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  1. Adirshi

    Serious RIP Doge

    Kobosu, beloved Shiba Inu, World famous internet sensetion, 'Doge' passed away. You will be remembered by the whole meme loving community. Musk chicha please arrenge a farewell party in memory of Doge. :cry2:
  2. rahul55896

    Life ke lodee lag gye😗🤪

    Hila hila ke thek gya 🤕🤕
  3. Thakur

    Entertainment Meme Thread

    ‍‍ test tube baby
  4. Geralt of Rivia

    Entertainment Geralt's Zone

    :hello: friends this is @Geralt of Rivia aka The Witcher This thread is for General Discussion, Memes, Shayri, Poetry, jokes, YT videos, interesting things etc :blahblah:
  5. Akki ❸❸❸

    Funny Normal chat, Memes chat