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Akhir complete krli ye story mene
Bhot hi bahtreen story thi dost just like ATTITUDE Part1

But I'm still feeling bad for BRAWNY'S parents specifically NAOMI sach me bura hua tha unke sth. Atleast they deserve a little sorry from someone. But bura to kafi logo ke sath hua hai so kia krskte hain zindagi hai. Or jo normal chale wo zindagi to nahi.
But overall a hell ofa suspence and hell ofa story:adore::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause:


Death is wisest of all in labyrinth of darkness
Staff member
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Hello everyone.

We are Happy to present to you The annual story contest of XForum

"The Ultimate Story Contest" (USC).

As you all know, in previous week we announced USC and also opened Rules and Queries thread after some time. Before all this, chit-chat thread already opened in Hindi section.

Well, Just want to inform that it is a Short story contest, in this you can post post story under any prefix. with minimum 700 words and maximum 7000 words . That is why, i want to invite you so that you can portray your thoughts using your words into a story which whole xforum would watch. This is a great step for you and for your stories cause USC's stories are read by every reader of Xforum. You are one of the best writers of Xforum, and your story is also going very well. That is why We whole heatedly request you to write a short story For USC. We know that you do not have time to spare but even after that we also know that you are capable of doing everything and bound to no limits.

And the readers who does not want to write they can also participate for the "Best Readers Award" .. You just have to give your reviews on the Posted stories in USC

"Winning Writer's will be awarded with Cash prizes and another awards "and along with that they get a chance to sticky their thread in their section so their thread remains on the top. That is why This is a fantastic chance for you all to make a great image on the mind of all reader and stretch your reach to the mark. This is a golden chance for all of you to portrait your thoughts into words to show us here in USC. So, bring it on and show us all your ideas, show it to the world.

Entry thread will be opened on 7th February, meaning you can start submission of your stories from 7th of feb and that will be opened till 25th of feb. During this you can post your story, so it is better for you to start writing your story in the given time.

And one more thing! Story is to be posted in one post only, cause this is a short story contest that means we can only hope for short stories. So you are not permitted to post your story in many post/parts. If you have any query regarding this, you can contact any staff member.

To chat or ask any doubt on a story, Use this thread — Chit Chat Thread

To Give review on USC's stories, Use this thread — Review Thread

To Chit Chat regarding the contest, Use this thread— Rules & Queries Thread

To post your story, use this thread — Entry Thread

Position Benifits
Winner 1500 Rupees + Award + 30 days sticky Thread (Stories)
1st Runner-Up 500 Rupees + Award + 2500 Likes + 15 day Sticky thread (Stories)
2nd Runner-UP 5000 Likes + 7 Days Sticky Thread (Stories) + 2 Months Prime Membership
Best Supporting Reader Award + 1000 Likes+ 2 Months Prime Membership
Members reporting CnP Stories with Valid Proof 200 Likes for each report

Regards :- XForum Staff


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Bhai mai naya reader hu..
aap ki dono story padhi..shandar aur lajawab hai.
Ek sawal ka jawab janana tha???
SEBIL aur RAAZ ki ladayi k bich me wo kaun si sakti thi jise RAAZ ne pahchan liya tha?????

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