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  1. BangaloreBF

    Funny Why some husbands love to expose wife ?

    That was real arousing... Waiting for ur updates
  2. BangaloreBF

    Wife sharing fantasy

  3. BangaloreBF

    Hai... This is Siri From Andhra Pradesh

    Hi. Siri.. From Bangalore
  4. BangaloreBF

    Couple from Bangalore

    Hi. Nice to see you.. Expecting to talk more about your experiences and fantasies
  5. BangaloreBF

    from dr sujitha

    hi suji.. Pls clear ur inbox
  6. BangaloreBF

    My cuck feelings

    Like to see you pplsl🙂
  7. BangaloreBF

    Hi from Diablo!

    Hi welcome dear
  8. BangaloreBF

    Awaiting your special gift for celebrating,😍

    Awaiting your special gift for celebrating,😍
  9. BangaloreBF

    Same to you my marathi seductress,,,😋😘

    Same to you my marathi seductress,,,😋😘
  10. BangaloreBF

    NRI Couple - looking

    Yea would loike to talk
  11. BangaloreBF

    Wife sharing fantasy

    Pls catch katch me in xforum guys. Pls creste a group
  12. BangaloreBF

    What is ur dark fantasy?

    Can we chat on kik or xforum
  13. BangaloreBF


  14. BangaloreBF

    South Cuck fantasy husband

    Hi we can chat i think
  15. BangaloreBF

    33 F Mumbai

    Hi priya waiting for your stories
  16. BangaloreBF

    Hi guys

    Hi guys im from bangalore. any single girls or couples interested in some fantasy chat pls mesaage me.
  17. BangaloreBF

    Shy wife


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