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    Erotica Subi aunty school teacher

    This is about an innocent school teacher. Her name is subi, she is 44 and she has nice fat belly deep navel and she has average size boobs. This lady has 2 kids but she is divorced. She is living her life normal with doing her job and taking care of her children at home. Subi aunty always wear...
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    Erotica Friend's mom Subi Aunty part 2

    So the time came, as I pretended to win the little game I was getting super excited to kiss my friend's mom's fat belly deep navel in front to him then subi aunty took my hands and she placed my hands on her fat belly for me to hold her fat belly firmly and subi aunty told me Subi aunty "you...
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    Erotica Friend's mom Subi Aunty

    This is about friend's mom subi, she is 43, she has a fat belly with big deep navel. My friend's mom subi always wear saree and she exposes her fat belly exposing her deep navel in public. She is very open minded and doesn't mind public staring at her fat belly deep navel. She is very casual...
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    Erotica Subi's big belly (Completed)

    subi vivaahithayum naalppatthimoonnu vayasulla sthreeyumaanu. avalkku 2 kuTTikalundu. avalkku valiya vayarundu. subi eppozhum saari dharikkaarundu. subi eppozhum ellaavaroTum valiya vayaru kaanikkum. nrutthatthinte kaaryatthil subikku avaluTe valiya vayaru kulukkaan valare ishTamaanu...
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    Adultery Subi impregnation (Completed)

    ithu ente ammaayiyuTe kathayaanu. avaluTe peru subi. 44 vayasulla avar vivaahamochithayaaya randu cheriya kuTTikalulla bhaaryayaanu. avalkku valare valiya vayarundu, aval eppozhum thuranna saari dharikkunnu, avaluTe valiya vayaru kaanikkaan. avaluTe valiya vayarilekku nokkaan ellaavarkkum...
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    Erotica Onam celebration with Subi

    This is a celebration for onam and I was invited to onam celebration in an aunty's house. There were few ladies and men in the house. Most of the ladies wore saree exposing thier big bellies deep navel. The ladies were comfortable to expose thier bellies to men in the house. Most of them were...

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