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  1. L

    Adultery Sex Slaves

    This story is a continuation from my earlier story Badnasib Fulva. Here the name of character Kali is not from Goddess Kali but her dark skin colour. This story is more of MF with some coercion scenes but no rape or crime is committed. Here even the slaves are willing or have accepted their...
  2. A

    Adultery Friend's mom Subi final

    Next morning, I was sleeping on top of subi aunty with the blanket covering us and after I finished filling inside subi Aunty's womb to brim, my dick became limp and was resting inside her pussy, subi aunty was still in deep sleep in the morning, u was very desperate to piss but since my huge...
  3. A

    Adultery Subi impregnation (Completed)

    ithu ente ammaayiyuTe kathayaanu. avaluTe peru subi. 44 vayasulla avar vivaahamochithayaaya randu cheriya kuTTikalulla bhaaryayaanu. avalkku valare valiya vayarundu, aval eppozhum thuranna saari dharikkunnu, avaluTe valiya vayaru kaanikkaan. avaluTe valiya vayarilekku nokkaan ellaavarkkum...
  4. manojn983

    Adultery Mid-aged Mom lusts for sons black friend!!

    Hi I’m Jean, just your average 42 year old white middle class woman married to my c***dhood sweetheart, my one and only lover Bob and we have one son named Jack who is eighteen. Although I was never the beauty queen in high school I still get the odd whistle by some random guy every now and...
  5. manojn983

    Incest Waris Ki Khatir Kamukta Ko Bdhawa Deti Paramparagat Soch

    Friends is story ke real author main nhi balki Mr. Navin he. Yah story main yha sirf post kar rha hu taaki any readers bhi is story ka aanand le sake.

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