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  1. Priest

    Serious Happy New Year In Advance :hippi:

    14 Days 3 Hours 11 minutes to Go :party2: :partyjump:
  2. Clipmaster99

    1000 Pages Picture Posting in Threads

    Clipmaster99 surpasses posting 1000 Pages in Picture Threads. I take this opportunity to THANK each and every XForum Member and Non-Members too, who have given me the incentive to post a THOUSAND pages in all my Threads in a short span of 3 months. Your LIKES AND Comments have been...
  3. D

    Xforum app

    Guys & girls can you support xforum app for Android & apple
  4. KingPin

    Incest ਵੈਕਸੀਨ ਦਾ ਅਸਰ (Vaccine Da Asar)(Completed)

  5. KingPin

    Fantasy Chandigarh Wali "Short Story"(Completed)

    Hi Guy's....... :hi: Meriyan short stories di list ch eh ik hor story hai ..umeed a tusi pyar dwoge.....tuhade sath di lod hai..... ... comments karke apne views jaroor deyo....
  6. Adirshi


    A Very Happy New Year my dear XF ki Janta.. New Year is not about changing the dates but direction; it’s not about changing the calendar but commitment; it’s not about changing the actions but attitude. May each and every day of yours is renewed with lots of happiness and love. Lets put our...
  7. Yug Purush

    NSFW The XForum Poop - #1

    Note-1 :This Thread has nothing to do with official Scoop by Staff. Note-2: dil pe mat lo, Muh me lo :Cool: The Shagmen's Sperm Studio Presents The xForum Poop - #1 :evilgrin: ((:celebconf: xForum Birthday Special:celebconf:))
  8. Pass1234

    Friendship Day to all xforum mambers

  9. Pass1234

    Some words for readers

    Guys i am back ???❤️
  10. Pass1234

    Some words for xforum writers

    Hii guys Ham yaha is thread main xforum ke writers ke bare main likhenge okkk
  11. Lodon Ka Raja


    My Family NOTE ;- is story me kuch part aaahhh sisak jawani ki se liya gaya hai baki sabhi part mera hai,,, jo ki ankita rani ne likhi thi xossip par ,, or usme bhi bahut jyada change kiya hai maine ,,, or is kahani me sach bhi hai or kalpanik bhi hai ,, or ye aap decide karoge ki kya sach...

    Romance Tere Dil Sai Mere Dil Tak

    ~About story ~ यह कहानी हिंदी और हइंग्लिश दोनों में है पहले हिंदी और उसी के नीचे हइंग्लिश पार्ट होगा ! yeh kahaani hindi aur hinglish donon men hai pahle hindi aur usi ke niche hinglish part hogaa ! ~इंट्रोडक्शन~ कहानियों का सिलसिला बहुत चल रहा है कुछ लोगों की कहानियां आप सुनते हैं कुछ लोगों...
  13. A

    Incest Making the MILF List

    This a fantasy, how we wish things were. It is not about real sex or sexual relationships, so it is not intended to encompass consequences of carefree sex. This is fantasy about what the world would be like if it was without consequences and without dangers. Enjoy it. I hope you enjoy it
  14. Ag Mahan

    Serious Mastrubation - हस्थमैथुन

    मस्टरबेशन करने के फायदे 1)मैस्टबेरशन एक सेक्सुअल एक्सप्रेशन दुनिया भर की कई हेल्थ रिपोर्ट की स्डटी करें तो पता चलता है कि मैस्टरबेशन सेक्सुअली टेंशन को कम करने का सबसे अच्छा और हेल्दी तरीका है। हेल्थ प्रफेशनल्स के मुताबिक अपने प्राइवेट पार्ट को टच करना बेहद नैचरल है। ऐसे में मैस्टबेशन को...
  15. Ag Mahan


    :hi: Welcome to Xossip or Xforum, Xossip.com ke admins ke dwara khola gaya ek new website jahan aapko Sex stories, fantasy stories, chudai wali kahani, Incest stories, Thriller stories, Adultry Stories, Magical Stories, nude photos, sexy pics, incest pics, actress pics, hollywood Actress...
  16. Night Warrior


    Introducing Donations for server fund ! As we all know it is tough to maintain a forum with limited funds as our servers bills are increasing , day by day our members are also increasing hence we are increasing features of the forum rapidly , we will continue to provide premium features &...
  17. sinsrocker

    Funny Memes & Troll's

    #xforum.live #memes #funny
  18. Night Warrior

    Chit-Chatters - Live Thread

    Live Mode- https://xforum.live/chat/room/non-sense-non-stop-chit-chatters.1/?fullpage=1

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