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  1. Dev the lover


    Hello old aur new readers Meri yeh first story thi aur Jab maine xossip pe chalu ki phir thoda bhaut jada hi jaldi baazi yaa aur problems ki wajah sai maine logo ki sun ke jaha xossip pe band hui wahi sai aage chalu kar di jis sai old naa mil paane ke wajagh sai meri story yaha ess forum pe...
  2. twistedshayar

    Adultery kimat aur kismat

    By - twistedShayar(adil)
  3. Lovekillsyou

    Fantasy Achanak ka Kanoon

    Introduction Ye ek gareeb parivaar hain. Rajendra (Father)- Age 48 hain aur ek majdur. Aur monthly 10 hajar rupees kama lete hain Kusum- Rajendra ki wife hain aur age 38 hain. Ye ek housewife hain. Dono hi pade likhe nahi hain par ache log hain. Neel- ye hamara hero hain. Neel ki age 19 hain...
  4. Bigboy420

    Fantasy Fantasy life of Nicolas Borgia.

    Hi, everyone it’s been a great passion in me to write a erotica for a long time. I finally took courage and allocated time to start this journey. I hope you guys will like it , this story is mostly revolves around fantasy, group sex, incest ,power play, gang banging, exhibitionism, reality TV...

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