Dos and Don'ts of Introduction Section

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The following are the rules of introduction section and each and every member must abide by them if they want to post in it.

1. This is the introduction section. Kindly make your postings for introductory purpose only.

2. Fonts, colours and sizes of your postings should be readable comfortably, by all.

3. DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS!!! This is the Internet version of shouting and is considered rude.

4. Do not open multiple introduction threads. Once you are introduced in Xforum world, it is enough. If multiple introduction threads are found, they would be immediately closed.

5. Do not post your address, email id,phone number or any other personal information in any of the threads.

6. Personal Chat invitation threads/posts are strictly disallowed. The thread will be immediately closed and the post deleted if found so.
  • For general chit-chat,use the live threads in "The Lounge"
7. Keep in mind that underage characters are not allowed in under any circumstances be it sexual or non sexual. Using them could lead to the closure of the thread or ban.

8. If you need any clarifications on the above rules please go through the FAQs or contact the Staff Members. They will be pleased to assist you.
Not open for further replies.

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