Erotica Bhabhi and Holi Chapter 1

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Dear all,

I am starting this new story, I had written this story in xossip, but rewriting it on popular demand, the story is an act of fiction, please do read it only for entertainment. My stories don't have any moral values. Feed back and suggestion encourage us to define the plot.

Introduction :

Sonu, was on verge of completing his post graduation. He was a young 22 Year old guy now. He was not a very studious guy, but his family had always compared him with his brother and sister, who were very good in studies. Being the youngest in the family, though he was spoilsport, but as he grew older his parents realized their mistake. They were very strict with him, as he had taken one extra year for completing his engineering. He never wanted to be an engineer, but as happens in majority of the Indian families, his life was decided by his parents. His sister Rupali was already in USA married and settled with an american native. His brother Ramesh, was working in one of the biggest private sector banks.

Ramesh had got married to Bhavna, a bomb!. They had an arranged married. Ramesh was always a study orientated, introvert guy. His focus was his career and his studies. He was eye of his father. He was very family oriented, and was topper of his college and university.But, he lacked personality and was too shy to talk to people. He hardly had any friends in his college. But he was an ideal son. He got married to Bhavna, because his mother wanted him to get married to him. Sonu, was very jealous of Ramesh from childhood. It was not because he hated his brother, but it was because his brother was so different then him.

Sonu, on the other hand, was careless, carefree, and someone who was to enjoy his life. He was intelligent, but lacked focus. He had more friends and girlfriends then anyone. He was health conscious, and was to gym, and concentrate a lot on making his body. He was an adventurous, free flowing guy. He loved his sister a lot, as his sister would always take his side. Another reason his parents did not like him, which he was not aware was that, he was born of an accident. As both his mom and dad never wanted the third child. The gap between both brothers was almost 9 years. His sister was almost 35 years. This was an generation gap which was in his family.

Anyways, Bhavna was 26 and Ramesh around 28 when they had got married. Bhavna's parents were having a descent business of their own. She was the only child, and hence her family had taken a special care of her. She was very family oriented, but very beautiful lady. She was in prime of her youth when she got married to Ramesh. Bhavna had eyes, which anyone could fall for. She was not as educated as Ramesh but was not inferior to him on anything. There marriage was one of lavish marriages in the town. Perhaps many people were to say that " Langoor ke haath main angoor" looking at them as a couple. Anyways Bhavna was a hot lady.

Once Sonu, saw her in towel in her bedroom. His dick was at the hardest. Another moment, he saw her in a nice pink color descent gown. He was astonished by her perfectly round shape boobs, perfect shaped navel-which had small ring attached to it. Her payal which would make noise when she was to walk. His eyes at times would wonder at her body. Knowing that as a teenager , harmonical changes are going in her devar, she also would at times tease him with words. Out of respect or fear, he could never say anything to her. But there was a different kind of joy which Bhavna would give him. Many times when he would use his hands in toilet thinking about her. But she was his brothers wife, and in this house there was no opportunity to do something.

Time goes on and everyone was now busy in their own world. Sonu's parents had gone to their journey of the new world. His sister had settled abroad. And Sonu himself was now little more serious about his studies. Bhavna and Ramesh were also planning to shift abroad for the work. They both had still not had kids. Reason you all can guess why. After Ramesh had shifted to another town for work, Sonu had hardly met his brother or Bhavna. Ramesh also was to least bother to call his brother back. Though at times Bhavna would send him a message or so, specially on his birthdays extra. Her messages were to revive his fantasy about his hot bhabhi. But as he got busy with his own life and his parents gone, he was seriously looking forward to do well in his life. He had now changed himself towards giving his life a focus and more serious about his life.

Another few years had went by, and he had now lost complete touch with his brother. He was now 28 Years old. Whatever information he was to get about them was from his sister. He was dating a girl, and very soon was looking to get married to her. But you can call it as fate or destiny. This holi became one of the life long holy of Sonu. Everything in his life changed after that. his fantasy, his inner desire became a reality. And as it is said- " Destiny".

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Chapter 2: The Travel- 1.

Sonu's life was going now at a quite a normal flow. He was busy making is career. Days were hectic and at times he would spend hours at his desk. His bosses were happy with his work, and he was enjoying his life to the fullest. As he was one of the sharpest youngest employee in his company, the management wanted to give him even more training. It was decided that he would be sent to one of the small town as a manager to one of the branches. The branch was not doing very good, and they wanted to test ability of Sonu. The branch was almost on verge of closing down, but looking at Sonu's talent they decided to rebuild it.

Though, Sonu was not very happy to leave a metro and go to some small town. He argued with his bosses, but as we are aware Management is always right. I am not naming the town, we can think of any small town. Anyways Sonu, had ideas to resign , and at times he also kept delaying, but nothing worked. Ultimately his girlfriend and his sister from USA encouraged him to take up the posting. Posting was only for one year. But his sister told him that his brother Ramesh, is also now staying in that town, as town was very close to their native place. He had given up his MNC career and was now into some business and social service. That was the only information his sister had, as Ramesh was not touch with her so much also for last couple of year. Meeting his brother no incentive for Sonu, but meeting his bhabhi was kind of incentive for him!

This information kind of made him take this decision
to go this small town. Family is family, even if you are not in touch with them or you dont like them, but relationship of blood cannot be changed. He decided to go. He asked from his sister number of his brother, as he was not in touch with her for long. Searched him in facebook, but could not find his account. His sister sent him number of not of his brother but of his Bhabhi! .

She said "Ramesh's number I don't have, but I am in touch with Bhavna on and off, you contact your Bhabhi, also holi is coming, might be a good time to go and celebrate it with them"

Sonu, waited for sometime , many times opening is whatsup and thinking should he message or not. But got busy with his packing, and winding up the work. As he started to plan to start his branch his thought of sending message to his bhabhi also kind of evaporated from his mind. He thought rather than sending her a message let me give them a surprise. He decided to finally leave for the town.

The town was not a very densely populated town. Roads look emptier and though there was some normal huzzle buzzle, but it looked to be very dull town from metro to Sonu. His first image of the town was dull. The town was a small town but known mainly for education institutes and some Government offices. He decided to walk in towards the house, his company had searched for him. The house was a descent bungalow, just bang opposite his office. By the time he reached it was already 8 in the night. The town was almost closed, and his supervisor was waiting for him at the gate with the keys. Sonu, was very disappointed with the town. The night life was dead and for him it looked as dead town. Disappointed, he decided to finish his shower and sleep. The next morning he woke up, went to his branch, where he found total chaos and indiscipline. His mood was very upset, and his whole day went ahead just on scolding and bringing the order or taking briefings. Branch was not a big branch, but still he wanted to put his authority in place on day 1. He did not realize when the day was over, and as he was walking towards his home, and scrolling his whatsup, he saw her sisters message, " have you reached, did you speak to your bhabhi ". This message kind of reminded him to contact her brother .

He shot the message " Hello Bhabhi, remember me" .

The message was not yet delivered, and he also got busy chatting with his girlfriend, who was very excited about something.

It was 8:30 in the night that he got a message beeped:

"Oh Devar ji, what a surprise, aapko kaun bhul saktha hai"

The conversation by her bhabhi was so friendly, that it did not look that he was not in touch with her for so many years. She was to call him Devar ji only most of the times. The words change your differences. All the hesitation and differences he had with his brother kind of evaporated at one go.

"How are you bhabhi, how is bhai " He replied.

" I am fine , where are you these days, holi is coming, I have never played holi with my devar" she sent some pics of holi color to him. But she had not mentioned anything about his brother. Which did not bothered him.

" To lets play this year, lets make this year holi a special one " He sent this message with a winked eye. Somehow he was liking the conversation he was having with his bhabhi. This was new side he was seeing of her for the first time in messages.

" Yah yah, come come, let us play holi together this time" she had sent with ....

Sonu felt let me immediately go to his brothers house, but then he controlled his emotions. He called up his sister immediately, ignoring calls from his girlfriend.

"Di, can you get me brothers address, let me surprise him this weekend", he knew his sister will get the work done for him

Within minutes he got the address of his brother.

Saturday early evening, he decided to walk to his brothers house. The house was located little far from the main town. The place was very quiet deserted, had few pan shops, and hardly anyone on road. But there were few big bungalows on the way. He took sometime to find out his brothers house. The house looked quiet big from outside. He was smiling and also feeling happy to meet his brother and specially his bhabhi after long time. He walked slowly towards the gate. He was surprised that gate was unlocked, and there was no watchman in the premise.

He rang the bell

And Bhavna bhabhi opened the door.

She was now far more mature than what he had remembered her. She was wearing a nice pink color gown. As is she was working in the kitchen, there were some flour on her forehead. Her one hand was immersed with the flour, looks she was trying to make dinner. There were some stresses of sweat on her forehead. She had tied her gown, but her cleveage was very much seen from her gown Her mangalsutra was hanging beautifully from her neck. She wore few maroon color bangles on her wrist. She was little chubbier than earlier, but she was still looking hot. Her breasts had become bigger than when he last saw them.

Sonu was stunned to see the beauty of her bhabhi. He was unable to say any words.

Bhavna , was also stunned to look at the guest on her door. She also looked surprised , and was unaware how to show her reactions. As they were both steering each other silently, the voice of his brother kind of broke their stalemate.

"Who is there Bhavna (Kaun hai)"

Bhavna, gaining her composure looked at Sonu, and smiled " Surprise hai, " and then he looked at Sonu and said "Devar ji aap"

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Chapter 3 Bhabhi oh Bhabhi:-1

Eyes of Bhavna, had hypnotized Sonu. He was trying his best to remove his eyes from his bhabhi Bhavna, but despite all efforts he was unsuccessful. Bhavna, also kind of composed her self, adjusting her nighties, she looked at her devar and said :

"What a pleasant surprise Devar Ji, what a pleasant surprise, you have become a man " Her tone, was funny but also had hidden appreciation.

As he walked inside, he saw not much furniture. The house was big, but it was not organised. There was an old couch lying at the living room. Kitchen was attached to the living hall. Hall was quite big, But he was surprised as his brother who had a fine taste for luxury, was living in a descent way, made him little taken aback. Bhavna was still surprised by sudden arrival of her Devar.

As he went to the living room, his brother came down from the staircase. The bedrooms were on the first floor it seems. He was looking older, and weak. He had lost weight and he looked more thinner than he ever saw him. There was lack of charm in his body, but still he looked very composed. He was wearing a normal white kurta and pyjama.

"Who has come Bhavna", he had come down walking the staircase, but in few steps only he was struggling to gain some breathe.

"Surprise hai Ramesh, surprise, your brother is here" Bhavna said with lot of excitement. I guess it was after long that Bhavna was meeting any relative of her side or her husband's side. May be that excitement was something she was unable to control.

"Oh, Sonu, you!", Ramesh voice had no excitement, but a little disappointment it seemed.

"Everything ok, bhai" Sonu asked his brother, he was speechless in seeing is condition.

"All ok, but how come you are here, I am so happy to see you here, are you okay,Bhavna, make a nice tea for both of us, lets talk at the garden " & Ramesh took him to the backyard, which was surrounded by a wall, and had a pretty descent garden. It seems the only place in the hole house which had life (of-course except his Bhabhi).

"Nothing yaar, I lost job, and caught up with depression, and it has taken a toll in my life. Somehow I lost confidence. Now here I stay, and whatever income I get is from the rent we get from our ancestor home. I also at times teach here in a school, because of my health, we also did not plan kids " There were tears in eyes of Ramesh.

"But you say how are you here, means you are the last person I expected in this house " Ramesh continued.

Sonu explained his job and how he was leading his life, and how he got transferred to this town in training and then he saw Bhavna coming with the tea, and then as if teasing Bhavna he said " and also Holi, is coming so I thought why not I play holi with Bhabhi this year".

Bhavna, winked her eyes on his statement " Sure Devar ji, sure "

They continued the conversation, and then Sonu asked his brother to take his leave. They both insisted on him to stay back, but he promised that he will come one day before holi and celebrate with them.

Finishing his dinner, as he moved out of house, Bhavna also joined him for some distance. "Let me drop you, there are no streetlight, atleast I will drop you till the main road". Bhavna now was in her jeans a nice Kurta. She had changed her dress to drop him to the main road.

The road was completely dark, and as they both were silently walking towards the main road. As they walked at times hands of Bhavna would touch Sonu, and he would feel a current rising inside his body.

To break the ice, Bhavna only said " Aur Devar ji, tell me when are you getting married, you have become so hot now, I am sure you would have girlfriend or have many girlfriends " heheheh .

The bold conversation, kind of broke the ice & Sonu himself felt little comfortable.

"Oh yah Bhabhi, but she is not as pretty as you "

"Oh really, liar" and she chuckled.

"No no Bhabhi I am serious, she is not as pretty as you"

"Oh you have become serious, pretty or not sexy like me " hehehe, Bhavna laughed at her joke.

Sonu, was astonished with the bold conversation his bhabhi was having with him, which was natural conversation between Devar and Bhabhi, but Sonu had not interacted with Bhavna, earlier like this.

"Hmmmm" Sonu smiled, he was enjoying this conversation he was having with his Bhabhi.

As they walked they saw Holika (the trees cluster which is burnt on Holi) and then as if to tease her Devar , Bhavna winked and said

"So Devar jee, this year my holi will be special"

Sonu, who looked little surprised asked her , "why".

"Arey Idiot, First time I will play holi with my Devar ", her voice had naughtiness, and also a taunt "Let me also see how my Devar plays the holi" heheheh , she laughed.

The conversation was becoming more friendlier that they reached the rickshaw stand.

Sonu on his way home kept on dreaming about the Holi he is gonna celebrate this time!!

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