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Planning and Party ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿป๐ŸŽˆ

Abha - hu Avinash accha naam hai par lamba hai ek kaam karte hai, hum sab payar se isko avi kaha karega kyu sneha..

Sneha- are ab isme kyu kaha se aa gaya tune bol diya na bas wahi kafi hai mera beta avi

Sumit- are bhai ye sirf tum dono ka nahi hum dono bhaiyon ka bhi beta hai kyu amit..

Amit - ab yaar tu kya mar khilane par tula hua hai, yaha ye sab ke samne mujhe dategi tujko accha lagega..

Sumit- matlab abha tujko ghar mae data bhi karti hai, kyu abha

Abha - nahi bhaiya yesi koi baat nahi hai, inki to aadat hai majak karnr ki, aur tum ๐Ÿ˜ , gahar chalo tab batati hu..

Amit - ๐Ÿฅบdekha dekha tune Sumit kese tere bhai ko dara rahi hai ye..

Sumit- are kaha mene to kuch nahi dekha ๐Ÿ˜.. Ye to meri acchi achi bahan hai..

Amit- ๐Ÿ˜Ÿkamine bahan ke nate apne dost ko bhul gaya tu..

Sneha- are ab bas bhi karo tum sab, abhi bahut se kaam bache hue hai, abha amit bhaiya jaye aur sab ke liya Dan ki chije ka intajam kijiye..

Amit- ha tik hai bhabhi abhi tayari karta hai hum, abha chalo..

Idhar gurudev ne Sumit aur sneha ko akele mae aane ko kaha, to tino ek room mae chale..

Sumit- kya hua gurudev kuch aur bhi baat hai kya, apne Hume yaha aane ke liya kaha..

Gurudev- ha beta suno , mene pahle hi bata diya ki ye bahut gusse wala hoga isliye jab bhi isko gussa aaye to, isko kuch mat kahna Warna iska gussa aur bad jayega, isliye isko iske gusse ke satha chod dena, ye kudh Sant ho jagega aur bete ye lo (ek loket dete hue ) beti jab avi tumse dur jane wala ho tab ye usko pahna dena..

Sneha- Ji gurudev par isse kya hoga gurudev..

Gurudev- kuch nahi beti ye loket bhar jagh iske guuse ko kabhu mae rakhne ki madad karega.. Aur uske man ko sthir rakhega bas itna hi..

Ye bol kar gurudev wapis apne asram ko chle gaye par usne jane se pahle, un ssbhi ko bhojan aur daan de kar bida kiya gaya tha, yese hi ajj ka pura din bit gaya..

Raat ko amit aur Sumit bath kar kal ki party ki bate kar rahe the

Sumit- amit kal ki party ke liya tune hamare sare friends aur business partner ko invitation bhej diya hai na kisi ko bhul to nahi gaya..

Amit- are nahi mene puri list 3-4 baar chek ki hai kahi koi bhi nahi chuta hai tu Bolta hai to ek baar aur chek kar lunga..

Sumit- tik jesa tujko tik lage aur ek baat amit Scurity main koi bhi kami nahi honi chaahiye, tu janta na kyun..

Amit- janta hu aur tujko mujhe ye baat yaad dilane ki jarurat nahi hai, mene pahale hi apne best guard ko laga diya hai kaam par..

Sumit- mujhe Tujparr pura bharosa hai yaar, par na jane kyu yesa lag raha hai ki kahi kuch gadbad na ho jaye kal ..

Amit- Sumit tu ye is tarah kee though ko apne dimag se nikal de samjha sab kuch accha hi hoga, is baar kuch bura nahi hoga..

Aur in dono ko yahi chod kar chalte hai sahar se dur ek jagah jo underground thi, jaha bahut se guard hatyar ke saath us jagah ki sefa rakh rahe the, undar bahut se alag alag gun aur drags ko pack kiya ja raha tha, jahir si baat hai yaha illegal taskari ki ja rahi thi

Raka- raghu kaan tik tarike se hi raha hai ki nahi, janta hai na boss ko kisi bhi tarah ki galti Bardast nahi hai..

Raghu - nahi bhai app bilkul tension mat lo, Hamre log bahut hi acche se apna kaam kar rahe hai..

Raka - tik hai accha wo us sahar se jo hamara mall aane wala tha uska kya hua..

Raghu - bhai abhi police ki naka bandi bahu jada hi kadi ho gai hai, isliye hamare ladke bahut hi hifaazat ke saath mall ko yaha se waha le ja rahee hai to isme toda time lag sakta hai bhai..

Raka - tik hai par bhi ladko ko bol sab kaam dyan se hona chaahiye agar mall lane mae todi der ho bhi jaye to koi baat nahi hai..

Tabhi ek addmi raka ke pass aaya aur uske kano mae kuch bola, jisko sun raka aur wo Admi ek room mae gaye

Raka - hu bol kya nai khabar laya hai tu aur faltu ki khabar nahi honi chaahiye..

Admi - ajj tak yesa hua hai ki meri khabar faltu ho malik, bas ab ki khabar yesi hai ki kuch mil jata too..

Raka ne kabad se 500 ke not ka ek bandal uske samne fek diya..

Admi- hi.. Hi. Sukriya malik to khabar ye hai ki.. Aur usne ek lifafa aage kiya

Raka us khabar ko sun kar aur us lifafe ko dekh kar.bahut jada khush hua aur turant kisi ko call laga kar bola

Raka - ha hello main raka bol raha hu, wo boss se kuch baat karni hai..

Samne- boss abhi busy hai kya baat hai, mujhe bata do main boss ko bata dunga..

Raka- nahi ye baat phone par nahi bata sakta hu, boos ko sirf itna bol do ki khabar Sumit takur se judi hui hai

Todi der bass samne ss - boss ne tumko bulya hai jaldi se..

Raka turant bahar gaya aur akele hi gadi doda di agle 2 ghnte ke badd wo ek jungle mae gaya aur kuch der baad uske boss ke pass..

Pahle raka ko guard ne acche se chek kiya fir andar jane diya, jaha boss uper batha hua tha, ek masak laga kar..

Boss - raka bahut dino ke baad khabar laya tu, aur ek baat dhyan se agar khabar mere kaam ki nahi hui to tere liya ye accha nahi hoga..

Raka - malik ko raka ka salam, malik khabar badi hai, Sumit takur ek bahut badi partya dene wala..

Boss - Sumit mujko iske naam se nafrat hai raka, aur isme kya khabar wo to aaye din party karta rahta hai.. Fir se koi business khola hoga usne

Raka - nahi malik ye partya kisi business ko lekar nahi di jaa rahi hai. Balki

Boss - business ko lekar nahi to kiski wajha se di ja rahi hai..

Raka - malik Sumit takur party isliye de raha hai kyun wo, bapp ban chuka hai..

Ye sun kar jese uss boss ka gussa bad uski ankhe lal ho gai aur wo lambi lambi sanse lene laga ye dekh raka kuch kadam piche hat gaya aur chup ho gaya bilkul.. Kuch der baad uske boss ne apne app ko control kiya aur kaha..

Boss - raka kya khabar paki hai koi galti to nahi hui isme..

Raka - nahi malik khabar bilkul paki hai ye lijiye,

Aur ek lifafa Admi ki taraf jisne us lifafe ko boss ko diya, jese hi boss ne us lifafe main rakhi photo dekhi usne turant us photo ko jala diya..

Boss - raka bahut samay baad lekin bahut hi kaam ki khabar laya hai tu bahut acche ab bata ye party kab aur kaha par de raha hai wo

Raka - malik party kal raat ko hai aur wo apne ghar mae de raha hai party..

Boss ( hastee hue) - ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Akhira kar wo din aa hi gaya jiska mujko intajaar tha, raka tujko pata hai badla lene ka sabse accha tarika kya hota hai..

Raka- sidhi baat apne dushman ko maar do aur kya malik

Boss - nahi rakha agar kisi se badala lena ho to uski sabse payari chij ko khatm kar do, fir apne dusman ko tadapta hua dekha hi asli maja hai.. Raka meri baat dhyan se sun, kal Sumit ki sabse badi khushiy ka din uske liya sabsa bada matam ka din hona chaahiye..

Raka - boliye malik kya karna hoga Mujko..

Boss - ye kaam tu nahi karega kyuki tera uper police ki barbar nazre lagi rahti hai, isliye kisi nay ladke ki jarurt hogi, kal ke din kisi bhi tarha se Sumit ke bacche ko maar dalo, uske baad wo aur uski Biwi apni puri jindagi tadap tadap kar bita denge..

Raka - tik hai malik par malik main apne Admi ko andar kese leke jaunga, waha to..

Boss - tune kaha na ki party hogi to Sumit ne kai bade logo ko bhulya hoga, unhi mae se ek ke saath apna Admi bhi ghul jayega

Raka - par kese malik

Boss - raka ye duniya jesi dikhti hai wesi hai nahi re , tujhe kya lagta jo log hamare samne acchi achi baate karte hai kya wo sab acche hai nahi raka, kai log ek alag chahra dikhatee hai par us chahre ke piche ek aur chahra hota hai samjha

Raka - samjh gaya malik to kaam kese karu main

Boss - ye le is Admi ke pass apna Admi bhej dena, ye usko uske ghar ke andar ghusa dega
Par yaad rahe raka usko acche se samjha de ki kaam puri safai ke saath hona chaahiye, kisi ko koi bhi bhanaka nahi lagne chaahie ki kisne ye kiya aur ek baat, security cameras se bachke rahne ko bolna usko ab tu ja.. Aur ha raka is baar agar tu fell hua to samjh le teri mout bahut dardanaak hogi...

Fir raka waha se chal diya, aur Boss apne hatho mae sarab ki glaas pakad kar man hi man bolne laga..

Boss - Sumit takur tere parivaar ki wajha main ajj tak apne beto ke liya tadap raha hu ajj tak, par ab tu bhi tadpega, tu bhi ha ha ha...

Boss - mene bhi apno par bharosa karke bahut badi galti ki thi kyuki

"Yaha apne hi is intajaar mae hai ki kab muka mile aur kanjar gop de pith par "

๐Ÿ˜ˆ To be continued ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
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