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Aap batao kis kis ko chodu

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rocket league

Bss kat rahi hai
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Thanks brother

rocket league

Bss kat rahi hai
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Update 60 A

jaise ki apne last update me padha tha sumi ko pick krne ke baad ghar aaya waha pe tour ke bare me baat kiya humne uske baad puja hui or waha se mai Sangita ke ghar aa gaya or raat ko bhi wahi ruka ,,

aab aage



subha meri ankhe khuli to sangita mere uper soee thi abhi bhi mera lund uski chut pe tha or uske dono boobs meri sine me dabe the ,,

Maine uske sir pe kiss kr diya tavi uski ankhe khul gai ,,

mai- acha ji to maharani sone ki acting kr rahi thi ,,

sangita - bss mujhe dekhna tha aap kya karoge jaan ,,

mai - good morning meri pyari sangita chalo utho mujhe ghar bhi jana hai ,,

sangita - nahi aap pehel morning kissi do phir mujhe phir hatungi apke uper se ,,

Mai- sangita to tu bahot change hi gai hai aisa hi apna hak mang liya kr jaan mai tera pati hu malik nahi or tu meri patni hai gulam nahi jaan ,,

sangita - haa to jaldi se do meri kissi ,, maine apen honth sangita ke hontho pe rakh diye or kiss krne laga ,,


sangita - ummm sluppp ji apki thuk bahot achi hai or subha ka to bahot mitha lag raha hai jaanu umm sluppp sangita mere hontho ko bade josh ke sath chus rahi thi ,,

mai- ummm sluppp jaan meri sexy wife ummmmmm teri honth bahot mulayam hai bata na kya lagati hai umm slupp ,,


sangita- mere hot husband sluppp mai apki pyaar bhari thuk lagati hu sluppp ummmm ,,

mai- ummmm badmash sluppp chal aab uthhh dekh jyda der mujhse bardast nahi hoga ,,

sangita - haa wo dekh raha hai mere tango ke bich me hehehe dekho na kaisa meri chut pe apka lund thokar maar raha hai ji ,,

mai- tu bigad gai hai sangita besharam gandi gandi baate krti hai ,,

sangita- apna naa karo to kisse karu ji aap mere hone wale pati hai maine to soch liya hai isse bhi gandi baate karungi ji ,,

mai- aacha ji to batao kya karogi ,,

sangita - mai na apka lund meri chut me daal ke tala laga lungi hehehe ,,

mai- badmash bibi ,, maine usse godh me liya or bath me gush gaya nahane ke liye bathroom mai humne masti krte huye mahaya bahar aake maine kapde pahen ke ruhi ke room me aa gaya sangita hamare liye breakfast banane chali gai ,,

mai jab roob mai gaya to ruhi soo rahi thi bahot pyari lag rahi thi per pure baal bikhre the uske maine uske baal sahi kiye or uske mathe pe kiss kr diya ,,

mai- ruhi uth jao beta subha ho gai ,, ruhi ne mere hath ko pakad liya or sone lagi ,,

ruhi- ummm Daddy sone do na nind aa rahi hai bahot ,,

mai- uthh jaa bacha dekho agar aap nahi uthi to mai chala jaunga ghar,, ruhi uth ke baith gai ,,

Ruhi- nahi mat jao dad dekho mai uth gai ,, maine ruhi ko apni godh me baith liya ,,

mai- good morning mera bacha maine to bss majak kiya tha apko uthane ke liye ,, ruhi ne mere gaal pe kiss kr diya

ruhi- phir to ye bahot bura majak tha mujhe laga aap chale jaoge daddy ,,

mai- sorry bacha chalo jao fresh ho jao phir breakfast krte uske baad mujhe ghar bhi jana hai ,,

ruhi- dad aap chaloge na birthday mai mere sath ,,

mai- pakka chalunga per aap waha pe mujhe bhaiya bulana pata hai na kyu or aap ye bhi mat batana ki aap mere sath aai ho kyu wo mujhe jante hai ,,

ruhi- thik hai daddy nahi bataungi kisi ko na apko daddy bolungi udas hoke boli ,,

mai- bacha udas mat ho dekhna ek din sabke samne bol shakogi mujhe dad uske gaalo pe kiss krte huye ,,

ruhi- I love you daddy aap best ho hamesha ki tarah ,,

mai- I love you too bacha daddy best to beti bhi best yani aap bhi best ho hamesha ki tarah ,,

ruhi- yahooo mai to chali nahane bum chiki bum bum ,, wo bhagte huye bathroom mai chali gai mai waha se hall me aake baith gaya ,,

Mai sofe pe baitha tha itne me simu ka call aaya ,,

mai- good morning jaan ,,

simu- good morning acha suno Na aaj collage aa rahe ho ya nahi ,,

mai- aata hu mai tum chalo jao shayad first class mera miss ho jayega ,,

Simu- ok jaan per aana zaror exams aane wale hai kahi fail na ho jao ,, itne mai ruhi aa gai ready hoke ,,

mai- apna dekh padhai likhai kr le khud aata hu mai byy ,, usne hash ke byy bola or call cut kr diya ,,

ruhi- daddy kisko bol rahe the padhai krne ke liye ,,

mai- apne dost ko bol raha tha ruhi aao mere pass apne beti ko hath ke breakfast karunga ,, sangita hamare liye bf le aai humne sath mai bf kiya or uske baad mai saam ko aane ko bolke collage nikal gaya maa ko call kr ke bol diya ki direct collage jaa raha hu ,,

Nice update ๐Ÿ‘Œ
But bohot hi chhota tha

Raja maurya

Well-Known Member
Reaction score
Update 53

jaise ki apne last update mai padha tha bahno ko shopping krwane ke baad hum ghar aa gaye uske baad arti apne sath le jane ki baat hui saam ko Komal ke sath masti kiya uske baad ruhi se baat krke uske manaya ,,,

aab aage



Raat ko dinner krne ke baad mai arti ke room mai jane laga arti bhi sath aa gai,, itni mai Dimpy bhi aa gai ,,

dimpy - bhaiya aaj mujhe bhi apke sath sona hai ,,



mai- thik hai Dimpy aaja mai bich mai let gaya or arti left or Dimpy right mai ,,

arti- bhaiya hum apke ghar kab chalenge ,,

mai- pata nahi dekho maa kab bolti hai chalne ko ,,

dimpy - tujhe kyu itni jaldi hai re abhi to aaye hai bhaiya abhi hi bhaga rahi hai tu ,,

arti- tu chup kr mai bss puch rahi thi bhaga nahi rahi hu jyda na bol wrna room se bhaga dungi ye mera room hai,,

dimpy - bhaga ke dikha muh tod dungi mai teri ,,

Mai- chup raho tum dono ladna band karo wrna mai dusare room me chala jaunga,,

arti- per bhaiya ye ld rahi hai mujhse ,,

dimpy- maine kab lada tu mujhe room se bhaga rahi hai ,,

mai- tum dono chup chap raho wrna doni ko marunga ,, chalo sorry bolo ,,

dimpy - I'm sorry ,,

arti- sorry ,, dono mujhse chipak ko sone lagi ,,

mai apne phone pe chat krne laga simu se ,, 1 gante baad dekha to dono soo gai thi dono ke chote chote boobs mere sine se chipka ke soo rahi thi ,,

maine dono ke gaal pe kiss krke soo gaya kyu subha maa ko leke paas wale mandir jana tha gao ke maza jata hai wo mandir bahot purani or chamatkari hai ,,

subha mai jab to to Dimpy ka tshirt uske boobs ke uper the uske boobs chote to the per bahot pyare the ,,


wahi dusari taraf arti ka bhi same halat tha uske.bhi boobs dikh rahe the per arti ke boobs dimpy se thode bade the,,


maine dono ke tshirt sahi kiye or bathroom chala gaya nahane uske baad ready hoke niche aangan mai aa gaya jaha maa bhi ussi waqt aai thi bahot hi pyari saree pehni thi maa ne,,


maa- babu chale hame suraj nikalne se pehle puja krni hai ,,

mai- haa maa chalo na mai kaise chalna car se ya chal ke jana hai ,,

maa- babu tere mama ke bike se chalte hai maine raat ko hi bike ki chabhi mang li thi ye lo ,,

maine maa ko bike pe baitha ke nikal pada mandir ki taraf 10 min mai hum Mandir pahuch gaye ,,

hum ander gaye to abhi ek dum khali thi bss ek pandit ji the jo subha ki puja kr rahe the ,,

maa bhi jake pura krne lagi mai unke sath khada tha ,,

pandit ji wahi khade hoke dekh rahe the jaise unko pehle se hi pata ho kya hone wala hai aaj wo bahot sant or mahapurush lag rahe the ,,

maa ne puja kr mujhe tika laga diya ,,

maa- babu ye tali pakadna zara mujhe ache se matha tekna hai ,, maine wo thali pakad liya or wahi khada raha maa niche baithi matha tekne ke liye wahi thali mai jo diya jal rahi thi usse thali garam ho gai usme ek side kumkum or prasad the thali garmahat se mere hath zhal gaya or wo thali mere hatho se gir gai pura kumkum maa ki mang mai gir gaya ,,,


Maa turant uthh gai or jaise hi wo apne mang pochne wali thi pandit ji ne rok diya maa ko ,,

pandit ji - beti ye anarth mat Krna wrna bahot bura ho sakta hai iss balak ke sath ya tumhare pariwaar mai kisi or ke sath

maa- per kyu pandit ji babu se galti se gir gaya hai or agar mai poch bhi lungi to bura kyu hoga mere babu ke sath ya mere pariwar ke sath ,,

pandit ji - beti abhi tum kya kr rahi thi,,

maa- wo mai matha thek ke ashirwad le rahi thi ,,

pandit ji - haa to bhagwan ne tumhe ashirwad diya hai iss kumkum ke rup mai or agar tumne ye poch liya to is balak ka marna tai hai ye kisi or ka ,,

maa- nahi ye nahi ho sakta hai mai aisa nahi hone dungi per pandit ji ye mera beta hai or agar maine hata bhi liya to kya ho jayega ,,

pandit ji - aab ye tumhara beta nahi aab ye tumhara pati hai kyu ki isne tumhari mang bhari hai ,,

mai- maine nahi bhari galti ye giri hai or ye meri maa mai ye sab nahi manta hu ,,

pandit ji- tumhare manne ya na manne se kuch nahi hota or agar tum logo ne nahi mana to kuch na kuch bura zaror hoga tum sab ki jindigi mai ,,

maa- per pandit ji ye galat hai mere babu se ye galti se hua hai hum kaise maan le ,,

pandit ji - beti ye bhagwan ka ashirwad hai or tumhe to pata hi hoga iss Mandir mai jo ek baar ho jata hai usse na to toda jata hai or na hi jhutlaya ja sakta hai wrna bahot bura ho sakta hai ,,

mai- chalo maa chalte hai mai nahi manta ye sab ,, maa bahot pareshan ho gai thi pandit ji ki baat se qki unko pata tha iss Mandir ke bare mai ,,

maa ( aab mai kya karu ye rohit ne kya kr diya he bhagwan apne aisa q kiya pata nahi aab kya hoga )

mai maa ko leke wapas aa raha tha raste maa mujhe bahot pareshan dikhi,,

mai- maa aap kyu dhuki ho rahi hu humne jaan bujh ke thodi na kiya hai galti se hui hai bhul jao maa jo bhi hua sab bekaar ki batte hai ,,

hum dono ghar pahuch gaye maine bike laga di ander gaye tho mausi angan mai baithi bhi or bacha party bhi,,

maa direct room me chali gai or maa wahi angan mai sabke sath baith gaya,, kuch der baad maa kamre se bahar aai to unhone dusari saadi pehni thi per unki mang waisi hi thi ,,


maa kitchen me chali gai ,,

Komal - bhaiya aaj gao ghumne chale kya ,,

Swati - haa bhai chalte hai mai apko pura gao guma dungi ,,

arti- haa bhaiya chalo na maza aayega,,

mai- thik hai chalte hai breakfast krke,, itne me mami sabke liye breakfast Lee aai breakfast krne ke baad mai apni bahno ke sath nikal gaya gao ghumne per ghar pe maa pareshan bahot thi akhir maa ne tang aake nani se baat krne ke bare mai sochi or nani ke kamre mai chali gai ,,


guys Update bahot dino baad diya hai acha lage to like kr dena or comment kr ke bata kaisa laga dhire dhire maa ka bhi involvement badega jo jyda tar readers chahate hai next update kal dunga ya perso ,,,,

Mujhe pata hai chota Update hai per important hai story ke liye or aage kuch or bhi hone wala hai or special bhi hoga aane wale Update mai

Behtreen update Bhai

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