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  1. The Immortal

    End of an Era ~ Go Well Skip! Have a Happy Retirement

    Legend Sunil chhetri sir :bow:
  2. The Immortal

    Funny Dank meme series

  3. The Immortal

    Shayri chit chat

    Apan idhar hi rehta hai man , baki sab badhiya :flex:
  4. The Immortal

    Shayri chit chat

    Wassup man
  5. The Immortal

    Shayri chit chat

  6. The Immortal

    Shayri chit chat

    @Aryan2112 :ciao:
  7. The Immortal

    ★☆★ Xforum | Ultimate Story Contest 2024~ Results ★☆★

    @avsji & @Shetan :congrats: for winning USC. @Mak :congrats: 1st runner up:hug: @Rekha rani :congrats: for 2nd runner up @Black Noob :congrats: for 3rd runner up @Riky007 :congrats: for best supporting reader @Mahi Maurya & @Samar_Singh thanx for you wonderful review :bow: @Raj_sharma :congrats...
  8. The Immortal

    USC winner ( public choice) 2024

    https://xforum.live/threads/the-xforum-poop-1.27471/Ye padh lo ek baar :D
  9. The Immortal

    Eid Mubarak ~ 2024