Erotica Bhabhi and Holi Chapter 1

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Chapter 4 : Sleepless

Sonu, kept dreaming about her Bhabhi Bhavna. He had not thought that she was so charming,
His mind, heart and spirit were only dreaming about his own bhabhi. This cheerful side of his bhabhi was very new for him. Though ofcourse she had aged little more than he had thought, but her curves and body was far more round and sexy then he had seen her earlier. Her smile, her jokes were making his thing hard . Everytime he would remember her jokes, and her face, his hands would go inside his pants. He may have stroked his hands many times that night. Suddenly, this small boring town was now making him feel at home. Holi was still few days ahead, and he was now excited to just go and see his hot Bhavna Bhabhi once again. As he was still playing with his things on his bed, he got a message from his bhabhi.

"Hope you have reached, I was so happy to see you after long"

Sonu, was very happy to see her message , but was little disappointed as message had not double meaning.

He thought for a while and then replied "Me too Bhabhi, especially this holi will be special ".

Bhavna, did not replied to his message for sometime. May be she slept, or got busy with her daily chores. It was 2 am in the night that he got a reply from her .

"Hmmm, yah devar ji, let me also see, if you will be shy or you will play holi with me like a man , hehehe".

Sonu was sleepless. He was just masturbating may be 3rd or 4th time, post coming back, as checked his mobile. This was the message he was waiting for. Sex chat with his girlfriend also had not relaxed his lust tonight. He wanted to touch, eat, and have a good time with his bhabhi. But he knew, this was just a fantasy. He and his bhabhi, chatted for little more time, and the conversation was around holi only.

The next morning, Sonu woke up with his eyes red, as he was unable to sleep whole night. The head was heavy, and he was sounding little in nausea too. But somehow motivated himself to go to the work. He was exhausted, but excited too, there was a charm in his face. The day in office was also very different for him. He was full of positive energy. He was not getting irritated today. He had few meetings and also some interviews lined up, to the surprise he was very pleasant. He was smiling throughout the day. Though he got busy with work, but he continued to remember his bhabhi. She did sent some messages to him, but he did not get time to reply to them. But as he got free, and was walking back to his houses, he scrolled to check his messages.

Bhavna Bhabhi, had sent him 2-3 messages. Ofcourse his girlfriend had sent him many more, but he ignored her messages.

Bhavna's messages read :

"Devar ji, have a lovely day, humko bhul mat jana (dont forget me), heheh "

The she had sent another message,

"Oh, once you know what I am, I am sure you won't forget me, hehehe "

and third message was a video of some hot holi song between devar and bhabhi!

Sonu's was trying to hide his hard thing, with lot of struggle, but his erection was not getting down. In the meantime, he got call from his gf, and she fought with him, for ignoring him or not really responding to him extra, but honestly he was guilty of ignoring her.

As he reached home, and set for his evening routine, he opened his laptop, and read an erotic story of Hot Holi. Whole night, he kept on thinking about that hot story. But he knew it was just a fantasy.

Few days, passed and the it was the day before the Holi. Both his brother and Bhavna insisted to Sonu to come on that day and spend time with them. He was just as if waiting for this invitation. As it was his first holi with his Bhabhi, he also purchased some different colors, red, yellow,blue, black, green , pink few to name of !. His chat with his bhabhi were becoming more and more raunchy as the holi was coming nearer.

Bhavna, also had new sense of excitement after long struggle she and her husband had been going through. Struggling with a husband who was now facing health issues and depression, she was caught up in the sad atmosphere. She and Ramesh, had a good initial years of wedding, but due to few setbacks, as Ramesh started to loose confidence, the impact also started to build in their relationship. Though it was not, that she did not love Ramesh, but constant fights, irritation and more she was upset as Ramesh was not showing any inclination to change the situation. Perhaps his doctor only suggested that, they both take a break and leave the buzz of big metro, and settle in some small town, and start there life afresh. They had purchased this bungalow with savings they had left. They were to get income from the rent they were getting from their ancestral property, and a small business which Ramesh was doing online. In the small town it was sufficient to survive, but Bhavna who was now used to live a luxurious life, just because of love for her husband had compromised with her reality. But, Sonu, came as a fresh wave of inspiration in her life. She did not have any ill intentions or lust for him, but she was in need of a companion or a friend, as dialogue between she and her husband would always lead to arguments & fights. I will not say , that she was emotionally weak, but she was just in need of some positivism in her life, and which came because of Sonu! She was not aware, that Sonu was lusting about her, for her it was just a normal Devar and Bhabhi relationship!.

But, as the conversation between the two grew, so her liking towards Sonu, at times she would also feel tempted, but she was bounded by her values, she also knew its just infatuation and it would go with time.

But as Sonu was in his office, and as it was a day before holi, most of the staff was not in mood to work. He also had not much work, and they decided to also close the office early. In there Holi party, small snacks and some color were put in each other, but as he was closing the office, and took a rickshaw to leave for his Bhabhi's house, (he was not aware about the struggles of his brother and his bhabhi), he recalled that his brother loved to have a scotch. He stopped at a liquor shop, and thought of purchasing two bottles of an expansive scotch, and also some cigarettes, generally he was not a smoker, but was to smoke at times when he was to drink. Then he also thought of purchasing some beers, as he had once seen his bhabhi drinking beer in a family function, but before purchasing, he also thought of asking his bhabhi about the brand, but it is odd for a devar to ask his bhabhi that which drink she will like!

Standing outside the liquor shop, he thought of calling his bhabhi only. Bhavna immediately picked up the call, as if she was waiting for him .

" Where are you Devar ji, are you coming na, not scared of playing holi with me na, hehehe " Bhavna said in one breathe.

"No no, Bhabhi, actually you know, I am not comfortable asking bhai, can you tell me which brand he likes , as its holi tomorrow I thought we two brothers should also have some fun"

Bhavna got silent for sometime, as if she did not like his question.

"Bhabhi, Bhabhi!, Sonu said couple of times," I am sorry, I thought may be its holi ".

But then Bhavna replied " Arey no no Devar jee, I was just thinking, you can buy xxx brand for him" she said.

"Ok, and for you bhabhi, should I get some softdrinks"

Bhavna, laughed at his question, " oh buddhu, ask straight na my brand, do one thing buy a carrot of beers, I will use it in my kitty party also"

Sonu, was relived by her straightforward answer. He silently purchased the brand, and beers and cigarettes. He was having this fantasy that his bhabhi may wear a nice white color dress, with black bra! He wanted to see how her assets will look once she gets wet in the water. He was planning so many things in his own mind, that he will do this, he will color here extra!.

In his thoughts he did not realize when he had reached the house of his brother!

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Super bro. Nice update. Taking things slowly. But very very good. Keep updating pls.
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Chapter 5 : The Colors- Part 1.

Bhavna, opened the door as last time. But today, she was more dressed up.
She was wearing a red color Saree, with nice sleeveless deep cut blouse. She had wore a little make up, and had lipstick on. Her hairs today were nicely tied, and her navel was exposed . She was looking like a diva. Perhaps, for sometime, Sonu just could not even take his eyes away from her. She was looking like a diva!. His mouth was opened seeing his bhabhi so dressed up!

Woman, have sixth sense, we all know, and she knew that Sonu was admiring her beauty. She was also liking it, but she kind of broke the stalemate.

"Devar ji, you will see only or you will come inside also ", her smile today had a little pinch of naughtiness too, saying this, she also adjusted her Saree, to hide her cleavage.

"Oh", Sonu felt little guilty on his lust for his Bhabhi, then he thought little to choose the words " You are looking pretty bhabhi" ( though he wanted to use the word Hot ).

Bhavna , just smiled taking the stuff from Sonu. Then looked at beer in his hand, she requested him to put it inside the refrigerator. House today looked more cleaned, and tidy. It was not as he had seen last time. Bhavna understood his surprise, and keeping the beers with him in refrigerator, she only said " Oh , actually house is clean today, as our maid had returned. She was on leave, and you know, I am not used to household chores, spoiled by your family" she gave explanation on her own, and as she was putting the beer in the fridge, her pallu of Saree had a brief fall. Her big breasts, could not , ignore the eyes of Sonu. His, penis became hard on just seeing the view of his life. He just wanted to touch them. But before he could come out of that moment, Bhavna, adjusted her pallu, her cheeks were blushing, but she was feeling little embarrassed.

Anyways, this time Sonu broke the ice " But Bhabhi, you are dressed up, any thing special" .

Bhavna looked at him, this time holding up her pallu " Yes yes, for you stupid, Man are idiots!, and then she laughed and changed her tone " Are stupid, today is Holi (small ), I need to go and worship before it is burnt" .

"oh", Sonu said so & " where is bhai".

"He must be in his study room, its upstairs, you can go there. And listen, I will just come back after doing the Pooja, I need to go, its already late ".

"Will you go alone", Sonu asked her out of curtosey.

"No, you will take me na, in your arms, hehehe, Budhu, I am old enough, and its just nearby."

Sonu, was surprised on the double meaning jokes she was saying again and again. He was not able to understand, but he was enjoying it. But he as of now decided to better go up. Taking the two bottles of scotch he had purchased he rushed towards his brothers study cabin. He was sweating, though weather was little chilled. It was initial start of spring, but still it was cold in the nights. He wanted to just go away from that place as soon as possible. If he had stayed for little more, it would have been tough for him to control!

Bhavna was smiling at him, she knew exactly how he was feeling, she was liking to make his devar nervous!

Ramesh was busy reading some book, but he was engrossed . He knew his brother, when he would go into reading then, no one in this world can wake him up. But he still thought of disturbing him.

"Hai Bhai ". He and Ramesh, hardly were to spoke when he was kid. Ramesh was always that elite ,studious guy. There age gap was also little between them. But it was not that Sonu did not respect his brother. He was happy for whatever he had achieved in his life.

Surprisingly, Ramesh immediately responded back to Sonu. " Oh Sonu, you have come, thank you yaar, Nice to see you, when did you come" & then his eyes went to the two scotch bottle he was carrying in his hands!.

"Oh how did you know its my favorite brand, after I have fallen sick, I have not tasted this shit. Your Bhabhi will kill me if she knows we will drink, but its Holi tomorrow, I guess , we two brothers can drink it." His eyes had a different kind of spark, when he was looking at the bottles like a small child. Ramesh was someone at times was to hate drunk guys, but he was a very social drinker. This kind of spark only comes in eyes of alcoholic. Sonu, was completely taken aback by his brothers reaction. He started to ask him lets open it!

But, as Sonu, was on verge of opening the bottle, his bhabhi came rushing to the room.

"You rascal, I knew you would get tempted", then he looked at Sonu and said " Doc has asked him not to drink, if he drinks he just keeps sleeping, and his health goes bad"

Sonu, was little amazed the kind of reaction his bhabhi was showing, perhaps she was the one who had advised him these brands! There argument continued for a while. But then as to have a ceasefire , Sonu said " Oh ok, Bhabhi sorry its my mistake I was not aware about this, I am so sorry, Its my mistake" He apologised so as to calm both of them, " Please don't fight on festival evening".

"Okay okay", said Bhavna, "its festival, I allow you both brothers, but only one peg, and that too tomorrow not today" She kind of calmed down like a miracle. She was having some medicines in her hands for her husband, and she winked at Sonu, as if her plan was success!

Women are so difficult to understand !

Anyways, Ramesh had already slept early after dinner. Bhavna was busy finishing her, kitchen work.

Sonu was busy watching television. He had not watched TV for sometime, and he was waiting for his bhabhi to finish her work .

Bhavna joined him at the living room.

"Not able to sleep, thinking about tomorrow or what" hehee

Sonu laughed at her joke " Yes, just thinking where I will color you, and where where I am going to color you :, this was perhaps the first time, Sonu had so boldly answered back to Bhavna in real.

"Oh Kid has grown up" she smiled, " Let us see, how are you going to, looking forward for it ". She was now in the night gown, which generally Indian ladies wear at home , it is also called as Maxie by many.

Before he could say or reply back anything , Bhavna replied " I will be ready, but let me also see , how imaginative my devar can be" and she opened the two buttons of her maxie. It was a clear signal that Bhavna was looking for more. But still there was a wall of relationship, and he still did not have the courage to break it. His eyes were fixed on the two boobs of her bhabhi, but he was smiling.

"Ok", he said " I promise this Holi, you will never forget ".

He closed the television, and rushed back to his room, he wanted to masturbate very badly. As happens in lust moments he was thinking in his mind " I will put different color in her each and every part of the body", and jerked off, cleaning the sperms via tissue.

He was fast asleep, to wait for the d day.

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Nice finish... Increasing our eagerness... Don't let us wait for more time... Expected update as soon as possible
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Chapter 5, The color Part 2

This was one of the toughest nights for Sonu. He could not sleep, but it was early in the morning that he had finally fallen asleep. It was around 8 am in the morning that he woke up. He went for his daily routine, and when he saw his face in the mirror he was in for a shock. He whole face was colored with a green color . Looks like Bhavna had put color on his face when he was in his deep sleep. He was laughing at his face, but also his man ego had woken up due to this!

"I will teach her a lesson " , he smiled. He did not wipe out his color, his Holi, had already started.

down the stairs, towards the kitchen, he saw his brother already seating and having his morning tea. Bhavna was in the kitchen making some breakfast it looks. She was still in the maxie she had worn in the night. Looking at Sonu's colored face, both Ramesh and Bhavna started to laugh.

"Your bhabhi is very naughty, she did the same with me on our First Holi, after marriage. " Ramesh said after trying to controlling his laughter.

"It is 1- 0, devar ji, hehehe" Bhavna was laughing at her joke. Sonu was feeling little embarrassed by the joke he was into.Then his brother only said " are yaar, bura na mano Holi hai", and again three of them started to laugh. Anyways, the three of them finished their breakfast, and it was completely different atmosphere here then in their ancestral home. Sonu, remembered how, people will start coming to their homes, one after the another on the day of Holi, and how is uncles' would come to paint her mother, and how they would throw water extra on each other. How is aunts will color each other. Holi was one of the major festivals in their family. But here, it was already 10 and no one had come. Perhaps there was not even any noise nearby.

Sonu, only asked his brother, "Bhai you guys not play Holi or what? ".

Ramesh only replied " No no yaar, here I am not very social, and you know I dont like Holi from child hood. So we kind of avoid it, but your Bhabhi loves Holi, her friend circle someone's husband has passed away, so this year her group is not celebrating Holi. Otherwise her friends would have started to come by now".

"Oh", Sonu said. Then his brother only reminder him, arey when are you going to open the bottle! Today we have permission too!

Sonu rushed immediately to the cupboard where he had kept the bottle, searched a soft drink and soda, and some ice, and opened his bottle. Bhavna was not around for his surprise. Looked as if she had gone to neighbors, though he was now drinking with his brother, but his mind was where is bhabhi. After completing his 1st Peg, he only asked his brother .

"Bhai, Bhabhi is not seen, where she has gone" , his brother had already finished his 3rd peg, by now. " Arey Bhai!, drink slowly, you are drinking too fast "

'Yah yah, but you know today is Holi", and one go he finished his 3rd peg also. Sonu was stunned by the , speed of his brother. He was stunned and speechless. As they he was on verge of his 2nd peg, his brother had already reached his 6th peg.

As Ramesh, had just poured his 6th Peg, Bhavna enters the house. She had some color on her face and hairs, it looked she had gone to neighbors to play the Holi. She was still wearing the night gown she was wearing. Her eyes were fixed on her husband who was drinking like crazy, but then realizing it is Holi, she swallowed her anger, and then calmed her.

"Ramesh, Don't drink much, you cant take it, I know you ", she was carrying some Pakodas in her plate, "Mrs Sharma has given these, and she kept the plate in front of them. " Please last peg Ramesh", and she was gone even with the same speed with which she had come. For another half n hour or so, Ramesh and Sonu, kept on drinking. Ofcourse, Ramesh was the one who was drinking fast, and without any control. It was not long before, that Ramesh's health became, little bad, he was not in a position to even stand up. Sonu, somehow, managed to took hold his body, which was unexpectedly very light, and struggled to take him to his bedroom. Ramesh was continuously saying while drunk " I love you bhai, Bhavna is a good woman, I love her, I am sorry..., Happy holi".

But somehow, he was able to drag his brother to the bedroom. The moment Ramesh fall on the bed, he was fast asleep. He looked for his bhabhi, but she was not in the room. He saw her maxie on the bedroom, may be she was in bathroom he thought. He also had taken 3 pegs, but he was still far more sober than his brother. Closing the door of bedroom of his brother, he went to his room. He wanted to lie down for a while, but then again his thoughts were about playing Holi with his bhabhi, then he heard sound of payal of his Bhabhi.

"Oh Devar ji, bus itna he dum tha, I to thought u will be making my Holi special". It was a taunt and also a challenge. Already Sonu, was looking forward to color her from morning, but he had not got an opportunity,& men also seem to be little more courageous or crazy after having some drops of alcohol. He rushed out trying to catch hold of her bhabhi. But no one was there. The absence made him even more crazy! He was getting irritated and even more crazier as search was becoming endless. He searched in all the rooms possible, but he was unable to find any trace of his Bhabhi. He went back to his room, gathering all the colors he had purchased he , decided enough s enough!.

He heard another voice of his Bhabhi " Budhu Devar jee", and he again heard the payal of her Bhabhi. It seemed to him that it was coming from the terrace. He rushed to the terrace holding a red color in his hands. As he walked towards the terrace there was again a silence, but it was not bothering him. He was running at full speed towards the terrace!

As he just entered the terrace , a heavy flash of colored water was thrown on him! "Holi hai", his Bhabhi shouted in excitement.

His bhabhi was in a whitish suit with black color bra clearly visible.She was not wearing any Pally, the top was deep cut, and her cleavage was clearly visible. Beside her was the water pipe near by was a bouquet, as if Bhavna had already planned it in advance.

Controlling himself, Sonu was now running towards his bhabhi to color.

Holi had begun! But was it going to be simple holi, or a special hot holi that time will tell!!

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