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  • Today she said - Tell me about Your relatives..

    I said - They keep changing as per Sec.2(41) of IT Act and as per 2(77) of co. Act.
    And she impressed... :pimp:
    :?: saaf saaf batane ka men kya hua ju ke sath phir
    How can I start a personal chat with someone.....
    I am able to search people but I am unable to send them a personal text..... Please help
    Aagasthya......Help please.🙏 I cannot send you PM from my mail-box.

    Mere In-BOX me yeh message aata hai......"You have reached the limit (100) for conversations." Kal maine 4-5 New Year greetings beja tha.

    Kaise un messages ko delete karun. Thanks in advance....
    Apne inbox mei se sabi conversations ko select kro then Leave conversation krdo...
    KingPin ...... Thank you very much. Isske liye FAQs nahi hai kya? Maine dhoonda but mila nahi. Happy NEW Year -2023
    Your parents never said it but..
    Their teary eyes sometimes rudely told us that "they deserve a better child"
    Hi, my old username name crimemaster old one for some reason i am not able to receive emails on my Gmail for password setup or rest no emails are coming though not even in spams please help me recover my old account username crimemaster.
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