds Harika came to the door.

Harika : Who is it?

Keerthi : It’s me. Open up.

Harika opened door.

She was semi naked. She had towel around her water dripping from her hair and body.

Keerthi : Go have bath while we will have breakfast.

Harika hurried into bathroom while I gave keerthi her packet and asked her to start eating while I will have bath and join her.

Keerthi : No problem, I will wait.

Me : Hey, You are hungry. Eat it.

Keerthi: We will have breakfast together now go.

Any argument with Keerthi end up me loosing it. So I don’t argue with her much. I went to my room and started having a bath.

I had shower, wore clean clothes. I found Harika and Keerthi talking. Harika was in her Bath robes.

Harika : What took you so long. Come fast. I am hungry.

Me : You are still in your bath robes, get ready.

Harika : I don’t want breakfast to spill over my saree.

We sat down and quickly finished our breakfast.

Keerthi and Harika ran upstairs with their dress. I too followed them. Keerthi tried to shut door, I was quick enough to enter the room.

Keerthi : Leave right now.

Me : I just want to see how you both get ready.

Keerthi : No leave.

Harika : Come on Keerthi, leave him alone. We are getting late.

Keerthi and Harika helped each other dressing up. Both were looking like sex bombs.

Keerthi : How’s it?

Me : Beautiful, both are looking like a newly wed bride ready to get fucked.

Keerthi blushed.

Keerthi wore a purple saree with a White blouse.

Harika wore pink satin saree with black blouse.

Both the girls were looking stunning. We were getting late. Harika and Keerthi decided that they will do their make up after reaching our college.

We quickly got into car and sped away. Around 9am we reached our campus. I dropped Harika and Keerthi at their Department. I just kept watching those sexy figures running inside the college building as their fleshy ass jiggled while they ran. Later I realised, I wasn’t only person who was watching them. They did attract attention of couple of dudes around.

I parked my car and went to my classroom. I couldn’t pay proper attention to the classes. My thoughts were just revolving around those beautiful images of these two chicks in saree.

Saree is my weakness, so it was kinda hard on me. Time passed. It was lunch break. I got message from Harika .

Harika : Come to canteen for lunch.

I reached canteen, found Harika and Keerthi occupied a corner table. They were eating.

Me : How was your fest ?

Keerthi : Morning was just introduction. All activities will start now.

Me : Good.

Harika : Why don’t you participate in any of those activities? It’s fun you know.

Me : I will take part in activity which involves both of you….naked.

Both blushed and laughed.

Me : Are you done with Fest? Because there is a new movie at Inox.

Harika : No. We are coordinators for this fest. So we will be occupied till 5pm. After 5pm its cultural activities like dance n singing which isn’t our responsibility.

Keerthi : We can leave after 6pm.

Me : Yeah will see.

Harika : If you are planning for a movie then go home get some clothes for me. I can’t roam around in saree.

Me : Are you feeling uncomfortable in saree?

Keerthi : Not like that bunny. We don’t know how clean those seats at theatre will be. We just don’t want to spoil our saree.

Harika : Remember this saree isn’t mine.

Me : Yeah it’s Nidhi’s saree. She will kill me if something happens to it.

Keerthi : Hey, I have kept my Anarkali dress in my bad and left it on bed. Get mine also.

Me : It’s white dress.

Keerthi : Oh. Yeah it may get dirty.

Keerthi was think and Harika spoke.

Harika : There should Nidhi’s clothes in my almirah. Check it once. Her clothes will fit Keerthi properly.

Me : So what should I bring ? Just T shirt and jeans or something like party wear?

Keerthi and Harika looked at each other , smiled.

Keerthi : Oh it’s the time Harika. We need to be there.

Harika : Oh no. Let’s go.

Both got up and started to leave.

Me : Hey nobody told me what I should get?

Harika came to me and told : Why don’t you choose something what should be covering our skin.

Harika then gave me small peck on my cheeks.

Then Keerthi returned back and said : Well, we need someplace to change our dress. Washrooms will be dirty and wet. Some place safe and secure.

Both left laughing. I shook myself. Started to think which place will be better for them.

Me to myself : Let’s get their clothes first. Then I can find a place for them.

I drove back to my house.



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