Erotica Bhabhi and Holi Chapter 1


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Chapter 8 : Dirty Bhabhi 2

As the passion was on verge of climax, and all his cum went inside the pussy of his Bhabhi. As if she did not want to take his dick out, she continued to seat on his dick for a while. It was after long, that her body had got satisfaction. She must have cummed her self. It was as if she was wanted this to happen.

They both lied down on mud and slept for a while, in the same position. They were tired, and also drunk. But importantly they both felt fully satisfied. This Holi, had already become the hottest and dirtiest, but most satisfying for both of them. It was already 3 in the afternoon, that both of them decided to take a bath. The mud on their bodies had dried up, and as it had dried up, both were looking like a monster from different planet. The dark brownish mud was now a little dried up and more white in color. Also,in few places the color which had hidden due to the so mud was also making it look little reddish or greenish. But both of them shamelessly lying on the ground.

It was Bhavna who broke the ice " Devar ji, lets take shower, you only will have to wash me, you have colored me so badly, and now also this mud, I wont be able to clean it myself" & then she said in mild tone " Thank you"

Sonu, was smiling at her, and said -"Bhabhi Holi is still not over yet ",he had grinned in his face. " I have to play Holi, of so many years in one day, heheeh"

Bhavna thought for a while and than said -" You are crazy".

They both cleaned all the mud on their body , by sprinkling the water from the pipe. As the water would drop on both of them, slowly and steadily. Few patches of mud still left in their body. They kissed each other on lips, this was kind of their first kiss. Face of Bhavna was still painted in color. As the water kept flowing, the color had dried up on her body. Which showed the kind of Holi she had played today. They both then decided to take complete bath in the lawn only. Cleaning each other body thoroughly with soap and other chemicals. Most of the color finally came out, except on her face. And purposefully, Sonu did not rub the color at her buttocks!

The shower on open took lot of time. They both had to rub each other thoroughly to get the color from each other body. As it had dried up.

After finishing the shower, Bhavna purposefully chose a Black color nighty, which was see through, she did not wear her bra and panties. Sonu wore is boxer and sando (Vest).

They both smoked together in the living room, so as to soak up the passionate Holi they had played. Mean while, Bhavna also went to her bedroom to check her husband, who was still sleeping and snoring.

As they both seating with each other on the couch, and smoking, watching some romantic movie on their smart TV.

Bhavna said " Did you love today's Holi", and she pasted the kiss on his lips.

Sonu replied " Yes, I loved it.You know Bhabhi, my mind is still not filled, I still feel something is still missing", and he responded by pasting his lips on her.

They continued to kiss each other for some more time. Neither Sonu, nor Bhavna had any kind of shame or guilt. Perhaps, Sonu's gf had called her so many times, but he was least bothered about her calls. For him, his fantasy had just got completed, but he had not expected that his Bhabhi will be such wild lady.

It was almost evening, and they both were kissing each other, that Bhavna asked him " what you mean is missing"

Sonu looked up, "I had one more plan" he smiled back at her.

Bhavna then looked at him, she was getting impressed by her Devar , thinking inside " what a fuck, he is really wild", but then as woman one of the quality is to show tantrum! She smiled in a naughty way, and looked towards him " Arey, you had done so much, now what is left"

Sonu, replied " Oh Bhabhi, don't talk like an Old Lady, we don't know we will get this kind of opportunity again or not, why to waste it, that is why I thought, why not make it even more wilder".

Bhavna who was exhausted, but also excited , the mud idea and being painted in different parts of body by different colors, was something she had not expected in her wilder dreams. The very thought had made her horny. Not only Holi was wild, but it was also so romantic. She wanted to explore more. She was some how getting more and more attracted to her Devar.

"So do you experiment similar way with you girl-friend also", Bhavna asked as if taunting him.

"No Bhabhi, she is too shy, but honestly out of all the woman I have fucked, you are the most wildest"

Bhavna looked back at her and said " Ok, let me fill all ur fantasy today, surprise me". Her eyes were red due to tiredness, but it had a spark for and excitement.

Sonu, than looked back at her and smiled "Okay" ,and taking his purse he said " I will be back Bhabhi, but no cheating", and he tied her both hands from behind with her Dupatta. He also tied another cloth on her eyes so that she is unable to see anything.

"BDSM, no no, I dont like it " she shouted .

"No BDSM Bhabhi, but it is a surprise, just be patient, I will be back " he said , and taking the keys of the house in his hands he rushed out.

He was rushing to a alcohol shop near by. Unfortunately most of the shops were closed , but finally he could find a shop. He purchased couple of carrots of chilled beer, packed them in the boxes and rushed back to his house.

He opened the door so as to make no noise. His Bhabhi was still lying on the couch with her hands tied at back and eyes closed with the dupatta. She was looking nervous, one she was almost naked, and second she was not aware what Sonu's plan was. She would in middle shout " Sonu, Sonu, please don't play this "

Sonu silently, walked with beer in his hands. He poured all the beers in the bathroom tub. he continued to pour the beers on the bath tub, till it was more than half filled ( Now there is no logic in it)

He even emptied the beers which were put in reserve by his Bhabhi, into the tub. It is not rocket science, what was in his mind!

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Chapter 9 : Beer, Devar & Bhabhi -1

The bath tub
, was filled with the mix of chilled beer and mix of some new beers which he purchased. He added some water in the tub to make the water level little enough. Bhavna was still tied from behind and her eyes covered by a cloth.

"Devar Ji, Sonu, Please yaar, I am getting scared , dont do this yaar, dont do this!", her voice had a worried look.

Then, Sonu came back to the living room, he was only in his underwear. He smiled sheepishly at his bhabhi. Who was wearing a hot nighty, with just a panty. He broke up the silence, and calmed his bhabhi.

"Oh! Bhabhi my hot Bhabhi, My naughty Bhabhi, My sexy bhabhi, My dirty bhabhi! don't worry there is a surprise for you" and he picked her up in his arms.

His picking up made her little more calmer.

"Comeon yaar, this is not fair, you are scaring me, her hands were still tied behind, and her eyes were still blinded.

Sonu, pasted a kiss on her lips, and then said "Trust me my darling Bhabhi", he smiled, and slowly and steadily started to walk towards the bathroom & before Bhavna could react, he had thrown her inside the bathtub full of beer!

"ahhhhhhhh", she screamed, due to the cold tub full of beer. The beer tub was also little sticky. She had fallen on the tub with her nighties on, and as her eyes were closed, lot of beer entered her mouth and nose. She struggled to breathe.

Sonu, also jumped behind her. He untied her eyes, and hands, and smiled "This is call victory" he jumped in. The tub was not very big, but enough for two guys.

Understanding what had happened, she was angry but , also surprised the wild imaginations his devar had for her .

She tried to balance her self out, her hairs had become very sticky due to beer. Her whole body had become little reddish due to the color of beer. She could not smile but laughed at her devar. But as some beer had gone inside her nose, she took some time to get normal, but before she could catch hold of her breathe, Sonu had also entered to tub. Her nightie had sticked to her body, due to the beer. Sonu jumped inside the tub, and started to lick the beer which had stick to his Bhabhi's body.

"This time I will color u with my tongue, bhabhi jaan " he smiled, and holding her boobs from behind, he started to lick the beer from her neck! Eyes of Bhavna were closed, she was not only amused, but also surprised to see such a wild side of her devar. He had really surprised her. Pressing her boobs little firmly, Bhavna screamed " Little slowly, I am here only, and she again closed her eyes".

Slowly, Sonu removed her nightie from her body, and now both Devar and Bhabhi were naked in the bath tub. He was putting the beer from the tub at times on her boobs or at her back and then would lick it. They both as of now were standing on the bathtub. Sonu's dick was touching her Bhabhis ass which was submerged in the beer. His dick was the fullest. Bhavna was enjoying the every bit of licking he was doing at her body. Few minutes later they changed the position, and now she was lying on the bath tub full of beer with her legs spread

Sonu would as if searching for a gold mine, started to lick her Bhabhi's pussy which was merged with the beer. She would moan and cry in joy, as if she herself was exploring something new in her life. She would moan, and continue to open her legs more and more as his tongue continued to explore more. He would put drops of beer on her pussy, and then again went back to his business. She was crying in joy, shouting in joy. It was as if for years she was dried. She reached her first orgasm in that one moment only. More than Sonu's tongue, but her own lust was at the extreme end.

Then she started to suck his dick efficiently. But then, Sonu did something new, he would dip is dick in the tub of beer, and then put it in her bhabhis mouth. He would stroke it, and then again put his dick in the tub and she would suck it! This continued for sometime. Till the time Sonu was fully satisfied as if his bhabhi has sucked the dick so beautifully, and then Sonu entered her bhabhi's pussy with his beer laiden dick. He could not stroke her for more time. It was may be due to his horniness he was feeling throughout. But still Bhavna looked satisfied. They both cleaned each other bodies thoroughly so as to remove every inch of beer from their body. It was sticky and itchy but a new experience.

Both Devar and Bhabhi, had played one the wildest Holi of their lives, but also had one of most fulfilling time of their lives, yes we all can debate what is write or wrong, but fact of life is both of them were least bothered about what we all think.

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Chapter 10 Conclusion

That night, was one of the craziest nights of both Bhavna and Sonu. Sonu fucked his bhabhi in all the positions he knew. He was young and energetic, and his stamina was far more than Bhavna had thought of. Both Devar and Bhabhi, slept naked in the couch till late in the morning. They were least bothered about anything else. Body of Bhavna was paining like anything, specially her vagina. It had been
ages that her pussy was tempered and played with . Even in her honeymoon, though she was satisfied, but even her husband had not played with her the way her Devar played with her.

It was 12 in the afternoon, that both of them woke up from the craziness of day earlier. There head was paining due to hangover, and each and every part was paining. Bhavna also had a little bit of fever, due to being in cold beer and water. The color from her body had not gone completely yet. She was naked lying inside the same blanket as her Devar.

Ramesh who had wokeup earlier, was knocking on the door, as it was locked from outside. He had called thousand times to Bhavna, but she was in different world. He was getting agitated, plus worried. He also tried Sonu's email, but he also did not pick up the call. He was getting worried. Not once he had thought that his brother, and his wife would be fucking around. He was also feeling hangover. But worry was also increasing his Blood Pressure. The vibrating ring tone of the mobile kind of wake her up from the sleep. She opened her eyes to check, and saw her devar lying naked along side her. She just rushed, and started to awake her devar.

"Sonu.. Sonu... Devar ji... Your brother , he is awake " Bhavna screamed, she was nervous.

Sonu, woke up lazily from his sleep, as if some had broken his dream. But he realized immediately. Wearing the nightie which and her lingerie, Bhavna rushed to the kitchen. She was sweating and tensed.

"Oh what to do what to do what do!!" Bhavna was continuously saying.

"Oh Bhabhi, relax, calm your self, I will just go out, you open the door, and tell bro that I have left. You were cooking or something" and in a flash, Sonu got ready to leave the house, in a flash, as a thief running away from the house.

Though Ramesh was furious, but somehow Bhavna cooled him off. That was the end of the hottest Holi Devar and Bhabhi played.

The relationship of Bhavna and Sonu, strengthen after this. They both kept meeting, making love, chatting hot, and at times, Bhavna would visit Sonu at this bungalow. Perhaps most of the weekends he started to spend with his brother. They both experimenting so many things. In few months, Sonu broke up with his girl-friend.

For full one year, there affair continued. Once they also got caught by Ramesh in act. But Ramesh knew that he is not in a position to satisfy his wife. His non reaction to their relationship, kind of encouraged Sonu and Bhavna to become more bolder. It reached to such an extend that now, that at times Bhavna would not even shy to kiss Sonu in front of Ramesh. At times, she would get naked in front of Ramesh, and do oral extra. There affair continued to blossom due to cowherdice of Ramesh. He would just weep or cry at times. The depression he was in continued to increase, specially when ur own brother and wife been fucking around in front of you.

Slowly, Bhavna and Sonu, would drink, fuck and enjoy without bothering about Ramesh. In few months, Bhavna left Ramesh, and started to live in with Sonu. Sonu has now shifted abroad, and both he and his bhabhi, still are going strong. They still have not planned a kid, nor they want to do it. They are now exploring swapping, and other things. There relationship has not expectations. Nor they have given any name to it. But neither of them are in touch with their family . Do we call it love or taboo or crime, we all can have different view points. But only person who was suffering in it was Ramesh!

They say Love is blind! This was love or lust, only time will tell. For now both of them least bothered about the world or anyone one of us!


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